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Cliff Lee aka The Adverb got through the Gnats like a subject and a predicate.  Pitches so sharp, Lee will cut your head off.  Selig is the commissioner.  You no wanna start Leezy, he is the Finisher.  Stop playin’, he do it like a King do.  Pitch!  Lee flow like scuba, pitch, Lee’s bold like Cuba and The Adverb blow right through ya!  Sorry, I kinda love that song and I’m not even a huge Lil’ Wayne fan.  (Note:  Rudy just read that and needs Chad Billingsley’s grandmother Barbara to help translate that jive like in Airplane) Any the hootie hoo!  For fantasy purposes, there’s not much to say.  The Adverb lit up the scoreboard… Brilliant Lee.  He’s a number one.  You knew that.  Moving on, snitches.  Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Aroldis Chapman – After first being reported here after inferring shizz from other news sources, Aroldis is being shutdown for a few days.  Doctors are saying he got Dustied.

Joe MauerTwins said that Mauer sat out because he’s sore.  See, Cuddyer was saying about some girl in the stands, “I’d like to see Mauer of that girl… my bed!” and it turned out to be Mauer’s sister, so Mauer got all sore.  Or maybe it’s worse because he went on the DL.  So what’s the over/under on the amount of games that Joe Mauer plays at catcher before he’s moved to 1B, 3B, or DH?  500 games?

Nick Markakis – 3 for 5, 3 RBIs, 2 runs, 1 HR.  You can’t start a fire without a Sparkakis!

Phil Hughes – 4 1/3 IP, 5 ER, 7 baserunners, 2 Ks.  I’m seeing people start to drop Hughes.  From someone who doesn’t like to overreact to early season woes/whoas, I can understand losing Hughes.

Jose Reyes – Had the always satisfying slam & legs on the first side of the doubleheader.  Nom nom nom.

Scott Hairston – 3-for-7, 3 RBIs and a HR playing both games.  I told Rudy he’s the best current Mets outfielder and he said that was the top five stupidest things I’ve ever said.  I think it was top six.

R.A. Dickey – 6 1/3 IP, 5 ER, 12 baserunners, 4 Ks.  Dickey sucks!  Hahahahahaha… That’s gold!!!  Oh, my God, breathe, Grey, breathe!  Okay.  I’m good.  So juvenile.  That joke is like Chinese food, I don’t even remember what I was laughing at ten seconds later.  Let me reread the beginning.  Oh, that’s right!  Hahahahahahaha…  That’s gold!!!

Brad Emaus – 1-for-5 along with two bobbles on potentially inning-ending double plays that cost the Mets about 6 runs.  Amazing how much he looks like Dan Uggla, only he’s not.  He’s a poor man’s Dan Uggla.  That poor man is Jeff Wilpon.

Jordan Zimmermann – 7 IP, 1 ER, 5 baserunners, 4 Ks.  Looking like a genius telling everyone to draft him.  Not looking like a genius by telling most of you to bench him vs. the Phillies.  Back to square one on my quest to look smarter than I actually am.

Carl Pavano – 8 IP, 0 ER, 6 baserunners, 7 Ks.  Terrific!  Spectacular!  Hyperbole!  The team he was facing has one hitter batting over .300 and his name is Sam Fuld.  Fuld the love of God!

Brandon Beachy – 5 1/3 IP, 5 ER, 11 baserunners, 8 Ks.  I get the urge to want to drop him, but in most leagues I would hold him for another start or two.  He’s got good stuff, it’s a long season, yadda3.

Greg Reynolds – 5 IP, 2 ER, 7 baserunners, 1 K.  Now back-to-back solid starts.  I’m gonna be honest with you, if he were Latin, I’d be all over this guy.  Change his name to Jorge Renaldo and you’d pick him up too.  Don’t lie, you mentirosa.

Jon Herrera – 2-for-5, 3 RBIs with a homer.  He’ll be in this afternoon’s Buy/Sell.  He’s be on the right side, which is to say the left side.

Troy Tulowitzki – Hit his 6th and 7th homers yesterday.  Have some pierogies, you’ve earned them!

Bruce Chen – Now 2-0 after 8 innings of no earned run pitching on one strikeout.  It was against the Mariners.  Translating that against a real offense, that’s a 5.00 ERA, 2 HRs allowed, and -5 strikeouts.  If you stream pitchers, I’d just pick up anyone against the Mariners.  Pitching against them is like playing tetherball against a guy in a strait jacket.

Bud Norris6 shutout innings with 7 Ks against the Padres.  Pitching against the Padres offense is like playing tetherball against a girl in a strait jacket.

Jorge Posada – Tied the game in the 9th with a solo HR off Kevin Gregg.  All the man does is hit HRs.  7 hits on the year, 5 HRs.  If he’s going to do that and stay catcher eligible, he’s going to have to start paying royalties to Rod Barajas and Miguel Olivo.  Maybe he thinks DH stands for Designated Homerer.

Kyle Farnsworth – Happy days in Tampa as the Farns gets the sphinctory as Potsy (Johnny Damon) hit a 2-run walkoff to get the win.  Don’t worry.  The ‘jump the shark’ episode where Farnsy gives up backbreaking HRs will come soon enough.  But until then, SAGNOF!

Joe Nathan/Matt Capps – How do you play Loser’s Poker?  It’s something like this…..Nathan “I raise you 2 ER and a blown save.”.  Matt Capps, “I see your 2 ER + blown save and raise you a loss on a walkoff HR!”.

Jamey Carroll – Don Mattingly knows greatness from the leadoff position from his days with Rickey Henderson.  So it must be that much worse to have to pencil in Jamey Carroll as the leadoff hitter.  Carroll barely qualifies for a MLB utility role but he did managed to go 2-4 with 2 runs and a SB last night – not to mention recite a punchy obituary list of ex-Dodgers (Steve was sniffing coke since he was just a rookie….)

Matt KempSlam and legs!  Now has 8 SBs and hitting well over .400.  Memo to SAGNOFs – skip Rihanna and go collect knowledge from Davey Lopes.

Brian McCann – A 3 run HR off Nolasco.  Hitting .340 with 9 RBIs, he’s one of the only expensive catchers (*cough* Mauer *cough*) who’s actually delivering.  Hopefully the Braves sign a pitcher named Watson so fans can hear Chip Caray say “Watson-McCann“.

Randy Wolf – 6 2/3 shutout innings with 10 Ks and only 5 base runners.  After a year and two starts of mediocre performance, I still think he’s a sheep underneath the uniform.

Phil Coke – 7-up, 7 shutout innings down against the A’s for his first win of the year and 2-for-2 in quality starts.  I’m starting to get an Orange Crush on him.

Matt Holliday3 for 5 with 2 runs and 3 RBIs.  LaRussa must’ve waxed on and off his appendix scar.

Huston Street – Blew a save.  Rockies are saying he was tired from the previous day.  I can agree to that.  Healthy and well-rested, Street’s solid.  Injured or unwell-rested and he’s not so good.  BTW, I wait until the last game finishes to write these roundups.  I really should move to Hawaii so I can do these roundups at a reasonable hour.  Maybe I’ll live with the Victorinos.  “Mmm, I love how you incorporated pineapple into this dish, Mrs. Victorino.”

  1. Too Live Crudite says:

    List of my favorite things: Juvenile humor, you, R.A. Dick… actually, I’ll stop there.

  2. Steve says:

    Move to New Zealand.

    Watch the games over breakfast and lunch. Do the roundup and have dinner.

    Then you and me can hit the town.

    Would you drop Kennedy for Coke? (there’s a sentence you could have some fun with). Or does Kennedy deserve a bit more rope? This would be in the ol’ H2H.

  3. BigRedLatrine says:

    Greg Reynolds was sent back to his middle-management cubicle…er I mean to Triple-A after his start on Thursday. Cust kayin.

  4. AL KOHOLIC says:

    i think davis can hit again in the bigs,just dont see enough ab,s for all those guys

  5. lothda says:

    I have been reading this site for a long time and love it. I even make my wife read it sometimes, but then have to explain things cause she doens’t understand the context.

    “If you stream pitchers, I’d just pick up anyone against the Mariners. Pitching against them is like playing tetherball against a guy in a strait jacket.”

    Even though I am a Mariners fan, I loved this. You gotta be able to laugh at yourself when your team sucks it up so bad.

  6. Salty Balty says:

    Pick 2:

    Granderson v. Harrison (lefty)
    Jones v. Masterson
    Espinosa v. Narveson (lefty and I guess Espinosa likes lefties)

  7. vinko says:

    Some schmo in my league dropped Liriano. Would you pick him up in a 12 team league that doesn’t use a bench?

  8. vinko says:

    *would be dropping Beachy for Liriano, then.

  9. yanks4life says:

    Should I use a waiver claim on wandy or add any of the following pitchers to drop Sale: Beachy, De la Rosa, or Narveson?

  10. Wilsonian says:

    Great shizz, you twos…

    Any-the-who, I’m sure it’s too early to drop him, but would you hang on to Bruce Bruce in an 8 Team H2H and hope he becomes the potential 1st-3rd rounder next year like many predicted?

  11. SpecialFNK says:

    Michael Cuddyer has been playing 2B. maybe the twins should see if Mauer can play 2B. 3B would be ideal? but 2B would be easier?

    Wandy Rodriguez should NOT be dropped by anyone. used properly, Wandy is one of the best SP options there is. ONLY USE HIM AT HOME! he has not had an ERA under 3 at home since 2006. he was bad last year in May/June, but he still went on to have 2.11 ERA, 1.04 WHIP in the 2nd half, as well as overall 2.82 ERA, 1.14 WHIP at home.

  12. uncdrew says:

    Narveson. Tonight.

    That is all.

  13. timSTi says:

    My MI position is pretty rough with Jeter, Hill, & Espinosa. My bench is full of SP’s(Bumgarner, Zimm, DLR) and RP’s (Burnett, Gregg, Thornton)..

    Do I drop any of them for an MI flyer like Herrera or Alcides, while Jeter & Hill suck it up?

    I’m dead last in Runs in my 10 teamer. Thanks!

  14. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    In defense of Dickey, he woulda had a much better outing if the Mets outfield defense didn’t play like Bozo the Clown.

    Yeah, Narvy is going for me tonight.

    IMy RCL has both Liriano and Wandy; mainly becuase of them I have the RCL trifecta of being last in WHIP, ERA, and Wins. K’s as well. But last year, when I decided to jump off the Wand-Wagon, he caught on fire in the second half. My only consolation is that I followed advice and did not draft Phil Hughes.

  15. Wilsonian says:

    @Wilsonian: also, in the 8 Teamer, is Lind droppable for someone like Gordon?

    Thanks man. I have a serious problem figuring out who the hell is droppable in such a small league, and I definitely appreciate the advice.

  16. Chuck Norris says:

    Grey, my hitting is solid, I lead in all hitting categories (M.Cabrera, Tulo, Fielder, N. Cruz, Tabata, etc.)(<-insane, I know…), but I've got Liriano, Hansen, Lily, Beachy, Zimmerman so my SP has been pretty weak (for now).

    Someone has offered me Lester if I give up Cruz. What are your thoughts on Lester going forward…?

  17. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    Great stuff once again.

    In a 12-team NL only $100 FAAB ($93 left) how much should I bid on Herrera?

    And who do I drop – Niese or Pelfrey? I know Pelfrey was in an avoid tier, so I’m guessing it might be him.

  18. WIRE says:

    Rudy and Grey,

    First of all, awesome shirt ideas… Love’em both.

    Second, who is the better option for this year in your opinion- McClellan or Pineda?

  19. Ghostface Przybilla says:

    Tabata and Broxton OR Choo?

  20. Mr. Rickey says:

    Grey – I have been offered BJ Upton for Tabata. 10 Team 5X5 Roto league. Also have:

    Hanley Ramirez
    Justin Upton
    Carlos Pena

    It’s a daily league and I can start 4 of my 5 OFs. My gut says stick with Tabata – what do you think?

  21. Flunkie says:

    Hey Grey! Dude just dropped Eric Hosmer in my deep 14-man keeper. I want to pick him up and stash him before anyone else gets to him. I mean, I’m looking at the future of the Royals offense here. What do I do? Drop one of these guys:

    James Loney, Chone Figgins, Marco Scutaro, Danny Espinosa, Kila Ka’aihue, Jason Bay, Torii Hunter, Brandon Lyon, Tim Stauffer, Brandon Beachy, Kyle McClellan

    I was planning on dropping Scutaro for Lowrie soon. I also have one open spot, who is getting ready to be filled by Travis Wood. Should I cancel that and fill it with Hosmer?

  22. Shane says:

    AL only H2H 8×8 that counts OBP, do you prefer E5 or Betemit? Just holding position till Longo gets back.

  23. Eddy says:

    Good morning, Grey and Rudy!

    I need to pick up one of these. Just shooting for Ks and W. ERA and WHIP don’t matter.

    Hochevar v. SEA
    Bedard v. KC
    Porcello @OAK
    Garland v. STL

  24. phorts says:

    Sam Fuld is ….*pinky to mouth* Fuld’s Gold…

  25. 3FingersBrown says:

    @Grey: I love coke… oh the pitcher? Him too… that one never gets old either.

  26. Child Please says:

    12-team 5×5 roto keeper league
    Who do you like better a your MI, Brignac or Herrera?

  27. Pick up Brandon Beachy, he said.

  28. PublicEnemy#1 says:

    @Grey I’m currently rocking a staff of Halladay, Hanson, Zimmermann, Billingsley (I hate him), Kennedy, Garza. As you can tell, ‘cept for Halladay, shizz hasn’t gone well. Especially when you add on that Thornton and Sale make me feel like I dropped the soap in the community prison shower.
    Anyway, what do you think about dealing Ethier for Greinke? I kinda feel like I can platoon some combo of SSmith, Kubel, LScott into similar stats that Ethier would give me.

  29. papsmurf says:

    Tulo has 7 homers. My team has 7 homers. 3 of them belong to Brian Roberts. Kinda remarkable. 1 homer and 0 SBs in the last week.

    I may have built a first place razzball team this year.

  30. @Vinko: is your league accepting applications?

  31. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Grey – Hip, Hip, Jorge! (Until I want to drop him again next week!). The guy I traded Thornton to for Rios dropped him. Thornton or Storen for a 3rd RP (already have Kimbrel and Perez)? Thanks!

  32. Wilsonian says:

    @3FingersBrown: I’m surprised Ron Washington hasn’t convinced the Rangers’ front office trade Kinsler, Cruz, and Andrus for him yet…

  33. poop says:

    with the news of phillips tweaked groin, i wanted to pick up Herrera for some insurance who would you drop of these 4 players. Mcclellan, NArveson, pineda, harrison?


  34. kg says:

    @Grey –
    I must drop one of Ike Davis,Kubel,Scott.
    Who should I?

  35. Eddy says:

    For those in Razzball leagues:

    Drew Butera will be taking Mauer’s spot in the lineup. The dude is horrific. Though I already have Salty, I’m going to ride Butera for the two weeks and enjoy his (lack of) production.

  36. Giant JJ says:

    There’s no question in my mind, Rudy and Grey went out boozin’ last night. I think I know when Grey has been drinking. Keep on rockin’ in the free world

  37. Lines says:

    Tremendous roundup today, Grey. Better than Monsanto’s, albeit with less killing power.

    I had Jordan Zimmerman on the bench in two leagues last night. It was of my own volition, though, so don’t feel too bad (you can still feel a little bad, if you want). Dude needs a nickname; his name’s just too long to say all the way. Don’t have time for that. Jor-Zim makes him sound like an extra from Superman (not that anyone was gonna call him that). Ideas? Anyone?

    Also, holy crap! Anyone seen Panda playing 3rd this year? He’s everywhere. Sometimes he gets to balls he really shouldn’t. And I don’t mean in the, “Wow, can you believe his range?” kind of way. More the, “What the hell was that fat idiot thinking? It was the shortstop’s play to make, and Panda just threw it away!” kind of way. Still pretty impressive.

    Lastly, I got offered Kemp for CarGo (essentially). Any reason to explore a CarGo for a Kemp+1 swap? I figured I’d sit tight unless a really useful piece became part of the package.

  38. K!cks says:

    So now we know you live on the East coast … Who is Grey Albright? hmm … Tina Fey?

  39. JHBallgame says:

    Anyone who happens to have a crystal ball (but not crystal balls):

    Do I start Garza in Colorado today?

    I am starting Chacin…so why wouldn’t I start Garza? What, Chacin knows how to pitch in thin air but Garza doesn’t? Do they keep Cubans in the humidor along with the baseballs?

  40. Pigeon Pants says:

    Sounding like 30 days is a good bet for Mauer’s absence. Now that all the hot catchers of the first 2 weeks are off the wire I turn to this pool of loyal dregs to fill my 10 team mixed starting C slot:

    Ramos, Avila, Hanigan, Buck, Ruiz.

    Who’s my pickup? I’m kind of in love with Ramos but he doesn’t have the gig yet.

  41. Lines says:

    Oops. Sorry, Rudy. Didn’t see your name at the top. Didn’t mean to sell short your contribution to today’s hilarity. Good work, doode!

  42. charlie batch says:

    Hmm.. tough question to answer:

    Do you expect Reyes to outperform his draft position?.. are you seeing the old 1st round pick playing for the Mets so far this year? Is he a Buy, or a Hold?

  43. Jangle says:

    drop Venters for Uehara?

    Thanks folks, have a great weekend and keep up the excellent work Grey & Rudy!

  44. Suck My Wieters says:


    Is Brett Gardner now droppable? Say for someone like Fowler or Crisp?

  45. manfromearth says:

    @Grey/Rudy – I’ve got Daniel Hudson and Matt Cain on my team. Do I pitch both or just one of the two (I think I’d lean to Hudson in that instance, but would gladly welcome your take)? Do you generally shy away from starting both starters from one game?
    Commenter League – so far, just 11 games started for pitchers (second lowest in the league; it’s fun watching guys being done with there starting pitching at the beginning of July). Thanks. Third year of loving this site!

  46. Lob Ball says:

    I’m also getting an itchy trigger finger re. Brett Gardner. I have speed on my team with Tabata, Kemp, and Andrus. Should I drop BG for Coghlan or just be patient?

  47. anon says:

    1. start Morton @CIN?
    2. Drop Aviles for Herrera?

    thank you!

  48. Wilsonian says:

    What’s your take on Mitchell Boggs (besides the fact that he is the lead attorney on a large class action suit)? Any chance of him closing out games? He looked pretty nasty last night and has 12 ks through 8 innings.

  49. charlie batch says:

    BTW, Id buy a Tshirt with “I <3 Slam&Legs" or something on it.

  50. Andy says:

    Wandy was dropped in my league as well, so was Travis Wood.

    Should I drop any of these (Kuroda, E. Jackson, Kennedy, DLR, Beachy, Narveson) for either of those?

  51. Beer Bum says:

    Good stuff today, guys. Now please excuse me, i have to go to the bathroom and use the hand dryer to blow dry the front of my pants.

  52. AL KOHOLIC says:

    i want a head band that reads YUP.hehe

  53. Jangle says:

    follow up-drop venters/uehara or beachy/hellickson for Zimmermann?


  54. Pops says:

    Will Jed Lowrie be in this week’s Buy / Sell? Circle yes or no.

  55. Appreciate the laughs boys!
    Two questions:
    (1) Is Tulo #1 overall now in a redraft?
    (2) I’ve been collecting in me some Liriano. Did I pay too much?
    Deal 1—Liriano for N. Walker and Fowler
    Deal 2—Liriano for Wieters and S. Burnett

  56. Kendrys Cart Off Home Run says:

    @Grey: Beachy or Drabek?

  57. Up in this Mug says:


    for today’s lineup, should I start Fuld or Boesch?

  58. tyler says:

    Thoughts on my keeper team? 12 team mixed H2H, keep 6 every year as long as you want.

    C – Soto
    1B – M. Cabrera
    2B – Pedroia
    SS – Hanley
    3B – Panda (1B/3B)
    LF – Huff (LF/RF/1B)
    CF – Ellsbury (LF/CF)
    RF – Vlad
    UT – Span
    BN – Jose Lopez (2B/3B)
    DN – Nishioka (2B/SS)

    SP – Latos
    SP – Haren
    RP – N. Feliz
    RP – Soria
    P – Thornton
    P – Scherzer
    P – D. Hudson
    BN – Lilly
    BN – Colby Lewis
    BN – Nolasco
    BN – K. Drabek
    BN – Ogando
    DL – Santana

    Categories are standard 5 for hitters + OPS, K; for pitchers – W, ERA, WHIP, SV, K/9, K/BB.

    Thanks much

  59. Wake Up says:

    Jim Carroll…nice!

    As ugly as Beachy’s line looked…he wasn’t really that bad…I’m holding for now…

    I really wanted McCann this year but I refuse to take a catcher in the first 7 rounds and he was always gone by then…in fact, I still haven’t drafted a catcher in my H2H..I’m rolling out the extra SP so far…without knowing anything else about my vacuum…sound strategy?

  60. Greg Gallagher says:

    The shirts are a great idea, guys!

    Jordan Zimmermann last night, hmmm. I couldn’t decide whether or not to start him, given that he wasn’t likely to get much run support vs Cliff Lee.

    His numbers against the Phillies in two previous starts weren’t pretty (cuffed around at home in 2009 and in Citizen’s Flank in 2010), but I risked it – and was reveling in my own wisdom through four, with Zimmermann perfect and four K’s banked.

    But he struck out no-one from that point till he was pulled, and even allowing for the Espinosa error it seemed like the Phils phigured him out as the game went on.

    Over-long story short – despite his relative success yesterday, I’ll be in a quandary all over again next time he’s due to start against them.

  61. Wake Up says:

    @Wake Up: Sound Strategy…good Industrial Emo-Punk band name?

  62. Hans says:

    @Grey Cliff Lee was quoted when talking about Jordan Zimmermanns fastball after the game, “That might have been the best fast ball I’ve ever seen”. Now that is so pretty high praise coming via the Adverb. I would try to trade for Zimmermann.

  63. Howie Met Your Mother says:


    How would either of your rank Britton, Narveson, Ogando for the rest of the year?

  64. @WIRE: Thanks! Pineda > McClellan.

    @Eddy: Hochevar @ SEA.

    @Giant JJ: Grey was drunk on Scott Hairston.

    @Lines: Thanks!

    @Jangle: Thanks!

    @manfromearth: I’d throw Hudson and Cain. If it’s a good matchup, i don’t mind starting both guys. Just hope for a 1-0 game and one of ’em gets the win. And at least you won’t get Sonovabench’d.

    @Beer Bum: i hope that was from peeing.

    @Dr. Stats: Redraft using stats to date or from today? I could see taking Tulo over Han-Ram (and predict that’ll be the case next year) but over Pujols is just a tough call…

    @Wake Up: Glad you got the Jim Carroll reference!

  65. Eng says:

    Rudy, would you add Melancon, Batista or Isringhausen?

  66. JoeC says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: You’re right about Dickey. I saw on ESPN the Mets clown car outfield play two sure flyouts into two doubles and multiple runs scored. Dickey did put a lot of guys on base, but those two outs would’ve likely limited the damage a lot.

    I guess I’m gonna hang onto him for one more week. He gets the ‘Stros next week, so that should be alright. Colorado is probably one of the better-hitting lineups in the game right now, especially with Tulo all hot and bothered, so probably not the best lineup to evaluate your pitcher against.

  67. JoeC says:

    Oh, BTW, just picked up one of the Sparky Anklebiter t-shirts. I will wear it with pride!

    Can’t wait for more selections!

  68. Sugar Tits says:

    Thanks for the roundup guys, as always.

    I’m looking at Zimmermann and I love his stuff but don’t like the innings restrictions the Nats are gonna give him. However, I already own Ogando and he is under similar, if not worse, restrictions I imagine.

    So wondering who you think should be the stronger play going forward. Zimm gets the NL but he’s on the Nattys, and Ogando deals with the AL but at least for Tex. Thanks.

  69. Mr. T's Schmohawk says:

    I am strongly considering picking up CoCo Crisp after his Oscar Gamble look alike performance yesterday. If he keeps the look I think I might need a soft hitting outfielder to up my style points. Is this a good strategy.

  70. Wake Up says:

    @Mr. T’s Schmohawk: sound…quite sound

    Was just gonna ask Rudy if CoCo asked if it was OK to bite his ‘do…

  71. Jeff says:

    Will Lackey turn it around? If not would you drop him for one of these guys: Ogando, Harrison, Narveson, or Masterson?

  72. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Too Live Crudite: Hehe

    @Steve: Then I’d never see summer. Eh on Coke.

    @BigRedLatrine: Yeah, happened after I wrote the above. C’est la…

    @lothda: I enjoyed that line too. It’s Rudy’s.

    @Salty Balty: Jones, Espinosa

    @vinko: Yup

    @yanks4life: Grab Wandy

    @Wilsonian: Yup

    @SpecialFNK: True

    @timSTi: Eh, I’d hold for now.

    @Paulie Allnuts: Narvy!

    @Wilsonian: Nope

    @Chuck Norris: I’d take Lester.

    @VinWins: $6 if you really need him… Pelfrey

    @WIRE: Thanks! Pineda

    @Ghostface Przybilla: Tabata

    @Mr. Rickey: I’d take Upton

    @Flunkie: Cancel it and use that.

    @Shane: Betemit

    @Eddy: Hochevar

    @phorts: Ha

    @3FingersBrown: Ha

    @Child Please: Herrera

    @PublicEnemy#1: Eh, it’ll get better.

    @papsmurf: Ha

    @AnotherFalstaff: Storen

    @poop: Harrison

    @kg: Scott

    @Eddy: Thanks for the heads up!

    @Giant JJ: Ha!

    @Lines: Thanks! J-Z… I’d hold on that trade. That’s hilarious about Panda.

    @JHBallgame: Bleh

    @Pigeon Pants: Avila

    @charlie batch: I like him, but depends what you’re buying him with.

    @Jangle: Thanks, you too! Uehara

    @Suck My Wieters: Nope

    @manfromearth: Thanks! Both…

    @Lob Ball: Patient

    @anon: No, yes…

    @Wilsonian: I doubt it.

    @charlie batch: Cool

    @Andy: Beachy for Wood.

    @Beer Bum: Thanks!

    @AL KOHOLIC: Ha!

    @Jangle: Venters

    @Pops: Maybe

    @Dr. Stats: No and no and no.

    @Kendrys Cart Off Home Run: Beachy

    @Up in this Mug: Fuld

    @tyler: Team looks a little light on power.

    @Wake Up: I’d want a catcher.

    @Greg Gallagher: Thanks! I hear ya.

    @Wake Up: Ha!

    @JoeC: Nice!

    @Hans: Interesting…

    @Sugar Tits: Zimm… Nice breasts.

    @Mr. T’s Schmohawk: Ha

    @Jeff: No…Yes, Narveson.

  73. PublicEnemy#1 says:

    @Rudy or @Grey
    I’m currently rocking a staff of Halladay, Hanson, Zimmermann, Billingsley (I hate him), Kennedy, Garza. As you can tell, ‘cept for Halladay, shizz hasn’t gone well. Especially when you add on that Thornton and Sale make me feel like I dropped the soap in the community prison shower.
    Anyway, what do you think about dealing Ethier for Greinke? I kinda feel like I can platoon some combo of SSmith, Kubel, LScott into similar stats that Ethier would give me.

  74. PublicEnemy#1 says:

    Thanks, Grey

  75. Dimond G says:

    I am in a 10-man points league and was just offered Shin-Soo Choo for Francisco Rodriguez… should I make this deal? (my other closers include Burnett, Broxton, and Franklin).
    Thanks for help!

  76. Dimond G says:

    I am in a 10-man points league and was just offered Shin-Soo Choo for Francisco Rodriguez… should I make this deal? (my other closers include Burnett, Broxton, and Franklin).
    Thanks for help!

  77. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: thanks for the advice, I figured as much but like I said, it’s really tough to figure out who is droppable and who isn’t on those borderline guys in an 8 team league. I swear that league is harder than people give it credit for.

  78. JoeC says:

    @phorts: RE: “Fuld’s Gold”
    I like it! Had to pick him up in my RCL league though to at least ride his hot streak. Didn’t do it in my other league because I’m skeptical he can keep it going and it’s a bit shallower of a league, so you can’t drop players and expect to necessarily pick them up later.

    Does Fuld qualify as a Sparky Anklebiter? I think he does, due to his hustle and his stature. Did you see that catch he made against Detroit (I think it was)? That was the best catch I’ve seen in a very long time. Then he made one against Boston that was also superior. Just spectacular defense overall.

    Fuld will play until he stops hitting. One would assume that would happen eventually given his less-than-stellar track record. Until then, ride that horse!

  79. Jeff says:

    Would you add Gomes or Francisco? I’m in a 12 team league with large benches are limited FA picks, we start with 2 then get an additional one every 2 weeks. I’ve been killed by the injury bug (Zimmerman, Hamilton, Furcal, Jiminez) and need some help.

  80. Wilsonian says:

    Who do you play out of these 3 (pick 2): Hill, Espinosa, Snider – none of whom are really producing at all right now.

  81. trick dad says:

    10 team 7×7. Need to pick up a holds guy, what SP should i drop?
    Jhoulys Chacin
    Daniel Hudson
    Chris Narveson
    Edinson Vólquez
    Jorge De La Rosa
    Brett Anderson
    Travis Wood
    Hiroki Kuroda
    Max Scherzer

  82. JoeC says:

    @K!cks: Not to be a stalker or anything, but I’m pretty sure it’s been well-established that Grey lives in LA (and where else would a screenwriter live?!).

    I think Rudy lives in Tex-ass or something, maybe Houston (aka the Fattest City in America).

    Smokey is at an “undisclosed location”.

    Steven (phen?) is likely operating out of a dorm room at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo.

  83. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Dimond G: Yup

    @JoeC: Yeah, he’s Sparkyesque.

    @Jeff: Gomes

    @Wilsonian: Right two, but I don’t know the matchups off the top of my head.

    @trick dad: Narveson

    @JoeC: Rudy’s in Austin. re: Stephen – ha!

  84. Nate says:

    Got offered their Neil Walker for my Max Scherzer. 12 team league, rest of my team looks like this:

    C: Chris Iannetta
    1B: Albert Pujols
    2B: Aaron Hill
    3B: Mark Reynolds
    SS: Alcides Escobar
    OF: Matt Kemp
    OF: Hunter Pence
    OF: Matt Holliday
    UTIL: Jose Tabata
    BN: Sean Rodriguez, Tsuyoshi Nishioka (Escobar is my waiver pickup for until Nishioka is healthy)

    SP: Cole Hamels
    SP: Francisco Liriano
    SP: James Shields
    RP: Leo Nunez
    RP: Jose Contreras
    P: Matt Capps
    P: Aroldis Chapman
    P: Chris Sale
    BN: Max Scherzer
    BN: Jhoulys Chacin
    BN: Edwin Jackson
    DL: Brandon Morrow, Brad Lidge

  85. GrandSlamSingle says:


  86. royce! says:

    Tulo’s doing an excellent job illustrating that his previous “slow starts” have been much more a product of sheer randomness than any other factor. But Teix isn’t, so…back to the drawing board.

  87. Derek in Utah says:

    Grey, in your opinion who is the best offensive player and best pitcher out there?

    Interested to see who gets your vote.

  88. Francis says:

    @Lob Ball: Patience Gardner people!

  89. GMen says:

    @Rudy and/or @Grey: Herrera or Espinosa? Both or available on the wire.

  90. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: thanks, don’t know the matchups either, but I was leaning Espinosa and Snider. At least Danny got a hit off the Adverb, I don’t think Hill coulda got a hit off of Kennedy Wednesday night…

  91. Howard says:

    Hi Grey, The shirts are rockin! I hope they iron out that Canada snag.
    Would you drop Infante-stipating for Hererra at MI? Thanks!

  92. Nonstoptalk says:

    Offered a trade. Your thoughts?

    Side A: Votto, Cliff Lee, Drabek, Huff

    Side B: Crawford, Dunn, Gallardo, Zambrano

    Thanks in Advance…

  93. slam says:

    I have Mauer, gotta fill in, I picked up Kurt Suzuki from FA. I don’t like him, but I think he’s probably the best option. You think I should’ve grabbed Iannetta, arencibia, ramos, ruiz, or avila instead?

  94. Bourjos says:

    Is Ian Stewart a worthy use of a waiver priority in the deep keeper league?

  95. bogbert says:

    Brilliant job today, guys … that post was hilarious. Great comments today too.

  96. Dimond G says:

    Thanks Grey…just took the deal…

  97. Jeff says:

    Will Venable – What do you see from him going forward? Was expecting 10-15 HR’s and 25-30 SB’s, but he is starting out slow. Be patient or cut bait?

  98. Pooch says:

    Here’s my rotation: Kershaw, hamels, anderson, d. hudson, kennedy, chacin, DLR

    Closers: Soria, thornton, sale, rauch/frankfrank

    I’m trading away an extra outfielder. Should I trade for J. Sanchez or kimbrel+pineda (or maybe drabeck instead of pineda) ?

  99. stumanji says:

    Hey Grey,

    With Furcal’s injury, I’m in deep doo-doo in my super deep 12 team league. I missed out on the Willie Bloomquist sweepstakes, and now my FA options are making me le sad. Please help.

    Carroll, Valdez, Cabrera, Darwin, Aybar, Peralta.


  100. Pooch says:

    @Pooch: BTW, outfielder is bourn. Also, love the t-shirts. Might have to have one of both.

  101. Nate T says:

    I need to pick up a catcher with Mauer heading to the DL, but will require me to drop either Ian Stewart, Freese, Belt, or Naverson.

    My head is telling me i should drop Stewart since he’s been slumping and sharing time with Wiggy. But my gut tells me if I do, he will go on a huge hitting streak. Not sure if I should listen to my head or gut…

  102. GMen says:

    @Grey: I’m in a keeper league and Dustin Ackley is still available. I’m thinking about picking him up, but I don’t really understand the hype. All of the pundits claim he is a legitimate 20/20 threat, but in a full season last year in the minors he only hit 7 homers and stole 7 bags.

    What’s your take on Ackley?

  103. GMen says:

    oops…ackley stole 10 bags last year.

  104. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Jeff: I’d cut if there’s better options.

    @Pooch: Thanks! Sanchez, Kimbrel…

    @stumanji: Asdrubal Cabrera? Darwin for now…

    @Nate T: Stewart

    @GMen: I don’t understand the hype either, can search the left for Ackley to see my thoughts.

    ********THERE’S A NEW POST FOR FOLLOWUPS.*********

  105. Nate says:

    Larger helpings at the Ka’aihue’s place…plus, think how much cooler your (pen) name would be with an apostrophe: Grey A’albright!

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