Sleepers fall into a few categories.  Guys who disappointed last year who could bounce back; players who have a solid pedigree who just haven’t broken out yet, and the ones that have broken out who no one trusts to repeat.  The last group is usually the least interesting.  You’ve presumably seen their best.  Seems like the only mystery there is is their (palindromic stutterer!) downside.  It’s prolly why 50% of marriages end in divorce.  The first category of those that could bounce back are the relationships where you’ve broken up a dozen times, walked in on your ex while she was sniffing Ambien off some guy’s chest named Bob and Bob is hung like Bojack Horseman.  But, ya know what, you’re gonna give her one more chance to bounce back to some of those fun times you had eighteen months ago.  The 2nd group is the rando you met at the bar who was doing shots of Tito’s, who seems like she’s gonna be so much fun, but you really don’t know why her and her friends keep calling you, “Door Number Three.”  The third group is the one you’ve had fun with it, you don’t see anything wrong with it, but there’s gotta be some downside so you’re going back to the “Bob boffer” or being “Door Number Three.”  It never occurs to you that maybe a solid, safe bet who you already had fun with is worth just sticking with.  The third group is where Paul DeJong resides.  Last year, he had 25 HRs and hit .285 in only 417 ABs.  Okay, but how about the “Bob boffer?”  So, what can we expect from Paul DeJong for 2018 fantasy baseball and what makes him a sleeper?

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Didn’t think we’d be here a year ago.  Or near.  Dear, what an irrational fear.  Your grandmother is not going to get run over by a reindeer.  Greybot, malfunctioning, stuck in rhyme loop.  Must.  Find.  Way.  Out.  Talking.  Like.  William.  Shatner.  Does.  Not.  Help.  By the way, when William Shatner is asked his middle name, he should reply, “Period.”  Notice how there’s no sexual assault allegations regarding William Shatner?  That’s because there’s a pause every three seconds when you can run away.  Trevor Story went from a 1st round value in two-thirds of a season to a 2nd round draft pick to “Hmm, Zack Cozart is still on the board in the 12th round, and Trevor Story, but, damn, I don’t want Trevor Story do I?  I’d ask Grey, but he’s malfunctioning Greybot with a simplistic rhyme scheme like Pitbull.”  I resemble that remark!  Let’s go down memory lane for a second.  *opens mail*  I got a ticket because I didn’t have an E-Z Pass for Memory Lane?  Oh c’mon!  In 2016, Trevor Story hit 27 homers, stole 8 bags and hit .272.  In a full season last year, well, you didn’t want to own him.  I mean *shudders*  He ain’t got no alibi.  You feel me?  Okay, can you stop touching me, I’m a germaphobe.  So, what can we expect from Trevor Story for 2018 and what makes him a 2018 fantasy baseball sleeper?

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Tim keeps on slippin’ slippin’ into the future.  And Tim Anderson keeps on bein’ bein’ a sleeper.  This is the pompatus of love.  Member The Pompatus of Love was a movie with Jon Cryer?  Now Jon Cryer is a host for a true crime podcast.  2017, you’re weird.  What does 2018 hold?  Well, you know how children of crazy parents are super normal to make up for their parents, and children of normal parents are super crazy in a vice versa sorta way?  My guess is 2018 will be completely normal.  A backlash against 2017.  This is how these things work.  Also, 2018 can’t get weirder, so there’s that.  I had a dream the other night, it was an erotic dream with Giancarlo, but he wasn’t MVP, so that’s how I knew it was a dream.  In this dream, I was a giant tongue.  Tim Anderson didn’t participate in my dream, but I can see a scenario where Anderson does enter my dreams in 2018.  Last year, he went 17/15/.257 in 587 ABs, i.e. a full season.  On its surface, this is solid, if unspectacular season.  Solid but unspectacular for a guy that will be barely drafted in 12 team mixed leagues, raises my antennas… Antennae?  Antennyay?  Anelevena?  Just making up words now?  So, what can we expect from Tim Anderson for 2018 fantasy baseball and what makes him a sleeper?

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In nineteen-aught-eight, William Howard Taft defeated William Jennings Bryant for the presidency; the 4th Olympics took place in London under the glower of crooked teeth; Cy Young pitched his 2nd no-hitter with nary an undershirt; Henry Ford called a Jewish toddler a “baby of suspicious origin;” Orville Wright laid out his plans for flight which included “a crappy bag of peanuts to all passengers and getting hit in the head by elbows as other passengers walk down the aisle,” and Leon Trotsky ate a bean and cheese burrito, getting explosive, uncontrollable diarrhea which resulted in excessive swearing and fist clenching, hence the term “the trots.”  1908 was also famous as being the last year Michael Taylor wasn’t a fantasy baseball sleeper.  We’ve come a long way since then.  The remarkable thing about this bit of trivia is it would lead one to believe Michael Taylor was a sleeper as early as 1909, yet he’s still only 26 years old.  There’s something to be said for aging well, and being bad at math.  Yes, we’ve come to the end of our fantasy baseball rookie posts and we’re onto our fantasy baseball sleepers.  You’re very welcome.  So, what can we expect from Michael Taylor for 2018 fantasy baseball and what makes him a sleeper?

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It’s been a month since I last posted about a set of four industry mock drafts the honorable Justin Mason wrangled experts together for. While more complete mocks likely exist on the seas of the internet, these hold a special place in my heart, as they contained myself, good friends of the Razzball universe, and Prospectus Jesus himself. I’ll save you from the self-reflective intros that have lined my last few columns – but really, you should read them – and hastily prime our readers who prefer a longer digestion cycle with info, for 2018.

Partial results of these mocks can be found here, and instead of sifting through the first few rounds, I’m only looking at players with ADPs among the four mock drafts that exceed 100 overall. These players range in potential and my confidence in attaining that potential, but I think each should occupy a small place in your mind for the coming season.

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