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I asked my wife to help me think of a title using the name Xander Bogaerts and she said his name sounds like a character that Joey would play on Friends and I agree, that's pretty apt.  Xander is one of my favorite Bogaerts, even if he spells it a bit differently than the others.  First there's badass Humphrey; Casablanca owns, still holds up today, still is eminently quotable, and if you disagree you haven't watched it (so go do so, right after you finish reading this post).
When we started this series in the offseason, I asked for suggestions of who you'd like to see profiled. Alexander Reyes was one of the names that popped up immediately, so let's take a look at the Cardinals' right-hander as our first pick from the request line. Reyes checked in at #3 in my Cardinals Top 10 this offseason, just behind outfielder Stephen Piscotty and southpaw Marco Gonzales. The 20-year-old Reyes is off to a fantastic start this season with High-A Palm Beach and he's a player that should get even more buzz when midseason prospect lists are launched over the next few weeks. Let's see what all the fuss is about. WARNING: The velocity discussed in this post is not suitable for children.
Ughhhhh, is it the playoffs yet? Why does this year seem to be taking longer than ever before? Maybe it's because I'm in only free leagues this year and I feel like I'm having my back blown out by my boy, Mandingo (google him, NSFW), in each and every one of them. I was graciously offered the opportunity to relinquish my fantasy baseball posts in order to give 100 percent of my focus on the football side of things as we are ramping up for America's new favorite pastime. I thought to myself, "Beddict, you have a life; chickens to feed, male thong ads to shoot, and an endless supply of women to satisfy, therefore none could truly blame you for focusing all your efforts into football. It's not your fault Bryce Harper is a tool and Ryne Sandberg is the worst manager in baseball. MOST of your other advice has worked out splendidly. You've done enough….." FEAR NOT, my friends, for the day I walk away from writing for baseball is the day Grey and Rudy show up at my immaculate abode, Chinese finger trap my bottom b*tch, film it, stomp me out afterward, and take back my framed Razzball certificate of employment. I know for a fact that I have at least TWO readers who enjoy these posts and I absolutely refuse to let them down as Nicolas Cage has his fans with his seemingly endless supply of duds. Yes, these next few weeks shall be permeated with more Beddict than ever before, covering both baseball and football, and that, my friends, is what's known as a "Tehol Twofer." That term is ordinarily reserved for when I sexually pulverize two women, back to back, but I believe this was newsworthy enough to borrow the term, though I'm borrowing it from myself, so I suppose it doesn't matter. ANYWAY, let's hop right in. I missed some action due to the fact I was reeling in Tyee's up in Canada, but per usual, I'll be giving it 110 percent. This is, Disgrace/Delight.
The Red Sox have proclaimed by proclamation that [player]Xander Bogaerts[/player] will have every opportunity in the spring training of 2014 to win a starting job. Well, they haven't really said that. Yet. They will. It's the same spiel every team says about every prospect. "You-Know-Whosie has shown plenty in the minor leagues and now You-Know-Whosie will get every opportunity to show me, the Ruler of What Our Team Does, what You-Know-Whosie can do." That's what they say. It's a basic Mad Libs of team-speak. I don't think Xander gets that opportunity out of Spring Training. I mean, I think they say he will, but unless he's the team leader in batting, they'll probably send him down until June. It's not clear as of right now due to the opening the Sawx will have at shortstop with Drew becoming a free agent. So, I'll go over what Xander can do if called up in June (which I think will happen) and what he can do if he's the starting shortstop out of spring training. Anyway, what can Xander Bogaerts do for 2014 fantasy baseball?
Finally, the Red Sox promoted Nomah's heir apparent -- Zandah Bogats! Johnny Pesky and Ted Williams's frozen head said, "Allaka Xander!" and poof a direct descendant of Cahl Yahstremski, Nomah and former top prospect, Harvey Jod, who died tragically in a parking lot incident, appeared. Drafting a hard A-voweled hitter makes as much sense for the Sox as drafting soft O's for the Twins: Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau; they still must rue the day they lost out on Joe Charboneau. But, you know, you can't spell Xander Bogaerts without Red Sox, and he's got bat and range, to boot. So, here's looking at you, Bogaerts! Went there, wrote that -- Xander Bogaerts fantasy, that is. Now Xander's here to Bogaert the Red Sox shortstop job. There's a chance he simply platoons this year. If he's only used against lefties, his value will be severely diminished in redraft leagues. My guess is he'll play shortstop vs. lefties, and play some third base vs. righties with Middlebrooks grabbing pine occasionally. Obviously, it wasn't a great sign last night that he was benched vs. a righty, but it was just one game. I'd grab him in all leagues because his bat is that good. Think of a Puig-type splash at shortstop. Anyway, here's what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:
So it's the dog days of summer, your team sucks and you're starting to follow Razzball Football to see which 3rd string right tackle might make the special teams roster. Hey, just because you took my advice and drafted Josh Rutledge in the 5th round and screwed your team up doesn't mean baseball season is over! Prospect Scott was on today's podcast and they look at some prospects who could help with your stretch run, as well as some gamers for 2014. All this while Scott was sweating out the booze from Lollapalooza in his Honda waiting to get a hot Italian beef for lunch. Just sounds weird to me. (Honestly, I had no idea Lollapalooza was still going on either. Did Soundgarden headline?) As for me and Nick... Well, we've gone full Red Sox Nation at this blog recently. It's like the Ghost of Johnny Pesky has taken over and advising him is Ted Williams' head in a jar. For the third time in the last week, we talk about Xander Bogaerts. Why? Because he's going to be bananas good and he plays a position that boosts his value even more and the Red Sox are going to call him up shortly. Or rather third basely. Nick and I also talked about the suspensions and why football sucks. I lose it for the better part of forty-five seconds recounting what a friend of mine wrote on his Facebook wall. We're so high school! That's not to say you shouldn't go join one of our fantasy football leagues. I'm sure Sky, JB and team are a bunch 0f lovely individuals. Anyway, here's the Razzball Podcast (now with a little extra vitriol -- word of the day!):
The man, the myth, the legend. I speak not of young Xander, he who was blessed to be featured in this article, but of myself, Tehol Beddict, good at many things and great at more. Greetings noble readers! It is you that keeps me cognizant at 4 am, even with an enormous modeling audition tomorrow in Vegas. I'd rather pluck and eat my pet chicken than dissatisfy what few consistent readers I have. That is saying something, for my chicken has been with me now for 7 years, accompanying me on my countless cross country trips and movie shoots. She even attended a recent Kenny Chesney concert with myself and my good buddy Riley Cooper. WHOOPS! Without Beatrice I would be lost, but if I were to lose you readers I would likely go back to the bath salts, possibly eat human flesh, and start writing for again. Those were loathsome times I tell you.
Well, it didn't take long for injuries and poor play to blow up my preseason rankings. Fernando Tatis is back in the lineup now for the Padres, but he gave every fantasy owner a heart attack when a vicious swing nearly ripped his shoulder off his body. Meanwhile, Adalberto Mondesi has yet to even get his season started while Tim Anderson was sidelined with a hamstring issue. While injuries are a nuisance, nothing frustrates a fantasy owner more than poor performance. It seems shortstops such has Trevor Story, Gleyber Torres and Dansby Swanson have decided to enter the witness protection program instead of hit a baseball with any consistency. Story's slow start has seen him fall 16 spots in my rankings while Torres and Swanson are nowhere to be seen in the rankings right now. Speaking of rankings, let's get on with the show and see who ranks where - and why.
Don't you love when you can get a top option without paying for it? Today that guy is Marcell Ozuna, OF: $2,800 - This price is just way too cheap for a guy who can do as much for you as he can. Throw in a very favorable projection from the bot and you’ve got yourself the steal of the day. His projection puts him in the top 10 and not that far behind the top guys, but for way less. For the money, I’ll take that upside all day long.  Run, don’t walk to lock this pick in. New to FanDuel? Scared of feeling like a small fish in a big pond? Well, be sure to read our content and subscribe to the DFSBot for your daily baseball plays. Just remember to sign up through us before jumping into the fray. It’s how we know you care!
Just over a week into the season means it is time to update our rest of the season Top 100 hitter rankings.  Logically, Yermin Mercedes will be rated as the number one hitter in this edition, because we cannot miss the next big thing!  Ok, Yermin Mercedes is a 28-year-old rookie that reminds me more of Allen Craig than Babe Ruth.  Will he be valuable for your fantasy team?  Probably not unless you can time the luck infused hot streaks! So how does this Top 100 hitter update work?  Every few weeks we will update the list highlighting key movers for better or worse.  Unlike the preseason hitter profiles, we will focus on highlighting more players with quicker insights.  Think of it like the Eddie Gaedel of articles.  We will be short but surprisingly effective.  Without further ado and random baseball references, here are the Top 100 hitters for the rest of the fantasy baseball season.