Where do the starters exit the stadium when the game’s over because I’m a groupie for strikeout heavy pitchers, i.e., Grey’s high on a high K/9, i.e., ergo, henceforth, vis-a-vis, I’d own these starters.  Why the hearts on the notebook, Grey? Glad you asked, random italicized voice.  Picture this scenario, your pitcher’s in a jam.  Man on 3rd with one out in the bottom of the 2nd.  Up walks the eight hole hitter. (For this example, let’s assume it’s not the Cards, cuz then it would be the pitcher.)  In this situation, a ground out will probably score the man on third, so the best scenario is a strikeout.  When you have a high K/9 pitcher, that’s a strong possibility.  If you have a guy that pitches more to contact cough Pineiro cough, then you’re relying on factors out of the pitcher’s control, namely the defense.  Now I didn’t bother listing pitchers that have top K/9’s like Lincecum because they’re all owned or expensive to get in a trade.  Instead, I listed pitchers that have a strong K/9 (above eight) that I could see either being available or getting in a trade for a reasonable price.  Anyway, here’s some top K/9 fantasy baseball starters:

Tommy Hanson – 9.68 K/9.  I just went over him in a roundup last week.  I’m still not completely convinced he’s going to avoid setbacks, but for the right price I’d put some of that my hand, son.

Clayton Kershaw – 9.61 K/9.  Has the 7th best K/9 and a 5+ BB/9, which is incredibly bad.  In his young career, Kershaw seems like he needs to audit Pitch Management 101.

Jered Weaver – 9.92 K/9.  Throwing his curveball a lot more this year has bumped his K-rate up by more than 2 per inning and has batters swinging and missing at pitches outside the strike zone by 7% more.  Meanwhile, his brother, Jeff cries himself to sleep.

James Shields – His K/9 in 2009 was 6.84, his K/9 this year is 9.22.  What the flippin’ frack is going on?

Tom Gorzelanny – K/9 is 9.23, which is excellent.  Might be the first time I’ve mentioned Gorzelanny in a positive light this year.  Just hard for me to get behind reclamation projects.  I’m like the Councilman in that scene of Treme where Big Chief… *snooze*  Wait, is the episode over?  What happened in that scene where… *snooze*  At this point, I just hope Treme doesn’t ruin my future re-watchings of The Wire.  Anyhoo, Gorzelanny might get bumped for Big Z, so I’d put my excitement on simmer.

Ricky Romero – 9.48 K/9.  Still going to have some terrible matchups, and I have my doubts if he can continue at the pace he’s on, but definitely worth owning and starting just about everywhere.

Colby Lewis – 9.10 K/9.  He was terrible in the US, then he found himself in Japan and returned to find success here.  Colby is a Survivor!  His xFIP is 3.99 and I think in his home park in the summer he might be lucky to keep it that low, but the Ks are definitely there.

Felipe Paulino – 8.59 K/9.  Yeah, that’s nice, but his walk rate is 5.26, which even beats BBershaw.

Phil Hughes – 8.88 K/9.  Top Yankee strikeout pitcher by a huge margin with CC coming in with a 6.75.  BTW, Halladay has a 6.90 K/9, way down from last year, which is almost as odd as what Shields is doing.

Justin Masterson – 8.81 K/9.  His walk rate is bad at 4.98, but his xFIP is over two runs lower than his ERA because his BABIP is an insane .405.  I know numbers make your brain hurt, so I’ll say this.  In theory, he should be a lot better, but so should deep-fried Twinkies but, in the end, they just taste like greasy batter.  Wait, greasy batter’s delicious!

  1. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Hey guys. I’m looking for an upgrade at 2nd base and am not sure what to package and who to target. The guys in my league treat trading like its the plague and I don’t want to give too much just to get an average 2B. My team is:

    Pierre (needed some steals and now he quit swiping)
    with Ethier on the DL

    I’m not really interested in moving my pitchers. Any advice on who to use to target a solid 2B. I know my OF is pretty full so I figure those are the guys to use. Any advice is appreciated. Oh, its a 12 team roto.

  2. J Rich says:

    Bud Norris = K machine.

  3. Tony says:

    @Nuke LaDouche: what about cruz for kinsler? i’m worried about cruz’s hammy, those can be nagging…. or deal pablo if you can? maybe someone with a 3B need would swap you a 2B, target whatever guy in your league has two SOLID 2B options, who would that be? what does he need?

  4. RandomItalicizedVoice says:

    Long time reader and big fan. 1st post. Yay me.

    Which side doth you prefer Grey or anyone else with an opinion:

    Brothers Michael and Chris B. Young versus Niemann and Marcum.

  5. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Nuke LaDouche: Pence for Phillips? Sandoval for Kinsler? If they treat like a plague, not sure what you need offer?

  6. El Famous Burrito says:


    I’d try to offer McCann for a good 2B, and see if you can get any interest. A top catcher is at least eye-catching, and you won’t lose more than you’d gain.

    McCann and Heyward for Utley.

  7. El Famous Burrito says:


    I guess it depends on if its a keeper league, also.

  8. martin says:

    @grey- votto or youk?

  9. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Thanks guys!

  10. Howard says:

    @Grey, I take it you’re not too fond of *snooze* Treme. I still can’t get used to Bunk blowin’ a horn or Lester wearin’ a headdress! The music is great! oK, I’m gonna start sniffin around that list!

  11. chrisbenson says:


    i currently have a SP squad in shambles (b/c of trades to make my offense SICK!) hahaha

    anyway, i have
    Hudson/Cecil/Kennedy/Pavano/Arroyo(for post ASB)

    i have Penny/Bedard on the DL

    do you think that gorzellany, brett myers, blackburn, volstad, matusz are any better than anyone above?


  12. GopherDay says:


    With Snider and Grandy coming back, I need to make two OF cuts.

    Could you please rank these OF for me?



  13. ThePoonTycoon says:

    another trade discussion question:

    cargo + kershaw

    bj upton + rasmus + contreras (sp eligibility is pretty big for this league)

    non-keeper, 12 teams

  14. Eddy says:

    At this point in the season do you pitch Wandy only against notoriously bad teams? Still wondering if I should play him @Cin tomorrow…

  15. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @GopherDay: snider, quentin, fragu, boesch

    i just don’t buy into boesch, we’ll see as the scouting reports continue to get around, and fragu’s ceiling is so low, that i think you are better off hedging the upside of quentin.

    i’d leave snider #1 of those for sure though.

  16. Esteban says:

    @Grey: how would you rank these SPs in a 5 x 5 with QS in place of W: Pelfrey, Kennedy, Lewis, Holland, Takahashi, A. Sanchez

  17. Wilsonian says:

    16 Team H2H Keeper: Reynolds/Garza/Capps for Josh Johnson/Cantu/C.Lewis…who wins? MD side, I would assume?

  18. malacoda says:

    Treme is about the music, and the awesome subculture of NOLA. Sure it lacks car chases and all the fart jokes that (insert random Fox sitcom) has, but it is a rich tapestry. Every thread in it is not necessarily a thing of beauty but *snooze* ack but it is a portrait of a city in serious trouble, much like The Wire was.

  19. zorob says:

    Who would you rather own in a keeper league, Billingsley or Jaime Garcia?

  20. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @malacoda: i’m from MS and spent many a college weekend in nola. i love it down there, and if not for the heat and humidity, might be the only southern city i could see myself going back to live in. but i just haven’t been able to get into treme though. and it has nothing to do with car chases or fart jokes. they just haven’t done enough to make me care about the characters at all.

  21. ThePoonTycoon says:

    damn ely and lilly are having a hell of a pitching duel from my bench (weekly lineups)

  22. Big Nate says:

    Nelson Cruz update:

    Cruz suffered a strained left hamstring in the ninth inning of Wednesday’s game, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports.
    Spin: Cruz will test the injury on Friday, after which the Rangers will decide if Cruz needs to be placed on the disabled list. Regardless of the decision, it looks like Cruz will be out of the lineup for at least the next couple days.

  23. Tony says:

    dan haren is already getting blown up, what a piece of SHIT

  24. El Famous Burrito says:

    @Big Nate: Sweet Sonny Chiba, this guy is pissin’ me off!

    You think we can have him bat, then stand perfectly still after his turn is up?

  25. El Famous Burrito says:

    @Tony: That’s just the tip of the ice-turd.

    Wait until after the All-Star break!

  26. AJ says:

    Should I drop Harden, Quentin, Hart, or Milton Bradley for Hideki Matsui? Who would you drop for Raul Ibanez if he clears waivers?

  27. TonyCino says:

    12 team 10×10 roto keeper league
    Hanley at SS
    Phillips at 2B
    Alexei or Felipe Lopez at MI the rest of the way?

  28. Bill Lumbergh says:

    Is Haren a buy low candidate?

  29. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Bill Lumbergh: yes. check the peripherals. xFIP is in the low 3.00s. in fact his peripherals for the post-all-star break slumps point towards pure luck more than anything. it’s baseball, luck usually evens out over 162 games.

  30. Nuke LaDouche says:

    When I drafted Haren and Lincecum in some of my differnent leagues I really was certain I had pitching on lock down. Now I have Jaime Garcia holding down the fort. Stupid baseball.

  31. Tony says:

    @El Famous Burrito: ya he still might cruise thru the next 6 innings and get me a QS but starting off the game giving up 3 runs, COME ON!!!!! killing me smalls….

    @Bill Lumbergh: i’ll sell you haren for two poop dollars…. if this is his first half so far why would you want him? I doubt this is going to be a Bizarro seinfeld season for Haren where his 2nd half is the “good half” and this first half is the “bad half”. BUT SURE, buy low…


    a disgruntled Haren Owner….

  32. Donnie Baseball says:

    Hey Grey, for some reason it cracks me up everytime you get all bent out of shape about Shields.

    Oh and Pineiro doing alot better with the K’s this year. Up to 6 k/9.

  33. Grey

    Grey says:

    @AJ: I’d hold tight. Potentially lose Bradley for Ibanez if the latter gets hot.

    @TonyCino: Lopez for now.

    @Bill Lumbergh: What Poon says.

    @Nuke LaDouche: Ha, yeah, tough game to figure in small sample sizes.

  34. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Donnie Baseball: Yeah, and he’s doing worse everywhere else. He should revert or call up Dave Duncan.

  35. and1mcgee says:

    Rajai Davis or Juan Pierre for the rest of the year?

  36. and1mcgee says:

    Is it cuz Pierre is…. oh wait, Rajai is black, too. hmm… ok then.

  37. TonyCino says:

    12 team 10×10 roto league, I am currently in 5th
    My OF: Kemp, JUpton, Lind, Bruce, Rasmus with Quentin benched
    Guy is offering MHolliday and wants pitching I noticed he could use SS as well. Would CLewis and Alexei be enough? Any other P I should offer?

    My staff: Halladay, Garza, Nolasco, Liriano, JGarcia, CLewis, Ely, Holland and Medlen with Penny, Olsen and Bedard on the DL.

  38. royce! says:

    I’m disappointed to learn that Treme is not up to your standards, Grey. Not as disappointed as I was to learn that Treme is named after a neighborhood, and is not the newest abbreviated term for “extreme” (or “xtreme,” depending on which decade you were in middle school).

    Also, they should sell deep fried Twinkies at Rockies games and call em Giambis. Now that’s a greasy batter! And delicious! Um, wait, that last line came out wrong…

  39. El Famous Burrito says:

    Whenever I hear the name Rajai. I think of Reggie, and that Kids in the Hall character Daryl. Not Dar-yl, Da-RYL.

    Thanks for listening, Internet

  40. Grey

    Grey says:

    @TonyCino: Could be try it.

    @royce!: What is it that you like about it? Feels to me like a Robert Altman film without the earthquake.

    @El Famous Burrito: Ha

  41. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Nuke LaDouche: you should have drafted haren and beckett instead.

  42. and1mcgee says:

    @El Famous Burrito: I think of the tiger from “Aladdin”

  43. El Famous Burrito says:

    I like to think of Rajai in a tuxedo T-Shirt because it says I want to be formal, but I’m here to party.

  44. Infamy707 says:

    Do you think I have any chance of getting Matt Holliday for Jamie Garcia and Headley? This owner is pretty dumb but just got Holliday for Lester recently

  45. royce! says:

    @Grey: I’ve actually never watched it. Well, not true, I watched like 15 minutes the other day and had no idea what was going on. I was certain it was because the story lines were as complex and thorough as those of the Wire, but it might just have been that they were poorly written.

    So what I meant was I am disappointed that you didn’t like it because now I have less in life to look forward to.

    I’ll just have to be satisfied with my future plans to sell fried twinkies at Rockies games.

    Speaking of New Orleans, did you read Zeitoun? Disturbing, but I couldn’t help myself and read it in a day. It was in the off-season, so I had a lot more free time…

  46. Isaac says:

    @Grey @Anyone @Everyone @Bueller

    Willingham or Ludwick for the rest of the season?

    12 team h2h

  47. tHe ShiT says:

    @Grey: Boesch and Ludwick got dropped. Please rate these OFs: Boesch, Ludwick, Robot, PacMan, Snider. Gracias!

  48. brad says:

    @Grey et al: There’s no conflict in Treme. The Wire had this cops and robbers (dealers) thing going on, in Treme none of the major characters are on opposite sides of anything.

    Yeah McNulty and Stringer, and later Colvin and others were all sorta taking on the establishment, but they were all also taking on each other in a way, yet you (the viewer) had sympathy, even liked all of them.

  49. Adam says:

    I’m in a head to head league and have locked up ERA, WHIP, and L for the week barring any disastrous pitching outing. Should I start Gio Gonzalez tonight vs. Baltimore? (I’m only looking for a win and some K’s, but if he has a bad outing, it could hurt my other categories) Thanks!

  50. sean says:

    @Tony: @Grey: on the surface I was thinking the same thing: “Haren is fucking terrible.”

    Then, I looked at the box score and he’s given up 3 ER through 5 on 3 hits and no walks with 5Ks. How unlucky can you get?

  51. mauledbypandas says:

    Kevin Slowey take note of Ely’s performance today. That is how you use control to dominate a team. Granted he did walk Lee twice, but it was more pitching around him than anything. Now if the Dodgers could just get Paul out of RF, Ely might of had a shot at a shutout.

  52. Grey

    Grey says:

    @royce!: No, never read it, will check it out. Hey, you might like Treme. It’s just real quiet, so quiet I find myself waking for the credits.

    @Isaac: Willingham

    @tHe ShiT: Jones, Jones, Snider, Boesch…

    @brad: Yeah, just don’t know what I’m rooting for, other than more scenes with John Goodman, cause he’s gold. Always.

    @Adam: I’d start him.

    @sean: I blame Fangraphs Database.

  53. Steve says:

    @Grey: Well, my opponent had Ely going today, so tough shit for him, I say.

    BTW, are we to assume that any pitcher who doesn’t have a strong K/9 is a bit of a dog? (sad trumpet).

    And imagine Haren’s strikeout rate if he got to pitch against his own team once in a while…

  54. 3/4 with 2 runs for Acildes today…but no SB’s. Come on, dude.

    And in other news, Carlos Marmol is NASTY.

  55. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Not necessarily, but it is guys to watch for, even if they’re not on your radar like Romero, FI. (FI for for instance never really caught on, huh?)

    @Mark Geoffriau: So nasty.

  56. Steve says:

    @Grey: Yeah , I know.

    You know me though, Grey. I never pass up an opportunity to make a lame joke.

    FI? First I’ve heard of it.

  57. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Mark Geoffriau: from starkville. went to msu. then to oregon for law school. now work in dc.

  58. Clyde Prompto says:

    Howdy, Grey. I love me some K/9 talk. I’d like to throw a nod to Erv Santana who’s sitting at a solid 8.09. Would you take him or Ricky Romero from here on out?

  59. @Mark Geoffriau: Hard to steal with the pitcher at bat. I’m hoping Weeks continues to slide and Al gets moved down. I dropped him, because he’s nearly worthless in the 8 hole.

  60. mauledbypandas says:

    @Mark Geoffriau: Marmol is a lot like Kershaw. You cant hit it, so you either strike out or walk. As long as he keeps sporting a near 18 k/9 I’m not complaining.

  61. royce! says:

    @Grey: Cool, I could use a good nap anyway.

    And regarding FI, I’m gonna chalk up its never catching on to there already being a two letter abbreviation that means the same thing: “e.g.” As rarely as it occurs, humans can sometimes act efficiently. Unlike the sentence I wrote at the start of this paragraph. Back to remedial English for me (or is it “I”)?

  62. @Grey: As good as he looked against the Yanks, gotta bench Big Pelf tonight huh? He’s not been good against Philly and as my bookie would say, “they’re due.”

    I’m fascinated at how bad Masterson’s results have been in contrast to the peripherals. I have a feeling he’ll go on a tear at some point. If he’s not sent to AAA first that is.

  63. joe from point pleasant says:


    rank cj wilson, randy wells, and kevin slowey.


  64. Holy moly, Haren’s getting destroyed.

  65. mookiewilson says:

    @Mark Geoffriau: Back to back to back! Love watching the rockies.

  66. Donnie Baseball says:

    How about Marmol with an over 18 k/9.

    Has that ever happened before?

  67. tHe ShiT says:

    @Grey: Jaime or Michael Young?

  68. Steve says:

    Man – I came THIS CLOSE to picking up Seth Smith to fill an empty spot today.

  69. ThePoonTycoon says:

    ugh, dammit haren i spent all day defending your ass. though take note of the ridiculous number of homers, yet his GB%/LD%/FB% isn’t out of whack on the whole, which makes the HR spike even stranger.

  70. Art Vandelay says:

    Morneau/Nunez for Crawford/Wandy — which side do you want?

  71. Balboni says:

    I think Dan Haren is especially unlucky when the ball he pitches is hit over the fence. Happened four times again today. He’s Blylevening profusely.

  72. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Donnie Baseball: Not sure, probably not.

    @tHe ShiT: Jaime?

    @Steve: I did, natch. Then he didn’t play, d’oh. Then he homered, checkmate.

  73. Steve says:

    @Grey: I’m hitched to the Hinskewagon today.

  74. tHe ShiT says:

    @Grey: Jaime Garcia, sorry 4 not specifying

  75. Jo says:

    Is it time to be picking up Stanton?

    I have some injuries in the OF of a 10 mixed league. For next week, which 2 should I start: Adam Jones, Hunter Pence, Josh Willingham? In what order do you like them?

    Thanks for the daily updates this season… they serve as great reads while performing my morning deuce :)

  76. Grey

    Grey says:

    @tHe ShiT: Young

    @Jo: Pence and Jones… I’d own Stanton now. No problem.

  77. Should I try offering my Nolasco for Haren?

  78. Also could offer Kennedy and Pelfrey for Haren.

  79. MarkM says:

    @Brian: Get into my league and offer me Nolasco and Kennedy and you can have my Haren.

    He looks bad for an inning, then looks dominant for a few middle innings and gets you back on his side, then he rapes you. Seriously, I’m about to call SVU on him.

  80. Donnie Baseball says:

    Since it’s only for the next week, I would start Willingham. He’s starting on one of his hot streaks right now. He has like 3 of these streaks a year and then sucks the rest of the time.

  81. Donnie Baseball says:

    Grey, what do you think of Ely? Can’t keep this up right? He has a little bit of a funky delivery and I think it’s just going to take a couple of times for people to see him.

    He’s killing me right now, 1st place guy has him and J. Vargas. Don’t you hate it when guys like that beat you.

  82. LMack says:

    Thanks for the read, Grey.
    Great as always.

  83. @MarkM: That deal would do it but it seems like it’s giving up too much.

  84. Griffey24 says:

    Hey Grey should I keep Mike Gonzalez on my DL or drop him and stash Jair, Duchscherer, C. Young, or Madsen? Not really in desperate need of saves.


  85. tony b. says:

    I can’t get anyone in my league to buy Quentin at all. I’m offering him for pennies on the dollar and no one wants a piece of him. Meanwhile, Willingham is back up to .280 again and looks to be on pace for 25 HR 90RBI and close to 100 walks. I think if I make the swap I’m not going to regret it.

    Talk me down or give me the push I need razzball faithful…

  86. paulzone says:

    effin catchers, who do you want:

    soto, napoli, doumit, jaso

    cats: r, hr, rbi, sb, avg, obp, err, gidp

  87. greenmountaincoffee says:

    Drop B.Molina for Suzuki or Napoli??

  88. vinko says:

    Anyone rolling with Cueto this evening against the Bucs?

  89. TonyCino says:

    12 team 10×10, roto, keeper league
    Regards MStanton or SStrasburg who’ll likely be more valuable this year? As a keeper going forward which would you rather have?

  90. Steve says:

    No BJ Upton again today. What’s up with that?

  91. Steve says:

    @Steve: Just resting apparently.

    HTF can he be tired? He hasn’t done ****-all for the last two weeks.

  92. @tony b.: I own both in 12 team that counts OBP. I would drop Q for JWill. Dude is a walk machine and I’d take the Nats lineup over the Chisox.

  93. Van Hammersly says:

    Grey, who do you like better tomorrow night for a spot start: Francis @LAD or Lannan @SDG or Bel-ch?

  94. tony b. says:


    This is a keeper league, we count walks and OPS, Quentin was a round 2 pick this year! Safe to say he won’t be kept. Willingham went undrafted and is not eligible to be kept. I’m seeming to agree with you…

  95. Tony says:

    haren is dead to me…. dead….. i’d rather pitch waiver wire crap than run him out there, i have no faith…. dead

  96. Bill Lumbergh says:

    @Grey: @ThePoonTycoon: @Tony: Thanks for the advice. Just landed Haren in my dynasty league. Hopefully this is just a rough patch and I’ll be enjoying the fruits of an ace for seasons to come!!! :-)

  97. Tony says:

    @Bill Lumbergh: i hope you didn’t pay too much, now is the time to deal for him tho, as a H2H owner of haren i’m pretty pissed right now, he’s a big pile of flaming shit. PUKE.

  98. @tony b.: Mine is a keeper league as well. I took Quentin in the 5th. So hard to give up on a guy you invested so much in. I can keep FA picks (as 25th rounder) so it’s possible that Willingham will be kept, although I think he might be in the midst of a career year.

  99. Wilsonian says:

    Yet another trade discussion question. 16 Team H2H Keeper (keep 5 regardless of draft or position). Just got offered Garza/MD/Krispie for Josh Johnson/Carpenter/Cantu. This would leave me with a starting staff of Garza, Haren, Latos, Lewis, Holland, Ely, Lester, E. Santana. Is this a done deal? What are your thoughts on it? Thanks dood…

  100. Bill Lumbergh says:

    @Tony: I probably did pay too much. Gave up Hamilton and E. Santana. I then inserted CarGo from my bench, to replace Josh, picked up Beltre off the wire to ride his hot streak (using my newly freed roster spot) and will sit Wright. I’m thinking (hoping) that the chance of long-term Haren success is greater than the chance that both METH-od Man (Hamilton) and Big Erv both staying healthy for an extended period. Only time will tell.

  101. Real Tom says:

    After three starts, I dropped Cueto since I had traded for Slowey. After two or three more starts, I picked Cueto back up. Cueto’s like one of my future children. Now that he’s matured, I don’t want to tell him that I dropped him.

  102. poop says:

    Eh, The Wire was a slow moving show up until the end of ‘The Cost’, and seasons 2-4 had the best peak of any TV show ever made, so I’ll wait until next season before making too many judgements about character development.

  103. Carl Spackler says:

    How would you rank these guys the rest of the year Wieters, Posada, Soto, Montero, Doumit

  104. Tom Emanski says:

    Damn you Luis Castillo!! You just stole a SB from Reyes because you thought check-swinging while he’s running was a good idea? As Leo in Blood Diamond would say, “are you craze, man?”

  105. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Brian: Eh

    @Donnie Baseball: I do hate it, I think Ely’s peripherals look great.

    @LMack: No problem.

    @Griffey24: Six of one really… Try Jair, I guess.

    @tony b.: Push.

    @paulzone: Napoli…

    @greenmountaincoffee: Napoli…

    @vinko: Not even sure why you would question starting him, hope you did.

    @TonyCino: Strasburg

    @Van Hammersly: Belch

    @Wilsonian: I thought this trade was already discussed. I’d want Garza’s side.

    @poop: I hear ya, Poop. I’m watching the whole season, but I can tell when episodes pile up and I have no interest in watching it, how I’m feeling.

    @Carl Spackler: Wieters, Doumit, Soto…

    @Tom Emanski: Ha

  106. peter says:

    Ok, another “Grandy: Part Deux” question… Grandy is coming off the DL tomorrow, and Snider is coming off in the next week. Candidates for cuttin’ in a 12 team h2h:

    – Gomes
    – Robot Jones
    – Boesch
    – Borbon/Morgan (I’ve been platooning since someone dropped Borbon a couple weeks ago; I wish one was clearly playing better than the other so it wasn’t a coin-flip… was hoping to trade one if/when both started hitting.)

    So I need to drop 1 of those guys, now. Another in about a week.

  107. Bill Lumbergh says:

    Now that Penny & Lohse are on the disgraceful list, anyone else taking the plunge with P.J. Walters???

  108. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: sorry, no. I guess I should’ve clarified. The first deal we talked about was the one I offered, which was: Johnson/Cantu/C. Lewis for MD/Garza/Capps. He then countered with the Johnson/Carpenter/Cantu for MD/Garza/Krispie. So it was slightly different. I was wondering if the inclusion of Carpenter and Krispie made any difference. Sorry for the miscommunication and thanks for the advice.

  109. Donnie Baseball says:

    BJ upton-good bye low or will we be seeing Jennings in CF in July?

  110. peter says:

    @poop: @brad: I’m w/ Brad: there’s no clear-cut dramatic conflict in Treme (unlike the Wire). The character development likely has the same developmental pace as the Wire. But without the sustainable conflict, it doesn’t have the capacity to be nearly as engaging.

    Unless it turns out there’s a mysterious black smoke living in the HANO projects.

  111. Donnie Baseball says:

    Wow, 8 BB for Dice-K.

  112. Bill Lumbergh says:

    Pick a side: Kennedy/Rasmus/Wright or Josh Johnson/Granderson. 12 team H2H keeper league.

  113. Eddy says:

    Did you catch that ridiculous American Idol performance of Pants on the Ground with a William Hung cameo?

    It hit me then, as I was watching a bunch of guys dancing with their pants on the ground on national television, that we have sad days ahead of us. But it did provide a good laugh

  114. G-RAM says:

    Which deal do you guys like better for me:

    I get Justin Upton for Alfonso Soriano and Aaron Hill


    I get Jason Werth for Alfonso Soriano and Vernon Wells

  115. TonyCino says:

    12 team 10×10 roto keeper league, I am currently in 5th
    My OF: Kemp, JUpton, Lind, Bruce, Rasmus with Quentin benched

    My staff: Halladay, Garza, Nolasco, Liriano, JGarcia, CLewis, Ely, Holland and Medlen with Penny, Olsen and Bedard on the DL.

    Guy shopping MHolliday rejected my offer of CLewis and Alexei, but would do the trade for JGarcia straight up.

    Should I?

  116. poot says:


    I don’t know, I think it can/will be as gripping as The Wire, I just don’t think that we’ll get alot of those moments every season, like we did with The Wire.

  117. G-RAM says:


    I absolutely think you should take that trade.

  118. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eddy: I watched it. Seems odd that 98% of their audience is 13 year old girls and they have bands like Hall and Oates and Chicago performing. Does their audience even know these groups? re: Pants on the Ground, I liked the original better, wasn’t a fan of the remix.

    @G-RAM: Werth

    @TonyCino: Sure, try it.

  119. Mike D. says:

    @Grey: Roto 5×5 – Encarnacion, A. Gordon, C. Guillen, Blalock. You like this order for rest of the season overall value?

    Thanks- Mike D.

  120. Martin says:

    @grey- my pitching is not very good with beckett, wandy, slowey, baker struggling. So, would you trade prince fielder for david price and josh johnson?

  121. danimal35 says:

    @Steve: It’s a “mental” rest

  122. Steve says:

    @danimal35: Well, owning him is driving me mental so I guess it’s fair enough.

  123. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mike D.: I’d switch Guillen with Gordon.

    @Martin: I’d prefer to do a smaller trade. Like Krispie for Ely or something.

    @Steve: Ha

  124. Martin says:

    @grey- ok, makes sense. Just wondering though, do you value Ely over Slowey or Ian Kennedy?

  125. Arrec Bardwin says:

    Javy Vazquez or Kris Medlen

    16 team mixed H2H points league. (3 pts per ip 1 pt per k 10 pts per win -1 per hit allowed -1 per walk allowed -2 per er allowed -5 pts per loss.

  126. Bill Lumbergh says:

    @Grey – Are you still recommending a “buy” on Masterson? He’s available, but it seems like he has really been struggling. Think he turns it around any time soon? Thanks!

  127. Arrec Bardwin says:

    add-on. Current matchup could hinge on Medlen’s start vs Pittsburgh.

  128. Tom Emanski says:

    Reyes Owners Rejoice!

  129. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    Would you trade away Andrus for Rollins straight up?

  130. Bill Lumbergh says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: I wouldn’t. Rollins gets hurt too often and Elvis has yet to reach his peak.

  131. Q says:

    Question: I’m in a 12 team roto league. I’ve got Slowey on my team, but Anibal Sanchez, Gio Gonzalez, and Brett Cecil, Wandy, and Bonderman are all on the wire. Should I drop Slowey and pick up one of them? And if so, which one?

  132. GopherDay says:

    @Grey: Just out of curiosity, Reyes or Andrus?

    I’m kind of suprised you’d take Andrus over Rollins….

  133. mr baseball says:

    Brian Matusz or Doug Fister

  134. mr baseball says:

    hey grey should I pick up the Hoff

  135. GopherDay says:

    @GopherDay: Another thing, this is a keeper league where you can keep the guy 2 rounds higher than where he was drafted.

    Do you think Andrus could go in the 5th round next year?

  136. mr baseball says:

    both pick ups are in 12 team league for me (non Keeper)

  137. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Bill Lumbergh: @Grey: Thanks… yeah, thinking the same thing here. A guy posted that he’s looking for SBs (he also needs saves, though he didn’t post that). I offered him my Andrus/Jaime/Dotel for his Stewart/Rollins/Halladay. I doubt he’ll bite, but I guess I’ll find out just how much he wants those SBs.

  138. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Q: Grab Cecil, though honestly I don’t know who he gets next.

    @GopherDay: Reyes or Andrus, coin flip. I’d take Reyes if push came to shove. I think Andrus should go in the 5th round, yeah. At least. If he steals 50 bases and gets 7 homers, he might reach the 3rd round.

    @mr baseball: Fister

    @mr baseball: Grab the Hoff.

  139. Boo Artest says:

    Rank these SP’s: Latos, Slowey, Kennedy, and Arroyo

  140. GopherDay says:

    @Grey: Okay, thanks! The guy who owns Andrus is in second to last…I’ll give him this nice long note about how great Rollins will be hitting in front of that Phillies lineup!

    Thanks Grey!!

  141. GopherDay says:

    @Grey: Ah! How nice! His team name is “Philly_05”

  142. @Grey: Figures Pelf would shut down the Phils since I benched him. That’s two straight that he’s shown me up. I think he’s taking my doubting him personally. He gave me that look Saturday night at Metco.

  143. danimal35 says:

    @Steve: oh me too…on top of that I’m a Rays fan so I get punched in the gut twice about 80% of his at bats

  144. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Would you trade Starlin for Andrus? What about Lee?

  145. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Sorry, D-Lee

  146. BKK says:

    @Grey: Similar question to Q. I noticed Cecil still available, drop Tim Hudson or hold. Seems to have forgtten how to K or someone replaced his K’s with BB’s.

  147. wily mo says:

    cueto started pitching like lincecum about four days after i came on here and demanded to know why everybody kept on talking about him like he was undroppable.

  148. AJ says:

    what side are you on Jaime Garcia for Billy Butler? Is it close?

  149. Tom Emanski says:

    @wily mo: Same here. I dropped him when he had a 5ish ERA.

  150. @Grey: Hey just playing the odds right? Phils own Pelf lifetime. I didn’t think twice benching him last night… That’s why they play the games I guess.

    @AJ: I take Butler by a long shot. Garcia’s good but bound for a rough patch.

  151. Joel says:

    Colby’s xFIP will probably remain steady.

    It’s his ERA relative to the xFIP that would change in the summer heat.

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