David Price made his 1st major league start yesterday against the Orioles. He went five and one-third innings and gave up one earned run. He was solid through four innings, but then his stool got loose in the fifth when he walked in a run. What I saw, he looked dazzling at times and every bit the hyped uber-prospect with the bland name that he’s supposed to be. He’ll be an early Rookie of the Year candidate next year, but there’s a lot of baseball still for him to play this year. Will he be an October hero or will he struggle? Will he blaze through spring training or hit Manual Noriega-sized facial craters? Stay tuned! Or not! Or yacht! Your choice! Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Rich Harden – The Cubs begin to setup their playoff rotation by pushing Harden’s start from Tuesday to Thursday. (This is another reason why H2H is lame. You have playoffs in your league when many players aren’t even interested in the outcome of the games. This is also a solid reason to load up on Mets, Phillies, Diamondbacks, Dodgers and Brewers as they fight for their lives.)

Chris Dickerson – Looking invulnerable for almost a month until his one weakness was exposed, the Achilles. Dickerson has an Achilles stress fracture and he’s done for the year. Don’t worry, Dickerson, I’ll make sure you show up on a sleeper list or two in ’09. Toodles for now.

Hanley Ramirez – 0-for-5 as he returned from shoulder pain to watch his Marlins get officially eliminated. The Marlins might shutdown Hanley before the Nots’ series to avoid further injury for their prized shortstop. Unless they feel compelled to give all the paying Nots fans their money’s worth, which is approximately $4.75.

Jake Peavy – Goes from a two start pitcher to a one start pitcher as his start is pushed back from Tuesday to Thursday. Peaved? Yeah, you are.

Brandon Webb – Won his 22nd game and puts the Cy Young pressure on Lincecum to throw 140 pitches next time out. A Cy Young is soooo (I almost went with two extra snarky ohs, but I felt like three was necessary) much more important than a healthy pitcher next year.

Joey Devine – Got a Hold yesterday as he entered the eighth. Well, there goes his save potential for this last week, right? Not so fast, Ralph Tresvant. Ziegler blew the save and was pulled from the ninth for Embree.

Ervin Santana – 8 IP, 1 ER, 9 Ks. On the year, he has an incredible 209/46 K/BB ratio. In case there’s anyone out there that doesn’t follow these sorts of statistics, that ratio is Santanalicious, as in Johan.

Kelly Johnson – HR yesterday. You’re going to look at his 82/12/67/.285/10 numbers next year and think, “He’s exactly what I need at 2nd base!” And he’s not bad, but, man, he gets yawnstipating for months at a time. BTW, my preseason projections for him were 85/17/65/.275/12. Pretty close, huh? I can’t wait until I go over all my preseason predictions this offseason to see how I did — all starting next week! That’s right, put on your excitement shoes!

Stephen Drew – HR yesterday. Hitting .351 with 5 HRs in September. Ain’t that right, Drew? True.

Dan Wheeler – Save yesterday. Bee tee dubya, Percival is not even with the team as he gets readied for the postseason (and middle age).

David DeJesus – 4-for-4 yesterday, in the midst of a 13-game hitting streak and batting over .350 in September. Groove is in DeJesus.

Miguel Cabrera – Lower back tightness forced him out of the game. Make sure you have a backup because the Tigers will not press him into action if he’s hurting.

Hank Blalock – HR yesterday and still healthy. Hank, there’s only six more days you have to live in that bubble! Keep on rollin’!

  1. Crafty35a says:

    I currently have Ziegler. Devine has already been snatched up. Ziegler, Wheeler, or Perez for saves the rest of the way?

  2. Frank Rizzo says:

    I’m pretty desperate for pitching help right now. Picked Scott Baker back up and I think I’m going to roll the dice with him at home against the White Sox tonight. Huge series in Minny over the next few days.

  3. cruisinkc says:

    Yes or no starting Jesse Litsch tonight against the Yanks?

  4. Lolhamburger says:

    I like Wheeler, Ziegler, Motte, C. Perez in that order. Wheeler has two games today, so you might want to consider swapping him for Ziegler even if you favor Ziegler.

  5. JJ says:

    Thanks to this site I actually made the playoffs and won my league being a complete newbie.
    Now I need to secure some starters for next year. H2H league with SP being way over valued. Need to keep 5.
    No brainers are Grady Sizemore, Matt Holiday, Matt Lincecum, and Justin Verlander.
    Vying for the last spot are:
    Chin Ming Wang
    Kyle Lohse
    Need help picking one from the list…

  6. Lolhamburger says:

    @JJ: EVen if SPs are way over valued, I would question the wisdom of keeping pitchers over batters in any league. What other batters are you not keeping? Of your list, I would take Wang as the fifth keeper. I would be worried about Lincecum’s injury risk for next year.

    @anyone: If I can be a bit self-promotional, I have been running a thread under the general players discussion forum on my H2H matchup playoff experience (which is still ongoing). There is generally a lot of talk about pickups and closers. Might be useful reading for anyone in the finals. Grey gives good feedback, y’all.

  7. Lolhamburger says:

    #4 above should have been @Crafty35a but that is probably obviously.

    @Crafty35a: Is S. Shields available? The Angels will be resting K-Rod some during this last week. If there is a save situation today, the Angels have already said that S. Shields will get the chance.

  8. Lolhamburger says:

    @JJ, @Grey: I was unclear. I agree with Grey that you should keep Lincecum over Wang. I would keep Lincecum over any of the pitchers you listed, injury risk notwithstanding.

  9. cubbies299 says:

    Hey, I’m down 3 saves but up by 2 holds in my league. I’m already using howell as my loophole SP-eligible setup. Think I should bench my closers and just play setup men till the bell tolls on Sun? Who are your best choices to get holds down the line that may be free agents?

  10. Grey

    Grey says:

    @cubbies299: So you’re punting saves and going to tack on extra holds even though you are already up in that category? I’m confused. Why not bench Holds and try and tie or win Saves? This way you win both. Are Saves a lost cause already?

  11. cubbies299 says:

    I’m kinda feeling so… I have Capps/Soria against his Wood/Jenks/Nathan, aka I’m fucked. I was hoping to just cover holds and maybe get some help in ratios since the setup guys usually get worked a bit more. I don’t see a chance in tying saves even if I pick up Motts, lindstrom, or any other rogue saves guy.

  12. Grey

    Grey says:

    @cubbies299: What Holds guys does he have? Does he have any chance of catching you?

  13. Lolhamburger says:

    Salazar is batting 5th for Baltimore in the first game of the doubleheader against Tampa today. In ESPN, he has 2B eligibility. With Mora injured, Salazar has a good chance of playing in both games today. In deeper leagues where stats still matter, you could do worse for one of your 2B/MI spots than Salazar.

  14. cubbies299 says:

    @Grey: Touche Grey, touche. Picking up Motts and Nelson as we speak

  15. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Lolhamburger: True, just don’t expect steals (as people tend to try for with their MI).

    @cubbies299: Ok, cool.

  16. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Temporarily considered benching Shields today because of his road #s. Maybe I should have but it’s Baltimore dammit.

    Oh well, Shields tends to give up homers early then pitch lights out. Hamels and Bills oughta bail him out it he doesn’t.

    Did you throw Shields?

  17. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BigFatHippo: I throw Shields every time out unless there’s some strange reason not to (he’s reporting arm soreness or something), so, yeah, I started him.

  18. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BigFatHippo: BTW, there was something in the forums for you.

  19. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Got it covered, gonna help ACE win his league.

    I know you don’t care much for football but I play in 2 money leagues, could have the best team in both. Would be sweet to win baseball and both football leagues.

  20. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Been a Bronco since 76, Orange Crush broke my heart in 77. (fuckin Cowboys)

    Been to Mile High twice and seen em play on the road in 5 different cities. What can I say, I love tailgating.

    Rams are just a mistress, bought PSLs when they moved to St Lou and would be willing to trade them for a cheap pickup truck whether it runs or not. Any takers?

    re; Shields

    The thing I like about him is he doesn’t throw many pitches per inning. That’s a good sign of an Ace.

  21. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BigFatHippo: Used to love the Dolphins when it was Marino cause I would go to Florida every winter when I was younger (like I was a Senior Citizen!) Do you go see the Rams at all? Or do you sell your tickets?

    I love Shields and for whatever reason no one ever rates him properly. He’s always a bargain in drafts. It’s very weird why he’s always underrated.

  22. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Went to all the games early on. My brother and I own the PSLs. Since I moved down here I let him have em, no desire to see the losers. 99 through 2001 was a lot of fun though.

    Interestingly enough, my buddy Kelly had Shields all year last year and dropped him when he started streaming pitchers. He finished 3rd while I made a late run for 1st and missed by a couple pts.

    Had the foresight to pick up Shields and keep him for 5 bucks, lucky me.

    BTW-Fins are gonna be good again in about 3 years, get on the wagon now.

  23. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BigFatHippo: Yeah, haven’t watched the Fins in about 5 years. But those years of Clayton anf Duper were fun. If only they had a running game….

    Shields was dropped in a keeper? Damn. That’s sweet.

  24. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Shame Marino never won the big one. He was still awesome regardless.

    I could see not keeping Shields if you’re trying to win that year, who knew the Rays were gonna be this good.

    Had my pick of 5 dollar pitchers with Bannister and McGowen in the mix. Made the right choice obviously.

  25. BigFatHippo says:

    Surely Wheeler or Percy won’t blow the win for Shields will they? It’s Baltimore damnit.

  26. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BigFatHippo: Percy’s out for a bit, getting prepped (or propped up) for the playoffs.

  27. Steve says:

    Nice Game 1 for Bartlett, but 3-4 and no steals?


  28. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Wheeler’s the man. Good start by both of us.

    Looks like I’m rootin for the Rays to win the World Series. The state of Florida has never lost a playoff series by the way. Elias said so.

    They also said there’s a 70% chance Al Davis will rise from his coffin only at night. And a 100% chance that sheep are nervous.

  29. wassup says:

    drop Mora becaus he prob done for season. Who should I add, Callaspo, Alberto A (Marlins), Blalock or Hairston, im guessing blalock..your thoughts?

  30. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Crafty: That makes sense, but you can’t assume the Rays won’t pull him after 5 just to play it safe.

    @Steve: So greedy.

    @BigFatHippo: Elias is sooooo smart.

    @wassup: Blalock, Callaspo, Hairston, punt.

  31. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Since nobody’s talkin baseball anymore, have you seen “Burn After Reading”?

    Please tell me it’s a classic along the lines of “The Big Lebowski” and “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou.”

    Love the Coen brothers.

  32. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BigFatHippo: I haven’t seen it. Possibly going this weekend. I did see Righteous Kill, that was *not* a classic along the lines of Heat. It wasn’t even halfway decent along the lines of (fill-in halfway decent movie).

  33. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Wow, DeNiro and Pacino made a bomb? How dissapointing.

    Gotta blame it on the cheap ass producers who talked them into in the first place. Heat was the only movie they appeared in together right?

    Note to self, don’t bother with Righteous Kill.

    88 Minutes was actually pretty good, just watched that last night, check it out if you haven’t seen it.

  34. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BigFatHippo: Hoo-ah! Yeah, Heat was the only other one. Though they were both in Godfather 2, just not on the screen at the same time.

    88 Minutes? That looked like a Phone Booth ripoff. No?

  35. Steve says:

    @BigFatHippo: @Grey: Here’s some baseball for ya. The one-out Hold is bucking fullshit.

  36. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Honestly, I love baseball, but there’s problems with it. The Hold is one of those problems. It’s a really silly stat.

  37. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Way better than Phone Booth, no comparison. Don’t know why they didn’t put it up for review with the critics. I read the reviews every week and it said “not available for review”.

    Possibly because they’re leeches who love artsy fartsy shit instead of guns and nudity.

    Hoo-ah! love the scent of a woman, next one I get is gonna have more than 3 teeth in her head or I’m gonna buy her some. Gotta love the bootheel.

  38. Steve says:

    @Grey: The two-out Save, on the other hand, is an integral part of baseball tradition that must be protected at all costs.

  39. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BigFatHippo: BTW, the Bootheel is a great expression that I hadn’t heard of until you wrote it a few weeks ago. Long live the Bootheel!

    @Steve: No, the save is flawed too, but makes a load more sense than the Hold.

  40. Steve says:

    @Grey: It’s not flawed when my boy Ayala gets one.

  41. papasmurf says:

    Hank’s da man! I wish I had started him on Sunday instead of Laroche. WOuld have had 3 straight games w/ homers. He has actually hit lefties real well this year, so many next year he can put it together and return to at least fringe star status?

    PS, Beltran is pretty banged up right now… tonight he looked like he had trouble turning on the ball… could be MIA down the stretch.

  42. Grey

    Grey says:

    @papasmurf: Look at Papsmurf making his way over to the blog and away from the forums. Nice! What’s the occasion?

    And, yeah, Blalock’s been on fire.

  43. Steve says:

    Are Kuo or Downs likely to pitch again before the end of the regular season?

  44. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: I think Downs might have a better chance of seeing some action, but neither is a good bet to give much more this year.

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