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Alex Rodriguez was placed on the DL today with a strained right quadriceps. I think that’s in your leg. (Not your leg obviously, but Arod’s… I mean, we all have quadriceps, but Arod’s is the one that is injured. Anyway…) You can’t do anything, but place him on your disabled list. Some players I’d try and replace Arod with (obviously it depends on your league and your needs): Troy Glaus, Scott Rolen, Jeff Keppinger, Brandon Inge, Eric Hinske or Ryan Freel — in that order. If you’re in a deep league, some players I’d consider that have a lot more risk, but much more upside:

Ian Stewart – He might be called up because the Rockies are dealing with Tulowitzki’s injury. Ian Stewart could easily slide into the lineup and be an immediate Rookie of the Year candidate. He’s that good. Someone else that is that good?

Andy LaRoche – I have my doubts about Torre playing him over Nomar when he’s healthy. But worrying about whether someone will start over Nomar if Nomar’s healthy is like worrying if Kim Kardashian will still love you after you sleep with her. How about you cross that vagina bridge when you come to it?

In other news:

Smoltz might go to the bullpen. I’m only reporting this because I told you to sell him less than twelve hours ago. If he moves to the bullpen, I think he can succeed in the closer role again. Member how Myers became a closer last year and it worked okay? Smoltz can actually be very valuable in the bullpen.

Max Scherzer -There was a lot to cover last night and I figured I had just devoted a post to him so there wasn’t more needed, but I underestimated my constituents in the comments section. In his 7 K relief performance, he looked like Linecum and Joba’s love child. He will now be known as Jobacum. You’re welcome.

What would Peter Frampton say about this? Wawaaaaa…Weee…Wah.

  1. Hank

    Hank says:

    Who is the favorite to be Smoltz’ replacement and any value to be had there?

  2. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Hank: Jo-Jo or Bennett, except in NL-only leagues, I’d look away. And in NL-Only leagues, I’d just grab them, put them on your bench and hope they get hot then start them. So basically, don’t start them out of the gate.

  3. BSA says:

    Does Jobacum raise an eyebrow for a Cueto replacement if my team has Volquez as well? Wrong to think that over the long haul Dbacks are able to give moer run support than Reds?

  4. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BSA: D-Backs should win more games than the Reds, but I’m not giving up on Cueto just yet. He doesn’t walk anyone (I mean 33/6 K/BB is insane) and he’s guaranteed a starting job. I would try and make room for Jobacum, but it depends on team needs.

  5. BSA says:

    Since I have Pap and Ryan closing dropping Fuentes would open up the pitching spot. Jobacum worth that third closer spot leaving me with a rotation of Cueto, Volquez, Becket, Halladay (or Bedard), Gallardo, Pap, and Ryan. Or move Gallardo?

  6. BSA says:

    Oh, forgot I have Tim Hudson in that mix as well. I thought the rotation was a balance of consistent vets and hot/cold rookies with upsides.

  7. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BSA: Your pitching’s fine for now. I’d let Jobacum pass.

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