Anibal Sanchez was amazing last night, pitching 8 innings and giving up just 5 five hits with a whopping 17 strikeouts against one of the league’s best offenses. Sanchez has never looked dirtier. Filthy even. I was hoping Manager Jim Leyland would send Sanchez out for the ninth to try for 20 Ks, but Anibal was pulled after 121 pitches. Leyland said he needed Sanchez in the dugout to bum a cigarette. No, Sanchez doesn’t usually smoke but he was on fire last night and always has a spare menthol for Skip. That kind of know-how and pedigree was why I owned Anibal everywhere last year, so of course I don’t own him anywhere this year. I must give it up to our fearless leader, Grey, for coming up with that headline. I almost went with “Bell of the Anibal” or “A Boy Named Anibal.” And those are just terrible. But things are really clicking for the Boy Named Anibal. I once knew a boy named Sue. He got in bar fight with Commodus and Reese Witherspoon, and Reese played the “Don’t-you-know-who-I-am!?” card and everyone got arrested. Well, if you didn’t know Anibal Sanchez before last night you better know him now. 17 STRIKEOUTS! Great Anibals of fire! Sanchez’s previous high was 14 Ks, but he now holds the Tigers record, which has got to peeve Justin Verlander a bit. Relax JV, you had Kate Upton, let Sanchez have this. His new home in Detroit has been good to him. No one wants to win more than 14 games for Jeffrey Loria anyway, right?

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Spaceman here, and I’ll be keeping tabs on spring training battles to watch by position, in each division. I’ll hopefully convey a common sense approach that assists with your draft prep and roster depth. If not, I’ll head back to my farm in Vermont to sprinkle grass on my pancakes.

Blue Jays

2B Starter: Toronto brought Emilio Bonifacio over in Jeffrey “Expo Killer” Loria’s Miami fire sale, right after signing Maicer Izturis to a 3-year deal. So who’s playing 2B up in Canada? They haven’t committed to either, but G.M. Alex Anthopoulos appears to see Boni in a Utility role. Possibly taking over for Colby Rasmus in CF, should he struggle early on. Probable outcome: With the inside track to 2B, Izturis takes it, giving the Jays options in the OF should Melky Cabrera not perform off the juice. Izturis won’t provide much fantasy value outside of the deepest of leagues or as a late round MI flyer due to the improved offense around him. Whereas Boni should have an impact in leagues of any type, with his perennial base stealing and a nice position eligibility.

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New York Yankees 2011 Minor League Review

Organizational Talent Rankings via Baseball America:

2012 (6) | 2011 (5) | 2010 (22) | 2009 (15) | 2008 (5) | 2007 (5)

2011 Affiliate Records

MLB: [97-65] AL East

AAA: [73-69] International League – Scranton

AA: [68-73] Eastern League – Trenton

A+: [74-64] Florida State League – Tampa

A: [55-85] South Atlantic League – Charleston

A(ss): [45-28] New York-Penn League – Staten Island

The Run Down

The Yankees system took a bit of a blow after losing Jesus Montero, but it’s still in good shape. 

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New York Yankees 2010 Minor League Review
Overall farm rankings via Baseball America (2010)
2010 (18) | 2009 (15) | 2008 (5) | 2007 (7) | 2006 (17) | 2005 (24) | 2004 (27)

Record of Major and Minor League Teams
MLB: [95 – 67] AL East
AAA: [85 – 56] International League – Scranton/Wilkes-Barre
AA: [83 – 59] Eastern League – Trenton
A+: [78 – 57] Florida League – Tampa
A: [65 – 74] South Atlantic – Charleston
A(ss): [34 – 40] New York – Pennsylvania League – Staten Island
R: [24 – 32] Gulf League

The Run Down
For as much as the media lambasts the Yankees receive for trading their prospects, they have a wealth of talent that is often ignored.

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New York Yankees 2009 Minor League Review
Overall farm rankings via Baseball America (2009)
2009 (15) | 2008 (5) | 2007 (7) | 2006 (17) | 2005 (24) | 2004 (27)

Record of Major and Minor League Teams
MLB: [103 – 59] AL East – World Series Champions
AAA: [81 – 60] International League
AA: [69 – 72] Eastern League
A+: [77 – 56] Florida League
A: [74 – 65] South Atlantic
A(ss): [47 – 29] New York – Pennsylvania League
R: [33 – 27] Gulf League

The Run Down
Not that the Yankees had a down year or anything like that.

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