Hey, Stephen here and this is my first draft representing Razzball.  Let me know what you think of the team in the comments.  Here is my team and a few things I was thinking:

Battle of the Fantasy Gods draft 3/7/11. 14 teams, Roto, 5 x 5, 2C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, MI, CI, 5 OF, UTL, 9 P, 2 DL, 5 total bench spots (max 30 players); no innings limit, no at-bat limit.

Rd 1 Pk 9 – Evan Longoria, 3B
Rd 2 Pk 20 – Ryan Howard, 1B
Rd 3 Pk 37 – Brandon Phillips, 2B
Rd 4 Pk 48 – Hunter Pence, OF
Rd 5 Pk 65 – B.J. Upton, OF
Rd 6 Pk 76 – Yovanni Gallardo, SP
Rd 7 Pk 93 – Elvis Andrus, SS
Rd 8 Pk 104 – Matt Cain, SP
Rd 9 Pk 121 – Carlos Pena, 1B/CI
Rd 10 Pk 132 – Jose Valverde, RP/CL
Rd 11 Pk 149 – Shawn Marcum, SP
Rd 12 Pk 160 – Adam Jones, OF
Rd 13 Pk 177 – Ted Lily, SP
Rd 14 Pk 188 – Logan Morrison, OF
Rd 15 Pk 205 – Edwin Jackson, SP
Rd 16 Pk 216 – Matt Capps, RP/CL
Rd 17 Pk 233 – Ricky Nolasco, SP
Rd 18 Pk 244 – Jordan Zimmermann, SP
Rd 19 Pk 261 – Danny Espinosa, 2B/SS/MI
Rd 20 Pk 272 – Mike Minor, SP
Rd 21 Pk 289 – Bud Norris, SP
Rd 22 Pk 300 – Miguel Olivo, C
Rd 23 Pk 317 – Njyer Morgan, OF
Rd 24 Pk 328 – Asdrubal Cabrera, SS
Rd 25 Pk 345 – Octavio Dotel, RP/CL
Rd 26 Pk 356 – Brandon Allen, 1B
Rd 27 Pk 373 – Mike Moustakas, 3B
Rd 28 Pk 384 – Jesus Montero, C

Sleepers? Psh-posh. More like reach.
I follow a morphed strategy of Rudy’s and Grey’s by drafting safe and consistent players in the first few rounds, take value when it falls, and taking upside risks throughout the draft. However, I was struck by how many managers were drafting players far before I either expected them to or astronomically early.  Jay Bruce drafted pick 46 (Grey’s ranking 84). Mike Stanton draft pick 63 (Grey’s ranking 87). Craig Kimbrel drafted pick 154 (Grey’s ranking 197). Drew Stubbs drafted pick 70 (Grey’s ranking 98). This doesn’t include Jose Bautista going before Prince Fielder over even Matt Kemp, or Buster Posey going at pick number 28 before Victor Martinez (pick 42), Brian McCann (pick 51) and three picks after Joe Mauer.

My team is yawnstipating with a glaring weakness in Average
… Yet that value makes my team feel boring. I don’t have a fancy tool like Rudy to run my team through to see if it’s “good enough” to defeat my opposition. However, there appears to be a few nice upside players littered throughout. For example, Marcum plucked at 149, Espinosa at 261, Asdrubal falling to 328. Octavio Dotel was a hope and a prayer. Mike Minor was my sexy pick back in March, now it doesn’t look as sexy.  Matt Capps was a handcuff, because even as a Twins fan, I don’t trust Nathan.

Mama always said …
There will be struggles along the way. It’s amazing how decent this team looked two weeks ago and how scary — when’s Longoria returning? — the team looks now.  Asdrubal still looks like a steal, but the last few rounds are flyers that don’t look so great now.  The team should contend, but it’s going to take some maneuvering on the waiver wire and in trades.  So what do you think of the team?

  1. Cain Fan says:

    The only picks I disagree with are Gallardo in the 6th (personally I would have taken another bat) and Morrison later. I am not sure what Morrison brings to the table and you would have been better served grabbing a better SP/RP.

    Your OF, SP, and RP look insanely weak (I think you can easily fix the pitching problem if you are on top of things). However the Pence, Morrison, Upton, Morgan, Jones OF is REALLY light on power and RBIs. Your squad is really deep in SBs and Rs and light on pretty much everything else. I would look to move Andrus for an upgrade as he is your most expendable piece (with the most value).

    Good luck!

  2. Mike says:

    amazing that Longoria fell to 9…

  3. Cain Fan says:

    PS Michael Young started his 3rd game at 2B today. 2 more and he becomes so much more valuable for me!

  4. Solid squad bro.
    Picks I like a lot (for value/player reasons):
    J. Zimm @244
    E. Jackson @ 205—nice foresight
    Marcum @ 149
    L. Morrison @188 (I love this kid to bust out)

    Picks I’m not-so-fond-of:
    Lily @177– throws so soft–inconsistent despite NL West appeal.
    Norris @289–high K upside…kills WHIP/ERA/No wins
    A. Jones @160–feels like a reach for this toolsy disappointment

    I think Average may be a weak spot as you note. I also have a few concerns about your starters…You may struggle with WHIP and era…wins are always a wild card. I would try to flip an OF for a solid S.P.—-Jones for D. Hudson or Chacin

  5. Mike says:

    Also, pitching looks pretty yawnstipating too.

    In my 12 team RCL, I decided to try something new this year: punting SP and loading up on bats and closers. I’m hoping 1) the 8 closers begin to make up for the lack of K’s from elite starters; 2) the streamers I can get, coupled with lucky waiver wire action (already Beachy, McClellan, Ogando, Drabek, Masterson and Esmil Rogers have landed on my team; so far, 6 starts (70.1 IP) I’ve got 12 saves, a 2.047 ERA and .995 WHIP, but only 4 wins and 57 Ks); and, 3) later in the season, when people are scrambling for saves, I may be able to package a trade that will allow me to make up for weak spots.

    This strategy also allowed me to stack my offense with Votto, Cano, Bautista, Ellsbury, BJ Upton, Victorino, Posey, Stubbs, and Crisp (had to punt SS and MI) and had to reach at DH and CI (Moreland and Smoak).

    But I made the decision to go in that direction on the fly. Liek you, I wasn’t interested in drafting a SP in the first 4 rounds. By the time the 5th came, there weren’t any truly elite SPs left.

  6. Urban Achievers says:

    Solid team bro. You should be thrilled to have gotten Longoria and Howard where you did. I think you reached for Elvis but then again I think Grey had him waaaay overrated. You didn’t loose the league with that draft, that’s for sure

  7. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    I’m currently, as of 4/12/11, sitting in 4th at 8.5 points behind first place. 1st has 98 points, me 89.5 points with 44 points in hitting and 44.5 points in pitching.

    @Cain Fan: Concur. I was/am hoping to get power from Longoria, Howard and Pena with moderate help from Jones and Pence. My pitching is boring without much upside. Thanks for the advice.

    @Mike: Mhm.

    @Dr. Stats: Average, WHIP and ERA will be my bane.

    @Mike: re:pitching: Concur.

    @Urban Achievers: Thanks. I need to make a few solids moves and I should be doing ok.

  8. Tom says:

    Grey – I have napoli on my team as my catcher on a 12 team h2h league. Should i be worried that hes not getting to much playing time?

  9. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @Tom: Grey will respond to questions addressed to him quicker in his article. Just a heads up.

  10. Denys says:

    Hamilton strains shoulder…

  11. Tom says:

    @Stephen: Thanks

  12. Beaten With Uggla Stick says:

    I actually think your SPs are better than advertised. Marcum, Lilly, E. Jackson and J. Zimmerman should all outperform their draft positions. Your OF is quite yawnstipating, coulda used more pop from this position. Otherwise solid draft.

  13. Ozzie says:

    Solid pitching staff for a 14 team league. At least the top 7. Yovani, Cain, Jackson, Marcum, Zimmerman, Nolasco, Lilly. Might not be a bad idea to get some Oak or SD guys on your staff to start at home. Help keep your ERA and Whip lower, essentially help offset the Norris effects on your starting pitching.

  14. Stephen says:

    @Beaten with Uggla Stick: The OF feels weak, but every teams needs Yanstipating players, they’re usually the consistent players.

    @Ozzie: That’s was my thinking for 14 team league too. I’ll want more SD pitchers. But the tricky thing is it’s weekly leagues.

  15. michael bourne says:

    since the draft was in march, have you upgraded a closer or outfielder? also have you dropped any of your bench for extra pitchers? tradein bench for starting pitching it’s always a good idea

  16. Arrec Bardwin says:

    Hamilton out for 6-8 weeks. Deep mixed and AL only leagues should look at picking up David Murphy. This could also mean more AB for Napoli as Moreland could play RF while Napoli plays 1B.

  17. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @michael bourne: I’ve made a few preemptive strikes for closers (Balfour) and waiting on Dotel to see what shake ups happen in Toronto. However, I did pick up Thome and Masterson for some cheap effective innings while he pitches well. I’m currently 2.5 points out of first after yesterday. I would say my team is holding together well, especially since I have Alberto Callapso starting at Third until Longoria returns.

  18. Chad says:

    Drafting only one closer in a 14 team league basically equates to punting a category. It means someone else ends up with three of them and you’ve given them a dozen points on you.

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