We have reached the quarter pole of the fantasy season. We had our first manager ousting this week in K.C. The two biggest disappointments, team-wise have to be Seattle and Arizona. As we come up to week 7, it is the first week of interleague play, and the first week where all 30 teams play 7 games. Which is fantasy streaming gold in my eyes. It’s not really gold because if it were I would be wearing a miner’s hat and a UTEP t-shirt. Interleague play is a tough call to make for fantasy pitchers, they have to pretend to hit and the NL has the weakest DH guys. Well, let’s get into it; the week 7 fantasy baseball two start guys:

Brad Bergesen (KC vs. Davies) ( @ Was vs. Hernandez)
I was in on him preseason as a sleeper; he disappointed. 5 ER in last 3 starts, doesn’t K very many, which makes him especially unattractive. Gets 2 decent matchups as KC just isn’t very good and the Nats can swing the bats well every other day. O’s playing a lil’ better after dismal start. Good gamble in deep leagues.

Derek Holland (LAA vs. Kazmir) (CHC vs. Wells)
Everyone’s darling pickup of the week didn’t disappoint. Pitched a gem on Wed vs. Oak. Team scores a ton of runs and hitting against Kazmir can’t hurt. Easily could win both starts this week, though one is going to be an ERA bloater. Good K promise as some of his change of pace stuff is nasty.

Kris Medlen (NYM vs. Santana) (@ PIT vs. Duke)
Gets a couple more tries since Jair is still limping. Has shown flashes of breakout. 20/3 K/BB rate is awesome. Great latter week matchup. Could be a Holland type add after this week for most people. I like him for both starts. Good for a win and 10 K’s.

Chris Volstad (ARI vs. Jackson) (@CHW vs. Garcia)
Two great matchups for the big guy this week. Ed-Jax is looking like how he was back in Tampa’s bullpen 3 years ago and Garcia is on his last gasp. Volstad needs to stop walking people as he becomes a completely different pitcher when his rhythm is offset by the BB. Not a big K guy, should walk away from this week with positive add status in mixed leagues.

John Ely (Hou vs. Rodriguez) (Det vs. Porcello)
The guy invented the cotton gin and has decided to play baseball now, awesome. Pitched great last 2 starts, 17/3 K/BB rate is stellar for a rookie. Gets matchups against 2 pitchers who are in similar boats fantasy-wise, (not a very sturdy one at that). I am tempering expectations as he is due to implode and Detroit is murdering the ball offensively.

Clayton Richard (SF vs. Cain) (@ Sea vs. Rowland-Smith)
Has pitched just as good as Latos without the breakout game to put him on the map. Gets a home cooked start vs. the Giants which is good, gets a bad hitting team in Seattle which is better. Good for a win, 10 K’s and an ERA around 3.50 for the week. I’d take that all day.

Jamie Moyer (Pit vs. Duke) (Bos vs. Beckett)
Is just plain old school, wears the uniform like it, doesn’t use batting gloves. Has a “hit if you can” fastball and potent offense behind him. Not going to give you a lot of swing and misses, he could sneakily win 15. With an ERA in the mid 4’s, that’s pretty decent.

Jeremy Bonderman (Chw vs. Danks) (@LAD vs. Kuroda)
Minus one bad start (8ER in 4in), he has been effective. Isn’t who he used to be or who we thought he would be.  Doesn’t have the K-rate of old and will walk his share. Has dual RP/SP eligibility, good for a gamble this week in a pinch if you believe in strength in numbers.

Gio Gonzalez (Sea vs. Rowland-Smith) (SF vs. Cain)
Every week he comes up in the questions as a must start for everyone. I don’t get it personally. He is way too hittable for my liking, throws about 100 pitches through 5 innings and, yeah, he gets you 6 K’s a game with a WHIP in the 1.40 range. Has a good first matchup that will prove everything I just said to be a farce.

  1. ViagraFalls says:

    Considering I have McGehee on 3rd today and he is facing a pitcher like Cole Hamels, would it be worth considering swapping him out for David Freese (who is on my bench) for the more favorable matchup?

    Also, for my outfield and utility today I have:
    M. Holliday
    J. Heyward (scares me because he is up against Haren today…)
    T. Hunter
    Util: M. Byrd

    and Johnny Damon is on my bench…Since Damon is facing Lackey today, should I sub him in for one of the other outfielders/utility spots to make best use of the matchup? Thanks…

  2. noseeum says:

    What about Randy Wells?

  3. Chris says:

    ViagraFalls – I play matchups and i would not worry about McGehe, Cole is not pitching great, but i would take Heyward out for Damon. I have a trade question. Pedroia and Ethier would allow me to get younger at second and rf while losing no production while long term Buchholz is a better pitcher than Pavano this season Buchholz is still struggling start to start while Pavano has put it together. We keep 14 players year to year.

    Send Chase Utley, Phi 2B from 2B to Gangster
    Send Jayson Werth, Phi RF from RF to Gangster
    Send Clay Buchholz, Bos SP from SP to Gangster
    Receive Dustin Pedroia, Bos 2B from Gangster to Bench
    Receive Andre Ethier, LAD RF from Gangster to Bench
    Receive Carl Pavano, Min SP from Gangster to Bench

  4. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @ViagraFalls: keep mcgehee in lineup, changing Damon for Heyward is a wash would go with the potential with Heyward personally.
    @Chris: i like the utley side.

  5. Maitland says:

    Can anybody that has experience with a FAAB instead of waiver wire help me out here…

    $100 to start. I spent $26 on Carlos Beltran this week on the theory “shit, how often do I pick up guys off the waiver wire”, because there’s usually no one worthwhile. Anyway, just to make me look like a jackass, I believe, Wandy Rodriguez was cut yesterday.

    Is it ok to throw all of the rest of my budget to make sure I get the dude, or should I go something less.

    How do these things usually play out?

  6. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Maitland: Depends on where you are in the standings and how much of a need Wandy is. Do i think you should spend 74 bucks on him no, but he is worth 20-25. You can get the same production picking up spot guys at 1-5 bucks rather than just one guy. Hope that helps.

  7. ViagraFalls says:

    @Chris: Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it.

    @Smokey: Thank you, too, for the advice as I was leaning in that direction. I had been ahead in my current matchup until the last two days and am now at a 5-4 disadvantage with only today to tie it or, if lucky, go ahead slightly. McGehee has more RBI’s which I need, but he has cooled down as of the last couple days. I thought about inserting Freese for today, but he is really batting for percentages right now and not driving in the runs. I think the same way about Heyward, too. Enormous talent, got even more production at the beginning of the week when they moved him up to about 4th or 5th in the lineup. He was able to get a rhythm a drive in more runs that way. But with the Braves struggles, they waited only two-three days before jumping him to the 3 spot, expecting him to provide all the offense. And he is providing most of theirs, but moving him up that far, that fast in the lineup will drop his RBI totals.

    Again, thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it. I have been going back and forth all night as I need/want to win this week.

  8. Isaac says:

    @viagrafalls Id go with Freese

  9. Isaac says:

    @Grey + @everybody

    I have Glass Jaw Bedard on my bench (Happ is in my DL spot) and Ben Sheets is available, who do u like?

    the rest of my rotation:
    Verlander, J.Johnson, Kuroda, Billingsley, Baker, Garcia, Pelfrey

  10. @Maitland: What Smokey said. I’d hold back some money, since you never know who’s going to appear on waivers and the season is young. 25$ or so should suffice.

  11. Bring Back Pluto says:

    Smokey (et al),

    I know shallow league questions make people nauseous, but, please, indulge me…

    weekly 5×5 league.

    Please pick one to bench this week:

    Kershaw vSD
    Lester vMIN
    Nolasco @CHW
    Price vCLE, @HOU
    Sabathia vTB
    J. Santana @ATL, vNYY
    Verlander @OAK

  12. BryanK says:

    Considering dropping Travis Snider for Brennan Boesch, anyone have thoughts either way on this one?

  13. @Smokey: I have Francis today. Thinking of dropping him for Takahashi’s possible start against D.C. this week. He’s been dynamite in relief and was a full-time starter in Japan. Thoughts on the Mets lefty import?

  14. Chris says:

    I would sit Lester, he is not pitching great and Twins can knock a pitcher around real quick.

  15. @BryanK: I think Snider has more upside. Depending on the situation though, sometimes you have to ride the hot(ter) bat.

  16. KVC

    cleaver596 says:

    my team is struggling pretty bad. I was offered Carlos Pena if I gave up Carlos Lee, straight up. This trade screams no brainer! I should hurry up and accept right? But, This trade just doesn’t seem to make sense. Should I even stop to think about this, do I just stop typing now and hit accept? I also own Dunn, so my AVG is hurting regardless. Should I make this deal? I have Morales at 1st right now, but we use 2 UTIL spots. I know Lee has done jack squat so far but Pena hasn’t faired much better, especially in the last 2 weeks.

  17. BryanK says:

    @3FingersBrown: Thanks, this is purely a bench guy, right now I have Beckham, Stanton, and Snider on my offensive bench. I like to go high upside on the bench, so if Snider is more that guy than I think keeping him is the right move for me.

  18. BryanK says:

    @cleaver596: Who replaces Lee in your lineup?

  19. KVC

    cleaver596 says:

    Lee is on the bench, I’ve been using Andruw Jones instead for the time being.

  20. @cleaver596: You really don’t need another BA killer but if that’s the best you can get for Lee, take it. I think Pena will outperform Lee by a large margin by season’s end.

  21. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Isaac: Is there an option D, i dont like either Sheets or Bedard.
    @Bring Back Pluto: Lester or Nolasco coin flip.
    @BryanK: agree with 3fingers, ride the hot hand match up vs pitcher.
    @3FingersBrown: i would worry about depth, maybe gives you 5 innings first start out. Will fool players for a little while, like all japanese pitchers they are effective in deception.

  22. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @cleaver596: Lee for Pena is a wash, El caballo as well as everyone else is hoping to get out of Houston.

  23. KVC

    cleaver596 says:

    I think he will too. If Pena can start hitting at all, his Runs and RBI will be through the roof in that lineup. Lee has absoluletely nothing at all around him. I think I need to take the hit with this AVG, his upside vs. Lee’s upside doesn’t even compare.

  24. @Smokey: Word. Those K’s he’s piled up are due to his funky delivery and big movement, since he doesn’t throw hard. I’m curious to see what happens when he has to go through a lineup more than once.

    If he posts a halfway decent BB/K rate, I have to like his chances pitching in cavernous Metco. Just grabbed him in a 15 team league, in place of the demoted (and probably injured judging by his velocity) Scherzer.

  25. Wilsonian says:

    Rank these starters for the rest of the season in a 16 team, H2H league:

    Latos, Holland, Chacin

    I just picked Latos up for Chacin off the WW (I had 15th waiver and somehow still got him). Just wondering where these guys stand.


  26. joe from point pleasant says:

    @ everyone, please help me out!:

    I play in a points league that awards pitchers 45 pts for a win, -15 for loss, 15 pts per IP, 3 pts for a K, -2 for bb’s, -5 for hits, and -10 for ER’s

    With that in mind, pick the three best starts for this week:

    RWells v COL (Cook) .375 7/20 2 2bs 0 hr .831 ops
    RWells @ TEX (Holland) no bvp
    Masterson v KC (Meche) .255 3 2b 1 hr .694 ops
    Bergesen v KC (Davies) .231 6/26 .231 ops
    Cecil @ SEA (Fister) no bvp but seattle barely hits over .200 v lefties
    Richard v SF (Cain)1-0, 13.1 ip 14 h 3 er 7 k’s vs them this year
    Richard @ SEA (Rowland-Smith) no bvp


  27. Wilsonian says:

    @Anybody: 16 Team, H2H…who should be dropped for Brennan Boesch (just heard he’s safe – Guillen moving to 2b with Sizemore being sent down): Glaus, Ike, Smoak?

  28. Slam says:


    I just made a massive trade this week, got Utley for Lester and Valverde. I’m in a 12 team mixed 7×6 (BBs, Slugging, and QS). I have one empty roster position and a surplus of MI, league has 2b ss and mi, I have Utley, Stewart, Asdrubal, Beckham, and Ian Desmond. I want to pick up at least two pitchers from free agency and maybe work out a trade involving asdrubal for a pitcher. I’m considering picking up one of these guys from free agency: Ely, clayton richard, Leake, Harang, Matusz, Medlen, wade davis, Guthrie, Villanueva or Volstad….sorry such a long list, but who would you add from this group and what MI would you drop?
    also bedard and frank frank are FA, i have bell, dotel, and contreras for closers. worth an add maybe?
    the rest of my staff is pretty wild: Hamels, Nolasco, Liriano, Leblanc, Cecil, Cueto, and Slowey

    my DL is occupied by mike gonzalez…smh
    thanks for any help guys.

  29. Eddy says:

    Ian Kennedy for his next two matchups?


    Kris Medlen for his next two matchups?

  30. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Wilsonian: Latos Chacin Holland, the bottom two may flip after this week.
    @joe from point pleasant: Bergesen vs KC, Cecil vs SEa and Masterson vs KC.
    @Wilsonian: Glaus
    @Slam: Desmond for Wade Davis
    @Eddy: id go with Medlen since both are in same week, if not h2h go with Kennedy

  31. Kazmere says:

    Over my innings. Sit Nolasco @ home vs Mets (ugly career #s!) and/or Hamels @ MIL today?

  32. jpm says:

    Hey guys,

    Someone dropped Verlander in one of my leagues (yes it’s shallow). Who should I drop to pick him up, CJ Wilson or Colby Lewis?

  33. Slam says:

    @Smokey: Thanks man, I will definitely do that. Still have an empty spot, thinking about medlen or ely for a 2 start this week. preference?

  34. BryanK says:

    @jpm: I’d drop Wilson, Lewis has been killing it. Is this a 3 team league? Who was Verlander dropped for out of curiosity?

  35. jpm says:

    @BryanK: Thanks, I’m thinking the same. No, it’s 8 teams. I think he added Vlad when he dropped Verlander.

  36. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @jpm: either
    @Slam: medlen

  37. jpm says:

    @Slam: I’d go with Medlen too.

  38. Beau says:

    Offered his swisher for my quentin — thoughts?

  39. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Beau: Swish isnt playing today bad bicep something to monitor.

  40. Hi Smokey — In a 20-team mixed no-keeper roto league I have two established SPs (Cole Hamels and jared Weaver) and then several talented but mostly unproven guys with (I hope) upside: Latos, Chacin, Chapman, Ely, and Takahashi, who I had for ratio help, but who now looks like he’s going to be in the Mets’ rotation. There’s an innings limit, so I don’t need so many SPs, but pitching is scarce and i think all have some trade value.

    My question is: which are the ones do you think are most worth holding onto for the season? Which should I perhaps shop around, perhaps in 2-for-1 deals looking for better pitching, or paired with a batter for an offensive upgrade?

    Many thanks.

  41. bodymore says:

    Man, Haren has been the strangest pitcher in baseball this year. What is he doing out there…

  42. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Enrique: In innings limit eagues lots of teams flirt with the limet so trading 2 sp for 1 is rare. i would form a base from Hamels, Weaver, Latos and Chacin and than do a matchup that looks in your favor with anyone else listed.
    @bodymore: i dont know either. A HR per start isnt too good. Control is there not today but he is at 4-1 k/bb.

  43. wakeNbake says:

    Drop Soto for John Buck at catcher?

  44. bodymore says:

    @Smokey Yeah the HRs are a big concern. Strange is that in past games he’s struck out a ton of guys early on and then lost it. He was one of my 5 keepers so I’m counting on him turning it around…not going to get much for him in a trade at this point anyway.

  45. Kazmere says:

    @Smokey: @anyone: Do you trust Hamels at MIL today? I can’t take much more if a hit to my ratios.

  46. AubreyHuffingGlue says:

    So I picked up Clayton Richard in my 12 team, 5×5 roto league for next week. We have weekly rosters, and no bench, so to use Richard I’d have to drop either Morrow or Slowey… Who should I drop — Morrow, Richard or Slowey?

  47. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Kazmere: if your leading in era and whip id sit him. if you need the k’s start him.
    @AubreyHuffingGlue: morrow

  48. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @wakeNbake: c is like aq kicker in football, whomever is starting to play well is good for me after the top 3-4 catchers.

  49. PureBwa says:


    Any idea why Bills just got pulled? Under 100 pitches, gets the first out in the 8th and then gets yanked. Seems strange to me. He was absolutely dealing today.

  50. Mojo the Helper Monkey says:

    Who do you like for my last SP spot?

    Floyd (FLA)
    Penny (LAA)
    Wandy (@LAD, TB)
    Cueto (MIL, @CLE)


  51. Adam says:

    Need help at Util til Pena figures his shizz out…do I have these in the right order: Swisher, Papi, JD Drew, Smoak, Boesch?

  52. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Adam: Big sloppy is hitting right now, in a week who knows. Boesch seems to be a waiver wire darling right now. Id go with either of those 2. Swish has something going on with his bicep and cant bat RH so he is an avoid for this week anyways but i would have him ahead of the others.

  53. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Adam: cant bat LH sorry.

  54. tHe ShiT says:

    @Smokey: Drop PacMan 4 Boesch?

  55. paddytwotimes says:

    @Smokey: Smokey get outta that chicken coop for a minute. Man, F Hector.

    You start Wandy this week? H 2 H weekly his two starts are LAD-Sans ethier and TB.

    Does the answer to this question simply depend on the size of my balls?

  56. Doooshe says:

    @ Smokey: So, in your love of all SP and then some, you wouldn’t spend $74 on Wandy Rodriguez but would spend $40 on Chuck M.F. James a couple years ago. Interesting.

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