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Week 6 is here, subtle rejoice. Some top minor league guys are getting the call, the closer situations on some teams are still an enigma wrapped in a TLR sandwich and some elite pitching has returned. Now is the time to start gambling on guys that have either underperformed or you have a hunch about. Hunches win fantasy leagues. After all, this is just like playing the lottery, although I have never seen the lotto girl pull an oblique calling the winning numbers. So good luck on all of this week’s endeavors.  Here are the pitching options for the week to come. (Please keep in mind that pitchers and match-ups change.)


Homer Bailey @Hou – Myers
Rick Porcello @Min – Blackburn
Joel Pineiro vs. CHW – Peavy

Scott Baker vs. Det – Coke
Brandon Beachy vs. Was – Lannan

Jon Garland @ Pit – Morton
Ivan Nova vs. KC – O’Sullivan

Gavin Floyd vs. Oak – McCarthy
Wade Davis vs. Bal – Guthrie

Travis Wood (@Hou vs. A. Rodriguez, StL vs. Carpenter) Shows glimpses, then gets pummeled. Gets two starts unless Dusty out smarts us all and uses 6 starters. God forbid he gets out-crazyed by Ozzie.

Jason Marquis (@Atl vs. Hanson, Fla vs. Vazquez) Last start showed the worst case scenario. Is he as good as his first 5 starts? Hell to the no. When healthy he is an innings eater and those, from what I hear, are delicious.

Josh Tomlin (TB vs. Niemann, Sea vs. Pineda) I will lay it out for you nice and simple, he is 3-0 at home. I still think it’s a magic show getting it done. Pitching a run and a half better than his xFIP.

Kevin Correia (LA vs. Lilly, @Mil vs. Greinke) Anyone else notice that the Buccos are pushing .500? 17 wins all of last year on the road, 11 already this year, Oh, and guess what, Correia is 5-0 on the road.

Jake Arrieta (Sea vs. Pineda, @ TB vs. Price) ERA 1.50 lower on the road and lefties are hitting a robust .187, “It’s murda.” No, it isn’t. It is batting average against, but thanks for stopping by JA.

Vance Worley/Joe Blanton (@Fla vs. Vazquez, @Atl vs. Hanson) Mr. Blanton, that is the entrance; you are required to use the exit. Nothing from Worley’s minor league numbers say he should be this awesome. Maybe the four aces are rubbing off on him. Blanton is scheduled to throw a bullpen on Saturday so either starter may get the nod or each may get one, sharing is caring I guess.

Chris Capuano (@Col vs. Chacin, @Hou vs. A. Rodriguez) Watched entire start against SF, a better hitting team would have made it ugly. Seems very predictable. Decent lone star start, in the mountains not so much. Is a left handed Whippopotamus.

Freddy Garcia (KC vs. Davies, Bos vs. Beckett) Played Joe the policeman, on the “What’s goin’ down” episode of That’s My Mama. NY lineup gives anyone a little glimmer, hangs in the same “bloat” as Capuano.

Ted Lilly (@Pit vs. Correia, Ari vs. Collmenter) Lots of talk about him, being added/dropped. He is a 12 win 4 ERA 1.3 WHIP pitcher. To me that spells a perfect number 5 starter in any fantasy league. Ted Lilly rant over, return to your regular scheduled programming.

Jason Hammel (NYM vs. Pelfrey, SD vs. Latos) My secret inside voice tells me he is the best pitcher on the Rox right now, than Chacin’s inside voice texts mine and tells it like it really is. ERA is higher at home, lefties hitting around a deuce.

  1. Tony tone says:

    Drop Delmon or Hunter for Joyce? How about for abreu?

  2. Chinaski says:

    If you really have to, then drop him for Abreu

  3. knighttown says:

    Hmm…kind of glazed over the first dozen but this Hammel lad seems to have a real nice week ahead of him. Good #’s? Check. Two home starts? Check. Against the Mets and Padres? Check. Plays for a team likely to provide run support? Check.

    Talk me out of dropping McLellan for this guy.

  4. Billy G says:


    Espinosa or Herrera in an OBP 12 teamer?


  5. projectbadass says:

    12-team H2H 5×5 league, daily moves, 10 GS per week

    What are your top 4 starts out of these 7 starts?
    Anderson @Tex
    Gio @Tex
    Wood @Hou
    Wood vs STL
    E Jackson @LAA
    Nova vs KC
    Bailey @HOU

  6. stynyr says:


    Should I start Cueto tomorrow against the Cubbies?

  7. chris iannetta or wilson ramos?

  8. EK says:

    McCarthy or Morton today?

  9. Trick dad says:

    Please rank for rest of season: stauffer, s baker, hammel. Thanks!

  10. EK says:

    or McDonald tomorrow?

  11. Joe says:

    Arrieta or Porcello this week?

  12. joe says:

    I’ve got Dunn on the bench. Think I should run with Smoak or Wallace till he comes back?

  13. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @joe: Smoak

  14. gmen says:

    @ Smokey: I’m in a keeper league, and I’m hurting in the OF right now. Can you please choose one or two of the following players to help me dig out of this hole: Adam Jones, Delmon Young, Torii Hunter, Rajai Davis, Jason Kubel, Brennan Boesch, Peter Bourjos, Jason Bourgeois.

    Thanks in advance.

  15. AL KOHOLIC says:

    whats up smokey,im a louisville guy usually derby party today but im laid up with a broken leg,still enjoying a few cocktails though,hey bud are you thinking that we sit peavy the 1st time out,i was thanks and tune in to the derby later

  16. Rick Dempsey says:

    @Smokey: In your opinion, is Edwin Jackson worth owning in a 5×5 league with 10 teams?

  17. Hugh_Jass says:

    Is P Sandoval, C Santana, Billingsley, and Carpenter too much to give up for Josh Johnson and Zobrist?

  18. stynyr says:

    Okay, Smokey,

    What do you think about Cueto in his first game back from the DL against the Cubs tomorrow?

  19. JG_ism says:

    H2H league, who’s a better two start option this week.

    Hammel or Anuery?

  20. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @gmen: Davis for steals, Adam Jones for potential, Boesch for the hot hand.

    @AL KOHOLIC: im a big supporter of the first start sit, 50 bucks on brilliant speed to show.

    @Rick Dempsey: Its debateable, leaning towards no.

    @Hugh_Jass: Nope, getting solid 2b production and a pitcher better than the 2 given up i like it.

    @stynyr: Not a fan of Cueto, but would be a sit for first start back from DL.

    @JG_ism: Hammel

  21. Earl Battey says:

    I need two of these guys unless I decide to go with 4 closers this week. My projected innings pitched say I’m well behind the IP limit.

    EJax: @LAA, @ OAK
    Garza: STL
    Wandy: CIN

    I’m leaning towards benching Wandy, but I started Romero today, so what do I know?

  22. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Smokey: Thanks thats what i thought,yeah i wish i could be there on the infield,its crazy

  23. JRT says:

    What about E-Jax in a weekly 12 team h2h?

  24. pubscout says:

    beltre/cruz/pennington/teheran vs. headley/lind/sdrew/sabathia. which side do you like?

  25. T-Rex says:

    Sonavabenched by Gallardo! I feel like a turd swirling down the toilet bowl of life. Haren and Sanchez do a number on my team earlier this week and now i sit Gallardo.

  26. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Earl Battey: i agree.

    @AL KOHOLIC: Yea it looked liek a good time, i would be snorting down Juleps like crazie.

    @pubscout: Beltre>Headley, Lind = Cruz)well right now that he is injured and is always injured), Dre>Pennington not even close, Sabathia> Teheran is the better starter now, Julio projects as a top of the rotation guy and is only 20. I would take the latter.

    @T-Rex: It happens,go upper deck a random persons house tonite. Usually heals all ill fantasy feelings.

  27. T-Rex says:

    @Smokey: Bring the pain to someone else, I like it. So “upper deck” has made it into the glossary? ou and Grey sounded undecided yesterday.

  28. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @JRT: Yea

  29. igotworms says:

    Hammel is listed as one start pitcher in some other sites. Chacin is getting the 2nd start, no?

  30. ChiSox says:

    Dominic Brown or Adam Jones as a bench option in a points league?

  31. A2K says:

    I know this isn’t necessarily talent evaluation related but whenever I have a question about fantasy I come to seven card low ball.

    Yahoo league: How does BJ Upton hit two (2) HRs, yet only score one run? System glitch? Did he begin his two game suspension after he rounded third on the second hamilton porter in the top of the nenth? Does he play so well in Camden, he gets handicapped?

    Just a question/thought… Anybody?

  32. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @igotworms: Rogers is on the DL, so unless they add someone bothe should.

    @ChiSox: Jones

    @A2K: When did he hit 2 hrs? He hit a 3 run homer yesterday.

  33. Joel says:

    Smokey: Drop Brett Wallace for Hosmer?

  34. Steve says:

    @Smokey: Hey Smokey – you like Rauch for some Holds now? There are are probably better ‘pure’ Holds guys out there, but if he’s going to get some, and the occasional Save, I’d rather (ahem) hold him.

  35. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Steve: If you have the room hold on to him.

    @Joel: Sure.

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