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So it’s not really the 2nd half mark in the fantasy baseball season, but it’s the All-Star Break so what else are we going to talk about? The newest Real World? Putting a guy who is a recovering drug addict in the Real World house in New Orleans is completely irresponsible. And, for that reason, I think The Real World might’ve got its mojo back after an off season in D.C. Now if only the recovering addict were Miguel Cabrera. Oh, well. As with all of the other 2010 fantasy baseball rankings, take this list with a grain of salt. If you need a 2nd baseman, but an outfielder is above him that doesn’t mean you can’t trade the outfielder for the 2nd baseman. Also, things change in fantasy baseball. Daily. I could put Albert Pujols number one on the top 100 list for the second half of 2010 and he could get injured tomorrow. Then he wouldn’t be number one. See how that works. This list is a road map for where I think guys are valued. It’s not the Holy Grail in the Church of Grey, that would be my mustache. This list is NOT (Caps for emphasis, not aesthetics) where I see guys ending up if you were to take the first half and combine it with the 2nd half of their season. This is simply a list of the top hundred fantasy baseball players if you were to pick them up today. So while Aramis Ramirez did not have the greatest first half, he will appear on this list because I think he can play in the 2nd half. The projections are not their combined 1st half and 2nd half numbers; they are their projections for the 2nd half of 2010. (BTW, the RCL league standings and Fantasy Razzball standings were updated.) Anyway, here’s the top 100 for fantasy baseball for the 2nd half of 2010:

1. Albert Pujols – Pujols, a God amongst Schumakers. 2010 2nd half projections: 40/15/55/.320/6

2. Hanley Ramirez – Ah, how nice it would be to own Hanley and not have to worry about the shortstop schmohawk behind door number three. 2010 2nd half projections: 45/12/45/.315/16

3. Miguel Cabrera – Miggy for the AL MVP… Only because Omar Infante’s in the NL. 2010 2nd half projections: 45/16/60/.325

4. Evan LongoriaDavid Wright’s currently outperforming him by a smidge (<--technical sabermetric term), but Longoria has a bigger power upside. 2010 2nd half projections: 45/17/55/.285/8

5. David Wright – Because of the steals, he’s been more valuable than a ton of guys you thought were having better seasons. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. I’m in your head! Hey, left brain, you look like a pillow, I rest my head now. Thank you. Now I’m sleeping in your head, what are you going to do? 2010 2nd half projections: 45/13/55/.290/10

6. Joey Votto – I feel vindicated for writing his name all over my Trapper Keeper. 2010 2nd half projections: 45/16/55/.300/4

7. Robinson Cano – Notoriously a 2nd half hitter and this year he’s been purdy good in the 1st half. Put it together and you’ll have an overrated 2nd baseman next year. For now, yes you Cano. 2010 2nd half projections: 50/14/50/.330/3

8. Ryan Braun – Big fan of the Hebrew Hammer. He’s one of those players that can go into a two month zone. Obviously this ranking has nothing to do with his 1st half. I still believe. 2010 2nd half projections: 45/16/50/.315/9

9. Alex Rodriguez – In my crystal ball, I see a crazy hot streak for A-Rod. Or maybe I’m seeing a crazy, frosted streak in his hair. Hmm… 2010 2nd half projections: 50/16/60/.295/5

10. Matt Kemp – Torre might’ve put the slight brakes on Kemp’s out of control running game, but 15/12 is still within his sights for the 2nd half. (BTW, 15/12 was Wade Boggs’ vision. He could see through walls to skanky redheads and fried chicken. Why that’s not on his Hall of Fame plaque no one knows.) 2010 2nd half projections: 50/15/45/.285/12

11. Ryan Howard – Could be in an 1-for-75 slump and I’d still rank him higher than he deserves. Simply because he’s one of the few guys capable of a 15 homer month. 2010 2nd half projections: 40/22/60/.265

12. Prince Fielder – See Howard, Ryan or 1/8th of an inch above. 2010 2nd half projections: 40/18/50/.275

13. Justin Upton – Another guy that is being outperformed currently. He just needs to get hot for two to three weeks and he can get these 2nd half numbers. In talent I trust. 2010 2nd half projections: 40/16/45/.270/10

14. Josh Hamilton – I credit his good season with the role model on the dugout steps, Ron Washington. Well, it’s just that Hamilton’s healthy. Yeah, that’s probably it. 2010 2nd half projections: 45/15/50/.300/4

15. Roy Halladay – There’s pitchers who have had a better 1st half, but Halladay’s the 1st pitcher of the top 100 because he’s the safest. Game in and game out — eight innings, good ERA, Ks, WHIP and keeps his team in the game. 2010 2nd half projections: 9-4/2.60/1.00/100

16. Mark Teixeira – Drink up your PABST. 2010 2nd half projections: 50/15/55/.310

17. Matt Holliday – I’m almost definitely ranking Holliday somewhere in the 4th round next year because he just can’t get his act together in the first two months of the season, but we’re not in the 1st half anymore, so there’s that. 2010 2nd half projections: 50/14/45/.320/5

18. Adrian Gonzalez – Bummer that the Padres are competing and A-Gon looks destined to stay in Petco. Guess I’ll have to save the A-Gone post for another day. Gonzalez hasn’t had one extended hot streak and he still has 18 homers. Last year, he hit 16 homers in the 2nd half. I think he marginally beats that. 2010 2nd half projections: 40/18/55/.270

19. Ryan Zimmerman – Last year, Zimmerman hit 19 homers in the 2nd half. In the 2nd half of the last three years, he’s hit for a better average. Zimmerman at 19th overall is probably indicative of where he’s going to be ranked next year. I’ll just need to concur with January Grey. 2010 2nd half projections: 40/17/45/.285

20. Carl Crawford – Do I think he slows down in the 2nd half? Who am I, Ms. Cleo? Actually, yes I am and I do think he slows down. Outside of 2007, he’s consistently slowed down in the 2nd half. When forced to choose between a guy that slows down in the 2nd half and one that does not, I’m going for the latter. Be happy his knees are still good for the first few months of the season. 2010 2nd half projections: 50/8/40/.305/17

21. Carlos Gonzalez – This is admittedly higher than I thought I’d rank him, but if Kemp’s 15/10 and CarGo’s 13/10, it makes sense (in my head, at least). 2010 2nd half projections: 50/13/50/.280/10

22. CC Sabathia – It takes CC and the Pitching Factory a few months to really find his groove. If you were to argue Wainwright, Lee, Lincecum or Lester deserves to above CC, I hear ya. They’re ranked this way because CC’s been the model of consistency for a long time. You want safety in your SPs. 2010 2nd half projections: 10-2/3.00/1.10/95

23. Adam Wainwright – I regret not owning him this year. Could end up winning the Cy Young if voters get the first three months of Ubaldo out of their head. 2010 2nd half projections: 8-2/2.80/1.00/100

24. Cliff Lee – I just went over The Adverb’s move to Arlington. 2010 2nd half projections: 9-2/2.90/1.05/85

25. Tim Lincecum – Feels weird to say a 26-year-old is getting grandfathered into his ranking, but Lincecum is being ranked higher than he might deserve because of his past past, not his most recent past. 2010 2nd half projections: 7-2/2.80/1.15/110

26. Jon Lester – If Lester were in the NL West… Oh well, we can dream. 2010 2nd half projections: 9-3/3.05/1.12/100

27. Jose Reyes – This ranking is optimistic because I want to believe he’s going to be healthy in the 2nd half. Hey, at least I’m being honest in my dishonesty. 2010 2nd half projections: 55/5/25/.280/20

28. Ubaldo Jimenez – The last month of Ubaldo has me ranking him a tad under the other big guns. It’s not that low, save your conniption. 2010 2nd half projections: 8-4/3.00/1.10/90

29. Brandon Phillips – If you were to put a 20/20 guarantee on any other player at 2nd base, you’d be all over it. Not sure why, but people never seem to give him his props. Maybe cause his initials are BP. 2010 2nd half projections: 50/10/40/.265/10

30. Jimmy Rollins – Really struggled with whether to rank Reyes or Rollins first. I ended up going with Reyes because, while he is fighting an injury, Rollins is older and is beginning to show signs of slowing down. Oh, and if Rollins doesn’t turn it on in this 2nd half, he’s probably tumbling to around the 6th or 7th rounds next year. 2010 2nd half projections: 45/10/35/.280/15

31. Vladimir Guerrero – One of the hardest guys to rank. His park and lineup really is conducive to him having a monster year if he stays healthy. That “if” is the size of King Kong Bundy. Maybe Ron Washington can rub some of that white stuff on Vlad’s knee to numb the pain. 2010 2nd half projections: 45/15/55/.300/2

32. Kevin Youkilis – Apropos of nothing, Youk and Yao Ming should open a fusion restaurant, The Greek God of Woks. 2010 2nd half projections: 50/13/45/.290/2

33. Justin Morneau – He’s lower than some of the other big 1st base bats because of his injury risk. 2010 2nd half projections: 40/15/45/.290

34. Alex Rios – I kinda wanted to lower him further, but I’m fighting my CarGo ranking. If I put one 13/10 guy at 21, a 10/10 guy can’t get lowered that much. 2010 2nd half projections: 45/10/35/.265/10

35. Jayson Werth – Just as I held tight to Ibanez this year through thin and thinner, I’m holding Werth. You want hitters in solid lineups and hitter-friendly parks. It just makes your job easier. They get rinky dink RBIs and Runs that other players don’t get. 2010 2nd half projections: 45/14/50/.270/5

36. Andrew McCutchen – The Dread Pirate is my “This Guy Is Carl Crawford Without The Name Attached For Next Year’s Draft.” 2010 2nd half projections: 40/7/35/.285/20

37. Adam Dunn – Member when Big Donkey would steal a few bases a year too? How on earth did he ever do that? He’s 7 feet tall and 540 pounds. 2010 2nd half projections: 35/20/50/.255

38. Elvis Andrus – He will probably be above Reyes and Rollins in next year’s rankings. And that’s me quoting future me! 2010 2nd half projections: 50/2/30/.280/17

39. Josh Johnson – You might notice that pitchers are higher in the 2nd half rankings than they were in the preseason. I did this because by the 2nd half of the season we have a pretty good idea of which pitchers are pitching well. They still have risk, but a bit less than in the preseason. With that said, Johnson is lower than others because he still is an injury risk. 2010 2nd half projections: 6-3/2.95/1.05/100

40. Nelson Cruz – The short answer is, “Yes, the Rangers offense is redonkulous.” 2010 2nd half projections: 35/14/50/.275/7

41. Krispie Young – It’s a bit comical for me to rank him this high. But what can I say, I’m a sucker for Krispie. Plus, when you consider Rios and CarGo are ranked above him and he hasn’t done anything less than them. In fact, he’s been better. Make the airplane noise with your fork and chew on that. 2010 2nd half projections: 35/15/45/.250/14

42. Shane Victorino – He went 14/17 in the first half to CarGo’s 15/12. Where am I supposed to rank Victorino? He’s already probably too low as it is. 2010 2nd half projections: 45/7/40/.270/15

43. Clayton Kershaw – Imma let you finish, but if Kershaw could cut his walk rate, he could be one of the greatest of all-time. OF ALL-TIME! 2010 2nd half projections: 7-3/3.35/1.20/100

44. Felix Hernandez – I love F-Her long time and I will continue to make him my preseason Cy Young pick every year until he wins one, but now that they’re breaking up the March 2010 Mariners Dynasty he’s going to struggle for any sort of run support. 2010 2nd half projections: 5-3/3.10/1.10/100

45. Ian Kinsler This ranking could be a sneak peek at how far Kinsler’s falling for 2011 if he doesn’t get his shizz together. 2010 2nd half projections: 40/10/40/.275/10

46. Brett Gardner – Is he that different than Crawford? Rhetorical! 2010 2nd half projections: 50/4/30/.280/20

47. Jered Weaver – No, I’m not confident he keeps his ERA and WHIP where they currently are, but his Ks are a thing of beauty right now. 2010 2nd half projections: 7-5/3.50/1.12/115

48. Mark Reynolds – Having him this high is a bit silly for a guy that strikes out as much as him, but you know what? Mark Reynolds makes people do silly things. Just the other day, I mailed a pizza and ate my telephone bill. 2010 2nd half projections: 40/18/50/.230/5

49. Mariano Rivera – Me, myself and I conferred for a while on where to start the closer run. I thought to myself if I were in desperate need of saves who would I be willing t0 trade for a top closer? Weaver or Reynolds for Mo seemed fair to me. To be continued in Broxton’s blurb. 2010 2nd half projections: 4-1/1.75/0.75/30, 18 Saves

50. Jonathan Broxton – This is not to say I would trade Reynolds or Weaver for a closer. Push came to shove, I’d trade someone like Garza for Dotel. Continued in Marmol’s blurb. 2010 2nd half projections: 5-2/2.25/1.05/45, 17 Saves

51. Carlos Marmol – Hmm… No, I’ve said all I wanted to on that subject. 2010 2nd half projections: 2-2/2.50/1.20/60, 15 Saves

52. Justin Verlander – Capable of better 2nd half numbers than I’m giving him but he doesn’t seem like he can avoid the One Inning Blow Up Blues. 2010 2nd half projections: 6-4/3.50/1.17/105

53. Troy Tulowitzki – One of the riskier players to buy into for the 2nd half. Will he have a setback? Not rhetorical and I don’t have the answer. I’m currently trying to buy him for pennies on the dollar. I figure what the heyski. 2010 2nd half projections: 30/8/35/.270/10

54. Derek Jeter – This ranking has as much to do with the pee-poor state of fantasy shortstops as it does about Jeter. In fairness to him — because God knows no one is ever fair to Jeter — he was solid in last year’s 2nd half. 2010 2nd half projections: 45/6/30/.320/10

55. Andre Ethier – I’m not a big fan of Ethier. He always seems to get overrated. His numbers are about the same as the latest hot outfielder grab off waivers. For examples, see Boesch, Pagan, Huff, Willingham, etc. 2010 2nd half projections: 40/12/50/.300/2

56. Ben Zobrist – One of my bigger regrets of the preseason was not pushing people harder away from Zobrist because I didn’t think his power was for real. Luckily, he has made up for his lack of power with steals. 2010 2nd half projections: 45/8/40/.280/15

57. Rickie Weeks – As always, this ranking for Weeks is completely contingent on his health. 2010 2nd half projections: 40/12/35/.260/7

58. Carlos Quentin – In the first half, CQ was as ownable as the Roman Coppola CQ DVD. Here’s to Quentin carrying his solid last few weeks into the 2nd half and not getting injured. And not going back to striking out every third at-bat. And raising his average. And maybe stealing a few bases. Okay, so there’s some caveats. 2010 2nd half projections: 35/16/45/.270/2

59. Jacoby Ellsbury – I think he’ll be back within two weeks of the break. He’s a factory outlet version of Crawford. 2010 2nd half projections: 45/4/40/.280/17

60. Joe Mauer I can’t imagine any scenario where I’d actually trade for Mauer but this seems about right for his value. Same goes for McCann, but, wait, I haven’t gotten to him yet. 2010 2nd half projections: 45/9/40/.320

61. Brian McCann – I feel like I just read something about him. Oh, yeah! Right above. 2010 2nd half projections: 35/10/45/.280

62. Johan Santana – Member the days Johan was the top pitcher in the game? Yeah, I don’t either. Stupid mind-erasing drugs. 2010 2nd half projections: 7-3/3.00/1.20/70

63. Corey Hart – Sticking with the theme of guys who won’t be as good in the 1st half, the Brewers are trying to sell high. I think you should follow their lead. 2010 2nd half projections: 35/10/45/.260/4

64. Aramis Ramirez – Yes, I’m ranking him higher than I did in the preseason. In the preseason, I told you to avoid him, but now you should be able to get him for the price of an Adam Everett jersey. 2010 2nd half projections: 35/12/40/.300

65. Carlos Beltran – I think I’m giving Beltran too much credit with my projections for the 2nd half. He comes with injury risk, might not be ready to hit major league pitching and who knows if he’ll be able to steal any bases at all. 2010 2nd half projections: 35/12/45/.270/4

66. David Price – To be honest, I wanted to put him lower in the rankings, but his 1st half gave me pause. Wouldn’t be surprised if guys who aren’t even ranked (like Floyd) are actually better in the 2nd half. 2010 2nd half projections: 6-4/3.55/1.20/85

67. Paul Konerko – And another past sell guy. 2010 2nd half projections: 35/11/45/.260

68. Jason Kubel – Like Mel Gibson, you need to put aside your prejudices. These rankings are not about what people have done, it’s looking forward. Kubel’s been a 2nd half hitter the last few years and especially last year. 2010 2nd half projections: 35/12/45/.280

69. Curtis Granderson – As I learned in the Fantasy Baseball College of Charleston, sometimes you have to admit your mistakes. In the preseason, I was so jazzed about the prospects of Grandy hitting in The Stadium They Built Adjacent To The Stadium Ruth Built that I lose sight that Grandy is a platoon player. He can’t hit lefties. At all. Though he is very valuable vs. righties (over three years, 65 homers and .301 vs righties; 10 homers and .202 vs. lefties). 2010 2nd half projections: 25/10/35/.240/7

70. Torii Hunter – I have the feeling Hunter follows his recent pattern of doing a lot less in the 2nd half. 2010 2nd half projections: 40/12/50/.280/5

71. Zach Greinke – He could make love to your eyes with his Ks while his bullpen will never return your calls. 2010 2nd half projections: 4-5/3.25/1.15/90

72. Mat Latos – Had a much better 1st half than this ranking shows, but as my last Buy/Sell pointed out, I expect his value to go down. 2010 2nd half projections: 5-2/3.60/1.10/75

73. B.J. Upton – Really has no business being this high, but when I tried to find someone who was capable of a 10/20 2nd half, I came up with Upton and Rickey Henderson, but Rickey’s retired for now. 2010 2nd half projections: 25/6/30/.255/15

74. Dustin Pedroia – I don’t think Pedroia’s necessarily going to throw Papi and Youuuuuuk on his back again this year with his newly-mended foot. Though I would not bet against him returning as soon as possible. Never underestimate the desire of the Sparky Anklebiter. 2010 2nd half projections: 30/8/25/.295/6

75. Ichiro Suzuki – If you’re wondering why Ichiro is this low, welcome to Razzball! A good place to begin is this post. Then the last one. Then the one before. Keep going onto you reach 2007. BTW, imagine instead of writing this on a blog, I had written all of this in longhand in a lined notebook. You’d have me committed. 2010 2nd half projections: 25/3/20/.330/15

76. Hunter Pence – Probably will get hot for a month and finish with a 24/17 line. Very solid, but he’s at 12/10 right now. 2010 2nd half projections: 35/12/30/.275/7

77. Dan Uggla – Dunn’s hitting .288 and Uggla’s hitting .285. In other news, water is dry. 2010 2nd half projections: 40/14/35/.255/3

78. Stephen Strasburg – He only has about 70 more innings or 10 starts left. I.e., he’ll be shut down the beginning of September. If you’re trading him, I’d try to get a guy much higher in these rankings because of the hype attached to the House of Strasburg. 2010 2nd half projections: 4-2/3.00/1.00/65

79. Michael Young – He’s the type of player you have on your team all year and forget about. Hit here, run there, RBI here, homer there. He never gets so hot you stand on your office desk and scream, “I own Michael Young. Now who what’s some?!” and he never gets so cold where you decide to search out Michael Young’s home address and pay him a visit. *knock, knock* Is Michael home? Okay, I’ll wait. 2010 2nd half projections: 50/12/45/.315/2

80. Adrian Beltre – Whether he was hitting for average or power, you could always count on Beltre for steals. This year he’s batting .330 with 13 homers and the steals have disappeared. Always an interesting deal he makes with the Contract Year Devil. 2010 2nd half projections: 35/10/45/.280/3

81. Adam LaRoche – Imagine if I were to put LaRoche this high in the overall rankings in the preseason, then I’d be writing for CBS Fantasy. 2010 2nd half projections: 30/14/45/.280

82. Pablo Sandoval – For most of the season, he’s looked totally confused like his impersonator, Fung Poo Kanda. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt with this ranking since he had a solid 2nd half last year. I still don’t fully trust him and he’s still a sell. 2010 2nd half projections: 40/10/40/.300/3

83. Rafael Furcal – With the way he’s been hitting lately, it’s hard to work in his nickname, 0-Furcal. But I still manage, huh? 2010 2nd half projections: 45/5/30/.315/12

84. Adam Jones – There will probably be some pedantic post from December Grey about how you need to trust your guys to meet their preseason projections with Adam Jones as the example. December Grey, “Hey, I’m not pedantic!” 2010 2nd half projections: 30/12/40/.285/5

85. Yovani Gallardo – Would’ve been much higher if he were completely healthy. I’ll put him down for 12 post-All-Star break starts and that’s being optimistic. 2010 2nd half projections: 5-4/3.25/1.25/80

86. Billy Butler – This ranking is assuming you don’t have a Largest Cup Size category. 2010 2nd half projections: 30/12/35/.315

87. Lance Berkman – If it wasn’t clear theses are rankings for only the 2nd half, here ya go. Relevant of nothing, if Berkman and Fred Savage had a kid, it would look like the host of Man vs. Food. 2010 2nd half projections: 30/14/40/.295/5

88. Martin Prado – Berkman, Prado and Huff? Belch. What am I doing here? I’ve lost my mojo. If you’re in a midseason league, ignore the last few picks. 2010 2nd half projections: 50/7/35/.310/3

89. Aubrey Huff – Right after I ranked Huff here, I jumped out the window. I’m now in a full body cast typing this with my nose. Achoo! 2010 2nd half projections: 40/14/50/.280/2

90. Jay Bruce – On the bright side, he’s capable of better numbers than he gave in the 1st half. The flip side, he couldn’t be more yawnstipating than the 1st half. 2010 2nd half projections: 40/14/45/.260/4

91. Chase Utley – He uses the same spit shine as Pedroia, but unlike Pedroia he’s dealing with a hand injury. 2010 2nd half projections: 20/7/25/.280/5

92. Manny Ramirez – Without his female hormone pills, he’s looked okay… If a bit emotional. 2010 2nd half projections: 35/12/40/.315

93. Francisco Liriano – Definitely didn’t go into the break with a string of solid starts. Actually, went in with the worst start in 2010. Have I mentioned his K-rate is beautiful? Okay, moving on. 2010 2nd half projections: 5-3/3.50/1.25/95

94. Carlos Pena – I don’t think Uggla and Dunn are gonna let Pena into their carpool anymore. 2010 2nd half projections: 30/15/45/.210

95. Cole Hamels – In the last three years, his post-All-Star break ERA is 3.23. 2010 2nd half projections: 7-4/3.30/1.28/90

96. Victor Martinez – Honestly, if his name were Mictor Vartinez, he wouldn’t have been ranked at all. And not simply because there’s no such player. 2010 2nd half projections: 25/8/35/.285

97. Ricky Nolasco – In his last five starts, 38:6 K:BB. 2010 2nd half projections: 4-4/3.60/1.20/90

98. Colby Rasmus – Member when I said he’s due for a correction? Was about a month ago. Here’s the link for a refresher. Since then, he’s hit 3 homers and batted .250. Um, okay. 2010 2nd half projections: 35/6/30/.270/7

99. Adam Lind – His 1st half went like this, he’ll get better, he has to get better, will he get better?, I don’t think he’ll get better, he’s definitely not getting better but I’ll hold him just because he might surprise me, I can’t believe he’s not surprising me and getting better, I hate Adam Lind’s guts and, finally, I’m dropping him for Travis Snider. Then he started getting better. 2010 2nd half projections: 30/15/40/.255 <--optimistic, but whatevs 100. Dexter Fowler – I could’ve put Bourn or Denard Dawg here, but who wants to read about them? You want to read about how they could’ve been put here but weren’t. Now that’s exciting! 2010 2nd half projections: 35/4/25/.280/15

101. Whoever Wins You The Championship – It’s now or never, people! Make your move or lose.

  1. danimal35 says:

    on one team I have 5 of the top 19 and then I don’t have another until 50…still nice to see those 5 up so high

  2. dodge says:

    What about Crisp vs Dexter there at the end? for a manager on a cf bind.

  3. joe from point pleasant says:

    You forgot Oswalt who will be on a contender very very soon… He is having an unbelievable season he goes into the break on the heels of a 1 hitter.

    I would personally have to rank him above guys like Hamels and Nolasco. You ranked Halladay #1 because he is so reliable and gets you everything. Well, if Oswalt is on a contender wouldn’t he give you everything as well?

    He is sporting a 3.08 era, 1.05 whip, 8.4 K/9, and 3.4 K/BB and a .213 BAA. He is on pace for over 200 K’s, and I know how K’s make you tingle.

    The only thing Oswalt’s missing is wins, and if he continues pitching like this after he is dealt, id expect them to come in bunches.

    Nice job with the rankings though, I agree with pretty much all of them aside from Jered Weaver being so high and your exclusion of The Wiz. Was Oswalt at least in the running?

    On another note, what are your projos on Mike Stanton for the 2nd half of this season?


  4. John says:

    what about Crisp over Dexter? Somewhat meaningless, but for a manager in a CF bind.

  5. Steve says:

    No, no, no, no, no, Grey. I need Grandy and BJ to be better than that.

    Please adjust your projections accordingly.

  6. danimal35 says:

    @Steve: me too…me too!

  7. Howard says:

    Morning Grey, am in a 12 H2H and have used up all my moves for the year. (what can I say, I like to move it, move it…) My main asset is Hanley and I’m looking to upgrade 2B/3B/OF (Rolen/Uribe/Hart).

    Hanley/Rolen/Hart for Phillips/M.Young/Rios?
    Hanley/Hart for Longoria/Cargo
    stand pat?

  8. Greg Gallagher says:

    Great stuff Grey, thanks.

    On Cano – he usually hits better in the second half, but he’s gone into the second half in the MVP conversation. The dreaded intentional walks have started. Girardi won’t move him out of fifth because that’s what a conscious manager might do. It’s been a great 1st half, it could be a frustrating 2nd. I traded him for Kendrick and Alexei Ramirez recently. Yes, I do play the Pre/Post All-Star Game game……

    Greg G

  9. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    So, you’re saying Pujols is getting hurt in the allstar game and I should trade him today?

    Love your work, Grey. Always makes me laugh. It has helped me to 10 firsts and 4 seconds at the break out of 18 teams. And I don’t think I can blame you for that 1 last place.

    Of course, I’m only in public ESPN and Yahoo leagues where at least half of the owners are not paying attention, and sometimes more.

    Anyone, in an NL only league, I’m wondering which 2 OF get the most ABs the rest of the way: Cunningham(SD), Bernadina(Nats), Melky(Atl), Jon Jay(StL), Edmonds(Mil).


  10. BSA says:

    @Steve: and Grey – With the injury bug and sometimes just plain suckiness from the first half it would be interesting to see how many top 50 players are on current top 5 RCL teams.

    Personally I am quite psyched to have FHer and Waino, and yes having HanRam at SS is nice as the”who is behind door #?” at 2nd is getting old.

  11. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    So after nodding off through the epic adventure that was the Home Run Derby (I wasn’t shooting junk, it’s just a boring event), it got me thinking… wouldn’t a “Skills Competition” be more interesting and inclusive than a single-skill event? Instead of having just the top power hitters, you ask the best all around players to compete in a multi-event affair.

    Maybe the first event (let’s call it the “Get ‘Em Over” phase) has a bullseye on either side of the infield grass with the center representing the ideal spot to lay a bunt. Each batter gets a bunt and has to run to first, and they then get roto-ranked points on “Closest To Bullseye” and “Fastest To First”.

    Next event (let’s call it the “Get ‘Em In” phase) has a line across the outfield at sac fly depth. Each batter gets a turn… 5 points for a sac fly, zero points for not reaching the line, HR gets you a 10 points.

    Next event (let’s call it the “Get ‘Em Out” phase) has each player standing at a cut-off spot in the outfield grass, back to home plate. They’re fed a ball and they need to turn and throw home. Have a half-target set up at home plate, bullseye right above home plate, two outer rings. 10 points for a bullseye, 5 for second ring, 3 for outer ring, zero for missing the target.

    And then lets get the pitchers involved. Why? I dunno’… maybe because pitching is probably the most important part of the game? Yeah, that seems like a good enough reason. So each of the 8 batters gets to team up with a pitcher of their choice. I’d love to see something like the NHL Skills Competition’s “Most Accurate Shot”. You have a small (quarter to silver dollar sized) foam wafer set up in each corner of the strike zone. Each pitcher gets four pitches to try to hit as many targets as possible… 5 points for each target hit.

    Whaddya’ think?

  12. ron mexico's papi says:

    Things that make you go hmmmmmmm…No Chris Carpenter. Injury concern?

  13. shibboleth says:

    Thanks again for everything, Grey. I’m tired of Sandoval’s wicked games and would love to sell. What kind of SP help do you think would be a fair return for Sandoval? Cheers!

  14. Euroalien says:

    What do you think of trading Rauch for Andrus? I have Bell, Ra. Soriano and Simon (bench) as my other RPs……. looking for SBs and looking ahead to possibly keeping Andrus.

  15. Deeeeeez Nuts says:

    Do you no longer think that Carlos Pena will get to 39 HRs? I was expecting a stronger HR projection for him. Only one more than LaRoche is weak.

  16. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Euroalien: i would

  17. Atherton32 says:

    I got Youk and Votto in a keeper league. Will Youk be 3B eligible next year? If not should I trade Youk for Zimmerman so I don’t have to use Youk as a utility player next year.

  18. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    Grey, <3 you

  19. Mr_Punch says:

    What the hell happened to Adam Lind?

  20. Calogero says:

    I know he sucks, and I hate him as much as you do, but Sparkakis is good for about 10 HR, .300, and 5 SB every year after the break. I’d take his known-commodity second half over Bruce or the Ghost of Adam Lind any day.

  21. Frank Rizzo says:

    Very much appreciated Grey, especially since you typed a lot of it with your nose after adding Huff. This gives me a base for the 2nd half on potential trades and holds.

    One of the more valuable guys drafted based on ADP in the beginning of the year has got to be CarGo. He is the 2010 version of the 2009 Matt Kemp. And since he’s been locked into batting 3rd in the lineup he’s all the more valuable.

  22. Hans says:

    @Grey traded Matt Cain and Kurt Suzuki for Mauer, is that a scenario where you could trade for Mauer?

  23. sean says:

    I’m not usually one to bitch over rankings, but the Dread Pirate is better at real and fake baseball than Rios and CarGo. He may be better at being Carl Crawford than Carl Crawford by the end of the season…

  24. hoju says:

    No Buccholz??

  25. pubscout says:

    Grey-look into your crystal ball. Put on some extra long falsey fingernails and use dry ice as appropriate. What closer sitch is most likely to change via trade? Seattle? LAA? PIT? Other?

  26. big o says:

    a year and a half later , disappointed that pena could never approach my expectations of a .270 BA , i finally dealt him this week , in a package with bonderman , for brian wilson .
    of course , picking up adam laroche off the waiver wire , the next day , was my impetus behind this trade .
    thievery ?

    now , on to my next “problem child” ==> bobby abreu .
    noticeably absent from this list , would you mind offering your 2nd half projections ??
    i’ve held off dumping him for the hot-hand du jour , in hopes the angels make a move (soon) to bolster their offense .
    your expectations for torii are not encouraging , and your pre-season opinions of juan rivera and erik aybar have been duly noted and are leading me to believe that the angels have packed it in , for the season , and conceded the division to the rangers .

    thanking you , in advance .

  27. Johnny Drama says:

    10 team ESPN Standard H2H Keeper

    My Wainright and BJ
    His Braun and G Jones

    Which side do you like?

    What about Wain for Braun?
    I have a surplus in pitchers.

  28. johnbutte says:

    Any concern that Big Papi stops hitting bombs after the derby win?

  29. kris says:

    Nick Swisher nowhere to be seen… does he drop off that badly?

  30. papasmurf says:

    The highest ranked player I have on my team is Latos at 73…

    The feeling I have now is when you drink too much milk and you feel like Borat is having sexy time with prostitute from Gambia in your stomach. I believe it’s called being Latos intolerant.

  31. Wiley says:

    I have Wandy, Bucholz, Bumgarner, and Edinson on my pitching staff. I only have roster space for 3 of the 4 once Edinson and Bucholz come off the DL. Which one of the 4 is the drop?

  32. ThePoonTycoon says:

    rip george

  33. Hans says:

    George Steinbrenner dead: fatal heart attack, he must have seen Granderson numbers this year.

  34. Neil says:

    Some nitpicks –

    Ellsbury – RBI projection is way too high – I give him 25 in the second half.

    Rios – AVG is way too low. Career .283 hitter, but he hit .302, .297, .291, .247, .305 over the last five years. He should hit at least .280+ going forward, but his peripherals suggest that .300 going forward is perfectly reasonable. He only strikes out 14% of the time and he has 20 HR power and excellent speed. That says .290+ to me.

    BJ Upton/Ichiro – they are ranked basically the same, but Ichiro will give you 80 more points of AVG at the expense of 3 HR. I understand that Ichiro is not a 3rd round guy, but I’ll take him over BJ Upton until Upton shows us he isn’t a .240 hitter.

  35. ThePoonTycoon says:

    first of all in h2h or even starting out the season in a roto league, i would never ever tell anyone to draft, pick up, or trade for james loney.

    however, i’m in a 20 cat 12 team roto league, just traded away votto for c lee + kung fu panda. i’d like more 1B options if panda doesn’t come around and glaus hits like june instead of may the rest of the year. i am in 1st by a solid margin in HR, RBI, and OPS. i’m in a tight race for 2nd in SBs (votto takes away a handful of SBs), and could make up a little ground in avg, hits, and doubles.

    i’m first targeting the guy with butler and laroche (both have good 2nd half histories). however, the guy with loney initiated contact, and upon close inspection, loney might be a better option than i thought. his OPS is basically the same as glaus, 63 RBIs, 25 doubles, 9 SBs, over 100 hits, and over .300 avg. only drawback is the complete lack of HR power from a 1B.

    do people see him continuing his 1st half play? i know his babip is high, but his babip is usually higher than avg. if i don’t get a butler/laroche deal done, worth giving loney a shot by trading away some roster depth right?

  36. sean says:

    @johnbutte: google the home run derby effect; it’s a complete falsehood.

  37. hoju says:

    @Neil: Considering their lineups, I’d like to think BJ will get more Rs and RBIs than Ichiro despite the major difference in AVG.

  38. big o says:


    my expectations for james loney have been unrealistically clouded ,
    since he hit those 9 september home runs , a few years back .
    i always was of the belief that once you demonstrated a skill set , you owned that skill set .
    loney has given me pause ,
    to re-consider .

  39. Hey! I traded Garza for a schmohawk closer last night (Gregg, I already own Dotel)! Anyway Grey, I think you’re overlooking the very important fact that Dan Haren clearly got the first and second halves confused this year, and is about to start tearing it up. And least, that’s what I keep telling myself. While sobbing quietly.

  40. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @HOLLA(R): era the last 8 starts is like 3.00 as his HR rates and BABIP have normalized. usually it’s just august and sept that his HR rates and BABIP sky rocket for some unknown reason (K, BB, LD/GB/FB rates all remain pretty consistent so doesn’t appear to be tiring out or whatever, just strange coincidence of bad luck). here’s hoping the worst (april and may) are behind him and he’ll be a top 10 SP the rest of the way.

  41. Terrence Mann says:

    I told you last week that Rios’ floor for the second half would be 10 and 10. You spin that around on me and make that your projection!

    Damn you, Grey.

    Also, good list. Was very interested in where CarGo would be and even though it doesn’t seem like his name fits that high, the dude has earned it. If he keeps it up, he could be first round material next year.

  42. Calogero says:

    Deal Pujols for Gonzo and J. Upton?

  43. timSTi says:

    TRADE TALK: 10 team 7 keepers

    MY: Cruz, Phillips, & Pence


    HIS: Werth, Morneau, & Rollins

    Lineup would look like: Santana, Morneau, SeanRod, Rollins, Longoria, MMD, Youkilis, Werth, Kemp, J-Upton, Bruce, RobotJones, and a random assortment of schmo’s at the 2 UT spots (Borbon, Patterson, C.Davis, G.Sanchez). This is more for a late season run, in 5th, want to place 3rd to make $$. Wasn’t planning on keeping Cruz or Pence, but Phillips I was. Rollins could substitute that and then try to move Werth & Morneau in the offseason for one big bat.

  44. ThE sHiT says:

    If Lester were in the NL West, he’d be Peavy from the “Dres with more K’s…

  45. Tony says:

    Trade i’m glad i did this year even tho MOST advice i was given said dont:

    my rollins/ellsbury for his Alexie/Werth

    trade i did i am a little leary of

    my strasburg/cargo for KEMP…..

    with stras going to get benched at some point i feel a little better about it, but i didn’t expect cargo to just keep going!

    Here’s to a good 2nd half!

    grey i gotta get on that trophy…. lol

  46. Jesse says:

    Grey….I’m in first and the bottom dwellers are selling…keeper league with salaries…should I take this deal:

    Kemp/Choo/Billingsley/Franklin for:

    Ubaldo’s a keeper, he’s also eyeing keeping bumgarner…I’d end up dropping Kemp,Choo, Billingsley next year….keep Franklin on the cheap.

    I need a 3rd closer and have Sp depth…Kemps the centerpiece obviously…thoughts?

  47. TheBravesWearPrado says:

    You really think Kinsler has performed that poorly that he needs to get his act together? I’m actually encouraged by his performance. Obviously he hasn’t been the 30/30 guy I drafted due to his injury but his walk rate is way up which seems to me to be a sign of maturation as a hitter. He hasn’t shown much power but his average is good (although high BABIP) and he is scoring a ton of runs hitting third in the Rangers lineup. Assuming he gets closer to 100% I have high expectations for him in the second half. Basically my point is that I am more than satisfied with his first half performance considering the injury he had and the time he missed.

  48. Giacomo says:

    Grey – How much further down is Oswalt?

  49. Jah says:

    Grey! Love the site! I have a keeper question:
    5-keeper (plus 1 from the 20th+ round last year), 10-team, h2h points league (total bases- and K-correlated). Over the last few years I got Hanley, Pujols, A-Rod, Utley and Votto as my keepers through trades and the draft. Ridiculous, I know. First place 3 years running, yeah that too.

    In addition to the above, this year’s team has Ubaldo (last year’s 20th+ round keeper), Josh Johnson, Vasquez, Nolasco, Liriano…..CarGo, Vlad, Carlos Santana, Ichiro, S-Rod, LaPorta, ……among others, but these are some of the best/youngest.

    I’ve drafted a lot of pitching early to make up for not having an ace, and mix in OF’s and utility guys. With my infield, I feel like I can play roulette with my outfield and squeeze 25 HR/90RBI out of my 3rd or 4th OF. I’m running with CarGo, Vlad and Ichiro, and play the hot hand/splits out of free agent pool. 4 OF lineup, but I usually roster 6 or 7 OF’s.

    So, my winning has become almost mathematical.

    I drafted Mat Latos in the 21st round, so I’ll be going into next season with him as one of my pitchers. My concern is this great problem of having too many keepers to choose from next season. I was thinking an A-Rod and Ubaldo/CarGo/JJ for Longoria and #3/4 pitcher might be a good idea, to stay on top for years to come without losing too much ground this year. What do you think is a good tactic? Stick with who I have now, and just make the decision next spring to not keep a few of my top-50 players?

  50. AL KOHOLIC says:

    damn,somebody might be a bit groggy today,im silent but watching

  51. Long Bong Hitters says:

    I am trying to trade Nelson Cruz and Curtis Granderson for CarGo.

    What do you think? Grandy has been riding the pine for the most part as of late on my team

  52. Grey

    Grey says:

    @danimal35: Nice!

    @dodge: I’d prefer Dexter.

    @joe from point pleasant: Thanks! Oswalt pitched poorly in last year’s 2nd half, he’s a year older and he’s on Houston. If he were traded, he’d probably move up. Stanton could hit some homers and a weak average.

    @Steve: Hehe

    @Howard: I’d take the CarGo trade. Not good that you’ve used up your moves.

    @Greg Gallagher: Thanks! Maybe re: Cano, but that feels more anecdotal than looking at his numbers.

    @VinWins: Awesome, thanks! Bernandina and Melky…

    @Awesomus Maximus: I like it a lot. Sounds a bit like Battle of the Network Stars, which was the best show ever. re: Get em in — How about a half point for hit a grounder to the right side? Completing the hit and run?

    @ron mexico’s papi: Yup

    @shibboleth: Try for a high SP and work your way down.

    @Euroalien: Agree with AL.

    @Deeeeeez Nuts: He can get there, giving him 39 would be irresponsible at this point.

    @Atherton32: I’d want Zimmerman anyway.

    @Cheese: Thanks!

    @Calogero: Eh

    @Frank Rizzo: No problem.

    @Hans: Nope…

    @sean: Gotcha

    @hoju: He’s injured and he’s supposed to have a correction.

    @pubscout: Aardsma…

    @big o: Yeah, don’t think they catch the Rangers. Abreu’s fine, around a 7/10 guy in the 2nd half.

    @Johnny Drama: I’d take the Braun side.

    @johnbutte: Nope

    @kris: He’s a .250 career hitter hitting .298. There will be a drop off.

    @papasmurf: Ha!

    @Wiley: I’d worry about it when they come off.

    @ThePoonTycoon: When I first read your comment, I thought you were talking about George “The Animal” Steele.

    @Hans: Ha

    @Neil: Cool

    @ThePoonTycoon: If you need AVG, hits, and doubles, I’d trade for Loney if the price were right.

    @HOLLA(R): Ha

    @Terrence Mann: Thanks!

    @Calogero: Sure

    @timSTi: Trade’s slightly in your favor.

    @ThE sHiT: Yup

    @Tony: Ha… Yeah, better start sculpting.

    @Jesse: I’d want Kemp.

    @TheBravesWearPrado: 4 homers isn’t good. If he hits only 4 homers in the 2nd half, he’ll drop in the preseason rankings for next year.

    @Giacomo: Just off the top 100.

    @Jah: Thanks! I’d stick with who you have.

    @Long Bong Hitters: I’d want CarGo.

  53. Fletch says:

    No Furcal on the list? I don’t think I saw him. Would you drop Hunter for Ellsbury at this point?

  54. Zobmie says:

    You mentioned Gavin Floyd in the blurb on David Price. How far off this list do you have Mr. Floyd?

  55. Real Tom says:

    Grey, I need HR and RBI. Is Youk for A-Ram and Dunn a decent trade? I would drop a reliever or SP. It’s not great, but I like it alright and I should probably start making some moves

  56. Eddy says:

    Great great list Grey, definitely something I’m going to be referring to when I make trades and whatnot. Anyways, I wanted to ask you a question. How come you hate O.Hudson? Before the injury he was hitting .300, scoring plenty of runs hitting in the top of the lineup and even stole a few bases from time to time. He’s still hitting .280 now and nothing is different. I’m not an O-Dog fan by any means, I’m just genuinely interested as to why you don’t like him.

  57. sean says:

    @Eddy: Two-category contributors don’t win titles.

  58. Kazmere says:

    Kubel is an FA in my 12 team roto. My current OF is
    Pierre (must-have for SB)

    Drop Bruce for Kubel?

  59. sean says:

    @Real Tom: Always be curious of two-for-ones where you are giving up the best player. Dunn is putting together a nice season, but he’s a career .252 hitter who is currently at .288 (aided by a BABIP of .345 v. career .297). 6000 plate appearances don’t lie.

  60. ken plane says:

    Latos and Loney for Tex? About right, too much, what sayeth you.

  61. sean says:

    @ken plane: Way low. Tex went 5th in a lot of drafts…

  62. DonCoburleone says:

    Nice I’ve got 7 of the top 38 players in the one league I’m actually winning, good news!

  63. Gibby says:


    At this point, I can’t even trade Panda for a box of Rice-A-Roni (and it’s the friggin’ San Francisco Treat!). Oh and keep pushing to get Tulo, after he had been on the DL for a week his owner got fed up and put him on the block. I gave Ryan Theriot & John Axford……….

  64. Gibby says:

    …………….and got me some Tulo!!

  65. ken plane says:

    To be honest, draft position at this time of year is meaningless. IMHO

  66. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @ken plane: not even close to value.

  67. LMack says:

    Great stuff, was wondering if there was going to be something like this.

    Grey, how much stock do you put in the ZiPS Rest of Season projections put out by Baseball Think Factory?

  68. The Dude says:

    Conspicuously missing?

    Phil Hughes, Shin-Soo Choo – these guys seem like top 100 material to me. Even with Choo’s injury.

  69. Grey

    Grey says:

    @LMack: I don’t look at them.

  70. dingo says:

    wandy or romero, the rest of the way

  71. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @ken plane: yeah draft position is meaningless…to an extent. you’d have to be in a pretty uncompetitive league to get a guy to hand over tex for a backup 1B and a SP that may be heading to the DL and likely has an innings limit given his history of big 2nd halves, his 17 HRs and 60 RBIs despite largely sucking up till this point, and he’s been on fire the last few weeks.

    this is one of those offers that would pretty much get the door slammed in your face before we even started negotiating. watch starting things off with a huge low ball offer like this.

  72. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    1. Span and Kubel for Rasmus and Bruce

    2. Span and Kubel for Rasmus and Boesch

    3. Span and Kubel for Rasmus and Stanton

    I’m trying to acquire Span and Kubel, any of these deals good?

  73. papasmurf says:

    And to add about teams in contention doing nothing to improve their teams, there is a team in my league that can take the title with a move or two, but he’s content to sit on his players and make zero moves.

    He might just be one of those autopilot guys… but here I am, with possibly the worst team I’ve ever had but still trying for respectability, and he is sitting on a mountain of talent but letting it go to waste. I know how he runs his team is his business but it annoys me.

    If you let me within smelling distance of the title, I’m going for blood.

  74. Willie Norwood says:

    What’s the chance we look back at the end of the season and think that Delmon Young’s name should have been on this list? He’s been better in the second half as well. I think I like him more than his teammate Kubel, especially if they stop hitting him 8th ahead of Punto.

  75. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @papasmurf: what kinda moves are we talking here? maybe the dude has tried to make moves but he’s not getting anything he thinks is helping his team.

    i mean, i’ve been wanting to make a move to improve my era/whip and kept getting offers for bunches of SPs that could go either way between helping me or not, then someone sent an offer with cliff lee. i am 99% sure cliff lee is gonna help in the era/whip dept, so i did the deal. maybe the kinds of guys he’s being offered aren’t guys he views as significant upgrades, or upgrades at all.

  76. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Cheese: why do you want kubel so bad? i’d take the rasmus side in all but maybe the last deal.

  77. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Today I was called an idiot for offering the wildly unfair trade of my Longoria for his Tex in a yahoo public league. Evidently Longoria is “junk” and no one would make that trade. I must crush this moron now right?

  78. Donnie Baseball says:

    Great stuff Grey.

    What do you think about a Colvin and Pie for Lind trade?

  79. Grey

    Grey says:

    @dingo: Wandy

    @Cheese: I’d do 3.

    @papasmurf: Yeah, that’s frustrating.

    @Willie Norwood: Could be if he keeps hitting .380, but he’s not a huge upgrade over the waiver wire OF grabs in most leagues if he gives 10 homers and 3 steals while batting around .280.

    @Nuke LaDouche: Don’t see how that trade’s unfair at all.

    @Donnie Baseball: I’d take Lind.

  80. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Thats how I see it Grey. I hate public leagues full of morons who only know players on the yankees and sawx.

  81. S_ezy says:

    Thoughts on what kinda line to expect from magglio ordonez in the 2nd half?

  82. Nuke LaDouche says:

    What are you thinking the Byrdman of Wrigley’s numbers will look like in the second half. I noticed I could grab other Fowl off the waivers right now instead. Will that help me fly high in the second half? Boy this post has been a hoot.

  83. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Oh and thoughts on Glaus?

  84. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Nuke LaDouche: Hehe… Byrd hits about 3 homers a month, steals one base with a .300 average. It’s a’ight. Glaus is laboring to stay healthy, I wouldn’t go after him right now.

  85. ThE sHiT says:

    @Grey: Have ur thoughts on Beckham changed since u last gave him a glance a couple weeks ago? @nd half resurgence? Ownable in a 16 tm h2h?

  86. ThE sHiT says:

    @ThE sHiT: 2nd*

  87. Grey

    Grey says:

    @ThE sHiT: Sure, ownable in a 16 team league, but it depends who you’re dropping or benching for him.

  88. Jangles says:

    Nice work Grey! It appears my Greinke for Reyes trade will be great if the little bastard stays fit.

    Quick question: could you please rank the scrubs for my UTIL spot, I need general production, but preferably some steals and runs:

    Pagan, Garrett Jones, Rajai Davis, Borbon, Adam LaRoche, Glaus.

    Thanks again for all the great columns and advice!

  89. I'm so Prado of you says:

    Grey, first of all – thanks.

    Second of all, Rajai Davis had a stellar 2nd half in 2009 and helped me win a championship. Am I off the reservation for dropping Fowler to scoop him up hoping for a repeat performance?

  90. @Grey: Great stuff. You are without a doubt the hardest working man in the fantasy game!

    @Awesomus Maximus: Skills competition would be a lot more fun!

  91. ThE sHiT says:

    @Grey: Yeah it does always depend on who he’s replacing. Well, i hv KelJo at 2nd, Butler at Util and Robot on the bench. Like u, i hate carrying lots of bench hitters so i wont drop a pitcher. Will Beckham b better than KelJo? If u say yes, ill try 2 trade KelJo and someone 4 a position upgrade and snag Beckham off waivers…

  92. Jangles says:

    @Grey : also do you handle any Football stuff or do you vacation all off season and watch winter ball in the DR and Mehico?

  93. Goose says:

    no Heyward?

    big if, i suppose, but before his thumb hurt, he was at least as good as guys like Hunter and Kubel. hoping he bounces back for a big 2nd half.

  94. Howie Met Your Mother says:

    After reading this, I’m very happy about the 4 trades I’ve made this season in my 12 teamer:

    D. Lee and Lackey FOR Mark Reynolds (pre-season)
    Heyward and Jenks FOR Justin Upton
    Bucholtz FOR Ian Kinsler
    Latos & Leake FOR Lincecum

  95. Willie Norwood says:

    Is it crazy to drop Abreu for Markakis? My average stinks, and while I thought Abreu would help my average, he has helped to drag it down. Due to injuries, if I want to pick up Sparkakis, I have to drop an OF. Should I make the move, or hope Abreu goes back to hitting .290 in the 2nd half?

  96. ThePoonTycoon says:

    yeah i am thinking of snagging rrajai off waivers too. dude has hit about 70 points higher in the 2nd half than the first for his career.

  97. Mr. Rickey says:

    Please rank these for the 2nd half:

  98. sean says:

    @ken plane: It’s not meaningless when you are trying to consider the other owner’s attachment to a player. Someone drafted Tex thinking he was going to be AL MVP. Now that he is finally showing signs of dominance do you really think Loney and Latos is going to get it done? Yeah, didn’t think so either…

  99. sean says:

    @Howie Met Your Mother: I think I pulled off a pretty solid trade dumping Sizemore in April for Lester AND Adam Jones

  100. ThePoonTycoon says:

    what’s the word on josh beckett? i have a guy that’s wanting him for relatively cheap, but the piece he’s offering could be useful.

    i’ve already got haren, c lee, kershaw, j garcia, c lewis, dlr, medlen, arroyo.

    go ahead and trade him? or hope he comes back and pitches well?

  101. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Jangles: Thanks! LaRoche, Pagan, Jones, Davis…

    @I’m so Prado of you: Not completely crazy, but he has Coco to deal with.

    @3FingersBrown: Thanks!

    @ThE sHiT: I’d want Johnson.

    @Jangles: I recap and look forward to the next season of baseball.

    @Goose: If he wasn’t hurt, he would’ve been ranked.

    @Howie Met Your Mother: You did good.

    @Willie Norwood: Abreu’s average should come up and be a negligible difference with Markakis.

    @Mr. Rickey: Diaz, Ishikawa…

    @ThePoonTycoon: I’d trade him if you can get a usable piece.

  102. DrEasy says:

    Your rankings make my trade of Youk for Adrian look good! But when looking at their numbers, they’re not that far apart, and if anything, Youk’s advantage in runs and those handful of steals make up for the few HRs he gives up.

  103. ron mexico's papi says:

    @Grey: Ok. So I know this is a bit tricky, but IF you were to assume a healthy Chris Carpenter for the rest of the year, where would you put him in the list?

  104. Grey

    Grey says:

    @DrEasy: I ranked them with your trade in mind. Emoticon.

    @ron mexico’s papi: But it is tricky! Oh, all right, in the 60s.

  105. Willie Norwood says:

    I just traded Mauer for the Dread Pirate in a H2H league. I have Santana to step in for Mauer, and Dread Pirate replaces the OF behind door number 3. That works, right?

  106. Wilsonian says:

    @sean: I made a pretty nice deal early on when Mr. Wright was playing like he was afraid of the big bad baseball…AJ/Span for Wright…he’s looking mighty nice sitting next to Longo as my 1-2 punch.

  107. Wilsonian says:

    @Wilsonian: also dealt Bartlett and Buccholz for CarGo, but that is not nearly as good as Bucchy has been rather solid…

  108. thepizzaman says:

    Need some help guys…Looking way down the road, who would you want on your team:

    Andrew McCutchen or Jason Heyward

  109. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Wilsonian: now i just need kemp to pull his head out of his ass and he and wright can be a pair of roto gods for me in the 2nd half.

  110. Grey

    Grey says:

    @thepizzaman: Depends on your definition of “way” though.

  111. Spartacus says:

    Hi Grey,

    Ten Team AL Only 5×5 Non-keeper.

    What do you think of Baker, Kendrick, and Swisher for Cruz, Wiggy, Alfredo Simon?

    Thanks in advance.


  112. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Spartacus: I’d take Cruz, it’s real close though.

  113. Wilsonian says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: I’m Wright there with ya…terrible pun, however…I have Kemp on that team, as well. Kemp, CarGo (2010 Kemp), Holliday (just acquired before last week with Prince for Doc and Cruz) and CQ make up a ::fingers crossed:: stacked OF for the 2nd half…

  114. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: thank you sir, I do believe you (and possibly other commenters) aided me in my wheelings and dealings…

  115. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    Fowler and Zobrist for Rasmus and K Johnson

  116. Ken Plane says:


    Sometimes a player pops up like a Latos, when that happens you approach a team short on pitching and ride that trade for all its worth. It is not my job to try to figure out what the other owner is thinking and it is not your job to try to figure out what I am thinking because all you will get is a headache.

  117. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Wilsonian: Cool…

    @Cheese: I’d take Zobrist’s side unless you need power more than steals.

  118. emceeperiod says:

    Would you put Boesch at 101? Or tied with Ethier? Pretty good first half, I know he’s young but…and what about Delmon Young? Almost made the All Star team. I voted for him!

  119. sean says:

    @Grey: Traditional second half stud Arroyo or stick with Medlen?

  120. Fletch says:

    @Grey: I have a roster spot to fill…do I add a pitcher or a hitter?

    current line-up:
    c- McCann
    1b – Votto
    2b – Phillips
    3b – Beltre, A. Ram
    SS – Furcal
    OF – Crawford, Upton, Hunter, Vlad

    SP – Felix, Verlander, Lester, Lincecum, Gillardo, Haren, Medlen, Arroyo
    RP – Feliz, Valverde

    I was looking at adding Wandy, Fowler, D. Ortiz, B. Roberts or Ellsbury…which one should I roll with?

    I was thinking Ellsbury as he would be good trade bait when he returns. Thanks!

  121. emceeperiod says:

    Appears Fletch is in a 5 team league.

  122. sean says:

    @Grey: Also, a bit of a schmohawk v. schmohawk question, but Aviles or Desmond for the second half? I’m light on average, on pace in R/HR/RBI and ahead in SB.

  123. Gambler says:

    What’s your take on Brennan Boesch? He’s been a great pickup, and the way I see it he plays in a solid lineup and will likely continue to hit for power. Would you keep him or drop him for Lind?

  124. Carl Spackler says:

    I give Verlander/Hart/Jeter for T Hanson/J Upton/Andrus….is this good for me?

    Here is my lineup 10 team h2h


    Utl Pena/Gardner
    Bench Bruce, Pacman

    DL Beltran

    Mad Max
    Dirty Sanchez

  125. chrisbenson says:

    in a keeper, would you move j-upside for someone thats a little more consistent…say a mccutch? i have both kemp and jup…and they both are REALLY really streaky…

  126. @Grey: Hanson and Cain were both offered to me by the poor guy who I pounded out of the race last week. I think Hanson’s arm is hanging on by a tendon and I don’t think he’s going to be better than average the rest of the way.

    I know Cain’s xFIP is a bloated mess. What do you see him doing in the 2nd half? Think it’s worth throwing the guy a 10th round pick for him – and dropping DeJesus or Kennedy? I’m leaning towards no.

    Just wondering your thoughts. I offered the guy with Gallardo a 7 for him, but he seems to want to move a package of guys for cheap keepers or a top pick – which doesn’t interest me.

  127. Grey

    Grey says:

    @emceeperiod: Young was answered above. Boesch hasn’t hit a homer in almost three weeks, his minor league numbers say his upside isn’t very up, so no he wasn’t 101.

    @sean: Medlen

    @Fletch: Add Ellsbury and then trade him when he returns, yeah.

    @sean: Desmond

    @Gambler: I’d keep him. I talk about him above.

    @Carl Spackler: Looks good for you.

    @chrisbenson: McCutchen hasn’t been more consistent… I mean no more than any other player in the major leagues. He’s hitting .171 in July. Just play guys and stats will figure themselves out.

  128. Carl Spackler says:

    Would you do Jeter/Hart for Cruz/Andrus?

  129. thepizzaman says:

    @thepizzaman: @Grey: I’m basically asking who you’d rather have in a dynasty league…I was leaning towards Heyward but I know its close

  130. Grey

    Grey says:

    @thepizzaman: Heyward in a keeper, but they give slightly different things and both are valuable.

  131. BSA says:

    @Grey: Reading your columns for 2-3 years now there are four things I try to follow in my rostering moves:
    1. If you got a starting pitcher – start him
    2. baseball is a game of averages (when it comes to high ceiling guys)ride it out or else your player will improve on your competition’s roster
    3. bring on 2 -3 positions that I am willing to walk away from in favor of a hot streak
    4. catchers are like scabs, leave ’em alone – you ain’t gonna win or lose on a catcher.
    Thanks for the lessons Grey!

  132. Carlos Z has slurpees says:

    RE #58 — As an owner of both, CQ’s low points just gave me a greater appreciation for the Lind valleys.

  133. emceeperiod says:

    Sorry, I’m at work, couldn’t read the whole comments section…but did control F, for Boesch, should have done it with Delmon too.

  134. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BSA: You’re a good pupil. Though I’m not sure I understand #3. I’d add have 3 spots on every roster that are fluid for hot players on waivers that you want to add. Unless that’s #3.

  135. Willie Norwood says:

    Not to try to cram all of my roster flotsam into your top 100, but how close was Papi to getting in?

  136. @Grey: 7th & 15th round picks in ’11 too much to give for Gallardo? Seems like that will get it done. I’m leaning towards taking it, but I’m leery of his injury. From what I’ve read he seems to be coming along alright.

  137. BSA says:

    @Grey: I misspoke – yes I have one or two offensive positions plus a starter and a reliever I am willing to move in and out based on short term performance.

  138. Willie Norwood says:

    I think I’ll wait on droppin’ Papi for Lind for the time being, however.

    Thanks for the Mauer for Dread Pirate endorsement. . . now if I could just turn Jonny Gomes into a lovely middle infielder. . .

  139. BSA says:

    @Grey: Papi?! Not in your top 100?! Grey, how dare you after all we’ve been through?!
    Then again I don’t think you had any DH positions as top player due to the clogging effect they can have on your roster. Unless they would be someone named……….PAPI!!!
    Nah I am just kidding!
    Willie – Its about the DH not the player, or laundry for that matter.

  140. @Grey: Yeah he seems to be the best of the pitchers left that won’t cost me too much. I just hope that Yo-Yo has a healthy 2nd half.

    Taking all the sell Hart talk to heart. I expanded the deal:

    Gallardo/Donkey for the 7, 15 and Hart – who he could keep for a 25th round pick, since I took him off of waivers. I don’t trust Hart enough to use one of my 5 keepers on him, but maybe he does.

  141. Willie Norwood says:

    @BSA: I guess I was focusing on the Ortiz/Lind comparison. Plus, even though Papi is a less accomplished fielder than I am, he has 1B/CI eligibility in my league.

  142. Ken Plane says:

    Looking to take a shot with one of these for MI in second half, A. Cabrera, F. Sanchez, A. Hill, Bartlett.

  143. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BSA: Nice… Saw you moved up the new RCL rankings too.

    @3FingersBrown: Nice, I like that too.

    @Ken Plane: Hill for power, Asdrubal for speed.

  144. BSA says:

    @Grey: Shhhh…I’m hunting Schmohawks! The biggest problem right now is this pesky kangaroo that keeps bouncing up and down.
    Oh, Hello Steve – JEALOUS?!?!?!
    @Steve: And you thought you were the favorite. I am showing you don’t need to cheat by living 12 hours ahead of the competition. :)

  145. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: I sense some bitterness that BSA’s beating you.

  146. BSA says:

    @Grey: He thought he had me last week then I pulled up by 10 points on Saturday and Sunday. Anyone have a crying towel to FEDEX to Steve?

  147. Joe B says:

    @Grey: In your heart of hearts, who would close for the Nats if Capps were to be traded… Clippard or Storen?

  148. thepizzaman says:

    @BSA: that was hilarious!

  149. @Grey: You think Dunn’s value increases if he’s moved to the Angels, like Tori Hunter wants?

    Also – If the Sawx get DeJesus (as rumored), you see him starting full time or platooning with Cameron when Ellsbury gets back? I can see him sitting against southpaws.

    @BSA: LOL… I’m looking forward to getting into a league with you guys next year. You dudes crack me up.

    On a side note, El Hombre says he’s going to finish up strong to make it his best year yet! Bold words, but he’s super-human so I’ll buy it.

  150. paulzone says:

    need to open up some spots…my entire bench is filled with sps. need to cut 2 of these guys:

    carp, santana, hamels, nolasco, vazquez, scherzer, volquez

    i will run out of ip with all of them anyway…and no one will trade

    also, drop wells for beltran or adam jones?


  151. Steve says:

    @Grey: Never…
    @BSA: As I know only too well, it’s the big gains that evaporate quickest. It’s a long season, so better include a return address with that towel ;-)

    BTW, the guy in the vid has my nose, but I have better hair.

  152. Martin says:

    @grey- should I trade c-grand for aramis if I start alvarez at 3rd and have a good OF?

  153. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Joe B: Clippard

    @Steve: You got zing’d!

    @3FingersBrown: DeJesus will platoon, but play 4-5 games. Dunn’s value stays the same wherever he goes outside of the Yankees and Coors.

    @paulzone: Sure, drop Wells for Beltran.

  154. BSA says:

    @3FingersBrown: The guys and a lady are a lot of fun.

  155. gza says:

    Grey, would you then take Aramis Ramirez over Ian Stewart for the second half? I have the option of dropping Stewart for Ramirez (shallow league).

  156. Grey

    Grey says:

    @gza: Sure…

  157. Fletch says:

    @Grey: A. Ram or Beltre in the 2nd half?

    Also, who do you like out of these 2 start pitchers for next week: Wandy (@Chi, Cin) or Medlen (SD, @Fla)? You like Wandy over Medlen for the 2nd half?

  158. BSA says:

    @Steve: HAHAHA – I think I saw Hippo in the background wearing the 05.

  159. Steve says:

    @BSA: Has to rank as one of my favourite TV comedy moments.

  160. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Fletch: A-Ram or Beltre could be answered from this post you’re commenting on. Wandy…

    @Steve: Nice…

  161. BSA says:

    Grey – See what happens? Do you see how quickly Razzball has been turned into a bad, bad disco stuck somewhere between 2010 and the 70s, between the US and Aussie.

  162. Steve says:

    @BSA: Aussie?

  163. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BSA: Let’s blame Steve!

  164. Steve says:

    @Grey: I’ve taken the blame for worse.

  165. Fletch says:

    @Grey: Uh, sorry…didn’t see A-Ram or Belte on the list. That’s why I asked.

  166. big o says:


    you’re going to have to give us a couple of “the difference between an aussie and a kiwi” jokes , or i’m afraid , you’ll continued to be “mis-identified” .

    come on .
    we know you have a couple of good ones ,
    and we promise not to reveal their authorship .

  167. Steve says:

    @big o: That New Zealanders are altogether more witty, charming and intelligent ought to be self-evident ;-)

  168. BSA says:

    @big o:
    Sorry I just found out that saying Aussie and not Newzild was like saying Canada is a part of the US.
    Did do a quick search on the difference and found the following:
    kiwis talk funny aussies say six, kiwis call it sex

    kiwi land is the last place u fly to before u start coming back

  169. Steve says:

    @BSA: Shame on you!

  170. big o says:

    ok , i’ll give it a try .

    i was thinking more like ,
    kiwis raise sheep .
    aussies date them .

  171. Steve says:

    @big o: There ya go.

  172. BSA says:

    Grey says Steve started the Dance-a-thon.
    Now Big O started this:
    A Kiwi walks into the local unemployment office, marches straight up to the counter and says, “Hi! I hate being on welfare, I’d really rather have a job.”

    The clerk behind the Centrelink desk says, “Your timing is excellent. We just got a job opening from a very wealthy old man who wants a chauffeur/bodyguard for his nymphomaniac daughter. You’ll have to drive around in his Mercedes, but he’ll supply all of your clothes.

    Because of the long hours, meals will be provided. You’ll be expected to escort her on her overseas holiday trips. You’ll have a two-bedroom apartment above the garage.

    The starting salary is $200,000 a year”.

    The Kiwi says, “You’re bullshitting me!”

    The Centrelink officer says, “Yeah, well, you started it”.

  173. big o says:

    now , that’s funny !!

  174. Steve says:

    @big o: Don’t encourage him.

  175. Terrence Mann says:

    Charlie Manuel gets the genius move award for only allowing Capps to pitch 1/3 of an inning.

    Seriously, if the NL was to blow this Capps would be the #1 suspect for implosion.

  176. BSA says:

    @big o:
    Well guys – it has been fun. I read some of the other jokes out there and they were too rude for my taste.
    I have to create a quick communication board before bed.

    Happy Wednesday Steve!
    Big O – stay dry tonight as the rain is coming down here in NL county!

  177. Steve says:

    @BSA: Yeah – those Australians can be a bit coarse.

    Will you dream of Alex Gordon tonight?

  178. big o says:

    and , once again , the A ‘s all-stars win the best-dressed award .

  179. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Grey: Loved me some Battle of the Network Stars! How many shows have tried to recreate that magic since and failed miserably?

    Yeah, I could see giving a point for a ground ball to the right… taking the easy way out but a (more) sure point.

    BTW, if I read Holliday’s lips correctly, he yelled, “BUCK!” after that fly ball bounced out of his glove. Possible he’s a Razzhand… possible he was yelling something other than that.

  180. BSA says:

    @Steve: HA! The only way you know that is your jealousy cropping back up as you went looking for him. I’ll stash him for awhile.
    I’ll move him with a pitcher for Pujols :)

  181. Steve says:

    @BSA: More accurate to say I was stumbling around in the wreckage that is my season and I stubbed my toe on him.

  182. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: I used to watch I Love Money until that guy killed someone, that tried to recreate The Battle, but there may not be another one that ever comes close to Gabe Kaplan running a relay race.

  183. Wilsonian says:

    Two questions:

    1) I haven’t been watching much of the game tonight, but what’s up with the plethora of Great Gazoo helmets on a lot of the guys? No one wears them besides Cervelli.

    2) In a 8 Team H2H Keeper league, where I have Smooth and V-Mart on the DL (plus Suzuki and Montero are in the FA pool), what do you think of a deal of V-Mart/Capps/Romero for Cain/Feliz (or Bailey)? I don’t like dealing for closers, but I don’t really need V-Mart, I’m worried that Capps may be dealt in the coming months, and I like the upgrade from Romero to Cain and the security that Feliz or Bailey provides.

  184. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Grey: See, now you’re just making me have to stay up late searching YouTube for classic clips… wife’s gonna’ be pissed.

  185. BSA says:

    @Steve: Stubbed toe – good analogy for how I built my team.

  186. Cal Cheats says:

    I thought I had a deal to move Latos for Ryan Zimmerman, but they guy backed out and now wants Adam Jones with Latos for RZ. Should I still do it?

  187. Wilsonian says:

    Romero for Jenks a good deal if I’m getting Jenks?

  188. Wilsonian says:

    @Cal Cheats: depends on needs, but I’m going to answer for Grey here, YES…

  189. pubscout says:

    Crap. Big Stein dies and the NL win the AS game. The world turned upside down…

  190. Chris says:


    Jonathan Sanchez v. NYM, Gio @KC, or Hammel @ CIN?

  191. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Wilsonian: Not sure on the Gazoos. Players blocking aliens from reading their brains maybe…. That deal looks okay for you. I’d take Feliz first.

    @Awesomus Maximus: Agree with Steve, worth every second.

    @Cal Cheats: Yeah, I’d do it.

    @Wilsonian: Eh

    @pubscout: Too bad Big Stein isn’t around to fire Girardi for it.

    @Chris: Hammel…

  192. DrEasy says:

    Grey, so if I’m reading your ranking correctly, dumping Glaus for Aramis is a no-brainer, right? It would be for a UT slot, so I don’t care if one’s a 3B and the other’s a 1B.

    BTW, thanks for stopping me from dumping Alexei for Bartlett! Emoticon back atcha!

  193. Grey

    Grey says:

    @DrEasy: Taking it a bit to the extreme. I wouldn’t just dump guys, but I do think Aramis will be better than Glaus. But I guess if your league’s shallow enough then go ahead.

  194. DrEasy says:

    @Grey: Yeah, it’s a 12-team league, and Aramis is on waivers. It’s not easy making trades: I’ve been shopping Supernatural/Posada like crazy and no one’s biting.

    I’m sure someone will pick up Glaus if I dump him, though.

  195. Martin says:

    @grey- Brett anderson and Cargo or Ethier and Wagner?

  196. Carlos Z has slurpees says:

    heh, no love?

    “# 139 Carlos Z has slurpees Says:

    RE #58 — As an owner of both, CQ’s low points just gave me a greater appreciation for the Lind valleys.”

  197. Brad Havens says:

    I have Volquez at the moment in a keeper league. I doubt that I’ll have any use for him once Gallardo comes off the DL. Should I drop him for an OF I don’t really need (Markakis) with the thought that a cheap Markakis might have some trade value, while a post-TJ surgery guy probably won’t be worth much?

  198. Arrec Bardwin says:

    16 team H2H points league. 8 keepers. Current Keepers would be Carlos Santana/Votto/Tulo/Zimmerman/CarGo/Carlos Quentin/Feliz/Latos. Currently tied for first in my division and could use some sp help to make the playoffs. Was offered Billy Wagner/Tim Hudson/Roy Oswalt/Shaun Marcum for my Latos/Billy Butler. This trade might push me over the top, but do I lose too much keeper wise for next year? Would probably keep Buchholz/Cahill in the vacated Latos spot.

  199. anon says:

    Is Soriano and Bay for CarGo too much?


  200. Brad Havens says:

    To add to my earlier Volquez/Markakis post, it’s clear that Markakis has no trade value at the moment, or he wouldn’t be on the wire. A competent Markakis might allow me to move one of my other more desirable OFs for some much-needed MI help. Should I add Sparkakis or hope that Edinson returns to pre-TJ form in a hurry?

  201. Giacomo says:

    Where are Montero and other catchers (Posey, Santana) on the list? Obviously not on the top 100, but close to 100 or closer to 200?

  202. ThE sHiT says:

    @Brad Havens: IMO, go with Volquez. His rehab numbers look good, he’s been good before, and he’s got his velocity up. Velo is usually the last thing 2 come back post TJ surgery. Both Volquez and Markakis have potential 4 good 2nd halves, but I give the edge to Volquez since he’s in a better situation.

  203. Giggles McGehee says:

    Hi Grey,

    Quentin + Dotel for Holliday? It would hurt me in saves, but I’m thinking Dotel gets traded anyway (and have Meek in case he gets a shot).

  204. Wilsonian says:

    Just made a deal and now my pitching staff looks like this:

    Ubaldo, JJ, Verlander, Kershaw, Floyd, Lewis, Romero, Richard, Scherzer, K-Rod, Capps, Feliz

    I’m looking real hard at Medlen, Wandy, Volquez and Mike G. I currently have an offer out of Romero for Nunez, but I just put it out late last night and haven’t heard anything. Anyway, regardless of that deal, I could drop someone and DL Mike G and then pick up another starter. What’s your take on Mike G for the 2nd half and who should I drop and for whom? Thanks doode…

  205. sean says:

    ZiPS (rest of season) projects Manny to have the third best wOBA in the league behind Cabrera and Pujols. That’s quite optimistic, but he was on fire (hitting .460 over 15 games) before he got injured. Any reason why he’s ranked as the 92nd most valuable player for the second half other than injury/age concern? Last season’s second half was pretty pedestrian, his career numbers are significantly better in the second half and his 2008 second half was legendary. With the way that Konerko, Rolen, Vlad, Wells, and some of the other oft-injured veterans are putting up serious numbers this year, is Manny worth targeting in a trade?

  206. Quimmy says:

    To all:

    My Reynolds and Liriano
    His Zimmerman and crappy SP


  207. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Martin: CarGo side.

    @Carlos Z has slurpees: Ha

    @Brad Havens: Sure, try it.

    @Giacomo: Not very close.

    @Giggles McGehee: I’d want Holliday.

    @Wilsonian: You have nine starters, see no reason why you need to drop Mike G. for another. He’ll probably be the closer in a few weeks, barring any setbacks.

    @sean: If you need what he gives you… He’s 92nd because his age and his numbers.

    @Quimmy: I’d take Zimmerman, assuming this is a league where you can pick up an SP off waivers.

  208. royce! says:

    I’m having a hard time unloading Andrus (I have Hanley) and Gardner (I have a bunch of other OF) in a weekly h2h counting OBP and XBH.

    I offered Andrus, Gardner, and Hammel for Dunn, Scott Baker and Pedro Alvarez.

    He rejected and countered with my Votto, Andrus, and Colby Lewis for Dunn, Scott Baker, and Chris Davis.

    My reaction to his counteroffer was that it was so silly that I should just stop trying. Have I overreacted?

    Also, I managed to score some tickets to the ASG and it was brilliant. Not sure how the game seemed on TV, but I dig pitcher’s duels, even if 20 pitchers are involved. The only interesting thing I discovered was that Pedroia is really, really tiny. I have a pic of him standing next to the dudes from mlb tv and he’s as tall as Sean Casey…if Casey’s seated. Also about half as wide as him. So I gotta say it made me respect Pedroia a lot more.

  209. sean says:

    @Wilsonian: You have a lot of high K high WHIP guys (even the relievers are high WHIP). You may need some balance. I’d think about losing Scherzer for Medlen or another low/lower-WHIP starter.

  210. Chili Davis Con Carne says:

    Grey…great article as usual. Given the rankings, I’m thinking of trading for the Dread Pirate in a H2H, 5X5 league (OBP in place of AVG)…the guy who has him needs pitching, which of these P’s would you value least the rest of the way (hence, I will try to fleece him in this order)
    -Jaime Garcia, Colby Lewis, Wandy, Garza, Billingsley (Keeping Gallardo and Hanson)

  211. Quimmy says:

    @grey: it’s a deep 16 test league. I just grabbed the best sp off the wire, Jason Vargas, yikes. With that in mind would u still do it?

  212. brettj72 says:

    Derrek Lee or Adam Laroche for my util spot in the 2nd half?

  213. Mike says:

    @grey: Been offered Denard Span for Granderson….should I make this deal? Also considering dropping DLR for Lilly….thoughts? Thank you!

  214. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: What I was looking at was dropping a starter to pickup Mike G and then putting him on the DL, if you thought he had a good shot at being the closer. I was wondering what SP you would drop, and then what SP you would pick up out of those I listed (Wandy, Medlen, Volquez). If I remember correctly, you had Scherzer ahead of both Richard and Romero for the 2nd half. That being said, would you lose one of them for Mike G. (I have an open DL slot), then snag one of those other SPs?

    @sean: I actually like Scherzer for the 2nd half. I was thinking of canning Richard or Romero for one of those starters. What do you think about that?

  215. Mike says:

    @Wilsonian: I would drop Richard for Scherzer, especially if you need K’s…

  216. Time Theft Bandit says:

    Vernon Wells for liriano?

    Zimmerman for J Johnson?

    Just wondering your thoughts on the balance of these two trades

  217. Wilsonian says:

    @Mike: already have Scherzer. I was looking at dropping Richard or Romero for either Medlen, Wandy or Volquez. Wasn’t sure which one to drop and which one to pick up.

  218. Mike says:

    @wilsonian: I’d drop Richard for the upside of Volquez….would you drop De la Rosa for Lilly?

  219. Ken Plane says:

    Looking to trade Capps for some power, give me an idea of what type of player I might target.

  220. Wilsonian says:

    @Mike: nice. I dunno. I’m not a huge lover of Lilly, plus I’m a Cubs fan, so I have a tough time with that. I think there’s a decent chance he ends up somewhere else in the coming weeks. If he ended up in Metco, I would like him a lot more. He’s gopher ball prone in Wrigley when the wind is blowing out. I kinda like the upside of DLR, plus I like the Rockies to continue on with one of their patented runs.

  221. Grey

    Grey says:

    @royce!: That’s awesome that you went. Yeah, Pedroia looks small, not surprising. He’s a Sparky Anklebiter, after all. re: trade — It’s not great for you.

    @Chili Davis Con Carne: Garcia, Garza, Wandy, Lewis…

    @Quimmy: Nope.

    @brettj72: LaRoche

    @Mike: I’d want Lilly and Grandy…

    @Wilsonian: Drop Romero for Medlen.

    @Time Theft Bandit: I’d take Liriano and Zimmerman.

    @Ken Plane: Try for a #3 OF. Say Bruce…Maybe Dunn if someone thinks they’re selling high.

  222. dingers says:

    Grey, awesome mid season re-rank, THX!
    Would you ship Beckett and Corey Hart out for Jayson Werth in?

  223. I see you are as high on Werth as I am. I offered Dempster for Werth in my league since I have Volquez, Anderson and Marcum coming back soon. The owner countered with Scherzer for Werth. Should I just take it or wait to see if he’ll do Dempster for Werth?

    Scherzer starts on Thursday so maybe I can wait until I get that start.

  224. dingers says:

    @Frank Kim: i’d do scherzer for werth in a heartbeat.

  225. Brian Lynch says:

    No Tommy Hanson all all? Buzzkill.

  226. @Grey and @Dingers: Thanks! I guess both of you like Dempster more than Scherzer even with his latest hot streak.

    Should I grab the deal now or try to at least get Scherzer’s Friday start against Cleveland?

  227. Time Theft Bandit says:

    @Kim: Trade now because scherzer can always blow up and then he may cancel the trade.

  228. AL KOHOLIC says:

    yunell escobar traded for alex gonzalez

  229. Martin says:

    @grey- beckett or brett anderson?

  230. @Grey, @Dingers, @Time Theft Bandit: Thanks for the advice!

  231. Donnie Baseball says:

    wow nice deal for the Blue Jays.

    2011 Blue Jays= 2008 Rays

  232. DrEasy says:

    @Donnie Baseball: Yeah, give them another year of development, and they might be a team to take seriously come 2012.

  233. royce! says:

    @Grey: He’s a Sparky Anklebiter, but usually SA’s don’t get into the double digits in HR, let alone near 20. I can respect that.

    I think the trade offer was way lopsided, but was wondering not if I was right that it was lopsided, but whether it is so lopsided that I am right to take offense and should walk away from the negotiations. Because it annoys me when I say to someone, “I want player X,” and they come back with an offer player X for my best player.

  234. chrisbenson says:

    grey…4 questions:

    1. (catcher) posada or buck
    2. (2b) kelly johnson, or clint barmes
    3. (SS) Clint Barmes or felipe lopez
    4. (RP) Mike Gonzalez, T hoffman, or tyler clippard

    Thank you sir.

  235. Jonathan says:

    I apologize for my absence, and if this question has previously been raised, you can throw eggs at me…

    but what do you think of Aroldis? I’m in a 10 team roto keeper… is the juice worth the squeeze? He would be my 18th round keeper pick in next years draft?

    Also, the Panda. Ian Stewart is floating around, and I want to pick him up, but I would need to drop Cahill or potentially Lind? I really don’t want to drop Lind.

  236. Long Bawls says:

    In my 12-team 6×6 H2H I’ve been offered Andrew Baily for Corey Hart. I tried to move Hart for a coupla offense pieces earlier, but nobody bit. I’m tempted to say yes just because I can pick up MLP or Snider off waivers if I need power (or so I tell myself), and Bailey is a more tradable commodity if it comes to that. Or am I, generically, the sucker for buying a closer? I have Rauch, Lidge, Wagner and am in the middle of the pack in SVs. Whatcha think? TMI? I know, I know, a closirksome question.

  237. Long Bawls says:

    @Royce!: I say you’re right; that other guy’s offer is a lot more Manhattan-for-trinkets than Missouri Compromise.

  238. Willie Norwood says:


    I’d like to follow up on your Chapman question. We have 29-man major league rosters, and 8-man minor league rosters. Chapman is on my major league roster because I added him for a buck at the end of our auction. At the time, it looked like he might be up sooner rather than later. He’s still sitting on the end of my bench. If I cut him, someone else could add him to their minor league roster, where he can be stashed until he crosses the 50 IP threshold. In other words, they could probably stash him for the rest of this year and all of next year without taking up a roster spot on their major league roster. I could keep him on my major league roster next year at a minimal price, but he would take up one of my 8 keeper slots. Is he all hype? If I cut him, will I regret it later?

  239. Fletch says:

    @Grey: Haren and Beltre or A-Ram for Nolasco and Zimmerman?

  240. pjtres says:

    are pagan and torres the same player? orr?

  241. Time Theft Bandit says:

    @Fletch: I’d take nolasco and Zimm. Both are big second half players, while haren is a first half pitcher, and you can’t really trust Beltre or A-Ram.

  242. Buschfan51 says:

    What other closer position is on your radar for opening up due to trade? I own League but have room for another player on my roster. Anyone else I could pick up and possibly get lucky?

  243. AL KOHOLIC says:

    yunel or uribe for the 2nd half

  244. royce! says:

    @Fletch: Another vote for Nolasco and Zimmerman.

    @Long Bawls: Well put. I totally agree.

    @Long Bawls: I’d keep Hart if Bailey’s all you can get for him.

    @Buschfan51: Daniel Bard, if available. I read somewhere recently that he might be taking over the closer spot if Papelbon remains sub-par. Chris Perez and Evan Meek also.

  245. royce! says:

    In a 10 team roto in which I have 89 starts left, which 6 SP would you aim to hold on to from the following: Colby Lewis, Haren, Hamels, Vazquez, Bills, Wandy, Volquez, Weaver and Floyd?

  246. herschel says:

    @Grey: any thoughts on asdrubal for the second half? better numbers than kel-jo?

  247. Buge Hoobs says:

    Constantly looking for MI relief. Who do you like for the rest o’ the year? Stephen Drew, Bartlett, Theriot, J. Lopez over my Aviles?

  248. Carl Spackler says:

    Hart/Buchholz/Jeter for JUp/Hanson/Andrus..Thoughts?

    I really hope JUp can turn this around. He cant be this bad can he?

  249. barker says:

    10 team 2 1b league K/9 CG one util lf cf rf one OF slot

    i give a gon and CC sabathia i get gaby sanchez braun kershaw

    pitching greinke lester price nolasco zito
    other LF delmon bay dl CFellsbury manny
    other 1b pujols pena cuddyer 1b 3b rf
    rf ethier pence
    3b aramis
    2b weeks stewart
    cf beltran rasmus

    i’d prolly drop bay or zito idk

  250. big o says:

    anyone watching the 3-A all-star game ?

  251. Time Theft Bandit says:

    @Carl Spackler: Take the upton side 100%. If its a keeper league, take the Upton side 200% and buy a lottery ticket.

  252. Grey

    Grey says:

    @royce!: Tell ’em off!

    @chrisbenson: The first one on all.

    @Jonathan: 18th’s too high for him.

    @Long Bawls: Sure, take Bailey if you need a closer.

    @Fletch: I’d want Zimmerman.

    @pjtres: Torres has much more speed.

    @Buschfan51: Gregg, Capps…

    @AL KOHOLIC: Punt? Uribe…

    @royce!: All of them.

    @herschel: I’d want Johnson.

    @Buge Hoobs: I just traded for Drew. Get on board!

    @Carl Spackler: Don’t really think he’s been that bad. I’d take Upton.

    @barker: I’d want Braun.

    @big o: Just got him, but probably won’t anyway.

  253. herschel says:

    @Grey: who to start at DH this week, 5 x 5 roto?

    c pena (3 @ nyy)
    j bruce (3 vs col)
    d fowler (3 @ cin)
    r ibanez (4 @ chc)
    m laporta (3 vs det)

  254. Buge Hoobs says:

    While I’m at it, grasping at straws that is, who do you like for the CI?
    Adam LaRoche, Derrek Lee, Headly, or Wiggy over Robot Jones? (10 man 5X5)

  255. Ralph says:

    Rasmus and K Johnson for Fowler and Zobrist

    16 team H2h 8X8 (BB, SLG, H)

    We have no bench, so I need guaranteed starters. Is Fowler going to start for the rest of the season, and is this a good trade for me?

  256. big o says:

    mike dunn looking strong

  257. joe from point pleasant says:

    I just picked up Drew Storen because I feel like he will be closing for the nats very soon. I forsee capps being dealt so i figured it was worth the chance.

    I also see Dotel being dealt at the deadline, and I think I might want to pick up Evan Meek. I feel like he will get the role over hanrahan. On the same note, Chris Perez is available although I am not sure the Indians will be able to deal Wood.

    In order to pick up Meek or Perez, I would need to drop either Gorzelanny or Anibal Sanchez…

    My league is 12 team H2H points and I am not sure who to drop. Both SP have been pretty solid this year so I was hoping you could help me out.

    Should I pick up Meek, Perez, or stay put. And if I do, should I drop Gorz or Anibal?


  258. thepizzaman says:

    Anyone—going forward pick one:

    Price, Ubaldo, Josh Johnson

  259. barker says:

    20 team league

    randy wells for sheets

    kinda tomato tomatoh but slight edge to wells for sheets injury risk??
    what say you grey

  260. Grey

    Grey says:

    @barker: It’s fair, I’d take Wells.

  261. Steve says:

    @Grey: Non-baseball related – been trying to get into Generation Kill, but not really feeling it. Got a few backed up on MySky (same as Tivo), but can’t see myself getting through them.

    Every episode seems a bit the same, lots of riding in Hummers, the odd firefight and a lot of shouting.

    Ziggy’s in it, though…

  262. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: I only watched one episode then gave up on it. Was too dense for me. I still haven’t gotten through the four episodes of Treme I have on Tivo. Maybe one of these days unless it erases it on me.

  263. Steve says:

    @Grey: Back at work today, but had the last two days off looking after the kids during school holidays – took them to to Toy Story 3. It’s probably not on your radar, but a great little movie.

  264. barker says:

    same 10 team league as before

    i give a gon bay CC i get huff braun kershaw

    10 team leagues suck never again will i do this

  265. @pjtres: Pretty close. Torres walks (and K’s) a little more but I think Pagan’s a little better of a contact hitter. Mets lineup > S.F.’s, so I’d take Pagan. In fact, I did just that, dropping Torres for Pagan in May.

  266. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Yeah, heard good things. I’ll check it out at some point, I’ve seen all the Pixar movies, I think. Don’t think one of them was bad, either.

    @barker: Looks fair for you.

  267. Steve says:

    @Grey: And if you’re feeling really childish, check out Phineas and Ferb on the Disney Channel.

    One of those kids-love-it-but-there’s-plenty-in-it-for-the-grownups shows.

  268. @Steve: Admittedly so, but as a Mets fan, I’m a pessimist. I was all over Torres, before the Angel showed me the light! In fact Pagan’s the first Met I’ve owned in my big league since Wagner a few years ago.

  269. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Yeah, I don’t think I can go that far.

  270. Steve says:

    @Grey: Go on – I won’t tell anyone.

    @3FingersBrown: I keed. I actually need to jump down off my high horse. Not a Met fan, but own Wright, Reyes, Bay, Beltran and K-Rod across various teams.

  271. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    Just noticed that ESPN added a “note” next to Strasburg’s name announcing he’s only got 10 more starts this season. Now I know why all my Big Baby Jesus trade offers were rejected a few days ago. Thanks, dickwads…

  272. @Steve: I made it through the whole series. VERY dense and exhausting to watch. The ending is pretty heartbreaking – since it’s summer 2003 and the soldiers think their job is done. Bleak stuff.

    I’m a sucker for well made war films but it was a bit too soon for me. I felt like my time would have been better spent watching a doc. Anyone seen “Restrepo?” that new one about the Afghan war?

  273. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: Yeah, mentioned that in this post. People read these things occasionally, right? Skim?

  274. @Steve: I suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. I’m more likely to roster Yanks, since I just don’t trust my Mets when my money’s on the line.

  275. Grey

    Grey says:

    @3FingersBrown: I saw the Joan Rivers doc. Really good, definite recommend. Was funny and scary. Yikes, put on some makeup!

  276. Steve says:

    @3FingersBrown: I don’t mind bleak, but I just couldn’t get in to it. Maybe I wasn’t in the right mood or something, but I just couldn’t engage with any of the characters.

  277. @Grey: I’ll check it out. She’s a disaster! She looks like the cat lady, Jocelyn Wildenstein. Yikes!

  278. Dootdedoo says:

    Which side? this year? next? 12 team mixed.

    Price ($6)/Coghlin($5)
    Rios ($6)/Matusz($1)

  279. NukeLaDouche says:

    Kubel, Grandy, and Berkman are hanging out on waivers in my league.

    My team is:


    I also have Tulo (picked him up off waivers once his owner dropped him) and Utley on the bench. I like my odds in the 2nd half but would you drop any of my guys to pick up the guys on the wire?

  280. NukeLaDouche says:

    Oh and add Ellsbury to that list of guys on the wire. I do need steals badly but I’m skeptical of how Ells will really perform let alone steal.

  281. Steve says:

    Need a replacement for Latos in my H2H league when/if he goes on the ‘DL’. Not much to chose from, but Bush, Chacin, Kendrick, Mazzaro and Rod. Lopez are available…

  282. Eddy says:


    Assuming he’s ready by the first week of August, is Brian Roberts worth trading for? It’s only two games in single-A, but he’s 5 for 6 with a BB.

  283. Eddy says:

    Oh and one final trade question:

    Assuming you have an OF of Holliday, CarGo, LaPorta, Adam Jones, and Fowler, would it make sense to trade away Jayson Werth and Chris Carpenter for Robinson Cano?

    Carpenter is my #3 (behind Kershaw and Lester).

  284. Grey

    Grey says:

    @3FingersBrown: Ha, yeah, totally.

    @Dootdedoo: Rios side this year, Price next.

    @NukeLaDouche: I’d hold for now. Unless you can pinpoint your bench for me.

    @Steve: Kendrick, though I’m not sure who Rod is.

    @Eddy: I wouldn’t trade for Roberts, but I guess it depends on who you’re trading for him. That’s a lot for Cano.

  285. Steve says:

    @Grey: Rodrigo.

  286. NukeLaDouche says:

    I’ve had A-Ram on my bench with Utley and now Tulo on there. My DL spot is currently occupied with Volquez. I’ve got this plan to make an amazing come from behind push with players who come off the DL evidently.

  287. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Oh, I get what you were doing now. Talking only pitchers. You don’t want him. But I thought that was Howie Kendrick, now I think you mean Kyle. I wouldn’t pick up any of those SPs.

    @NukeLaDouche: Ha… Yeah, might be asking for much. Just hold for now. Or consolidate. If those guys are on waivers, then trade Ethier and Pence for someone like Holliday and Braun and pickup a waiver guy.

  288. DrEasy says:

    @Grey: Yeah, I also got onto the Pixar bandwagon after seeing Wall-E, which was my favorite movie of 2008. Up turned out to be just as great, so now I feel like I have to go watch Toy Story, although I usually wouldn’t care. (Cars was pretty boring and predictable, though)

  289. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Grey: Oh, I read your article, and I already knew about the limit, but most of my moron league mates who manage according to Sportscenter just knew that he was the second coming… until the note popped up. If ESPN would just keep offering their opinions and stop mixing in pesky facts, winning my league would be a lot less trouble.

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