Welcome to the recap of week five.  Week five already, that doesn’t seem possible.  Five, as in the number of feet tall Jose Altuve is.  The numbers this little man is putting up don’t seem possible either.  After the 5th week of the season Altuve has 30 Runs (tied for first), 9 HRs (tied for 9th), 19 RBIs (still pretty amazing for a leadoff hitter), 13 stolen bases (most in the league), and a .325 batting average.  In week 5 alone his drafters got 2 HRs and 4 SBs.  I mentioned how Bryce Harper was a roto wet dream a few weeks back, but Altuve is making his 10 HRs/5 SBs look like pocket change.  The best part for his drafters is they didn’t need a top 3 pick to nab him.  Altuve had an RCL ADP of 10.79.  He was taken as high as 4th overall by the *ahem* “Goat F*ckers” of Albright’s ECougarHarmony.com (great league name, questionable team name) and fell to as low as 18 where “cardinals # !” nabbed him in Razzballero2.  Grabbing Altuve around pick 11 likely meant you could pair him with a power hitter such as Miggy, Abreu, Bautista, Chris Davis, or is you were lucky, Kris Bryant.  That sure seems like a pretty nice start right about now.  It got me to thinking, I wonder what impact drafting Altuve has had on the standings position.  So, employing the help of the ever helpful VinWins we set about figuring out the average standings position of those teams that drafted Jose Altuve.  The result?  Glad you asked!  Those teams that drafted Jose Altuve are currently on average in 5.88th place, we’ll call it 6th.  They are also averaging about 68.5 standings points.  Not too shabby, you certainly could be doing worse.  By comparison, Mike Trout drafters are averaging 6.34th place and 65.84 points.  As luck would have it our brand spanking new #1 team in all the RCL land was a drafter of Jose Altuve themselves, at #13 overall.  They paired him with…Clayton Kershaw of course!  Want to find out more about our new #1 team?  Then come on down and check out the rest of the week that was, week 5.

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What a week week 4 was, especially for those RCLers who drafted Dee Gordon.  Gordon had an ADP of 21.35 for our RCLs and never made it past the middle of the third round in any RCL draft.  What a rude thing to awaken to Saturday morning.  Sleeping off that Friday night fun, Gordon owners woke around noon on Saturday to see their (possibly) lone source of stolen bases will be out for half a season.  So what is an RCLer to do?  With the inability to DL him, you’re either forced to drop him, or let him burn a very valuable roster spot for 3 months.  I highly doubt anyone would trade anything of value for him at this point.  When he does come back will he be rusty?  Will he be PED free and back to hitting just above the Mendoza line?  How many bases can he steal in the final 60 games and will that be worth the wasted roster spot?  The way I turn and burn my roster, I say absolutely not.  Give me Rajai Davis on days he plays and the streaming middle infield of Alcides Escobar, Danny Santana and Jonathan Villar to make up the difference and let someone else be hogtied with Dee for half the year.  It’s a darn shame that a batting title is now tainted over this, but there’s really hardly any downside for Dee here.  He got paid, a guaranteed contract, and that’s worth whatever shade is thrown his way now.  Sure, he loses about 5 million of that contract to the suspension, but that’s hardly a deterrent when there’s another 45 million that’s all but in the bank.  It’s too bad and it’s also too bad that not a peep of this was known about before now.  Dee allegedly tested positive during spring training.  If any hint of that had leaked, at least fantasy drafters would have something to go on and possibly avoid him.  Instead, they’re left high and dry.  This is a pretty big suspension for league dynamics everywhere and I wouldn’t be surprised if the likes of Billy Hamilton and Jarod Dyson are traded for a premium over the next couple weeks.  Here’s what else happened in the RCLs this in the week that was, week 4:

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There’s embarrassment and then there’s having to cover in detail a fantasy baseball league you’re nearly dead last in. So begins our first monthly update on the in house dynasty league “The RazzNasty”. For those of you that are new here, “The RazzNasty” is a Razzball founded dynasty league made up of Razzball writers, readers, commenters, and Methodists! It’s a 16 team roto with semi-weekly adds/drops via blind auction. We have 30 man MLB rosters and 10 man minor league rosters. Since we last updated you in early March there’s been a flurry of activity including trades, wire adds, a second commissioner switch, and a banana or two in the tailpipe. So yes it’s more or less high stakes Mario Kart.

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Three weeks in and I’m sure there’s some of you out there pressing as much as Carlos Gomez right now.  Is it too soon to be worried that you’re falling behind in stolen bases?  Probably not, but after next week we’ll be at a good point to stop and assess our teams as well as start scouring for trades to address whatever weaknesses we find.  Or, to quote fellow leaguemate and frequent commenter MauledByPandas, “One more week until we can hit the (Joe) Panik button right?”.  That’s about right I’d say.  It’s still early folks and there’s no reason to be dropping a guy like Carlos Gomez or doing anything else crazy just yet.  

Misery loves company and there’s plenty of misery with aces at the moment.  Matt Harvey, David Price, Zack Greinke and Chris Archer have all had rough starts, leaving those that waited on starting pitching to giggle to themselves.  Now Carlos Carrasco is down for 4-6 weeks and there’s RCL teams everywhere looking for a shoulder to cry on.  Hang tough Razzballer, there’s plenty of fish in the stream for the next few weeks.  In the meantime, form up your prayer octagons that both Carloses (Carlii?) will be alright by June and come check out the week that was in the RCLs.

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I hope everyone had a fun second week.  There was some good, like Mark Trumbo going double dong in one inning.  There was also some bad, like whatever it is Matt Harvey is doing.  Trevor Story didn’t hit a homer every single day this week, easing the pain for those of us that don’t own this middle infield monster.  Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief as just about everyone that should have a home run has hit one by now, even Mike Trout!

It’s the silly season for our leagues at this point  We can see huge swings in the standings based on 2-3 good days of stats.  We have a new top team on the RCL leaderboard and they had one of those silly gains to get there, gaining 25 points in 7 days time.  Not bad for a frequent commenter, occasional contributor and long time Razzballer.  Despite that enormous gain, they aren’t even this week’s team of the week.  I’m sure the suspense is killing you, so come on down after the jump and check out the week that was…

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What an opening week.  It’s so great to have baseball back and to be back to the RCL grind.  Are you slugging your way to the top of your league via Trevor Story?  Maybe you’ve Edinson Volquez’d yourself to the front of the pack instead.  Either way, I hope your roto points floweth over.  Kyle Schwarber owners, (I had 1 share just for SsNGs) I send my condolences.  Mike Trout and Zack Greinke owners, the support group meeting is tonight at 7 in the basement of the town library.  I’ll bring the Cracker Jack, you bring the Big League Chew and we’ll have a prayer octagon.  

Already the RCL battle has been waged on the waiver wire as the race to grab the top up and coming prospects is in full sprint.  In just the first week we’ve seen Max Kepler, Mallex Smith and the top prize, Nomar Mazara all called up to the show.  Kepler is yet to crack the lineup, but 4 teams have decided to make the stash.  52 teams are hoping Mallex Smith can give them some sweet, sweet SAGNOF.  So far, there’s just been a hit, a run and a caught stealing that ended in a nasty forehead gash, but the speed is real.  Then there’s Mazara, who made his presence felt ASAP with a dinger (1 more than Mike Trout!) in his first game.  As of Monday morning he was scooped up in 84 of 85 leagues.  The 85th league is 12 Matthew Berrys running Razzball recon, so they hardly count.  This year’s rookie class has a lot to live up to after last year’s rookie nookie, but they’re getting and early jump.  Speaking of jumps, let’s take a look at which RCL teams are getting early jumps on their league standings:

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That’s a wrap on the 2016 Razzball Commenters League fantasy baseball draft season.  You can close out of spreadsheets and stop worrying about whether or not you should handcuff Ken Giles with Luke Gregerson (Yes, yes you should have).  What’s done is done and now it’s time to prep for the daily grind that is an RCL league.  So, grab your caffeine ingestion method of choice and start researching tomorrow’s batty calls.  

This week, we’re going to take a look at all the draft data that all of you contributed to our leagues.  We span from drafts the morning of February 28th all the way until this past Sunday afternoon.  That’s just over a month of draft data to break down, dissect and tear apart.  Next week, we’ll be able to focus things on you all as we’ll have a week’s worth of stats to ponder.  Without further ado, let’s dig into how the RCLers drafted this year.

First of all, here is the ADP spreadsheet, all finalized for your viewing pleasure.  Feel free to keep that open as you read along…

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Scout and Razzball teamed up to bring you 12-team mixed league slow drafts, and, when I say slow, I mean that I’ve seen paint dry faster and with more upside.  It’s exactly like our 12-team, mixed Razzball Commenter League drafts (there still might be a few spots), but in this league there’s two catchers, no waivers and 44 rounds.  So, I guess, it’s really not that similar to the RCLs.  No waivers changes everything.   I would never draft two top starters in a regular mixed league, let alone one in a 12 team league, but when you can’t pick up a starter off waivers or stream, it changes the dynamic.  You can’t worry about upside as much as you need to make sure you have innings when a rash of injuries hits.  Same with hitters.  Upside is nice, but at-bats are even nicer when you lose five outfielders to injuries in July.  This kind of leagues makes John Jaso Jingleheimer Schmidt and Tyler Flowers appealing.  Dot dot dot.  Okay, nothing makes Tyler Flowers appealing.  Anyway, here’s my 12-team, mixed league draft recap:

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This is the third year I’ve drafted solo in the Yahoo Friends & Family MLB league. Here are links to the draft results and a Q&A with all the owners.

This league allows daily pickups where all adds/drops take effect the next day. The biggest challenge is that this is the news sharkiest expert league ever created so there is NO WAY I’m ever landing a player based on breaking news (there are three from Rotoworld, two from Rotowire, and Yahoo’s Scott Pianowski. If they get by those 6, then there’s Grey. I had some success in 2014 grinding to a 6th place finish with a mediocre draft leveraging the Streamonator and Hittertron (and even out-sharking people on two closers) but that advantage was nixed when a move cap of 125 was added in 2015.

In addition, several members have no problem drafting in an unorthodox way (the hit/pitch splits this year ranged from 48/52 to 80/20!). This has put me in some uncomfortable spots in past drafts.

All that said, I felt good going into the draft for three reasons:

  • There are only 12 teams for 2016 where historically it has been 14 teams. Grey and I are used to streaming in RCL and – while the 125 transaction + 1,400 IP cap makes it slightly different than RCL – I felt more comfortable waiting on SPs after acquiring two top pitchers.
  • I had a good feel how the draft would go based on my ADP research and previous drafts. Even if Jeff Erickson, Chris Liss, and Dalton Del Don followed through on their SP-heavy 2015 strategy and Scott Pianowski did some gambit, I felt comfortable enough that I wouldn’t be caught off-guard.
  • I got the 3rd pick.

Here is my team:

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I’ve drafted my Razzball Commenter League team (last call for fantasy baseball — I’m saying that so it rhymes with alcohol), and now I’m ready for the season.  All those other drafts — like Tout, Friends & Family, Scout, yadda-whodoodie — are in the past.  They were prep for this draft.  This draft is the one that matters, because I’m going against, like, a thousand of youse.  And youse are the ones that matter.  Well, a few of youse matter more than a few of the other youse.  Just assume you are part of the favorable youse.  In this league was Tim McLeod from RotoRob, Mike Gianella from Baseball Prospectus, Dalton Del Don from Yahoo, and from Razzball:  Rudy, JayWrong, Big Magoo, Smokey, J-FoH, Tehol, Prospector Ralph, JB and yours truly.  All of these people make me very thankful (that it wasn’t an in-person draft).  I was drafting out of the twelve-hole (which is porn-speak for the right nostril), and I knew after all those preliminary drafts that I was finally going to take guys that I really, really wanted from my 2016 fantasy baseball rankings (clickbait, snitches!).  Well, until around the 5th round, then shizz went to hell.  Okay, enough hubbub on the tomfoolery, let’s get to it!  Anyway, here’s my RCL draft (5×5, roto, mixed league, 12 team, 5 OFs, etc.):

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