The Atlanta Braves pitching staff is full of young arms. They currently have a log jam for the fifth rotation spot and some bullpen questions. Hopefully this will clear the picture for some, while laying out a bold prediction or two. This is solely based on the pitchers currently on the roster and does NOT include any free agent or trade predictions. While the Braves are one of the many teams in talks with Craig Kimbrel, he will remain out of the conversation…

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It’s Zach with a “ch” not a “ck” like that comedian that pleasures himself in front of unsuspecting women. Don’t worry, I’m told Zach only does this in front of the Philly Phanatic. (And who could blame him, the Phanatic is thicc.) Anyways, this is an Eflin underrated hurler right here! Total sleeper status. Except Grey ranked him 64th in his top starters for 2019, which I didn’t view until after writing the bulk of this. So, Zach’s not really underrated by Razzball terms, nor his he overrated, so let’s say that he’s just around the Greydar. Much like your mother. Regardless… this post can serve as a reminder to watch out for him on draft day. Eflin right!

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Sorry for the delay between installments, but it’s been crazy here at the homestead! And speaking of which, The 18th Out, Part 1 can be read here.  I recently had a neck surgery in late January, and we had a newborn baby boy (John Robert! What’s up Bubba!) in October. Who would’ve thought the combination of the two would put some kind of restraint on free time (and ability to keep my arm extended on the keyboard)?  I’m not exactly 100% and practicing fully in pads, but I’m off the DL (renamed the IL since I started) and I’m ready to score some goals…

The time has come for the second installment of my exploration into the red headed stepchild of fantasy stat-lines; the Quality Start. In this edition, we’ll put the final touches on the efficacy of seeking out Quality Starts in the roto game and hopefully draw a cohesive conclusion before moving onto the fun part of QS talk; WEEKLY POINT LEAGUE DO-OR-DIE MAYHEM!!! However, before we can put the Brooklyn Brawler beat-down on that freckled miscreant under the stairs, I must unfortunately apologize for a specific inaccuracy in Part 1.  As someone who is very particular when it comes to precision I got caught with my rosy red assumption out, pants down around my ankles. (Sorry, I didn’t hear you coming ESPN, I would’ve freshened up…) I copied a 2018 Team Pitching Totals Chart from ESPN, sorted for Quality Starts (Provided below). I didn’t even think to double check the once great sports network, turned annoying social justice warrior.  Apparently Quality Starts are so overlooked that mega fantasy sites don’t even know how to calculate them anymore.  This being the glorious age of trolling on an internet that never forgets, I feel compelled to post their erroneous numbers below… (The cause for this detour, that better not turn this into a Deliverance situation. If you hear banjos in the background, start running and don’t look back.)

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Do you remember the last time you swung and missed?

Maybe it happened at your beer league softball game? Or maybe it was during last week’s company-wide meeting when you thought you’d tell that funny story about the peanut butter thing but screwed up the beginning, and nobody laughed—not even Amber from accounting who giggles at everything—so you sat down all hot faced, feeling stupid all day?

Or maybe you’re thinking of that day you finally asked out Amber from Accounting, and that time she did laugh?

Nobody likes to swing and miss, is all I’m saying. And nobody likes that awkward what-what of trying to save a story from a bad opening line. Here’s some baseball-related proof:

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Every off-season I like to target players who are flying under the radar because they were busts the year before but had quality performances the season prior. Their lack of excellence could have been caused by injury, changing teams and cities, or maybe they celebrated their career year a little too hard and showed up to spring training out of shape and never recovered. Have you ever been injured and still had to attend work and be productive? Have you ever moved to an entirely new city for a new job? It can be a shock to your system if you don’t have your local coffee shop to hold your hand. I would know, I’ve done it six times not to brag. Drafting with this strategy does carry some risk, your crush really might be injury prone (Miguel Cabrera), or the league has figured out his weaknesses and he can’t adjust (Chris Davis) so you end up cycling through the latest 1B flavor of the week. Over the course of this series we will examine 12 players that had highly productive 2017 seasons but failed to live up to expectations in 2018. Now that their stock is low and they’re no longer a trendy name we can capitalize and find some value in the middle rounds. Typically we’re targeting guys in the 6th through 12th rounds that could return top 20 value.

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Wheeeewwwwwwyyyy! What is that smell? Well, it might’ve been Rougned Odor’s 2017 batting average or the failed 2018 expectations, but I’m here to tell you that the Odor is becoming less repulsive and may be somebody to take a shot on in 2019. Like R. Kelly is trying to do after Surviving, Roogie looks to bounce back in 2019.

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