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Baseball is a game where it doesn’t matter how well you pitch, it’s how well you hit against opposing pitchers. This week’s trend is to look at guys who have to do all the work themselves and get nothing from their teammates. It’s frustrating as a fantasy supporter to watch your ace or other SP hurl 7 innings of 2 run ball and lose. Personally, I’m a huge fan of 1-0 nothing games I don’t think there is anything more exciting than a well played chess match of a game. Here are your week 23 two start pitchers fantasy baseball. Good luck in your H2H playoffs if they are happening!

Jordan Zimmermann (NyM vs. Pelfrey) (Fla vs. Volstad)
Mets’ offense is atrocious. Zimmermann looks to be the goods. Hope he sucks, so I can get him on the cheap next year, probably not going to happen.

Jason Vargas (@Oak vs. Anderson) (@Ana vs. Haren)
Pantyhose have more runs than the Mariners. Great ERA, goes at least 6 innings. Decent pitching goes unnoticed when people don’t look past the number of wins.

Jhoulys Chacin (Cin vs. Cueto) (Ari vs. Kennedy)
2 ER in last 19 innings. Is going to be way overhyped next year. .187 BAA vs. RH, that’s pretty effective. If he can keep his walks in check he has the make up and lineup to help ya.

Jake Westbrook (@Mil vs. Gallardo) (@Atl vs. Hanson)
Another run support victim. 5 out of 6 quality starts for the Cards. Doesn’t wow you with anything, your typical lunch pail pitcher 6IN, 3 ER.

Carlos Carrasco (@Ana vs. Haren) (Min vs. Liriano)
Rookie is getting his shot, looks to be in line for a rotation spot next year. Changeup is a plus pitch. Needs time to get innings under belt. Next year’s Chacin.

Nelson Figueroa (@ ChC vs. Silva) (LA vs. Kershaw)
Showing geriatrics everywhere that it’s possible. It’s a shame that MLB has banned him from wearing his Life Alert on the mound. Since becoming a rotation fixture 5 ER in 23 IN.

Chris Volstad (@Phi vs. TBD)(@Was vs. Zimmermann)
Just when he starts to get rosterable he craps the bed and you forget about him. Is a WHIP disaster so you are really only chasing wins here, ERA a run higher on the road, yikes.

Ian Kennedy (SF vs. Bumgarner) (@Col vs. Chacin)
One good start out his last 10 and he gets talked about. That’s why baseball is awesome. You can be good 3 out of 10 time and you’re an All star. Arizona may cut his innings after these 2, or they should.

  1. Bring Back Pluto says:

    you picked right between these two last week, Smokey, (thanks. though it was close) so I turn to you again:

    Greinke @ MIN
    D-Hudson v SF

  2. Hardcore Midget says:

    A few guys available in my league- Chacin, Carlos Zambrano, Ian Kennedy, Brian Matusz.

    Drop Dallas Braden for any of these? Or drop one of my back-up OFs like Andres Torres?

  3. BryanK says:

    Traded a draft pick for Broxton in hopes that he would turn things around. I was able to snag Kuo too (big benches). At this point would anyone hold on to Broxton in hopes the he takes the closer position, or is it safe to assume Kuo has the job the rest of the year? I would really prefer to utilize the spot as it’s the playoffs, but is it foolish to give up on Broxton at this point?

  4. Chris says:

    Smokey, sit two:

    Price @Bos; Hamels @ Fla; Greinke @ Min; Brett Anderson v. Sea, Bos; MadBum @Ari, @SD; Gio @ Sea

  5. Bum Juice says:

    @Chris: Wait for Smokey, obv, but I think it’s got to be Greinke and MadBum.

  6. KCC26 says:

    gahhh! im sitting here during what should be a relaxing bye week watching my pitching staff fall apart heading into the semis! Wainwright looking very pedestrian lately, ditto Weaver. Colby Lewis getting pummeled, Nolasco done, Scott Baker out…it goes on and on!

    Anyway, my pitching rant aside, I’m trying to settle on a third baseman to go with this week. I’ve been reeling since losing youk. have been using alvarez, but not getting a whole lot. any of these guys over him??:

    peralta, betemit, valencia, uribe, wigginton, tejada, kouzmanoff

    league uses OPS. Thanks!

  7. Principal Blackman says:

    what do you think of padilla? he gets the padres and then the astros on the road?

  8. Carlos Z has slurpees says:

    Ah em looving zis combinacion uf ze steals end ze heets. Bernadina will be, at ze dish, one day very very good. For me, just now, a beet too acidic.

  9. Telemachus says:

    Is Wade LeBlanc a 2 start pitcher this week? Would you own him if he was?

  10. Telemachus says:

    Also, need HR/BA/R…4 hitter spots in flux…which 4 do I play this week?


    Historical matchups seem best for Gomes and Lind this week. Barton’s are ok too…Helton has good history in September

  11. Thorbs says:

    Would you start Kennedy against SF in a fantasy playoff matchup?

  12. Dan says:

    Would you keep Takahashi or Lindstrom?

  13. TonyD says:

    Have the Braves pulled the plug on Minor yet? I am trying to add Kennedy for the playoffs.

  14. Drew says:


    Who should I drop so that I can pick up Braden, who has 2 starts this week? This is my last add of the season, so I need to get this one right!

    Hudson, De La Rosa, E. Santana, Minor, Kennedy, or Scherzer

  15. MooseKnuckles says:

    Anyone have any idea if Justin Upton is planning on playing again sometime soon? I need to set my lineup and I am about to play Will Rhymes over him, who believe it or not he has outscored Upton in our H2H points league the last 3 weeks anyway. Also same format:
    Posada(6 games) or AJ Pierz (7 games DET/KC)
    Beckett (1 Start) or Chacin (2 starts)
    Any insight would be helpful, thanks!!

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