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Welcome to the real second half. Not that 4 game H2H sprint where you lose to the last place team cause he had 3 guys carry his week, one of them named Molina. I am back from my much needed vacation funded by Razzball. Grey is so gracious to give me 52 weeks off a year, because this isn’t work, this is a hobby. The second half, albeit not exactly half which would make it more like 17/32nds, starts with a really full first week. As I was going through the probable pitchers, I wondered what 12 days rest would mean to most of these guys. In most cases, not much, but in some cases it could prove beneficiary (was the word of the day on my calender so I had to use it). In other cases, take note that some pitchers will be rusty this week, so expect a spike in the peripherals. Here’s the week 16, two start, low rent starters for fantasy baseball:

R.A. Dickey (Ari vs. Enright) (@Lad vs. Kershaw)
The gleam is off the Dickey my friends. Last 3 starts, 0-2 with a no decision. Sounds like we should bail on him. Look deeper, has only given up 4 earned runs. Mets will score runs this week. Decent first matchup.

Wade LeBlanc (Atl vs. Jurrjens) (@Pit vs. Lincoln)
Wade the White, sounds like a Wizard. No home games and I still put him up here. Is prolly going to go 1-1, with 10k’s for the week, only problem is ERA is doubled on the road.

Kyle Kendrick (@StL vs. Hawksworth) (Col vs. Jimenez)
1 good start 2 bad seems like a pattern with him, first start here would restart the cycle. Gets a tough one with his second start against Bald Jim. Low K potential, gets killed by lefties. Has lowered ERA half a run over the last month.

Dan Hudson (@Sea vs. Pauley) (@Oak vs. Sheets)
Got the first start out of his system. Gets 2 great matchups. 10.4 k/9 rate in the minors is saying something. (9.99 leads majors). Patience is the key here, is going to be a good #2 in the future.

Blake Hawksworth (Phi vs. Kendrick) (ChC vs. Gorzellany)
The best superhero real name of all time. Has lowered ERA every start since mid-June. BAA is hovering around .300, ugh. 4k’s a game is okay considering he only pitches 5 innings a start. I would stash him for the Cubs start, but that’s just me.

Jeff Francis (@Fla vs. Robertson) (@Phi vs. Moyer)
Battling is the best I can say with Francis. Hitting that first wall after injury. All-Star break suits him good. Colorado looks like a different team to me lately, ones that wants to go to the playoffs. The Padres really can’t hold on, can they?

Dave Bush (@Pit vs. Lincoln) (Was vs. Atilano)
I would still say we should run from it, but look at the matchups. Gets no stud opposing SP, can be mediocre and let the bats win him the games. 2.78 ERA in last 10 games…Hmmm, very interesting.

Chris Tillman (TB vs. Davis) (Min vs. Baker)
Was a toss up here, as both he and Arrieta double up. I like his 2 matchups better, but they are still the O’s. Comes off first win high, pitched great versus a great hitting team. Good mechanics, smooth delivery. Future rotation of Matusz, Tillman, Arrieta, Britton and Hobgood With Erbe closing, nice. Damn, AL East.

James McDonald (SF vs. Bumgarner) (NyM vs. Pelfrey)
My snoozer of the week. Your typical 3 earned in 6 innings, 6 K kinda guys. Sounds good to me. Gets the hated Giants, and the scuffling hand licker (there’s video to back this up) Pelfrey. Good roll of the dice gets 2 cozy home starts at Chavez.

Scott Feldman (@Det vs. Bonderman) (Laa vs. Pineiro)
Texas hits well. WHIP disaster. Will win games 10-7, with him giving up all 7 runs. Brother Corey is not pleased one bit. Free piece of advice, don’t chase wins.

  1. Jay says:

    I agree, Pelfrey licks his hand a LOT. It’s kinda gross.

  2. Cal Cheats says:

    Lincecum, Pence and Kubel for Gardner, Butler and Cahill. Who wins?

  3. KCC26 says:

    drop Kerry Wood?

  4. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Jay: its disturbing how much he does it though.
    @Cal Cheats: Linc side, but its really close
    @KCC26: stash, he is going to get either traded or DFA’d and another team will pick him up.

  5. Pops says:

    Any idea what ATL is doing with Kris Medlin? I heard that he was going to stick in the rotation, but he’s been getting work out of the pen this week.

  6. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Pops: well they are in innings limit mode with him. He has 90 innings, career high is only 120. Kid gloves as another pitcher is in the Joba rules. Figure a month in the bullpen and than 6 starts to end the year sounds about right barring injury to their rotation.

  7. Wilsonian says:

    @Smokey: who do you like more for the rest of the year: Mike G. or Chris Perez? Also, would you drop any of these guys for one of them: JJ, Ubaldo, Verlander, Kershaw, Lewis, Floyd, Scherzer, Volquez, Romero, K-Rod, Capps, Feliz?

    Categories are: W, L, SV, BB, Ks, ERA, WHIP, Ks/9.

  8. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Wilsonian: Perez and no

  9. Pops says:

    Thanks, Smokey. One final question. Do you like Travis Wood in his next two matchups? He’s pitcing at home against COL this afternoon and on the road against HOU next week.

  10. HighandMighty says:

    Who to drop first??……..Romero, Ervin Santana, Chad Billing, or Wandy Rod

    or punt saves completely and drop Gregg/Aardmsa

  11. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Pops: Gets match ups of Cook and norris, i like him for both.

  12. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @HighandMighty: Gregg has been rumored to be traded to a contender not to close so i would monitor that and then make a jump from there.

  13. HighandMighty says:

    I need to drop 1 player today though, I can’t really monitor the situation i gotta make a move asap

    Wandy,Bills, Romero, Ervin, Gregg or Aardsma ????

  14. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @HighandMighty: dont know your league settings but i wouldnt drop any of the starters, and i dont know who else you have so drop gregg

  15. elwood blues says:

    who are brad lincoln’s 2 starts against? who does Blanton got next?

    I need a 2-week pitching solution: how would you rank these options

  16. Hebrew Hammer says:

    pick 1 of the following to start…

    Dickey at Ariz and at LAD

    Myers at CHC

    Medlen at Fla

  17. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @elwood blues: bush and leblanc. blanton gets Jaime Garcia and either Hammel or DLR after that. Id prolly go with Blanton as he gets 2 next week.
    @Hebrew Hammer: i always like quantity.

  18. Kendry's Cart Off Grand Slam says:

    @Smokey: Who would you rather trade away in a keeper league. Roto.

    Carlos Santana
    Buster Posey

  19. @Smokey: Who do you like best of these guys this week – Bush, D. Hudson, McDonald?

    I’m leaning Bush, but Hudson’s K’s are mighty enticing.

  20. Eddie says:

    Toronto can go to hell. I’ve waited two months for Travis Snider to return, and they option him to AA!!!

  21. @Smokey: Thanks Smokey.

    @Kendry’s Cart Off Grand Slam: I had both and desperate for speed (and MI depth), I moved Posey for Figgins after his 6 RBI game. We’re talking OBP as well as the usual 5, so I like Smooth. Standard 5, I’d probably go Posey.

    @Eddie: Ooofa. That’s rough.

  22. @AL KOHOLIC: I think you can just about flip a coin but I like Smooth a little better long term. He’ll even swipe a few bags, which is a huge bonus in the C slot. Definitely keeping him for next year – in exchange for a 25th round pick.

    Weiters who?

  23. Anonymous says:

    I’d just like to point out that Kendrick hasn’t K’d more than four in ANY starts this year. I knew you meant low k potential, but you reallly weren’t kidding…

    Smokey, do you approve of Sheets at home against Dice-K and the Sox?

  24. Would you trade Hawpe for Beckham? Hawpe is on my bench while Sean Rodriguez is my 2B. I think Beckham could be an upgrade over Sean Rodriguez.

  25. alvaro says:

    Start 2:

    Vazquez vs LAA
    Lilly vs HOU
    Bills vs SF
    Volquez vs WAS
    E Santana vsTEX

  26. papasmurf says:

    Hey I am also one of those ppl who had Weeks every year except this year. Coming into this season, I kept Brian Roberts as a keeper so I figure 2b was set so no need to touch this Weeks dude again. I guess my 2b ISN’T set… Now I have Figgins at 2b and I am not sure I want Roberts to come back… don’t wanna drop him but it’s doubtful he’ll be useful enough to start.

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