Mother Nature can suck a fat one. Our first excursion into the double dip starters was largely foiled by weather, an issue that has loomed large since the start of the season. There have been 25 postponements already as of this writing, the most in April in over 10 years. So, there is no better time than now to remind you to keep an eye on such things late into Sunday, assuming that’s when you’re putting in your two-start claims. Enough with the garbage weather. Let’s play some ball!

This week’s list is a lot ickier than the last. Tier 1 and 2 are pretty thin, while Tier 5 is thick with the grease of back-end starters. So greezy. Carson Fulmer and Miguel Gonzalez both have plus matchups with Seattle and Kansas City, but man…those guys are bad. Between the two of them they have 15 BB and 14 K over 23 IP. You have to really hate yourself to start either one. I’d rather have Halfthor Bjornsson throw a bowling ball at my genitals than start both of them in the same league. By the way, I am switching things up a bit this week. Rather than just list the actual wOBA of the opponent, I thought it would be more beneficial to list the opponent’s MLB rank to give you a bit more context. I’ve also included the opponent’s K% vs that starter’s handedness to give you the idea of what sort of strikeout potential you can expect.

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Technically this will be Week 4 if you count the first Thursday through Sunday games, but I refuse to do that! That’s only half a week, my friend. We don’t half-ass anything around here, especially weeks. We go hard. YOU go hard. That’s why you’re here. You’re looking to get the weekly streaming leg up on your competition so you can punch them in their proverbial genitals. Don’t actually punch your competition in the genitals though, that ain’t right. Unless they talk smack about yo’ momma, then it’s ok.

The streaming game is one not for the faint of heart since it can go awry even in the best of situations, but part of the long game is casting your lot with a sound process and putting yourself in the best position to succeed. That said, out of the weekly bucket of mediocrity are some surprisingly non barf-inducing possibilities. I consider the options in Tier 4, which ended up rather thick and chunky (not unlike my soup), to be largely streamable in deeper mixed leagues. Let’s have a look at some of the more interesting double dippers this week…

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