Many things have changed since December when we kicked off the 2011 fantasy baseball sleeper posts.  For one, the date.  For two, some of these guys are no longer that sleepery.  For three, hut-hut-hike!  As long as you don’t reach too far, sleepers can make all the difference on your team.  You’re not grabbing a sleeper in the first round.  You’re not like, “Hey, Swiggy Cabrera, you go threaten death on the shot girl, I’m going with Juan Miranda.”  You should have a solid foundation in the first eight to ten rounds, then mix some sleepers in after that.  If you click on the names for these players, there’s entire posts about some of them with their 2011 projections.  It’s magical!  Anyway, here’s some sleepers for 2011 fantasy baseball:

Shaun Marcum – Member back in December when he was first traded and I started raving about him?  We were younger back then and you had more hair.  Also, Marcum was still sleepery then.  Now?  Not so much.  Seems like everywhere I look people are abuzz with excitement over Marcum.  Assuming you don’t pay too high of a price, he can still have value.

J.P. Arencibia –  When I say punt catcher, you say Arencibia… Punt catcher… Arencibia… Punt catcher… Arencibia… Punt middle infielder… Arencibia… Gotcha.

Chris Iannetta – I refuse to write a sleeper post on him for fear it might jinx him, but I will continue to talk about how I won’t write a sleeper post on him for fear it might jinx him hoping that doesn’t jinx him.  All aboard as the logic train is leaving the station!

Mike Minor –  Wanna hear me make an outlandish prediction?  Of course you do, you love when I sound like a damn fool.  Minor will be a top 20 starter this year.  If I’m right you win, if I’m wrong you win.  You’re welcome.

Tim Stauffer – I love me some hodgepadres. (I also love telling girls who are walking dogs on the street, “You have a really nice poochie,” but I mumble poochie like I’m Sling Blade so they think I’m saying something else.  So, ya know, you might want to think twice about listening to me.)

Edwin Jackson – Here’s the limb, here’s me out on it with Edwin Jackson.  Don’t too many of youse come out too, shizz ain’t that sturdy.

Daniel Hudson – Here’s another one of those examples of guys that I was touting at the end of last year as a potential sleeper for 2011 and now we have a bunch of company.  Hey, use a coaster!

Edinson Volquez – I’m anticipating a ton of comments after Edinson’s first blow up about dropping him.  He walks people, you have to remain patient.

Sean Rodriguez – He’s either going to break out in the non-acne way or he’s going to go between ownable and non-ownable in most mixed leagues.  Honestly, I’m not sure yet which one it’ll be and anyone that does know is a time traveler or Mayan.

Ryan Raburn – Father, I have a confession.  I wish Raburn stole 7-10 bases so I could label him Mini Mini Mini Donkey.  But he can’t carry that torch and, besides, who needs him to have that baggage?  If Raburn has 2nd base eligibility in your league, go all-in check raising to the bettor.

Alcides Escobar – Last year, Willie Mays Hayes without the steals.  This year, steals.

Ian Desmond – It’s pretty odd when you have a guy you label a sleeper last year perform and he still ends up a sleeper the following year.  Are the Nats that bad to invest in?  Probably, but you can put away your checkbook and just draft Desmond.

Aaron Hill – Practicing my best Saberhagenmetrics, I think Hill is going to make his owners this year happy and really piss off everyone who owned him last year.

Brandon Morrow – I hate that he’s on Rudy’s risky pitcher post, but it seemed like a given.  Morrow is not the bill of good, consistent health.  He’s probably one injury away from being a Bennis Carpensheeter.  But his stuff is nasty.

Justin Smoak – Another guy that is probably waiver wire fodder in most mixed leagues.  I’m okay with that, I’ll write the Buy/Sells every Friday like usual and tell you to pick him up when he’s hitting.

Peter Bourjos – I imagine the only trueheads that will be drafting Bourjos are those in AL-Only leagues.  That’s okay, I guarantee he’ll be ownable in your mixed league too.

Drew Stubbs – Guy has a real basebally sounding name, huh?  Drew Stubbs plays baseball; that’s what Drew Stubbs does.  To preemptively strike against at least four comments, Stubbs is being drafted 156th at MDC.  A) That’s too late.  B) That’s why he’s a sleeper.  C) What C?

  1. barker says:

    1st real draft — 13 team roto on yahoo — extra cats beside standard 5×5 walks, extra base hits, holds — C 1B 2B 3B SS OF OF OF UTIL UTIL SP SP SP RP RP P P P P plus 5 bench spots

    wanted hill badly but he went 7 picks before i took zobrist ( hoping for 20 hrs ) — looks light on stls but should be competitive — i know you hate cuddyer but i needed someone to keep third warm for youk and he could be a valuable trade chip for someone with a poor 3b ( if he starts hot ) — is arencibia better than salty? — who’s closing in tampa?
    what say you grey ?? thank you for looking at my team

    1. (2) Hanley Ramírez SS
    2. (25) Kevin Youkilis 1B
    3. (28) Matt Kemp OF
    4. (51) Adam Dunn 1B
    5. (54) Josh Johnson SP
    6. (77) Yovani Gallardo SP
    7. (80) Mike Stanton OF
    8. (103)Colby Rasmus OF
    9. (106)Shaun Marcum SP
    10. (129)Ben Zobrist 1B,2B,OF
    11. (132)J.J. Putz RP
    12. (155)Carlos Quentin OF
    13. (158)Andrew Bailey RP
    14. (181)Ricky Romero SP
    15. (184)Jose Tabata OF
    16. (207)Joel Hanrahan RP
    17. (210)Edinson Vólquez SP
    18. (233)Neil Walker 2B,3B
    19. (236)Frank Francisco RP
    20. (259)Clayton Richard SP
    21. (262)Michael Cuddyer 1B,3B,OF
    22. (285)Brett Cecil SP
    23. (288)Joaquín Benoit RP
    24. (311)Jarrod Saltalamacchia C

  2. Clyde Prompto says:

    Howdy, Grey. In a 10 team AL-Only auction w/$260 budget, how high would you be willing to go on Raburn? I hope you’re right about Mike Minor, I’ve been able to get him super late in all of my mocks so far. The last time I was this excited about a Minor I lost my teaching certificate.

  3. ProjectBadass says:

    12-team 5×5 H2H 8-player keeper league
    Grey, what do you think? Prob a little light on steals and 2nd draft I had where I just missed out on a top starter by a 2 picks.

    C- McCann
    1B- Morales
    2B- Utley
    3B- Wright
    SS- Andrus
    MI- Howie Kendrick
    CI- Smoak
    OFx5- Nelson Cruz, Choo, Pence, Snider, Raburn
    UTIL- Adam Lind
    BEN- Brignac

    SP- Scherzer, Anderson, Daniel Hudson, Chacin, Edwin Jackson, Javier
    Vasquez, Jonathan Niese, Travis Wood, Bud Norris, Mike Minor,
    Narveson, Clayton Richard
    RP- Valverde, Hanrahan, League, Farnsworth

  4. Sos says:

    I’m in the last two rounds of a keeper league draft where we lose two rounds every year. 12 team standard H2H. We have to have two offensive bench players to help with streaming. Beltran, Cuddyer, Kubel and Berkman are far and away your highest ranked players left at this point. Any reason to take any of those known commodoties or better off going with someone like Morrison, EY, Alcides, Bourjos? I have two spots to fill and they can’t be a pitcher…

  5. Exactly says:

    Grey, how many sleepers should you aim for before you look at your team and say, “all i have are sleepers?” Five of these guys?

  6. anarchy burger says:

    quick question. 5×5 12 team mixed. who would you guys rather have bumgarner or m minor??

  7. Hypno Toadstool says:

    If anyone is itching to draft, I have a yahoo default 5×5 drafting tomorrow night.
    League Name: The Goobers
    Password: Rocket

  8. Mr2Bits says:

    Hey Grey : Is Ozzy just effing with everyone and his “the closers role is still undecided” crap? I know Feb Grey liked Sale but March Grey slapped him and told everyone to draft Thornton with confidence. I’d assume with the millions they just gave Thornton he will be the closer, you still seeing it this way?

  9. nyydj2 says:

    Thanks for the sleeper update Grey. What is your take on one that has caught my eye? Michael Morse put up great numbers in limited at bats due to injury last year and seems to be tearing the cover off the ball again this (meaningless, I know) spring. He’s 29 and kind of late arriving but so was Nelson Cruz, right?

  10. Racehorse says:

    Mike Morse.

    Sleepery? Not sleepery?

    … or will his 2011 be all dots, dashes, dits, and dahs?

  11. dsimon says:

    Ugh. I just found out that many other of my leaguemates follow Razzball. They’re all dicks though, so I doubt they’ve bought so much as a shot of rail whiskey for you. I hope they see this.

  12. Curt says:

    Would you consider Alexi Ogando a sleeper??

  13. Mike of Swartz Creek, Mi says:

    I like Wells for the Tigers if he gets a starting position. Cabrera has lost a few pounds still long way to go.

  14. CT Old School says:

    The word is out about Stubbs. His ADP at Yahoo is 85 and at ESPN is 110.

  15. Ignatius J. Reilly says:

    Grey and/or anyone else:

    what do y’think of this trade?

    ten team keeper league-includes K/9 and QS….I am stacked at OF-Braun,Crawford,BJ Upton,Lind,Snider,Raburn,Swisher and J Upton.

    Justin Upton for Verlander?

  16. trick dad says:

    H2H 7×7 league (batting stats are 5×5 + OPS + K)
    I have kinsler and hill at 2b, and am being offered J-upton for kinsler straight up. I only have to play 1 2b so I can trade away kinsler, but I’m worried about upton’s strikeouts. He has soo-choo also. I know upton has more upside, but do you think the K’s are worth it? Should I go for the trade with soo-choo instead, or hold onto kinsler?

  17. Grey / commeters. Need some more trade advice (it’s been a busy offseason). I’m in a 12 team AL only 5×5 dynasty keeper ($260 cap). In this trade I would get:

    Miggy Cabrera $20 (last year of his contract)
    Daniel Bard $10 (stays at $10 for this year and can be extended up to 3 years for $5 each year).

    I give up:
    Hellickson $5
    Desmond Jennings $5
    (Both stay at $5 for this year and can be extended up to 3 years for $5 each year).

    Overall i need power, but i just traded for Jose Bautista. We reserve 15 players. My team currently looks like this.
    C: Arencibia $2
    C: Brayan Pena $1,
    1B: OPEN
    2B: Aaron Hill
    3B: Adrian Beltre
    SS: OPEN
    MI: OPEN
    CI: Jose Bautista $10
    OF: Julio Borbon $1
    OF: Shin-Soo Choo $16
    OF: Desmond Jennings $5
    OF: Alex Rios $36
    OF: OPEN
    DH: OPEN

    P: Andrew Bailey $6
    P: Brian Duensing $10
    P: Jeremy Hellickson $5
    P: Brandon League $10
    P: Francisco Liriano $6
    P: Joe Nathan $7
    P: OPEN
    P: OPEN
    P: OPEN

    I started off with a lot more SP’s but i traded them away for bats..

  18. Mike of Swartz Creek, Mi says:

    Trick dad what is your situation, 12 team league or 20 team league, 3 outfielders or 5 outfielders. I like Choo but why would you trade Kinsler he looks like he could be the star of the 2nd basemen.

  19. trick dad says:

    12 team, one of every positional batter (LF, CF, RF) & 2 Util. I would basically just use Hill at 2b instead of Util and an possibly Upton or Choo would be an upgrade over him at Util. The guy I’m trading with has Utley and is concerned.

  20. trick dad says:

    ah sorry, 10 team mixed.

  21. royce! says:

    Is MDC’s default rankings, ie, the order in which the players are presented to you in a draft, based on their ADP, or is it independent of it? I ask because it seems that their ADPs are pretty misleading for a number of players, and I think it’s because they’ve buried some people far down in the rankings. Eg, “Victorino at 140? Nah, I’ll just wait for Gardner at 175.” And Pettitte’s being drafted before James McDonald.

  22. Mike of Swartz Creek, Mi says:

    Trick dad if he is concerned trade Hill and if doesn’t bite, his situation could get worse during the season. I would wait if he doesn’t want Hill.

  23. Jake in Columbus says:

    Hey, a while back I believe there was some discussion about pulling player rankings from Yahoo in an easy(ish) way. If it hasn’t been addressed yet, I’ve found one. It still takes some work, but no more than copying and pasting in 1155 players 25 at a time. If anyone’s interested I can post it up here or email.

  24. Buddo Chezuski says:

    Jake in Columbus: post it

  25. Frank Rizzo says:

    @royce!: Victorino is turning into a serious value from what I’ve seen on mocks. He’s more than likely going to be batting toward the top of the order and last year’s BA was an exception, not a rule. I see him dropping too far in mocks.

  26. mr baseball says:

    where is Ike Davis love here – his numbers were pretty much the same as Justin Upton’s numbers last year – what do you think he will produce this year grey

  27. papasmurf says:

    I have Hill, Alcides, and Iannetta. I am a believer in you, Grey! Lets clasp hands and take the dive Thelma and Louise style! (in a non-gay way of course. hahaha)

  28. royce! says:

    @Frank Rizzo: I agree on Victorino proving a value pick. But my point is that while he’s a good value at his ADP on ESPN (77.9), his ADP on MDC (140) makes me think that something is just going wrong there, such that MDC ADPs should not be relied upon.

  29. Jake in Columbus says:

    @Buddo Chezuski: From your league page go to Draft Central, Pre-Draft Rankings, then Edit My Rankings. Click “All” instead of “Top 25” for players to show, then click “Go” to update the list. In your browser, go to View>Source (or the like; this is an old Explorer) and it will load up the rankings as part of the source text (this takes a while). You can copy and paste them into Excel, then use Data>Text to Columns to cut them apart using comma separated values and clean them up. I’ve already made an Excel file of just the ranks and the names if anyone wants it (formatted Last, First and with special characters removed and some name adjustments made so it works better for LOOKUP commands I’ve used). Haven’t used Google docs yet but could probably post it there.

  30. Jared says:

    Grey, and anyone else, just had my biggest league draft Friday. 12 team 5×5 H2H, standard re-draft. Would love to know your thoughts, especially since I use your site like a Waffle House uses syrup. Per the norm apparently, light on steals.

    1B- Morneau
    2B- Kinsler
    3B- Longoria
    SS- Desmond
    OF- Cruz
    OF- Bruce
    OF- Rasmus
    UTIL- Zimmerman
    BE- Snider
    BE- Lind

    SP- Gallardo
    SP- Scherzer
    SP- Billingsley
    SP- D Hudson
    SP- Hellickson
    SP- Ed Jax
    RP- Nathan
    RP- McGee
    RP- Rodney (cant wait for the 4.5 era)
    RP- Venters

  31. Grey

    Grey says:

    @barker: Cuddyer’s not a hot trade chip in any league, unless he hits 17 homers the first week of the season… Farnsworth… Salty’s fine… You light on power, steals, average and pitching.

    @Clyde Prompto: Ha! Depends how badly you need Raburn. Maybe $12.

    @ProjectBadass: How late are you waiting to miss out on a top starter? Hitting looks great, pitching could be major issues.

    @Sos: No

    @Exactly: Not all sleepers are created equal.

    @anarchy burger: Both? Bumgarner

    @Mr2Bits: It’ll be Thornton until it isn’t.

    @nyydj2: He’s not Nelson Cruz.

    @Racehorse: Ha… Worth a late round gamble, but you’ll probably drop him in most leagues by April 15th.

    @dsimon: Ha

    @Curt: Sure

    @Ignatius J. Reilly: I’d want Upton.

    @trick dad: I’d want Upton.

    @MADD DAWG: I’d take Miggy.

    @royce!: Not sure

    @mr baseball: ~20 Homers, ~.260 average… Basically around what he did last year.

    @papasmurf: Ha!

    @Jared: I like the team, especially the hitting, which is where you wanna be. I wouldn’t have minded a Dempster or Kuroda type on your staff though. It looks risky/upsidey. I think you’ll be good though.

  32. royce! says:

    @Jared: My advice: you could use a C.

  33. nice list — I’m retaining Bourjos at $1 in a 15 team mixed keeper league because the temptation is too strong.

    Marcum’s splits vs RHP were awful last year and now he’s in a division that is very right-handed. It bears watching.

    On board with the Escobar train as well. If Ned Yost will let Butler roll toward second at least 10 times, Escobar will run every time he can.

  34. Jared says:

    True, I kept my eye out for a safe low ERA/WHIP guy, but never found an eye-popping value. I figure one may wash up on waivers mid-summer from a pissed off/bored owner.

    @royce!: Realized right after I submitted, but its Napoli haha

  35. Xar says:

    Just did my first draft (6X6–standard plus BAA & OPS), five keepers:

    C: McCann (k)
    1B: Pujols (k)
    2B: Phillips (k)
    3B: Aramis Ramirez
    SS: Han-Ram (k)
    OFs (start three): Swisher, Werth, Krispie Young
    U (start two): Lind, Sizemore
    Bench: Sean-Rod, Brandon Allen, Peter Bourjos

    SPs (start five): Cliff Lee, Carpenter, Brett Anderson, Edwin Jackson, Jordan Zimmerman
    RPs (start two): Frank-Frank, Jose Valverde
    Bench: Chacin, James McDonald, Mike Minor, Tim Stauffer

    I’m not wild about my OF (three OF2 or OF3s), but I like the rest of my lineup, including my starting pitching (for the first time). Thoughts?

  36. preptime says:

    @Grey: Quick question, I am in a 12 man H2H 5×5 standard league with 5 keepers. Currently my 5 keepers are: Pujols, Wright, Kemp, Kershaw and then an undecided spot.

    I have a choice between Liriano, Stanton, and Andrus. I am heavily leaning towards Stanton because of the power potential and because I feel starting pitching is overvalued in H2H leagues and I can make up ground through streaming and the waiver wire. What do you think?

  37. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Jason Collette: Thanks! Fair point on Marcum.

    @Xar: I’m also not crazy about Carp, but your team is solid besides your outfield. Since you only start 3 there’s a chance there are guys on waivers though I have no idea how many teams play in your league.

    @preptime: Stanton

  38. Milby says:

    Grey – can Volquez go 200 IP this year? Better question – will he? Thanks.

  39. @Grey: 6×6 10 team daily H2H league with OPS, QS. No IP Cap. I’m obviously light on steals, but what do you think?

    C – V-mart
    1B – Dunn
    2B – Hill
    3B – Zimm
    SS – Hanley
    CI – McGehee
    MI – Drew
    OF1 – Holliday
    OF 2 – Bruce
    OF 3 – Adam Jones
    OF 4 – Lind
    OF 5 – Manny
    DH – Morrison

    SP 1 – Hamels
    SP 2 – Liriano
    SP 3 – Marcum
    SP 4 – Lilly
    SP 5 – Kuroda
    SP 6 – Chacin
    SP 7 – Nolasco
    SP 8 – De La Rosa
    SP 9 – Niese
    SP 10 – Minor

    RP 1 – Broxton
    RP 2 – Frank Francisco
    RP 3 – Jake McGee

    DL – Johan

  40. royce! says:

    @Jared: I just think it’s a great testament to Grey’s position on catchers that he didn’t care that you didn’t have one.

  41. Chunk says:

    Another weird dream: I was checking out at the grocery store and Ryan Raburn was the guest bagger. Some kind of promotion? He looked like Justin Smoak, though. And he looked like he hated bagging groceries. Why do people never look like who they really are in dreams?

  42. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Milby: Sure

    @Jonesy: Team looks very solid. Yeah, you’re light on speed but it’s okay in H2H. Your pitching staff looks great, possibly too great and you might need to upgrade your OF at some point.

    @Chunk: Ha!

  43. MPZ says:

    Let me know where I need help please. 16 Teams H2H – 12×12 with holds.

    Thanx Grey.

    C Jorge Posada (NYY – C)
    1B Adrián González (Bos – 1B)
    2B Aaron Hill (Tor – 2B)
    3B Pedro Alvarez (Pit – 3B)
    SS Starlin Castro (ChC – SS)
    OF Matt Holliday (StL – OF)
    OF Jason Heyward (Atl – OF)
    OF Mike Stanton (Fla – OF)
    Util Logan Morrison (Fla – OF)
    SP CC Sabathia (NYY – SP)
    SP Shaun Marcum (Mil – SP)
    SP Brandon Morrow (Tor – SP)
    RP Luke Gregerson (SD – RP)
    RP Ryan Madson (Phi – RP)
    P Chris Sale (CWS – RP)
    P Hong-Chih Kuo (LAD – RP)
    P Rafael Betancourt (Col – RP)
    BN Michael Morse (Was – 1B,OF)
    BN Josh Willingham (Oak – OF)
    BN Jhoulys Chacin (Col – SP,RP)
    BN Daniel Hudson (Ari – SP)
    BN Mike Adams (SD – RP)
    BN Travis Wood (Cin – SP)

  44. Bobby says:

    Grey, in a 10 team, H2H 6×6 league (standard + BB & QS). What you think?

    C – McCann
    1B – Te(i)x
    2B – Uggla
    3B – Longoria
    SS – Andrus
    OF – McCutchen
    OF – Krispie Young
    OF – Stubbs
    Util – Konerko
    BN – Reynolds (nabbed him last round!)

    SP – CC
    SP – Gallardo
    SP – Kuroda
    SP – Daniel Hudson
    SP – Volquez
    SP – Zimmermann
    SP – Kennedy
    SP – E. Jackson
    SP – McDonald
    RP – Broxton
    RP – Kimbrel

    I think I have a great balance of power and speed. I need to upgrade my RP, especially with these reports of Kimbrel struggling in spring and Venters possibly being the man. Any thoughts/suggestions for me? Thanks!

  45. Is it a bad thing that I have 5 players from your sleepers list on my team this year?:


    I guess you can say I’m not risk averse…

  46. Trip Wildhack says:

    Grey, I know you and others are high on Marcum in 2011. Any concerns about the recent report of “tightness” in his shoulder? When there’s already been major surgery in his backround, isn’t this something of a red flag?

  47. drew says:

    Isn’t Raburn still in a battle for the left firled starting job with Boesch?

  48. drew says:

    @drew: field*

  49. BKK says:

    @Grey: “Justin Duchscherer was unable to throw a simulated game on Sunday due to pain in his hip. He will undergo an MRI on Tuesday and it appears unlikely he will be ready to go when the season starts.” This calls for a Grey classic…’In other news, water is still wet!’

  50. Grey

    Grey says:

    @MPZ: Hitting looks good, your starting pitching looks incredibly shallow.

    @Bobby: I think a league where you draft Reynolds in the last round you should win. With that said, your average is terrible and I’m not sure you have great balance of speed and power as much as you have a few players that give you both. Pitching looks fine and the hitting should keep you in it.

    @Cognoscere: No, not bad.

    @Trip Wildhack: It’s not a good sign.

    @drew: He might lose some ABs to him, Raburn should start though.

  51. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BKK: Hehe

  52. AJK says:

    with the injury news out there, can you make a case that liriano, carpenter and grienke are becoming sleepers too?

  53. Wake Up says:

    Moved on from catgina to a pretty little poochie huh? I like your moves.

  54. Grey

    Grey says:

    @AJK: Nope

    @Wake Up: Catgina didn’t take too kindly that I was telling everyone about her. The sacrifices I make for you people.

  55. dsimon says:

    Grey- thoughts on this draft? 12 team, H2H… 7×7 with Runs Created and OPS; with K/9 instead of K, and with QS and L. I might have too many pitchers.

    C Chris Iannetta – 23
    1B Mark Teixeira – 2
    2B Rickie Weeks – 6
    3B David Wright – 1
    SS Stephen Drew – 7
    LF Manny Ramirez – 11
    CF Alex Rios – 5
    RF Jason Heyward – 3
    Util Gaby Sanchez – 17
    BN Jose Lopez – 20
    BN Jose Tabata – 21
    BN Danny Valencia – 22
    RP Jonathan Broxton – 9
    RP Andrew Bailey – 10
    RP Jose Valverde – 12
    SP Tommy Hanson – 4
    SP Francisco Liriano – 8
    SP Gio Gonzalez – 13
    SP Ricky Romero – 14
    SP Jake Peavy – 15
    SP Javier Vazquez – 16
    SP Jordan Zimmermann – 18
    SP Mike Minor – 19
    SP Aaron Harang – 24

    I made two mistakes – 1) I semi panicked and drafted Hanson based on ESPN’s draft ratings as I was running out of time. I have no idea why I didn’t take Cliffly or Josh Johnson instead. 2) I ran out of time for real, and had no one in my queue, and ended up with Alex Rios. I really hate that. I wanted Colby Rasmus and his hot fire burning in the outfield later.

  56. MAC DADDY says:

    Great Target list. I plan on go after about half of them (or more @cognoscere)since I loose 5 keepers this year.

    16 Team/ Mixed Keeper/ R,RBI, HR, S, OBP/K, W, ERA, WHIP, S/Keep 10 with $inflation for max of 4 years

    HanRam $25 last year
    Ryan Braun $5 last year
    Nick Markakis $5 last year
    Corey Hart $5 last year
    Cain $7 last year
    Matt Kemp $5 2 years
    Tim Lincecum $25 2 years
    Gallardo $4 2 years Votto $10 3 years
    Aaron Hill $7 3 years

    Chris Johnson $2
    David Freese $4
    Alcides Escobar $7
    Julio Borbon $11
    Ike Davis $7
    Napoli $8
    Prado $7
    Wright $56
    Luke Scott $7
    Niese $3
    Venters $2
    Hammel $2
    Garcia $12
    Duensing $2
    Slowey $11
    Jeff Francis$2

    Our league has a buy out option which would cost me some $. Do you love any of the options so much you would pay to release a keeper like Markakis or Hart? I am thinking no but I need a second opinion.
    Assuming no. My 3rdBase hole looks huge. How high do I go on Wright? Longoria, Zimm, Youk, Panda are already keepers and I know there will be a few more. I don’t trust Arod, Reynolds and Hill together might sink the Titanic, Beltre…. Not a fan…..

  57. Wake Up says:

    @Grey: Poochie is much more loyal. Plus, have you tried it with some mustard on it?

  58. anarchy burger says:

    a follow up question. 5×5 12 team mixed. please rank these sps. their keeper round is next to them. bumgarner 12 m minor 12 kuroda 13 dempster 14. i know you are big on the 2 youngsters but what about dempster 24 picks later???

  59. Kendrys Cart Off Home Run says:

    @Grey: Im trying to unload Carlos Gonzalez in a keeper league while his value its as high as its going to get (IMO). I Was thinking of accepting this offer but i feel like im selling him too low. Your thoughts?

    I Get:
    Carl Crawford and Ian Kinsler

    I Give:
    Carlos Gonzalez and Brandon Phillips

  60. xtremehulk says:

    how do u feel about Jair Jurrjens this season. I know u avoided him like the plague last season after his injury marred spring training and that turned out to be a wise decision. He appears healthy again. Thoughts?

  61. Grey

    Grey says:

    @dsimon: Your offense looks a little wonky considering how shallow this league is. Your pitching looks fine.

    @MAC DADDY: re: Hart/Markakis — No; Wright — $35

    @Wake Up: Not entirely sure what you’re asking me, not entirely sure I want to know either.

    @anarchy burger: Bumgarner, Kuroda, Minor…

    @Kendrys Cart Off Home Run: Not crazy about it.

  62. Grey

    Grey says:

    @xtremehulk: He’s kinda yawnstipating in general. I’m not drafting him anywhere.

  63. Kendrys Cart Off Home Run says:

    @Grey: Thanks.
    It seems like a lot to give up, even though i think Kinsler is going to have a really good year. I don’t really want Crawford (Yankee Bias) but i do think he’s going to have a good year too.

  64. OregonianRedbird says:

    Stauffer? Yes.

    Minor? Yes, please.

    Marcum? Heck, yes!

    Morrow? Oh my, I’m getting flustered!

    Edwin Jackson?


  65. Jared says:

    Ian Kennedy is still sitting on waivers. Is it worth dropping Ed Jax or Venters (who probably isnt closing anyways) to scoop him up? I know you have him just above Jackson in your starter rankings.

  66. BingoBoy says:

    Meester Grey,

    Keeper League w/ 16 teams – 1 pt. for TB R RBI BB and 2 pt. for SB

    I draft 9th and can keep either Votto or Braun for my 1st round pick.
    Also can keep either Alexi or S Drew for my 5th round pick.

    Which way would you go?

  67. ML says:


    Like morse…lotta power..def sleeper in my opinion

  68. Just had my draft (Mixed 12 team , 5×5) and then saw the sleeper post, nice to see we agree on Sean Rodriguez, Raburn and Minor.

    Only thing is I drafted Sean Rodriguez way too high (15th round, oy).

    Anyways, I have 4 closers (Street, Putz, Valverde and Hanrahan) along with Sale and Walden.

    Is Walden worth holding onto for era/whip/k’s potential saves, or should I use the roster spot on a backup hitter, my OF is kind of weak

  69. Bobby says:

    Hey Grey what are your thoughts on Magglio? Last year in just half a season he had great numbers…56 runs, 12 HR, 59 RBI and .303 avg. I know he’s getting up there in age but he’s projected to bat 3rd behind Raburn and ahead of Miggy and V-Mart.

  70. Carns says:

    In a show of blind trust I will draft, start, and stick with Edwin Jackson until mid-May at the earliest. I don’t like it, I don’t see it, but I’m in. It almost sounds too crazy to NOT work out. Blind trust.

  71. MetsfanJames says:

    Hey Grey, followed you alot this year. Can you tell me what you think of my team and what I might need. I think pitching.

    C Geovany Soto (ChC – C)
    1B Prince Fielder (Mil – 1B)
    2B Brandon Phillips (Cin – 2B)
    3B David Wright (NYM – 3B)
    SS Alcides Escobar (KC – SS)
    CI Adam Dunn (CWS – 1B)
    MI Jhonny Peralta (Det – 3B,SS)
    OF Jason Heyward (Atl – OF)
    OF Mike Stanton (Fla – OF)
    OF Brett Gardner (NYY – OF)
    OF Coco Crisp (Oak – OF)
    Util Lance Berkman (StL – 1B)
    SP Yovani Gallardo (Mil – SP)
    SP Max Scherzer (Det – SP)
    SP Jake Peavy (CWS – SP)
    RP Heath Bell (SD – RP)
    RP Francisco Rodríguez (NYM – RP)
    P John Axford (Mil – RP)
    P Edinson Vólquez (Cin – SP)
    BN Seth Smith (Col – OF)
    BN Dustin Ackley (Sea – OF)
    BN Michael Pineda (Sea – SP)
    BN Mike Minor (Atl – SP)
    BN Tim Stauffer (SD – SP,RP)
    BN Chris Young (NYM – SP)
    BN Chris Sale (CWS – RP)

  72. Grey

    Grey says:

    @bensbias: Grab a backup OF if you like, you don’t need Walden.

    @Bobby: Blech

    @Carns: Ha… Thanks!

  73. MetsfanJames says:

    from post above. 12 team 5×5.

  74. Black Beard says:

    What are the Rangers doing with Feliz? It seems like they’re saying he’s going back to the closer role, he says he wants to go back to the closer role, and, yet, they keep rolling him out for 4 innings?

  75. Grey

    Grey says:

    @MetsfanJames: Peralta, Berkman and Crisp are kinda gnarly, your bench looks like this is a keeper, if it is that’s cool, if it’s not, too many young players…. In general, your pitching looks good and your hitting looks light on speed. Not bad overall.

    @Black Beard: I’ve maintained that I think he stays the closer. They probably figure his arm’s young, let him throw four innings then it’ll be a breeze when he needs to throw one.

  76. BingoBoy says:

    I forgot to ask about round 5 as well.

    Keeper League w/ 16 teams – 1 pt. for TB R RBI BB and 2 pt. for SB

    Also can keep either Alexi or S Drew for my 5th round pick.

    Which way would you go?

  77. MetsfanJames says:

    Yes it is a keeper, good eye, came in with stanton and heyward in late rounds.
    I looked up “gnarly” in the dictionary and it gave me defintions from excellent and great to gross and horrible. Im hoping you meant it in its postiive form but considering you were talking just bout Berkman, Peralta and Crisp, Im guessing you meant it negatively.

  78. MetsfanJames says:

    Hello Grey,
    Had my draft yesterday. We added keepers for next year so drafted some young guys late. What do you think of my team. 12 team 5×5.


    C Jorge Posada (NYY – C)
    1B Joey Votto (Cin – 1B)
    2B Chase Utley (Phi – 2B)
    3B Chipper Jones (Atl – 3B)
    SS Elvis Andrus (Tex – SS)
    CI Billy Butler (KC – 1B)
    MI Ben Zobrist (TB – 1B,2B,OF)
    OF Matt Holliday (StL – OF)
    OF Shane Victorino (Phi – OF)
    OF Juan Pierre (CWS – OF)
    OF Corey Hart (Mil – OF)
    Util Aubrey Huff (SF – 1B,OF)
    SP Cole Hamels (Phi – SP)
    SP Wandy Rodríguez (Hou – SP)
    SP Gio González (Oak – SP)
    RP Jhoulys Chacin (Col – SP,RP)
    RP Chris Pérez (Cle – RP)
    P Hiroki Kuroda (LAD – SP)
    P Brett Myers (Hou – SP)
    BN Mike Moustakas (KC – 3B) NA
    BN Alfonso Soriano (ChC – OF)
    BN Ryan Franklin (StL – RP)
    BN Matt Garza (ChC – SP)
    BN Stephen Strasburg (Was – SP)
    BN Julio Teherán (Atl – SP) NA
    BN Zach Britton (Bal – SP)

  79. MetsfanJames says:

    (thats my friends team above, forgot to change the name on top for him)

  80. Steve says:

    Andrew Bailey leaving game – looks like something popped in his pitching elbow.

    According to Rob Neyer, anyway.

  81. dsimon says:


    yeah… I think that is attributable to two things:

    1) the two picks I botched.

    2) we use LF/CF/RF. I screwed up my analysis – LF was super shallow after Holliday, CarGo, Crawford, Braun, Hamilton, and Cruz. And they were all gone by pick 21. I didn’t want to double up on RF after taking Heyward.

    Either way, thanks for the quick analysis. I’ll try to get you a case of bud heavies by the end of the week.

  82. JohnDoe says:

    Hey Grey,

    Which two would you rather have.
    Dunn/Phillips or Morales/Uggla


  83. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BingoBoy: I feel like I answered this already. Alexei’s slightly better than Drew, neither are great bargains.

    @MetsfanJames: Yeah, in the negative.

    @MetsfanJames: Pierre, Butler, Chipper and Zobrist are also gnarly. I prefer your team.

    @Steve: Yeah, not good.

    @dsimon: No problem.

    @JohnDoe: Dunn/Phillips

  84. Raj says:

    Nice post. I’ll toss out some other sleepers on my radar:

    N. Walker
    S. Castro
    A. Gordon
    L. Morrison

    Super sleepers to keep an eye on (probably will go undrafted in most leagues):
    A. Casilla
    Dan Johnson
    Mike Morse

  85. Pot says:

    @MADD DAWG: Damn thats an awful team. I’d trade helickson for Casper wells straight up.

  86. Eddy says:


    In my 12-team league, I’m kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel for saves.

    I have

    Fernando Rodney
    Kyle Farnsworth
    Brandon League
    Brandon Lyon
    Jake McGee

    I want to pick up Ryan Madson, but I’m not sure if anyone here is worth dropping. I also have Carlos Zambrano on my SP.

    Is anyone here worth dropping for Madson?

  87. motorcitykitty says:

    Hey Grey. Thanks again for helping me win my league last year. Just had our 16 team H2H points draft (a little early, I know) and I have a couple ? for you and the razzballers. I’ll try to keep it short as possible so as not to waste your time. 1. One of the more experienced guys in my league employed a crazy strategy that kind of threw our draft out of wack. He took pitchers with about his first 10 picks. His team:

    Pitchers Batters
    Lester C John Buck
    Verlander 1B Ike Davis
    Cain 2B Neil Walker
    B. Wilson 3B David Freese
    Billingsley SS

  88. cruisinkc says:

    I’ll just jump on the bandwagon and get some feedback on my latest keeper league draft. Each team keeps 5. This league is 12 team 6 X 6 roto with doubles and quality starts as the extra categories.

    C: Iannetta
    1B: Teix
    2B: Kinsler
    3B: Wright
    SS: Furcal
    OF: Braun
    OF: Holliday
    OF: BJ Upton
    UTL: Manny Ramirez
    UTL: Dexter Fowler

    SP: Billingsley
    SP: Daniel Hudson
    SP: Josh Beckett
    SP: Edison Volquez
    SP: Javier Vazquez
    SP: Jorge de la Rosa
    SP: James McDonald
    SP: Tim Stauffer
    RP: Jose Valverde
    RP: Craig Kimbrel
    RP: Frank Francisco
    RP: Kyle Farnsworth

    My draft was a little wonky as we are allowed to trade away picks during the season so my first pick was essentially the 8th round (after 5 rounds of keepers). I missed out on a lot of the top starters so I really loaded up on upside SP hoping 5 pan out. Also I’m thinking about dropping McDonald to pick up Fuentes just for RP backup.

    Thoughts on my team?

  89. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Ha

    @Raj: Thanks…

    @Eddy: Zambrano if you need saves, though it doesn’t look like you do.

    @motorcitykitty: No problem. You in a league with AJ Mass? Is there a question you’re asking?

  90. motorcitykitty says:

    Sorry….Anyway, nevermind the list of players……but can he win with this strategy? He said he wanted two-start pitchers in every slot, as our league sets its lineups weekly. Also, I had the last pick, and conceded taking a catcher late in the draft. I have the #1 waiver, and somehow Jaso is sitting there on waivers, unpicked in the drafrt, and my C is Avila. We start only 1 catcher. Should I waste my #1 waiver pick to improve at C with Jaso?

  91. Grey

    Grey says:

    @cruisinkc: Lose McDonald for Fuentes. I like your team a lot. You might have some issues with pitching but good upside choices. Your hitting is very strong, so you might be able to trade some of that for pitching if you need to.

  92. Grey

    Grey says:

    @motorcitykitty: Go with Jaso. Anyone can win with any strategy. He’s made it very hard for himself though, so it’s not a good idea what he did.

  93. mr baseball says:

    Sean Rodriguez or Danny Espinosa in 20 team keeper league – I have no 2nd baseman at this point in time

  94. Steve says:

    Bailey has an appointment with the good Dr Andrews.

  95. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Well, he’s cooked.

  96. mr baseball says:

    Did my leagues draft last night 16 teams Auction Draft
    All these players went for $50 or more in the bidding

    Hanley Ramírez (Fla – SS) $69 Born This Way
    Adrián González (Bos – 1B) $62 Doc.Lee.Os.Cole.Huff
    Evan Longoria (TB – 3B) $61 Bruklyn BushLeaguhz®
    Miguel Cabrera (Det – 1B) $61 BLAZE
    Albert Pujols (StL – 1B) $60 Born This Way
    David Wright (NYM – 3B) $52 the Hart Foundation
    Carlos González (Col – OF) $52 Danks+Swisher=Smoak
    Joey Votto (Cin – 1B) $51 Bruklyn BushLeaguhz®
    Ryan Zimmerman (Was – 3B) $51 LeBraun James
    Troy Tulowitzki (Col – SS) $50 THE BENEVOLENT ONES
    Ryan Howard (Phi – 1B) $50 _ MOZZYE’S_6-TOOLER$_
    Robinson Canó (NYY – 2B) $50 Born This Way
    Kevin Youkilis (Bos – 1B) $50 the Hart Foundation

  97. Ron Mexico's Papi says:

    @Grey: Who is better: Neftali Feliz as a closer OR Neftali Feliz as a starter? If I was going to pay $16 for Feliz the closer ($260 budget for a 26-man roster in a 10-team mixed roto league) should I also pay $16 for Feliz the starter? That would put him at #22 in my starter rankings, which seems a bit high. I had him ranked as my top closer, but it is looking more and more like he will start and may even be their ace. Thanks.

  98. Jay says:

    @Ron Mexico’s Papi: RPs are more scarce than SPs, plus Feliz’s stuff will lead to a few more bumps in the road than out of the ‘pen. I say drop him to around $10, depending on how the auction goes.

  99. Ron Mexico's Papi says:

    @Jay: That sounds pretty close. I was thinking about dropping him to $10 as well. That would put him around Buchholz, Billingsley and Hughes in my rankings, which sounds about right.

  100. Wilsonian says:

    Rotation of:

    SP: Timmy
    SP: Verlander
    SP: Bills
    RP: Soria
    RP: K-Rod
    P: Lyon
    P: Rodney
    P: Hudson
    BN: E. Jackson
    BN: Peavy

    Usual 5 categories plus losses and ks/9. Minor, Kennedy, and Fuentes are on waivers. Do I pick up any of them? Thinking hard about Fuentes after the recent Bailey/Freeze news and I REALLY like Minor for some reason.

  101. Wilsonian says:

    @Wilsonian: that’s Daniel Hudson, in case you’re wondering.

  102. Ron Mexico's Papi says:

    @Wilsonian: Personally, I trust Fuentes a lot more than Rodney, but I would want to be certain Bailey is done for the year. It doesn’t sound good for him since Dr. Andrews’ name has been mentioned and he is seeing him so fast.

  103. Wilsonian says:

    @Ron Mexico’s Papi: yeah, I totally agree with you. Plus Sosciapath has already said (in not so many words) that Rodney has a short leash and a lot of guys that could step in for him.

  104. Jay says:

    @Ron Mexico’s Papi: Agreed, slot him with those kinds of pitchers and see whatever the price range is.

  105. Wilsonian says:

    Different league, would you take Fuentes over League?

  106. Grey

    Grey says:

    @mr baseball: That’s insane, people must have really good cheap keepers.

    @Ron Mexico’s Papi: Starter

    @Wilsonian: Minor over Jackson if you like, you have enough closers.

    @Wilsonian: Hold League for right now until there’s confirmation on Bailey.

  107. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: would it be the same advice for Rodney? Hold him until confirmation on Bailey?

  108. mr baseball says:

    @Grey Says:
    that was not a keeper league – its just a 16 team league
    no one came cheap

    Chris Johnson (Hou – 3B) $17 _MOZZYE’S_6-TOOLER$_

  109. Jay says:

    @Grey: Re: mr baseball, well he did say it was a 16-team league, so prices should be about 30% higher than in 12-team. So I understand guys like Pujols and HanRam going for over 60. It’s the guys like Zimmerman, Youkilis, Howard, etc that’d normally go for around $40 in a 16er instead of $50+.

    Youkilis for 83% of Pujols is nuts — I think 60-70% is more common. Keeper inflation doesn’t really account for that…

  110. Wake Up says:

    @Grey: Mustard on it…Sling Blade reference…

  111. Wake Up says:

    Hope you are sitting down…Harden has a setback and is shutdown indefinitely…in other news…the grass is still green…

  112. Wake Up says:

    @Wake Up: …not that we have grass here in Dubai.

  113. Neil says:

    Hey Grey,

    Do you put the sleepers in a particular order? And are your sleepers/overrated predictions reflected in your overall rankings? Sorry if this has been covered before.


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