We have a compact slate of only ten games today, but there’s a whole lot of lefty action going on, so let’s see who we can expose to cash in on some DK dolla billz.  Jon Lester, $11,600 seems like the obvious choice against a weak Philly offense, but he hasn’t been the K machine on the road that he has been at home.  At home he’s been beasting out, as opponents are hitting a mere .186 with 55 Ks in 48 IP and on the road they’re hitting .271 with only 14 Ks in 22 IP.  Granted it’s a very small sample size, but it is something to think about going into a hitters park.  I may not be feeling Lester today, but I am One Hunnit on a Cubbies stack vs lefty Adam Morgan.  Steven Matz, is another LH stud going tonight against Pit and as good as he’s been I’m hesitant endorsing him as well because of the matchup.  Pit has been swinging it against LHP, ranking in the top 5 at a .267/.445/.787 clip.  With JDong Jr (Jung Ho Kang) back along with Marte, Cutch, Freese and Mercer, I think Matz it’s going to have a rough night.  Now that I’ve negged you out on the top two starters for tonight who should you roster?

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Christian Friedrich, SP: $7,500 – Hodgepadre!  I feel like we might pick on SD and Atl a little too much, but Atl has been awful against LHP.  They’re hitting a measly .216, striking out at a 26% rate per AB and there’s something about his name that makes me think I can roster him, eat fried food and get rich.

Danny Duffy, SP: $4,300 – OH YEAH!!  Are you ready to get Duffed?  This is a sneaky tourney play, as I think most people will be intimidated with the matchup at Camden Yards.  If you’re looking to do a Cubbies stack and you need some SP relief, then DuffMan just might deliver.

Chris Archer, SP: $7,900 – I’m not a fan of starting a guy who has been struggling all season in a hitters ballpark, but it’s a NL park and I’ve got a feeling Archer will hit the bullseye tonight.  He’s got a great price tag and if he can flash some vintage 2015 shizz then it’ll get us that much closer to some DK bling.

David Ross, C: $2,800 – Like a Ross!  Lester is pitching today and Ross has been a stud ever since he announced he was retiring after this year.  Maybe dude should of tried to retire like 5 years ago because he’s batting .391/.696/1.227 vs LHP this year and has earned non-Lester starts with the bat.

Eric Hosmer, 1B: $3,400 – Discount Double Check!  Hosmer cooled off a bit over the weekend against that tough Tribe staff, but he’s been raking.  Great value tonight in Camden Yards against Mike Wright or Vance Worley.

Mike Napoli, 1B: $4,600 – This game might get be a boat race with Cle numbers vs LHP and James Paxton looking like he’s throwing batting practice.  I’m green lighting a Tribe stack as it looks just as juicy as the Cubbies matchup.

Neil Walker, 2B: $3,500 – Apparently Pit was making him wear an eyepatch when he hit against LHP, because dude only had 2 HR from the right side over the last three seasons.  Tip of the cap to the Mets brass as they noticed this, rostered him, and now he’s already got 5 HR’s vs LHP in 44 AB’s.

Steve Pearce, 1B/2B: $3,500 – He’s at Coors Jr and he’s already got 5 HR’s vs LHP this year.

Kyle Seager, 3B: $4,600 – I love the matchup against Trevor Bauer tonight, but every time I talk about him he waits until the next night to mash.  So this is a note to for your future self, “roster Kyle Seager the day after Heat talks about him”.

Jake Lamb, 3B: $4,100 – Our Tri-Lamb is going for the Tri-Fecta tonight.  He’s been featured the past two Monday’s and he’s delivered bombs in each of them.  Go ahead and show everyone how Baaahhhhddddd Ass you really are.

Nolan Arenado, 3B: $4,500 – The winds have been kicking up here in So-Cal and he likes Dodger Stadium.  I got Grey to spring for a Whirl-Enator that measured up to the second stadium wind speeds to correlate with Stream-O-Nator and Hitter-Tron, but DFS-Bot got all Alpha Robot and needless to say we won’t be rolling out the Whirl-Enator anytime soon.

Carlos Correa, SS: $4,500 – Multi hit games in 4 of the last 7 games.  He’s heating up and he’s going to be back above that 5k line real soon.

Francisco Lindor, SS: $4,100 – He’s got some nice reverse splits and he’s got 2 HR’s over the last two games.

Carlos Gonzalez, OF: $4,900 – Remember when he was cold as ice and you were asking Grey if you should drop him?  Yeah those days seem like forever ago; what a difference 7 HRs in ten games makes.

Nelson Cruz, OF: $4,100 – Here’s another guy who’s buried under a bunch of shizz with a great matchup.

Mark Trumbo, OF: $5,400 – If you’re passing on the DuffMan then go ahead and roster Trumbo.  He’s only hitting .178 vs LHP, but he has 6 HR’s.

Jeff Francoeur, OF: $2,700 – Great value as he’s been solid against LHP with .339/.452/.834 slashline and 2 HRs.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Summer is upon us and at least for today most of the games are good to go.  The PIT vs NYM is the only game that has a decent chance of rain at 40%.  TOR vs DET isn’t completely safe as they have a 15% chance of a thunderstorm during game time.

Doing Lines In Vegas

I’d like to send out a Birthday Wish to my Dad Leonard today!  Happy 67th to hardest working man I know and Thank You for being such a Great Dad.  He was one of the smart guys that opted to skip Vegas and get in with the smaller Reno crowd back in the day.  He got treated like a king at a discount, just like us grinders in DK, always looking for the smart play.  Lester is heads and shoulders above everyone else tonight at -250 at PHI.  The highest scoring games according to Vegas are the HOU vs TEX at 9 1/2 and TB vs ARI at 9.

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