Holy hell, it’s July already, cue the fireworks. Roll the stock footage of Bill Pullman from Independence Day, except make it sound cool with a nice fantasy touch, “This week we celebrate our wins above replacement day!” This week’s list is littered with crafty lefties and dudes who wear pseudo-athletic glasses, which are also cool for squash. The season is getting interesting and I can’t wait for the first shoe to drop in the trade market. Why that expression makes any sense is beyond me, because shoes are supposed to be on the ground anyways so why would we wait for them to drop? Any the who! Good luck on this week’s fantasy endeavors, and don’t eat too many hot dogs. (Please keep in mind the pitchers and matchups change.)

One Start Options:

Jason Vargas @ Oak – Cahill
Dustin Moseley @SF – Bumgarner
Tyler Chatwood vs. Det – Penny

Derek Holland vs. Oak – Harden
Joe Saunders @ Stl – McClellan
Cory Luebke @ SF – Zito

R.A. Dickey @ SF – Vogelsong
John Lannan vs. Col – Hammel
Jordan Lyles @ Fla – Vazquez

Mike Pelfrey (@LAD vs. De La Rosa, @SF vs. Cain) Ugly ERA on the road. Mets are tattooing the ball right now and scoring a crapton of runs. Needs to avoid the dreaded big fly to have any success.

Vance Worley (@Fla vs. Nolasco, Atl vs. Lowe) It’s been years since a Vance had fantasy value, Law in ‘88 is the best I can think of. Before that it was Cousin Vance on the crappy Dukes of Hazzard years. Been effectively lucky, BB’s will be his only downfall.

Paul Maholm (Hou vs. Myers, CHC vs. Zambrano) Loves the perks at PNC, home ERA just over a deuce. Put the win/loss record aside and look deeper. I just wish the ‘Burgh had money to make a splash, because to me they are just on the cusp and need a big bat.

Chris Capuano (@LAD vs. Lilly, @SF vs. Lincecum) Another Met pitcher, another HR magnet. Pitched decent in May even better in June, it’s now July so I guess it’s either Vegas or bust.

Clayton Richard (@SF vs. Lincecum, @LAD vs. Lilly) It’s hodgepodge on opposite day. The epitome of a whiptard. Usually shows up every other week for a start that you shouldn’t have sonavabenched.

Charlie Furbush (@Ana vs. Pineiro, @KC vs. Hochevar) Top 5 all time names in sports. Detroit need to infuse some potential into there starting rotation. Averages over a K /inning in the minors. Dudley Dawson said it best, “We’ve got bush!”

Brian Duensing (TB vs. Price, @CHW vs. Buerhle) Pitches just well enough to keep himself on this post. Nothing that jumps out and says “Hey, you’re fantasy worthy,” and I’m here to say you’re correct. Typical low end 2 start worthy guy who flounders on wire.

Joel Pineiro (Det vs. Furbush, Sea vs. Hernandez) Look up. You see what I wrote for Duensing? Okay, do the same with Joel but read it right handed.

Chris Volstad (Phi vs. Hamels, Hou vs. Rodriquez) He’s a groundball wizard. Gets himself into trouble when he tries to K too many. ERA lower by a run a half at home, unfortunately the Marlins just plain stink.

Brett Cecil (@Bos vs. Lester, @Cle vs. Carrasco) Went to the minors to build up arm strength. Translation to fantasy:  he was awful and not hurt. Potential is there to be decent, better to get in on the bottom floor for free, just needs to build quality innings.

  1. Doc Pounder says:

    Have a great 4th everyone,and remember to get your 5th for the 4th by the 3rd!

  2. MrHappyTime says:

    Who’s my best streaming option for strikeouts and hopefully a win today. Colon @ NYM, Narveson @ MIN, McDonald @ WAS, or Hernandez @ PIT? Thanks

  3. Deeeeeez Nuts says:

    lester and cabrera or weaver and fielder?

  4. OregonianRedbird says:

    I was on the Maholm bandwagon until today… I just decided to drop him for Harden after looking at his peripherals on fangraphs. 5.3 K/9, 3.3 BB/9, a 0.254 BABIP, and just a 6.5%HR/FB rate suggest his numbers are unsustainable, and I don’t want to be a part of the correction. His xFIP is 4.11, compared to a 3.17 ERA. I’d rather go with Harden in a pitchers park and get some extra K’s (but this week vs the Rangers admittedly might be an adventure).

    Also, no love for Felipe Paulino today? Unlike Paul Maholm, his peripherals suggest his numbers will improve (3.35 xFIP, high BABIP, low strand rate, etc).

  5. Terrence Mann says:

    Rubby gets two starts, right? I plan on rolling with dlr.

  6. Mike of Swartz Creek, Mi says:

    I like Furbush. I have picked him on all my teams except one, some guy keeps beating me to all the good free agents.

    Bautista hit No. 26 today. Bautista in the first round over any 1st baseman next year.

  7. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @MrHappyTime: Sorry got in here late.

    @Deeeeeez Nuts: Weaver Fielder for me.

    @OregonianRedbird: Harden is a crap shoot, just needs to get deep into games and his stuff is filthy. Injury worries make me sad. I have been pimping Paulino for a couple weeks.

    @Terrence Mann: Another good one, that just missed for this week.

    @Mike of Swartz Creek, Mi: Maybe a first rder, doubtful above some 1b.

    @VinWins: I think he gets plenty of burn tehr to carry the elig over.

  8. drew says:

    start bills At angels tomorrow? got a bad feeling

  9. Mike of Swartz Creek, Mi says:

    I would take Batista in the first round, as a OF, go after 1st base in 2nd

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