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The Blue Kays and the Atlanta Braves switched shortstops, assuming Yunel Escobar and Alex Gonzalez make it through customs.  No, sir, I don’t have an OBP to declare.  This move is commonly called One Team’s Garbage Is Another Team’s ‘At Least We Don’t Have That Other Garbage Anymore’ trade.  I’ve noticed team fans don’t really look to see what they’re getting as much as what they’re losing.  If they lose a piece that’s done nothing, the fans are giggle-a-plenty.  If they’re losing a fan favorite or a productive piece, they’re angry.  We saw this play out with the M’s losing Silva for Bradley.  People talk about addition by subtraction.  I suppose, but I wouldn’t want either of these schmohawks.  Alex Gonzalez is disguised as a .260 hitter with 17 homers during his career year.  If he were to hit .220 with 8 homers the rest of the way, it wouldn’t shock me.   The piece going to the Blue Kays is marginally better.  At least his OBP is above .300.

The Braves fed up with getting Adam Everettian-type production had Escobar extradited to Canada.  Hey, what’s that all aboot? I don’t know, random italicized Canadian voice.  Yunel can’t get much worse north of the border.  Right now, his line is 28/0/19/.238/5.  Crimey, that’s bad.  He’s good for a 5/5 2nd half with a better average.  Polanco looks at that and says, “Son?”  The Braves really only got rid of him because he plays like a petulant 3-year-old.  That’s my infield pop-up, give it to me!  When Bobby Cox tires of your act, you get door.  Save that for your Nana, Grandpa don’t put up with no fuss!  BTW, can someone please reunite Bobby Cox and Leo Mazzone for a reality show?  Bobby and Leo go to the latest Diane Lane movie and get kicked out because someone mistakes Mazzone’s rocking for masturbating.  Tonight on E!

  1. Long Bawls says:

    Y’think this is what the Oracle at Delphi’d be doing if she had the technology?

  2. ThePoonTycoon says:

    sayonara bj!

    just sent off bj in a package for prince. god, i’m happy i don’t have to stew over this asshole when keeper decision time rolls around next spring training.

    of course now he’s gonna go for .300-15-45-25 in the 2nd half.

  3. Adam says:

    A few questions going into the second half:

    1. In a 5×5, Quentin or Stanton? Delmon Young or Fowler?
    2. What will the Reds do when Volquez comes back? (I have Wood, and Volquez on the DL… if Wood is the odd man out, I need to drop him)
    3. Who would you pick up: LeBlanc, Anibal Sanchez, Freddy Garcia, Moyer, Talbot, Enright

    You’re the man. Thanks again

  4. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Adam: not grey, but i’d go quentin over stanton easy. young v. fowler is more difficult. if you want more well-rounded numbers go young, if you want SBs go fowler. young’s also got less competition for ABs.

    wood probably gets bumped when volquez is ready.

    i’d probably just stream those guys…surely they wouldn’t be anything more than spot starters anyway, right?

  5. TJ says:

    Just traded away Matt Garza and got back CarGo in my keeper league. I almost feel bad that I robbed the guy.

    I needed the offense though, as the rest of my OF has been pretty brutal.
    Now that CarGo is coming, am I OK dropping Carlos Lee or Bobby Abreu for a pitcher like Ian Kennedy, Wade LeBlanc or Jeremy Hellickson?

    My lineup would then be something like:
    C- Russel Martin
    1b- Votto
    2b- Kendrick
    3b- Mark Reynolds
    SS- Hanley
    OF- Kemp, CarGo, Jay Bruce
    Util- Delmon Young
    Bench- Abreu, Lee, Smoak, Beckham
    SP- Josh Johnson, Cliff Lee, Jered Weaver, John Danks, Jon Niese, Clayton Richard, Jaime Garcia
    RP- Aardsma, Franklin, Dotel

  6. mc serch says:

    Nice piece today Grey….I can just see Mazzone rocking in the movie theater with the flashlight wielding attendant illuminating his crotch area (just to make sure)….I agree there’s gotta be a story behind the story with the way Atlanta dumped Yunel mid-stream like that….he’s young, he’s a SS with some stick, he was a comer less than a year ago….finally I’m trying to trade high on both Morneau and Price, is the pair too much for Ryan Howard, or Matt Holliday, or Kemp?

  7. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @mc serch: that’s a pretty hefty amount of production to be dealing away. i know people expect both morneau and price to regress, but morneau is a 3rd round pick already, toss in one of the best young SPs in the game who is performing at a top 10 SP level thus far too? i’d think morneau + a lesser SP should get it done, then swing price elsewhere for other piece(s).

  8. cubfever7 says:

    You nailed it on Yunel–he had turned into a major league stroke (pun partially intended) and not only Bobby, but the rest of the team was sick of his schyse.

    It’s a shame–he could be a heckuva player….speaking of nailing who would you rather–Diane Lane or Julianne Moore? I disqualify myself cuz I done ’em both.

  9. @Grey: Fun stuff. “Son?” hahahah… I always thought Mazzone was autistic or something. He’s like the Rain Main of pitching coaches.

  10. Chili Davis Con Carne says:

    Seems like everyone on the Blue Kays hits a billion homers, so maybe Yunel will get some of that HGH and go on a tear…doubt it, though.
    Questions for Grey/anybody else on a trade:
    I give up Colby Lewis (with Gallardo, Hanson, Garza, J.Garcia, Bills, Wandy on staff)
    to get
    McCutcheon (my OF/U spots now are a combo of Flyin Hawaiian, Abreu, BJUpton, Quentin, LaRoche, and Bruce)
    1. Fair Trade, value wise?
    2. If I do it, what kind of SP could I upgrade to by packaging an OF with a P?

  11. Kaka Smelly says:

    @Grey: Trade Pujols and Aramis Ramirez for D. Wright and the Hebrew Hammer?

  12. Mr. Rickey says:

    What are the odds that Hoffman and Qualls get saves in the second half?

  13. Howard says:

    Morning Grey! In a keeper, Hamilton or Kemp. Also Reyes or Andrus? Thanks!

    (Note to randon italicized voice…you forgot to say “eh?”)

  14. CoreyII says:

    Julio Borbon or Andres Torres for my 4th OF?

  15. mc serch says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: Morneau’s splits are scary bad, I don’t mind trading high on him particularly with the injury issue lurking….Price really gave me pause, but the numbers are not in his favor for maintaining his current pace, particularly in AL East….I got Ryan Howard for them. Now have Prince and Howard at 1B and Util. Will let you know how it plays out.

  16. nmdunkel says:

    To think I could have been at Turner Field this year watching Andrus play SS while Neftali pitched. Now I’m just happy the garbage man left a little bit of trash in the bin when he left. Hey, it’s like being a baseball freegan.

  17. Gibby says:

    Grey or anyone else willing to listen:

    Trying to make a push here in the 2nd half, currently sitting in 3rd. I’m thinking of picking up Jason Hammel but need to drop someone. Which of these 3 should go: Romero/Niese/Dempster? Keep in mind I also have Lincy/Lester/Latos/Haren/Liriano. These are deep rosters, am I good or should I grab Hammel?

  18. Eddy says:

    Who wins?

    Miggy, Werth, and Bell


    Votto, Cano, and Price

  19. Giacomo says:

    Which side do you guys like: Adrian Gonzalez & Juan Pierre for Butler, Quentin, Kubel and Lindstrom?

  20. Giacomo says:

    Forgot to mention it is an OBP league.

  21. steamer says:

    Good trade for both sides – nice write up. Who do you like better as a long term keeper – Kemp or Reyes? Kemp is the better overall player, but Reyes plays premium position.

  22. Just offered Hawpe and Tabata for Stubbs and Escobar. Do you think that’s a good deal for me or should I cancel? Stubbs is so streaky …

  23. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Gibby: i’d probably stay put, or drop niese if anyone (weak ship, potential for skipped starts)

  24. ScoutAbout says:

    Grey et al. I need a 2nd catcher in a 2 catcher league. Which is the better option–Iannetta with his limited at bats or LuCroy?

  25. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: and by “weak ship” i meant weak whip

  26. Gibby says:


    Gotcha Poon. Thanks bro.

  27. Wilsonian says:

    @ScoutAbout: not that I’m knocking you, but I’m just wondering where people get this CRAZY 2 Catcher league idea? I feel like that would be similar to a football league having 3 kickers and 4 defenses. “Hey, let’s take the most useless spot on the fantasy roster, and make people have to suffer through finding the best of the worst.” In all honesty, how many catchers have been even remotely fantasy relevant this year, 4? 5? Out of 30+…

    That being said, go with Iannetta…he gets a donk nearly every game he plays, too bad it’s only once a week, but better than nothing.

  28. Sal says:

    @Grey: Cut one person for Beltran – Headley, Borbon or Guillen?

  29. ScoutAbout says:

    @Wilsonian: I agree–completely. But I’m not the commish so . . . . Thanks for your response. I agree about Iannetta hitting. If it were any other catcher that didn’t get the majority of starts I probably wouldn’t even have asked, but like you said, Iannetta has the potential to do more with fewer at bats.

  30. magicterp says:

    Thanks Grey. I was hoping to see something about the trade. Being in NL-only leagues, I wasn’t too familiar w/ Gonzo, aside from his sudden power surge.

    SS is currently my weakest link on an otherwise strong NL-only 5×5 H2H team (I’ve got Theriot and Desmond). Is Gonzo worth my #4 waiver priority as an upgrade, or would you stick w/ Theriot and/or Desmond.

    Thanks again!

  31. @Sal: That’s a tough one but I think I’d cut Headley, he hasn’t done anything since April. Borbon has been heating up but he is still not producing as expecting so I can see why you might cut up, especially if you need a 3B. I wouldn’t cut Guillen, assuming you mean the KC one.

  32. FD says:

    Start Tommy Hunter @ Boston tonight?

  33. Wilsonian says:

    @ScoutAbout: no problem, man. Not like he’s gonna take you to the promised land or anything, but I’m assuming your options are probably pretty limited and he would have the most upside. Not that I expect Olivo to get hurt…he’s kind of superhuman…who passes a kidney stone between innings and stays in the game?!?!

  34. @Kaka Smelly: I think I would do that trade because Braun and Wright are first rounders while I am not expecting much from Aramis. Still it’s tough to give up Pujols so I can understand your hesitation.

  35. Spartacus says:


    Looks like I will be owing you a couple of daiquiries at the end of the season as your help has been invaluable. Appreciate your time.

    As if on cue, someone is trying to sell me Corey Hart for Javy.

    11 team mixed, keeper 5×5 with obp instead of avg:

    My Sp’s: Lester, Lee, Dempster, Baker, Javy, Lilly, Hammel, Kennedy.
    My OF’s: Damon, Hunter, Pence, Swisher, Willingham, Coghlan

    I just dont trust Hart enough on his power numbers.



  36. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Long Bawls: Fantasy basebal or writing a comment on a fantasy baseball blog?

    @Adam: Agree with Poon.

    @TJ: Sure, drop Lee for LeBlanc at home.

    @mc serch: Agree with Poon. re: Yunel; Yeah, the story is he didn’t hustle/give 100% in the Braves’ eyes.

    @cubfever7: Ha! Moore…

    @3FingersBrown: Ha… Yeah, he totally was. Must pitch Maddux for 8 innings then watch Wapner.

    @Chili Davis Con Carne: I’d take McCutchen.

    @Kaka Smelly: I’d take the Braun side.

    @Mr. Rickey: Qualls – 3 to 2, Hoffman – 2 to 1.

    @Howard: Kemp, Reyes…

    @CoreyII: Torres

    @nmdunkel: Yup

    @Gibby: Lose Niese.

    @Eddy: Votto side.

    @Giacomo: Butler side if you need depth.

    @steamer: Kemp

    @Frank Kim: I wouldn’t really want either side, but I’d take Tabata’s.

    @ScoutAbout: I’d go with Iannetta.

    @Sal: Jose Guillen? Carlos?

    @magicterp: Depends if you need some power, low average over steals (Theriot) or some steals, some power (Desmond). I’d probably let someone else get him.

    @Spartacus: Cool… I’d keep Javy on your team. Though you could also use an OF too.

  37. BookieBob says:

    @Wilsonian: @ScoutAbout:

    I think the 2 Catcher thing was part of the original Rotisserie league rules, and many leagues start with that as a guideline.

    I like the 2C rule, and I also prefer mono-leagues over mixed league universes. Here’s why:

    It seems in standard ESPN or Yahoo 10 team mixed, that there is always decent talent available on the waiver wire. That’s boring.

    Most well managed teams in those leagues will look like an All-Star team. That’s boring.

    Look at the comments here, or on the message boards. We spend tons of time evaluating and comparing two great players, either of which could help you win your league. Zzzzzzz………

    I like the challenge of evaluating the 250th best player in the NL, and deciding if that guy can help/hurt my team. I like taking a chance on some unknown minor league SP who gets a K per inning. That’s fun. That’s a challenge. That’s a big part of MANAGING your fantasy baseball team.

  38. Cal Cheats says:

    Cahill or Marcum rest of the way?

  39. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BookieBob: There’s pros and cons to that too though. If you’re in a 12 or 14 team league, at least you can fix some injured guys where if the league is crazy deep you can get knocked out by injuries with no help from waivers.

    @Cal Cheats: Cahill…

  40. Wilsonian says:

    @BookieBob: @Grey: I second Grey’s opinion here. I’m in a 16 Team League, and luckily the injury bug hasn’t completely decimated my team yet like it has many. The FA pool is pretty shallow, but at least there are some options. I agree that searching for that diamond in the rough is fun and entertaining, but when you get too deep, the smallest injury to a stud and you could be done, and there goes the entertainment. There are ways to make leagues deeper, as well, without being forced to use the worst fantasy baseball roster spot twice…

  41. Gibby says:


    I’m willing to drop Niese for Hammel, but I see Clayton Richard happens to be on the FA list. So the question is: drop Niese for Hammel or Richard?

  42. FD says:

    I may have been overlooked, sorry if this was answered..

    Start Tommy Hunter @ Boston tonight?

    thx Grey/Gang

  43. Terrence Mann says:

    Wandy is the last starter in my rotation but LeBlanc is out there. Hold tight?

  44. Gibby says:


    I’m with you bookie. I play 4 teams and 3 of the leagues are 14 teams or deeper. My 8 team league is boring because my roster is stacked. I get more satisfaction out of taking some studs in my first 3 rounds of the draft and streaming talent in and out the rest of the way. Like you said, managing talent. That is strategy.

  45. timSTi says:

    @Grey: 10 team 7 keepers.

    MY: Phillips

    HIS: Jeter, Pena

    Jeter & Phillips are pretty much a wash. I have SeanRod at SS and will move him to 2B. Pena is a huge upgrade my UT players (CrushDavis, Tabata, Gaby, Patterson)

    My keepers are Youk, Longoria, Kemp, J-Upton, Wainwright, Kershaw + Phillips/Jeter if this trade goes through.

    Yay or Nay

  46. Timequake says:

    Who wins? Team A gets: Pujos and Latos.
    Team B gets: Votto and Longoria.

  47. BookieBob says:

    @Grey: @Wilsonian:

    I hear what you’re saying, but aren’t injuries part of the game? If you have a stud get hurt, it SHOULD have a negative impact on your season.

    I agree that there should be somebody available on waivers (hence limiting roster DL and bench spots). But that somebody shouldn’t be just a plug and play option. It should be a downgrade, until your guy gets healthy again.

    I guess I’m saying that luck should play a part in the success of your fantasy team. If it was just numbers, then we could declare the league champion at the end of every draft.

  48. I'm so Prado of you says:

    Is Brett Gardner for real, and ready for a resurgence or is he a schmohawk and I should sell before he loses any more value?

    I feel like I could get something for him now, and pick up Rajai, Fowler, or Borbon if I needed a SAGNOF.

  49. timSTi says:

    @Timequake: B and it isn’t close. Votto is in line to be the next Pujols.

  50. Sal says:

    @Grey: Jose Guillen so axe one for Beltran: – Headley, Borbon or Jose Guillen?

  51. Agreed on roster size…I think the best fantasy leagues tend to approximate the actual real life ability of teams to replace starters. IE, if the number of teams and roster size is so small that there are productive every day starters out there on the waiver wire, then luck plays too large a role in just guessing which good player will be extra good that year. If the number of teams and roster size is so large that you are forced to play platoon and backup players, then rookie call-ups and new starters become so important that it’s difficult to be competitive unless you can monitor/anticipate roster changes constantly.

    When the waiver wire has a handful of productive guys (the better platoon players, the low-end everyday starters, etc) that are a reasonable step down from guys you’d normally start on your roster, then there’s a good balance between luck and skill. Injuries still hurt, but they don’t destroy any chance of remaining competitive. And you don’t have to be at the computer all day, every day, in hopes of getting the hot rookie call-up before someone else does.

  52. Cal Cheats says:

    Who do you think is the closer is to have in Arizona? Qualls, Heilman or someone else?

  53. fitz says:

    Non-keeper H2H

    Posada or Montero

  54. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Gibby: Richard at home…

    @FD: Sit him.

    @Terrence Mann: Yup

    @timSTi: Sure, go for it.

    @Timequake: B

    @I’m so Prado of you: Depends what you’re selling him for.

    @Sal: Headley…

    @BookieBob: Sure, injuries play a part. Just like on a real team. Sometimes you fill in your injured outfielder with Boesch and sometimes you fill him in with Juan Rivera. More or less what Mark said above. Just as it’s no fun if guys like Furcal are available, it’s no fun if you’re choosing between Wilson Valdez and Renteria.

    @Cal Cheats: Qualls or Gut right now, could change tomorrow.

    @fitz: Montero

  55. chrisbenson says:

    what do you make of cj wilson? hes WAY over his IP from last year…should i expect more of the same from him? or is the blowup coming???

    also…do you think storen closes at some point this season?

  56. Grey

    Grey says:


  57. Grey

    Grey says:

    @chrisbenson: I think Clippard gets first shot as of right now. Wilson’s IP could cause him to slow, hard to say since he’s never been where he is right now.


  58. ScoutAbout says:

    @BookieBob: Yeah, but this is a 12 team H2H league with MI, CI and 5 OF spots, so it feels fairly deep for the most part. Usually the guys that shouldn’t be on waivers are picked up fairly quickly. It just feels like that 2nd catcher is overkill. But I definitely see your point for the 10 team leagues. And before this year I played in a 12 team league that didn’t have MI and CI and had only 3 OFs. That felt kind of boring and some of they guys on waivers were just ridiculous.

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