Ugh.  I hate Alex Rios.  It hurts me soul, Lupe Fiasco, to write this post.  Unfortch, I gotta point out Alex Rios because of his terrible 2011 has made him underrated.  I’m just going to write the rest of this post and then pretend like it never happened if he disappoints again.  You know, like Matthew Berry would.  Last year, Rios put up a line of 64/13/44/.227/11.  That looks a lot like the line you get if Darwin Barney is pinch-running for Adam Dunn every time he gets on base.  Rios had a career worst year in average, steals, RBIs and walk rate.  Also, his worst power year in 7 years (since his sophomore year) and worst Isolated Power since his rookie year.  The only thing he didn’t do last year on the negative side of things was verbally attack your grandmother while defecating on your favorite team jersey.  Though I’m sure he would’ve if he knew where you or Gramsie lived.   So what can we expect of Alex Rios of 2012 fantasy baseball and what makes him (ugh) a sleeper?

Alex Rios also had a career low BABIP.  He’s not exactly a .330 BABIP hitter, but, if all things are right in the world and that little cubbyhole that you call a man cave, Rios should hit .270.  His line drives weren’t terrible last year and his fly balls were around where they’ve been in the past.  His power likely isn’t much more than the 15-17 homer range rather than the 21 or 24 homers he hit in 2010 and 2007, respectively.   That’s okay.  He’s not hitting 25 homers again.  Because he never did.  His high was 24.  C’mon, man, I fooled you pretty easily there.  The bigger concern is the lack of steals last year…. Until you consider he had an injured foot.  I think he has one more 20+ steal season in his gams.  My biggest concern with Rios is he doesn’t seem to care.  I hate that.  Apathy is the biggest killer in fantasy.  Assuming he just does what comes naturally and doesn’t need to care too much, he can put up a line of 75/17/85/.270/22.  Not exactly dazzling but, when you look at him being drafted after some schmohawks as Delmon Young, Johnny Damon and Alfonso Soriano, you start to realize how he’s a sleeper.  Now let’s pretend this post never happened.

  1. Eddy says:

    This is the first trust exercise of 2012.

    Will you catch me if I fall back into your arms and draft Rios, Grey?

  2. lothda says:

    I just don’t feel like there is a single White Sox I can trust right now. They are a bunch of underperforming ninnies.

    Rios, Beckham, Alexei, Pierre, Dunn, Danks, Floyd, and Peavy (Quentin too before the trade.) They always seem like they should be getting the job done but leave me angry.

    Can I still trust Konerko? He will age eventually. Viciedo? Who only has limited playing time. Or Sale? Who finally finds his groove and they want to move him to the rotation.

    Is there a White Sox I can rely on this year and be happy to own?

  3. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    ” The only thing he didn’t do last year on the negative side of things was verbally attack your grandmother while defecating on your favorite team jersey. Though I’m sure he would’ve if he knew where you or Gramsie lived.”
    Some years ago, Najeh Davenport, a running back for the Green Bay Packers, was sued for breaking into a coed’s dorm room and defecating in her closet. Truth – frequent commenters can google Najeh and check it out. Perhaps he let loose on her favorite team jersey, who knows? I would agree with lothda; there is nary a Chisox I would trust to draft this coming year.

  4. chata says:

    i have always

  5. chata says:

    i have always drafted alexi rios …. always .

    last year , i got so pizzed at him that i dropped him during the last week
    of the season …. in search of some sort of satisfaction .
    since before the all-star break , he had been riding the pine on my teams ,
    and at season’s end , i had written him off and placed him on my DTM
    (dead to me) List .

    in all actuality , i will probably draft him again in 2012 .
    though i swear , this could be the last time .

  6. RandomItalicizedVoice says:

    Welcome back January Grey!

    Alex Rios. Alex Rios. Hmmmmmmmm. Alex Rios. I think you are dead on with your analysis. And I, like you, hate the guy. And for the exact reasons you lay out….could see myself drafting him. UGH is right.

  7. Tony says:

    @Eddy: Trust fall!

    @ Grey! Nooooo, rios sleeper haha… I guess he has to be something tho right? Schmohawk or sleeper, he definitely didn’t do anything good enough to earn the label schmohawk…..

    @lothda: I still think Konerko will put up solid #’s. He’s always underrated yet always seems to put up pretty decent numbers for where he’s drafted. I think Alexie is a sufficient SS too, nothing special, but better than your average waiver wire POS.

  8. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eddy: My arms are extended.

    @lothda: They are a frustrating lot.

    @Paulie Allnuts: Nice story relay…Ha

    @chata: I wrote this post after not drafting him anywhere last year, that might explain it.

    @chata: Interesting…

    @RandomItalicizedVoice: Hey, RIV, happy new year! Yup, ugh.

    @royce!: What, ouch? You liked the trade, didn’t you?

    @Tony: Potentially…

  9. SwaggerJackers says:

    @Grey: I’d rather have Delmon Young. He younger (pun) and seemed to hit a groove when he started playing in Detroit. As you point out, Rios has no motivation. Even his batting stance looks lazy.

  10. royce! says:

    @Grey: I was high on it, but after getting your response and reading this article, I am not so high on it anymore.

    I was saying ouch because the post seemed even more negative than you were about the trade. It basically reads, “Quentin is not very good, and a poor fit for the Padres, the Padres will not compete in 2012, so this will likely only benefit them if they can move him midseason for prospects.” And, the last two paragraphs:

    Then again, as the David DeJesus situation showed us last year, this type of “domain name squatting” could come back to bite a team. Since Quentin has struggled to stay healthy, the worst possible situation would involve mediocre production from him that fails to inspire anyone, and a season-ending injury that comes before they could eke anything out of another team.

    The Padres will monitor the situation closely, and it will be interesting to see how they handle a player who, on the surface, doesn’t seem to fit anything they’re doing.

    So, yeah. Ouch.

  11. Grey

    Grey says:

    @SwaggerJackers: You’re probably not the only one.

    @royce!: Yeah, that was why I was surprised when you liked it at first. Just seems like a waste of prospects for the Padres, but if they can flip Quentin at the deadline for different (better) prospects then no harm, no foul. Seems risky though to trade for someone just to trade them later on, if that’s even their motivation.

  12. AL KOHOLIC says:

    ews: Four years after trading OF Carlos Quentin from Arizona to the Chicago White Sox, new Padres general manager Josh Byrnes is bringing the All-Star outfielder back home to San Diego. The Padres acquired Quentin from the White Sox in exchange for two prospects Saturday. Quentin is expected to play left field. In return, Chicago received minor league pitchers Simon Castro, a right-hander, and Pedro Hernandez, a left-hander.
    Analysis: The trade is expected to bolster San Diego’s anemic offense that ranked 15th in the National League last season with 593 runs scored. Quentin, who grew up in the San Diego area, has recorded four straight 20-homer seasons, including 36 in 2008. A shoulder injury limited the 29-year-old to just one game in the final month of 2011, but Byrnes said the outfielder is healthy. The move to cavernous Petco Park puts a slight dent in Quentin’s Fantasy value, but remains worthy of a s

  13. Grey

    Grey says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Yeah, royce! and I were talking about it above.

  14. Anthony says:

    @Grey: You in any leagues yet for the upcoming season? I’m trying to find a league thats h2h, live draft, 10-14 teams max with no bogus contract settings etc … Any ideas ?

  15. Al Swedgin says:

    Oh, haha, now I see he has edited it. If you check the comments, though, you will see a reader scolded him for it.

  16. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Anthony: Not sure about leagues for you…

    @Al Swedgin: Not sure how CarGo doesn’t have any injury history as the author says, but he does point out”…he young (sic)…”

  17. royce! says:

    @Grey: My favorite part is that he writes “Whoever wrote that razzball article really angers me”. Like it would be so hard to find out the author’s name. Maybe he was making a subtle jab about the nom de plume issue? Kinda doubt it, considering the lack of subtlety in the rest of the article.

    Sounds like Padilla is gearing up for a porn career:

  18. Grey

    Grey says:

    @royce!: I think he meant it more like it’s so ludicrous I can’t even waste my time reading the byline. Padilla = sexy beast!

  19. NV Chris says:

    So he’s a sleeper because he’ll be drafted as though he’s going to be crizzap-tastic like last year, but MIGHT be barely servicable… No thanks.

  20. royce! says:

    @Grey: I think what he meant was that he was so taken with your ‘stache that his vision went blurry.

    I don’t want to get too taken up with some other blogger’s being annoyed with you, but he seems to gloss over the fact that you ranked CarGo within the top 20 overall and #5 among outfielders for 2011. The point was not that CarGo is worthless, but that he was worth less than people who were drafting him in the first round thought. Dude’s acting like a political pundit, taking something reasonable and making it into something worth bitching about.

    Obviously, it is much more important to contribute to the national dialogue about Vicente Padilla’s porn career. I’m doing something!

  21. Grey

    Grey says:

    @royce!: Yeah, not even sure it’s a blogger being annoyed with me. I think SB Nation just let’s people sign up and spout. Though maybe that’s what being a blogger is. Hmm… Padilla needs a good porn name. Vicente Padickla?

  22. Ah, it’s a new year and I’m back and all in on baseball chatter! But, seriously, fuck Alex Rios in his fuckhole.

    I still have the option of keeping him in a 14 team league as an early 7th round pick. Worthwhile?

  23. StewZilla says:

    Alex Rios is one player I’ve never drafted, but I get the feeling he would bend me over quicker than the holy trinity of Quentin, Sizemore, and Weeks have in the past. It seems every time I take a chance on a risk/reward type of pick, they end up on the DL with a severe case of vaginitis and even when they have that cleared up they hit like Mary Poppins. That being said, this will be in the back of my mind in the late rounds…I just won’t reach.

  24. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Fman99: Ha! Wait, until you get a load of tomorrow’s sleeper. No, he’s not worthwhile there.

    @StewZilla: Ha! Yeah, late rounds is when you should be thinking about him.

  25. royce! says:

    @grey: I’d shorten your suggestion to “Vic Padick.” Or maybe “Vicente Padiddleher.”

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