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Tout Wars – one of the two most prestigious fantasy baseball expert leagues (along with LABR) – invited Razzball to participate in its inaugural 15-team mixed league online draft (they also have AL-only, NL-only, and 15-team mixed auctions).

The 2013 Tout Wars mixed draft format is very similar to our mixed-league LABR expert league except for one notable quirk – OBP instead of AVG.  While this marks our first expert league with OBP, we felt comfortable with it given we answer so many OBP-related questions on the site and have run rankings/auction values using OBP per reader request.

Tout Wars only allows individuals to draft so we decided Grey would be the head of the team and I would help with the prep work, write the post-draft review, and look over his shoulder throughout the season.  Consider him our Sam Walker and me his Nando (if you don’t get that reference, buy Fantasyland now).

Like most of our drafts, this team ended up being an amalgam of both our rankings.

Our biggest (and only) pre-draft disagreement can be blamed on getting the unenviable 15th pick in the draft.  We have an agreed-upon top 12 players for 2013 – all of which we assumed would be gone by our pick (and which was the case).  So we had two picks in a row and no consensus on whom to pick.  My pre-draft wish was for Bryce Harper and Jason Heyward but 1) Harper went at #11 and 2) Grey’s imaginary friend is a clown and resents Harper’s disparaging use of the word.  Grey wanted nothing to do with my Tulo suggestion (too brittle…which is fair) nor my suggestion of Verlander or Strasburg (they are not hitters…which is true).  I rejected Grey’s suggestion of Adam Jones because I think he is a member of the Bernie Williams/Curtis Granderson/Dexter Fowler all-stars (seemingly fast guys who just are not good at stealing bases).

Post-draft, I am warming up to Grey’s pick of Jose Bautista (great for OBP, seems over the wrist injury) and glad he took Heyward for both OBP and because I think he has potential to go 30 HR/25 SB this year.

After the 15th/16th pick hurdle, the rest of the draft went as I hoped.  Yeah, I would have taken the safer Sabathia over Chapman but my $ estimates were pretty close for those pitchers (and that’s with a conservative 140 IP for Chapman).  I think Grey drafted a well-balanced offense and the pitching staff has a lot of depth at SP (10 SPs).  We also corrected what I felt was a flaw in our LABR draft by picking two solid closers (Axford/Reed) instead of waiting too long to take a 2nd closer and ending up with a likely dud in Rondon.

Here are links to the final draft results and all our leaguemates.

Razzball – Tout Wars Mixed Draft – March 11th
Pos Player Team
17.15 C A.J. Ellis LAD
24.1 C Wellington Castillo CHC
3.15 1B Billy Butler KC
19.15 2B Daniel Murphy NYM
8.1 SS Josh Rutledge COL
5.15 3B Pablo Sandoval SF
10.1 CI Michael Cuddyer COL
15.15 MI Andrelton Simmons ATL
1.15 OF Jose Bautista TOR
2.1 OF Jason Heyward ATL
4.1 OF B.J. Upton ATL
12.1 OF Josh Reddick OAK
16.1 OF Starling Marte PIT
21.15 UTIL Yonder Alonso SD
6.1 SP Aroldis Chapman CIN
7.15 SP Mat Latos CIN
13.15 SP Jon Niese NYM
14.1 SP Josh Beckett LAD
18.1 SP Edwin Jackson CHC
20.1 SP Shelby Miller STL
22.1 SP Edinson Volquez SD
9.15 RP John Axford MIL
11.15 RP Addison Reed CHW
23.15 Bench Cory Luebke (SP) SD
25.15 Bench Paul Maholm (SP) ATL
26.1 Bench Scott Baker (SP) CHC
27.15 Bench Yunel Escobar (SS) TB
  1. neogonzo mourning says:

    Simmons and Marte back to back looks like a winner. I want those guys on all my teams this year.

    • @neogonzo mourning: If Simmons hits leadoff, he should outperform all Runs and SB projections. We like Marte a lot too as a poor man’s Desmond Jennings (last year, Desmond Jennings was a poor man’s Desmond Jennings).

    • MattTruss

      MattTruss223 says:

      @neogonzo mourning: Dude, a Dragon Quest avatar!? Awesome!

  2. RobertC says:

    Rudy – continuing our discussion from the other thread here since it is on topic. I’m really excited about the topic at hand because I rarely have anyone who will engage with me on something this deep into the statistical anaysis of fantasy baseball (and, those that would are in my leagues so I hesitate to share too much)

    On playing time estimates – may I ask where you come up with them if not using any current source, and are they public? If so how can I get at them?

    Similar question for your $ values – is there a place that I can find them on this site? This is my ignorance showing here. I’ve used your player rater but can’t seem to set it for both mixed AND 2 catcher, it seems to be one or the other? I know I’m missing something.

    Regarding using both Steamer and Cairo, have you read many (any?) articles on combining projections? I read a fangraphs article a couple months ago suggesting that combining projections may be counterproductive.

    Regarding your goal for your $ estimates to outperform any individual projection system, I don’t understand fully. How can one number represent value across categories? When you are putting together a team you need balance to win. If I go purely on $ value it is subjective how you are distributing those $ values across categories. You can put all your $ on speed guys and you will lose all the power categories. How do you avoid this value trap, if all speed guys are going cheap in a league and you are focusing primarily on $ value?

    • Playing Time Estimates – I based ‘role’ on the latest depth chart news. is my general go-to but I don’t take their opinions as gospel – particularly for players whom I feel are bad bets to finish the year in the starting lineup. My hitter roles and pitcher roles provide a ‘games played’ number. I use projected batting order (again, leverage sources but make my final call) to determine PA/G and leverage previous year data to determine IP/GS. The system is set up so I can maintain it during the season as well. I include my PA and IP estimates on all $ preseason values ( – accessible via the ‘Player Rater’ at the top of the page).

      $ Values – Same section as above. I do not do mixed and 2 catchers as the majority of readers play 1 catcher. I actually use the 1 catcher values for my 2 catcher leagues as I do not like paying a premium at that position.

      I agree with Fangraphs end position (or at least how you phrased it). It could be counterproductive if the sources you are adding are worse. Expecting good + crap to equal better than good seems silly. My test showed that combining two solid sources does lead to a small improvement whereas my Steamer/ZiPS combo last year performed worse than just Steamer alone – particularly for pitching.

      I think ‘balance’ is an overrated concern. I feel that I can adjust for that during the draft. The three things I focus on are power, speed, and average. Since guys who excel at all three are rare, I look for guys that can deliver at least two of the three. If it’s speed/average, I look for it in positions where there is lower opportunity cost for the power – e.g., I like Altuve because it’s not like I’m getting 25 HRs from my 2B anyway. But if he was in the OF, I’d discount him a lot more. I find AVG (with solid R/HR/RBI/SB) can be had later in the draft – been drafting a lot of Kendrick, Daniel Murphy, and Yunel Escobar this year to help round out teams where I’ve drafted potential AVG suckers like BJ Upton, Starling Marte, and Josh Reddick. Ideally, I get enough speed as part of my early picks that I do not have to draft a steals-only guy at any position (my preferred worst case is someone like Segura at SS as SS is a weak offensive position anyway).

      • RobertC says:

        @Rudy Gamble:

        You may be right on balance. You have the background to back it up. I just find it odd that you do such objective analysis and hard core statistics, but when it comes time to do the auction you leave it in the abstract with just a single $ value and play it by ear. You put a lot of time into coming up with the best numbers so that you can produce the $ values, but in the end you don’t trust those numbers enough to compare your team against a benchmark based on those numbers to be able to objectively determine if you are on the right path for reaching your goals.

        Again, I know I’m wrong on this because I think you are a better fantasy player than I am, but for the life of me I can’t figure out why you would not use those detailed categorical statistics that you spent so much time on while you are putting your team together.

        This is a really cluky analogy but the only one I can think of. Lets say I’m building a subdivision and I need to build 10 houses, and I put in a low bid to get the project. I’m now going to need to go buy all my materials, so I send out 3 guys to different stores to pick them up for me, and give them each a list of materials that I want and what price I want to pay. The first guy calls in and says he’s found 2 windows at a good price. The second guy calls and says he has 5 doors, etc etc. I’m just keeping track of these all in my head and as long as the prices are good I’m telling them to BUY. But at some point when the day is done and I need all my materials I want to make sure I have 10 front doors, and not 12 (because then I have to sell the extra 2 or I have wasted $) and not 8 because then I can’t build 2 of my houses. I did all the research up front to determine what prices were fair but then I didn’t focus on balancing what materials I end up with so I stayed under budget but I can only build 8 houses and then I have a pile of spare windows which do me no good.

        If I’m tracking it objectively and analytically, I’m writing down the numbers in a spreadsheet and as soon as I hit 10, I proactively call back all my buyers and tell them to stop buying windows. To this end, at some point in the draft you are wasting money if you have already effectively “won” a category and any extra $ spent there are useless. But if you are just looking at “value” then you don’t see that.

        In a perfectly liquid world, you can trade away your extra assets with no overhead, but fantasy is far from liquid, especially early on in the season.

        Love the discussion.

        • Before a draft, my goal is to value players as accurately as possible. I aim to get as accurate on each stat and the overall value of each stat to standings points but, in the end, it needs to be a single player value.

          During the draft, it is hard enough for me to keep my draft sheet (a google doc) updated. I can see how a tool that updates the player values based on the players you’ve drafted (and players off the board) could prove better but those tools aren’t going to have my $ estimates to start. I’d have to design it by myself and – while I can do the math part and can do it in XLS – I just don’t think it adds enough value and would lead to drafting paralysis.

          Post-draft, I can identify strengths/weaknesses through Point Shares. So the Point Shares are saying that our Tout team should be above average in OBP – around 10-11 standings points. How did it do in the CAIRO test?

          A last aspect that I hated when comparing teams is that you have to assume a team will use a player’s full ABs. So a team with Wil Myers gets underestimated or you might credit me with all of Volquez’s IP (when we have no plans to start him outside of SD).

          • RobertC says:

            @Rudy Gamble:

            Regarding hard to keep a draft sheet updated, all I’m doing is filling in a name and my software does the rest. A good spreadsheet will do that for you (although I admit it took me years to come up with the best spreadsheet that is both detailed and quick). I don’t find drafting paralysis any more than I would if I were to go lookup what $ value I had for a player. For the same cost, I get everything I need.

            Regarding OBP I have you at 10 based on CAIRO test.

            Regarding Volquez, point taken, I don’t know any way to account for that objectively but these are the places you would have to adjust manually for. It is a fair point.

            • @RobertC: I just have a field for x-ing off a player and then filtering all players with an ‘x’. It still takes some time though.

              I’ve mentioned this in other comments (generally war-room related). I have post-draft regrets all the time….generally hindsight 20/20 related about reading the room. I cannot recall a time where a team of ours failed for lack of balance (maybe an AL-only team a couple years back?).

        • Michael Chavis says:

          @RobertC: @RobertC:

          I get what you are saying, why draft a guy who gets a lot of SB’s even if best value. when you already have that won for your team with the rest of your roster. However I think this is where your own research comes in to play, and finding balance on your team using such tools as the war tool to meet the 100% projections of each category. I have worked this in my auction draft strategy as well and is something that takes some time and calculating to find that right balance on your team … Just my thoughts

  3. Big Magoo

    Big Magoo says:

    Hey Rudy – much like your LABR draft, I think you guys came away with good value in the outfield and at starting pitcher. The corner infielders look nice too and, as you mentioned above, grabbing two solid closers before they dried up looks to be a good move.

    I have two questions for you: #1. Would you still target Harper at 15 in a non-OBP league? Or is it more a matter of a glut of players with similar value in that draft range and opting for the most upside? #2. It seems as though Grey’s expecting a prime Randy Johnson year from Chapman, but what do you project for him? With his control issues and lack of refined secondary pitches, I see him as more of a Gio Gonzalez with less innings.

    • Thanks Big Magoo. We (well I had the control) just drafted Bryce Harper #13 in the Yahoo Friends & Family draft yesterday so the answer is an obvious yes (here are the results – the URL should be publicly accessible

      Here are the underlying stats behind my $ estimates for Chapman (IP is mine):

      140 IP / 10 W / 3.37 ERA / 1.27 WHIP / 197 Ks

      I think this is a really rough one to project. That K-rate is insane but Steamer and CAIRO are both in the same general area. For Steamer, this is the 3rd best K/9 rate behind Kimbrel and Jansen. CAIRO has Chapman as 3rd as well but projects him as a closer which likely inflates his K-rate (his ERA/WHIP of 3.19/1.22 might also be impacted as well).

      So I’d say that the $ estimates I have for Chapman are probably more optimistic than if I just fudged my own projection based on 140 IP. I think I’d echo Steamer’s 3.55/1.32 ratios and take the K’s down to 160.

      • Steve says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Looks like Grey chewed through the ropes you tied him up with for the Yahoo draft by about the 6th round ;-)

        • @Steve: Nah, our drafting preferences start converging around then. Our differences after that are typically around upside/boring players (i like a balance, grey moves towards upside).

      • Dave says:

        @Rudy Gamble:

        Why are you drafting Harper at #13 if your own $ values has him valued in the 30s (as does Grey’s ranking for him). Isn’t this a bit of a reach for the guy? I’m having a hard time following the jump in his value considering how young and inconsistent he is. Remember, Brett Lawrie was coming off a similar rookie season last year and being picked on average in the 30s.

        • Very fair point regarding my pick of Bryce Harper #13 in the Yahoo! Friends & Family Draft. It was an jpside gamble as I new he wouldn’t make it back to us (Erickson would have taken him 14th) and I felt I could get two of my top 30 in my next 2 picks (Verlander, Holliday). Thought I would get Rizzo too but he got snapped up earlier than I expected (this group loves their CI’s). Hoping his upside arrives early and we have a 30-30 season.

  4. Tom Jacks

    Tom Jacks says:

    Love the Bautista/Heyward OBP combo, along with Castillo and Alonso late… How much do you believe in Butler’s power surge?

    • I think he should be able to maintain 25 HRs and everything else is just gravy (Butler salivates). He should be solid in OBP/R/RBI. Grey would’ve taken Goldschmidt if he fell to us at that spot but there’s probably a 45% chance that Butler is more valuable.

    • Peter says:

      @Tom Jacks: I’ll chime in here. Butler’s numbers have been climbing or holding steady across the board the past few years. Notably – last year he had 12 fewer doubles and 10 more HRs (coincidence?). He’ll be in the lineup every day and if Hosmer or Moustakas show their mettle, his various counting stats could see a noticeable bump as well (sans the SB). The cherry on top being that he’ll be 27 this year. So, basically he’s like a Big Papi with almost as much upside and a much more stomach-able floor.

      • @Peter: He’ll be 27….are you an Eric Mack reader? That seems to be in every article he writes. Methinks he overstates the case a bit.

        I think Butler traded doubles for HRs just to avoid running.

  5. d2bnz says:

    I’ve been noticing that between yourself and Grey a couple of players that I normally try to avoid are being taken with value picks in latter rounds …I refer to Lance Berkman and Josh Beckett. Can you justify your optimism that they will remain healthy ?

    • @d2bnz: Berkman playing DH – just hoping to get 120 games at a 25/95 pace. Basically what Vlad did a couple years back.

      As for Beckett, injuries really haven’t been an issue. He’s at 170+ IP for 7 of last 8 years. We like him because he’s going from the worst division to the best division for pitchers and going to one of the best pitching parks. All the projection systems have him sub-4.00 ERA, sub 1.30 WHIP, and solid K-rates. What’s not to like (other than his smug face)?

  6. Grey

    Grey says:

    Our team is the best team in the league. That’s my write-up.

    • VinWins

      VinWins says:

      @Grey: Succinct, though you could have dropped one of the “teams” for a punchier write-up.

      • Grey

        Grey says:

        That’s why I got you editing!

  7. Cwalker says:

    12 team 6×6 holds and BB/KO league with 16 keepers. Trade option: I keep GreinkeAny at $22 or trade him for Chapman at $9?

    • @Cwalker: Trade him. I think his elbow won’t be an issue but I don’t have him $13 better than Chapman (whether he starts or relieves).

  8. Jack Full of Donuts says:

    Is Miller starting the year in the rotation?

  9. Mike says:

    Pete Kozma has a starting gig at SS for St. Louis he is my only bench player in a HTH 16 team league. What are your expectations for Kozma this year.

    • Shitty bat. Think that he starts 80 games max with descalso and tbd players playing the rest.

  10. Murray says:

    Prestigious to the 15 people in it you mean? I mean tout, along with LABR are essentially writer leagues no? The expert moniker is derived from the fact that you write about this stuff. Anointing oneself an expert (which most writers do) is both highly subjective an virtually non quantifiable. I’m sure there are better players that choose not to write. Just think its more proper to call those drafts what try are, writer leagues.

    • Jay

      jaywrong says:



      • Jack Full of Hate says:

        @jaywrong: thats awesome Dr.McCoy

    • OaktownSteve says:


      the league itself is called Tout. That seems fair enough. I know where you’re coming from. I been a a hater at times in my life. Then I realized that it’s a money making enterprise and fair play to the guys making money as touts. In order to be a tout you have to pose as an expert. And many have expertese. Plus because they make a living or partial living doing it they can spend a lot of time on it.

      Rudy and Grey both walk with a fair amount of humility. Albright gets cocky to compensate for an underlying insecurity. Probably Mommy issues (just jerking your chain, bud). Hats off to both of them for a super site, experts or not.

      • Jack Full of Hate says:

        @OaktownSteve: I’m still a hater, for those that deserve the hate. There is no such thing as free hate. You got to earn that hate….totally mommy issues, thats why he is marrying a cougar

    • Jack Full of Hate says:

      @Murray: You could start your own site, get some street cred, some followers, respect of the “writers” and then maybe you, being an expert can play in those leagues. If you put these writers knowledge up against 90% of the players who play this game, then it would be hard not to call them experts. Some are harder than others to defend. they didn’t get to were they are by slinging crap against a wall and seeing what sticks…except berry of course

      • sean says:

        Rudy, great segment with Dr. Roto today! @Jack Full of Hate: I was thinking a simple “Cheer Up, Murray” would’ve played well here.

        • Jack Full of Donuts says:

          @sean: then my name would be Jack Full of Hope…but it’s not

  11. Going Deep says:

    So, I’m now confused with the friends and family draft of Verlander after what Grey says below? And it also goes against the wait on pitcher rule that I hear here over and over….Am I missing something? Thanks for clarifying.

    If your first pitcher is from the tier: “These guys are the best. I will enjoy missing out on them.” — This tier is from Verlander to F-Her. If you draft someone from this tier, you’ll probably lose your league or get lucky with your hitters.

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      I didn’t draft Friends & Family; I drafted Tout.

    • Yup, my call. I have laxer rules than Grey. He vetoed Verlander in LABR and Tout.

  12. kaiser soze says:

    Interesting draft. Just goes to show you guys aren’t bound by your own rankings / draft strategies….

    I’m having a tough time figuring out the Heyward pick. He’s your second OF in as many picks and Grey had him ranked behind Shin Soo Choo of all people. Why not get a top tier corner guy like Longo instead?

    • We combine forces/rankings on our drafts. Heyward was more my pick. Longoria burned us last year. Heywatd felt like the best combo of power/speed upside and is solid for OBP. Two OFs isn’t ideal but not a huge deal.

      • kaiser soze says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Yeah I can see how the power/speed combo was attractive alongside Bautista. I’m actually surprised Grey didn’t rank Heyward and Harper higher considering he’s usually high on upside guys. Seems like Heyward is like AJones with more power potetial, while Harper is similar to JUpton with more speed upside.

        Btw – can you post a link to your rankings? Can’t find them anywhere on here…


        • Yeah, was weird to be selling Grey on Harper/Heyward and have him championing more boring players. Go figure.

          Go to Player Rater in the top menu and choose 2013. All the $ double as my rankings. They are purely quantitative. I don’t follow them religiously but you’ll see a lot of players who do better than ADP in my rankings on our/my teams.

  13. Obmij76 says:

    I like how your team turned out. On an aside, if anyone wants to join a Yahoo Keeper Auction, draft upcoming. League
    ID#: 63838
    League Name: All Star Fantasy Baseball
    Password: yankees
    Custom League URL:
    Season Type: Full
    Draft Type: Live Auction Draft
    Draft Time: Mon Mar 18 8:30pm EDT

  14. ADP says:

    Do you provide any charts that include SP’s who have upward trending Quality Starts and low run support in comparison to other SP’s on their respective teams? Can you use these two metrics together to find pitchers who might increase their Win%?

    All the best wishes in LABR and Tout Wars.

    • We have projected Wins and QS under Steamer Projections. The Wins factor team strength where the QS are simply projected based on the pitcher itself. They are all for 2013 so it’s not a matter of trending – all relevant past data is incorporated into these #s.

  15. sean says:

    Rudy, great segment on SXM with Dr. Roto this AM. The draft analysis was a big hit in terms of information and entertainment. I hope that you guys are more frequent guests on that station. Sure, there are some industry giants on there, but there’s a lot of questionable filler too.

    Also a question: who was the most intimidating person to draft against in Tout and LABR this year?

    • Thanks – I enloy my 10 minute segment on Dr Roto (10:30 AM EST every Wednesday on Sirius/XM).

      I am intimidated by anyone but I have a lot of respect for everyone. Hard to elicit much fear in a snake draft anyway…

  16. JB says:

    Mccafrey teams looks like the he won the draft

    • i like his team. i think the offense is stronger than the pitching which lacks some SP depth. But nothing that can’t be fixed in FA.

  17. T-ball Hero says:

    I’ve drunk Grey’s Rutledge punch, but I think I need more. 90th seems pretty high.

    • T-ball Hero says:

      @T-ball Hero:
      That would be 120th. Nevermind.

      • Matt says:

        @T-ball Hero:

        Am I looking at this wrong? Looks like 106 to me (1st pick of the 8th round).

    • Waited for him in the yahoo f&f league and he didn’t last much past 90. but can probably wait a bit in home leagues.

  18. Matt says:

    You keep mentioning you like Heyward for his OBP …

    You do realize Heyward’s OBP was .335 last year (2 full points higher than Adam Dunn)? and .319 in 2011?

    I realize that he will likely continue to walk more, hopefully as much as he did as a rookie, but to act like it’s a given that he will be solid for OBP I think is plain wrong. I, personally, see him improving, but not as much as most projections expect since he’ll be in a better lineup hitting in front of Justin Upton, rather than Dan Uggla.

    Not necessarily saying it was a bad pick, just confused by your rationale.

    • Matt says:

      He was a drag on OBP for me last year. I’ll call .345 OBP for 2013, not what I would consider solid.

      • Fair points. Basing OBP on projections but there is some leap of faith when looking at 2011/2012.

  19. Dani says:

    My league is a H2H league, with pitching categories IP,W,L,CG,SV,K,ERA and WHIP. There is also a 5 move limit per week. Should these categories affect my drafting a lot?

    For hitting the extra categories are Hits, Total Bases and OPS.

    • Wallpaper Paterson says:

      @Dani: You could punt saves for sure.

  20. Sherm says:

    Grey and Rudy, What happened to Grey’s famous opposition to Daniel Murphy?

    • @Sherm: He’s not thrilled with him but I’m slowly chip away at his bias towards boring, Polancoesque MIs towards the end of drafts. Also, remember these are 15-team drafts vs. the 10/12-team drafts that most of Grey’s advice is geared for.

    • Jay

      jaywrong says:

      @Sherm: I love David Murphy, 75% of the time, all the time.

      • Jay

        jaywrong says:

        @jaywrong: I of course meant Daniel. Too many of the Irish around.

        • And there’s Donnie Murphy too. MLB needs more Fitzgeralds and Sullivans.

          • NatsFan says:

            @Rudy Gamble: Rudy, On your player rater is there the ability to download your “NL 12” auction values?

            • @NatsFan: Nope, but you can just cut/paste it into an XLS.

  21. Dani says:

    Surprised by the Harper love after looking at the rankings. I have first pick in the draft and taking Miggy, 12 team league. When it comes back around what combo do you like between Harper, M Holliday, Goldschmidt, A Gonz, BJ Upton, Adam Jones, Edwin E and Jay Bruce.

    This is assuming J Upton (23) and Heyward (27) are gone. If they aren’t gone, does the answer change?


  22. PWIRE says:

    Quick Question.
    I’m in a league where we can trade draft picks before the draft. I am in a 13 team roto league with the number 2 slot. I was offered 2 and 181 for 19 and 34. Should I take this trade? And who would you look for at picks 19,25,28, 34 to start your team?

  23. That’s a great idea but our RCL is Roto not H2H. I think it can be determined another way by looking at general week-to-week consistency of stats for roster-worthy players.

    I have seen the ‘speed’ gambit where you aim to dominate speed and AVG/runs. I think it would be interesting to try a 130/130 hitting/pitching mix and draft lead off hitters and high Avg/runs but no power guys (Polanco, Daniel Murphy). Might be able to win 50% of hit points and then draft a killer SP staff to win 75% of pitch points…

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