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This week offers some slim and very unattractive pickings for low end two start options. Although I guess we should take anything considering the world was supposed to end today. There seems to be a lot of either already owned pitchers or a lot of guys that you may have dropped two or three times going twice this week. So it’s a “pick your fights wisely” week as far as I am concerned. On a side note, has anyone noticed that the hitting this year is atrocious? Yeah, well, if no one raised their hand than you need to go look at some team batting stats league wide. It’s pretty bad. Maybe we reverted back to 1968 and the year of the “new” pitcher is here. Good luck on this week’s fantasy endeavors. (Please keep in mind that pitchers and match-ups change.)


Doug Fister @ Min – Blackburn
Chris Narveson vs. Was – Hernandez

Dillon Gee @ CHC – Coleman
Freddy Garcia vs. Tor – Reyes
Luke Hochevar @ Bal – Bergesen

Doug Davis vs. Nym – Dickey
Joel Pineiro vs. Oak – Anderson

Jon Garland vs. Fla – Vasquez
Scott Baker vs. Ana – Chatwood


Bartolo Colon ( Tor vs. Litsch, @Sea vs. Vargas) Has the lowest xFIP of any AL pitcher. The thing that boggles the mind is that he has a tiny SwStr% but his K/9 is almost 8.5. The joys of modern Dominican medicine I guess.

Jason Vargas (@Min vs. Pavano, NYY vs. Colon) If he played for a better team, he would be owned universally. Decent K numbers compared to career norms. Allowed 1 ER in last 24 innings.

Jonathon Niese (@CHC vs. Dempster, Phi vs. Blanton) Coming off a strong outing versus the Nats. Seems like he pitches just well enough to win or lose every time out. Is already 0-2 against the Phils on the year.

Danny Duffy (@Bal vs. Britton, @Tex vs. Ogando) Seen a lot of his minor starts via video, and control is going to be his downfall, as we witnessed in first start. Good mix of 3 pitches. Upside for me is a number 3 starter.

Carl Pavano (Sea vs. Vargas, Ana vs. Haren) My Yankee fandom won’t allow me to write anything good about him. Best I can come up with is he allowed only 1 earned run in last two starts…way to go Carl.

Tom Gorzellany (@Mil vs. Gallardo, SD vs. Moseley) Has a .214 batting average against. Seems to be pitching way over his head, and let’s not forget this is Tom Gorzellany. So that wasn’t very high to begin with.

Phil Coke (TB vs. Hellickson, Bos vs. Buchholz) The “Dispenser” gets lit up at home, posting an ERA above a touchdown. TB best hitters struggle against LH pitching, Boston kills mediocre pitching.

Josh Collmenter (@Col vs. De La Rosa, @Hou vs. Norris) More wishful thinking by me than anything else. First start is part of DH, Sunday start is either his or Saunders. 0 ER in 12 innings as SP, I’m kind of intrigued, wanna see what the kids got.

  1. Earl Battey says:

    Would you go with Brown over Kubel next week? Both guys struggle with lefties, and it looks like 3 of Philly’s 7 games will be against lefties (though 2 of them are Capuano and Niese, so that’s not very scary). The Twins have 2 of their 6 games against lefties.

    Philly is home for 4 vs CIN, and @ NYM for 3.
    The Twins are home for 3 against SEA and LAA.


  2. lothda says:

    Going forward, how do you rank:

    De La Rosa
    J. Zimmerman

  3. Giant JJ says:

    Which side?
    Miguel Cabrera and Frank Francisco or Miguel Bautista and Carlos Pena.
    20 teams

  4. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Earl Battey: Kubel only hitting 278 against lefties, not a complete struggle.

    @lothda: DLR, Vargas, Peavy, Zimm, Niese

    @Giant JJ: Pena side

  5. Trick dad says:

    How would you rank these sps for rest of season: peavy, danks, baker? Appreciate it as always smokey!

  6. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Trick dad: Liek you have them, not a fan of Danks at all. Baker is an enigma and Peavy is a wild card. Is he the ole Jake from the Pads? No, but he has to readjust his approach as he isnt the K guy from years past.

  7. Legz says:

    1)Should I be riding Smoak in my final Util spot or get off the train and hop on 1 of these:

    Seth Smith
    Ryan Ludwick
    Bobby Abreu

    2)Is Turner for real?? Would you drop Jed Lowrie or Ian Desmond to put him on your roster?

    3) Thanks

  8. Legz says:

    1) Trumbo is out there to if I drop Smoak?

  9. Mr2Bits says:

    Smokey : Is Tyson Ross worth a DL spot right now? I currently have Lind/Hams/Sizemore on the DL and need to wait till Hams comes off to move Ross to the DL if so.


    I just drop him and grab a new pitcher like Gee, Vogelsong, Francour, Ludwick or Hart. 10 team keeper QS league

  10. ernie says:

    Hi Smokie. Could you rank these pitchers for rest of season? Latos, Baker, Floyd, Lilly, Piniero


  11. Hi Smokey. Thanks for doing these deep sleeper ideas every week. In my 20-team 6×5 roto league I usually end up using a couple of streamers a week, often off your lists.

    Two questions to ask. First, with Blanton out, who would you like in the matchup you mention above if Worley makes the start against Niese?

    Also, in the same 20-team league, what are your thoughts on starting Liriano and/or Volquez tomorrow night? Both looked a lot better last time out but my ERA and WHIP are still smarting from the few times I’ve started them previously. Liriano has never faced the Diamonbacks, but he’s done better on the road this year, though he has yet to string together consecutive strong starts. And Volquez, whose worst seems to be a little better than Lirano’s worst, has given up more than a run per inning in two games against the Indians. What’s the wise move? Start one? Both? Neither?

    Many thanks.

  12. chris says:

    Thoughs on this trade? It is a fully dynasty keeper league.

    Side A: Jered Weaver, Andre Ethier, Ian Desmond

    Side B: Jose Reyes, Dan Hudson, Jose Tabata

  13. Another Panicy Smoaker says:

    I have Smoak as well. How about him vs. Moreland

    I know Moreland has shown ZERO power but Zips has him matching or better than Smoak in every other category.

    I’ve never been a fan of M&M candy but in this case should I learn to enjoy me some, Mitch Moreland?

  14. Jake says:

    Not going to get into why I can only start 1 of these 2 but…

    Greinke vs WAS or Pineda vs NYY? Not chasing wins, just looking for the best pitching line.

  15. A Hill O' Beans says:

    Has anyone successfully registered on the forums here using an iPad? For some reason it always tells me that the CAPTCHA is wrong. Either I’m a bot and I don’t know it, which would be rather ironic since I’m watching the matrix right now, or there is something wrong with it…

  16. artie says:

    Adam Dunn is an f’n joke.

    Just venting.

  17. A Surviver says:

    The fact that we haven’t had a razzball commentator post since 7:00am leads me to believe they were taken in the Rapture. Now us unfortunate souls are left to watch out fantasy baseball teams torture us, only to explode in a fiery death in October 21st.
    Repent people, REPENT!!

  18. Casey Blake's Beard says:

    Weekly H2H. Worried about Vargas at NYY. Start him for the 2-start?

    Please rank Vargas and the following for the week: Liriano at AZ (D’Bags have never faced him), Narv @ hm vs. WAS, D. Hudson @ HOU, McDonald vs. T. Hudson @ PIT.

  19. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Legz: I’d prefer Trumbo and for real not going to turn into Bautista but 2b and soon to 3b elig makes him very nice.

    @Mr2Bits: Grab a filler

    @ernie: Latos pineiro Floyd Lilly baker

    @Enrique: Niese at Metco. Start Liriano, sit Volquez.

    @chris: B

    @Another Panicy Smoaker: its a toss up both offer same value to me.

    @Jake: Greinke.

    @artie: Agreed.

    @Casey Blake’s Beard: Id rank them Hudson, Vargas, Liriano and Ole McD

  20. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Smokey – Worley worth a two-start stream this week for Blanton’s spots? Thanks!

  21. oldie says:

    Who do I start this week in a 10 team h2h? Colon, jurjens, cueto, kershaw, w.rodriguez,lowe,kuroda,volquez need 5

  22. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    @Smokey and or anyone else:8×8 h2h league,I already have K’s and K/9 locked up this week,so Im leaning toward sitting Ubaldo today against Brewers.Any opinions?

  23. Too Live Crudite says:

    Smokey, if you’re still taking questions: please SIT one SP this week:

    D. Hudson @ HOU
    T. Hanson v CIN
    Z. Greinke v WAS
    J. Shields v CLE

  24. Yoyoyo says:

    Smokey, wish I’d seen your advice on Volquez. I had him in there today — OUCH. Kudos on the good advice, though. Looking forward, in NL-only 5×5, at what point do I cut him? I have four good starters, plus Narveson and the Volqster. Only SP free agents are McDonald and Westbrook… neither excites me..

  25. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @AnotherFalstaff: Sure depending on league depth

    @oldie: colon wandy kershaw kuroda jurrjens

    @Too Live Crudite: Ugh door number 5 is who i would sit. Shields or Hanson tho none are truly a sit.

    @Yoyoyo: In a NL only i cant see dropping him as he has a good start followed by a bad start. sit tight.

  26. DoobieBro says:

    Smokey, would you trade brandon morrow and logan morrison for aramis ramirez. Looking to open up a roster spot for some spot starts, and have an excess in OF.

  27. Yoyoyo says:

    Thanks a lot, Smokey!

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