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A whale of a prospect plus a bad oblique leads to a a closed Beachy.  Enter Julio Teheran.  Well, reenter Julio Teheran.   Teheranasaurus Rex!  First, let’s see what Stephen said about him, “Easily the best story of the 2010 minor league year.  Teheran throws a 92 to 96 MPH fastball, an above-average changeup, and a more consistent breaking pitch.  Teheran is considered a top 5 pitching prospect in the minors, if not top three.  Finally, I hope Grey gets his mustache caught in the gears of a car.”  Hmm… Maybe I should’ve read what he wrote before quoting him.  Anyhoo!  Don’t judge Teheran on his messy first start in the bigs.  He should be grabbed in most competitive leagues.  Should have a 7+ K/9 and a high 3 ERA with a chance for a lot more.  Anyway, here’s what else I saw this weekend in fantasy baseball:

Chris Carpenter – 6 1/3 IP, 7 ER, 11 baserunners, 5 Ks as he was handily beat by Wood (6 IP, 2 ER, 8 baserunners, 3 Ks).  In honor of the Carpenter/Wood matchup, everyone in attendance received a bill for $5000 for a picket fence that wasn’t completed correctly.

Lance Berkman – 5 for his last 28, hitting .179 in May.  Okay, so two of those five were homers, but still without the inflated average from April, you wouldn’t be happy owning him right now.

Fernando Salas – Looks like the spinning bottle stopped on someone new this weekend.  Dave Duncan said Sanchez is no longer the closer, after naming him the closer three days ago.  That’s not a closerousel.  THIS IS A CLOSEROUSEL!  Duncan said Salas would now have the shot at closing games.  So, if you’re reading between the lines, he’s actually saying Salas would be the next person to lose the job of closer.  The Cardinals closer spin cycle is set to wishy-washy.

Ramon Hernandez – Hit three homers in the last two games.  He’s hotter than a habanero’s ass right now.  Whatever that means.

Aroldis Chapman – 1/3 IP, 4 ER.  As any pitching coach will tell you, you never lead off an inning with a walk.  It comes back to haunt you.  Especially if you walk 3 of the next 4 batters too.  If he were any wilder, they’d change his name to Gene.

Jorge PosadaYankees said Posada just didn’t want to bat ninth so he pulled himself from Saturday’s game.  Posada’s wife bastardized Reggie by saying that’s the straw that broke his back, or some shizz.  Imagine if Big Stein was around during the age of Twitter.  Steinbrenner tweeting from the grave, “My men told me Phelps!”  As far as fantasy baseball goes, I don’t want Posada on any team.  He’s hitting the interstate, and that interstate is about as pleasant to ride on as the Cross Bronx Expressway to a Yankee game.

Nick Markakis – 3-for-5, and his 4th home run.  I am Sparkakis!

Jake Arrieta – 6 IP, 2 ER, 7 baserunners, 7 Ks.  He was featured in Friday’s Buy column.  Go ahead, scroll to that post.  It’ll burn 7 calories.

J.J. Hardy – 2-for-5, 4 RBIs and his 2nd homer since he returned from the DL.  Here’s what I said in the preseason about Hardy, “Hardy could be a nice endgame target in AL-Only leagues.  Though a full season of at-bats is far from a guarantee with Hardy.  Though II, The Return of Though, in a full season of ABs, Hardy’s should be good for 17 to 22 homers.  Though III, The Bride of Though, his average won’t be pretty.”  And that’s me quoting me!

Matt Joyce – 2-for-3, now has 4 homers in the last week.  Looks like someone stole whatever it was Fuld was dwinking.

Coco Crisp – 1-for-3 with a home run and two steals.  Coco Crisp got the slam & legs, which could hurt his  Kellogg’s endorsements.

Josh Collmenter – Another great start on Saturday.  From a guy who had a 5.77 ERA in Triple-A, but good numbers elsewhere in the minors.  I’d take a flyer in certain deeper mixed leagues.  He is not a sub-1 ERA guy, as he’s currently sporting.  He could easily go out and roofie you next time out.

Adrian Beltre – 1-for-3 with his 10th home run yesterday, while he bats .252.  Considering the mess 3rd base is this year, I’d take it.  Oh, and I’m farting in your general direction, Pedro Alvarez.

Chris Davis – 2-for-4 with his 2nd home run of the year, but he hasn’t done much since his call up.  Him and Ian Stewart should put their salaries together and take all of their fantasy owners of the last two years out to dinner.

Brandon League – He’s now at 0-4 with three blown saves and 10 earned runs over his last three innings.  Rocco DiSpirito’s mom called.  She wants her meatballs back.  Wedge said that League would remain the closer for the time being, but that time being not very long by my approximation.  I’d grab Jamey Wright for a potential change in roles.

Ian Kennedy – 6 IP, 1 ER, 5 baserunners, 8 Ks, now with a 3.05 ERA on the year.  A few weeks ago, we traded Brandon League and Aardsma for Kennedy.  Thank you, come again.

Chipper Jones – Has a tear in his meniscus.  That is Glass Chipper’s favorite cuss word.

Andy Dirks – Called up by the Tigers to replace the DL’d Magglio No-Soul-Glo-io.  AL-Only’ers should take a flyer, for sure.  In mixed leagues, I’d hold for now, though, knowing Leyland, Dirks will probably be hitting in the three hole.  I’m only half kidding.  Dirks has pretty modest power and slightly better speed, but not a burner.  10/15 would be the best case scenario over a full season and that’s not a guarantee at this point.

Mat Latos – 5 2/3 IP, 1 ER, 7 baserunners, 5 Ks in Coors.  I’ll say it for you.  Sonavabench!  This decent-enough start by Latos is coming off a terrible one.  That’s an issue.  You don’t know when to start him.  Another issue, he’s yet to go past six and a third innings in any start.  If Latos only pitches into the sixth, there’s not much chance for wins when the Padres score about as much as you when you were rocking that Member’s Only jacket.  Final issue comes via Men’s Health, Latos is gonna break down.

Jonathon Lucroy – 2-for-4, 3 RBIs and his 2nd home run in his last three games.  We dropped Posada and grabbed Lucroy in one league, hoping his average can help fix Posada’s lotta nada (<–alliteration in lieu of wit!).

Zack Greinke – 5 IP, 5 ER, 7 baserunners, 5 Ks with his owners with a conshellation prize.  Has a 6.60 ERA so far, and nowhere near the dominance one expects from Greinke, but — and this is a J. Lo-sized but — I think he’s just rusty and he’s going to find his groove shortly.

Clint Barmes – 1-for-2 with his 1st home run.  I really hope this is the start of something because I actually own this schmohawk in one league.  Though, because of injuries and slumps, that team currently looks like Rocky Dennis.

Justin Turner – 2-for-4, 5 RBIs and his first homer.  I should probably own this middle infidel instead of Barmes.  Turner doesn’t have a huge upside (though his backside… Well, he’s stocky).   His best case scenario is 12 homers and 7 steals.  It’s just a’ight, which is obviously short of all right.

Brandon Morrow – 5 IP, 3 ER, 7 baserunners, 8 Ks.  Even without looking at his xFIP, I can tell you he’s unlucky to have a 4.85 ERA.  I’d grab him in all leagues and ignore the ERA.

Jose Bautista – 3 home runs, 16 on the year.  You know what?  I was wrong thinking he wasn’t for real.  If he hits 40 homers this year, wouldn’t surprise me at this point.  That really bothers me.  I wish I believed in him.  I wish I owned him all over the place, because not only did he screw me last year, but he’s doing it again.  It gets me legitimately angry, which means I take this either seriously or too seriously.  Fantasy baseball, for those times your friends and family don’t stress you enough.  What’s really screwed up about Bautista’s last two years is it means we’re all just living inside Jose Bautista’s dream world.  Someone spin their top.  Please.

  1. Virinder says:

    Is it okay to finally drop Minor?? Or, is there potential for him as a June callup?? Any idea if Teheran will stick with the Braves rotation once Beachy returns?? Jar-Jar hasn’t looked bad all season, but I’m praying he blows up at some point…

  2. Virinder says:

    Oh, and when are the 1927 Jays going to let Morrow pitch a full start for once, I could’ve used a QS in my H2H league…or did he get pulled for a drop in velocity and shakiness like last week…FML! :/

  3. chata says:


    big lead .
    lots of pitches thrown .

    recurring story …. mlb managers care about getting their pitchers wins …
    they don’t care about you getting quality starts .

  4. Jose Bautista says:


  5. DrEasy says:

    Bautista’s performance throughout the series was just incredible. In what was supposed to be a pitcher-friendly park, he pulled HRs against the wind, but also went the other way (something he seems to only do at Target Field for some reason). He also missed one barely yesterday. This might be the McGuire/Sosa/Bonds show all over again (hopefully only the good part). Hopefully that will bump up the attendance in Toronto.

    I did defend him in the off-season and would have probably drafted him earlier than others, but I can’t gloat since I don’t have a fantasy team this year. I am able to just enjoy his performance as a baseball fan, and it doesn’t hurt to be a Jays fan! I miss not having a team, but it’s true that sometimes fantasy baseball can take away from the enjoyment of the game itself. It can be hard to dissociate a player’s performance from its fantasy baseball implications (the Adverb did that to me a few years ago), so I understand your frustration. Don’t be angry!

  6. DrEasy says:

    @Virinder: Like chata said, just a lot of pitches thrown. His velocity was ok (he hit 96 and even 97 IIRC). The way he pitches (lots of Ks and BBs), he just won’t pitch deep into many games. Enjoy the Ks but beware the WHIP!

  7. Stormin' Norman says:

    *Traded Rios/Garza/C. Lewis for Bautista/Lilly in my keeper league a week before the season started*

    And she let me wear the chain and my turtleneck sweatah!

  8. TmSTi says:

    Re: Bautista – im still holding faith the top will stop spinning….

  9. Doc Pounder says:

    Rudy with the Yoohoo’s last night. Classic !!

  10. JG_ism says:

    CBS hasn’t DL’ed Son of a Beachy yet, so I have to wait til Thursday’s auction.
    Any thoughts on a monthly or so fill-in..
    Arrieta, Teheran, Litsch?

  11. Johnny Drama says:

    12 team.
    I have 4.5 closers and pretty good pitching depth.

    I get Pujols

    I give Agon, Shields, Hanarhananhanan

    Go big or go home?

  12. AL KOHOLIC says:

    needing greinke to turn it up a notch,just traded marmol for him,but i think he,s o.k

  13. johnny says:

    hi. who is better choice for rest of season – Baker or Floyd?

  14. Mr2Bits says:

    Grey : Thats a big step for you with Bautista, very proud. What makes Bautista even better in my league is that he is a 24th round keeper

  15. Grey – Is it time for me to drop Krispie Young and Jason Heyward?

  16. Racehorse says:

    Let’s just pretend that Jose Bautista were to fail a drug test, where would the loudest “Ah HAH!” come from, the old stuffy traditional baseball media types or the fantasy community? I know my answer.

    If I were a Blue Jays head honcho, I’d figuratively (and more or less literally) order Bautista and Encarnacion chained together at the hip in the hope that some of Bautista’s golden ointment rubs off on EE. What the hell, it’d be worth a try.

    Grey, when it comes to Jose Bautista, hang in there bro and just roll with it. Someday when you get around to watching ‘Silly Little Game’ (the documentary on how fantasy baseball started) you’ll see that one of the Founding Fathers (Steve Wulf) traded Tony Gwynn for Tony Scott. Can’t get no worse than that!

  17. Jack the Ripper says:

    What are the chances J Montero takes over at DH for the Yanks soon? Seems to me the Yanks may be setting up ol’ Jorge…Grab Montero?

  18. TravestyJones says:

    hahaha, We’re all just living inside Jose Bautista’s dream world. Well, looking around it looks more like a Bautista dream within a Rebecca Black dream, within a Natalie Portman dream, within a Brick Tamland dream.

    Hey, pick up Stauffer for any of Wood, Arrieta, Carmona, or Edwin Jackson?

  19. knighttown says:

    Arrieta, Teheran or Narveson?

  20. xopchipili says:

    Trumbo or Wallace for backup 1B? (thank god Morneau is finally starting to turn it around!)

    Also need a Posada replacement. Like Hernandez or Lucroy better? Other options are Conger, Jaso, Ruiz…

  21. Danks Nugs says:

    Eff the Cross Bronx and eff Bautista!!!!

  22. TravestyJones says:

    Drop Posada for Iannetta, Suzuki, Molina, Ramón Hernández, or Avila?

  23. Dan Z says:

    @ Grey and everyone else

    Drop Swisher for Andres Torres, dont really need power but a productive UTL while some guys are out hurt.

  24. Jason says:

    12 team roto 5×5
    In a vacum, is giving up Heyward and Victorino and getting Holliday okay? Is it giving up too much? I’m first in runs scored but 2nd to last in RBI.

  25. theevilempire says:

    @ All: Drop Liriano for Teheran? Yeah, I’ve pretty much lost all faith in my first pitcher drafted.

  26. ruah says:

    Looks like catchers are a topic today: Ramon, Lucroy, Yadi, Ianetta or Martin?

  27. mets fan says:

    grey start jackson tonight at home vs texas?

  28. 3FG says:

    Nice to see you giving some love to POWtista Grey!!

  29. t-rex says:

    Yo Grey, I was expecting to see some Bernadina love after his past four games. I know you have a man-crush so where is the chatter?
    .467 BA, 4 BB, 1 R, 3 RBI, 2 SB

    He is still on the wire in my league and I have to watch him sit there while I’m forced to play Schmohawks like Rios and Crawford who have been doing absolutely nothing this year while collecting HUGE paycheques.

    I know it will turn around for my 2 fantasy “studs”. I think it will, I think it will. Crawford is batting 8th, 8TH!!! I’m begging Rios to take his big toe to the DL so I can hide him for a while.

    At least it can’t get any worse.

    Good read today. No Alyssa Milano mention but TravestyJones was kind enough to bring up Ms. Portman.

  30. BSW says:

    Teheran or Masterson?

  31. Wockenfuss says:

    With Posada as my catcher I need a help. My options are Jaso, Olivo, Treanor or Salty.
    AL 8 team non-keeper roto league

  32. coco krispie says:

    overall value the rest of the year:
    tabata or hart?

    gio or gardner?

  33. Lob Ball says:


    I’m in a 2 Catcher Roto league. Drop Posada and replace with either Barajas, Conger, or Pierzynski?

  34. CL says:

    Bourjos or Bernadina for my Bench? B-B-B. 10 team dynasty.

  35. ujoh says:

    Try hating on Bautista but living in Toronto. I got 62 text messages in an hour last night. Who knew a batting stance change was just as effective as pumping steroids.

  36. joe from point pleasant says:


    Anderson and Beachy for Scherzer

    Which side wins…


  37. joe from point pleasant says:

    Thats Brett Anderson… btw

  38. Ian says:

    @anyone: Question about Fantasy Razzball….I could swear that lineups locked on Monday. Usually I set my lineup Monday morning, but its not letting me make changes to this weeks lineup. Its skipping ahead to next week. Anyone else having this problem?

  39. Cole says:

    If you needed another reason to pick-up Arrieta his next few starts are scheduled to come vs. Wash, vs. KC, @Sea, @Oak, vs TB(not as nice), and @Was.

  40. bobbo says:

    Can you rank for the rest of the year (keeper league but I already have Felix and CC): Ian Kennedy, Bud Norris, Hellickson, Teheran

  41. Lazar says:

    Did anyone see that lame BoSox fan in the 9th inning w/ the sombrero yesterday? He did his gay ump imitation when there was a K or an out (don’t remember) and on top of that did the little fake jump forward that’s intended to make someone flinch towards some Yanks. I thought there was going to be another Dodger incident and the kid was gonna get his ass kicked…

  42. jackie says:

    I need speed in a bad way. I have two of the following players: Maybin, Bernadina, Bourgouis, Furcal, Erick Aybar, Desmond Jennings.

    Which 2 do I grab (assuming Jennings gets the call in 2 weeks)

  43. Chris says:

    Who’s going to suck less this week? (injury risk included)

    David Murphy or Jose Tabata?

  44. Eddy says:


    You have to set them on Sunday night. You can’t make any changes to the lineup Monday-Saturday.


    I echo Mr2Bits. I can only imagine how tough that was to write. We’re proud of you, Grey.

  45. Will says:

    Is Maybin for real or just a tease?

  46. Wilsonian says:

    16 Team H2H Keeper question:

    Do I drop Napoli (I know Ron Popeil his ass, but doode is sucking something sick) for Lucroy, Hernandez, or Montero?

    8 Team H2H Keeper question(s):

    Would you swap Gio for Kennedy, or is the upside to Kennedy not THAT much greater than Gio?

    Krispie/CarGo for Bruce/Stanton – fair or no fair?

    Can you rank the following: Krispie, LoMo, Maybin, Bourn, Moreland?

    And does anybody friggin know if Lind is ever going to play baseball again or are the Jays just going to postpone his DL stint until August?

  47. Ned Shakeshaft says:

    Hey look, Bailey’s throwing! Hope someone cleared him.

    Hey, is it just me or is Elliot Johnson closing in on full-time AB’s? And does that matter in the world of the AL-only?

  48. John Drunks says:

    yo grey, keep on keepin on. quick trade question. i’m overloaded on speed, trying to improve on avg. got offered rios + wandy for stubbs in a “keep your 5 best” keeper leauge. you like those guys as comebacks rest of season, or stick with stubbs?

  49. dynas7y says:

    Please rank: Stauffer, Travis Wood, McClellan

  50. and1mcgee says:

    no fantasy site i found said that Bautista’s power was for real. I, thought it was, and figured at least 38 homers were coming my way. Thank you, come again.

  51. EK says:

    Pick one:
    Teheran @ ARI
    Narveson @ SD
    Ross v. MIN

  52. Eng says:

    Great update, Grey. Start or sit Colby Lewis @CWS?

  53. EK says:

    Vogelsong or Tyson Ross going fwd?

  54. Exactly says:

    Need a little help setting my rotation for the week in a H2H:

    Gio (Ana, @SF)
    D. Hudson (SD, Min)
    Ed-Jax (Tex, LA)
    Marcum (@LA, Col)
    Pineiro (@Oak, Atl)
    Wood (@Cle)
    Narveson (@SD)
    Oswalt (@Stl, Tex)
    Volquez (Chi, @Cle)

    I’m a little nervous about Oswalt coming off DL, Volquez whenever he pitches and Pineiro’s looked good but is facing some tough matchups (Anderson, Hommy Tanson)…I start 6, which 3 would you leave on the bench?

    Many thanks.

  55. Since the beach is closed who is the add? Travis wood or Julio Teheran?

  56. Well done Grey. I love Paul Simon’s Graceland. I also applaud you for coming clean about Bautista.

    Question: Going foward—Cueto or Wood?
    Ubaldo or Latos?
    Joyce or Rios?


  57. kwak says:

    I’ve got Espinosa/Raburn blahtoon at 2b. Either worth dropping for Justin Turner Overdrive?

  58. @Johnny Drunks:
    Keep Stubbs brother. Dude is legit 25/35.

  59. joe from point pleasant says:


    Avila or Lucroy?

  60. GTS says:

    Which one to drop when Oswalt comes back tomorrow?

    Bumgarner, Madison(SP) SF
    Burnett, A.J.(SP) NYY
    Chacin, Jhoulys(SP) COL
    Hudson, Daniel(SP) ARI
    Jackson, Edwin(SP) CHW
    Kuroda, Hiroki(SP) LA
    Lilly, Ted(SP) LA
    Lohse, Kyle(SP) STL
    Nolasco, Ricky(SP) FLA

  61. Wilsonian says:

    @John Drunks: concur with Doc Stats, Stubbs over both of them.

  62. doog says:


    Dynasty points league where I regularly near the top– Pineda for Cliff Lee? It could be a hell of a career for Pineda, but Lee obviously helps now.

  63. ThePoonTycoon says:

    at this point, what do we make of morneau? i mean, i didn’t land a top tier 1B in a couple of leagues and i took morneau around the 5th round expecting at least a decent season. his BABIP is a little low (.267), but he’s had good seasons with a .270something BABIP so it’s not abnormally low. his LD/GB/FB rates are relatively in line with past seasons. his BB rate is in line with 2006-07 which were good seasons. his K rate is down compared to last season (by 3%) and pretty in line with his career norm.

    i can’t justify dropping him really, but i can’t help but think about it when staring at his numbers.

  64. Jake in Columbus says:

    Tony la Russa just wants to be contrary to Dave Duncan. As we know, TLR simply doesn’t want to be DD…

  65. Eng says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: Unless you’re in a small league, don’t drop Morneau. Bench him, but he’s got way too much ability and trade value to drop.

    @john drunks….stubbs by miles.

  66. Sal says:

    @Grey: Two start conundrum this week. Pick two: Kuroda MIL, @ CHW; Jimenez @SF @ MIL; Zimmerman PIT, @ BAL. Like the one left over Grienke or Yoga this week?

  67. Scott Z says:

    I’m diggin’ your ‘I am Sparkakis!’ line, sounds bloody romantic.

    I’m no expert, but I don’t see Montero being of any fantasy value for at least another month or so. Russell Martin’s resurgence, Posada’s $13 mil salary, Francisco Cervelli’s presence on the roster and arbitration clock concerns all conspire against him right now. Sure he can hit the bejeezus out of the ball, but his defensive skills are still below average as well. Sure they could bring him up to DH, but that would necessitate a difficult roster move choice. Cut Posada? Remove a bullpen arm? Option Cervelli? If they go with the third choice (most likely) then Montero would be the backup catcher, meaning he would need to spend time learning the pitchers and working on his defense, which would diminish his batting cage opportunities. Just my take, for what it’s worth.

  68. Eng says:

    Do you like Andres Torres at utility spot, or Scott Sizemore?

  69. Lazar says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: I grabbed him in a few leagues also. But check out how he has been these past 6~ games or so. He’s starting to hit some doubles and get some multi hit games. Wait to see if he’s warming up.

  70. @Eng:
    I was a Torres non-believer (utility journeymen ect…) pre-season. However, I may have been wrong. I think this dude can help a 12 team mixer for sure. I would take him over Sizemore in a snap.

  71. AL KOHOLIC says:

    grey surprised there was no mention of the dodgers closer situation,jansen is the new guy to own isnt he?

  72. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Sal: @Lazar: yeah no chance i’m dropping him. i’ll ride the ship into the ground if i have to, but dropping him for some low end guy isn’t getting me anywhere and i’m giving up on the potential high ceiling. but still, it’s just rough staring at those numbers.

  73. Eng says:

    @Dr. Stats: Thanks for the feedback, makes sense and will take it on board and make a decision sometime today.

    @al koholic….closer is still padilla and he’ll get the next chance, but Jansen would be a decent hand cuff if the toad struggles again.

  74. ThePoonTycoon says:

    aybar is on waivers. worth picking him up, slotting peralta to 3B, and dropping reynolds? i mean, reynolds isn’t running, and with this start, isn’t his ceiling more or less peralta minus some avg for this year?

  75. chunk says:

    Kelly Johnson or Scott Sizemore at MI?

  76. Doug Ault says:

    I’m really thin at 2nd base with Roberts, but loaded in the outfield
    I was just offered Brandon Phillips for Crawford, do I take the bait?

  77. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Virinder: It’s okay to drop Minor in most leagues.

    @Jose Bautista: I hate you.

    @Stormin’ Norman: Nice

    @TmSTi: Me too, but I’ve lost faith it’s gonna happen.

    @JG_ism: Arrieta

    @Johnny Drama: Eh

    @johnny: Floyd

    @Mr2Bits: Cool

    @Mr. Odd: Nope

    @Racehorse: Thanks!

    @Jack the Ripper: In some leagues.

    @TravestyJones: Ha…Carmona

    @knighttown: Narveson

    @xopchipili: Trumbo, Lucroy

    @Danks Nugs: Ha

    @TravestyJones: Iannetta

    @Dan Z: Sure

    @Jason: Too much

    @theevilempire: Sure

    @ruah: Iannetta

    @mets fan: In a 15 team league? Sure…

    @t-rex: I’ve talked about him enough.

    @BSW: Arrieta

    @Wockenfuss: Olivo

    @coco krispie: Tabata, Gio

    @Lob Ball: Hold for now.

    @ujoh: Ha

    @joe from point pleasant: Scherzer

    @Ian: Yahoo locks weekly lineups Sunday night at midnight.

    @bobbo: You ranked them.

    @Lazar: Ha

    @jackie: Bernadina, Jennings

    @Chris: Tabata

    @Eddy: Thanks

    @Will: Depends what you mean by for real. 4 hits a day? Nope. He’s a 10/20 guy.

    @Wilsonian: Lucroy…No

    @Ned Shakeshaft: In AL-Only everyone matters.

    @John Drunks: What others said.

    @dynas7y: Wood, Stauffer

    @EK: Narveson

    @Exactly: Oswalt, Jackson, Volquez

    @bensomi: Ha

    @Chicago Mike: Wood

    @Dr. Stats: Thanks….Wood, Ubaldo, Joyce…

    @kwak: Raburn

    @joe from point pleasant: Lucroy

    @GTS: Lohse

    @doog: Hold

    @ThePoonTycoon: He’s the poison pill, can’t drop him, can’t play him. We’ve benched him where we could.

    @Sal: Ubaldo, Zimmermann

    @Scott Z: Thanks!

    @Eng: Torres

    @AL KOHOLIC: Padilla’s the closer, Jansen got a save. We own him in one league where we’re desperate, so a flyer on him is cool.

    @RenoChris: Gallardo

    @ThePoonTycoon: I wouldn’t make that move.

    @chunk: Johnson

  78. Wilsonian says:

    According to Yahoo, Lind won’t play again today. Guh, this is getting really annoying!

  79. mets fan says:

    @Grey: It’s a 12 team league regarding jackson still start him?

  80. ySTi says:

    RT @DKnobler Bad news for Indians with Grady Sizemore going to DL

  81. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: thanks man. Just a followup, was the “no” directed at a swap of Gio for Kennedy? Also, what about these questions:

    A) Krispie/CarGo for Bruce/Stanton – fair or no fair?

    B) Can you rank the following: Krispie, LoMo, Maybin, Bourn, Moreland?

  82. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Wilsonian: you should have lind, heyward, rasmus, and victorino all on 1 team.

  83. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Wilsonian: i’d take kennedy over gio all day. kennedy won’t hurt your whip like gio.

  84. Richie says:

    Hey Grey,

    Iannetta or Lucroy in a standard 5×5?

  85. Eng says:

    Start or Sit Colby @CWS tonight? Also, Colby or Travis? Thanks for Torres confirmation by the way, really appreciated.

  86. T-BZA says:

    RoS in vacuum: Beckett OR Hellickson?

    Thanks in advance.

  87. Wilsonian says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: damn, that’s awful. These nagging injuries are ridiculous. Lind was pretty much carrying my offense, and I don’t necessarily mind him being hurt, I just wish they would DL him so I could pick someone up that is seeing actual PT.

  88. Nathan says:

    Sorry to be “that guy” but:

    Alliteration is not the same thing as rhyming :-)

  89. Wilsonian says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: hmmm, well I think the guy with Kennedy would probably swap. I personally like Kennedy over Gio, myself, but wasn’t sure if the difference was great enough to make the move.

  90. CL says:

    Bourjos or Bernadina?

  91. nick m. says:

    Should I trade McCutchen for Youk if I have Gordon at 3B and will still have Crawford, Hamilton, BJ Upton, and Berkman for 3 OF spots?

  92. Eng says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: Zimmerman, Sandoval, Lind, Oswalt, Contreras and Lidge here. Hill too. Went from 1st to 4th real fast.

  93. even i was low on bautista. i kept saying pitchers will adjust to him so maybe he’ll get 40, but right now it seems like he’s doing more adjusting to the pitchers than the other way around. at this point i think he can beat the 54. he’s hit right around 10 homers in every month since september of 09 except for april and june of last year, and after a while that’s starting to look like it’s just his new natural pace. now this year he’s added hitting for average too just to keep people interested.

    it’s crazy. but crazy stuff does happen sometimes. sometimes you’re right, sometimes you’re wrong. i’m not gloating. i’m wrong all the time. i was even kind of wrong about bautista. he’s better than i thought too. i was just wrong about him in a way that was closer to right than the way most other people were wrong about him.

  94. Eng says:

    @wily mo: Same story here. I liked him for 35 this year, but not enough to take him before the 3rd round where he went in my league. Darn it, he’s so fun to watch even when he’s on an opponent’s team.

  95. SwaggerJackers says:


    Need help with pitching again.

    QS (instead of W) and K/BB in addition to the standard categories.

    Options: Lilly, Bailey, Piniero, Arrieta, Zimmerman(n), Edwin, Harrang.

    If I drop Lilly, I’ll free up a bunch of salary money. The rest of those options are $1 except Zimmerman(n).

  96. I think some of you are selling Gio short. I love his K-rate and the fact that he pitches in Oak. Kennedy is nearly the same pitcher, but I don’t like starting pitchers in Arizona during the summer heat. Going forward, I like Gio better. Anyone willing to defend Kennedy over Gio?

  97. Scott Z says:

    @Nathan Alliteration is defined as the repetition of the same sounds or of the same kinds of sounds at the beginning of words OR in stressed syllables.
    So ‘Posada lotta nada’ is both alliteration AND rhyming, a witty two-fer!

  98. Wilsonian says:

    @Dr. Stats: dammit Doc Stats, now you gotta go and get me thinking again. It’s Gio’s WHIPping post committment that I don’t like. They’re essentially the same player, despite that. I’m down for some friendly discussion on the subject.

  99. the grate one says:

    grey, a few questions:
    1. do you think heath bell is traded?
    2. if so, adams gets teh nod or gregerson?
    3. whats your prediction on the LAD closing situation by year end, i own EVERYONE in that pen!

  100. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @SwaggerJackers: no way you can’t go with bailey out of that group. since he came off the DL last august, he’s been one of the best SPs in MLB, and this year’s DL stint hasn’t slowed him down.

  101. mets fan says:

    @Grey: Thanks one more question do you start liriano tommorow at seattle in a 12 team h2h league?

  102. Mike of Swartz Creek, Mi says:

    Please no rainouts this week, Bautista needs to go on DL if not I have no chance in most of my leagues.

  103. ujoh says:

    @wily mo: I was way wrong on him. I have $20 on the line that says he won’t hit 30. Would never have guessed I’d be paying up by June.

    By the way, if he keeps this up, he’ll have the all time best single season OPS for a right handed hitter. More amazing, he’ll be second overall all time. First? Bonds in ’04. Current second place? BABE RUTH.

    Jose Bautista is better than Babe Ruth. Those words don’t make any goddamn f3#@kING sense.

  104. @Eng: i ended up throwing my balls to the wind and taking him in the late 2nd round in my main redraft league. then i signed him to an $11 x 5Y contract in my $100-cap multi-year-contract auction league. -that- was the real gut check. five years! but in that league so many guys are under long-term contract (and there’s rules that make it easier for owners to keep their own players even when they do finally hit the open market) that there’s only a few opportunities to add impact each offseason, and i was taking over a derelict team without a lot of talent, so rolling the dice on him seemed worth it since the alternative was pretty much guaranteed mediocrity.

    so far so good. but this is better than i expected. he’s like a beardy, canadian robot.

  105. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Dr. Stats: not selling him short, i have gio on multiple squads and he was one of my back end starters i targeted with hopes him him developing to a frontline guy. same story with ian kennedy. difference is BB rate. kennedy is over 1.5 BB/9 less than gio (2.44 to 4.12). both K at over 8K/9IP. gio’s a 1.30ish whip guy, kennedy is a 1.20 (his 2010 whip) or maybe lower guy (1.05 this year). plus kennedy is in the NL. i would say NL v. the coliseum basically evens out.

    both good guys and guys i targeted heading into the year, just like kennedy more.

  106. Mike of Swartz Creek, Mi says:

    Gio I will wait to June to see if he will improve.

  107. Rob says:

    Lucroy is on WW in my 2C league. Drop Avila or Suzuki for him?

  108. ThePoonTycoon says:

    it’s like bautista is the only guy in MLB allowed to take steroids anymore

  109. Lob Ball says:

    Helton or be patient with Pena??

  110. @ujoh: well, as far as OPS goes, i’ll be really, really surprised if he keeps hitting .350 all year. but the 10 homers a month thing, at this point, i really won’t be.

  111. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: thank you, sir. Sure wish the Krispie would swipe a bag or two, his value just isn’t where I want it to be.

  112. MrHappyTime says:

    @Grey Jason Bartlett or Alex Gonzalez at shortstop for this week?

  113. C.O.C. says:

    16 team H2H, need to start 2 of these: Colon @Bal, Narveson @SD, McClellan-Hou, Duensing @Ari, White-Cin, and Ross-Min….

  114. SwaggerJackers says:


    Sorry. Should I drop Ted Lilly to pick up any of the following: Homer Bailey, Piniero, Arrieta, Zimmerman(n), Edwin, Harrang

    Thanks G!

  115. Wilsonian says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: and that’s basically what I think, too. I like Kennedy more, it’s not like Halladay v. Randy Wells more.

  116. Bob says:

    @ Grey: Jordan Walden was just dropped in my 10 team league…should I drop Frank Frank for him?

  117. charlie batch says:

    From reading comments on this site, I gather you dislike Avila, Grey. What are you seeing that we’re not? His numbers are good, and he’s young. Couldnt he be a breakout player this year?

  118. PublicEnemy#1 says:

    Been offered Scherzer, Moreland and Ryan Zimmerman for Victorino and Padilla. Even though Victorino’s SBs are crucial to me, I have to do this deal and figure out the SBs later, right? It is a Sv/hld and QS league btw.

  119. the grate one says:

    thanks grey.
    one more…

    for ROS can you rank

    Lilly, kuroda, dan hudson, britton, alex white, vegelsong?


  120. KarlJ. says:

    So I have a chance to buy low on Alex Rios.
    Owner said the cost would be a good but not great pitcher.
    Said he would consider moving him straight up for Brett Anderson, Jurrjens or Chacin.
    In a vaccuum would this be a good move? I assume you like Jurrjens the least out of the 3?

  121. MackeySasser says:

    Two quickies:

    Polanco for real or sell high? Decent value for cheap keeper for 2012?

    Also, CJ Wilson or Gio Gonzo, more long term value for keeper league?

    Thanks as always.

  122. charlie batch says:

    ..And since you hate Avila, Ive been trying to cash out. What do you think about this trade?

    Avila/Youkilis/Bumgarner for Iannetta/Ryan Howard/James McDonald. Please rate this trade; I dont want to give up too much (Im the Avila side).

  123. ActionJackson says:

    I was offered Ryan Dempster for John Axford

    I would still have Bell, Valverde for closers and might be able to snag Frank Francisco to replace Axford.

    Should I accept?

  124. charlie batch says:

    @charlie batch: This is a 16-team league. The Howard owner also has Zambrano, but hes 67% owned (compared to Mcdonald’s 6%; the ownage rates sway decisions). I figure it would take a lot to get Howard, so I didnt think Zambrano would be wise for me. What do you think?

  125. itchy says:

    I’m in a 10 team mix . Trade offer daniel hudson and montero for v mart.. do I do it?

  126. EK says:

    Stauffer or McClellan going fwd (12 team H2H pts)

  127. trick dad says:

    @grey – who to pick up for the short term: homer bailey, narveson, arietta, wood, norris? thanks!

  128. ThE sHiT says:

    @Grey: Should I be worried about any of Hill, Heyward, Upton, or Wieters? Prince, Wright and Andrus are doing fine for me. I sent out a message on my leagues board saying i have 6 SP’s (Hanson, Haren, Marcum, dlR, Kennedy, Gio) that i am willing to trade for a bat. I can realistically afford to lose 2 of them.

  129. SwaggerJackers says:

    @Grey: Damn, I kind of hate Lilly at this point.

  130. K!cks says:

    Trade Alex Gordon for Anibal Sanchez?

  131. herschel says:

    @Grey: close call with Dirks…hes actually batting 2nd today.

  132. bogbert says:

    Fantastic post today, Grey.
    I’ve got Morneau and Hill giving me bupkus daily. Hardy or Asdrubal over Hill? Both of the first two have more HR so far. Asdrubal has been pretty good, though I don’t know if he keeps it up.

  133. KarlJ. says:


    Wow that down on Rios? I know he has been putrid so far this year but Jurrjens was a guy I grabbed off of waivers a few weeks.

  134. trick dad says:

    Rodrigo Lopez just pitched 7.2 innings, looks like Teheran is a lock to start Wed.

  135. Cole says:

    Would you drop Russ Martin for Lucroy? Note: I have a league-worst BA.

  136. Grey

    Grey says:

    @herschel: Classic

    @bogbert: Asdrubal

    @KarlJ.: If you want to him, go for it. Don’t have much faith right now. Should be able to get an actual performer OF for any of those SPs.

  137. chata says:


    think it’s rather BIG of you to come out with your proclamation , re: bautista
    and probably a bit therapeutic (<== i slept in a holiday inn express , once)

    what's impressive is that your player analysis is consistently "on point" ,
    supported , i suspect , by strong intuitive skills (as well as knowledge of
    the game of baseball , and , in particular , how it translates to this fantasy
    game) .

    in the specific case of bautista , your intuition interfered with and perhaps
    over-rode your analytical judgment of what you were seeing .

    i see this as an isolated incident .

    whether you agree , or not , your strongest suit has always been starting pitching …. by industry standards , i think you excel in this area .
    and , you are particularly strong in identifying batting trends and streaks .

    am hoping that this bautista thing , coupled with your annoyance over
    your recent (going on 2 years now) lack of success towards
    "that which we shall not chase" , does not upset your equilibrium .
    that would be a crying shame .

    you're still top shelf .

  138. Mark says:

    Jack Z says Ackley callup will be sooner than later. Assuming they’ll all be up in the next few weeks, rank the following in terms of stash-worthiness in redraft leagues: Jennings, Belt, Ackley.

  139. herschel says:

    @Grey: assuming the big Fragu can keep his bowels somewhat less irritable, do you think he can have any sort of impact in 12 team roto leagues?

  140. ThePoonTycoon says:

    12 team mixed league, we keep 5 guys. 5 x 5 + OPS + avg against for pitching. no round penalties for keeping a guy, just keep your best 5 for as long as you like.

    which side:
    prince + kennedy + 1 of my excess RPs (probably cordero)
    wright + smoak

  141. theguarantee says:

    In a standard + OBP + K/BB 16 team league…

    Offered M Young (2b eligible) for Shields.

    Won’t bore you with the details of my team, so in a vacuum, do it?

  142. Wake Up says:

    Nice title. Just saw Simon on SNL.

    How is the league index calculated for the RCL?

  143. Busta says:

    Need replacement batter after Sizemore went to DL – 12 team h2h points league favoring power. Options:

    Carlos Lee

  144. @Grey: what do you think about this, Derek Holland and Brandon League for Alexi Ogando? 12 tm AL only through yahoo…

  145. Mike says:

    @Grey: Please rank these SP going forward: Teheran, Zimmermann, Lilly, Liriano. Thanks!

  146. @chata: yeah – i hope i’m not exasperating grey by talking about bautista all the time. i probably am, i guess. but i’m not trying to be all like, oh ha ha, i’m smarter than grey. this is just one thing. i only come on and argue when i really disagree with something he’s saying, which isn’t that often. there’s been plenty of times when i’ve read something and been all, “oh grey, there you go again” and then he turns out to be right. it’s just kind of my style not to speak up about something unless i’m pretty sure about it.

    meanwhile… from olney’s column today – bautista now has 7 homers at target field – mauer and morneau combined have five

  147. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Grey: ha, i don’t think so, but just in case, i’ve changed my mind regarding gio and kennedy, i definitely think gio has more upside.

  148. EK says:

    Stauffer @ ARI or Narveson @ SD?

  149. ThePoonTycoon says:

    least valuabel closer out of putz, nunez, cordero, and santos. was thinking cordero, but does it even matter? santos is like carlos marmol pt. 2.

  150. AL KOHOLIC says:

    ckley not far from big league debut: Mariners general manager Jack Zduriencik told KJR Sports Radio that he expects 2B prospect Dustin Ackley to be recalled “sooner rather than later” and that he is “fairly close” to making his major league debut. Ackley was in contention to make the Mariners’ opening day roster, but he has spent the season so far at Triple-A Tacoma, where he is hitting .247 with five home runs and 17 RBI. He was the second pick overall in the 2009 amateur draft.

  151. JeffyJ says:

    @wily mo

    You could always switch back to talking about Lowry…

  152. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: haha, Poon isn’t dealing with me. I have Prince on that team already! I do like Smoak and Kennedy, though…

    What’s your take on Annabelle, is he for real? Where would you put him in the rankings of D. Hudson, Pineda, Kennedy, Mad Bum, Norris, Nolasco?

  153. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Wilsonian: i’d put him there with kennedy, hudson, and norris. pineda is only downgraded due to expected innings limit. mad bum has been up and down, and i just don’t think nolasco is going to put it all together despite his sabermetrics.

  154. DHill Dragons says:

    Aroldis Chapman to DL with left shoulder inflammation

  155. Wake Up says:

    @Grey: What was it that Mama Pajama saw?

  156. Wilsonian says:

    Wright not in the lineup tonight, just an FYI…

  157. @JeffyJ: sure. or berkman!

    still waiting to see what happens with those guys. hot streaks end, everybody slumps sometimes, doesn’t mean they’re bad players. lowrie especially i expect to heat up again at some point.

  158. Wilsonian says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: you wouldn’t drop either Norris or Pineda for him, though?

  159. trick dad says:

    please rank in a H2H keeper league: stauffer, baker, peavy, teheran. thanks!

  160. Eddy says:

    Tigers want a hitter and wright’s name was thrown around, though Tigers claim he’s too expensive. Yet he’s out of the lineup today. Hmm…

  161. Eddy says:


    He is experiencing back pain, though.

  162. DHill Dragons says:

    Yikes, when did the Phillies start playing split squad regular season games?
    Get a load of this lineup for tonight:

    Rollins, Valdez, Ibanez, Howard, Mayberry, Francisco, Orr, Ruiz, Lee

    Grey, Fantasy question. How real is Jake Arrieta’s strong start? Where does he rank amongst the Orioles young arms?

  163. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Wilsonian: in a vacuum, no, but i’d try (and i am trying) to move pineda before he hits a rough patch and/or the talk him him getting shutdown heats up

  164. Wilsonian says:

    @Eddy: he’s allegedly out of the lineup for back issues…AKA – he’s going for tests to see if he can pass a physical to be dealt. Just a little conspiracy theory to get the juices flowing on a Monday afternoon.

    @Grey: that being said about Annabelle, do you drop Norris or Pineda for him?

  165. SwaggerJackers says:

    @Grey: Play Rasmus in my weekly league? I can’t tell if the injury is going to keep him out for more than today or not. The alternative is Tabata.

  166. Wilsonian says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: I could possibly offer Pineda for Kennedy, instead of Gio. That’s one option I could have. I’d probably prefer Kennedy over Pineda. And I dealt Farnsworth for Pineda, so not like I gave up much.

  167. for the rest of the year… Ogando or CJ Wilson? I think ogando has been playing a little bit over his head, but that .89 whip is NICE!


    Mike Francesa is reporting that the Mets’ David Wright has a lower back stress fracture, will be out weeks

  169. @Dat Dude: another slap in the face to the 3B position. I’m looking good with placido polanco and Adrian Beltre… haha.

  170. bogbert says:

    Grey, saw your reply about Sizemore replacements. I don’t really like the fact that he’s basically platooning, and have some additional names. Which of these others? Thanks… (If I’m wrong about the platooning, or making too much of it, you can tell me so.)

    Maybin, Helton, Brantley, Markakis, Pena

  171. bogbert says:

    @Dat Dude: Wow. Thanks for the update. I’m running a nursing home with Sizemore and Wright. Time to say bye to Morneau…

  172. Vince says:

    Grey, would you pick up Arrieta or Teheran to replace Beachy? And would you drop Beachy (I’ve got Lidge on my DL spot), or dop Lidge and put Beachy on the DL spot? It’s a 1 year, 12 team, H2H, 5×5 league…

  173. AL KOHOLIC says:

    Wright diagnosed with fracture in back: Mets 3B David Wright has been diagnosed with a lower back stress fracture and is headed for the disabled list, according to WFAN Radio in New York. He is expected to miss several weeks with the injury. Wright, who was held out of the Mets lineup last Thursday due to lingering back pain, had gone 1 for 9 over the weekend against Houston.
    (Updated 05/16/2011)

  174. chata says:


    stress fracture

  175. papasmurf says:

    I think most people were skeptical of Bautista. How can you not be? But if he hits 45 homers with a .290 average and .400 OBP, he’s gotta be top 5 (or even better) off the board next year. No? He’s just an amazing story.

    Is Stephen Drew a decent keeper candidate (top 100)? Kind of yawnstipating but offers decent safety in a thin SS crop. I just acquired him.

  176. bogbert says:

    @bogbert: @Grey: Sorry about that. Cutting and pasting deleted “Torres.”

    So it’s Torres, Maybin, Helton, Brantley, Markakis, Pena. Still Pena?

    Could I also get your thoughts on these completely yawnstipating options at 3B: Figgins, Headley, Chris Johnson, Callaspo

  177. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Dat Dude: so uh, thanks. i was about 5 minutes from trading for wright.

    unfortunately that also means in 2 leagues i’m scrambling to grab jorge f’ing cantu.

  178. @Grey: your a busy man grey,,, missed me at 179. i appreciate the advice brotha!

  179. chata says:

    the way that 3rd basemen are dropping like flies ,
    chone figgins is going to end up in the top 5

  180. you know what’s quietly blowing my mind is konerko coming out strong again. hitting .327 with 10 homers and i barely see his name mentioned. that’s the 2010 surprise -i- was sure was going to crash back to earth, but so far no dice on him either.

  181. William says:

    @Grey: Mat Latos or Brandon Morrow or Chad Billingsley?

  182. timSTi says:

    I just traded Longoria for Wright & Andrus… ouch…

  183. Tom says:

    Hey Grey – Should i still be holding onto Napoli or should i drop his @ss?

  184. charlie batch says:

    @timSTi: ouch. nice trade at the time though

  185. sorting by yahoo 5×5 rank as of today, the top 5 3B-eligibles are last year’s flukes (bautista & beltre) and kinda my three least favorite fantasy players (prado, polanco & michael young).

    i think youk and longoria are gonna move up steadily, but sandoval and zimmerman are in limbo, a-rod’s looking old lately, now wright’s dead. rough year down there.

  186. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    @Grey: Just wanted to mention I updated the RCL standings this morning. I sent Rudy an email, but just got notification there was trouble delivering. Sleet and snow or something.

    I put my Commissioner’s Message in the RCL Forum.

  187. Wilsonian says:

    They’re claiming Wright will only need 10 days of rest and not some extended DL stint. He could be back in two weeks. Either way, I don’t like the sound of stress fracture in his back.

    Damn I wish I woulda dealt him…

  188. Tony says:

    anyone got a time frame on this Wright injury?

    eff me

  189. Eddy says:

    Well I read “several weeks”, but Wilsonian just said 10 or so days. Hopefully the latter.

    I picked up Headly in a 14-team league, and slid Figgins from Util into 3B in my 12-team league.

    This is going to get ugly.

  190. longbeachyo says:

    Hey Grey. Isn’t it about time you buy ME a daiquiri for recommending Pedro Alvarez??? Damn schmo is riding the pine again today.

  191. Tony says:

    10 days rest on a stress fracture? idk this sounds like a mets cover up and wrights going to be DL’d for a while…. I’m not liking this, eff me

  192. John Drunks says:

    thanks for the input grey, and others.

    how about stubbs for kubel and pence? i would drop willingham….

  193. Wilsonian says:

    @Eddy: @Tony: yeah, I don’t believe it either. It’s what RotoWorld said. I don’t see 10 days as being enough. I know it’s not like dude shattered a vertebrae or anything, but I can’t imagine only a coulpe of weeks for a broken back, stress fracture or not.

  194. Tony says:

    would you guys take Cano/Beltre for Wright/Phillips with this news being out? i’d be getting the cano side? enough to get in return to avoid the risk if i could?

  195. Tony says:

    @Wilsonian: i saw the same thing on espn and thought “man this sounds fishy” kinda like all the beltran injurys and all the other owners covering their asses when a guy is hurt, especially when its the face of the franchise…. david wright = lots of money to the mets

  196. @Tony: uh, personally i’d take that if wright was healthy. so, yeah

  197. hey, speaking of third base, pujols is starting there tonight

  198. Wilsonian says:

    @Tony: yeah, I could be wrong but this seems like something that might take a few months for him to be Wright (pun intended) again.

  199. xopchipili says:

    oh good lord, the thought of Pujols with 3B eligibility…*drool*

  200. Eddie says:

    Bah. I was hoping Chipper would time his 1st major injury with Chisenhall’s call up. Thanks, Larry.

  201. @John Drunks: kubel and pence without hesitation…
    @Tony: i’d do that in a heartbeat.

  202. so third base is pujols now? these kids today

  203. knighttown says:

    You ever get to the point where you have a roster spot open but you don’t pick up the schmos available because 0-for-0 is better than 0-for 4?

    I’ve got a spot open and here’s the top of the waiver wire:

    Hinske, Denorfia, Jay, Bernadina, Ross, Daniel Murphy.

    Pick one up?

  204. @knighttown: “You ever get to the point where you have a roster spot open but you don’t pick up the schmos available because 0-for-0 is better than 0-for 4?”

    oh my yes.

    bernadina’s ok though. i’ve got him on a team and don’t hate him, anyway. denorfia can hit a little too but he never gets real playing time.

  205. Exactly says:

    thinking of offering one of the 2 trades…do it or hold?

    1. gio, ed-jax and walden for cliff lee and trumbo?

    2. gio, lind, walden for same?

  206. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tom: Not sure who you’re dropping him for.

    @VinWins: Our emails are screwed up, hopefully back tonight.

    @longbeachyo: I also said to sell a month ago, but yeah, he sucks balls, my bad.

    @John Drunks: Bit much.

    @Tony: Yup

    @knighttown: Bernadina

    @Exactly: I’d take Lind if you need a closer.

  207. quimmy says:


    Was offered this just now:

    My Wright and Kinsler
    His Krispie, Greinke and Alvarez

    Stay put yes?

  208. William says:

    @Grey: you missed this – Mat Latos or Brandon Morrow or Chad Billingsley?

  209. busta says:

    got offered my youk for his kemp and laroche. My team bats are montero,lind,johnson,hanram,youk,pena,,upton,pence,swisher,tabata. Bench: alvarez,torres,sizemore.

  210. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Hey Grey. Going forward would you rather have Pena or Trumbo? Its a keeper but I doubt I would hang on to Trumbo (I have Votto at 1b). Seems like with Trumbo’s playing time assured he will probably have a better season than Pena, even with Pena’s ability to mollywhop. I won’t have to try and guess when to play him either. Anyway, who would you rather have the rest of the year?

  211. longbeachyo says:

    ehhh I’m just busting your chops. I dropped him a couple weeks back…
    If you could though, please explain this to me… My team is second in RBI, but dead last in average, on base percentage, and second to last in Runs scored. It’s a 14 team 6×6 category Yahoo league. I’m befuddled at this point.

  212. Nuke LaDouche says:

    @longbeachyo: Sounds like your team would be amazing in a league that counts sacrifice flies.

  213. Steve says:

    Iannetta is out of the lineup tonight. Bit of a shame, given that he’s 6-15 with a donk against Big-Time Timmy-Jim.

  214. bogbert says:

    I agree with everyone who’s saying it’s going to be more than 10 days. I think the Mets are doing some damage control. The normal treatment for this condition is around 6 weeks of rest.

  215. C.O.C. says:

    I’m starting Lackey under the premise that Bostons lineup has finally heated up and he can’t possibly pitch worse. Plus his matchups are favorable. How crazy am I?

  216. C.O.C. says:

    16 team league….

  217. @C.O.C.: sometimes when the pitchers are really getting me down i start intentionally doing the opposite of whatever my head and my heart are telling me to do on the sit/start decisions. like if i’m sure a guy is going to get shelled, i start him, and if i have a good feeling about him i sit him. (that’s not for like if you own lincecum, obviously, but the borderline cases.) it seems to work better than the other way.

  218. Steve says:

    Hanley batting second, Morrison third for the Fish…

  219. Wilsonian says:

    Assuming Wright gets DL’d soon, who would be the pickup:

    Maybin, LoMo, Trumbo, Moreland, Pena OR Annabelle?

    If I picked up Annabelle, I’d have no bench bats, which would also require Lind to actually play.

    I think I should change my team name to the Backeotomies…

  220. Wilsonian says:

    Different league…sent out a feeler to the league to see if anyone is interested in dealing a 3B since Wright f-ed me. One guy said he was interested in dealing for Hamilton, Lester, or Heyward from me. He has Beltre, would you deal any of them for Beltre?

    It’s a 16 Team H2H Keeper, just keep your five best.

  221. Steve says:

    Pppffffttt. I had to drop Austin Jackson (for Bartlett) so I could re-jig my RCL lineup in order to get Lind in and shift Espinosa and Mini Donkey to the bench.

    And how does he repay me for liberating him? A walk and a (badly-needed) steal of course.

    And of course Lind is out, so Mini Donkey gets to play anyway. Sheesh.

  222. Steve says:

    @Steve: And right away grounds into a fielders’ choice with the bases loaded.

  223. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Wilsonian: Hamilton for Beltre is fair.

    @Steve: Ha… BTW, you’re not getting comment emails right?

  224. C.O.C. says:

    ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHH. Lackey goes on DL 5 min. after lineups lock.

  225. C.O.C. says:

    Who is first to replace Lackey? Wakefield?

  226. Steve says:

    @Grey: Nope.

  227. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Yeah, freakin’ spammers. Hopefully it’ll be fixed tonight.

  228. Steve says:

    @Grey: Ah well, enjoy the extra impressions generated by my frequent refreshing so as to see the latest comments.

  229. jay says:

    @grey, Bumgardner, Wood, and Britton are free agents in my 10 team mix, who should i pick up?

  230. jay says:

    Oh and add Tehran to that list

  231. Steve says:

    Opponent has Pena benched.


  232. Wilsonian says:

    Does anyone know how many starts it takes to get eligibility at a position in Yahoo leagues?

    The guy in 3rd has Pujols and Votto, with Reynolds playing 3rd right now. I’m dreading seeing him playing Pujols at 3rd and Votto at 1st.

  233. Wilsonian says:

    @Wilsonian: nevermind, figured it out. 10 games played OR 5 games started.

  234. Scalez says:

    Anyone else leaving Oswalt on the bench tomorrow to get a read or marching him right out vs. the Cards?

  235. Tony says:

    @grey: a guy wants a 2B, just for spits and giggles i said Phillips is available, he’s offered Werth, Youk, and Britton for my Cargo/Phillips…. I’m giving up way too much, but what do you think if I make it Werth, Youk, and Hamels? I doubt he’ll do it, but on the wake of the Wright news which i own I’m kinda looking a 3B replacement. I think Phillips is over his head a bit being a .275 career hitter so he’s going to come back down and werth is underperforming and should bump up? THOUGHTS? *** plus i got cargo for adam jones and broxton?

  236. Steve says:

    Any chance Scherzer can get some run support?

    And would be handy if Tomlin’s regression could get under way.

  237. Steve says:

    The Mini Donkey is rolling!

    Like a wheel with the axle slightly off-centre, but rolling nonetheless.

  238. Scalez says:

    LaRussa is a trip. Now batting for Jake Westbrook, Kyle Lohse. Hahaha.

  239. Steve says:

    @Steve: Sonavabench Espinosa!

  240. IgnatiusJReilly says:

    Grey and/or all commenters….10 team h2h 8×8 keeper league:I already have plenty of young talent w/ 1B eligibility(Fielder,Lind,Sandoval) and I could definitely use another SP.Someone just offered me Oswalt for Smoak.what do y’think?….

    Im kinda worried about Oswalt’s velocity being way down in his rehab start.

  241. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    AGonz and Travis Wood for Zobrist, Gaby Sanchez and FHer

  242. Steve says:

    Vin Mazzaro taking one (more than one, actually) for the team.

  243. schlitzy says:

    if I can get Sparkakis for Berkman, do it…right?

  244. B.J. says:


    two questions,

    1. Which OF to replace Grady: LoMo or Bourn? This is for my OF4 spot behind Jay Bruce, J-Up and McCutchen

    2. Rank these SP for the rest of 2011: Lilly, Bumgarner, D. Hudson, Zimmermann, Carmona

    This is for a 10 team Yahoo H2H 5×5 league with daily roster changes.

  245. Joe says:

    @schlitzy You can probably get more than Markakis for Berkman. I traded Berkman/Ellsbury for Pedroia/Markakis a few weeks back (I really, really needed the 2B and had some other depth plus quality FAs to replace Ellsbury) and I kind of regretted it once I realized people were totally buying Berkman for the long run. That window might be closing though so I’d just offer around for players better than Markakis and see who bites.

  246. Steve says:

    Tied to the WHIP-ing post by E-Jax.

  247. McBainus says:

    @Grey: How for real do you think Matt Joyce is. He has been killing it basically all but the first week or two of the season. Someone offered me Carlos Marmol for him straight-up. Should I make the trade – it seems like an easy decision for me, but Joyce has been awesome.

  248. Steve says:

    @Grey: He’s picking up speed though!

  249. Steve says:

    Twitter just told me that Lind is going on the DL.


  250. Wilsonian says:

    @Steve: are you shucking fidding me? Wright and Lind in one day? Yep, changing my name to the Backeotomies…

  251. Exactly says:

    Grey, thanks for telling me to bench ed-jax…for a couple innings I was regretting it, but it’s ed-jax, so it all went according to plan.

  252. Wilsonian says:

    @Steve: twitter told me, too. Bad day for my squad. And someone snagged Smoak today when Sizemore hit the DL so I missed that boat…guess I gotta drop Strasburg to DL these two bastards…

  253. Steve says:

    @Wilsonian: ESPN and Yahoo don;t have it in their player notes. Jon Morosi from is reporting it and I’ve seen it a couple of other places

  254. hrbk says:

    Drop Bailey for Narvesson?

  255. hrbk says:

    Grey do I Drop Bailey for Narveson?

  256. Steve says:

    Twitter also told me that Jeff Erickson, because of injuries, had Vin Mazzaro active in his AL Tout Wars team…

  257. Eddy says:


    Wow, twins?! I also have Lind and Wright in my 12-team keeper league and will have to drop Strasburg!

    I’m pissed bc those were Davies’ runs to give up (have him in Razzball). But he left after like 0.2 IP? I think he’s still on the hook for the loss.

  258. Steve says:

    @Eddy: Yeah, I think he’ll get the loss.

    What are the chances things get going in Oakland?

  259. McBainus says:

    @Steve: Their pitching is nice, but their offense is one of the worst I have ever seen – no exaggeration. I stare at theirs and the Padres lineup trying to decide whose is worse. But they are in the AL, so I lean towards the A’s being the worst.

  260. Wilsonian says:

    @Eddy: haha, that’s nuts! And also very upsetting for the both of us.

    @Grey: now that I gotta DL Lind too, who’s the pickup if I’m already looking at LoMo for Wright:

    Pena, Bourn, Tabata, Torres, Espinosa, Bay, Hill, Maybin OR Annabelle?

  261. Steve says:

    @McBainus: Yeah, they’re not good, but I actually meant whether the game gets going ;-)

  262. McBainus says:

    @Steve: Ha! I didn’t even see the game was delayed.

  263. herschel says:

    @Steve: think its starting up (according to

  264. Steve says:

    Jesus – if Baker is giving up donks to Adam Kennedy, is he even worth holding on to?

  265. Steve says:

    Nunez gives up a triple to Jon Niese. WTF?

  266. agarthered says:

    Edwin Jackson or Scott Baker going forward?

  267. Terrence Mann says:

    Is it too soon to announce Dayton Moore as the first member of the razzball HOF?

  268. Derrick says:

    Just acquired Pedroia for Valverde. WOOHOO! Right?

    Looking to move Phillips now. What OF’s could I target for Phillips? Is Phillips for a guy like McCutchen a good move?

  269. cubbies299 says:

    I was just offered $15 Nelson Cruz, $15 J Rollins, $7 Beckham, Chris Carpenter (burnt contract), Melancon, Lyon for burnt Hanley, $11 Gardner, $11 Hill, and $7 Chris Perez. Should I do it? I think I can parlay Rollins into $20 Andrus, too.

    My team is as follows:

    1B: Fielder
    2B: Hill/Lowrie
    SS: Hanley
    3B: Longoria
    OF: Heyward
    OF: Gardner
    OF: A Jones
    UT: Miggy/Teixeira

    SP: Haren/Scherzer/Hanson/Greinke/Volquez/Kennedy/Arrietta/Colon
    RP: Chris Perez/Axford/Neftali

  270. herschel says:

    @Grey: 5 x 5 roto, my youk/napoli for cruz/mccann? would shift young to 3b and start a. hill at 2b. thoughts?

  271. The Sequential Hermaphrodite says:

    Which reliever do you like going forward: Frank francisco, Sergio Santos, or Matt Capps?

    And would you bench Jimenez for Zimmermann tomorow?

  272. Derrick says:

    Adding from above…

    Which trade would you rather do…

    Phillips for McCutchen or
    Phillips and Crawford for Votto and Gardner

    My OF is currently Crawford, Upton, Kubel….and I have Pedroia to take over at 2B if I move Phillips.

  273. Steve says:

    Come on Angels. Bust out the Rally Monkey.

  274. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Rios or Maybin the rest of the year?

  275. Terrence Mann says:

    Your call on Marcum looks good. Forget Bautista remorse.

  276. FuzzyD says:

    I was able to swap Fuld for Santos….Fuld’s homer tonight has me wondering if this was the right move? It’s a deep league and all I got is Cordero and Lyon and Boggs…

  277. chata says:

    @Wilsonian: @Eddy:

    if you guys are dropping strasburg in a keeper league , in order to DL
    lind , you might want to re-examine your priorities .

  278. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Terrence Mann: That’s what I’m saying! It’s a brand new day!

    @FuzzyD: Yeah, was fine.

  279. B-rude says:


    Pitch Shields against the Yanks tomorrow?

    Career ERA against Yanks 4.91, Home ERA this year 1.72…

    Thanks in advance!

  280. FuzzyD says:

    Thanks Grey,
    I also have Wright and Zim at 3b….looks like Lowrie is sliding in at third for me for a while….think Hawpe might be worth a pick up as a temporary CI? or Hinske?

  281. Steve says:

    Walden you prick.

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