They call Draft fantasy for the people and why not? It’s easy as Sunday morning. Sign up at, do a quick snake draft of 3, 4, 6 or 10 players, and get a piece of the payouts.  Here at Razzball we recommend using Value Based Drafting (VBD) to make the most of your roster.  Using Rudy’s tools you can easily sort values and take the projected points for the final player drafted at each position (P, IF, OF) and subtracting from all the players at that position, then re-ranking based on VBD.  In other words: Razzball will give you the inside knowledge you need to dominate your DFS opponents.

There are a number of great pitchers today, but no better than Chris Sale.  He’s in top form to start the season and his numbers against the Orioles with Boston are vintage 2000 Pedro Martinez: 3-0, 2.05 ERA, .73 WHIP, 33 strikeouts in 22 Innings.  Many will be on the Ohtani train, and why not?  Close to perfect games pitching, hitting homers off Kluber, he’s incredible.  You’ve got Kershaw in a home start where he’s nails on any given day.  You won’t be hurt with Syndergaard either, Thor is mighty, but he’s slightly more risky as he is coming off injury last year.  Despite stiff competition Chris Sale is the number one guy today and will give you an edge.  If you are playing a three person draft you can probably wait to draft Sale with the last pick and still get the best match-up of the day.  In larger drafts you can still grab Sale later than Ohtani and Kershaw potentially.  Here are a few more early, middle, and late picks to use:

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Zack Godley, SP: Middle – He’s facing the Dodgers who he just dominated on April 3, and this time he gets them in the pitching haven of Dodgers Stadium.  A pretty good backup plan if others hop on all the top SP names.

Carlos Martinez, SP: Late – This Ace Cardinals hurler can be had with a late pick in a 10 player draft and faces the lowly Reds in Cincinnati.  Votto is off to a Mendoza-esk start and the Reds are scuffling at 2-12.  Budweiser is the St Louis brew, but it’s Miller time for Carlos Martinez.

Trea Turner, IF: Early – He’s filling up the stat sheet so far this year with and hit .299 with an .824 OPS at home last year which is where he’ll be facing off against the Colorado Rockies and their weak pitching staff.

Mike Trout, OF: Early – We’re talking number one pick early.  After a slow first week he’s  settled in and raking like a guy who doesn’t want Ohtani to get the MVP.  Sure it’s obvious, but it would be irresponsible of me to leave this guy out.

Freddie Freeman, IF: Middle – He’s off to a great start and get’s to tee off in Wrigley, where he has an .859 career OPS, against the Cubs and RHP Tyler Chatwood.  Did I mention he has a .922 career OPS against right-handers?  This match-up could make him a top pick today and he won’t come with a first round price tag.

Tommy Pham, OF: Middle – How about a career .947 OPS at Great American Ballpark and a career 1.037 OPS against the Reds?  This guy usually bats first or second in the lineup and will get plenty of chances to pad those stats.

Jose Martinez, IF: Late – He’s off to an incredible start (1.051 OPS), and gets to take his career 1.036 in Cincinnati against righty Homer Baily; the former Ace who is now anything but.  In fact, Martinez has a 2.550 OPS against Baily.  Again, small sample size of only 4 ABs, but an incredible bet in the later rounds.

Andrew McCutchen, OF: Late – He’s starting to heat up and gets to take his career .966 OPS vs lefties against LHP Joey Lucchesi in San Diego, where he has a surprising .900 career OPS in that cavern of a ballpark.  He’s generally hitting third these days and if that’s not value for a 9th or 10th round draft pick today then I’m Alicia Silverstone.

I’m Only Happy When It Raines

Rock Raines never played during a rain-out, and we never want you starting guys who’s teams get walloped.  Today Mother Nature is throwing DFS players one of those Ohtani splitters.  It’s solid rain in Cleveland all day where they’re playing Toronto, the same in Detroit for their game against the Yankees.  It’s going to be snowing in Chicago for Cubs Braves.  It’s more touch and go for the Braves/Cubs, teams definitely want to get their games in, but it’s not looking good for the other two.

Viva Las Vegas

Elvis was the king, so let’s do him justice with some good old gambling data.  The Houston Astros are the biggest favorites today at -330 , followed by the Red Sox at -210, the Dodgers at -205 and the Angels at -200.  The highest over/unders are 9 for the Cardinals @ Reds and Yankees @ Tigers.