I just don’t get how Andre Ethier continues to get drafted as a top ten outfielder.  To bring out my bag of exclamation marks, it’s baffling!!!  Are people just digging his Fantasy Fest gear?  Would it change your opinion of him if you knew in that picture he was leashed to an off camera guy in a gimp mask?  It would make you more excited by him?  Okay, let’s just look at his 5×5 numbers.  Last year, he went 71/23/82/.292/2.  That’s a top ten outfielder’s numbers to you?  That looks like a healthy Manny Ramirez’s numbers.  Or Carlos Lee.  Or how about Nick Swisher last year?  He put up 91/29/89/.288/1.  That’s far superior to Ethier last year.  Rasmus stole ten more bases than Ethier and hit the same number of homers.  Torii Hunter had seven extra steals and the same number of homers.  Bobby Abreu hit 3 less homers but stole 22 extra bases.

The reason I’m fine looking at Ethier’s 5×5 numbers is because there’s nothing hiding in his saber numbers to lead me to believe that 2010 was a down year.  He’s not a huge power slugger that’s waiting to emerge.  He has next to no speed.  In fact, on Bill James’ Speed Score, he has the same speed as Vlad “Anyone see what I did with my other knee?” Guerrero.  Ethier is good for 23-25 homers and a .290 average with no speed.  RBIs and Runs should come at about the same clip as, say, Jason Kubel or Alfonso Soriano.  Those names excite you?  How about the fact Jonny Gomes had more Runs and RBIs than Ethier last year?  Pretty cool, huh?  I’m projecting Ethier for 80/25/90/.295/3 in 2011.  Now let’s take me out of the equation.  ZIPS gives Ethier a slash line of 78/22/85/.280/4.  So, according to them, I’m actually being optimistic and I’m still telling you he’s overrated.

  1. Josh says:

    Good call Grey, I won’t be owning Nethier this year. I think people’s logic is they remember how good he was to start last season, then he broke his pinky or whatever and the bottom fell out. People are assuming he’s the guy they saw the first month of the season. I’m hoping my league-mates will be thinking the same thing.

  2. NewBVick says:

    Mardi Gras came early for Ethier. Ethiers Gone Wild!

  3. Harley says:

    @ Grey: I agree, he might be overrated, but I can see why people like him. He only played 139 games last year; it was a freak-type injury; and it probably affected his swing/power for the games he did play after it. I probably won’t be drafting him where he is currently going, but I could see a 290/100/30/100/5 year – which to me looks like Ryan Zimmerman without the 3B position eligibility (big difference, but worth 20 picks later???)

  4. Matt says:

    <–newish reader. thanks for defining a donkeycorn this morning. what's a schmohawk? also, how does one join a Razzball Commenter League?

  5. Ian says:

    There’s also nothing in his saber numbers to suggest that 2009 isn’t repeatable if he’s fully healthy either though. 100/30/100/.290/5 seems completely doable and isn’t that what we loved about in-his-prime Carlos Lee for a few years? That being said, ESPN has him ahead of higher upside guys like Grandy, Rasmus, Delmon Young, Krispie, Hart, Bruuuuuuce and so on. I like Ethier if his mediocre 2010 drives his price down enough though.

  6. Gumby says:

    I’m pretty new to the site here….but I’m totally hooked !

    You illustrate your rants so well…lol. I can just picture you fuming as you type some of these posts.

  7. freak says:

    I’m back.

    From outer space.

  8. Tony says:

    @Ian: in Carlos lee’s hayday he was hitting 30+ HRS 115 RBI’s and stealing from 10-19 bases….. there’s no potential for that speed.

    @Matt: check out the razz glossary on the left side of the page, very last item in fantasy baseball features….. schmohawks are guys that are probably going into the season OVERRATED….. schmoe’s

  9. Eddy says:


    Welcome, Matt.

    A schmohawk is a player who is overrated by the general population going into the upcoming fantasy season. This is usually because they had a great previous campaign (or would-be campaign such as Ethier) and their round now exceeds their value.

    Examples of last year’s schmohawks are: Joe Mauer, Aramid Ramirez and Aaron Hill. As you’ll recall, they all underperformed drastically and left those who drafted him at high rounds holding a bag of shizz.

    The Razzball glossary term on the left hand side is full of wonderful lexicon from the Razzball world.

    And RCL should open up later this month or next month. Grey’ll post up when they’re open and you just comment which RCL (there will be over 20) you want to join. Don’t worry, it’ll become clear.

    Hope this helped!

  10. Steve says:

    His MDP at MDC is 37, which is a bit silly.

    I drafted him at around #75 in a 14-team H2H last year. I’m guessing you’re thinking that would still be a little early in 2011?

    I’m terrible at drafting for AVE (not that I actively draft FOR average, but you know what I mean), so he’s usually someone I have half an eye on.

  11. Ian says:

    @Tony: Well Carlos hit more than 32 HRs ONCE in his career, so I’ll call him a 30 HR hitter because he was at 31-32 for several years and under 30 several years too. Ethier has already shown 30 HR power and his HR/FB numbers suggest that was no fluke and at 29 his power could peak in the middle 30s this season. True story about the stolen bases though. Hard to believe looking at El Caballo that that dude could swipe 20 bases in a season. Actually maybe I’ll just draft Carlos waaaaay later. haha

  12. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Around the 70’s is fine for him.

  13. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Ian: You’re giving him potential “doable” projections that would be the best season of his career.

  14. Matt says:

    @Gumby, Tony, Eddy:

    thanks for the help with my questions. those glossary terms are hilarious. i’ve had more than my share of Cleveland Streamers over the years. as an admitted Jason Bay owner last year I can say that “Metco” is right on the money.

  15. Eddy says:


    Look at you sharing the love on Valentine’s Day.

    Great to hear RCLs are right around the corner.

    You got it.

  16. freak says:

    Where’s a good mock draft place for this season? I forget what people used last year.

  17. Wilsonian says:

    I have a deep league question, since Mr. Gomes is mentioned here… I know he wasn’t in your top 80 outfielders, but what are his projections for this season? Does he have a starting gig? I would only be looking at him for a random bench spot, but in the late rounds (I’m talking like 240th+ pick), he could have value in a 16 team league (352 overall players on rosters, 272 overall draft picks after keepers).

  18. Harley says:

    @Tony: there is potential for speed though, the Dodgers hired Davey Lopes from the Phillies who got Ryan Howard to steal 8 bases in 2009…

  19. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eddy: Yup

    @freak: Eddy’s organizing them over at Mock Draft Central.

    @Wilsonian: He’s a great deep league option.

  20. Grey's a Fool says:

    He was hurt and they brought him back from injury to soon. I think you will take this schmohawk prediction to the face by the end of the season.

  21. Matt says:

    Since we’re on the topic of schmohawks (and I’m always fishing for auction advice), check out this tantalizing teaser! (<–see what I did with the punctuation)

    "We've gathered 12 of the sharpest Fantasy minds at CBSSports.com for our annual in-house, mixed-league, Rotisserie auction."

    That's like the sharpest crayon in the Crayola box, right? Anyway, would you ever recommend spending $57 of a $250 budget on Pujols (as Peter Madden chose to do) or any player in an auction? Or should I pretend I never happened upon the CBS link and wait for the Razz auction advice?

  22. JTin says:

    Where’s a good place to get a solid (free) set of projections?
    I want to dump in Excel, then play around with numbers/rankings/formulas, but would rather not sit down & project out the field now. Thanks.

  23. Phil B.

    Phil says:

    hey grey in a H2H espn league with six keepers, I was thinking of offering tulo for braun. I figure i can pick up a fill in SS. What do you think?

  24. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: thanks for reassuring me. I had him targeted for a real late round choice, but was calling myself crazy for thinking about it.

  25. BMcP says:

    Good points, Grey, but you neglected to mention one of the most important in favor of your position: no more Manny.

    Take a look at how Ethier performed before he got to hit behind Manny. His numbers will sufffer this season.

  26. you may or may not be right about this but i don’t see how you can write up the whole post without even mentioning the finger injury. even if you don’t buy the theory, it’s still the explanation for why people are drafting him so high. and making fun of his mediocre 2010 counting stats seems a little unfair.

    people see a 29-year-old guy coming into his prime who was getting steadily better every year until last year, which can reasonably be interpreted as an injury blip. pesky hand injuries can really jerk a hitter around.

    i don’t personally expect him to literally be the guy he was early – he was the #1 rated player for a while – but i think it’s plausible to hope for that quality of player, i.e. a guy capable of going on month-long streaks where he’s the #1 player, and who’s still pretty good the rest of the time. if you think that, it’s not crazy to draft him where he’s going. combination of 30-homer power and plus BA is hard to get these days, at any position.

    i’m of two minds about him myself, as i’ve said before. but i think there’s a case for him.

  27. sean says:

    @Grey: preach on.

  28. Ray says:

    I usually agree with Grey, but not on Ethier. Maybe its the LAD fan in me.

    @BMcP-how many games did Manny play last year? the whole lineup took a collective backward step in the 2nd half of 2010. Can’t blame the whole lineup on Manny.

  29. Giant JJ says:

    I agree that Ethier is going high but the schmohawk prediction I disagree with Jose Bautista. I think 30/8 is a reasonable expectation and that’s good enough to earn his ADP for a 3rd/OF player. And better than 30/8 is possible. Less than 30 hrs? I just don’t see that happening. The only thing that scares me about taking Bautista at pick 44 is that Grey is so adamantly against it.

  30. JTin says:

    @royce!: Perfect! I’ve seen Marcel used before, but assumed it was a pay service. This is exactly what I wanted.

  31. Giant JJ says:

    And I got burned by Zobrist last year after ignoring Grey’s advice to avoid him. Now Bautista… Will I ever learn?

  32. BMcP says:


    Let’s focus more on the previous year when Manny came over, to avoid tripping up on Manny’s suspension and Ethier’s injury.

    Prior to the Aug. 1 Manny trade in 2009: .273 with 48 R, 11 HR and 46 RBI. (117 games.)

    From Manny’s insertion into the lineup onward: .368 with 42 R, 9 HR and 31 RBI. (In just 45 games.)

  33. Swagger Jackers says:

    @Grey: It kinda sucks that you think most of my potential keepers are overrated: Cano, Kendry, Latos, Ethier…..

    At least you like F-Her.

  34. chattanooga says:

    @Giant JJ:

    less than 30 not happening? are you looking at the Bautista who had 16 HR .185 ISO in 2006, 15 HR .160 ISO in 2007, 15 HR .168 ISO in 2008, 13 HR .173 ISO in 2009…. or the one who had 54 HR .357 ISO in 2010?

    One of these things is not like the other. Dood could regress to 20 HRs and you’d have “paid” for your floor of 30. sell, Sell, SELL!

  35. i promise i’m not going to start talking about bautista again

  36. The Dude says:

    @JTin: Last year a regular Razzball commenter created a sweet spreadsheet with Grey’s projections built in that does just what you’re looking for and more. I don’t remember who did it but they spent a lot of time tweaking it and did the community a fantastic service. I’m hoping we’ll see that again this year…

  37. Giant JJ says:

    We already played out this argument here so I won’t reengage. There are intelligent arguments on both sides when it comes to Bautista in 2011. And I love how everyone has a stubborn opinion on one side or the other. I’m more interested in seeing how his season unfolds than any other player. I still haven’t made up my mind whether to draft him but I’m leaning toward taking the plunge.

  38. Jay says:

    Grey, off topic, but involving a player we all love to discuss: I just read that Ron Washington said Napoli will be the #3 catcher and the backup DH to Young and backup 1B to Moreland. I imagine, at worst, though, he’ll platoon with Moreland and get a couple hundred ABs against lefties.

    But, assuming Young isn’t traded, isn’t Napoli’s playing time in danger of being even *more* limited than it was with Sciosciapath? I think you’re like me and want to assume that talent eventually wins out and earns the PT, but I don’t know if I’d be comfortable now drafting Napoli ahead of Wieters, Posada, and Soto.

  39. RemDog Whisperer says:

    The only thing that I am surprised by, is the fact that Ichiro is ranked above him, and Bruce and Rasmus are ranked after him. Not that he gets everything right (CarGo 2010) but he rarely gets a schmohawk wrong. A few examples from last year: Aramis, M Reynolds and Mauer(I recommended B Abreu but, alas). I still think CarGo and Cano will have nice years, but if you have to draft them in the first round you’ll be let down. I have Ethier at 59th. How does that sound?

    @Grey’s a Fool: Shouldn’t you be disliking something on youtube?

  40. @Giant JJ: i realized the other day that i’ve actually been spending so much time and energy arguing that bautista wasn’t “a fluke” who’s going to go back to what he was in 2008 that i haven’t actually sat down and considered what numbers i actually believe he’s going to put up and where those numbers really deserve to get drafted. it’s entirely possible that i’m right (bautista really did change his approach, he’s not likely to go back to old bautista, but he’ll regress / be attacked more effectively by pitchers and hit 35-40 or so homers) and he’s still getting overdrafted anyway. i need to consider that possibility more carefully.

    …i just promised i wasn’t going to talk about bautista, didn’t i. well, i’m not actually arguing directly with the people calling him a schmohawk this time. i might even be casually threatening to agree with them after all.

  41. Real Tom says:

    I say he does better, but I don’t want him anywhere near my team. That injury zapped him last year and I think he’ll have a career year. I really believe it.

    At the same time, most people think he’s a real slugger, and I would have to pick him way too early. I’m not paying for numbers he MIGHT get. I was hoping his bad year last year would drop him a bit in the draft, but if you say he’s a Schmohawk, I believe it.

  42. Wilsonian says:

    @Jay: man, I hope that isn’t the case. I took him in my 16 team draft already thinking he’d be platooning all over the place and get his ABs, but this isn’t looking like good news for me and Napoli.

  43. Derek in Utah says:

    Last year, Ethier was on an absolute tear before injuring his finger. I believe he will revert to form and don’t be surprised if he puts up 30 dingers and close to 100 RBI’s.

    Top 15 OF’er for sure…borderline top 10 depending on your league’s settings.

  44. Malacoda says:

    I would agree that he is being drafted too high, but Ethier has eclipsed 30 hr before, and he is only 28. Why is the concept of a career year if he plays a full healthy season seem so crazy to you? You seem to be ignoring the fact that he was hurt last season.

  45. Captain Yesterday says:

    What’s the over/under on Alex Gonzalez HRs this year? He did hit the 3rd most among SS last year and since I’m probably going to be the last of 14 teams to draft/keep a SS this year he seems like he could be mildly useful. But he wasn’t ranked in the top 20 SS, is the bottom going to fall out on him? Am I really better off drafting Cliff Pennington? Or should I jump a couple teams and take Ian Desmond?

  46. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    Side note: Vlad signs with O’s

  47. Jay says:

    @Smokey: Man, that O’s lineup is really going to be interesting. There’s some serious HR/RBI potential there, especially in that ballpark, though most of the guys are far from reliably consistent.

  48. Jeff Jaffee says:

    Without a doubt, Ethier has NO speed. However, he was leading the NL in everything else last May when he hurt his hand and it was all downhill when he finally came back. If you look at his 31 homers and 106 ribbies in 2009 and then look at his early 2010 fabstart numbers, he is no schmohawk. Dig just slightly deeper and you might strike more than pyrite. NJ Jeff

  49. Captain Yesterday says:

    @Smokey: Did Nick Markakis’ value just go up?

  50. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Jay: Pretty decent with alot of ugh moments during the year. Very right hand heavy as well.
    1 2B Brian Roberts
    2 CF Adam Jones
    3 RF Nick Markakis
    4 DH Vladimir Guerrero
    5 LF Luke Scott
    6 1B Derrek Lee
    7 3B Mark Reynolds
    8 C Matt Wieters
    9 SS J.J. Hardy

  51. Tony says:

    @Giant JJ: the free world is against it…..

    @Harley: haha maybe davey can get ethier on that subway diet? EAT FRESH.

    @Giant JJ: haha i dont think you’re going to learn but bautista might be a good lesson, basically look at it this way, you can take baustista orrrrrr another more stable player? a given…. a FOR SURE….. and you take bautista? for what? upside? for producing less than last but good enough to suffice the pick? IDK MAN…. you’re playing with fire….

    @Swagger Jackers: i dont know what grey would say, but in a keeper league its totally different…. i mean if you’re keeping cano, then GREAT! but if you’re drafting cano in the first round… Booooo on you. Ya know?

    @Giant JJ: and now you use the words “taking the plunge” doesnt that just sound dirty and wrong to you? doesnt it sound like you’re heading DOWNWARD?

    @wily mo: thank you wily mo….lol… and then you bring him up again as i scroll down! haha….

    @Tony: are you drinking again?

    TONY: yes….

  52. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Captain Yesterday: I wasn’t onboard originally, but i think he has to go up a little. “IF” Vlad does like last year and can steal someone’s knees.

  53. Tony says:

    @Jeff Jaffee: lots of players have a hot month…. talk to JJ hardy. The real truth is are you seeing the guys grey compared his stats to and where they go in drafts? Sure ethier is a nice player, maybe davey lopes feeds him subway and he steals 8 bases like ryan howard, BUT…. for where he’s drafted, you can do MUCH better and take someone later with = or better talents.

  54. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Captain Yesterday: I still wouldn’t overspend on him by any means. If anything i think this helps Adam Jones more.

  55. Mike from Jersey says:

    found this:
    Josh Johnson has felt no discomfort in his shoulder and back during early bullpen sessions.
    Johnson was shut down last September due to shoulder inflammation and a strained back, but has spent the offseason seeing a chiropractor and working out with former “World’s Strongest Man” competitor Mark Philippi in Las Vegas. “Physically, I feel great,’ said Johnson. “During bullpens it takes a little time to get back into the flow of things. Usually, once I start throwing more and more off the mound, then it gets a little better.” Last year’s NL ERA leader should be one of the top 15 starting pitchers off the board on draft day.


    Johnson is already throwing bullpen sessions at the Marlins’ spring training complex in Jupiter, and says he’s fully recovered from last season’s back and shoulder issues, the Palm Beach Post reports.
    Spin: “Physically, I feel great,” he said. In addition to seeing a chiropractor, Johnson worked out with former World’s Strongest Man competitor Mark Phillipi this offseason. “I went to this guy so I could stay healthy the whole year. That’s the goal.” A stronger, healthier Johnson can only be a good thing for the Marlins and his fantasy owners, and at this point there’s no reason not to expect another big year from the Florida ace.

    My view; bullpen’s this early is GREAT news. this is a month before spring training, so he’s not taking it easy, he’s ready to go. He may end up being a big discount. If he’s stronger and can go for 32 starts, he’s going to be a bargain. He’s not getting drafted in the top 10 in most drafts due to fear (adp of #17sp on mdc). I don’t think it would surprise any one is he finished the #1 pitcher. What are your thoughts on the two new blurbs, good, right?

  56. Captain Yesterday says:

    @Smokey: I didn’t mean overspend for Markakis, but with his value already depressed I was wondering if you thought he could be a sneaky buy. Where do you think Jones will bat in the order?

  57. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Captain Yesterday: people take him too early for me, i posted lineup above. They need to split up the righties so thats the only reason i see mini-mini donkey batting 7th.

  58. Captain Yesterday says:

    @Smokey: Sorry, I went up and saw it immediately after posting. I could still see Scott going to 6th or lower when he’s on one of his ice capades.

  59. Grey

    Grey says:

    Oh, you guys.

    @Grey’s a Fool: We shall see.

    @Matt: Yeah, I don’t believe in spending that much on one player but people do it.

    @Phil: I’d take Braun.

    @wily mo: In his best season, since he offers no speed he’s barely a top fifteen outfielder. So he’s gone up because he was injured last year?

    @sean: Preacher.

    @Swagger Jackers: At the right price, they’re all fine. Not like I think Ethier’s going to crash and burn. He’s just not a top 10 outfielder.

    @Jay: I’m not worried. In part-time duty, he’s a 20+ homer guy. It’ll work itself out.

    @RemDog Whisperer: Sounds fine.

    @Real Tom: Ha

    @Malacoda: Pence hits 25 homers and steals 15 bases. Every year, and is 27 years old. He’s going 50 picks after Ethier, who brings next to no speed. How is Ethier not overrated? Look at the outfielders going after him. There are so many more valuable ones. We’re all assuming a career year will happen? Who came up with this theory? I mean, it could. But a top 30 pick is kinda high for what Ethier brings. If he hits 24 homers and gets 4 steals, it’s a terrible high pick.

    @Captain Yesterday: Take Desmond.

    @Smokey: Thanks for the heads up!

    @Mike from Jersey: Means nothing to me. I’m sure you can find articles talking about how great he feels the last few years he was injured.

  60. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    The War Room will be ready to rock and roll shortly after Grey posts his top 300. It has all of Grey’s projections. Arrays player page in order of top 300 and ranks the players by position on a separate page. Ranks your team from 12 to 1.

  61. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    @freak: Great to see you back man! Went through LAX on Tuesday. guy had a hat with ‘freak’ stitched in. Wasn’t you was it?

    Who you kidding. You don’t need no stinkin’ mock. You will corner the market on power! :-)

  62. Joe Monte says:

    The War Room is the greatest tool ever… well aside from the Razzball glossary

  63. Earl Campbell's Skoal says:

    Grey- AL only keeper league using SLG and OBP instead of AVG.

    Who do I keep- Kinsler or Lowrie? Or do I punt MI and keep both Quentin AND Snider?

    Thanks man. Love to read, love to laugh, Happy Valentines Day.

  64. GopherDay says:

    @simply fred: Sweetness!!! War Room is one of my favorite tools post draft!

  65. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    @GopherDay: Lou Poulas conjured the “Sweetness”. He didn’t have time to update this year but nursed me through getting it loaded for 2011. Lou is “God” in spreadsheet lore.

    BTW: Loaded a previous razz mock on MDC where a particular team was rated #6 (12 being top) with a top of #4. 2011 War Room rates that team #1. Grey makes a difference!

  66. pjtres says:

    grey, who has the higher ceiling?

    justin upton or heyward?whos a better bet to reach their ceiling?

  67. Rabbit says:

    This was referenced earlier but I have to post the link to this auction drat: http://fantasynews.cbssports.com/fantasybaseball/story/14640585/our-first-mixed-rotisserie-auction-for-2011/rss

    Wow, theres some craziness here. I’d say Michael Hurcomb won this auction hands down, even though he had 3 SPs in his top seven and a catcher as number 8. I don’t particularly like Hurcomb’s team, but it seems to me the other teams really suck so that Hurcomb’s team rules them all (which seems odd becuase you would think suckage would be a zero-sum game, but all of the other teams make me cringe).

  68. Grey

    Grey says:

    @pjtres: Heyward has a higher ceiling.

    @Rabbit: Wow, that’s a lot for Tulo.

  69. Davepornstar says:

    I generally agree with you Grey but not this time. Ethier was leading all the triple crown cats when he broke his pinky and was never really the same when he came back. I’m a Giants fan so no love lost but the guy could have won the MVP if he kept hitting like that and the Dodgers won the West. You’ve got to think he’s good for 30+ HR with good numbers across the board sans steals. In the post-juice era you’ve gotta respect that kind of production. I really think you have a man crush on this guy and are trying to pull a reversal with some guys in your fantasy league. Tell me I’m wrong!

  70. To me the biggest problems with Ethier is he’s playing on the Dodgers so #1) He’s overrated beacuse of the media exposure #2) He’s in the NL West and most of all #3) Their projected lineup is really craptastic even if Kemp rebounds. I mean just looking at it reminds me of the mid 80’s Dodgers teams. Ick. And the pitching is good but barring Orel Hershisher coming back and throwing 100 scoreless innings in a row I don’t see them doing much this year at all. Well…unless finishing ahead of SD and AZ counts as something and they might not even manage that.

  71. Carns says:

    Not to get off topic but Grey, is there a Justin Upton fantasy/breakdown on tap? I know you are a big Upside supporter as am I, but lately I am having a harder and harder time looking at the Bill James projections and not wondering why I shouldn’t just grab Pence instead 4-5 rounds later….and possibly getting the same player.

  72. @Carns:

    Im not real high on Upton either myself…he’s injury prone until proven otherwise. Still, he has the talent to go .300 and 30 30 so he will be drafted high. I do expect Gibson to let the team steal at will, that’s his MO, so SB #’s for all DBacks guys should tick up, assuming they dont get hurt doing all that running.

  73. Bill Lumbergh says:

    Grey- I’ve got an idea for a new razzball term…

    “Siamese Win” (or “Conjoined Win” if you’re PC!).

    A Siamese Win happens in weekly leagues when your two-start pitcher craps the bed in one start and throws a gem in his other start that week, but you can’t separate the two performances.

    Siamese Win could also speak to when you have outcomes that benefit you in one league, but hurt you in another.

    Thanks for the consideration.

  74. @Grey: not so much moving up “because he was injured” but because the early-season work is taken as evidence that he continued his trend of improving year over year when he was healthy, which leads to the inference that he’ll be better (than 2009) again this year. again, not saying i 100% agree with this. sometimes i agree with it and sometimes i don’t. depends on the time of the month.

    i agree with you that the lack of speed in an OF this high in the draft is a bummer. i also don’t think he’s a top-30 pick, so, if that’s the point under debate, i’m on your side. but i can imagine popping him in the fourth in one of those hardcore razzmocks where all the good hitters get taken in a row.

    but like i was saying before, if the estimate of how high ethier’s getting drafted is coming from MDC ADP data, i don’t trust it at all. back at the beginning of the offseason they had ethier preranked at #20. it was the single most noticeably bizzarro prerank on MDC, and that’s saying something.

  75. DP says:

    Hi Grey,

    I’m a Razzball noob but I absolutely love the site. Great work here. I like Either this year but looking at your busts from last year its hard to not take this into consideration. Are you going to do a underrated column?

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