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Okay, so it’s not the best 2011 fantasy baseball team, but, man, that title sings, right?  This is the best 2011 fantasy baseball team that I can put together when drafting from my top 100 for 2011 fantasy baseball and top 300 for 2011 fantasy baseball.  If I choose Miggy Cabrera at number one, I can’t take another player until the 24th pick, then two players, then 24 picks, then 2 players and so on until the end of the top 100.  Just like a snake draft.  It would be nice if I was in a league where someone drafted Halladay in the first round and I was able to take Longoria and Howard, but since they’re both in the first 12, according to the rules I’ve set up for myself, I can’t take them both.  Then, as we all know, once you get into the 100s, there’s wide gaps between ADP and where players are actually taken.  People tend to look at team need over value.  So for this exercise, once I get to pick #101, I’m going to pick two players every twenty picks, rather than every 24 picks.  That’s to account for the wide margin between ADP and where players are drafted.  Finally, because there is so much latitude amongst the last 100, I gave myself free reign to fill up my team.  Throughout the draft, I also gave myself the ability to reach to a lower draft pick, but not reach forward.  It should still be my ideal team… Or not.  Let’s see, shall we?  Bee tee dubya, this team is 5×5, one catcher, 5 OFs, MI, CI, 1 UT, 9 P, 3 Bench.  Anyway, here’s the best 2011 fantasy baseball team:

C:  Mike Napoli (10)

1B:  Miggy Cabrera (1)

2B:  Danny Espinosa (16)

3B:  Adrian Beltre (4)

SS: Jose Reyes (3)

MI: Eric Young Jr. (23)

CI: Ian Stewart (24)

OF:  Andrew McCutchen (2)

OF: Jay Bruce (6)

OF: Colby Rasmus (7)

OF: Manny Ramirez (9)

OF: Adam Jones (11)

UTIL: Brandon Allen (25)

P:  Jon Lester (5)

P: Dan Haren (8)

P: John Axford (13)

P: Daniel Hudson (12)

P: Jhoulys Chacin (14)

P: Chris Perez (15)

P: Craig Kimbrel (17)

P: Mike Minor (18)

P: Jordan Zimmermann (19)


P:  Ryan Madson (20)

P: Jason Motte (21)

P: Rafael Soriano (22)

In fairness to me and you and our planet that Al Gore is desperately trying to protect, I’m not going to be able to get Haren and Lester in most drafts.  It happened here because of where I have Haren ranked.  That’s sorta the thing about doing this exercise.  It’s really just an exercise.  It’s fun though!  For me.  So what do you think of my fantasy fantasy team?  Don’t like it?  Go to the top 300 and make up your own fantasy fantasy team and post it in the comments.  Or not.  Decisions, decisions!

  1. NewBVick says:

    I love my starting pitching. I’ll take your offer and post my dream deam with the #1 pick using MDC ADP when I’m done.

  2. Black Beard says:

    ESPN has McGehee ranked at 99 (10th 3B), Alvarez at 127 (12th), and Reynolds at 159 (14th).

    If that info holds, who you would target in a redraft league? Keeper league?

    Thanks Grey!

  3. Penguin says:

    Apparently I’m not completely clear on how your setup works, Grey. You were able to take McCutchen (24) at 24, Reyes (26) at 25, and Phillips (29) at 48. Wouldn’t Phillips be expected to be gone before you got to take him at pick 48?

    As for mine, if I started with the first pick:

    C: Napoli (12)
    1B: Miggy (1)
    2B: Pedroia (3)
    SS: Reyes (2)
    3B: Beltre (4)
    MI: Castro (24)
    CI: Freese (21)
    OF: Werth (5)
    OF: Bruce (7)
    OF: Stubbs (8)
    OF: Abreu (11)
    OF: Bay (16)
    Util: Colvin (23)

    P: Oswalt (6)
    P: Haren (9)
    P: Scherzer (10)
    P: Marcum (13)
    P: D. Hudson (14)
    P: Axford (15)
    P: Romero (17)
    P: Kimbrel (18)
    P: Cordero (19)

    B: Hanrahan (20)
    B: Thornton (22)
    B: Minor (25)

    This team would put me (compared to your War Room recommended averages in each category) at: 84 R (+5), 21 HR (+1), 79 RBI (+4), 13 SB (-1), .282 BA (+.011), 3.47 ERA (+.09), 1.21 WHIP (+.02), 9 W (-1), 13 S (-1), and 142 K (+1). And actually, this team’s fairly similar to ones I’ve gotten in quite a few mock drafts on MDC/CM/Y! so far.

  4. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    Grey – will take a shot at my draft later on in the day when I get a chance. I look forwards to this post every year, as it gets me to start going beyond ratings and into team concept.

    If you did get Lester and Haren, you have a nice staff. The infield is as good as you can possibly draft; I don’t know if it actually will be attainable. The only possible weakness is in the outfield. The Dread Pirate should be blue chip; hopefully Bruce will have a career year. But we don’t know that will happen. Manny, Adam Jones, and to some extent, Rasmus, could either be terrific, or blow up in your face. It is risky, but then again, you have to take risks if you are going to take home the bag of tacos.

  5. NewBVick says:

    My dream team from, the number 1 slot, using the layout set forth by Grey using MDC (ESPN Style) ADP.

    C: Russell Martin (23)
    1B: Albert Pujols (1)
    2B: Kelly Johnson (10)
    3B: Mark Reynolds (11)
    SS: Jose Reyes (3)
    MI: Juan Uribe (19)
    CI: Carlos Pena (15)
    OF: Jayson Werth (5)
    OF: Hunter Pence (6)
    OF: Chris Young (8)
    OF: Shane Victorino (9)
    OF: Denard Span (14)
    Util: Adam LaRoche (16)

    P: Felix Hernandez (2)
    P: Clayton Kershaw (4)
    P: Mat Latos (7)
    P: Shaun Marcum (12)
    P: Jonathan Sanchez (13)
    P: C.J. Wilson (17)
    P: Jonathan Broxton (18)
    P: Ian Kennedy (20)
    P: Edinson Volquez (21)

    B: Hong-Chih Kuo (22)
    B: Luke Gregerson (24)
    B: Dallas Braden (25)

    I usually like to punt saves and vulture them or trade for them down the road, but Broxton was too good to pass up. I also like to go pitching heavy as my staff shows. Comparing our teams I see we only share Reyes. Which is what makes fantasy baseball so great! It was a fun exercise and I recommend others try it out.

  6. Marqo says:

    McCutchen in the 2nd? No Way…
    You should have drafted some SP!

  7. Fman99 says:

    Nice lineup Grey.

    Is your effort to lock up elite infielders in rounds 1-5 specific to that 1.1 slot? Or do you see yourself doing that most of the time due to position scarcity on the infield?

    Or both or neither?

  8. Giant JJ says:

    My trade instincts are horrible. It kills my game. I can’t look at a trade proposal and see it spatially so I use auction values to measure trades. So for example if I have a sum of $28 in player value, I expect the other guy to give me $28 of value back. My question is this, is that a reasonable way of going about it as long as I use a Razzball auction values and tweak the dollars with any changing circumstances such as a player having a better than projected season?

  9. Mets fan says:

    Grey espn has kershaw ranked at 40 and hanson 46 which is a bit high but they have Josh Johnson ranked 74 Is he worth the risk at that ranking?

  10. Swapnil says:

    you know grey, just cause you draft Ian Stewart in the 25th round no less doesn’t make it the best team for 2011 ;)

  11. Tony says:

    @Marqo: the 2nd where he’s drafting is basically the 3rd, u can look at it how you like….

    and he doesn’t pick for 24 more picks, on the ends its THEN or never.

    @NewBVick: I like your team, and broxton in the 18th is like you punted saves but got a 30+ save guy for nothing… he wont be there come draft day tho.

    @grey: In my 12 team H2H league, we have a 10×10 format. Hitting is very important. I actually favor guys who hit for a higher average more so than you do because most of your thoughts pertain to roto. We count singles, doubles, triples, etc, so you can see a guy gets more hits = VALUABLE. We do however only have a 32 inning minimum per week pitching. Having some key quality starting pitching is key. Can you see with this format possibly taking an elite SP in the 3rd or 4th round? Like a Wainwright? I’ve done great the past 4-5 years drafting hitting rounds 1-5 or even 6 and then taking a couple SP’s, but having a horse you can count on to go out, throw some quality innings and have a high chance at a win is key to winning each week. I’ve had a hard time bringing myself to take pitching before the 5th or 6th!

  12. I thought I wasn’t supposed to draft more than one middle infielder early? EVERYTHING I’VE EVER KNOWN IS A LIE.

  13. Yep, I said it.... says:

    Are you at all worried that Napoli won’t get ABs if Michael Young makes nice with management and stays with the Rangers this season?

  14. 101 MPH says:

    “It would be nice if I was in a league where someone drafted Halladay in the first round and I was able to take Longoria and Howard”

    On a good day, you could probably pull that off in an ESPN Fantasy Staff draft.

    If I were drafting against A.J. Mass, Eric Karabell and Matthew Berry, I’d feel like a kid in a candy store.

  15. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Grey – Similar question as Fman99. In most mocks where I take Miggy 1st, it seems that Holliday, Reyes, Kemp & Youk are available at 24-25. Seems like you’re leaning to Reyes. Please rank those four with Miggy. Thanks!

  16. Greg Norton says:

    In a 5 keeper league, no restrictions, I am between wainwright and kershaw as a 5th keeper. Is it crazy to keep kershaw since I think he’s got the higher ceiling? For some reason Wainwright scares me and I think Kershaw could be a top 5 SP for the next decade.

  17. Chunk says:

    @AnotherFalstaff – Taking Miggy 1st overall, I just couldn’t see myself passing up on a 3B when it came back to me. “In 2011, I really want a top 3rd baseman. I ain’t mucking around.” And that’s me quoting… Grey! I would say Youk, Kemp, Holliday, Reyes.

    Here’s my first yahoo mock draft from 1st position. Didn’t seem fair. I was shooting for Elvis in the 8th round but he went just before I got to him. Took your advice and waited for Escoblar. DIDN’T take your advice and grabbed Kurt, but not until 21st pick. I love this team.

    C: Suzuki
    1B: Miggy
    2B: Phillips
    3B: Youk
    SS: Alcides
    OF: Holliday
    OF: Heyward
    OF: Rasmus
    Util: Tabata
    Util: Huff
    BN: Lind, Bourjos, Freese

    SPs: Liriano, Weaver, Oswalt, Beckett, Volquez
    RPs: Putz, Kimbrel, Nunez, Hanrahananana

  18. majortommy says:

    Grey, safe to say you will have Bruce on most of your teams this year?

  19. Malacoda says:

    This is too hard to do with your rankings, I would end up disliking my team. You don’t have a pitcher ranked until #27, which is the right idea to be sure, but essentially leaves my team bereft of solid hitters because they have all been sponged up with 23 straight picks. In most drafts, at least a couple of pitchers will go before 27, leaving me with chance at a second pick who might actually top 20 hr like Hamilton, or J Upside with some other categories to boot.

    Having to take both McCutchen and Reyes who could easily both turn in 12 hr if they have blah seasons scares the hell out of me….

  20. RADickeyJokes says:

    @Grey, long-time listener, etc., etc. This is a 12-team standard ESPN mock draft from the #1 slot. Drafting in preparation for a 10-team H2H league. ESPN’s “expert projections” had me in next to last in the league. True? If so, where did I go wrong? Thanks!

    C: Posada (21)
    1B: Pujols (1)
    2B: Phillips (4)
    SS: Andrus (6)
    3B: ARod (2)
    CI: Howard (3)
    MI: Hill (9)
    OF: Pence (5)
    OF: Snider (11)
    OF: Raburn (13)
    OF: Torres (16)
    OF: Tabata (17)
    UTIL: Smoak (23)
    P: Liriano (7)
    P: Gallardo (8)
    P: D. Hudson (12)
    P: Chacin (14)
    P: Morrow (15)
    P: J. Zimmerman (18)
    P: De La Rosa (20)
    P: Broxton (10)
    P: F. Francisco (19)
    Bench: E. Jackson (22)
    Bench: Capps (24)
    Bench: Niese (25)

  21. Wilsonian says:

    I’ve always had an issue with what to target for my bench. For example, here’s the settings in my 16 Team H2H league:

    H, R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OBPS
    W, L, SV, K, ERA, WHIP, Ks/9

    We play:

    C. 1B. 2B. 3B. SS. OF. OF. OF. Util. Util.

    SP. SP. SP. RP. RP. P. P.

    And then we have 5 Bench spots.

    It’s a daily league, and this is what I had in mind for my bench: 1 utility bat, 1 starting pitcher, and 3 relief pitchers with good Ks/9 and handcuff possibilities (similar to the 3 guys you ended up with on your bench here).

    What do you think? Is that a good target with 5 bench spots, or should I go with another bat and only 2 relief pitchers?

    Thanks man.

  22. CT Old School says:

    Similar comment to Junker…Reyes in the 3rd and Philips in the 4th? Rudy just got done explaining why you should wait on MI. I feel dirty.

  23. M.D. says:

    Need some trade input from ya grey… In a 11 team NL only 5×5 dynasty auction league. I’m giving up Latos ($4 but would have to be extended after this year for $5 per year(max of 3 years) and Bourne (SAGNOF) ($23) (would also need to be extended after this year) and i would receive Mike Stanton $5 (extended after this year as well) and Jhoulys Chacin ($2 for this year and next year and then would have to be extended). Good deal for me?

    simple breakdown:
    I give up Latos and Bourn
    I receive Stanton and Chacin.

    Greatly appreciated!

  24. Tony says:

    @RADickeyJokes: ha pujols, arod, and howard first 3 picks? you’re stacked. OF besides Pence is scary tho.

    @Malacoda: I wouldn’t bank on more than 30 HR’s total out of mccutch and reyes, those guys are more your speed guys that chip in some HR’s, and reyes plays SS…. but like grey said you need 22 HR’s per player to win? So 35+ from miggy, 12 from reyes, and 15 from mccutch = 62 divided by 3 = 21 per player on average…. and I think those are low end for Mccutch and miggy.

  25. MKEeast says:

    You took the three relievers I am targeting – Kimbrel, Axford, Perez. I think there is a lot of value there. Cough, platoon, control, Kimbrel, but still…

  26. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Black Beard: Alvarez

    @Penguin: Did I screw up taking Reyes and Phillips? Damn. My bad. I have to fix that. Oh, and your team looks even better than mine. Well played.

    @Paulie Allnuts: Yeah, don’t love Manny but my team felt like it needed some average/stability.

    @NewBVick: I don’t like taking two number one starters that close apart. Your average would be an issue. Don’t put Krispie and Pena on the same team. Braden and Latos are pretty iffy too.

    @Fman99: It was the way the cards fell in this exercise. I think having a 1B and 3B are important then it would be nice to have a 2B and one elite OF.

    @Giant JJ: Sorry, I don’t follow you.

    @Mets fan: Yeah, it’s not bad.

    @Swapnil: Hehe

    @Tony: I’d want a top SP in that league. So few innings, you wanna make sure they’re good ones.

    @Yep, I said it….: Napoli didn’t get ABs last year and he hit 20+ homers. I’m not worried.

    @101 MPH: Yup

    @AnotherFalstaff: They’re ranked in the top 100. Nothing changes with Miggy. I’m not worried about steals that early. You do need a third baseman, but I’m not taking Youk over those other players.

    @Greg Norton: It’s not crazy. They’re nearly the same.

    @Chunk: That looks like a pretty shallow league but you didn’t tell me how many teams.

    @majortommy: I’ll try.

    @RADickeyJokes: Doesn’t look like a next to last place team to me. You’re a little light on steals and average and your WHIP on pitching could be an issue which could lead to other problems.

    @Wilsonian: That bench makes sense. Will probably change every other day of the season with pick ups.

    @CT Old School: Yeah, I had Reyes because I gave myself one extra pick by accident, I removed him.

    @M.D.: Looks good for you.

  27. Eddy says:


    In Yahoo fantasy leagues (that have 3 OF, 2 Util, and no MI/CI), I usually like to reserve one bench spot to play around with the utility spot (and stacking up about 7 SP and 5 RP).

    After looking at your squad, I was wondering: do you prefer drafting that extra position player for s’s and g’s, or do you opt to have no offensive bench and just stack up on SP and RP?

  28. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eddy: I stack up on RPs and SPs in my bench. Especially in a league this shallow or the one you’re talking about.

  29. Eddy says:


    Hmm. Drafting 8 SP (the last 2 or so obviously being replaceable since they’ll be last-round fliers) and 5 RP doesn’t seem excessive?

    Well, since we don’t have max innings limit, it could actually benefit me, especially considering the Ks and possible Ws I can rack up in H2H.

    Yay or nay?

  30. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eddy: In general, no. If there’s a decent bat at the end of a draft, then I’ll put him on my bench. Also, once the season starts it’s nice to have a bench bat, but that’s usually a hot hitter that you rotate on and off your team.

  31. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: so you think one utility bat, one SP, three RPs is a good bench?

    I’m ok with the rotating lineup, too. In a league this size I’m always making moves and swapping people in and out. Sometimes you strike gold, sometimes you look like a moron.

  32. Eddy says:


    Alright then, Grey, thanks for the advice. I’ve seen Raburn fall past the 19th round in some mocks I’ve done. I think I’ll nab him if anything.

  33. OaktownSteve

    OaktownSteve says:

    I understand the logic behind the 2 picks every 20 and the end of draft free for all. Besides Haren, you did give yourself two other pretty deep bargains relative to ADP (MDC) though:

    Stewart your pick 288, ADP 119
    Soriano your pick 264, ADP 152

    Soriano at 152 is some crazy Yankee love.

    Popped your team into the War Room spreadsheet and am playing around with it. Looking pretty good.

  34. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Wilsonian: I think that’s fine. Know that by April 10th you’ll probably drop an RP for another bat, if that long.

    @Eddy: I’d grab him too.

  35. Grey

    Grey says:

    @OaktownSteve: I think the ADPs are still early, so Soriano’s due to fall. I think some of that love for Soriano was when he still might’ve been a closer in December.

  36. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: cool, thanks man. This is one of the issues I’ve had in this league for a few years. I can never figure out the right bench.

  37. NewBVick says:

    Yeah the avg. would be a problem. I have a habit of drafting best player available. About a third of the way into a season then I’ll trade to address needs and sell off any areas I’m maxed out in points. I fiqure as long as I get good players trading for my needs down the road shouldn’t be hard.

  38. Big Nate says:

    Hey Grey,

    Help me pick my four keepers out of these five for my 12 team Roto snake draft league. The round pick that they would be in ( ).

    Neftali Feliz (22)
    Felix Hernandez (3)
    Dan Uggla (11)
    Travis Snider (19)
    Clayton Kershaw (4)

    As always, thanks in advance. And I bow to your fantasy greatness…

  39. OaktownSteve

    OaktownSteve says:

    @Grey: Good point on Soriano. Stewart maybe too if Wiggington and Lopez signings aren’t kicking into ADP yet.

  40. Boomer19 says:

    Awesome work guys. Grey…or others. We are doing an early draft for a 12 team 5×5 roto and I can take one of these starting six. Tulo, Crawford, Choo, Wainwright, J-up, Heyward…or Miggy, Zimmerman, j-up, Wainwright, Gallardo and Ellsbury. Which group do you like? Thanks again.

  41. Campbell says:

    Are you sure E Young will get playing time? It seems like Colorado just wants to bury him on the bench

  42. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: do you know (or does anyone else) if Freese will be ready for opening day or if he still has boo boo problems? Looking at him in a deep league.

  43. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Wilsonian: Too early to say. News hasn’t been great so far.

  44. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: kinda what I thought, but I figured you or someone else on here might know more. That’s obviously one of the problems with this draft being so early, too much speculation floating around. Thanks for the head’s up. I’ll cross him off the list and let someone else fall on that sword.

  45. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Grey: I’m mid draft and need a little help with pitching and an OF, let me know what you think so far.

    C- Today
    1b- Who
    2b- what
    SS- I don’t care
    3b-I don’t know
    OF- Because

    Abbott and Costello repping Jersey to the fullest.

  46. Nuke LaDouche says:

    I did my first mock last night using the war room spreadsheet. Overall I’m fairly happy with my team, though my pitching is too upsidey. What does razzball think. 1. Ryan Braun (Mil – OF)
    2. Prince Fielder (Mil – 1B)
    3. Ian Kinsler (Tex – 2B)
    4. Jason Heyward (Atl – OF)
    5. Hunter Pence (Hou – OF)
    6. Pedro Alvarez (Pit – 3B)
    7. Max Scherzer (Det – SP)
    8. Elvis Andrus (Tex – SS)
    9. Colby Rasmus (StL – OF)
    10. Chad Billingsley (LAD – SP)
    11. Brett Anderson (Oak – SP)
    12. Geovany Soto (ChC – C)
    13. Adam Lind (Tor – 1B,OF)
    14. Jose Tabata (Pit – OF)
    15. Travis Snider (Tor – OF)
    16. Craig Kimbrel (Atl – RP)
    17. Edinson Vólquez (Cin – SP)
    18. Jhoulys Chacin (Col – SP,RP)
    19. Frank Francisco (Tor – RP)
    20. Ian Kennedy (Ari – SP)
    21. Johnny Cueto (Cin – SP)
    22. Kyle Farnsworth (TB – RP)
    23. Manny Ramírez (TB – OF)

  47. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Smokey: That video never gets old.

  48. RandomItalicizedVoice says:


    I had a question that likely has an ambiguous answer. But in an average 12-team 5X5 roto league, if you had to take guess…how many transactions do YOU usually end up with by the end of a season? And in a deeper, say 16 team league??

    I realize the answer may well be “it depends”, but if you had to guess average numbers, what would you guess??

  49. Mike of Swartz Creek, Mi says:

    Do I need Brandon Allen and who do I drop

    C McCann
    1B Howard
    2B Hill
    3B Wright
    SS Reyes
    O J. Upton
    O B.J. Upton
    O Stanton
    U M. Napoli
    U Tabata
    U S. Rodriquesz
    U Fowler

    SP Verlander
    SP Scherzer
    SP S. Marcum
    RP Marmol
    RP Axford
    P Gio Gonzalez
    P Daniel Hudson
    P Hanrahan
    P Sale
    P E. Volquez
    BN Chacin
    BN Kennedy
    BN Cueto
    BN E. Jackson
    BN W. Davis
    BN M. Minor
    BN Porcello

  50. Mike of Swartz Creek, Mi says:

    10 teams

  51. Mike of Swartz Creek, Mi says:

    I picked 8th

  52. Swagger Jackers says:

    @Wilsonian: I heard he’s had recent complications and won’t be ready for a while. I also heard it’s a problem that may never go away. I’m passing on him.

  53. Swagger Jackers says:

    @Grey: Based on early mocks and recent pert buzz, are you in agreement with me that Pedro is no longer any sort of 3B sleeper and is actually getting drafted a little too high at this point? He’s being drafted around 80th overall as a lock for 30 HRs. He’s trending toward draft day as a guy who will disappoint based on lofty expectations (like everyone who said Kyle Blanks was going to get 30 last season).

  54. Wilsonian says:

    @Smokey: thanks man. I’ll pass on grass here.

    @Swagger Jackers: that’s kind of what Smokey’s post just said. Looks like they might even be shooting for 115 starts. Definitely a pass.

  55. RemDog Whisperer says:

    Grey, I was excited about Alvarez after last season. Coming into this year he looks over weight and out of shape. What do you think? Does this effect his stats this year?

  56. M.D. says:

    what do you guys think of this trade: Beckham $5, Price $12 and Kila Kahoooey $1 for Liriano $6, Hill $11 and Jennings $5? 12 team AL only dynasty league.

    the contracts are in my favor, not the salaries though

  57. The Good, The Vlad and the Utley says:

    My team from a mock draft I did last night. 12 teams, snake draft, roto 5×5, and last but not least sponsored in large part by the razzball war room.

    Here goes (I had pick #11)

    C: Russell Martin (25)
    1B: Ryan Howard (2)
    2B: Chase Utley (1)
    3B: Kevin Youkilis (3) (switch spots with Sandoval for all brilliant observers noting that Youk isn’t 3B elligible yet)
    SS: Ian Desmond (13)
    MI: Gordan Beckham (18)
    CI: Pablo Sandoval (10)
    OF: Andrew McCutcheon (4)
    OF: Hunter Pence (5)
    OF: Shane Victorino (7)
    OF: Drew Stubbs (14)
    OF: Adam Jones (16)
    U: Ryan Raburn (22)
    P: Francisco Liriano (6)
    P: Heath Bell (8)
    P: Max Scherzer (9)
    P: Jose Valverde (11)
    P: Brett Anderson (12)
    P: Ted Lilly (15)
    P: Drew Storen (17)
    P: Jhoulys Chacin (19)
    P: Brad Lidge (20)
    P: Johnny Cueto (21)
    P: Edinson Volquez (23)
    OF: Garrett Jones (24)

    Granted, I may not be so lucky with Utley/Howard/Youk/McCutcheon on draft day, as I benefited from clowns making moves such as taking Bautista #29 overall and Weeks #36, etc. plus usual love of the likes of Ichiro and Mauer kept a lot of other value on the board.

  58. NVChris says:

    You love John Axford, don’t you? You commented he’s potentially a top-5 closer. I happen to agree, and am hoping to get him cheap (12-man H2H league).

  59. C Weiters (10)
    1B Pujols (1)
    2B Pedroia (3)
    3B Ramirez (7)
    OF Ichiro (5) -Gray will love this pick… not
    OF Bruce (6)

    P Halladay (2)
    P Kershaw (4)
    P Hanson (8)
    P Rivera (9)
    P Hudson (11)
    P Marcum (12)

    Okay. I’m too lazy to go on, but the lesson is learned: Get hitting early b/c I’m overstocked on pitching and as I get later in the draft I definitely see some good potential pitching available, but the potentially good hitters are severely lacking. Even though a Halladay was the BPA, it definitely weakens the offense (obviously) more so than taking a hitter and getting a pitcher later on.

    This is the year that Mauer took off. I’m expecting Weiters to have that breakout season behind the plate this year (more importantly for fantasy purposes – in the batters box).

    Good mock challenge though.

  60. TimS says:

    C Mike Napoli 11
    1B Justin Morneau 3
    2B Brian Roberts 10
    SS Elvis Andrus 4
    3B David Wright 1
    MI Asdrubal Cabrera 22
    CI Billy Butler 8
    OF Carlos Gonzalez 2
    OF Colby Rasmus 6
    OF Jay Bruce 7
    OF Adam Jones 12
    OF Domonic Brown 16
    UT Brandon Allen 19

    P Jon Lester 5
    P Max Scherzer 9
    P Edinson Volquez 13
    P John Axford 14
    P Jorge De la Rosa 15
    P Craig Kimbrel 17
    P Brandon Lyon 18
    P David Aardsma 20
    P Brian Matusz 21

    B Mike Minor 23
    B Bud Norris 24
    B Brandon League 25

  61. Ritch says:

    I have to submit a list of 3 keepers for the coming 2011 fantasy season. I am in a 5×5 mixed H2H league. Pitchers dominate by points. I would love to get an opinion from you folks of who you would keep from this list: SP:Pitchers:

    Lester 19C
    Cain 17B
    Bell 15B
    15B Zito 13B
    Soriano 12C
    Garza 11B
    Latos 11B
    A. Sanchez 11B
    Cueto 11B
    Dempster 10B
    Nunez 9B
    J. Garcia 7B
    G. Gonzalez 7B
    Rauch 6B
    Bard 6B

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