So this is a fun story for you.  When I was a kid, I played 2nd base.  Was one of those pesky slap hitters that annoyed the pitchers.  I led the way for Orlando Hudson.  Call me Orlando Oldson.  At the age of twelve, I never struckout once.  All season.  That’s how Oldson did.  Then when I turned thirteen, I sucked.  I couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn.  If they didn’t have to play every kid, I would’ve never seen any PT.  At one point, I had a friend promise to throw the ball right down the middle just so I could get one hit for the year.  And that was what I finished with.  One hit.  So wha’ happened?  Where did Oldson disappear to?  Well, going into that year, I discovered girls.  And all of their fleshy parts.  But I also needed glasses.  Who was I?  Chris Sabo?  Chris Sabo got laid once.  And he paid for it.  So I took the easy way out and never wore my glasses.  My baseball career paid for it big time.  But I touched a boob!  This brings me to Brian McCann.  He’s supposed to be returning.  Stat, doc.  You know what catchers need?  Rest.  You know what McCann’s had a lot of?  Mmm-hmm.  See where I’m going with this?  Of course you do.  You gots smarts!  So McCann had a terrible first month of April.  Tizz-errible.  Well, he couldn’t see like Oldson and his luck (BABIP) was in the shizzer too.  Now as long as he’s not embarrassed to wear glasses around Frenchy, he should be fine.  So potatoes to chips, he’s still a guy that can hit 20 HRs and bat .290.  Buy, snitches!  Anyway, here’s some more players to buy and sell this week in fantasy baseball:


Josh WhitesellStarting the Buys with a -Sell?  Oh, Grey! Lots of Ks in the minors for Whitesell, but also a solid OBP.  Did someone say Dunn?  No?  I thought I heard that.  No?  Good, because that would be oversellling -Sell.

Chris Coghlan – I love the ‘lins!  I really do.  They have no problem promoting anyone.  So Coghlan can play at the hot corner, 2nd base and the outfield.  My guess is he’ll primarily see time at 3rd base so they can bench the guy who’s playing there now that is actually a pinch runner.  He could spell Maybin and Uggla on occasion.  Coghlan, besides having the weirdest name to spell outside of Buehrle, can steal bases and has a bit of power.  Think 15 HRs, 25 steals.  The steals could come easier at first.  He’s a must pursue in NL-Only.  But because his position is shallow, I’d immediately look at him in deep mixed leagues.

Juan Pierre – SAGNOF!

Michael Bourn – See 1/18th of an inch above.

Alexei Ramirez – Now you can get him for even cheaper as his owners begin to panic at The (Jayson) Nix Experiment™.  I still believe he’ll come around.

Elvis Andrus – Has been batting 2nd recently.  That’s a boon to his value.  (A boon is a positive, but Andrus is in the Buy section so context clues should help you there.)

Chris Ray – He will eventually lead the Orioles in saves.  Sure, that may only be 12 saves…

Andrew Bailey – The A’s are saying he’s going to be looked at for the closer role.  Honestly, you don’t even need to know if he’s any good to pick him up if he could be the closer, but he is good.

Mark Melancon – Mo’s Better Meaty Meat Shoulder is hurting.  Melancon could see some saves short term if Mariano’s hurting. (UPDATE:  In a bizarre move, the Yanks optioned Melancon to the minors right after this was posted.  Guess they have Mo faith than I.)

John Grabow – Capps has a minor elbow issue.  Are pitchers ever okay when they have anything wrong with their elbow?  I see a trip to the Disgraceful List in Capps’s future.

Scott Hairston – Hitting 3rd for the Padres.  Faint endorsement for Hairston, major indictment of the Padres.

Jesus Guzman – With Aurilla and Ishikawa’s careers in the toilet and nobody flushing, how long until Guzman floats to the surface?

Jimmy Rollins – Sitting on a 13/1/7/.213/1 line.  Wheels have come off Rollins, fo’ diggity.  Unless he has a mysterious ankle injury that he’s not talking about, he’ll get better.


Jair Jurrjens – His K/BB rate is terrible, and his ERA will regress. But ya’ll didn’t think Jar-Jar would give you a 2.00 ERA all year anyway, did you?  Don’t trade him for a bag of boiled peanuts, but I’d explore options.  As they don’t say, the best is not yet to come.

Scott Kazmir – It seems like he’s headed for Junksville.  In my top 20 starter for 2009 post, I put Kazmir in a tier of pitchers I would never own.  Unfortunately, I co-drafted with Rudy and have Kazmir on one team.  *shakes fist at sky*  Rudy!

Jeff Weaver – Make sure when looking at trade offers you’re not thrown by the ol’ Je. Weaver trick.

Omar InfanteHey, he’s playing! But, hey, he sucks.  Oh.

Scott Richmond – If you can pawn him off for any piece whatsoever, do it.  He’s really not this good.  In fact, there’s a good chance he’s going to be awful.

Chad Tracy – With the recall of Josh Whitesell, Tracy’s time is getting pinched.

Chris Dickerson – Losing time to Laynce Nix.  Wow, this was a big week in the Nix household.  BTW, what’s with the Y’s in their first names?  Layme.

Dallas Braden – Has been solid so far with a 2.50 ERA and 1.39 WHIP.  Whoa.  1.39 WHIP is smoke.  Yup, there’s a ‘too many walks’ fire burning in 3 of the last 4 starts.  A bottle of Liquid Paper may get dumped on his ERA any start now.

Manny Ramirez – A female fertility drug?  Even as he breaks our hearts, he makes us smile.  Now don’t sell him too cheaply, but I’d explore options.  Remember, by the time Manny returns, he may be in his 2nd trimester.

  1. Drev says:

    Hamilton for Quentin…which side is preferable?

  2. johnson21 says:

    Krispie or Coco? Also, Andrus or Burris at SS? Thanks!

  3. Just curious:

    So the guy in my league who just traded me Matt Holliday for VWells/Gregg then turned around and traded away Longoria for Lincecum/Lowell.

    So he gave up Holliday and Longoria for Lincecum/Lowell/VWells/Gregg.

    To paraphrase Sean Connery in The Untouchables: Does his team look better now, or worse?

  4. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Drev: Quentin

    @johnson21: Krispie — Andrus

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: You got the better end of your trade, but the Longoria one was good for him if that’s what he needed.

  5. johnson21 says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins:
    lincecum and longoria have similar all things equal. so its holliday for lowell/vwells/gregg. im picking that side.

  6. spike says:


    What are you thoughts on Wandy’s (in)consistency this year? I’ve got peavy/cueto/harang/shields/beckett/bedard as my SP in a 12 team 5×5, with lidge/cordero/qualls/ziegler/downs as my closers. I want to pick up Wandy — I’d like to trade a closer to make room, but I don’t think he’ll be around that long.

    Is he going to have an Ervin Santana-like year this year? Or should I stay put?

  7. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    Grey….2nd teir 1B I could get for Bedard….names? My heart’s desire is Votto, but I think he’s overvalued right now and the owner has all but said he’s untouchable.

  8. I love me some Chris Sabo references.

    @Drev: I like Quentin there.

    @johnson21: Young has more upside, but Coco will probably be less infuriating to have in your lineup. I’ve sold on Krispie, and would go with Coco if I had to choose.

  9. Jobu's rum says:

    Grey, what does your magic 8 ball say about Lidge blowing out his knee? I’m thinking of grabbing either Cecil or Marshall off the wire, but the only pitcher I can afford to drop is Ryan Madson (great K/9, thinking he may close). Prognosis?

  10. Grey

    Grey says:

    @spike: Many posts on this site about how I like Wandy for this year. Search on the top left. He’s not going to be as great as he’s been, but he’s solid.

    @Mark: Someone commented today that they wanted to sell Votto, so maybe your league’s owner feels the same way. He’s who I’d go after. I wouldn’t go as low as Derrek Lee, so somewhere between those two.

  11. brad says:

    Funny you mention Jurrjens, I started thinking about offering Jurrjens + Rios + Ichiro for Hamilton + Gallardo. In my 16 team keep 6 league.

    My roster right now is –

    C Chris Iannetta
    1B Justin Morneau
    2B José López
    3B Chris Davis
    SS Elvis Andrus
    OF Carlos Lee, Jacoby Ellsbury, Álex Ríos
    Util Ichiro Suzuki
    BN Yadier Molina
    BN Daniel Murphy
    BN Jason Kubel

    SP Francisco Liriano
    SP Jair Jurrjens
    RP Mike González
    RP Troy Percival
    P LaTroy Hawkins
    P Julián Tavárez
    P Joe Beimel
    BN Erik Bedard
    BN Kevin Millwood


  12. Grey

    Grey says:

    @brad: You’re giving up too much.

  13. Grey

    Grey says:

    @brad: Sorry, I spaced on Gallardo there. Actually, I like that trade for you. I’d want Hamilton/Gallardo.

  14. spike says:

    @Grey: Thanks, I’m pretty high on him myself, but I can’t bring myself to drop a closer to make room for him. It’d likely be Ziegler/Downs (I have Ryan on the DL) — hopefully Ziegler loses his job soon so I won’t feel so bad?

  15. brad says:

    @Grey: thanks grey, hopefully the offer gets his attention. right now he’s got melky, taveras and randy winn starting. . . . For future reference is it kosher to post the whole roster in the comments section like i did?

  16. jsp2014 says:

    Ha, the Je.Weaver thing reminded me of one of my friends trading another Kevin L. Brown, the catcher, back in HS.

  17. Richard Mohr says:

    Drop Dickerson in an 11 team NL only league? The best options available are Reed Johnson, Matt Diaz, Brian Barden, Laynce Nix, and Aaron Miles. Would you drop Dickerson for any of them?

  18. Grey

    Grey says:

    @brad: Probably easier to post in the forums when posting your entire roster, so you don’t have to repost it every time, but it’s up to you.

    @jsp2014: Ha! Gotcha watch out for the reliever Ryan Braun too.

  19. @Grey: Yeah, the Longo/Linc trade seems fair, especially if Lowell comes anywhere close to repeating his ’07.

    I’m actually proud of the little feller, ’cause this is the same guy who last year went into the All-Star Break in first place, but couldn’t bring himself to sell high on Josh Hamilton, and those rode a flaming comet to oblivion in the second half. Nice to see he understands that he already got about 1/4 of Longo’s stats in 1/6 of the season, and sold for a fair return.

  20. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Richard Mohr: In an NL-Only league that deep, you need to hold tight for a few days to see how whimsical Dusty’s being. Would be nice to get Diaz in there for a few days while Dickerson’s floundering.

  21. timSTi says:

    @Grey What 5 out of these 6 would you want? I hate having to pick and end up screaming SONAVABENCH far too often. Grandy, Quentin, Damon, Werth, Cruz, Kemp. I have 4 OF and 1 Util to fill from those 6. I have Werth on my bench but he’s been heating up.

    Also I think if Richmond pitches strong tonight its hard to deny he’s got something going on this year. What do you think I could get if I packaged him with that odd man out from my OF. Thanks buddaayyy.

  22. Joel says:

    Lot of trades for my squad, which is still mired in near-last place. But I’m feeling optimistic about the future.

    I moved:
    Sabathia and Ortiz for Berkman (waiting on that turnaround!)
    Mauer and Span for Kemp (didn’t get the GS last night, though)
    Cordero for Cliff Lee

    If I didn’t have Beckett, Rollins, Lindstrom and others conspiring to destroy me, I’d be in decent shape.

  23. Mowses says:

    Is Niese worth a spot start tonight against the Pirates?

  24. Grey

    Grey says:

    @timSTi: I have no idea what your team needs (besides not needing OFs) so it’s hard to say what you could package any of them for. I could see you trading Richmond and any of them for a top player. Quentin and Richmond gets you Tex? Werth and Richmond gets you Shields?

    @Joel: Nice

    @Mowses: In NL-Only leagues, and deep mixed leagues (more than 14 teams).

  25. Grey you made me think of the Billy Madison quote with the Manny comments.

    “Eric’s Pregnant! Feel those kicks? He’s gonna be a soccer player. He is…he is.”

  26. Zebo says:

    start Shields at Fenway tonight? Last time he was there, he spent the whole time looking for his teeth on the mound.

  27. Joe S says:

    Just a not for Razzball readers slow whatever roll you had for Melancon he was optioned for A Rod’s return

  28. timSTi says:

    @Grey Yea I guess I could have included needs. I’m kinda stumped as to where I need the most help. I’d have to say SS. Here’s a quick rundown

    SP – Bills, Gollardo, Volquez, Volstad, Richmond, Hughes, Wolf
    RP – Bell & Soria
    C – Sandoval, Soto (bench)
    1b – Pujols CI – Helton
    2b – Cano MI – Hill
    SS – Furcal, Drew (D/L)
    3b – Blalock (A-Rod D/L will be starting tonight)

    Where do you see a need/hole if any?

    Maybe Richmond & Werth for Rollins? Or should I hold out on the SS need til Drew comes back. I’m really hoping Soto turns it around cause I dont want to rely on Sandoval for too long.

  29. Joe S says:

    a note not a not

  30. cws05nuts says:

    @Grey: Bad player question time. Drop Madson for Zobrist, C. Guzman, or Weeks? Or stay locked?

  31. Nick says:

    @Grey: Try Pence for Alexei Ramirez? Pence is my one benched offensive player so might as well try and turn him into a huge potential upside right?

  32. knighttown says:

    So the overall leader and I have been into some heavy petting but thus far there’s been no penetration. He wants my Alexei and Bruce and I want his Josh Johnson and Rios/Victorino. He’s also sitting on 2 catchers better than my starter (Shoppach), Yadi and Mauer.

    Do I agree to the deal as is or do I try and add in my junky closer for his Mauer? And if I can’t get Mauer, is Yadi an upgrade over Shoppach?

    Which side wins:

    Bruce/Alexei vs. JJ/Rios
    Bruce/Alexei vs. JJ/Victo

    same as above plus my Qualls his Mauer.

  33. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Zebo: It’s a risky start, I am in 12 team leagues and deeper.

    @Joe S: Hat tip.

    @timSTi: If you can get Rollins there, it would be great. I’d try quick before Rollins breaks out.

    @cws05nuts: I’d want Weeks there, unless you’re set up the middle.

    @Nick: Sure, but you should be able to do better than Alexei for Pence.

    @knighttown: Those deals are all fair. I’d prefer Victorino. Add Mauer if you want.

  34. Quintero says:

    Josh Whitesell…Grey, you are indeed the psychic (or psyche?). You said it, I play him. Pickup of May!

  35. timSTi says:

    @Grey If I can’t get Rollins is Quentin/Furcal/Richmond for HanRam fair? HanRam owner is in last place and has a pretty bad team overall. Only reason I package in Furcal there is he has no other SS on his team so maybe that’ll entice him having that spot filled?

  36. DrEasy says:

    Bloomquist or Lugo? And are either better than Aviles?

  37. EricB says:

    @Grey: Here’s an update. Last week I asked you who to start for this week: Shields vs. Boston or Kershaw vs. Washington. You said to start Kershaw. I did. Kershaw won with a nice game Wednesday night. We’ll see what happens with Shields tonight. Thanks for the advice.

    Here’s how it’s looking for next week:
    Currently active in lineup:
    Billingsley: @ Philadelphia (Hamels)
    Harden: vs. San Diego (Peavy) and vs. Houston (Hampton)
    Kershaw: @ Philadelphia (Park) and @ Florida (Sanchez)
    Liriano: @ N.Y. Yankees (Hughes)
    Shields: vs. Cleveland (Carmona)
    Slowey: vs. Detroit (Miner) and @ N.Y. Yankees (Burnett)

    Bench options:
    Hanson (ATL) – in minors
    Meche: vs. Baltimore (Guthrie)
    Scherzer: @ Atlanta (Kawakami)
    Young (SD): @ Chicago Cubs (Lilly)

    Lineup okay or make changes? Thanks

  38. Matt Sorrento says:

    What kind of jam should I offer for McCann? The guy who has him has been trying to get Votto from me for a few days.

  39. Teef says:

    I came out of my draft feeling pretty good and I’ve made a couple trades/and pickups that I love but I’m in dead last in my competitive 10 teamer and I’m starting to get sneaking doubts creeping in

    10 team redraft h2h with wins/saves/era/whip/saves/ks and hrs/rbis/runs/avg/obp/sb

    team is
    C. Russell Martin
    1b. Miggy Cabrera
    2b. Alexi Ramirez
    3b. Arod
    SS. Theriot
    OF. Quentin
    OF. Hamilton (got him post DL stint)
    OF. Victornio(got him last week)
    Util. Berkman(got him a week and half ago)
    Bench: Magglio(traded for on Tues)/C. Davis(added b4 yest game)

    Pitching. Peavy, Holliday, Gallardo, Bedard, Wainright, Liriano with Bell, Gregg, Hoffman, Street (DL BJ Ryan) as relief

    You see any holes/needs I should be filling that I might be missing?

  40. GhostfacePrzybilla says:

    Jurjjens had similar peripheral problems last year but maintained solid roto numbers all season. Is he sell at all costs?

  41. Quintero says:

    Speaking of Chris Coghlan… He is not in yahoo player pool…(or I spelled it wrong?) Coghlan or Andy LaRoche? Two are different, but who is going to be the more productive one?

  42. spike says:

    @Grey: Drop Ziegler for Wandy? I figure he’s not going to be closing much longer, and I’ve got the aforementioned 4 closers I’d play above him anyway. Do I really need 7 SP?

  43. Denys says:

    @Quintero: Well Andy sucks… and you don’t know if Coghlan will suck yet… so I hope that answers your question…

  44. Hardcore Midget says:

    Quickie lineup question- do I start Fowler at home vs Nolasco, or Rasmus in Cincy vs Cueto?

  45. Denys says:

    @Hardcore Midget: Fowler for speed. tomato, tomahto tho…

  46. Hardcore Midget says:

    @Quintero: Agreeing with the previous poster. We all know Laroche sucks.
    Gamble on the upside.

    And Yahoo will probably add him over the weekend, once he gets his first in-game action, he should hit waivers.

  47. Teef says:

    Offering Wainright/(Gregg/Hoffman) for Hamels – to much?

  48. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @Hardcore Midget: In other words, just as soon as even the half-interested fantasy owners have heard about him.

  49. Grey

    Grey says:

    @timSTi: It’s fair.

    @DrEasy: I’d go with Lugo for hope of steals.

    @EricB: Wow, lots of tough matchups next week. I’d consider Scherzer over Slowey. If you feel like you need a 2 start starter, then go for it.

    @Matt Sorrento: I’d want Votto over him. I’d give a Cruz-type for McCann.

    @Teef: Your team looks like it’s going to start kicking ass any day now. Only thing I’d consider is Mags for Cano, if you can pull it out. Then benching Alexei for now and putting him in at SS when he heats up, or trading him.

    @GhostfacePrzybilla: No, not at all costs.

    @Quintero: He’s not in Yahoo yet.

    @spike: Not yet

    @Teef: I wouldn’t do it, but it’s not too much.

  50. Doug Ault says:

    @Grey: “Remember, by the time Manny returns, he may be in his 2nd trimester.”

    Milk just exited my nose,you bastard!

  51. Matt Sorrento says:

    I offered Votto and Fuentes for Werth and McCann. I don’t think he will take it, but I don’t give a thing about closers.

  52. Teef says:

    1. That’s actually a really good suggestion – I originally got Mags as insurance for my OF incase one of my buy low guys didn’t turn it on for a while but that move makes a lot of sense – the only thing that may stop him from doing it is the lack of 2b replacement and his OF consisting of Bruan/Kemp/Both Uptons/Hart – but regardless – very solid suggestion – may try it anyway.

    2. I know your down on Hamels and it feels like it’s not his year but I’ve watched his last 2 starts and when he got hit with the pitch he was dealing and looked like last years stud – same last week – I dont know much about Wainwright outside of just his stats but I’ve been unimpressed all year – he’s always in trouble and walking way to many guys – the extra roster spot would allow me to add Hanson

    Regardless – Thanks man, really good stuff

  53. Teef says:

    ps 6.99=the price of a strawberry daq at my local TGIF

  54. Doc says:

    But did McCann get any boob for his trouble?

  55. Quintero says:

    @Hardcore Midget: @Denys: Actually, Andy LaRoche is not THAT bad at the moment…K-rate down, BB-rate up…BABIP comes back to normal range…not crazy pull-happy anymore…that lineup is indeed sucks tho.

  56. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Doug Ault: That’s the goal.

    @Teef: 2. Then go for it. It’s totally fair, just not my kind of deal. And thanks for the donation!

  57. Doc says:

    I have an addiction to being the first to pick up “rate rookies” like LaPorta and now Coghlan. I hope I don’t drop someone worthwhile, but I’m sure I will.

  58. Doc says:

    @Doc:edit “rated rookies”

  59. Bob says:

    @Grey: Who’s more SAGNOF, Pierre or Bourn?

  60. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @Bob: I’m not Grey, but I did sleep in a Holliday Inn last night (HEY-O). Go with Bourn.

  61. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    The Cubs just traded Joey Gathright to the Orioles for Ryal Freel. I called Farney and he confirmed this deal.

    When I read this news, I said to myself, “The Cubs had Joey Gatright? Really?”

  62. Doc says:

    Gathright traded for Freel. Adjust your lineups accordingly.

  63. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Mark: @Bob: This is like asking, “which side of the face would you prefer me to punch you.”

    I’m going for Pierre, because he has the track record to sustain his average. But isn’t it a coinflip anyway?

  64. tommy says:

    how would you rank the following guys going forward?

    Bourn, Fowler, Span, Nyjer Morgan

  65. airlifting says:

    my garza for his mccann? would then slot sandoval into my 3b where beltre sits & edwin on DL. 14t league, 5×5 + ops & k/9. trading garza would leave my staff with only 3 starters (javy, gallardo, zimmermann)

    overreacting for a C/3B? try to trade one of votto, c. pena, butler, n. johnson instead? three good 1Bs are hard to roster, even with tw util. spots.

  66. Atomic says:

    Lovin’ the web site. Started following along after reading the draft recap thing on Yahoo! The season previews and BRAN draft strategy were particularly helpful this year, and really enjoying the daily updates. Keep it up!

    I try to do everything you guys say, it seems. This week I took the “use your waiver priority” tip to heart and picked up Cecil with my #2 spot. It was liberating! Then I used my #12 priority to get Reynolds and drop Andrus (whoops, maybe I should get him back, I have JHoney at SS, Chipper at 3B). I was about to waiver claim again, get Sherrill lose Ray, but maybe changing my mind after seeing Ray on the buy list above. Next I have to work on not filling my bench with hitters.

    I kind of need a good 5th starter to keep up in my league, hoping that Cecil or Holland will fill that role (Also start Bills, Wainwright, Bedard and Danks). Dempster and Masterson just hit the waiver wire, should I stash one of them? Would probably lose R. Soriano or Ray or Reynolds off my bench (bullpen is Broxton, LaTroy, Franklin, Grabow).

    Thanks again!

  67. Bob says:

    @Mark, @IowaCubs: This is Manny’s spot on my team. I figured I can SAGNOF for 50 games, then plug in Manny’s stats from that point. So as little as I like my face being punched, Bourn of Pierre’s 50 game SAGNOF plus Manny’s 110 games of “Manny being Manny” will be a decent total.

  68. Mexican Avalanche says:

    Carnac! I just gave Kazmir to get Alexei two days ago.

  69. Infamous says:

    Should I try to trad Mags for Rollins even though I have Alexei and Tulo at SS and wait till Rollins becomes Rollins again and flip him?

  70. Grey

    Grey says:

    @tommy: For straight speed? Bourn, Fowler, punt. For upside and speed, Fowler, Bourn, punt.

    @airlifting: You can’t trade away Garza. Try to trade a 1st baseman. Or two.

    @Atomic: Thanks! I’d lose Soriano for Masterson.

    @Infamous: Sounds good.

  71. Bob says:

    So, once I dump either Bourn or Pierre, I will have one spot open for a fifth starter. Somebody just waived Zach Duke. Big Unit and Randy Wolf are also out there. Who would you pick up?

    Finally, I’ve got Geovony Soto sitting on my bench (I picked him up for a crappy closer) and Russell Martin is my starter. I’ve been trying to trade Soto, with no success. Sombody just offered me Magglio Ordonez for Soto. Normally I wouldn’t look but I did just lose Manny. Should I consider doing this or just stick with the SAGNOF strategum and try to get something better for Sot.

  72. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Grey: Seriously? You’re punting Span? He’s been very useful for me in h2h.

  73. Doc says:

    from Rotoworld

    Florida is wasting no time utilizing Chris Coghlan, starting him at second base Friday.
    Dan Uggla gets the night off. The Marlins could well start him at third base tomorrow. Clearly, Florida wants to see what it has in Coghlan, as they should. Coghlan can hit.

  74. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @Bob: Big Unit, but know that the price you pay for those K’s will be an occasional shelling.

    Not sure about Soto….I se your point, but I hate Maggs.

  75. Doc says:

    Pierre or Coghlan?

  76. @Doc: Coghlan for everything except SB. Plus it sounds like he may have some nice position flexibility to boot.

  77. Grey

    Grey says:

    @IowaCubs: He’s third for steals/upside there.

    @Doc: It’s about your needs. Coghlan has upside and better eligibility, but he may play three games and get sent down. Pretty clear what Pierre gives you.

  78. The Dude says:

    How would you classify BJ Upton right now. I’m thinking of going after him in both of my keeper leagues since his value is as low as it’s likely going to get. Would you ship Ichiro+Closer for him? or is that too much?

  79. Bob says:

    @Mark: Thanks.

    @Grey: Any thoughts on Ordonez for G. Soto?

  80. Doc says:

    @Grey: Thanks Grey. I need to check what I need in that league. Of course that is the only one he isn’t on waivers.

    I finally got that donation thing to work. I expect ramped-up advice now that I’m paying a penny per question!!!!

  81. Grey

    Grey says:

    @The Dude: I’d want Upton there.

    @Bob: I’d want Soto.

    @Doc: Thanks!

  82. Bob says:

    @Grey: Thanks. I’m just getting a little panicked not having Manny to anchor my OF and I’m not totally confident about my SAGNOF while he’s gone strategy.

  83. Justin Upton v. Nats, Carlos Pena v. Boston, or Alex Rios @ Oakland tonight? Thanks

  84. The Dude says:

    @Grey: I was afraid you’d say that – so which closer?


  85. willclarkismyhero says:

    a guy in my league just changed his team name to “Mannypause”. I laughed out loud at work and got funny looks, so I thought I should share.

  86. Doc says:

    Are you kidding me? ARod with a Donk/Doink already! Hippo, you make me sick!

  87. JR says:

    @Doc: First-pitch homer!

  88. DrEasy says:

    I guess Mannypause is the opposite of Mannywood?

  89. The Dude says:

    A-Rod’s got something to prove… and as an owner, I hope he proves it early and often

  90. timSTi says:

    Pujols + A-Rod is gonna be fun this year :-) Hopefully my trade goes through for HanRam. Talk bout a beast of an infield with Cano/Hill

  91. Dexter says:

    Would you rather have Myers, Gaudin or Cook going forward? Thanks!

  92. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Dexter: Gaudin, Cook then Myers, but they’re obviously not ideal.

  93. Dexter says:

    @Grey: No, they are far from ideal. Each time I look at the possibilities, I have to try my best to choke back the vomit. Just filling a spot til Hanson comes up.

  94. Tom says:

    Grey, would you take Garza or Shields if both are on the table?

  95. Bob says:

    Which side of Cole Hamels for Roy Oswalt/Kevin Gregg would you rather be on?

  96. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tom: Shields, very close though.

    @Bob: Hamels

  97. Bob says:

    @Grey: Thanks.

  98. Drev says:

    anyone know why berkman was pulled from the starting lineup?

  99. @Grey:

    Heh Buy Whitesell? Have you actually watched him play defense? Im skeptical he gets much playtime.

  100. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Drev: Not sure.

    @Elijah: If he hits, he’ll play.

  101. Im really skeptical about Whitesell, but Im just going by what I’ve seen of him so far on the diamond in limited time, and I have yet to see one reason I’d play the guy if I was the manager. The guy hit .228 in AAA and cant play defense. Then again the DBacks are hitting .225 total so you may have something there.

  102. So sell both Jurrjens and Kazmir? Ugh, I’m not sure I could get anything at all for these guys and my pitching is already horrible.

    SP: Hamels, Kazmir, Jurrjens, Maholm, Scherzer, J Zimmerman, Webb (DL), E Santana (DL)

    RP: Capps, Qualls, Downs, Sherrill.

    Am I just screwed? I just spent 3 days unsuccessfully trying to find someone to trade me a SP and the only guy I was offerered was Nolasco. Suggestions?

  103. Whitesell, 27, was hitting .356 with three homers and 20 RBI at Reno and was the D-backs’ organizational player of the year in 2008, when he hit .228 with 36 doubles, 26 home runs, and 110 RBI

  104. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @Elijah: Don’t turn your nose up at Nolasco if the price is right. His hidden stats are actually quite good this year, and I think with just a little adjustment and luck, he’ll be really, really good again.

  105. Bob says:

    Hey everybody, if you go to the Yahoo StatTraker, you can see that there’s still a brown furry animal attached to Chad Gaudin’s chin. I called the SPCA about it the last time he pitched, but I guess they haven’t detached it yet.

  106. OK well I wasnt *that* down on Nolasco but I thought I might get him off waivers as easily as trade for him.

  107. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @Elijah: .328, check the link.

  108. Yeah I see that now, must have been a typo in my local Papers. Now I’ll agree: If he hits he will play.

  109. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Bob: Ha!

    @Elijah: I’d want Nolasco over Kazmir.

  110. Doc says:

    Aramis is hurt. Shoulder.

  111. aconstipatedmonkey says:

    Looks like Aramis just hurt his shoulder really bad diving for a liner from Braun. He’s in obvious pain.

  112. Hmm well if Nolasco doesnt get killed tonite I’ll look into it again.

  113. Also, losses and BAA count in my league, and Kazmir (when good) usually has a very low BAA, which is why I took him.

  114. Tom says:

    If Aramis is hurt, trading Lowell really hurts right now.

  115. Colin says:

    Wow thank you Mets. 2 runs against Karstens? Where’s the friggin run support…and the defense was horrible tonight. Niese should have only given up one run. I can’t believe this. To quote the movie Ace Ventura “Having trouble with the lady, Ace?” Reyes, Castillo, Beltran, Delgado, Wright….2 friggin runs against a pitcher with a 5+ ERA? Give me a fkn break.

  116. Eric W says:

    @Bob: He puts the Youker and Jay Buhner to shame.

  117. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Colin: Agreed, I’ve been watching that game between the Wandy man make short work of the Padres. The Mets look like they can’t wait to get away from their home park.

  118. Kinda a bad thing when you don’t like playing in your own stadium heh.

  119. aconstipatedmonkey says:

    Wow, Granderson just robbed Sizemore of a potential game-winning HR with 1 on and 1 out in the 9th. Also preserves the ridiculous game pitched by Verlander.

  120. A Gallaraga, S Baker, B Myers, Z Duke, R Porcello all SP available as FA? Any of these guys worth it? And what about Tommy Hansen? Is he worth stashing? I gotta find a way to improve my pitching or Im gonna end up in last place. This is my first year ever messing with fantasy baseball but Im getting really frustrated already here. The three guys in first-third all autodrafted. Either Im doing something horribly wrong or this game is mostly luck.

  121. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @Elijah: Depends on your league size and settings, but out of that list I’d keep an eye on Baker. His numbers look bad so far but he’s had quite a bit of bad luck, and he’s doing well so far tonight.

  122. yoshinorimike says:

    ahhhhh, Shields!

    I always forget that he makes his way to a 3.75 era each season by alternating shutouts with 5-7 run bomb sessions. Sigh

  123. I’ve been eyeing Baker yes, just wanted some sign hes not hurt.

  124. I tried everything possible to trade for Sabathia this week but I just didnt have any hitters that interested the guy other than Felipe Lopez and that wasn’t enough to swing a deal.

  125. Doc says:

    Aramis dislocated his left shoulder.

  126. Infamous says:

    I just got offered this trade:

    Joey Votto and Heath Bell for Jimmy Rollins, Loney, and Galaragga

    Im giving up Votto and Bell.

    Should I do it?

  127. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Elijah – It’s too bad you didn’t pull it off. April’s over, and he pitched a gem tonight. 9 IN, 8 K’s, and a WHIP well under 1.00.

  128. Infamous says:

    Its a keeper league also

  129. Colin says:

    Dusty Baker is a dumbass. Why bring in your top setup guy in a 6 – 1 game? Now Weathers just gave up 2 runs when he shouldn’t be in there. This guy handles pitchers like the US government handles taxpayer money.

  130. BKK says:

    @Drev: “Berkman was a late scratch Friday against the Padres due to a sore left wrist, the Associated Press reports.”

    First Zambrano goes on DL, Alexei gets benched, Berkman hurts his wrist and now Aramis. My team is going for Shizz this week. Yesterday was my anniversary. Happy Anniversary BKK!!

  131. Doc says:

    Zimmerman with a hit to extend his streak

  132. BKK says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: I cracked 70 pts tonight. Made it all the way to 72, but since dropped a little.

    @Grey: Are you a believer in Verlander yet?

  133. @Paulie Allnuts:

    I knew he was gonna pick it up and the owner is a Red Sox fan to boot. But other than Utley I don’t know that he covets any of my players.

  134. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:


    I’ve been recommending Scott Baker all over the place, and I left him on my bench tonight. Oh well, at least Wandy finally got a lead.

  135. He did want Felipe Lopez…

    These are his starters: CC, Josh Johnson (I asked, he said no), J Shields, M Buerhle, E Bedard, C Volstead, R Harden.

    Any ideas of who I should target? I tried to pry JJ and CC unsuccessfully.

  136. Hmm Baker looking good, I should grab?

  137. BigFatHippo says:

    Hope nobody started Shields tonight. Played that card just right…….

  138. BigFatHippo says:

    Wow, Verlander pitched a gem tonight. Don’t have him, wish I did.

  139. Doc says:

    I’m last in pitching in this league, but still in second place. How does this look? I’m Bell, Lee, etc….

    Bell, Heath (P)
    Lee, Derrek (1B)
    Lopez, Felipe (SS)
    Markakis, Nick (OF)
    Lester, Jon (P)
    Garza, Matt (P)
    Morneau, Justin (1B)
    Ramirez, Alexei (2B)

  140. Doc says:

    @BigFatHippo: He was somehow on my bench in the one league I own him! I have too many teams!

  141. BigFatHippo says:

    @Elijah: Offer Flippy for Shields, might be a go after tonight. Shield’s will be fine, never good @ Boston.

  142. Mr Baseball says:

    J. Guthrie always pitches good against the Yankees but in this case C C Sabathia was better – that one pitch to Arod done him in – Guthrie fantasy baseball owners have nothing to look forward to until he pitches against the Yankees next time

    Those of you who started James Shields owners got away lucky starting him – his era in Fenway Park is around 10.00 so his 7.50 wasn’t really that bad

    J. Contreras owners you been living in the past

    I quess the economy is really tough out there Kelly Johnson can only get a part time job

    John Ono Lannan will give your team Instant Karma! if you pick him up
    My favorite song by him was Imagine if I can win a game!

    you can still buy his CD

    Every Man Has A Catcher Who Loves Him – Digital Remaster
    With a Little Help from My Relief Pitchers
    Power to the Clean up Hitters
    All we are saying is give me a win

    Carlos Quentin is giving his best impression of Jack Cust

  143. BigFatHippo says:

    @Doc: Def want the Morneau side, go for it.

  144. BigFatHippo says:

    @Mr Baseball: Razzberry Fields Forever.

  145. Doc says:

    @BigFatHippo: He probably won’t go for it, but we’ll see.

  146. Rest of you like that Flippy for Shields trade? I have DeRosa who can take his spot.

  147. Mr Baseball says:

    143 BigFatHippo
    “Wow, Verlander pitched a gem tonight. Don’t have him, wish I did.”

    flashback –

    Wow Verlander first 4 starts sucked Don’t have him and don’t want him

  148. Doc says:

    He came back with this

    Team soxxos would receive the following players:
    Gregg, Kevin (P, CHN)
    Markakis, Nick (OF, BAL)
    Votto, Joey (1B, CIN)

    Team Milton’s Staplers would receive the following players:
    Morneau, Justin (1B, MIN)
    Lester, Jon (P, BOS)
    Garza, Matt (P, TB)
    Ramirez, Alexei (2B, CHA)

  149. BigFatHippo says:

    @Mr Baseball: If you did, I’d trade for him.

    45 Ks in 35 IP before tonight, he’s just getting better…

    @Doc: Do that, Morneau=> Votto. You need pitching right?

  150. Doc says:

    @BigFatHippo: Yeah, I think my need for pitching puts this trade on my side. A lot depends on how Alexei rights the ship, but I think he will.

  151. Zebo says:

    how long is aramis out? He has been so healthy for a while, then this year, he is so injury prone

  152. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @ BKK – I noticed – you are becoming a serious player in Latin 9.

    @Grey – “Scott Richmond – If you can pawn him off for any piece whatsoever, do it. He’s really not this good. In fact, there’s a good chance he’s going to be awful.”

    Why don’t I continue to balk at listening to you.” You’re either really good or have the gift of prescience. My pristine ERA and WHIP handed to me by C.C. Wider were destroyed by this shmohawk. Although at this point, I don’t think that I can pawn him off for shizz.

  153. Doc says:

    @Zebo: No word yet. I think he’ll go on the DL, but come back after 15. And I’m a doctor! (of schmohawkness)

  154. BigFatHippo says:

    @Doc: Did you pull the trigger? Hope so.

  155. Drev says:

    Is Greinke for Reyes a fair trade?

  156. Mr Baseball says:

    Is Greinke for Reyes a fair trade? – think about it – why would anyone draft Pitcher in the first round of the draft – no one would draft a pitcher in the first round anyway over Reyes

  157. BigFatHippo says:

    @Drev: If you’re getting Reyes, do it now.

  158. BKK says:

    @BigFatHippo: How much would you give to get. It’s not like you and I could trade but curious what you think his value is at this point.

  159. BKK says:

    @BigFatHippo: We are talking about Verlander!

  160. Doc says:

    @BigFatHippo: Yeah I pulled the trigger. I think it’ll work out for me. Thanks for the input. Now could you have some of your RCL players tank for me? That would help. BJ Upton and David Old Tease are killing me!!!

  161. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @BKK – I’d take 70 right now. We still have 80% of the season to play catch up.

    @Drev – The only pitcher I would trade for Reyes is Sandy Koufax in his prime. I know Greinke, and Greinke ain’t no Sandy Koufax. Sandy did for 6 years what Greinke has done for a 5 weeks.

  162. BigFatHippo says:

    @BKK: I wouldn’t deal him, you need the pitching. In fact, you need to deal for another solid pitcher and your team would look good. 70 is not your ceiling, just the beginning.

    @Doc: David Old Tease? Ha!

  163. Drev says:

    To all who responded…thanks…needed evidence to convince another owner in my money league not to trade Reyes to the guy who’s already top-3 in every category.

  164. Doc says:

    What’s the scoop on Matt Palmer? Pitching ok so far.

  165. Doc says:

    How about my Alex Rios for his Josh Johnson? I need pitching and have extra outfielders.

  166. Cheeeeeeeeeeeze says:

    I received an offer today to get Johan for Gallardo and John Danks, do I take it?

  167. grey….dude….is that stache for real…..throwin out a little Magnum with that, no? Either way, dig razzball, it is my holy grail and have been kickin some balls in with some of your reads/tiers/etc….although you keep yankin me around on Cain, better than Lincecum???, but then talk about his high walks, Babip, blah, blah, blah.

    re: McCann read, trade away Edwin Jackson and John Maine for McLasik and Rodney (need some closer help & have Baker right now)

  168. Whitesell got his first hit of the year, the guy looks like a dead pull hitter with nice batspeed. Not sure hes gonna hit for a good average yet but theres something there.

  169. Doc says:

    Hanrahananan pitched in the 6th and gave up a run.

  170. BKK says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: Thirdand King is really starting to cheese me off. The only stat where he is not top 3 is SB – for 106 pts. That’s nuts!

    @BigFatHippo: Oh’ no knows he needs pitching more than I, but for the right price anyone is for sale.

  171. BKK says:

    Should have read: no one knows…

  172. Prince says:

    For MI/2B/SS, who would you pick? S. Drew, F. Lopez, J. Lopez, Kendrick, Callaspo. I’d be banking on Drew’s potential/upside, as he’s sucked so far. A friend has been recommending Kendrick, but I keep waffling.

  173. G says:

    Is Ibanez for real or should I try to sell him high because he will prob end up around25 HR’s and 100 RBI’s. Just wondering if any of you guys could list me a few outfielders that I can get for him that will have better value for the rest of the season. Also, what type of player would I have to trade along with Ibanez to acquire Tex?
    thanks in advance

  174. Crafty35a says:

    Bailey just pitched 2 perfect innings with 2 K’s for the save.

  175. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @BKK – Maybe I should trade Ichiro/Bourn to ThirdandKing, and he could place #1 in steals, and achieve a perfect 120 Roto Score.

  176. Prince says:

    @Crafty35a: Yeah, my Ziegler drop may come soon …

  177. Zebo says:

    is Bailey officially the closer now? Great, my 3 closers are down to 1, Qualls, Ziegler and Hanrahan. I think I am in trouble, punt saves?

  178. Doc says:

    ugh, Kip Wells with the save and 2 K’s

  179. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    Drop Hanraharahan for Wells? Ugh, I make myself sick just typing that.

  180. Prince says:

    @Zebo: Well, I haven’t seen anything official, but Bailey officially looked pretty damn good. And Ziegler had not .. We’ll see. Fortunately I’ve got Hawkins as a FA. Or maybe that’s unfortunately.

  181. BKK says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: With his Midas touch, those two would suddenly start stealing bases like Vince Coleman and Rickey Henderson. And whoever he gave you would “soil” your team.

  182. Marr says:

    I sure love me some Cueto and Wandy!

  183. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Infamous: I want the Votto side.

    @Mr Baseball: Nice album.

    @kR Express: It’s real. And it’s wonderful.

    @Prince: F. Lopez

    @G: Ibanez is a 25/100 player, but that’s not bad. Tex is only 35/115, but he’s eligible at 1st which is nice. Ibanez and a pitcher, think Shields, should get Tex.

    @Mark: Blech on Wells.

  184. Nick says:

    Trade just made in my league, Han Ram for Tulo & A-Roid…what side you like better?

  185. Nick says:

    & Aramis Ramirez screwed me big time with this injury tonight. I just hope he goes on the DL by tomorrow morning so I can pickup Lowell before someone else snags him (10team league).

  186. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Nick: Hanley, but it’s fair.

  187. tryin to clear room to take Lackey off IR, what other pitchers can I expect to get for edwin jackson and John Maine, trying to bolster pitching staff and/or closers

  188. Grey

    Grey says:

    @kR Express: Try for Cueto if his owner doesn’t buy his start. Maybe Wandy… Shields if his owner’s fed up. Lester? Nolasco? Or a third tier closer. In other words, you’re not going to get much.

    EDIT: Word.

  189. Doug Ault says:

    I just swung this deal,I couldn’t resist.Diid I do as well as I think?

    I get the Street grouping




  190. Doug Ault says:

    OOPS,Nathan is part of the “for” group

  191. jsp2014 says:

    Everyone starting Vazquez @ PHI tomorrow? There’s potential for disaster but I rarely bench a pitcher as good as Vazquez.

  192. DrEasy says:

    Travis Snider is cooling off big time, and he’s only playing against RHP. Delmon Young on the other hand is now a full time starter (Gomez on the bench!), and he’s hitting a bit, albeit singles. Should I dump Travis for Delmon?

    Other outfielders of interest on the waiver wire: Colby Rasmus, Scott Hairston, Gary Matthews Jr, and CoJack.

  193. Steve says:

    @Grey: Peavy, Wolf, Shields, Billingsley…

    Next time the little old lady in front of you at the Post Office is a little slow out of the blocks, just leave her be, OK?

  194. johnson21 says:

    @jsp2014: im benching vazquez, just like i benched wainwright. vazquez is prone to the wildness and gopher ball.

  195. Eric H. says:

    My rotation is Vazquez, Harden, Liriano, Lowe, Slowey, Weaver… 12-team ML 5×5 w/1250 IP limit. I’d like to make a pitch for Jake Peavy — what should I offer? I’d prefer NOT to tinker with my hitters if at all possible.

    Would Vazquez AND Harden for Peavy be too aggressive an offer on my part?

  196. paulzone says:

    should i make this trade offer?

    beckett, chipper, franklin for Arod

    I’d be getting Arod.

  197. Mr Baseball says:

    What the heck got into Barry Zito

    I say it has to be – Grandpa’s Fred Al Lewis Magical Potions

  198. timSTi says:

    @Grey Since my two attempts for Rollins & HanRam didn’t work, who do you want at SS ou of these 4: Tulo, Furcal, Drew, or Hardy. Tulo & Hardy are FA’s. Furcal is starting for me now and sucking it up. Drew’s on my D/L. Or Should I still try to trade up for a upper level SS like Rollins or Reyes or even Jeter?

  199. Eric H. says:

    @timSTi: I like Tulowitzki.

  200. G says:

    @Grey: SHould I trade Ibanez w/ Jair Jurrjens orWainwright or Garza to get Tex. Im trying to make it so I give up the least while still making it fair. Would Jair and Ibanez be the fairest out of the different scenarios. Which pitcher should I put in the trade. Thanks

  201. Prince says:

    What does anyone think about Lester at home vs. Tampa today? Didn’t fare well earlier this year (9.00 ERA, 2.00 WHIP) but is 3.97 / 1.34 overall.

  202. Bob says:

    Utley or Kinsler, who would you rather have the rest of the year?

  203. Rick Dempsey says:

    @G: Is your 1B/CI that bad? Those are some good players, despite Wainright’s horrible WHIP and the Braves not being consistent run producers. I wouldn’t give up Garza, he’s worth keeping around but you do realize that Ibanez is going to probably have a career year barring injury right?

    All these scenarios seem like you’re overpaying except Wainright I guess, but the real bugger is that Tex’s value just went up with A-Rod’s return. I mean that first pitch HR had a lot of emphasis, you’re really buying high compared to draft day values for a player under the Mendoza line. eeeff!

  204. Rick Dempsey says:

    @Bob: Both.

  205. Grey

    Grey says:

    @jsp2014: Yup

    @DrEasy: Is this for a starting spot? Can you afford to play Rasmus only when he plays? If not, go Young.

    @Eric H.: You can try it, but I’m not sure it’ll work. You probably need to give a hitter.

    @paulzone: I’d want A-Rod there.

    @timSTi: Tulo

    @G: That would be fair. Any of them plus Ibanez would be. Not sure the other guy goes for, but still…

    @Prince: I’d start him.

    @Bob: Utley

  206. Rick Dempsey says:

    @Bob: Both. They’re the two sole elites in the doldrums of the MI, especially now that B. Phillips was off to such a slow start. But to answer your question, Kinsler is more susceptible to injury even though he had that disc fixed.

  207. PJTres says:

    hey grey…in my keeper league, this guy wants to trade me nelson cruz for roberts…im a bit skeptical of cruz, but what do you think? I saw your preseason prediction on his numbers…has that changed?? thanks. (i have utley as my 2b, and play roberts in util…my other OF are ethier, lind, BJupton, dukes, pierre, and cococrisp.


  208. GhostfacePrzybilla says:

    I’m trying to shop David Price to an Utley owner (my 2Bs are Stewart, Fontenot). Is Alex Rios and David Price too much to give straight up for Utley. I’m in need of power with Manny out. I’m not in love with Rios and don’t him expect to hit more than 20HR. Utley (already has 9) will probably outhomer and outavg Rios the rest of the way (right?). Price is expendable. I’ve already rejected Votto/Price for Utley/Juan Cruz because of said power and mancrush on Votto. Thoughts?

  209. Tom says:

    I have Ramirez, and I dealt Lowell for Liriano a while back. I now have Reynolds, Stewart and LaRoche. Here are the Corner Infield options on the waiver wire: C. Jackson, B. Hall, and Kouzmanoff. I would drop Nunez for one of these. Which should I go for?

  210. GhostfacePrzybilla says:

    @Tom: Hall might lose his gig to Gamel. Kouz plays at Petco. C. Jackson’s avg can only go up. By process of elimination…

  211. Grey

    Grey says:

    @PJTres: I’d want Cruz there.

    @GhostfacePrzybilla: I’d want Utley there, but I doubt someone’s trading you their 1st rounder for Rios and Price. You can try though.

  212. johnson21 says:

    coco has FIVE steals in the last three games, and just when you stop mentioning Burriss, he has stolen three bases and hit .363 in the last ten games or so. his average is now above the mendoza line.

  213. Infamous says:

    [s] no [/s]

  214. Crafty35a says:

    Would I be crazy to offer Adam Jones for Garrett Atkins’ corpse? After a few trades, I have 5 OF for 4 spots, and need a 3B.

  215. johnson21 says:

    start Maine at home against the bucs? last time i started anyone at them it was peavy, who got bounced around like a ping pong against a sanchez/mclouth/doumit-less lineup.

  216. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Crafty35a: No, wouldn’t be crazy. I’d take Atkins there if I needed a 3rd baseman.

    @johnson21: I’d start him.

  217. Infamous says:

    Now that Aramis is going to be out who’s my best choice to pick up for 3b: Rolen, Teahen, Fontenot,Fields, coglan?

  218. cubbies299 says:

    Do you trade victorino for BJ upton straight up in an ops league? He’s full of suck right now

  219. Bob says:

    @Grey, @Rick Dempsey: The reason I was asking Kinsler/Utley is that apparently Chase has got some kind of foot injury that I think is bothering him more than he’s admitting to his manager. As you know, an injured player trying to play his way through it can destroy his value, so it’s possible that the injury risk pointer may have swung toward Chase.

  220. johnson21 says:

    Grey, Atkins or Chris Davis? Do you think Atkins will start heating up june? he just got dropped…

  221. cubbies299 says:

    It’s Christmas in May. I just came home to an offer of Victorino/Wilson for my Hawpe/Wang/Fred Lewis. I accepted immediately, afraid it would vanish into thin air.

  222. BKK says:

    @cubbies299: Why can’t I get offers like that?

  223. cubbies299 says:

    Vazquez @ Phil
    Kazmir @ Bos

    I’m thinking yes, no?

  224. BKK says:

    @cubbies299: I’m starting Vazquez. I’d rather be pitchslapped than Sonavabenched.

  225. BKK says:

    @Grey: Are you a believer in Verlander yet?

  226. Rick Dempsey says:

    @Bob: A bone bruise isn’t structural damage, and since he bats left he’s not pushing off of his right foot rather using it for timing.

  227. cubbies299 says:

    @BKK: Yeah but Kazmir is really sucking. I think he rides pine, even with that BS “I think I found the flaw in my mechanics” jazz. Show me it and then we’ll talk.

  228. Steve says:

    Does anyone know if Votto wil play today/tonight?

  229. AL KOHOLIC says:

    now thats fast,yahoo box score says pierre doubled to shortstop

  230. Doc says:

    I should have benched all my starters today

  231. BKK says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: I think Paulie may make a big move today. He has 4 pitchers going.

  232. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @BKK – shooting my wad, one may say. i’m more then a bit shaky on Hughes @Balt.Also Dempster is @Mil, and he is a Home Schooler. He did look good in his last start, although Grey doesn’t like him, and every time I have gone against Grey I get burnt. I shot out 4 pitchers last week, and had a 7.5 Pt bump, but all it really was was a false feeling of making progress, for the gains I made in K’s and wins dissolved as the week went along. What I really need is for the Bourn SAGNOF Identity to pull a Crawford.

    BTW, my theory is that ThirdandKing has pulled a Faustian bargain and signed a pack with the devil. He is the fantasy version of Robert Johnson at the Crossroads.

  233. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BKK: It’s not that I’m not a believer, I just think he’s a 4.00 to 4.25 ERA pitcher, as I said after his last start, he’s not going to be a 7.00 ERA pitcher, so he’s going to have some good games.

    @AL KOHOLIC: Ha!

    @Doc: That bad, huh?

  234. Bob says:

    @Rich Dempsey: Utley’s leg must really be bothering him today, he just hit his 10th HR.

  235. BKK says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: Ah, you’ll be fine. The way I see it, if you thought well enough to pick ’em up, you might as start ’em if you’re gonna roster ’em. Otherwise, you might as well pick-up a Mr.B.

    BTW, if you click on the little return arrow beside the time and date stamp below the commenters name in puts the @Paulie Allnuts: for you. IJust another reason we like RAZZBALL.

  236. d2bnz says:

    Dunno what you said to your opponent to sell that one but, Congrats mate way to go

  237. Prince says:

    Lester is making me more and more unhappy by the week …

  238. BKK says:

    @Grey: If he continues to through 10+ K’s a game I’ll live with a 4.25 ERA.

  239. BKK says:

    @BKK: How about “throw” instead of “through”.

  240. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    The owner of Josh Hamilton seems ready to give him away.

    Should I trade Granderson for him?

    Adrian Gonzalez/Granderson or Berkman/Hamilton who wins?

    or I could offer Josh Johnson for him?

  241. Matt Sorrento says:

    Is Derek Lee toast? I’m looking for a corner infielder and he seems like a good buy low candidate, but not if he is going to be hurt all year.

    Any other buy candidates for CI (besides CoJack, I already got one of those)?

  242. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    I offered Granderson C. Davis for Longoria, too much?

  243. I offered Alexei Ramirez and Carlos Pena for Ian Kinsler, too much? Have Pena on my bench most nights.

  244. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Prince: Rudy had Lester @ #14, Risky Pitchers.

  245. Doc says:

    I start Lester and Maholm and bench Vazquez. I am sad.

  246. Denys says:

    Downs – Kazaamed!

  247. BKK says:

    @Grey: Kill joy!

  248. Vince says:

    I give Werth and I get Rios… No brainer? I’m wondering if there will be much difference between them at the end of the season…

  249. Doc says:

    Now Hughes! I am getting killed today!! How long do I hold Hughes?

  250. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    Looks like Hamilton off DL this week with 6 at home. Inny (should be poppin’)? or Outty (not quite ready to produce)?

  251. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    Adios, Phil Hughes! Turn in your uniform on your way to waivers.

    No, you can’t use the shower. Get the [email protected]# out.

  252. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Doc: Until about five minutes ago.

  253. Prince says:

    @Simply Fred: Yeah, I discovered the wonder that is this site a week into the season, and anyway didn’t know a thing about drafting so I was an autodraft victim all around. But that’s water under the bridge .. So now I don’t know what to do with Lester. I’m in a 10-team shallow league where no one trades. I have Lackey coming off the DL so someone will have to go — Lester or Jurrjens?

  254. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @BKK- Combined stats for Hughes, King Felix and the Dumpster at 8:15 EST
    7.2 INN 8Ks, ERA 16.43, WHIP 2.87

    Mama said there’d be days like this
    There’d be days like this, my mama said.

    A projected 4.25 ERA from Verlander seems like Nirvana right about now.

    I’m convinced now that Thirdandking is using black manage on the ASHA’MAN. Possibly from the Necronomicon.

  255. sean says:

    Stewart is now 2B eligible. Do I want him over Felipe Lopez at MI?

  256. sean says:

    @Baron: Phil didn’t even take us out to dinner before he fucked us raw like that

  257. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Doc- I got rid of Hughes ten minutes ago. He pulled an Arroyo. Apparently, the same old Hughes.

    Next the Yankees will bring up Ian Kennedy, and I will be played for the suckers once again. When will I learn that the Yankees have the worst farm system in baseball, and they continue to hype mediocrities? When was the last decent ball player to come up from the Yankee system? Outside of Cano, I can’t think of any in the past 6-7 years.

  258. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Doc: stay away from high places the rest of the day. The sun will come out tomorrow.
    @Prince: hopefully Grey or The Baron will weigh in on Lester/Jurrjens. Good news your getting Lackey back!

  259. JR says:

    Can you arrange the following chuckleheads in order from most to least valuable?

    Parra, Porcello, Bush, Sanchez, Cecil, Snell

  260. Grey

    Grey says:

    @JR: Parra, Cecil, Porcello…

  261. Martin says:

    Tommorow i have beckett vs. TB, Oswalt Vs. SD, Joba @Bal, Marshall @Mil, who should i start?

  262. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Martin: I’d start them all.

    EDIT: Word.

  263. Pops says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: Team trainers found an aneurysm underneath Kennedy’s arm. He is expected to undergo surgery in the near future. I also dropped Hughes a couple of minutes ago. I picked up Ubaldo Jimenez off of the scrap heap. He looked good in his last start.

  264. Can I fire my entire pitching staff? *Bangs head on Keyboard*

  265. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Pops: I tried to pick up Porcello, but was beaten to the punch, probably because Grey wrote something mildly favorable about him a (rating pitchers, he went Parra, Cecil, Porcello… Porcello was gone in our league five minutes later.) So maybe I will pick up a Mr.B until I target a starter from our league’s lean pickings.

    Tough news about Kennedy. Ubaldo is likely the cream of the crap.

  266. Drev says:

    My h2h points league has weekly lineups…is it safe to have both Capps and Randy Johnson activated next week?

    Obviously there’s reason to worry about both, but RJ has two starts at home and I’m assuming Capps has a better chance at more points in 6 games than Bailey in 5.

  267. BigFatHippo says:

    @All fellow fantasy geeks

    I’m about fed up with Francis Loseriano………..

    I can’t sit him, I can’t start him, I can’t trade him, I can’t shitcan him, kick him to the curb, feed him to the fishes, fit him with cement boots, aaaaahhhhhhh, he’s killing my era and whip…………..

    Fuck him, feed him fish heads, he’s ridin my bench for awhile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry guys, had to vent.

  268. struggler says:

    Peralta, Aviles, K Johnson, Stewart, Andrus – Someone wanna rank which one will play up to potential first?

  269. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: Does Joba count? Melky? OK, forget Melky.

  270. Pops says:

    @struggler: ELIGIBILITY ALERT: Ian Stewart got his tenth start at second base tonight.

  271. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    My evening’s upside: Mr. Action Edwin Jackson.

    Do you believe yet?

  272. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Grey: with Hamilton coming off DL and six at home what kind of production do you expect? Poppin’ or poopin’?

  273. @Grey:

    So grab Manny Parra?

  274. Crafty35a says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Got to love the 35/11 K/BB in 45 IP — he’s just about cut his 2008 walk rate in half. I’m rolling him out there just about every start.

  275. BKK says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: Tough day man! Good lick with Bannister. Hopefully, he brings you better success that the Royals have had.

    Maybe drink that Margarita on our league page.

  276. BigFatHippo says:

    @G: If you don’t like 25 HR, 100 R’sBI, .300 avg, then what do you like? You drafted him for a reason didn’t you, why deal him in a possible career year. I’m riding him in C Bank and you should too, let’s enjoy the ride, deal somebody else.

  277. Doc says:

    Zimmerman homers in his fourth AB to extend his streak

  278. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    Beimel pitching the 8th inning with WAS up 2-0

  279. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    And Kip Wells starts the 9th again with a 2-0 lead.

  280. BigFatHippo says:

    @Mark: Washed my hands of the Natty situation. I’m sick of it, reminds me of a Monty Python skit…………….

    Beimel! Tavarez! Hanrahannanan! Kip WELLS?

    Peanuts! Get your peanuts, POPCORN!

    ALBATROSS, fresh Albatross…………….

  281. PJTres says:

    grey..i have hughes and snell…

    lose them for any of these guys???

    uehara, pelfrey, cook, sonnanstine, tallet, perkins, blanton????

  282. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @BigFatHippo: Some of us don’t have that luxury….unless I just punt saves altogether. Only legit closer I had was Heath Bell and I traded him (had to do it, was getting Carlos Quentin for spare parts and Bell). I did get Brandon Morrow in return, but in any case I can’t turn my nose up at any saves.

  283. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Mark: I have Beimel and I’m watching too… Wells starts the 9th… cacks…. now Hanrahan is on… oh, the suspense!

  284. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: What’s morbidly fascinating about this situation to me is that I dropped Hanrahan yesterday for Wells, and I was feeling quite pleased to see Wells come in the 9th with a 2-0 lead.

  285. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: And Hanrahan closes it. So that means…. he’s back?

    Clearly if Wells had managed the 9th, it would have been him. Glurgh.

    Clearly it ain’t Beimel, who I’m holding.


  286. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Mark: Hanny is on waivers in my league, coming off tomorrow morning… wandering if I should waste my 5th pick priority on him… already have Beimel…. on the other hand, am DYING to execute Phil Hughes…. for somebody, anybody.

    I guess this means Hanny is back.

    I repeat: Glurgh.

  287. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: I wasn’t watching, but apparently Guzman and Belliard muffed a DP that would’ve ended the inning for Wells. And Hanrahan didn’t look great, bounced a couple pitches in front of the plate.

  288. Doc says:

    Glad I opted out of Wells. Might pick up Hanrahananana in the one league he was dropped.

  289. Mr Baseball says:

    Brett Cecil the Seasick Sea Serpent will save the day for me

    picked him up in a few leagues –

    Brett Cecil – like what I saw last start – I think he ran into some bad luck – nice slider – hiting the corners – one problem he could not win the Minor Leagues – I can hear Dishonest John now, “Nya-ah-ãhh!”.

  290. @Mark:

    I was watching, and it was just a hard slide into 2nd that broke up the double play, wasnt really Belliards fault tho he might have made the play.

  291. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @Elijah: Blech.

    I had a nice start by Javy Vazquez today, and the ratios are all but ruined by Grabow and Wells.

  292. Drev says:

    Thoughts on Conor Jackson?

  293. BigFatHippo says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins:


    Why waste your time, anybody might get 5 saves tops.

    Do what I did and deal for a sure thing this year, in the year of the shitty closer.

    EVERYBODY, I REPEAT, EVERYBODY sucks but K Rod and Nathan. I dealt for K Rod in both leagues and feel good about it………….

  294. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @BigFatHippo: Hey, I milked 17 saves in half a season out of Nats closer Jon Rauch last year, for the low price of F-R-E-E.

    The guy in my league who hates to play the wire always gets screwed anyway. Last year he drafted Putz. (Clang!) This year, Soria, who’s reporting more shoulder soreness.

    If I’m going to get burned by a closer, I’d rather it was one I picked up off the junk heap than one I drafted in the 5th round.

  295. G says:

    Someone just offered me Lowell and I give up DeRosa. Their stats are basically even but I like DeRosa’s position flexibility. Pull the trigger or no?

  296. Dexter says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Any word on Soria other then what Yahoo has? Cruz is sitting on the FA pile. I have Madson but Lidge has seemed to be doing better. Drop Madson, grab Cruz?

  297. Grey

    Grey says:

    @PJTres: Cook over Snell. Potentially a MR over Hughes.

    @Drev: He’s due to be better.

    @G: Nope

  298. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Dexter: Soria has shoulder soreness, I’d pickup Cruz if you have room.

  299. Dexter says:

    @Grey: Thanks Grey! It would be at the expense of Madson or Myers. And at this point Myers makes me cringe every time I load my team page and see his name there. That’s why I was inquiring about the other schlubs on the WW yesterday: gaudin, cook, etc.

  300. cubbies299 says:

    Hey. Would you pick up Jorge De La Rosa after his start or put a waiver claim on Chris Coghlan?

  301. Nick says:

    tough decision, need some feedback quick! A Ramirez to the DL pickup Lowell over Blalock or Rolen… & Manny is on the waivers now too!

  302. Prince says:

    I’ve got all crappy closers. Drop either Street or Ziegler for Cruz? I’m having difficulty finding news that would give me an idea of how long Soria would be out. I could drop Lester outright and add a reliever instead, but I’m having a hard time pulling that trigger.

  303. Grey

    Grey says:

    @cubbies299: Coghlan

    @Nick: Lowell… Do you have room for Manny on your bench for two months? if so, grab him.

  304. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Prince: I’d hold for now.

  305. Nick says:

    I would have to drop Slowey or maybe Downs (since he got beat up)…do that for Manny?

  306. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Nick: Are you prepared to sit on him for 50 games? I wouldn’t be. If you are, then drop Slowey.

  307. San Jose says:

    Oucsssshh on losing Aramis…

    FAs: Blalock, Rolen, Teahan, Sandoval, Feliz… Beltre…

    It’s scant out there. Any favorites?

  308. Mr Baseball says:

    De La Rosa – what do you think of him Grey – besides the fact he can’t win – I know you do like a strike out pitcher – would he make a good last Pitcher on a staff

  309. Mr Baseball says:

    John Ono Lannan – InstantKarma – I don’t want no part of him

  310. PJTres says:

    Russ ortiz demoted from rotation…felipe paulino to take spot…good add?

  311. San Jose says:

    Kouz is available too

  312. sean says:

    @Grey: sit Ervin Santana for his first start this week?

  313. Mr Baseball says:

    looks like you kind of like C. Coghlan – does that mean he believe you might push E. Bonifacio to the bench – Uggla stills has 26 more homeruns to hit for me

  314. Threw 5 innings yesterday…Santana, rehabbing an elbow injury, allowed two runs on three hits with three strikeouts and one walk. After struggling in the first two innings, he retired 10 of the last eleven batters he faced. I have him on my team and I think I’ll sit him first week but don’t listen to me :P

  315. Mr Baseball says:

    Jonathan Sánchez – he was putting up nice numbers before the seaon started so I took him as a late round sleeper pick and now he is turning into a late round out of control pick – should I stick with him or give him the boot – these are the pitchers on the free agent market

    Ricky Nolasco is on waivers but I am in the 9th slot
    Jon Garland
    Todd Wellemeyer
    Jorge De La Rosa
    Ian Snell
    John Maine
    Manny Parra

  316. cws05nuts says:

    @Mr Baseball: Nolasxo, Parra, wellemeyer

  317. Mr Baseball says:

    Come on cws05nuts – Jonathan Sánchez is my Rip Van Winkle Pick – thanks for your advise – see what Grey says

  318. Crafty35a says:

    @Mr Baseball: Nolasco is on waivers? Wow. Drop Sanchez for him in a heartbeat, and pray that noone with higher priority makes a claim.

  319. big o says:

    @ Grey & @ Rudy :
    and to all loyal readers :

    happy mothers’ day , guys …. from dominical , costa rica .

    do the right thing , today .
    she’s the only one you’ll ever have .

    regards ,
    big o

    p.s. @ freak ===> don’t blow nothing up today .
    moratorium , dude .

  320. Doc says:

    Drop C. Jackson, LaPorta, or Coghlan for J. Cruz?

  321. PJTres says:

    russ ortiz out…felipe lopez good pickup?
    contreras out…lance broadway or clayton richard good pickup?

  322. Grey

    Grey says:

    @San Jose: Try Teahen for now.

    @Mr Baseball: He’s always had a tendency to walk people (so much so that no one wanted him and he was traded for Tony Graffanino). But he seems to have really figured something out with his control. He’s hella risky, but he has sweet, sweet upside.

    @PJTres: Decent add for the Astros, potential add for you.

    @sean: I would pitch him.

    @Mr Baseball: He has a good shot of pushing Bonifacio to the bench or being sent back to the minors. But if he catches on, he could be a breakout that you can flip for a much more valuable piece.

    @Mr Baseball: Give De La Rosa a whirl.

    @big o: I’ll pass your love onto Momma Albright.

    @Doc: Coghlan

    @PJTres: I like Lopez, but I have no idea what he has to do with Russ Ortiz.

  323. Elbert says:

    I’m in 16-team mixed league, and currently are having 2B/SS dilemma:

    I own Getz, Bartlett, Thurston and just saw Kelly Johnson being dropped in the league; would Kelly Johnson be good pick-up for any of these players? foreseeing KJ back in swing soon?

    I have additionally stacked Mark Ellis on DL spot, just in case none of these cats work out.

  324. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Elbert: I’d lose Thurston for him.

  325. Joel says:

    Jimmy Rollins. Why? Why couldn’t I just take Beltran like my heart wanted.

  326. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    Does anyone know whats wrong with Waignwright? I was just watching him and he looks awful. I think I have to bench him from now on.

  327. royce! says:

    Any thoughts on Hoffpauir? Will he get regular AB with Aramis out? I’m thinking of picking him up over Whitesell for the UTIL spot in my 20 team weekly h2h. Hoffpauir had a pretty boss spring, and would be a great add if he played regularly.

  328. Eric W says:

    Daniel Bard just got called up in Boston he has been groomed as the closer of the future and was lights out at trip A 29k’s in 16 innings. As long as he dosent pull a Craig Hansen he should rack up the holds and get a occasional save opportunity.

  329. royce! says:

    Or start Hoffpauir over DeJesus or Maybin in the OF?

  330. Grey

    Grey says:

    @royce!: Hoffpauir’s a good add, start him over Maybin.

    @Eric W: Thanks for the heads up.

  331. ChCh says:

    Should I drop Inge for Napoli?

  332. Grey

    Grey says:

    @ChCh: I wouldn’t.

  333. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    Grey, I finally got my paypal reinstated so that I could contribute (under my pseudo ‘Rebecca’ (wife)). Contributed 80% of my entry fee for my fantasy game. For me, the value of you, Rudy, and the site is not only the expert knowledge but the ‘lifeline’ of having like (and unlike) thinkers to kibitz with. I don’t have any friends that do fanatasy. So, you are my fantasy family. There is no other site that compares at all. (P.S. Thanks for putting up with my well-intended, but frequently not-as-funny-as-hoped-for, attempt at humor.) Thank you for everything!

  334. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    type ‘fanatasy’, fantasy.

  335. Doc says:

    @royce!: Hoffpauir won’t get much additional work with Aramis out. He will get work if D Lee is out. He can only play 1st base and barely can play right field. I added him in a league I have Lee in and plan on keeping him until I know more about Lee’s neck.

  336. JR says:

    If you have F-Lo as your 2B and an outfield of Kemp/B.J./Hart/Fowler with Krispie on the bench, do you drop Krispie for Kelly Johnson, who’s just become available?

  337. Dexter says:

    For all you continually looking for closers. Braves had Gonzalez work the 8th with a one run lead and then Soriano came in and closed. Soriano is sitting on the FA pile. Drop Madson for him?

  338. Doc says:

    Zimmerman up to 28 games. I love hitting streaks.

  339. Robert says:

    Any idea what the deal is with LaPorta?Wedge doesn’t even give him any playing time. Is he really worth hanging onto with Haffner coming back?

  340. Grey

    Grey says:

    @JR: Nope

    @Dexter: Gonzalez worked the 8th because it was three lefties in a row. I’d hold Madson for a few more days.

    @Robert: As you said, LaPorta seems like he’s not getting playing time. I’d hold him for a few more unless there’s better options on waivers.

  341. Mr Baseball says:

    I was reading that Cameron Maybin might be the player to go down and C. Coghlan will take his place in the OF if he hits

    I held on to dear life with Maybin in all leagues he been doing alot of 1 – 4 lately (better than 0 -4) – I figure with a little practice maybe he can get a few 2 – 4 days in there too – The way I look at it is when he gets his next stlolen base he will double his stolen base total for the year – at this point do you advise that I drop maybelline will you be true in all league – or take a chance and pass GO and take a look at Coglan or someone else –

  342. Robert says:

    My pitching stinks. Is it enough to offer N. Cruz and S. Downs for D. Halladay? The other guy has Rodney for his closer and is stacked at pitcher(Greinke,Oswalt,Weaver,Kershaw,Billingsley,Millwood) and he had Manny.

  343. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mr Baseball: Yeah, I’d lose Maybin. You can try Coghlan, or someone else.

  344. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Robert: I don’t think it’s enough, but you can try it.

  345. Mr Baseball says:

    looks like you are bending a little with the way your feel about De La Rosa

    @Mr Baseball: Give De La Rosa a whirl.

    pretty soon Grey you might even have a De La Rosa bumper sticker on your car

  346. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mr Baseball: I actually picked him up in one of my leagues only to find out within 30 minutes that Rudy had dropped him.

  347. Mannabolic says:

    I’m havin some bad effin luck dudes. I’m sure that with some patience it will all work out. I had a surplus on OF in a 12 team league with 5 OF, and I thought “oooooh, i’ll deal Bruce for F-Her, since I need a little pitchin” Now, F-Her’s been F’n awful and Bruce is studly (I got 9 HR out of Bruce so it wasn’t like I sold him too low. It was an even trade, and I still have Beltran, Bay, and Cruz as my main 3) Still, just a little bit bummed.

    Done with the rant. So, if I don’t get Coghlin when he comes off waivers in Y! leagues, should I deal Bartlett for him? Is that too much?

  348. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mannabolic: I don’t think if someone wins Coghlan from waivers, they’re going to turn around and trade him away for Bartlett.

  349. BKK says:

    Franklin – Kazaam’d and Pitchslapped all at once!

  350. Vince says:

    Would you drop LaPorta to pick up Coghlan?

  351. BigFatHippo says:

    And Franklin sucks his way to a W for me in both leagues.

    Grey, do we have a term for that? We need one.

  352. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Vince: Sure, if it’s just a bench player that you’re hoping breaks out.

    @BigFatHippo: Hmm… Not sure. Might have to ask in tomorrow’s roundup.

  353. Eric says:

    Someone in my league dropped Nolasco. Is he worth a pick-up? (roto, 10-team mixed league). Current pitchers are Billingsley, Harden, Shields, Liriano, Young, Scherzer, Kershaw, Hanson, Meche, and Slowey for SP. Some are active. Some are reserves. See anyone I should drop for Nolasco or should I stick tight?

  354. PJTres says:

    rich hill to be called up? another solid AAA outing…6IP, 0ER, 7K, 2BB

  355. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eric: I’d lose Meche for Nolasco.

    @PJTres: Could be, but outside of AL-Only leagues, you don’t want any part of him anyway.

  356. Mr Baseball says:

    Brett Cecil – posted yesterday here – I must be a Soothsayer

    Brett Cecil picked him up in a few leagues –

    Brett Cecil – like what I saw last start – I think he ran into some bad luck – nice slider – hiting the corners – one problem he could not win the Minor Leagues – I can hear Dishonest John now, “Nya-ah-ãhh!”.

  357. tommy says:

    drop maholm for parra, cecil, or porcello? also, are romero or k.escobar worth a DL stash in standard mixed leagues?

  358. Mannabolic says:

    Grey, thanks for the Tulo suggestions. I know it’s only been two or three days, but I just traded for him and he looks better. Getting Burriss and never touching Bonifacio also was a great move. If it wasn’t for you, I’d pick up every player. Is 35-40 steals possible for Burriss?

  359. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mr Baseball: Spooky!

    @tommy: Escobar’s worth a stash. All of those pitchers are matchups materials. If you want, go for Cecil.

    @Mannabolic: 35 is possible.

  360. Martin says:

    coghlan or fontenot?

  361. Addy says:

    Im in a 10 team mixed league where somehow Tulo and JJ Hardy are available. I already have Mike Young, but there is a utility position and have 1 more spot on my bench.

    I feel like I need to snatch one, so does Tulo or Hardy have the better rest of the season?

  362. Steve says:

    @Grey: It’s a very sad situation when Aaron Cook is the only guy who is winning games for you.

    Scherzer is never going to win one, is he?

  363. @Steve:

    He has to eventually :P

  364. @Steve:
    I watch a lot of dbacks games, Scherzer just doesnt have the control (yet) to be dominating, especially his changeup.

  365. Martin says:

    can i add juan pierre to that list, so pierre, colghan, fontenot?

  366. PJTres says:

    @Steve: isnt scherzer in line for the W (tonight?) he gave up 4ER in 5IP….olson gave up 5 in 4IP…

  367. Steve says:

    @PJTres: Nats tied the game at 6-6 in the inning after Scherzer left the game.

  368. Drev says:

    @Grey: I know you like Cueto, but do you expect him to be good all year or fall apart towards the end of the season?

  369. PJTres says:

    @Steve: Ach! sorry.

  370. Prince says:

    I think I’m going to clear room on the bench for Alexei, who’s at MI. I currently have Callaspo at 2B. Which 2 of the following should I pick for MI & 2B (10-team league)? — F. Lopez, Callaspo, Y. Escobar, Fontenot, K. Matsui, J. Lopez. Escobar seems to have performed best over the past 15d.

  371. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Drev: He might tire in August/September.

    @Prince: Lopez and Escobar.

  372. Nick says:

    @Grey: Next week I have Pence on my bench, leave him there for put him in over BJ Upton?

  373. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Nick: Nah, I’d play Pence, but they should both be playing.

  374. GhostfacePrzybilla says:

    What’s consensus on Luke Hochevar? Is he worth a pickup in a 12-team league?

  375. Prince says:

    Well, just picked up Cruz since Soria is on the DL, so my earlier plans to bench Alexei have to be altered. I can either dump a closer (Street, Ziegler, Lindstrom; Rivera) or play Alexei and pick up only one of Lopez/Escobar. If the latter, which one? I know you like Lopez, Grey, but Esobar is playing better now and projects with a better wOBA on FanGraphs (though not too different). Thanks as always …

  376. Griff says:

    What are your thoughts on Carlos Lee in a keeper league? He’s a Latin 32, but he seems like a buy low candidate. You see him putting up 30/100 for a couple more years?

  377. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Prince: Pickup Escobar if you like, I’d prefer Lopez.

  378. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Griff: He’s getting old. I wouldn’t count on him for more than next year.

  379. JR says:

    *****Hochevar called up to start on Tuesday.

  380. JR says:

    I dropped Krispie for Pierre. It’s for a slot where I play the hot hand. Someone talk me down.

  381. Grey

    Grey says:

    @JR: Thanks for the heads up!

  382. Mr Baseball says:

    Triple-A for Maybin
    spoke to your Grey earlier about Maybin and decided to drop him in my leagues

    Ha got rid of him before the marlins official announcement

    I think the Marlins management was waiting to see what I did and follow suit

  383. ron mexico's papi says:

    @Grey: I lead my league in HRs (yet am somehow second to last in RBIs…figure that one out…but I digress). I am last in ERA and WHIP. I’m being offered John Lackey for Adam Dunn. Should I do it?

  384. Dumbmutt says:

    To fill in for Soria. Small league.

    Fuentes (Has BOS & TEX this week though) , Hoffman, Wilson, Morrow

  385. Doc says:

    What’s Hochevar’s value?

  386. Drev says:

    @Grey: Who are a few of the best buy-low starters at this time?

  387. BTW, Looks like Mark Reynolds will be getting some playtime at 1b soon.

  388. Doc says:

    @Elijah: Why?

  389. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Elijah: Lose Davis for him.

  390. @Doc:
    They want to move Chad Tracy back to 3b as his defense is better there than Reynolds. Dbacks defense has really been spotty in the infield after losing O-Dog and S Drew being hurt. I think the feeling is Reynolds (aka Mini-Donkey) is gonna be less of a liability at 1b.

  391. Doc says:

    Cecil or Hochevar?

  392. Doc says:

    @Elijah: Thanks. What do you think of C. Jackson for the rest of the season? Looks like he’s stealing a few bases. Will he get that average up?

  393. @Doc:

    “Action Jackson”, lets see… Well hes a line drive hitter, he’s got a .281 lifetime AVG, BABIP is a very low .208, so theres room for optimism. The downsides are the Dbacks aren’t gonna score a lot of runs, and if the very streaky E Byrnes gets hot he may lose PT. I think it depends on how deep the league is. He’ll definitely play better but not sure how much better.

  394. AL KOHOLIC says:

    pedroia ,hurt hammy and came out of the game?

  395. cubbies299 says:

    Should I be thinking about dropping Krisby in a 14 team mixed? Some guys I could pick up are Luke Scott, De La Rosa, Uehara, Burriss, Byrd

  396. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    To pick up Juan Cruz who should I drop? Tommy Hanson, R. Soriano, Chris Ray?

  397. cubbies299 says:

    Argh I’ve got fliers on Holland and Cecil (I’m gonna start looking to sell high on cecil… he’s solid, but I think his delivery’ll get figured out and he’ll have to adjust). Should I squeeze in room for De La Rosa if my staff is Vazquez/Verlander/Lowe/Kazmir/Weaver/Parra/Cecil? My ratios are a lil fuxed and I seem fine in K’s, so I’m thinking Jorge doesn’t really help me

  398. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    Just saw this from the AP “After his team’s 4-3 loss at the Los Angeles Angels on Sunday, Kansas City manager Trey Hillman said the Royals would close “by committee” until Soria returns. He went on the DL retroactive to May 8″

  399. Mr Baseball says:

    attention thanks for the Hochevar infomation – he is all mine

  400. Tom says:

    Grey, what is your current projection on J. Upton? (I figure it has to change with the tide, since his upside is endless but he could very well suck in a month) I’m considering trading for him, but buying now would be risky.

  401. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tom: I have him at 70/20/70/.260/7 in my rankings but I say there’s upside. Maybe 25/12 and a .280 average?

  402. Tom says:

    Effing Beckett can’t make it through 7 innings? My pitching should be phenomenal, what the hell!? I know it’s only May, but dang man this sucks.

    Rant over.

  403. timSTi says:

    @Grey: Which RP to take in replacement of Soria: Gregg Lindstrom or Fernando?

  404. PJTres says:

    Mr. Albright Sir, is there a HUGE difference between Zimmerman and Longoria by the end of the year? It looks like Zim is finally tapping into his 1st round talent…or is this just a mirage?

  405. @Tom: I really like Upton, hes one of the only reasons I can stand watching the games right now…problem is you should have bought in 2 weeks ago as you state. He’s fixed both his problems at the plate (too much bat wrap and too much Strawberry foot tap), and hes really zoned in right now. Last year I thought his numbers woulda been much better ‘cept for the quirky injury issues and trying to learn RF. If this kid doesnt get hurt I expect superstar in a couple years.

  406. Steve says:

    That 1.2 scoreless from Okajima looks like it has turned a 5-4 H2H deficit into a 5-4 win. I love this game.

    Is is being ungrateful to complain that taking him out for Ramirez has cost me a win?

    The aforementioned J-Up also scored a vital run for me. Gotta love him hitting third, no?

  407. Yeah hitting 3rd helps alot. S Drew should also be back soonish in the #2 hole. You really have to watch this kid everyday to appreciate him, its just a HR in the stat sheet, but he hit a freaking 400 ft line drive home run outta Petco, then followed it up with a 430 ft blast out to center. Who hits Line drive homers in Petco?! Look for more steals too, 10-15 sounds very doable. A side note, the local buzz is one of the reasons Melvin was canned was Management ordered him to play Upton every day and he got all pissy about it. After folding like a tortilla last season he didnt have much room to make waves.

  408. Dexter says:

    lose myers, sean marshall or madson for hochevar?

  409. S Drew due back Wednesday btw.

  410. Steve says:

    @Mr Baseball: @Grey: I’ve asked this before, but he’s still a keeper though, isn’t he?

  411. Nick says:

    @Grey: Ok so out of Ibanez, Hunter, BJ Upton, Pence who do you bench?

  412. Steve says:

    @Grey: Doh! Maybin is who he is.

  413. DrEasy says:

    Should I drop Hughes for Hochevar? Should I drop Mike Aviles on a waiver claim for Coghlan?

  414. RT says:

    ** Did anyone hear about this?

    Troy Tulowitzki tweaked his left quadriceps and left the game defensively in the ninth inning in place of Clint Barmes. Manager Clint Hurdle said the injury occurred in the sixth inning when Tulowitzki stretched to try to field an errant throw from Aaron Cook.

  415. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: You’re league is too shallow to be holding minor leaguers.

    @DrEasy: Sure, and yup.

    @RT: Yeah

  416. Steve says:

    @Grey: Sorry – this is in Hippo’s auction keeper. Paid $9 for him.

  417. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    Anyone else not impressed by Hochevar’s minor league numbers? K/9 has been 6.8 or lower since AA (in 2007). BB/9 has been between 2.3 and 3.3 since AA. I don’t see him being terribly successful in the majors with that kind of stuff.

  418. Doc says:

    Someone dropped Thome, should I drop C. Jackson, J. Cruz or Cecil for him?

  419. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @Doc: If you haven’t heard yet, Soria’s been DL’ed and Cruz is expected to get most of the save opps in his absence, though Hillman did say he intended to use a “committee”, whatever that means.

    All that to say, don’t drop Cruz right now if you need saves.

  420. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Yeah, lose him.

    @Mark: Yeah, saw that. Will be in the roundup tonight.

    @Doc: Jackson for him.

  421. RT says:

    @Grey: That dude has been seriously unlucky.

  422. Steve says:

    @Grey: Cool. In said league, what do you think of my E Santana + R-Zimm for his Nathan, Lowell and Big Z?

  423. DrEasy says:

    Balentien is getting more and more PT. He’s got some serious pop and he seems to have reduced his K rate. Is he worth dumping Travis Snider for?

  424. Robert says:

    N. Cruz and D. Price for Halladay. Is this a fair offer?

  425. I could sure use a healthy E Santana…I should probably not start him this weekend tho eh? (word is he’ll start sat/sun)

  426. Oh and pickup Juan Cruz right? (always liked him anyways, wish we still had him)

  427. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Elijah: I’d start him and pickup Cruz.

  428. OK thanks, sorry for so many questions, I’ve never done this before, and I hate losing! Promise I’ll buy ya another daiquari if you can get me outta 9th place.

  429. This is what I have now…any suggestions more than welcome.

    C R Martin
    1b Texy
    2b Utley
    3b Chipper
    SS Jeter (Yes I tried to trade him everyone hates him!)
    2b/ss Flippy Lopez
    1/3b Votto
    OF Quentin
    OF Ethier
    OF Wells
    OF Damon
    Util DeRosa
    Bench M Reynolds
    DL V Guerrero

    RP J Cruz
    RP G Sherrill
    RP S Downs
    SP C Hamels
    SP J Jurrjens
    SP S Kazmir
    P M Capps
    P C Qualls
    Bench/SP Scherzer
    Bench/SP E Santana
    Bench/SP S Baker
    Bench/SP L Hochevar
    DL B Webb

    ESPN HtH league

  430. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Elijah: You left out the number one most important component. How deep is this league?

    Your pitching’s pretty weak. Is there any way to flip Ethier for a decent pitcher? Think Gallardo.

  431. 10 teams, sorry. Ethier’s perceived value is low after the Mannette Syndrome, so I’m not sure what I can get for him but I can try.

  432. Gallardo’s owner seems loaded at OF: Sizemore, Beltran, Dye, J Cruz. He was offering me Nolasco but Im not sure how much of an upgrade that is.

  433. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Elijah: What does he need?

  434. Pitching really. Hes a bit weak in the inner mid but theres plenty of bodies there (J Lopez, F Sanchez, R Furcal, A Ramirez. The guy I want to trade with is totally loaded in starting pitching (Has Santana, Greinke, Lincecum, Garza, Lowe) but weak otherwise. Needs a closer, 1b, ss, 2b, Util.

  435. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Elijah: See if he’ll take Tex for Johan. Then try for Lincecum.

  436. OK! He’s a Mets fan but perhaps he’ll counter with Lincecum after I ask for Santana.

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