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Fantasy baseball trading deadlines are right around the corner, time is slipping…slipping…slipping into the future and your fantasy baseball teams need to lose yesterday’s lunch or get off the pot.  The worst feeling is coming within a few points of winning and pulling up short because you held too tightly to your players.  In October, there won’t be an award for being 50 steals greater than everyone else while losing the championship by 1 point because you didn’t trade for power.

If you have a sizable lead anywhere, strengthen weak spots.  For instance, you have a 15 save lead over your nearest competitor, but a 25 save lead over the pack.  You see a trade partner for your Mariano, but they’re only willing to give you Ludwick.  You try to convince yourself to do the trade, but decide Mariano is worth more.  So in the end you fall 5 homers short of 1st place, but you’re 35 saves up on everyone.  A Mariano in the hand is not worth two points in the standings.  In one year leagues, now is not the time to be worrying about the intrinsic value of a player.  Only worry about their value to your team.

Excess saves – chuck ’em for what you need.  Have Bourn, Figgins and Morgan — well, I’m not sure how you’re even competing — but trade them for some power.  You need to start acting now.  There’s no time like the present… The present is a gift… Sleep with scratchy rear, wake with smelly finger… Fill in your own cliché.  Just git r done!

  1. johnbutte says:

    That explains my smelly finger this morning.

    Grey, what do you see out of B-Rob for the rest of the year? Drop Kendrick and go with him?

  2. Grey

    Grey says:

    @johnbutte: re: Roberts – Nothing. I’d go with Kendrick.

  3. Earl Battey says:

    Thanks, I was thinking I should go for Haren. The same 12 team, AL-only h2h league, who do you like for the rest of the year:

    Crash Davis or Thome?

    Jose Lopez, S-Rod or Brignac?

    Thanks again.

  4. Excellent points Grey. I’ll add that in H2H you can’t be afraid to dump guys who are obviously better (say Jason Bay for instance) for a guy who’s inferior but hot – say Luke Scott if he starts jacking off. Same goes for pitchers – especially in the playoffs. Two good starting matchups from Brian Duensing (he did some work for me in the playoffs last year) can make you $$$ instead of throwing an obviously better pitcher against a rougher lineup.

    Good point on Joe Saunders. I’ve got a typical NY, “win now” mentality.

  5. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Earl Battey: Davis… Lopez…

    @3FingersBrown: Yup and yeah. Not that there’s anything wrong with wanting to win.

  6. Earl Battey says:

    Sorry, one more: to make room for Haren, would you drop Hughes or Slowey? I know Slowey has been terrible (he was a little better yesterday) but Hughes has regressed and might be limited in terms of IP in Aug and Sept.

  7. Wilsonian says:

    Looks like COL traded for a new finger for CarGo. He’s magically reappeared today. Maybe he’s just prepping to finally have a decent hitter hitting behind him starting tomorrow…the Polski is returning and according to the COL broadcast, he’s hitting 4th behind CarGo.

  8. Aharon says:

    Repost from the previous post (reredundant?):

    @Grey re: Delphic Oracle: She (I imagine her for some reason as a mustachioed lady) hung out in a cave in the mountains in ancient Greece and dispensed wisdom to all comers, some recos easier to parse than others (Croesus lost his empire because he misinterpreted her advice). Later research indicated her cave may actually have been home to a petroleum seep, and she was high on gas fumes all day, which lent her prophecies a certain vagueness. Of course, we’ve made plenty of advances in 2500 years–glue-huffing is much more sanitary, and Razzball advice is crystalline.

  9. @Grey: Perhaps just as important as eating innings, Saunders and the $3.7mil contract will be up after this year.

  10. Tarasco's Secret Stash says:

    The Chone or Headley for the rest of the season? Thank you as always sir, and a helpful, timely reminder about trade deadline valuation…

  11. HotRod says:

    Grey, new to the site, great work.

    Is Werth going to be dealt? In a non-keeper league wondering if I should grab Domonic Brown now before the deal is made?

  12. Kendry's Cart Off Grand Slam says:

    In regards to trading Posey in a keeper league Im looking for W, ERA and WHIP. What kind of pitcher should i look to help me at the tail end of the season. (currently in 1st and i have Santana to replace Posey) Also the pitcher i get in return i probably wouldn’t keep.
    Thanks Again

  13. Grey

    Grey says:

    @HotRod: I’d grab Brown now if you have room.

  14. Terrence Mann says:

    @Grey: Who you like the rest of the season, Ubaldo or Greinke?

  15. Carl Spackler says:

    Grey, I just want to make sure you have Coghlan ranked after Kubel, Bruce, Beltran, Jones, Beckham. As always thanks for your help

  16. Tom Thumb says:


    Any suggestions to my 10-team OPS league team for the stretch? I am in 2nd. I want to upgrade Aardsma but what should I give up?

    C- Santana
    1B- Pujols
    2B- Phillips
    SS- Hanley
    3B- Reynolds
    1B/3B- Miggy
    2B/SS- Stewart (Also Tulo when he comes back)
    OF- CarGo
    OF- Chris B Young
    OF- McCutchen

    Bench- Grandy, Pablo

    Pitchers- Kershaw, Josh Johnson, Cain, Nolasco, Greinke, Morrow, De la Rosa, Volquez, Lilly
    Relievers- Wilson, Aardsma, Axford

  17. Tom Thumb says:

    @Tom Thumb: @Grey: It’s roto btw

  18. Bodymore says:

    Drop Chris Davis for Johnson at this point? Think Sean Rod will be getting back in the lineup or do I need to replace him?

    What do you think of Greinke for Andrus/Konerko in a keeper league? Would solve the above problems and I have SP depth, greinke is just the top dog.

  19. GT says:

    Is that a Ricky Jay in Deadwood reference? Nice…

  20. hoju says:

    Grey – are you going to do an analysis of what pitchers/hitters we should target come H2H playoff time? Some of us aren’t worried about making the playoffs – but very worried about what happens when we get there.

    I’m sure I could do it myself, but why reinvent the wheel? Plus I’m lazy.

  21. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Terrence Mann: Ubaldo….

    @Carl Spackler: He’s last.

    @Tom Thumb: Try and trade an SP at the end of your rotation for a closer. Maybe throw in Stewart too.

    @Bodymore: Replace Sean-Rod. I’d go with Davis for now. Trade looks fair.

    @hoju: Probably…

  22. Grey

    Grey says:

    @GT: Ricky Jay anywhere reference.

  23. Jenkies says:

    10-team, 5×5 H2H, non keeper…

    I am considering your advice to sell high on Rios (a couple weeks late, but oh well). Looking to upgrade starting pitching.

    Currently, my SP are King Felix, Verlander, Jaime, Javy Vazquez, Scherzer, Arroyo, Hammel, and V. Padilla. My other OF are D. Young, Huff, Victorino, Bay, and Stubbs.

    The team interested in him may part with Lester, Cueto, Niese, Bumgarner, and Oswalt. Are any of these (besides Lester) worth a straight up trade for Rios?

  24. Dough boy says:

    I have been trading away my sagnoff closers for hitters and I have a deal on the table for aardsma and axford for either Youk or Dunn, I am all set at first and third Miggy C and Longoria, I also have Teixeira at my corner infield spot. So I am thinking Dunn would be better because I can plug him in the OF if needed and not just util, Does this make sense or am I crazy?

  25. herschel says:

    @Grey: my pena and volquez for uggla and garza? i currently have kel jo at 2nd. would have bruce, ibanez, johnson and fowler and possible replacements for pena at dh.

  26. Wilsonian says:

    8 Team H2H 5 player Keeper. Here’s my roster:

    Santana, Prince, Weeks, Utley – DL, Longo, Wright, Starlin, Kemp, CarGo, Holliday, Krispie, Quentin, JJ, Verlander, Kershaw, Hamels, Lewis, Floyd, Scherzer, K Rod, Soria, Feliz, Camps.

    Just got offered Lester/Price/Delmon for JJ/Longo. I would still have Wright at 3rd, but I basically see it as Lester for JJ and then Price/Delmon for Longo…which isn’t so good of a deal.

    Our cats are: Hits, R, HR, RBI, SB, K, Avg., BB, W, L, Sv, BB, K, ERA, WHIP, Ks/9.

    Bad deal for me?

  27. chisox says:

    In a keeper points league where pitchers are golden, usually going a couple rounds higher compared to standard leagues. I’m keeping Gallardo and Grienke right now, but I can get a lot for them from teams that are out of it. So basically, do you see any of the players below being in the top 15 or 20 next year, and/or not too far behind Gallardo or Grienke (which I’m only able to keep for one more compared to two with the guys below)? Thanks a bunch

    Gavin Floyd
    Johnny Cueto
    Ricky Romero
    Randy Wells
    Kevin Slowey
    Ian Kennedy
    Brett Anderson

  28. Eddy says:

    @hoju: @Grey:

    That’s actually a very good idea and would be extremely helpful. I just hate that there’s about a 75% chance that two of the six playoff teams are going to be streamers. I don’t even want to think about how I’m going to manage that.

  29. Wilsonian says:

    @Wilsonian: that should say “Capps”

  30. John C. says:

    Start scherzer tonight vs. the rays?

  31. RGP says:

    Corey Patterson or Miguel Tejada for the rest of the season?

  32. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Jenkies: Your pitching looks a lot better than your outfield, not sure why you’d trade for a SP.

    @Dough boy: I’d take Dunn or Youk.

    @herschel: Looks fine for you.

    @Wilsonian: I’d want Longoria.

    @chisox: They’re all a step below. Anderson could be great but he has risk attached to him.

    @John C.: Nope

    @RGP: Neither? Patterson…

  33. Fletch says:

    @Grey: Johan or Haren? Kuroda or Wandy?

    Also, when is Utley due back…he’s sitting on waivers in my league…worth the pick up?

  34. Jenkies says:

    Thanks Grey.

  35. Raging Lagomorphs says:

    Nice, timely advice. With a 30 HR lead over my nearest roto competitor, I just traded Fielder, Prince of Solos (POS) for Mo Rivera. If I had 5 more saves in my league right now, I’d move from 8th in that category to 3rd. Enough to put me into 1st place by a few points, even without the help for my dismal ratios.

    Finally sent Aaron Hill to the boneyard as well to pick up someone to boost my average. I’m sure I’ll miss the 4 hits he gives me every week, but I’ll survive.

  36. Vince says:

    12 teams, H2H, 5×5, Non Keeper

    How would you rank these SP for the rest of the season : Liriano, Hanson, Dempster, Garza, Cueto ?

  37. Bodymore says:

    @Grey, everyone

    I’m on the fence still, it just barely seems fair to me… I know Andrus is ranked well, so you think he will get hot again? I’m hesitant to give up Greinke when Andrus is still in his slump but the trade fills two holes, plus there’s no guarantee with Morneau coming back. Is it just barely fair or an advantageous trade?

  38. herschel says:

    @Grey: thanks for the help. Also, would you trade either josh johnson or lester for tiexera? If so, which one would you want to trade? Thanks again.

  39. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Fletch: Johan, Kuroda, end of August, if you have room.

    @Jenkies: No problem.

    @Vince: Liriano, Cueto, Dempster, Hanson…

    @Raging Lagomorphs: Cool…

    @Bodymore: Andrus is a solid SS, Greinke’s a solid pitcher. Looks fair in a keeper.

    @herschel: I’d trade either for Tex. Lester…

  40. Fletch says:

    @Grey: Krispie or Ellsbury (might be back next week)?

    Thanks for the help, Sir Grey!

  41. @Grey: was just offered Borbon for Hammel in my roto OBP league. Borbon’s OBP stinks, so I have no interest.

    The guy also has Morgan though. Would you give Hammel for Morgan? I can really use his SB and his runs wouldn’t hurt. I’m hurting in ERA & WHIP but I just picked up Mazzaro and have Webb on the DL who might give me a few good starts down the stretch (fingers crossed).

  42. Johnny Drama says:

    Save my outfield and Utility

    5 OF: BJ Upton, Abreau, Lind, Rasmus, Tabata,

    Utility: Cust

    OF on wire: Bruce, Boesch, Stanton, Colvin, Diaz, Winn, Dominic Brown

    Utility options: Pedro, Brignac, Chris Johnson,

    Should I drop anyone?

  43. Joe B says:

    @Grey: Am I foolish for sitting J Weaver this week vs. Bos and Tex and putting in C Billingsley vs. SD and SF? I have J Johnson and C Hamels going twice as well. I figure Weaver has been so so lately and Bills is coming off of a complete game shutout with better match-ups… what would Grey have done I think to my self?

  44. Bodymore says:

    @Grey I gotcha. I am hoping to get A-Gon and Zobrist for Greinke and Morales instead. Do you agree that’s better?

  45. SotoMojo says:

    @Grey, I need Saves badly. My RP corps is Soriano, Aardsma, Putz, and Hanrahan. I was offered Mariano for Nolasco and Pierre.

    I have Morgan to replace Pierre’s steals, and my rotation is Verlander, Lester, Liriano, Johan, Nolasco, and Wandy. Should I do the deal? Should I try trading Johan instead of Nolasco?

  46. vinko says:

    Time to dump Fowler for Domonic Brown? 14 team roto. Could also drop Crash Davis, but it sounds from your advice above it would be better to hold him for now. thanks

  47. Wilsonian says:

    I know you said to sit Scherzer tonight, but does your opinion change when your opponent has F-Her and Haren going tonight, then Straus, Jaime, Cahill, Wainwright, and Niemann going in the next couple of days?

  48. Zobrist and Marcum for Furcal and Ervin Santana. Still not enough?

  49. Mr2Bits says:

    Grey : When should I lose Dotel for Hanrahan? I can’t afford to lose Dotel and not scoop up another closer. Should I wait until after tomorrows game or just pull the trigger now?

  50. Nuke LaDouche says:

    I’m way down in steals but Ellsbury is sitting on waivers in my league. Looks like he might be back soon. I could probably drop LaRoche or Pence to pick him up. I’m worried he won’t steal much when he gets back though. Do you think he will do enough stealing to justify the risk over the next couple months? Thanks Grey.

  51. timSTi says:

    @Grey: 10 team 5×5 Roto.

    OF: J-Upton, Kemp, Werth, Pence, Bruce
    UT: Tabata, & C.Pena (Ike Davis on bench)

    Pierre was just dropped. Lose Tabata, Bruce, or Ike for him? Stand pat? We keep 7. I’m 2nd in SB’s but only have a 3 SB lead on 5th place. Real tight race. About 20 back from 1st in SB’s.

  52. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Side question I guess. I could also drop the Panda for him. Keep LaRoche or Panda?

  53. GopherDay says:

    @Grey: Do you like Borbon or Pods better in a dynasty league? I own Pods right now, and its looking like I’m out of the running. Would you deal Pods for Borbon and hope he bounces back next year?

  54. DrEasy says:

    Is this a fair trade: I give up Carlos Santana + Alexei Ramirez for Jimmy Rollins.

  55. genghis chone says:

    I’ve got Gordon Beckham, Nick Markakis, Matt LaPorta, Carlos Beltran and Angel Pagan but only three spots in which to play them. Positional eligibility isn’t a concern–I can afford to play the three best of those guys, period. Meanwhile, Andres Torres, Luke Scott, Joel Hanrahan and Brandon League are sitting in the free agent pool. My relievers could use an upgrade, especially considering the fact that my Octavio Dotel seems like he’ll be traded any day now. Are there any clear add/drops you’d make? H2H points league. Thanks!

  56. big o says:

    you’re getting “took”

  57. DrEasy says:

    @big o: The thing is, I already have a catcher (Posada), and I need some steals. How about giving the same package for Jeter?

  58. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Nuke LaDouche: Keep Panda.

    @GopherDay: I’d want Borbon.

    @Frank Kim: No problem.

    @DrEasy: If you need steals, Rollins and Jeter aren’t really the answer, unless this is a throwback to 2005 league.

    @genghis chone: I’d lose LaPorta for Hanarahananan.

  59. Bodymore says:

    @Grey Better than the last trade scenario. To recap… Agon + zobrist for Greinke and Morales or Andrus and KOnerko for Greinke

  60. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Bodymore: I’d take A-Gon’s side.

  61. Steve says:

    Apologies if this has been raised previously, but Snider is not coming up til Friday now.

    Jays need the roster slot for a spot starter or somesuch.


  62. Vince says:

    @Grey: Thanks!

    I’ve got another question. How would you rank the following duos :

    (same league as previous question – 12 teams, H2H, 5×5, Non Keeper)

    1. Crawford and Haren

    2. Hamilton and Dempster

    3. Holliday and Dempster

    4. Kemp and Hamels

    AND, second question, would you trade my Josh Johnson and Granderson for any of these duos??? I’m trying to upgrade my OF…

  63. Aaron says:

    If Soria gets traded, who do you think takes over the Royals closer role?

    Farnsworth or Tejeda?

    Whats everyones opinion on C. Villanueva (Brewers)?

  64. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Nah, hadn’t heard it. Thanks!

    @Vince: 4, 3, 2… Sure…

    @Aaron: Farnsworth…

  65. Steve says:

    Is Greinke pitching underarm?

  66. AL KOHOLIC says:

    ouch grienke,thats gonna leave a mark

  67. Bodymore says:

    WTF Just happened to Greinke?

  68. Steve says:

    @Grey: Nice reverse on Lind, BTW. Telling people it’s time to drop him…

    @AL KOHOLIC: I can’t sit down.

  69. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    @Raging Lagomorphs: lol. I dropped Hill today too. So far 2 for 3 with a HR and 3 RBI. Lind and Bautista also hitting.

  70. Aaron says:

    Bautista homers again.

  71. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Steve: prep h

  72. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    Scherzer and Garza 0 hits thru 5.

  73. Steve says:

    Atta boy, Zach. Now you’re rolling.

    Just as well the Royals have such a potent offence.



  74. Vince says:

    @Grey: Thanks! Would you try offering Cliff Lee before offering Johnson in these trades?

  75. Fletch says:

    @Grey: It’s annoying when F-Her pitches…before he throws his first pitch you already know he isn’t getting the win.

  76. thepizzaman says:

    anyone else catch Rickie Week’s moonshot? WOW

  77. Eddy says:

    And just like that, all the Razzballers who were cursing you under their breath for preventing them from playing Scherzer, feel all crunchy inside and know that THAT is why you don’t doubt the ‘stache.

  78. Wilsonian says:

    Nothing like your first hit given up being a slam…

  79. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    1st hit of the game off Scherzer: Grand Slam

  80. Wilsonian says:

    @Eddy: I’m not at all angry with his start tonight in a Ks/9 league. I’ll take that every time out on the road from Maximus…

  81. Wilsonian says:

    All 4 runs were unearned…

  82. Wilsonian says:

    Oops…they changed it. 3 of the runs were unearned.

  83. Wilsonian says:

    @Wilsonian: 3 were earned…man I’m slow tonight.

  84. Howard says:

    Well, we already the word “Greinked” but I think tonight is more like “Kazached!!!

  85. Steve says:

    F*** you Greinke – and the horse you rode in on.

  86. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @thepizzaman: yeah seen that,dead center half way up the back wall
    @Steve: whats his horsies name

  87. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    Wieters 2 HRs tonight

  88. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Fletch: felix owner here in a league where loses count to,its getting old

  89. Eddy says:

    Looks like Wieters took offense to my leaving him on the DL, alone and abandoned. That, or he got jealous that I was having a small affair with Jason Kendall.
    Start of something for Grandy? Worth buying cheap quickly or not so much?

  90. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Steve: homer simpson?

  91. Steve says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Homer or Grand Slam – can’t remember.

    Either way, it’s been taken out back and shot.

  92. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Steve: glue material,hehe if it makes you feel better,my rcl team is 2 for 24 with 3 runs,

  93. ThePoonTycoon says:

    # # 11 ThePoonTycoon Says:
    July 26th, 2010 at 5:27 am Reply to this comment

    weekly h2h league

    who to start:

    garza v. det, v. nyy
    lilly @ hou

    my opponent is looking at 6 starts this week. with lilly i get 6, with garza i get 7.

    # 39 Grey Says:
    Grey July 26th, 2010 at 8:48 am Reply to this comment

    @ThePoonTycoon: I’d go with Lilly.

    just wanted to say thanks for the advice grey

  94. Steve says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Actually, that does make me feel better ;-)

    You need to start crapping out in the keeper too.

  95. @Grey:

    I think Garza’s gonna pull this off!

    Oh and and the Diamondbacks managed to put an exclamation point on my rant so emphatic that its to the point where I’m about done with them after they so definitely proved my take correct by shunting off their only good arm for nothing. I’ll still tune in to watch guys like Upton and Reynolds but to make any sort of emotional (or financial) investment rooting for them is hard to justify.

  96. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eddy: About time for him too.

  97. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Elijah: Wow, the worst jinx ever.

  98. anon says:

    I have Garza in 2 leagues and nearly benched him. So glad I stuck with my guys!! good stuff

  99. anon says:

    I have Garza in 2 leagues and nearly benched him. So glad I stuck with my guys!! good stuff

  100. Grey

    Grey says:

    @anon: Nice!

    @anon: Hey, you sound like the guy above you.

  101. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @anon: yeah, if a daily league he would have started tonight, however, in a weekly league, with lilly @hou and garza having a start v. the yanks this week i benched him.

    oh well.

  102. @Grey:

    Bah on your jinxes, he did it!

  103. Steve says:

    Don’t think I’ve ever had a guy I’ve owned throw a no-hitter before – and this year I’ve had two. Bald Jim and now Garza.

    Eases the Greinke pain a little.

  104. Jake in Columbus says:

    Hazaa, no hitter for Garza! How can you not root for a guy with such a cheesy smile?

  105. Wilsonian says:

    Is this the start of something good for Weiters or what? Would you take him over Smooth in an 8 Team H2H or would you leave well enough alone?

  106. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Steve: you mean the grienke with a 3.59 era and 1.14 whip? grienke hasn’t been 2009 good, but he’s been more than adequate.

  107. big o says:

    the riot hits his 1st home run of the season .

    the floodgates are now open .

    over/under ??

  108. albertalbert says:

    grey – would you give up brian roberts for carp? question marks on both sides. thanks,

  109. Steve says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: Yeah, I know. I haven’t owned him all year though and he’s been a bit up and down since I’ve had him.

    How did he strike out 7 today?

  110. chris says:

    dynasty keeper league, which side?



    Justin Upton

  111. 5X5 rOTO:

    Ludwig or Jay Bruce

    and please rank:

    BJ Upton
    Adam Jones


  112. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @chris: upton easy

  113. big o says:

    minnesota has tacked on a field goal

  114. Terrence Mann says:


    Garza or Greinke the rest of the year?

  115. Deeeeeez Nuts says:

    i hate denard dawg for missing out on the fun – argh

  116. Elbert says:

    Milledge or Matt Joyce going forward?

    can’t seem to decide which to choose, I have Milledge but don’t know how he’s going to turn out, Joyce on the other hand has enough discipline to excel in TB’s lineup…..

  117. Thoughts on Verlander vs. Lincecum for the rest of the year…K/BB plus normal 5 pitching stats.


  118. GopherDay says:

    @Grey: Who do you like better, long term, in a dynasty league? Tabata or Borbon?

  119. Bodymore says:

    Word is Perez loses the job and it seems like Wood is coming back soon.

    Should i pick up a stop gap for Sean rod until my trade for zobrist comes through? I could complete the Rays trifecta and get Brignac but i might end up losing more at bats there? Other choices are Delwyn Young, Alcides Escobar, Ronny Cedeno, or JJ Hardy. Or I could hope S Rod gets some at bats between now and the trade update and grab N. Morgan so I have a guy off the bench that can get steals. Right now I’d have to bench Bay or Stanton to play him though…though with Quentin’s spottiness having a backup might be a good idea too.

    Best move in Grey or anyone else’s opinion? (Will be getting A Gon and Zobrist soon)

  120. Chris says:


    Drop Coghlan or Bruce for Dom Brown? 12 team, non-keeper.

  121. Steve says:

    @Grey: Love the guy. Even helped me gain a point in HR today.

    Nice of Swish to homer on his way out the door, too.

  122. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Bodymore: Hardy

    @Chris: Coghlan

    @Steve: Luke Scott’s a nice H2H killer. Goes crazy for a week, wins you the week then you can drop him.

  123. Steve says:

    @Grey: Don’t have him in H2H, but he’s good enough for a spot on my RCL team – which tells you something…

  124. Aaron says:

    Sorry to post late to the party, but that Dan Haren trade looks pretty bad for the DBacks.

    Demel is better than any of those players they got.

  125. martin says:

    @grey- corey hart or aubrey huff for the rest of the year?

  126. big o says:

    damn you , youk

  127. Terrence Mann says:


    I was gonna offer Ubaldo straight up for Greinke until you said no dice. I just offered Garza for Greinke – figured you’d approve. How’s that for sell high and buy low?

    Hopefully he accepts before realizing Garza is a Mexican Dallas Braden with a goatee!

  128. Bodymore says:

    8Ks 2 ER through 5 and Haren gets hit by a line drive and removed. I sure hope it isn’t serious. Anyone here anything more specific?

  129. barker says:

    lost barajas in a 20 team league with 30 man rosters (5 of) so there aint nuthin on waivers
    options are torrealba jake fox thole laird
    options to drop are Kerry wood barajas porcello francouer burrell

    also lost doumit in a 2 C league
    options are lucroy j castro hernandez torrealba thole iannetta hundley
    options to drop are damon glaus beckham aybar or stay pat

    and what does edit : word mean ??

  130. Grey

    Grey says:

    @barker: Drop Barajas for Torrealba. Stay pat.

  131. Bodymore says:

    All I can see is that it was off his arm/possibly wrist. Hopefully it was a precaution and not catastrophic.

    In other news, the solo home run machine known as Mike Stanton did it again.

  132. AL KOHOLIC says:

    soto removed after fouling one off his leg,anyone know how bad he is?

  133. Steve says:

    Rank ’em, please – Starlin, Yunel, The Dribble.

  134. mr baseball says:

    Mr Baseball alert Danny Valencia is on fire

  135. barker says:

    yea torrealba is the 3rd guy on waivers when i did a season to date search behind kendry and blake dewitt so i guess in this league he should be owned anyways — lol

  136. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Terrence Mann: aw give garza some credit. he’s much better than dallas braden, even if he’s been a bit of a roller coaster this year. and has much more upside to boot.

  137. yankees2010 says:

    Hey Grey,
    I finally decide to sit Garza this week because he’s up against Detroit and NY and he has kinda sucked lately and what does he do? Well we all know what he did. He kicked me in my nether region. At least I had the smarts to start Mad Max. Yup, kicked again!

  138. Anonymous says:


    MMD, Wiggy, Rolen or Kouz for the rest of the year? (totally not Kouz, but I felt like he’d want to be included.) (I’m also willing to guess the answer will be MMD)

  139. Bodymore says:

    @Yankees2010 Thats why you start them if you got em, except for first starts back from the DL. If you play matchups you get burned by a sonofabench…I’d rather let the bad starts average out and not miss any good ones.

  140. Steve says:

    @Steve: With a slight leaning towards a need for speed.

  141. cubbies299 says:

    Brett Wallace or Michael Saunders?

  142. cubbies299 says:

    In a minor league keeper league. Sorry, forgot to specify.

  143. BSA says:

    Big Papi – just when I am getting fed up with you I get paid for patience. Those damn homerun hitters! Streaky. Streaky. Streaky.

  144. Steve says:

    @BSA: I’m catching you in HR (nowhere else!). Those are Prince’s footsteps you can hear…

  145. MeanMachine says:

    U know what is really sweet. Picking up a catcher on the waiver wire and watching him hit 2 dongs on his first day. Ya i just picked up Weiters…on 2 teams no less. U say tomato i say BOOYA!!

  146. BSA says:

    @Steve: A week plus with only nine homers means I was teasing you.

    Last week was the teamwide slump, now the bats come to life to make up for last week.

    Gordon just needed a game in which it didn’t matter to see, yes he can hit it out of the infield.

    VMart is back!

    Keep dreaming Steve! I will be taking back my points from Hippo and CockyPheonix this week.

  147. Anonymous says:

    @Grey: Is MMD safe enough to play against lefties that I can drop Rolen? I just dropped Kouz to get Wieters off of DL (granted, I also have Montero…in a dynasty though…my team is oozing with upside, but I also have the old fart known as Abreu clogging my OF) I’m assuming I can drop Rolen for Random Holds Guy (to hold Mike Adams’s place, who is essentially two holds guys in one).

    I’m worried about Dotel being traded though. How imminent is it and apart from Arizona (which I am avoiding entirely), where can I look for the next closer? Is League the next SAGNOF? (assuming an Aardsma trade…)

  148. Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous: Scratch the SAGNOF bit. Mike G is an FA. Praise the high heavens!

  149. fitz says:

    Who do you good fellows, specifically Mr. Grey, have more faith in for the rest of the year Ortiz or Lind? Both had nice nights tonight.

  150. barker says:

    got choo and latos on the dl in a 12 team league

    drop fuentes zito robot jones beckham

    other P lincecum garza liriano kershaw volquez
    other RP soriano lindstrom axford dotel

  151. DrEasy says:

    @BSA: Papi has crazy L/R splits, making the decisions to start/bench him pretty easy. No complaints here.

  152. BSA says:

    @DrEasy: Just watch some of those splits carefully as there are some lefties he lusts after.

    Until recently I have not had a bench player so Papi has just played everyday.

  153. danimal35 says:

    dude dropped figgins…worth an add? over laporta or gordon?

    would you rather pick up Mike G hoping he gets his job back soon?

  154. B.A. says:

    Ellsbury and Papelbon for V. Mart and Capps… Crazy? Yadier is producing nothing for me, V.Mart would be of use.

  155. Jeremiah says:

    I get Ellsbury and Greinke

    I give Werth and Heath Bell

    Werth isn’t really producing that much.My other closers are Brian Wilson and Valverde.

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