In just under two months at Triple-A (45 games), Brett Lawrie hit 12 homers and stole 10 bases.  To put that in context, Dave Winfield hitting against Queen Latifah in the 2003 All-Star Celebrity Softball Game never got past 2nd base, on the field.  The Blue Jays GM Alex Snuffaluffagus said, “I’m more excited about (Lawrie) today than I was in April when he was hitting .430.”  That makes two of us.  Once he’s called up, his 2nd base eligibility makes him instantly startable in just about any league.  If that doesn’t excite you, he’ll play 3rd base for Toronto.  “Wait, what about playing time?  Who’s playing 3rd base now in Toronto?”  That’s you talking to yourself while you lick your Dorito-stained fingers.  John McDonald, Jayson Nix and Edwin Encarnacion.  Don’t worry if you didn’t know that.  Sometimes John Farrell even has to call Jayne Nix, Jayson’s mom, before the game and ask to be reminded who his third baseman is.  Seems like the easy answer there is yes, Lawrie will play.  If he’s called up in the beginning of June, as I anticipate, I’d expect a 15/15 season.  That’s pretty terrific for a middle infidel in three-quarters of a season.  Now Lawrie’s on your radar, but is he on your team?  Snap!  Anyway, here’s some more players to buy or sell this week in fantasy baseball:


Brandon Belt – Just went over my Brandon Belt fantasy.  I wrote it while sitting in the Statue of Liberty’s torch thinking about our forefathers.

Anthony Rizzo – The best part about Rizzo is his power.  The worst part is he’ll be hitting in Petco.  The moderately good part is the Padres are fools if they don’t call him up and play him every day.  The moderately worst part is the Padres are fools.

Juan Miranda – Carmen’s son was hit by a pitch on Sunday and hasn’t played since.  Sounds like someone you want on your team immediately, huh?  Yeah, I seduce you with my lukewarm buys.  I know I do.  Now come here and scratch my back.  Lower.  Lower.  Wait, where were we?  Oh, yeah, Miranda.  The D-Backs released Branyan and are giving Miranda room to sink or swim.  He was swimming before he was hit by the pitch.  He should be back in the pool soon.

Ryan Ludwick – Sorry, having a hard time finding something nice to say, but he’s been hitting recently.

Josh Reddick – I just went over him this morning.  If you scroll with your right finger, your left will get jealous.

Nolan Reimold – I did used to love Reimold.  Thanks for asking, long time reader of Razzball.  Right now, I’m still smarting from how many times he’s burned me, but I’m willing to apply an ointment and try him one more time.

Mike Morse – Some of these waiver wire pick ups are, to misquote Wilco, “It’s a war on bore, it’s a war on bore, it’s a war on bore…”  I mean, Ludwick?  Really?  But not Morse.  He actually has the potential to break out and be a contributor for the rest of the season.  I’d grab him across all leagues.

Mike Moustakas – Big voice, “I’ll tell you what, those Royals are gonna be incredible!”  Small voice, “In, like, two years if everything breaks the right way.”

Tsuyoshi Nishioka – He’s due back in a week or two.  When he first signed in the states, here’s what I said, “(He) hit .346 last year and the first player in the Pacific League to get 200 hits since Ichiro.  He also hit 11 homers and stole 22 bases.  Before last year though, he hit .260 with 14 homers and 26 steals.  You’d take that at middle infield and like it.  Only problem is sometimes things get lost in translation.  Kaz Matsui hit .332 with 36 homers and 33 steals when he was a 26-year-old in Japan.  We all know how well he turned out in the States.  So will Nishioka be great in his first year or will he look like he’s fresh off the bloat?”  And that’s me quoting me!  Assuming his speed isn’t hurt by the injury, I’d stash him now.

Eric Young Jr. – The Rockies designated Jose Lopez for assignment.  That assignment was to stop sucking.  Good luck!  The Rockies matched that ‘making sense’ move with another I’m fond of.  The recall of Eric Young Jr.  I tried to grab him in every league, but 9 out of ten fantasy baseball ‘perts beat me to it and I only got him in one league.  I suggest you grab him everywhere, because at MI it’s kinda nice to have a guy that can steal 35 bases in three-quarters of the season.

Rubby de la Rosa – Could see some Dodger saves, and he sounds like a Venezuelan masseuse.  I say buy and you say how much!  Or you just say “No, I’m not in an NL-Only league or that desperate for saves.”

Jon Rauch/Octavio Dotel – SAGNOF!

Grant Balfour – Not only was he just terrific on Melrose Place, but he’s getting saves in Oakland.  It’s called SAGNOF and it sounds just as it’s spelled.

Jonathan Lucroy – He used to play for the Ragin Cajuns and he’s striking out at a high rate.  I will call him, The K’ing of Mardi Gras.   Also, he’s getting lucky with balls in play and he doesn’t have big power, but he is currently hitting, so there’s that.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia – Has 4 homers in his last 6 starts.  Unfortunately, that’s over 11 days because Tito’s playing Jason Varitek like he’s on a farewell tour.  I’d call the tour, This Is Shit.


Asdrubal Cabrera – Said a’la Duffman, “Not.  The.  Drubal.”  Said a’la Cher from Clueless, “As…DRUBAL!”  I have much love for Asdrubal.  He’s so money that money borrows money from him.  But, I mean, c’mon.  He has 10 homers already and he’s the fifth best hitter for all of fantasy, according to ESPN’s Player Rater.  There’s no way he comes anywhere near this pace.  If he only got to 17 homers on the year, it wouldn’t surprise me.  I’m not saying sell him for a pair of Champion shorts that lost their drawstring, but I’d explore options.  His value will never be higher.

Josh Tomlin – Aw, man, no offense to the Indians, but Tomlin has a 4.53 K/9 and is leaving men on at a 85% rate.  Those numbers don’t jive with his ERA.

Kyle Lohse – Looking at his photo, don’t you picture a minituare Fred Astaire standing on his lips, leaning against his upside down, umbrella-shaped facial hair like in Singin’ In The Rain?  Okay, maybe it’s a mirage.  Kinda like his insanely low ERA.

  1. When is the Moose supposed to be up? Betemeit’s there pretty much everyday. Unless they cut Getz and move Betemeit over or if injury strikes, there’s no room for him.

    It’s frustrating… TB does have a need for Jennings now but they ain’t calling him up perhaps because of Super 2 status.

  2. xopchipili says:

    lots of 2B love there; if you gotta rank Lawrie, Nishioka and EY, what order do you want them?

  3. Adam Dunn’s on waivers. I thought it’d be a no-brainer pickup…but he kinda sucks now? I dunno what to do. This league also moves really slow, so I think I have time.

  4. royce! says:

    Not sure if the rest of the Wilco lyrics bode well:

    You have to lose
    You have to lose
    You have to learn how to die
    if you want to want to be alive

    I’ve certainly learned to lose this year, so I suppose it’s appropriate

  5. bogbert says:

    @royce!: Well, since you’ve already l learned to lose and how to die (inside), and since it ends with “if you want to want to be alive,” I guess things should pick up for the ROS!

  6. AL KOHOLIC says:

    miranda over trumbo i suppose?

  7. royce! says:

    Are these buys organized in a hierarchical fashion?

  8. Blimpie McCheesefarts says:

    THANK YOU for being real on the Asdrubal expectations. I think it was Karabell today who said Asdrubal for Hanley in a 1-for-1 isn’t crazy. IS THIS REAL LIFE!?!? Because of course that’s crazy.

  9. Mets fan says:

    Grey reimold morse or bernadina?

  10. yankees2011 says:

    Alright Grey, I got anxious as is my wont (I love saying that) and I already dropped Ludwick for Belt. I wll learn to live with my impatience. Now I have Morse and Belt. I’m going for the trifecta.

    I really like Moustakas. Do I grab him for Brantley (not the Michael J. Fox character) or perhaps H. Bailey if he is injured as you alluded to ealier?

    Thanks much Grey and enjoy your holiday.

  11. AL KOHOLIC says:

    cobb up for tampa,do you like him grey

  12. rvde says:

    Stick with an improving (maybe?) K Johnson at 2B or move on to E Young Jr.?

    Apparently there are no experts in my league — he is still available.


  13. Ceasar says:

    Eric Young over Bourjos?

  14. Pig in Shit says:

    So, would you sell Asdrubal in a very deep keeper league where signing him for a mutli-year deal will cost you next year’s 24th round pick?

    Yes, I am a pig in shit.

  15. the grate one says:

    grey, thanks for the 2 posts today.

    1. would you say that lawrie is prob going to be equivalent to a.hill & kelly johnson the rest of the way?

    2. what are the odds that you think salas keeps the job in StL. how much is E. Sanchez worth as a handcuff?


  16. Grey, oh Grey, how would you rank these three:

    Young, Nishioka, Lawrie

    (in the order I have them?)

    Also, when your girlfriend “gets lucky with balls in play,” it’s probably the right time to break up with her.

  17. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Pig in Shit: Depends what you’re getting.

    @the grate one: 1. Could be, more risky. 2. 30%

    @ChrisV82: That’s hilarious. Depends on needs. Lawrie, Young…

  18. the grate one says:

    sorry, whos more risky? lawrie? or hill/johnson?

    thank you!!!

  19. EK says:

    Pick one?

    Wolf vs SF
    Liriano vs LAA

  20. Grey

    Grey says:

    @the grate one: Lawrie could be more valuable, but is more risky.

  21. Grey

    Grey says:

    @EK: Liriano

  22. Carl Spackler says:

    5×5 H2H
    Smoak, Morse, Belt, Pena the rest of the way

  23. C.O.C. says:

    Eric Young over Espinosa for the season?

  24. C.O.C. says:

    @ C.O.C. – Jr, that is….

  25. dsimon says:

    I’m giving up: CarGo, Ryan Zimmerman

    I’m getting back: Longoria, Shields, and BJ Upton.

    intangibles: 12 team H2H league, keep 20 players, no salaries or anything. I’m a Nats fan. what do you think? what if i got back jay bruce instead of BJ?

  26. Steve says:

    With the way the Dodgers bullpen has been, if you grab Rubby there’s no guarantee of a happy ending.

  27. Rico says:

    Young or Espinosa?

  28. DHill Dragons says:

    @dsimon: Jay Bruce easily over BJ Upton if you can take either one.

  29. Steve says:

    @Grey: How do you like Nova @ Seattle tomorrow? It’s H2H and Scherzer has already done his ‘thing’ to my ratios.

  30. dsimon says:

    @DHill Dragons: Yeah I know Bruce > Upton, i’m just on the fence. What all does Longo bring to the party (aside from Zimmerman being out right now) that Zimmerman doesnt? Is he really an upgrade for that spot?

  31. Tom Emanski says:

    Where is Reimold going to play?

  32. Amart says:

    I’ve been offered B.J. Upton and Jon Lester for Matt Kemp.

    I’m currently in 2nd place and it’s my pitching that’s holding me back, but I’m still hesitant to trade Kemp….he’s a beast! What do you guys think?

    My SP are Liriano, Scherzer, Billingsley, B. Anderson, Gio and I feel like they alone could get my pitching stats down over the rest of the season.

    My OF is Kemp, C. Young, Tabata, Lind (on DL), and Bernadina

  33. Tom Emanski says:

    Also, do the Rays even have room to play Jennings regularly when he comes up?

  34. Black Beard says:

    Which side you got?

    Uggla/Masterson or Hill/Liriano/Colon

  35. chata says:


    is lawrie putting up those HR #’s in legitimate ballparks , or ,
    PCL-type arenas ?
    just trying to figure out how legitimate his power really is .

  36. A Guy says:

    Belt or Hosmer?

  37. Nehocstu says:

    Are any of these buys worth dropping Mitch Moreland for? I get seduced by prospect hype and can’t find my way out!!
    Thanks Grey, always a great read.

  38. Bermuda Triangles says:

    At 2nd Base who’s starting, who’s the back-up and which 2 are getting cut?

    C Getz
    R Roberts
    S Sizemore
    E Young Jr

    I need the help – I’m trying to avoid a finish that’s as bland as this season’s Real World (seriously, how unsatisfying was Dustin’s admission and follow-up – yawn… Bring on Adam & Leroy in The Challenge: Rivals!)

    Bermuda Triangles
    Get Lost!

  39. McBainus says:

    @Grey: I want to offer someone in my league the following trade:
    I get: Berkman, Andrus, Gallardo, Soria, B. Wilson
    I give: Pena, S. Drew, Bruce, Thornton, Dempster

    It is a 12-team standard 5×5 roto keeper league. None of his players are keepers. Bruce is $5 and is the only guaranteed keeper (everyone but Thornton is cheap and could potentially be a keeper, but marginal).

    I HATE to give up Bruce, as I have held onto him now for 3 years, but his value is really high right now and I am getting a lot in return.

    Do you think I am getting enough back to give him up?


  40. Mr2Bits says:

    Really, you had to throw Lohse in the sell bus? If I lose him I only have like 3 meaningful starters left.

    Anyhoo, should I lose Damon for EY Jr?

  41. McBainus says:

    @Grey: Also, I have Braun at $23. Do you think Braun at $23 or Bruce at $5 has more value in a keeper league? I am kinda leaning towards Bruce, which was heresy just 15 days ago…

  42. Donnie Baseball says:

    Markakis for EY2 and Pierre?

  43. Mr2Bits says:

    Grey : You starting Sizemore tonight or giving him a few days to settle in?

  44. CL says:

    I’m giving Lucroy a test drive at catcher. Shall I hold Napoli and look for matchups, or free up the roster space? 10 team dynasty… my bench bats looks like this as of 2 seconds ago: Dom Brown, EY2 (again), Kendrick (my DL is full), and Napoli.

    Have a great weekend!

  45. slam says:

    Domonic Brown or Brandon Belt? BB’s and Slugging count.

  46. Earl Battey says:

    Lose Bailey for Bedard (BAL, TB), hold, or none of the above?

    I could also go for Vogelsong or EY Jr.


  47. Mark says:

    I’m actually and counter-intuitively becoming less and less inclined to sell on Asdrubal. Yes, he’s above his head, but I think the owners in my league are outsmarting themselves a bit with him. He’s still quite young (only 25) and did have 52 XBH season in 2009. Granted most of them were doubles, he was 23 so its not totally shocking that his HR power has seen a huge uptick. And is not like his downside is ugly either. I can pretty safely see .285-10-10 the rest of the way and .295-15-15 as the 75th percentile projection or so isn’t that unreasonable considering what he’s shown thus far. He doesn’t strike out, has some speed, a career .330 BABIP, and a favorable lineup spot in a surprisingly good offense. What’s not to like? If I’m going to sell him right now, its got to be a legit upper level SS, and no one seems to be willing to give me back that kind of value. I’m actually pondering whether I should sell Jose Reyes instead, since he has the performance and the perceived value cache. Yes, I do think Reyes is better, but I think I can actually get good value for Reyes while I can’t with Asdrubal.

    Now for the lightening round. Mind ranking the following list of schmohawks for the short-term ignoring position eligibility: Bernadina, DeJesus, Juan Rivera, Hinske, Reimold, Raburn, Jon Jay, Allen Craig, Valencia, Chris Johnson

  48. Josh says:

    Does this mean we’re grabbing Lawrie now? I have Cuddyer’s MI eligibility, Hill, and Bourgeois DL’d all for 2B help. Cut Cuddyer for Lawrie right now? My league picks people up almost instantly on call ups.

  49. Scalez says:

    moving forward Patterson, Rajai, Eric Young Jr. ?

  50. Wilsonian says:

    No dice on Verlander or Lincecum for Crawford. Would you do either one for Bruce, or too much?

    Lawrie or Belt, if I’ve got a dead and dying Wright on my team now?

  51. tHe sHiT says:

    Lawrie or Reynolds?

  52. Ryan says:

    I lost Posey. I put CC and Hanrahanranhan on the table to another owner for Romero and Mauer. He also has Russell Martin and needs saves, which I lead the league in. Thoughts?

  53. Dave says:

    you like Felix or Lince for the rest of the season?.league counts losses and QS instead of wins

  54. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Ryan: No idea anything about your league, but I wouldn’t trade for a catcher in most circumstances.

    @Dave: Lincecum

  55. Scalez says:

    getting sick of Nippoli and friggin Figgins;

    replace with
    LuCroy, M Montero, Yadier, or Arrencibia

    Espinosa,Allen Craig, Daniel Murphy, Omar Infante

  56. Donnie Baseball says:

    S. Sizemore traded to Oakland for Purcey.

    Leyland really didn’t like him for some reason.

  57. Mark says:

    Why do managers hate their teams and ours? Why Bruce Bochy? Why are Pat Burrell and and Aubrey Huff in your lineup when you have a perfectly good Brandon Belt???

  58. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Scalez: Montero…Espinosa

  59. 16 team league, have infield of Tulo, Cano, Teixeira, and…..Encarnacion at 3rd (traded Wright early).

    Moustakas or Lawrie will be gone from waivers as soon as they get called up, so I’ll need to grab one of them now: a) who do you think will get called up first and b) who do you think will have more value rest of reason (assuming ~ equal callup). Gracias.

  60. Rico says:

    Rank Brantley, Kubel, Alex Gordon.

  61. Dave says:

    one more question Grey

    would you trade victorino and Gallardo for Lince and Bourjos?

    pitching is holding me down right now and my outfield is pretty good without Vic

  62. elwood blues says:

    IF I do trade Strasburg for Marmol.. which player should I move to replace him.

    E. Sanchez, Venters, or Narveson??

  63. chata says:


    tough timing on trying to deal those 2 pitchers .
    verlander got roughed up last time out , and ,
    lincecum’s going to lose tonight .

    wait until after the 3 day week-end .
    it’ll all blow over .

  64. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: well I’ve already got Lind and Heyward on the DL, and Tabata playing a little better lately so I’ll just hold. Thanks for the advice!

    Why Belt over Lawrie if I’m in need of help at 3rd? Just curious…

  65. Wilsonian says:

    @chata: and I don’t really think it’s that. This guy hardly pays attention, makes maybe 1 move every couple of weeks, actually didn’t have a full roster for a couple weeks, and got burned last year when he dealt Tex early on for Liriano and a closer. So I think he’s averse to dealing right now. I even tried Hamels and Heyward for Crawford and no dice.

  66. DiscoD says:

    @ Grey

    1. I have issues @ 3b… Lawrie or Chris Johnson

    2. Montero or Soto

  67. Ethan Stein says:

    I just picked up Lawrie in an ESPN league. I see he is owned in .3% of ESPN leagues. That means Grey that at least .3% of ESPN owners read this blog (how else would anyone know to pick him up. Given that this is a holiday weekend, that some have Utley and Reyes as their MI’s, and that I only picked him up in 1 of 5 leagues, you at least know what your floor audience is.

  68. elwood blues says:

    @elwood blues: now I am reading Pads are just weeks away from possibly trading Bell.. with Adams on my roster.. I may just wait it out for saves..
    Last year I chased after saves, and it cost me Neil Walker and Ian Kennedy.

  69. 5 dolla yo says:

    someone offered stephen drew for astroubal… sounds better than drew for cabrera. hold out for more?

  70. Wilsonian says:

    Just an FYI…Adam Lind had his extended spring training game pushed back from Saturday to Monday. Not sure why…but this annoys me.

  71. The Sequential Hermaphrodite says:

    With Beachy likely to miss a month or more, and the Braves in a tight playoff race, do you think we won’t have to worry about an innings limit when he comes off the DL?

  72. Travis says:

    Was A. Hill on the juice? 0 hr this year…really?

  73. mookiewilson says:

    Pedroia/McCann/Floyd for Uggla/Montero/F-Her.

    Fair enough offensive upgrade for giving up F-her?

  74. AL KOHOLIC says:

    got sizemore batting 6th,cant say it bothers me to see him in more of an rbi spot,i think brantley helps them more leading off

  75. Grey

    Grey says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: I’m actually watching that game, can’t believe the meatballs Tomlin is getting away with.

  76. Matt says:

    @Grey, I was pretty desperate for speed and I think I sold high on Asdrubal…got Andrus straight up for him, what do you think?

  77. Eddy says:


    Looks like the Rays came hungry, then.

    Would you make this trade?

    I give: Adam Dunn and a 5th

    I get: Jason Heyward and a 15th

    Heyward would be kept in the 18th next year and inflates three rounds for three years.

  78. Exactly says:

    grey, which side: holliday/pineiro or mccutchen/stauffer?

  79. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Grey: good hope size catches one,,or 2

  80. AL KOHOLIC says:

    News/Analysis Headlines Preseason Outlook
    Rodriguez scratched with elbow discomfort: Astros SP Wandy Rodriguez has been scratched from his scheduled start on Saturday against the Diamondbacks due to discomfort in his left elbow. The Astors announced Rodriguez will have a precautionary MRI on his elbow on Saturday. Bud Norris will start in his place.

  81. Brian says:

    Allen Craig just added 2B eligibility in my league, should I use him or stick with Justin Turner?

  82. Tom Emanski says:

    Grey, do you see the change of scenery helping Sizemore? I actually dropped him hours before the trade. Hope that doesn’t bite me in the ass.

  83. paulzone says:

    morse over boesch or torres?

  84. Eddy says:

    Does anyone know anything about Lind? It’s going to be three weeks since he’d have last played a game. He was supposed to come back during the homestand, but there’s been nothing new.

    I need people off my DL. I got 1 DL spot and 5 freaking DL’ed players.


    With Bailey hitting the DL, is he worth dropping for another SP in a 12-team league? If so, which two are worth picking up?

    SP in the pool are Danks, McClellan, Stauffer, Zambrano, Niese, Matt Harrison and Collmenter.

  85. Steve says:

    What the f*** is Hudson doing? Should be a slam-dunk start for him.

  86. Exactly says:

    @Steve: um, yeah, jeez.

  87. Wilsonian says:

    @Steve: no shit. This is pathetic. He’s been so solid lately and now he gets knocked around by the friggin ‘Stros…seriously? What else can go wrong with my team?

  88. Steve says:

    And now Roy’s gone.

    Such high hopes at the start of the day…

  89. Zobmie says:

    What do you see happening to Aaron Hill’s playing time if/when Lawrie is called up?

  90. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Zobmie: reports are that lawrie will play 3rd

  91. milksteak says:

    Should i drop figgins for lawrie, eyj, or Yunel Escobar?

  92. Grey

    Grey says:

    @milksteak: I’d hold, unless it’s for the bench then Lawrie.

  93. McBainus says:

    @Grey: You look like a genius right now with your Miranda buy…

  94. Exactly says:

    Grey, ROS: patterson or morse? Thanks.

  95. vinko says:

    It appears Miranda is swimming quite well this evening.

  96. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Steve: i have ubaldo and fransisco rodriquez pasting me with a 13 aer

  97. AL KOHOLIC says:

    that was meant ERA

  98. Flunkie says:

    @Wilsonian: Exactly. I was counting on this start. Freaking money in the bank.

  99. 14 team, mixed, h2h, non keeper, 6×6 (ops extra offensive stat)

    Rest of season –

    Juan Miranda
    Mike Moustakas

    both will play UTIL, so position doesn’t matter…


  100. Travis says:

    Crawford vs Holliday all things equal?

  101. Fletch says:

    F-ing Marcum…

  102. bogbert says:

    @Fletch: Pretty much what I was here to say, thanks.

  103. Exactly says:

    @Fletch; Bogbert: Agreed…I had Oswalt, Hudson, and Marcum going tonight, was hoping for 3 wins….might get a lucky one out of Hudson, but wtf.

  104. Flunkie says:

    Wow. Daniel Hudson still has the chance to win this.

  105. Fletch says:

    I can’t wait for the Furbush vs. Dickey match up later in the season…I guess the same can be said for the potential Oregon St. vs. South Carolina match up.

  106. Wilsonian says:

    Miranda or Belt?

    Still think Zobrist over Kelly? He had another solid night tonight.

  107. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Wilsonian: Miranda…Zobrist and Johnson are close to a toss up.

  108. Eddie says:

    Carl Crawford is working to singlehandedly convince his owners that the gambler’s fallacy is in fact hard science.

  109. Scalez says:

    I love these weeks where every reliever takes turns taking a dump in my dinner.

  110. AL KOHOLIC says:

    alright my ubaldo and fransisco did me in,so they bring my kimbrel into a loosing game and he gives up 2 runs to knock my cordero out of the save to,im about to unleash a steve rant here

  111. Scalez says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Fransisqo danced all over my ratios and pulled a thong tightly between my categorical cheeks only for every other reliever to poke and prod them like they were covering a hot story in Egypt.

  112. Votto-voom says:

    I hate to go against “the stache”, but touting tejada over Brandon Crawford this morning looks a little shaky now that Crawford matched tejada’s 2011 homer total in his first game. Not so much high on Crawford as so low on tejada that I’ve been looking for andres Thomas on the waiver wire.

  113. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: Uggla still ahead of them all?

  114. D.A. says:

    Turner or Glass Chipper?

  115. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eddie: And to convince people I was right that he would come around (not that I think it was that hard a call).

    @Scalez: Isn’t it great?

    @Votto-voom: How dare you, sir!

    @Wilsonian: Yeah

    @D.A.: Chipper

  116. Grey ….. Where have you been these many years Nolan Reimold ? -Is it true that Orioles.– – Stories. You brought me back. Your love Grey brought me back. Back to where you are – Is this a dream Nolan – A dream to some…..a nightmare to others.

  117. AL KOHOLIC says:

    but i added morse everywhere yesterday and his hr today was kind of nice

  118. Grey

    Grey says:

    @mrbaseball: We’re actually all living in Jose Bautista’s dream.

    @AL KOHOLIC: He can be huge.

  119. pjtres says:

    grey, i tried to hold off all day – heres all my ?’s at once. thanks!

    1.does minor have a shot to stick in the rotation? or na
    2. is javier vazquez capable of putting something together?? this is his 2nd nice start in a row
    3. do you like ondrusek, masset, rubby, or guerra for holds/ratios
    4. can you rank callaspo, turner, EY jr (as a bench 2b)


  120. Giants manager Bruce Bochy said Friday that Brandon Belt will mostly be used the bench

    What the H? – I dropped top rated Pitcher Jason Marquis to acquire a bench player

  121. Steve says:

    @Grey: Hudson! Never had a doubt.

  122. All those lines are from the Movie Excalibur for those who needed help – Where have you been these many years Nolan Reimold

    @Grey – I do dream that you had rated Jose Bautista a top 5 player

  123. the grate one says:

    grey, can you rank how youd want these guys (based on expected performance/who will be up early enough to help?)

    minor, jacob turner, mike montgomery, kyle gibson, jarrod parker

    also, nishikoia or EY jr, thanks

  124. fantasy baseball is a funny game – out of no where sometimes there are some good adds late in the season – like Reimold and morse – and Randy Wells is coming off the DL and will Pitch tomorrow – What the H? I will take a chance on him

  125. Steve says:

    C’mon Garland. Double play, please.

  126. Steve says:

    @Steve: Thanks.

    That’s twice I’ve done that.

  127. Wilsonian says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: dude’s hot as a pistol. I’m debating picking him up in my 8 team league.

  128. Steve says:

    @Steve: Bah.

  129. @134 the grate one – Stephen from scouting the unknown has some good stuff on these players

  130. Wakefield pitched 2 games in a row – I hope no one will be hypnotize and pick him up – I can see him giving up 7 runs in his next game – if this prediction comes true – I might have to call coast to coast up to brag about my psychic power

  131. C. Granderson – last year I drafted him on every team – this year in my ealry drafts – I took him – then I changed my mined

  132. Hey Grey I am holding on to Edinson Vólquez – I know you liked him before the season started – since he went to the minor leagues my era and whip has gotten better so hollding on to him is working

  133. One more note – Nick Swisher was drafted on all my teams as my number 1 backup Outfielder on all teams – and I am still hanging on to him

    Let’s hang on to what we got

  134. Steve says:

    @Grey: Would I be crazy to start Maholm or Zach Duke in H2H tomorrow? Scherzer, Kimbrel and Narveson have shredded my ratios…

  135. royce! says:

    How can someone with the fist name of “Justis” have a nickname of LoMo?!! Freaking decline of western civilization, this nickname shizz.

  136. royce! says:


  137. Wilsonian says:

    Ok, so here’s the official question:

    Zobrist is doing nothing. I’ve got Uggla in at utility. I could move him into my 2B slot and drop Zobrist. If I did this, who would the best utility bat be, and would you actually do it:

    Morse, Kelly Jo, Pena, Gordon, Frenchy?

  138. Steve says:

    We may have got a Rubby, but no happy ending for us Garland owners.

  139. royce! says:

    Gil Scott-Heron, RIP. The world owes that man a whole lot.

  140. Steve says:

    @royce!: Not to mention Jeff Conaway.

  141. royce! says:

    @Steve: If Scully is to be believed (and I am not one to doubt him), Rubby is pronounced “ruby.” Quite disappointing.

  142. royce! says:

    @Steve: They definitely had shared interests. Ugh.

  143. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Ha

    @royce!: When I was in film school, I was looking for music for a short film that had an angry black man in it. So I went to the CD store and was flipping through CDs and I came upon Gil Scott-Heron. Never heard of him at that point but he looked angry so I bought the CD. I ended loving that CD and buying his others.

  144. Steve says:

    @royce!: Not a name a young fellow is likely to thank his parents for.

  145. Phils Phan says:

    Chase Utley (vs. Pelfrey .400 – 4 HR) or Kelly Johnson (vs. Bud Norris) Saturday at 2B?

  146. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: so is that the Grey seal of approval for dropping Zobrist?

  147. royce! says:

    Can anyone make sense of this Dodgers bullpen shituation? Rubby in the 8th, so apparently he’s not the closer, Guerra gets up after he’s given up a run, which seems to indicate that he also is not the closer. Or maybe he would pitch for more than an inning, if needed, and is therefore the closer because at home you bring in your closer late in a tie game?

    I was at the doctor’s office all day- nothing serious- but my friend was texting me all his favorite quotes from the Cubs broadcast. Apparently they are very depressed these days. His summary, “It sounds like a dude who hates his marriage talking wistfully about what could have been with every woman that walks by. They think the Pirates are so hot.”

    I need to start watching Cubs games, because this sounds brilliant.

  148. royce! says:

    @Steve: He might have just convinced everyone that it’s pronounced “ruby,” given the alternative. Soon he’ll find out that he can just change it, Edinson-style.

  149. bogbert says:

    May be too late for an answer, but if not —

    Pick two: Pena, Morse, Smoak


  150. royce! says:

    @Grey: Even if it was Winter in America, he still made it feel sunny. Which makes me think that the record you bought may not have provided the vibe you were going for.

  151. paulzone says:

    barney or lawrie (when he arrives)?

  152. Wait — So I shouldn’t have picked up Josh Tomlin and started him tonight?

    Why isn’t anyone telling me this stuff.

    Can someone set up a program that tells me whenever Grey talks about someone on my team? Thanks in advance.

  153. Octopi says:

    A-Rod, mccann, soriano, furcal going out, and Greinke, Ogando, Andrus coming in. Am I crazy to consider this?

  154. SpecialFNK says:

    not only did Juan Miranda get back in the pool, he did a canon ball! 2 HR

  155. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @paulzone: lawrie

  156. chata says:

    following the popeil school of thought on catcher management .

    napoli …. set it , and forget it …… firmly back into the waiver pool .

    never again .

  157. Grey

    Grey says:

    @chata: He must sleep with every manager’s wife.

  158. L-Boogie says:

    If all were in the majors tomorrow, how would you rank just for the rest of this year:

    Belt, Moustakas, Lawrie, Rizzo, Jennings?

    And would you drop Morse for any of them?

    Thanks dude.

  159. Grey

    Grey says:

    @L-Boogie: Lawrie, Moustakas…Nope

  160. Steve says:

    @Grey: @chata: He needs to get his mother down to Texas and throw a party.

  161. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: She needs her own reality TV show.

  162. Steve says:

    Strange week for Hanley so far. Doesn’t have a single hit, but his OBP is .462, he has one RBI, he’s scored four times and stolen two bases.

  163. Steve says:

    @Grey: Any chance we see Mike Trout this year?

  164. chata says:

    my only good player is a boy named joyce

  165. chata says:

    going to go and dream horrible nightmares , and ,
    in comparison , tomorrow will seem better .

  166. Carl says:

    Grey, most of my pitchers have ERA’s north of 60 this week. Since most of them are stuck in mid 90’s Canada, which two of these guys would you throw for a spot start today? Thanks as always,

    Randy Wells vs PIT
    Stauffer @ WAS
    E. Jax @ TOR
    Nova @ SEA
    Harrison vs. KC
    Maholm vs. CHC

  167. Derrick says:

    Out of this group, who do you like in the Util spot?

    Vlad, Kubel or Smoak?

  168. BlinkULDHC says:

    The 15 HRs seems pretty generous for a guy who hasn’t had an MLB PA (and 15 HRs from June-Sep/Oct, no less).

    He’s in a hitter-friendly league (PCL) w/ a hitter-friendly home park (Vegas), and even then his AAA pace (12 HRs in 204 at-bats) is about 28-30 HRs for a full season; 15 HRs from Jun-Oct is about a 23 HR pace or so, kinda like not losing much pace from AAA to MLB. He managed only 8 bombs in 554 AA at-bats last season. Maybe he’ll find his inner Drew Stubbs?

    What’s also a bit disconcerting is his K:BB ratio, which has been around 2.5:1 in the last 2 seasons.

  169. busta says:

    How about JUpton/Pena for Fielder?

  170. royce! says:

    @Grey: I bet that worked just fine. Lyrics are a bummer.

  171. Wilsonian says:

    What about dropping Strasburg and putting Heyward on the DL to pick up Morse instead of dropping Zobrist?

  172. AL KOHOLIC says:

    dropping trumbo for moustakas

  173. Martin says:

    @grey- which side do you prefer Longoria and Ervin Santana or Pence and Tommy Hanson?

  174. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: thanks man, that’s what I did.

  175. gmen says:

    @Grey: Belt or Morse?

  176. chata says:

    bautista … again

  177. friar says:

    I’m looking for advice setting my lineup this week. I need to pick one OF and then one more guy for my Util spot. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Cuddyer (3 @DET, 4 @KC)
    Ibanez (3 @WAS, 3 @PIT)
    Morse (3 vsPHI, 4 @ARI)
    Rios (3 @BOS, 3 vsDET)
    Miranda (3 vsFLA, 4 vsWAS)
    Peralta (3 vsMIN, 3 @CHW)
    G. Sanchez (3 @ARI, 3 vsMIL)

  178. Whiskey Diet says:

    12 Teamer, H2H

    Lose any of these UTIL/bench guys: Jeter, Markakis, Gardner, A. Hill, A. Jones, Belt

    for any of: Rios, Brantley, Boesch

    Thanks OG

  179. Martin says:

    @grey- Also in a 12 team mixed league is it ok to drop jackson now? He’s at the point of un-startable away.

  180. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Martin: i would,grab lawrie if he isnt gone already or another sp

  181. Flunkie says:

    It’s not that I want Stauffer to get torched, but I want to justify my benching him today. Stupid decision.

  182. chata says:

    longoria batting lead-off today ?

  183. Steve says:

    @Grey: Big (Cecil Fielder-size) ups for that one. CG 3-hitter with just 91 pitches.

    That’s the kind of spot start I can get behind (emoticon).

  184. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Yeah, real nice.

  185. Steve says:

    @Grey: Moseley or Collmenter tomorrow? Might need Ks…

  186. ucbsharkbait says:

    I have Polanco on the bench as insurance against a very Uggla season. Do I start Placido instead, or add Lawrie, or keep waiting?

  187. chata says:

    shields getting hit , early .

  188. The Spaceman says:

    @ Grey

    Since we’ll be seeing less Trumbombs, and Bochy pulling a Sciosciapath move by benching Belt. Who are you saying this moment? Trumbo or Belt?

    Hope the weekend is going well,


  189. Joel says:


    Would you cut Trumbo for allen craig (for my IF slot)?

    would you rather have Craig or Torres ROS in a h2h league?

  190. nyydj2 says:

    Madden says he moved Longo to leadoff today to try to jump start his bat and so far so good, 2-2 with a HR.

  191. BKK says:

    @Grey: Just listened to your interview on baseball HQ. I thought you did a good job. Were you happy with it? I must say your speaking style is much different than what I perhaps would have imagined.

    If there are spelling and grammar issues above, it is hard to type and cut the grass at the same time!

  192. nyydj2 says:

    Grey, I have Uggly, Reyes and Longo with Lowrie backing all 3 with pos eligibility on a short roster. I added Lawrie last week in 7 leagues where I had room but not in this one, my main money league. Lawrie will have 2B and then 3B after 10 games on espn. Lowrie or Lawrie?

  193. Grey

    Grey says:

    @nyydj2: Cool

    @BKK: I’ll just say I have a good voice for writing.

    @nyydj2: Lawrie

  194. BKK says:

    @Grey: Ha! I have one of those voices too. Were you happy with the interview? You seemed a bit surprised that you received the call/invite.

  195. nyydj2 says:

    Thanks Grey, have a great holiday! or a great Halladay, or a great Holliday, or all three if they apply!

  196. The Spaceman says:

    @ Grey/Everyone

    Any of your crazy cats out there starting Andy Oliver tonight vs. Boston?! I think I’ll roll the dice, and I will regret it.


    PS. Listening to Grey’s interview now on baseball HQ.

  197. Wilsonian says:

    Jordan Lyles called up. What’s your (or Stephen’s) take on him?

  198. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Grey: isnt it wierd to here you voice on a recorder,sounds different than when im talking,hehe,didnt know you did interviews and such,your getting to big and popular,your going to forget about us hehe

  199. chata says:

    i think what convinced me , that i wanted to keep brantley on
    my roster , was the at-bat he had vs daniel bard .
    the kid looked confident and certainly doesn’t back away from anyone .

  200. Eddy says:


    Would you drop Frank Frank for Rauch, Dotel or Frasor?

    Francisco is doing everything he can to prevent himself from closing again.

  201. chata says:


    i’m feeling pretty good about my pre-season prediction of the
    pirates finishing ahead of the astros and (maybe , even) the cubs .

    i’m thinking of going into “the business” .

    any advice ??

  202. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BKK: Yeah, I knew about it.

    @nyydj2: Ha, thanks!

    @The Spaceman: Sounds pretty crazy, starting Oliver, not the interview, well, maybe that too.

    @Wilsonian: I’ll go over him in the roundup, Stephen’s take is coming tomorrow.

    @AL KOHOLIC: Yeah, always sounds weird to hear your own voice, I think.

    @Eddy: I’d hold.

    @chata: Less space between words and punctuation. Emoticon.

  203. The Spaceman says:

    @ Grey

    Interview was legit man, nothing less than I expected. Good on your for it, and the advice was solid as always.

    And yeah, I’m rolling the dice on Oliver vs. the Red hot Sox tonight, I dig high risk-minimal reward situations.



  204. Trevor

    tggq21 says:

    Grey, H2H, 5×5,

    Would you drop Arencibia and pick up Soto??

  205. Trevor

    tggq21 says:

    Also is Salty or Arencibia or Soto?

  206. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: cool, thanks. Steve Berthiume’s twitter account was yelling for people to pick him up.

  207. Wilsonian says:

    Damn, forgot I had a legit question, too… Salty or Napoli? I’m worried Washington found Nap banging his wife..

  208. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Wilsonian: 59 inn 57 hits 19 bb and 41 k,s 3.20 era,not bad but i dont see him being more than a spot starter in 12 team leagues,deeper leagues he might be needed

  209. chata says:


    thier you go. i here you. your the best.

  210. chata says:


    smiley face.

  211. chata says:

    jaime is jurting.
    yacked for 7 runs.

  212. AL KOHOLIC says:

    garcia just shat,glad i dont own him now

  213. Steve says:

    Jaime, meet Norm.

  214. knighttown says:

    Today’s post that will only interest me:

    I was looking at my team, considering moving a bat for an ace arm since my WHIP and ERA are bottom three in my 12 teamer at 4.16 and 1.28 respectively. As I scanned the 11 names on my pitching staff (+DLR since dropped) I noticed only 1 pitcher in each category was above my “team average”, Zack Grienke with an ERA over 5 and Chris Perez with a WHIP of 1.3. All others were well below my “average” with gems such as Ian Kennedy, Cole Hamels and Jhoulys Chacin. How was it possible that 92% of the numbers in a data sat could be below the average?

    (Do you own Nelson Figueroa?)

    No random bracketed voice, I do not. Thanks for the input.

    I took out my retainer, went into my mom’s basement and calculated the weighted ERA and WHIP of my team based on each player’s innings pitched and found my true “average” to be:

    ERA- 3.29 and WHIP- 1.14

    I’ve somehow fucked myself with an epic series of Sonofabench’s (Chacin and DLR @ Phi) and 3IP/9Run “sure things” like Kennedy at home vs. St. Louis, to the tune of a full run on ERA and 10% bump in WHIP.

    Is there a Razzball term for when you tinker so much as a manager your team turns into a catastrophe?

    LaRus cannon maybe?

  215. elwood blues says:

    better picher going forward: Niese or Navy… 4 catergory league.

    Does it change if wins are a top concern?

    AlsoNL Only 4×4.. Maybin going to bust loose? or be like the rest of the Padres?
    Do I need to be consider bout his knee, I haven’t seen a lot about it.

  216. Feeding the Abscess

    Travis says:

    I’m not making this up. The first place team in my league not only has 118 HR, 381 RBI and 372 R, he’s second in ERA and W. He had Jaime Garcia on the bench today. He started Bartolo F’n Colon over him this week. Unbelievable.

  217. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    Angels – Twins total 2 hits thru 7.

  218. Grey

    Grey says:

    @knighttown: Ha! No, there is Chronic Mastertrader, but it’s not the same.

    @elwood blues: Narveson… Maybin’s not a huge star, but should be fine in an NL-Only league.

    @Travis: Wow

  219. Grey

    Grey says:

    @VinWins: Even with Russell Branyan?

  220. chata says:

    someone please explain how dan uggla can be so freakin’ awful.
    did all of his hits/HR’s, in years passed, come vs the braves ?

  221. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    @Grey: Ha!

  222. Feeding the Abscess

    Travis says:

    More fun, Morneau has three IFFB. Today. That’s one more than Joey Votto has had since the start of 2009. Which is 1422 plate appearances. 5th round pick, everybody!

    I am convinced that whoever is leading my league (Bautista, Quentin, Konerko, Granderson, Soriano, Lohse, Ethier) is a time traveler. I have no idea what the opposite of that would be, but I’m it.

  223. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: he does Baseball Tonight on ESPN.

    @chata: Dude, I wish I had a friggin clue. I’ve got him and Zobrist on one team, completely wasting space.

  224. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    Jaime skipped the 2’s in ERA. Went from 1.93 to 3.28 today.

  225. herschel says:

    @Grey: 5 x 5 weekly roto league, which one of these would you start?

    b. anderson vs nyy
    b. norris @ sd
    minor vs sd


  226. Eddy says:

    Anyone know why CarGo was removed from the game?

  227. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eddy: Probably cause they’re up by a touchdown and a field goal, though I’m not sure the point totals on those two scores.

  228. BKK says:

    Yoshinori Tateyama pitches the final three innings in a blow out for Texas and gets a save? What was he saving, the game was never in doubt?

  229. Steve says:

    @Grey: Pick one for tomorrow, please. Ks and best chance at tolerable ratios:

    Niese v PHI
    Vargas v NYY
    Worley @ NYM
    Moseley @ WAS
    Karstens @ CHC


  230. xopchipili says:

    got a boatload of starters going tomorrow, and I’m well ahead of pace for my IP limit. Thoughts on Lohse @Col, Ogando v KC and Chacin v StL? QS league, so don’t really have to take into consideration that Lohse and Chacin are playing each other. I’m tempted to bench all 3, though I’m on the fence w Ogando…

  231. chata says:


    what’s your IP limit , and where do you stand , presently ??

  232. bravo says:

    Start these pitchers?

    Verlander vs BOS
    Gallardo vs SF
    Cueto @ ATL


  233. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BKK: Major league rule, 3 IP to end game gets save.

    @Steve: Worley

    @xopchipili: I’d sit the first two.

  234. bogbert says:

    Grey, I’m ahead on games started pace, and need to really limit myself to the best starts (near last in ERA/WHIP).

    Start Gallardo and/or Jurrjens tomorrow? Thanks.

    Great BBHQ interview, btw

  235. BKK says:

    @Grey: It is a rare occurrence, ye olde 3 inning save, but in this case, seems utterly ridiculous!

  236. royce! says:

    Apropos of, um, baseball…While I was swinging a bat in the pool today, I was reminded of Gregg Jefferies. When I was a kid, my friend and I each bought a box of ’89 Donruss cards. I got real clever and mixed half of one box with another, because I thought it meant that I would somehow increase my chances of getting a Jefferies rookie card. I didn’t get a Jefferies rookie card.

    I’ve always thought there was a lesson I was supposed to learn from this disappointing experience, but to this day, I can’t figure it out. Be happy with what you’re given? Don’t try to randomnize randomness? Stop buying ’89 Donruss cards? Never!

  237. chata says:

    devine pitched the 7th
    balfour the 8th

    who’s coming out for the 9th?

  238. chata says:

    there’s only one guy warming up in the bullpen

  239. charlie batch says:

    Was offered hanley/reynolds/aj burnett for longoria/cueto in a 16-team league. Which side do you like?

  240. Martin says:

    @grey-Who do you prefer, Romero or Cain? Also if I can trade Joyce for Cain should I do it?

  241. friar says:

    I need some help setting my 6-man rotation in a roto league for this week. The league is super shallow, so I have a lot of guys that typically get referred to as “must start,” but with the elite options available, I keep wondering if I ought to play match-ups more than you might in a more standard league since my main goal is really just to avoid any ratio-killing stinkers (e.g. Weaver vs NYY or Billingsley @CIN might be too risky, but maybe I’m trying to get too cute). Here are my 9 options; I can start only 6:

    Lincecum – @STL
    Lester – vsCHW, vsOAK
    Weaver – vsNYY
    Scherzer – vsMIN (possibly also @CHW)
    Gallardo – @FLA
    Billingsley – vsCOL, @CIN
    Carpenter – vsSF, vsCHC
    Nolasco – vsMIL
    Chacin – @SF

  242. Mr2Bits says:

    Can anyone please explain what happened in the Diamondbacks/Astros game? All I can see is that Drew tried to steal second(and did) and there was some error on the throw. End result, I get no credit got the steal and Norris(who I am playing against) does not get charged with the 4 runs he gives up later in the inning…….bullshit whatever happened.

  243. Mr2Bits says:


    This makes no freaking sense what so ever. I also laugh because last night it said Drew stole second. How is someone caught stealing yet doesn’t get out?

    S Drew singled to right center
    C Young struck out swinging, S Drew caught stealing second.
    M Montero doubled to deep right, S Drew scored.

  244. Donnie Baseball says:

    Carpenter or Oswalt?

  245. Wilsonian says:

    Trade Wright for A-Rod in a keeper?

  246. Mr2Bits says:

    @Donnie Baseball:

    Oswalt and his flippity flappity

  247. William says:

    @Grey and @Everyone: Was offered Jason Heyward for my Pablo Sandoval. Current 3B is Casey McGehee and I have Brett Lawrie.

    No brainer accept right?

  248. Fletch says:

    @Grey: Lucroy, Ianetta or Y. Molina?

  249. Eddy says:

    That 3 inning save reminds me of the time the Rangers used a reliever for 3 innings to get a save in a 30-3 blow out of the Orioles a couple of years back. Had to have been a dare.

    1. I need a stop-gap 3B for this week. Figgins was probably the reason I lost this week, posting zeroes across every category, and I’m waiting for Lawrie to get 3B-eligibility. I was initially thinking ARam, but he’s been “eh” as of late. Might as well go with the hottest bat if it’s only for a week, no? Hottest 3B in last seven days: Adam Kennedy, Dobbs, Daniel Descalso, Steve Pierce and Wilson Betemit. It’s an OBP league.

    2. Bud Norris should be rostered in a 12-team league, right? He was just dropped and I’m thinking of losing Bailey for him.

  250. Eddy says:


    3. Frank Francisco is trying everything he can to make sure he doesn’t close anymore. In a 12-team league, should he be dropped for Rauch, who was the only one who didn’t partake in that 14-inning mess? Or maybe Dotel or Frasor? Or should I hold onto Frank Frank and continue cutting my veins?

  251. paulzone says:

    Have you given Alfredo Aceves a look? First two starts have been solid. I picked up in one league. Thoughts?

  252. paulzone says:

    I keep getting a pop up window that has the caution symbol and “Start below fold”. I have to close it before doing anything. What is that? Just thought i would point it out to you. Only getting it on this site…

  253. The Sequential Hermaphrodite says:

    Would you hold on to Ubaldo in standard 10-team leagues? Apparently he dealed with hip flexor and strained groin issues in the offseason and ESPN said this maybe could continue to be an issue. I could drop him for someone like Jordan Zimmermann.

  254. Eddy says:

    This was posted a couple days ago, which in fantasy is the equivalent of two years ago, but just in case no one had seen it:

    NEW YORK — Though the Mets still have no concrete timetable for the returns of injured sluggers David Wright and Ike Davis, general manager Sandy Alderson said Friday that both players could be back as soon as the end of this 10-game homestand.

    “I think that’s feasible,” Alderson said. “I’d say it’s very possible.”

    Dear God, please let this be true.

  255. Eddy says:


    Thoughts on Pagan’s return?

  256. Mr2Bits says:

    Crisp or Damon for Steals today as I’m 1 steal back?

  257. Grey

    Grey says:

    @bogbert: Thanks! Start them.

    @royce!: Ha! Nice story.

    @charlie batch: Longoria

    @Martin: Cain

    @friar: Start the first five and Chacin.

    @Donnie Baseball: Oswalt

    @Wilsonian: Eh

    @William: Yup

    @Fletch: Iannetta

    @Eddy: 1. Betemit 2. Yup 3. Can go with Rauch if you like, but you just asked me this question.

    @paulzone: I have no idea what that popup is, I haven’t seen it. I wish I did see it so I could try and figure out what it is. Eh on Aceves.

    @The Sequential Hermaphrodite: I’d hold.

    @Eddy: Thanks for the heads up!

    @Eddy: Thoughts on what with Pagan? He’s a 10/25 player that’s often injured.

    @Mr2Bits: Crisp

  258. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    Sean O’Sullivan scored 53.33 points for the overall leader in Fantasy Razzball yesterday.

  259. Eddy says:


    Wow, completely forgot I had asked that. Sorry about that. Thanks for the responses!

  260. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: my sentiments exactly.

  261. Wilsonian says:

    When they’re all up, who would you prefer: Miranda, Jennings, or Lawrie?

  262. ruah says:

    Craig or Hill @ 2B for power

    EYJr or Furcal in general, but mostly for speed?


  263. Donnie Baseball says:

    Hey Grey, no worries about the lack of K’s for Oswalt. And the diminished velocity?

  264. ruah says:

    Grey, in a league where I have Reyes at SS and Kinsler at 2B, you would dump Furcal for Young for the MI slot? I only snagged Furcal just before his return for a little SB help.

  265. ruah says:

    Speakin of the devil, Hill gets a granny

  266. Eddy says:

    SO good to see Hill get that grand slam. Let’s hope it’s the start of something!

  267. ruah says:

    thanks, just needed a push on it

  268. Terrence Mann says:

    You’re gonna tell me Dominic Brown over Rios, huh?

  269. herschel says:

    @grey: in a 5 x 5 roto, miranda or morse for util? thanks.

  270. Flunkie says:

    Just FYI, I’m getting the popup too. Then there’s another one that pops up after it with a checkbox to disable any additional popups. It only works if you stay on the same page, though, or else it starts over again.

  271. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Flunkie: Could you take a screenshot of it?

  272. Flunkie says:

    Using Firefox 4.

  273. Flunkie says:


    The second popup is the same message, only with a checkbox saying, “Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs.”

  274. chata says:

    masterson and lefties … tut tut tut

  275. Mr2Bits says:

    How is it that the Blue Jays will score 3 runs and they will all be Bautista HR’s but they put up 12 and he has one RBI? Same crap happens to me with Youk when Boston puts up 20.

  276. Flunkie says:

    Very likely that it’s just Firefox. Don’t get the popup message when using Chrome or *shudder* Internet Explorer.

  277. chata says:

    evan longoria may be the best lead-off hitter in baseball .

    and they’re winning .

  278. Mr2Bits says:


    Some weeks I swear the FB Gods hate me. Just when I think Bautista can redeem himself they pull him. This is just icing with all the bullshit that has happened this week.

  279. chata says:

    so, if this kid continues to take enright’s spot in the rotation, and toes
    the rubber every 5 days, or so, he’ll become a frequent collmenter .
    just like you guys .

  280. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: it’s on Internet Explorer, too. I’ve been getting it for a few days.

  281. Whoever you are that spent the start of the season impersonating Gallardo, good riddance!

  282. Carl says:

    My team’s ERA is over 7 this week. I don’t have a question, I just needed to tell someone

  283. elwood blues says:

    NL Only league 4×4 .. drop E.Sanchez for Rubby.. or is it a push?

  284. bogbert says:

    @Grey: @Wilsonian: Found one example on Chrome as well, but based on several searches so far it seems to be a pretty unusual problem. Maybe eventually Mozilla will respond to that help request. I’ll tell them I’m having the problem too; the more people that do that, maybe the faster they’ll take note of it.

  285. @Carl:

    You need a hug as well?

  286. Wilsonian says:

    Bourn or Tabata?

  287. Tony says:

    I said “corey patterson is in a great spot hitting in front of Bautista” about 5 days ago, or more or less, i drink, Alot….. after a 5 hit game and a 4 hit game, i’m loving me some corey patteron….. right now i’m riding whoever is hot in my h2h league, because obviously wright, howard, heyward, etc etc etc etc haven’t worked out real well…. the schmoes are leading the way til the studs get healed up and back on track….

    Sell Asdrubal? hmmmm i’m going to disagree grey. We’re going to see major debates on top SS’s for 2012 next year, Asrubal, Starlin…. its going to be interesting, maybe that guy named HANLEY can get his name in the mix…..

  288. Tony says:

    @ grey: would you drop craig allen or Maybin to activate Pagan from the DL? im perplexed. GO TRIBE.

  289. Flunkie says:

    Sweet. Dropped Trumbo for Miranda last night, Trumbo drops another bomb.

  290. bravo says:

    For tomorrow, start these pitchers?

    Billingsley vs COL
    T. Wood vs MIL

  291. elwood blues says:

    doumit checks out of the game after another collision at the plate.

  292. elwood blues says:

    well I WAS 1st in WHIP until Nolasco took the mound.

  293. Feeding the Abscess

    Travis says:

    Could be worse, blues. You could have had the first place guy in your league SIT JAIME GARCIA while you get murdered with Nolasco. First place guy in my league has 121 HR. Bautista, Soriano, Granderson, Konerko, Lohse, Garcia. He’s got all of them.

  294. Steve says:

    Hanley leaves game with lower back stiffness…

  295. Flunkie says:

    Do you like Feliz and Delmon Young for Lawrie and Choo in a keeper?

  296. Chinaski says:

    Hey Grey,

    Kubel, Reimold or Ibanez going forward?


  297. Steve says:

    Anyone – how wet is it in Detroit? Are they likely to get going?

  298. Joel says:

    Grey: a last waiver Q for the week in my h2h league: out of Craig (who now looks to be an everyday 2nd baseman?), Torres, Greg Dobbs and Willingham, which 2 would you take? Am I right in thinking Craig is the #1 pick out of these given his dual IF/OF eligibility and now regular playing time?

  299. Steve says:

    @Steve: Yes. Yes they are.

  300. Wilsonian says:

    Anyone like Dempster more than Peavy or Anibal?

  301. Flunkie says:

    I’ve only seen it here on Razzball.

  302. Trevor

    tggq21 says:

    The Ultimate Kick in the BALLS… Dropping Napoli.. and my H2H opponent picks him up to hit two HRs and beat me in the HR,and RBI categories because of Napoli….. Should’ve HELD on to him!!

  303. Tony says:

    @tggq21: thats a swift one to the chinese nuts….

  304. bogbert says:

    @bogbert: @Grey: Yeah, in researching the problem I saw reports of it happening in the comments section of a few others sites. Not many, though, probably under five. I’ll ask a couple web programmer friends about it.

  305. Steve says:

    @bogbert: @Grey: Not much help, but I use Firefox on a PC laptop and Safari on a Macbook and I haven’t seen it at all.

  306. Steve says:

    Come on Johnny – don’t fail me now.

  307. Wilsonian says:

    Do you see Morse keeping.this up? Would you rather play him or Dunn this week?

  308. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Flunkie: Gotcha

    @tggq21: That’s why you set ot and forget it.

    @bogbert: Thanks! I appreciate it.

  309. What makes fantasy owners think if they offfer players like – three for one trade

    Gordon Beckham
    Fausto Carmona
    Brad Penny

    For One Player

    what in blue hell am I going to do with those three – are they going to give me stats that is going to replace a good player – I don’t think so – Believe if I wanted those players I would have drafted them

    these trades are being sent to me everyday by different owners – News Flash – you should have read razzball before you drafted so you would have drafted more wisely

    example : . Jose Bautista – This is a new tier. This tier goes from here until Sandoval. I call this tier, “No, thanks.” Oh bad example :)

    Happy memorial day Grey

  310. Trevor

    tggq21 says:

    @Grey: hehe, Just Set it and forget it! it’s that easy! isn’t it Fred??

  311. Wilsonian says:

    Wow…this trade just went down in my 16 Team H2H Keeper:

    Team A: Cano, Bedard, Guerra
    Team B: A-Rod, Haren, Feliz

    What’s everyone’s take?

  312. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: oh, and what do you think of Morse? Does he keep this up? Would you rather play him or Dunn this week?

  313. Flunkie says:

    Another keeper question for ya Grey:

    Kinsler/Lawrie or A-Rod/Feliz

    Which side do you like?

  314. Trevor

    tggq21 says:

    Real quick… everyone say a prayer for Kimbrel

  315. Flunkie says:

    And now Kimbrel can breathe.

  316. Wilsonian says:

    Morrison or Dunn? I just really don’t know if I can trust Dunn anymore, but he’s always got the possibility to explode any minute.

  317. Steve says:

    Who, despite starting Scherzer, Narveson, E-Jax, Nova, de la Rosa, Kuroda and Worley (not to mentions a Nunez meltdown), won ERA in H2H this week?

    This guy!

    I’d just like to thank Yo-Ga, Grey and Paul Maholm.

    Not to mention Jaime Garcia…

  318. Steve says:

    @Grey: In H2H, where we count OBP, I’ve been rolling with Todd Helton at 1B while Morneau has been stinking. So –

    1. Stick with Helton.
    2. Go back to Morneau (starting to string some hits together)
    3. Go with one of:



  319. royce! says:

    @Steve: Congrats! Also working out for you: Span is 17-for-44 (.386) over his past 11 games, raising his batting average from .277 to .300 just since May 17.

    Which would have been great for my RCL team, had I not dropped him about 11 games ago, only to have you pick him up.

  320. Steve says:

    @royce!: I have done well out of the RCL trash can this year: Lind, Francoeur, Cueto, Span. Even Freddy Sanchez is hitting while I own him. Normally he’s scorching hit right until I pick him up.

  321. royce! says:

    @Steve: Well I got Furcal and Bay! Take that!

    RE: Freddy, I think he’s balanced out his performance on your roster by not hitting when I owned him. Nice for the pain and pleasure in the universe to stay even like that. Must ahve something to do with the hemispheres.

  322. Mateo says:

    Who is the better long term keeper? Dominic Brown or Lawrie?

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