We are getting down to it, the end of fantasy is nigh. Always wanted to say that. Point leagues are pushing the innings limit, while H2H leagues are figuring out what guy will carry them all week. It’s probably someone on the Rockies, holy hell are they a fantasy juggernaut. They are like getting a hidden onion ring when you order French fries from BK. Well, I won’t keep you too long with the prologue, it’s just useless fodder to warm you up to read the article, I should have sprung for hot chocolate instead. Good luck in your playoff endeavors this week, here are the low budget 2 start pitchers for the week in fantasy baseball.

Livan Hernandez (Hou vs. Norris) (Atl vs. Lowe)
I’m checking his ID, there is no way he is 35. That’s about as hard as he throws to boot. Mike D said it best, “She’s Crafty, and she‘s just my type.”

Bud Norris (@Was vs. Hernandez) (@Pit vs. Duke)
I’m still buying Bud. He’s going to be cheap, his K’s come in 6-12 packs and his Uncle will whoop ya Texas Ranger-style. Coming off 2 decent starts ERA is in the mid 3’s for the month.

Joe Saunders (Col vs. De La Rosa) (LA vs. Billingsley)
Pitches just bad enough to lose. The good news, he has a 4.32 ERA in night games. That’s all I could find stat-wise that didn’t make me vomit.

Rick Porcello (KC vs. Greinke) (Min vs. Duensing)
Where was I when I was 21? Yeah, it’s foggy, but I know I was somewhere not named Detroit. Previous gem versus KC. 7 innings in 5 consecutive starts.

John Lannan (Hou vs. Happ) (Atl vs. Jurrjens)
Has been sneaky decent. ERA a tick above 3 since coming back from injury.

Bruce Chen (@Det vs. Galarraga) (@Cle vs. Carmona)
Why not? 3.90 ERA on the road. I like both matchups, and you could do worse. Not much worse, but it’s worth a shot, and if he sucks then you blame your whole season on him.

Jake Westbrook (@Pit vs. Maholm) (@CHC vs. Wells)
Prolly best name on this list, bad part is that he is prolly owned in your league. Has gotten crap for run support. 3.20 ERA since coming to NL, but we knew that was going to happen.

Chris Capuano (Cin vs. Bailey) (Fla vs. Volstad)
2.50 ERA as a starter, yeah, I had to look that up. Fighting for a job next year which is usually good motivation.

Chris Volstad (StL vs. Carpenter) (@Mil vs. Capuano)
Back from suspension. I mean who doesn’t love a great melee, pacifists that’s who. ERA 2 runs lower at home.

  1. Earl Battey says:

    Is Gio still a must start? He gets the ChiSox and Texas this week, both at Oakland. He was almost able to single-handedly kill my ratios with the egg he laid against the Royals. I was going to use him and just play 2 closers this week, but now I’m not so sure. . .

  2. Jeff says:

    Rank these closers for the rest of the year; Gutierrez, Hensley, Takahashi.

    I haven fallen 2 pts in saves in the last week and have to use my last pickup on one of these guys. Uggg.

  3. Tony says:

    @Earl Battey: i dont know if i’m going to use gio, between him and Wainwright wow…. im playing roto, had a 12 in the ERA cat ALL YEAR almost, sub 3 ERA from my entire staff, and they just blew that all to hell in a couple week span….

  4. Earl Battey says:


    Yeah, Gio managed to take me from first to third in ERA with a mere 2 innings of work.

  5. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Earl Battey: He is a sit for me versus both opponents. Last start killed any trust for me.
    @Jeff: Guti, Hensley, Taka

  6. Tony says:

    @Earl Battey: @Smokey: I think some SP’s that were great early on are just worn out. Gotta go with the hot hand. If you dont trust em, sit em, what they did early in the year is great, but you can throw guys based on April/june and July…

    Oh and a shout out to Josh Hamilton. Thanks for getting me where I am but now when i need you and your .400 per week batting average you disappear.

    ughhh h2h is such a beach

  7. Earl Battey says:


    I’m probably giving Gio the week off, but I don’t think he’s quite in the “great spring but worn out now” category. This isn’t Jeff Niemann. Gio has been great since the all-star break with the exception of his last start (9 out of his previous 11 starts were quality starts before his bomb against KC). While he’s on my bench this week (or because he’s on my bench this week?) I wouldn’t be surprised to see him pitch really well.

  8. Tony says:

    @Earl Battey: true i’m just down to like 8 starts left, can’t have blow ups, gotta throw my boys like wainy, verlander, and bucholz as much as possible…. gio takes a back seat.

  9. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Tony: i have better faith in reliable guys than borderline starters id rather lose with my best

  10. Isaac says:

    thoughts on starting Beltre and/or Teixera this week, both are injury risks and Im in the second round of the playoffs H2H scoring
    I have decent options at 1B but if you think Beltre isnt worth the risk my options are Valencia, Betemit and Peralta

    also, its time to drop Kemp right? (maybe 3 weeks ago)

  11. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Isaac: Texeira will be in most of the TB series. Kemp who is he..lol

  12. Tony says:

    to get to the finals my entire season comes down to Juan Pierre tonight getting a SB and not K’ing and Bonderman NOT getting a win or QS…. lol

    fantasy baseball gods, please watch over me…


  13. Vic Damone Jr. says:

    I need to start 6 of the following this week. Rank them 1-9:

    Hamels- ATL (Jurrjens), NYM (Pelfrey?)
    Hudson- LAD (Kershaw)
    Kershaw- @ARI (Hudson)
    Jiminez- @ARI (Lopez)
    Arroyo- @SD (Young)
    Chacin- @ARI (Kennedy)
    Romero- BAL (Millwood)
    Holland- @LAA (Weaver), @OAK (Gonzalez)
    Bumgarner- @CHI (Dempster)

    I guess Hamels is a lock, but after that, I think I have some tough choices to make with some favorable match ups.

    My opponent is going with Billingsley (2 starts), Carmona (2 starts), Cueto, E Santana, Wandy Rodriguez, and then Zito or Gee in his last slot.

  14. sal says:

    @Smokey: conflicting reports about jake westbrook – apparently he is not a two starter now…

  15. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Vic Damone Jr.: Hamels, Jimenez, Kershaw, Bumgarner,Romero,Hudson,Chacin,Arroyo, Holland

  16. ChiSox says:

    I need to sit two this week, points league

    Gallardo (vs Florida – Sanchez)
    Haren (vs Texas – Wilson)
    Zambrano (vs SF – Cain)
    Dempster (vs SF – Bumgarner)
    Romero (vs Bal – Guthrie)

    thanks for the help again this season, will be buying a margarita in the near future

  17. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @ChiSox: Bench the cubbies.

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