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Streamonator Info:

FAQ - Click here.  Razzball Streamonator (aka Stream-o-Nator, Stream-o-nater, Streamonater):  This tool is designed to identify attractive short-term pitcher pickups - aka fantasy baseball streamers/streaming pitchers.  It could also be used to determine when to start/sit a pitcher on your roster.  (For Daily Fantasy Baseball games, check out DFSBot). The higher the $ value, the more attractive the start.  Stream-o-Nator projections rely on Steamer Rest of Season projections as a foundation and then adjust based on several game-specific factors that include opponent strength vs. the pitcher's handedness, whether the start is home or away and park factors.  Streaming pitchers has inherent risk to it - this tool merely tries to increase the odds for picking a particular start. What Is The Expected Accuracy Of Streamonator Projections?:  Please see the Razzball Ombotsman for correlations between the Streamonator projections and actual stats. Filtering Results:  You can filter multiple fields at the same time.  The text fields below the column headers enable several methods for filtering the data.  Here are some examples:
Function Symbol Example Explanation
ANY MATCH 'NY' in Opponent field This would filter the results to only pitchers facing the New York Yankees (NYA) and New York Mets (NYN)
OR | David Price|Justin Verlander in 'Name' This would display the stats only for David Price and Justin Verlander.
NOT ! !at in Opponent This would remove all away starts (an away game for Atlanta written as 'at ATL')
NOR ! | !David Price|Justin Verlander in 'Name' This would display the stats for all pitchers EXCEPT David Price and Justin Verlander
GREATER THAN > >10 in $ This would only display rows for pitchers whose projected $ is greater than 10.
LESS THAN < <10 in $ This would only display rows for pitchers whose projected $ is less than 10.
GREATER THAN OR EQUAL TO >= >=10 in $ This would only display rows for pitchers whose projected $ is greater than or equal to 10.
LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO <= <=10 in $ This would only display rows for pitchers whose projected $ is less than or equal to 10.
Position Eligibility - 20 Games in last season for ESPN and ’2 Catcher’ formats.   5 Games for Yahoo. Pitchers Included: All probable pitchers for up to the next 7 days.  Pitchers with two starts are listed twice. $ Values - A pitcher's projected stats for their start are multiplied by 30 then valued for a 12-team MLB league using the ESPN/CBSSports roster format (13 hitters, 9 pitchers) and a $260 team budget.  While the $ values would vary for any other league format, we would expect the rankings to remain relatively the same.  For 12-team leagues, $4 is about the 'average' start.  Anything above $0 is 'better than nothing' but may be suboptimal in leagues with IP or GS limits. Please see FAQ for $ targets for other league formats.

1-start vs. 2-start calculator - 

The below chart equates the average $ value of a 2-start pitcher's two starts to a one-start pitcher's start for weekly leagues.  So if a 2-start pitcher averages $4 in value across his two starts, that is the equivalent of a single start that is worth $7.  This is based on standard 5x5.
Two Start $ Avg Equivalent $ Value of One Start
1 0.5
2 2.6
3 4.7
4 6.9
5 9.0
6 11.1
7 13.2
8 15.4
9 17.5
10 19.6
Own%  Based on ownership within the Razzball Commenter Leagues which consists of 84 12-team MLB leagues using the standard ESPN roster format.
  1. Hmmm… Was all ready to start Kluber tonight, but then I saw his pitifully low rating on the stream-o-nator. Is this just early season kinks in the machine, or should I heed its warning??

    • @gleamteam_matt: Grey and I have him as a $5 pitcher this year so a $4 SoN value isn’t particularly low. He’s pitching on the road to a solid offense (Oakland). If you’re in a league with a low IP/GS cap, I’d bench him but otherwise would start him.

  2. Jesse says:

    Hi Rudy,

    I few guys that stick out to me are:

    – Tommy Milone, $17 vs Sea
    – Hector Santiago, $13 vs Sea
    – Jenrry Mejia, $16 vs Cin

    Out of those, Mejia seems way out of wack – maybe still being projected as a reliever? But between Milone and Santiago, who would you rather start? Or go for both in a 12 team Yahoo mixed league with standard IP limit? Thanks!

    • @Jesse: Mejia is projected as an SP. I’m surprised he’s that high but the key factors are that he’s home, in a good pitcher’s park, to a weak offense (the Reds are overrated b/c they play in a good home park – same with COL). Milone and Santiago make more sense b/c Seattle is a weak offense that is predominantly lefty. I like Santiago best of these three but I’d start any/all of them (with Mejia taking the biggest cajones)

  3. Andrew says:

    Surprised that Estrada is ranked so high at Boston? And projected to get the win? Thoughts?

    • @Andrew: Good catch. I had failed to adjust his ERA/WHIP to account for having to face a DH. It is now adjusted. I also adjust ERA/WHIP now if it’s an AL pitcher in an NL park (ERA/WHIP goes down) and a slight adjustment if an AL pitcher is facing an NL team at home (b/c NL DHs not as good as AL DHs).

      • Andrew says:

        @Rudy Gamble:

        Cool. Peralta is -8, expected Estrada to be closer to that lol.

        • Peralta has been a worse pitcher to date than Estrada. Tons of potential but bad control and the K’s haven’t been there yet.

  4. David Niven says:

    Hey Rudy, when do you start to trust xfip? May, June? 10 starts?

    Thanks for all the work man. Much appreciated.

    • I don’t think there’s a set # of innings. If a guy is performing to projections, I’m on board immediately. If he is above/below projections, it is about understanding what changed in his stuff/approach. New pitch? Change in velocity?

  5. Troy says:

    Why so low on Erasmo? Also, would you rather take Hutchison or Niese tomorrow?

    • @Troy: steamer didn’t like Erasmo. One of the few cases I disagreed and grabbed him late in drafts. I’d start him tomorrow in deep leagues. I’d prefer Hutchison – I have no faith in Niese.

  6. B.o.B says:

    Is Hutchinson’s $14.4 vs. the Yankees pretty much a must start in 10 team leagues?

    • Yes, I think the cutoff is somewhere around $10 for 10-team mixed leagues.

  7. Rico says:

    I’d like to feature request that this looks further out than 7 days. As of now, I have to wait until 10am on Monday morning to look at the current week in my weekly league. By this time, many good streaming options have been picked over by other teams in the league. 14 day look ahead would be ideal so that in the middle of the week I can start thinking about who to own for the following week of games.

    • Something I’m working on. Need to work through how to project probable pitchers more than 7 days.

      In the meantime, There is no reason to wait until Monday morning to see the perfect weekly view. You can see Next Monday’s starts on Tuesday which lets you see 2-start pitchers.

  8. Andrew says:

    Will be pitchers projections be updated at some point? I thought I remember last year saying this gets stronger a few weeks into the season once you update?

    • @Andrew: Yes, probably in the next week or two. It won’t change the projections much though. The first 2-3 starts aren’t more important than the track record of the pitcher over the past several years.

  9. Rico says:

    Using “>4/13″ in the date header doesn’t filter for all dates 4/14 and later.

  10. shaggybevo says:

    Dustin McGowan (4/10 starter) is switching places with R.A. Dickey and is scheduled to start 4/11.

    Tanner Roark didn’t start tonight (4/9) and is scheduled to start 4/11.

    Hyun-Jin Ryu didn’t start tonight (4/9) and is scheduled to start 4/11.

    • Thanks for the heads up. Will look out for this on tomorrow’s run

  11. Rico says:

    I feel like a nag. 4/15 and 4/16 would typically have been showing by now. 4/14 is the most distant date shown.

    • @Rico: It’s now in there. Our script for importing the data feed was broken today. Now fixed.

  12. Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

    fausto carmona scheduled to go the 14th against ATL instead of against MIA.

  13. Streaming Leake says:

    I suggest double sourcing the scheduled starters before streaming an SP based on SON. Maybe it’s the early season schedule, but I picked up Tommy Milone for the second straight week based on SON, then found he did not pitch last week, and is not listed as probable starter on MLB.Com for this Sunday.

    • @Streaming Leake: I agree. Best to be safe. There’s a reason it’s called ‘probable’ starters and not ‘posi-definitely’ starters. BTW, Milone was supposed to pitch on 4/4 and that was the game cancelled because of poor field conditions. They then skipped him over. http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/sns-rt-bbo-athletics-mariners-preview-20140411,0,1048743.story

      He’s starting today. Not sure why there was a switch from Sunday to today but it is reflected in today’s SoN.

      • Streaming Leake says:

        @Rudy Gamble:We have next day rostering. He hits my roster tomorrow!

        • @Streaming Leake: SoN has him now starting on Sunday but doesn’t like the start. I think it’s driven mainly by it being in Texas (good hitter’s park). It’s possible that this factor isn’t as pronounced in April vs. summer…

  14. steve says:

    Not sure if this has been stated, but it looks like Martin Perez is going to start on Sunday vs. HOU. Seems like a nice option.

  15. KevinS says:

    I think you mentioned you were going to tweak some of the stats for starters that were relievers last yr to more accurately reflect expected results as starters vs being a reliever. Not sure if you did this or not.

    If you have already done this, I have questions on Robbie Ross and Tanner Scheppers…. Both have been scoring high on the SON.

    As always, thank you very much for this great tool!

  16. Andrew says:

    Masterson awfully low ranking tomorrow. Paulino has higher ranking than him lol. Very bad sport for him here?

    • @Andrew:That is suprising since the White Sox offense has any fearsome lefty hitters. Given Masterson has the better projected WHIP/K, looks like SoN thinks Masterson might get hurt by the long ball. I don’t mind the start for Masterson but qualifies as a marginal 12-team start.

      • BringDaRuckus says:

        @Rudy Gamble: So you wouldn’t throw him out there today in a 10-team mixed?

        Thanks Rudy!! The SON is a gift of god!!

        • @BringDaRuckus: This sent me down a rabbit hole. I’ve now added HRs to the SoN and that wasn’t the cause (Masterson is above average at limiting HRs). I found an issue in calculating offensive run index which is used to adjust ERA. So Masterson’s projected ERA was inflated and Paulino’s was likely deflated. The new projections are up and they have Masterson as a marginal 10-team start now.

            • Andrew says:


              Maybe the original projections were right? lol. Masterson got rocked

              • @Andrew: Ha. Yeah, had him going on a couple of 15-team leagues. I think for 10/12 team leagues that he’s only startable for now at home or in NL parks. He just is too prone to these WHIPping post type of starts. Hopefully he finds his 2013 form.

  17. Lipson says:

    Is it possible to do some weekly housekeeping regarding comments? The comments start last year and makes the page insanely long. Especially when cheering in mobile form.

    • Kevin S. says:

      @Lipson: I get annoyed with that too but I finally found something that works.

      Got this from an iPad forum but it works on my phone too…

      You’ll be using JavaScript to a Safari bookmarklet (and, this method only works in Safari, not, say, a note taking app, for instance).

      1) Make a bookmark in Safari and title it something like “Scroll to Bottom” (I put my bookmarklets in their own folder on the main bookmark bar).

      2) Edit that book mark and put the following in the URL field (copy this and just paste it in … is easiest). Include the whole line, even that semi-colon at the end:

      javascript:scroll(0,document.getElementsByTagName( %22body%22)%5B0%5D.scrollHeight);

      That’s it. Now, you have a bookmarklet that will jump you to the bottom of a Safari web page. It works on my new iPad running iOS 5.1.

    • Thanks for the kick in the butt. Figured out how to do it. Pruned everything earlier than April 1st.

      • Lipson says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Much appreciated. I think every 2 weeks would be a nice timeframe to keep things under control.

  18. Jake says:

    Hi Rudy,

    What’s your thoughts on Robbie Ross in an 8 team AL-only

  19. Jake says:

    Opps hit enter too quick

    Hi Rudy,

    What’s your thoughts on Robbie Ross in an 8 team AL-only H2H league? Pick up and hold, or stream? Your projections seem to be based off his RP days. The K/9 seems to be holding so far, but the 6 BB vs. the Sawks was dangerous.

    There’s 55 SP rostered. I already have Price, Tanaka, Ventura, Kluber, Straily, (cobb on DL). Bench is 5 deep. We have to pay for pickups over 50, so I’ve been trying to limit to 2/3 pickups per week, but this closer carousel is killing that.

    Maybe roll hiim out this week vs. Sea and CHW and see how it goes?


    • @Jake: He’s barely rosterable/startable in your format as I’d say he’s not rosterable right now in a 15-team mixed league roto. I like any LHP against Seattle given their best hitters (Cano, Seager, Miller) are lefties.

      • jake says:

        @Rudy Gamble:

        Same situation with mcgowan? You think I’m better off just throwing a half-closer in there like gregorson,doolittle, or bass?

  20. Andrew says:

    How often do you go in and adjust for injuries? R Zimmerman..etc.

    • @Andrew: Every morning. Once a guy goes on the DL, demoted to the minors, or released, he’s taken out of the Hittertron (+ Opponent Offense Factors used in SoN) and typically out of Stream-o-nator.

  21. Joel says:

    I’m looking for a streamer for tomorrow, and looking at Roark. My league has no IP/GS limits (H2H), so that’s not a concern, and I go with basically 2 starters on my team (Waino and Sherzer), and stream the rest. There is a 35IP minimum per week, so I usually need to make sure I pick up at least 3 starters to make sure I get the innings I need.

    What I’m looking for advice on, is since I’ve never played in a league where the $ value matters that much, what is, roughly, the $ value for a “good” streamer? I’m willing to sell out for W and K, and give up HR, as long as my ratios (we use ERA, WHIP, and K/BB) don’t get out of whack. Any advice on what I should be looking for?

  22. Lipson says:

    Do I trust Ian Kennedy tomorrow? $17 is pretty damn awesome.

    • @Lipson: It’s never fun watching an Ian Kennedy start when you have him going but it’s a solid matchup. I’m streaming it in RCL.

    • KevinS says:

      @Lipson: He was a very good streamer for me last year.

  23. Andrew says:

    Maholm starting instead of Ryu

  24. Lipson says:

    Smyly is starting Friday night

    • Lipson says:

      @Lipson: Finally……

  25. Andrew says:

    Burnett starting, not Pettibone today

  26. Andrew says:

    Sorry to bug again – but neither shields nor scherzer are starting 4/18.

  27. @Andrew: If you’re posting these for my account, please stop. The probable SPs get updated once a day in the morning. I get them through a data feed from a partner I trust. Chen was a late scratch for KC and Shields started early. Not sure when Smyly was finalized for 4/18 and Scherzer bumped a day.

    If something’s horribly wrong, let me know. If it’s a change caused by somewhat breaking news, just be patient and wait a day before posting.

  28. Master's Son says:

    Masterson vs Tor. tonight? 11.0 but he’s been horrible.
    Niese vs. Atl. 9.4, but he’s Niese.
    What do you think?

    • @Master’s Son: Not loving Masterson tonight but starting him in the 15-team league that I have him. Sitting him in 10/12 team is not out of the question. Agree on Niese. I’d be passing on that in 10/12 team.

  29. Looking for pitching says:

    I’m trying to piece together a pitching staff in the wake of losing Moore and Cobb (for awhile), and the poor showing of Masterson. 12 team league. I have:
    The wire is a graveyard, but Skaggs, Martin Perez, hammel, Lincecum, Morrow, Peralta and Morton are still there. Would you drop Masterson (or any of the others) for someone on the wire or hold?
    Thanks for your help.

    • I’d check out the Rest of Season Pitcher Projections – http://razzball.com/restofseason-pitcherprojections/

      Masterson’s been rough so far but I have him much more valuable than Eovaldi and Erlin. I think Lincecum, Skaggs, Morrow, and Morton should have positive value this year in 12-team – at least on a games started basis (assuming injuries). Unless you’re in H2H, I’d prefer to consider everyone but Archer, Tillman, and Masterson droppable if they have 1-2 bad matchups in a row and stream. You can use the extra roster spots for middle relievers/closer lottery tickets and to swap out resting hitters. But if you’re in H2H, 7 SPs make sense to roster.

  30. E says:

    What $ would you consider a must start in a 9 team roto league?

  31. afdngns says:

    What’s up with Bedard and Hutchinson? Seems like they have been highly rated $ wise.

    • @afdngns: You were right on Hutchison. Looks like Steamer made an ERA adjustment on him b/w pre-season and rest of season. I’ve now switched 100% to rest of season projections in SoN and that’s led to Hutchison dropping about $6. I think the ~$10 estimate feels a little high but no stat is jumping out at me as wrong. Baltimore is a bad OBP team which helps with WHIP but a very good SLG team so there’s more potential ERA risk.

      As for Bedard, the SoN/Hittertron believes Minnesota’s early season offense is a mirage. TB is a good pitcher’s park and LHPs help neutralize two of MInnesota’s best hitters in Mauer and Kubel. Bedard is tough to have faith in and I wouldn’t touch him in a 12-team league but I can see why the start is valued as it is.

  32. Andy says:

    Is it OK to trust Maholm tonight (v PHI)? I picked him up as a streamer in my 12-team league, but having second thoughts. Had a nice outing last time. Straily is also available, but he got lit up the last time I streamed him and is facing a stronger offense (IMO) than Maholm

  33. Leandro says:

    4 potential starters today. Do I roll all 4?

    Hamels, Pineda, Cain and Ross

    • @Leandro: I wouldn’t start Pineda @BOS. Ross @SEA is a marginal start but I’d do it b/c the Mariners are cold and are predominantly lefty.

  34. GRUESOME STAFF says:

    I’ve streamed using the SON since the beginning of the year in a league where I have a maximum GS of 170. It’s a 10 team league. I have only one SP – Jose Fernandez. My streaming stats are ugly. I’ve used only SP’s worth $12 or more on the SON.

    23 Starts for 5.32 ERA, 1.43 WHIP, 5 Wins, and 116 K’s.

    I’ve run the numbers and it looks like I could average nearly a $14 SP each day just using the SON. If this holds true here are my projected stats (give or take using average SON stats for $14 SP’s)

    With Jose Fernandez and streamers – 1430 K’s, 87 Wins, 3.382 ERA, 1.202 WHIP
    Without Jose (adding Melancon or similar) – 1446 K’s, 91 Wins, 3.389 ERA, 1.202 WHIP

    My question is this: Should I trade Fernandez for more hitting? Up until I ran the numbers I was considering trading one of my many closers for an SP or two, but the math indicates that it would be a mistake if the SON stats, over the long term, hold up.

    Should I go all in on streaming? At the very least it would be an interesting experiment. By the way, I’m currently leading the league in K’s and SV’s, toward the bottom in Win’s, and dead last in ERA and WHIP.

    • Damn, rough going so far on the streams. No way would I get rid of J-Fer. No reason to stream every spot. I like to have 3-4 SPs I can count on and then stream around those guys. I think going 100% streaming leaves you too vulnerable to what’s available in waiver wire. I find streaming in the low rung hitter spots like 5th OF, UTIL, CI, etc. to be more productive.

      • GRUESOME STAFF says:

        @Rudy Gamble:

        Gotcha. I have been doing well streaming hitters, but I’ve had 7 closers and only 3 bench spots so I’ve been tied up with too many players to really rack up the AB’s. I’m almost relieved that a few of the closers I have are going to lose their jobs! Haha. It’ll give me room to maximize AB’s.

        I’ve tried trading closers, but no one wants to give me enough in return. Generally $8-$10 SP’s on the ROS. Which I should be able to stream according to the SON so it doesn’t seem to make sense to trade.

        I guess I’ll stand pat and hopefully the streams become more productive. Thanks for your input.

      • GRUESOME STAFF says:

        @Rudy Gamble:

        Had Odorizzi and Smyly today. $13.3 and $15.4. Got me a 5.93 ERA and 1.65 WHIP and 0 W’s. I think my new cutoff will be $15. Maybe that will help.

        • @GRUESOME STAFF: I had Odorizzi going in 3 leagues. Frustrating. He struck out 5 in the first 2 innings but seemed to use up too many bullets. The Twins offense continues to defy meager expectations. Didn’t see the Smyly start but home against a ‘meat’ White Sox pitcher (Rienzo) should’ve netted better results. Nights like this is why I try to minimize my streaming to about 20% of my GS.

  35. elipitt says:

    Is it possible sort game times for just early games when there is the 12:05 game? <7 excludes those.

    Thanks for all your work on this tool!

    • @elipitt: I’ll look into it. Only idea so far is to change 12 into a decimal so it still looks like 12 but sorts before 1.

      • elipitt says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Thanks, I appreciate your help. If you ever to make a paid phone app for the Razzball tools, I’d buy it. Heck, I’d pay for the tools on the site, great stuff!

  36. afdngns says:

    We’re also not even four weeks into the season and streamers are risky this early in the season. Not a big enough sample size to go off of for most pitchers who are predominantly available in leagues right now. I’ll feel more comfortable using SON in two or three weeks and I’ll rely on it the second half of the season. It’s really killed me the past few weeks, but I know what to expect from it so early in the season. Last year I started using it with eight weeks left in my season(discovered it late) and only lost one week the rest of the season. The numbers I compiled using only SON were ludicrous.

    What I’m getting at….. Give it some time. Deserves the benefit of the doubt from my perspective.

  37. Van says:

    I am running low on IP. Need to sit either Porcello today or A. Sanchez tomorrow. Suggestions?

  38. Margaret says:

    Link seems to be broken. Daily SON is displaying hitting projections. Thanks for the great work.

  39. BringDaRuckus says:

    Am I right on the money for planning to sit Yordano today, or would you roll the dice?


    • BringDaRuckus says:


      *Shew* Glad I ended up switching things around and playing him last night.

      • that would’ve been an awful sonovabench.

  40. Looking for pitching says:

    Beckett vs Col at L.A. SON likes him, but…..I’m not very comfortable with this. Especially with the Rockies lefties. What do you think?

    • @Looking for pitching: Sorry I didn’t respond to this one. Had folks in town. Man I hate Beckett. Grew up a Yankee fan and was talking to my Dad about still hating only a couple of those Red Sox players from their WS teams. Tried coming up w/ a list and could only think of Beckett and Papelbon. Beckett also screwed a couple of my teams last year. That said, home Dodger starts are usually gold. Takes a bit of a cast-iron stomach to stream Beckett, Maholm, or Haren but the odds are pretty solidly in your favor in the long run (assuming the SPs are healthy)

      • Looking for pitching says:

        @Rudy Gamble: I felt much the same way you did and didn’t play him because my ERA is suffering. He had a good night, but it could easily have gone the other way. Thanks for your response.

  41. Lipson says:

    Maybe I missed it, but what is the $ amount that is a safe play? $10+? $7+?

    • @Lipson: This is noted in the footnotes. Depends on league format but $8 has been the ‘standard’ for 12-team mixed with ~$10 for 10-team going down to $0 for AL/NL-only.

      But, honesty, no $ amount is ever ‘safe’. SPs can always crap the bed.

  42. kandeepan says:

    What is the minimum # to look for under the Quality Start category?

    • @kandeepan: It depends on league format and how many GS/IP you need from streaming. If you can afford to be picky and are in shallow leagues, $10 is a nice cutoff. $8 is the typical cutoff and I can see going down to $5-$6 in H2H leagues or if your pitching staff has been decimated by injuries.

      • kandeepan says:

        @Rudy Gamble: I see. I am in a 12 team yahoo roto league and my pitching is kaput – mat moore, anibal sanchez, alex cobb. I picked up J.Chavez and Peralta. The rest is streaming…

  43. L-Boogie says:

    No SON love for Iwakuma’s triumphant return 5/2?

  44. BringDaRuckus says:

    Bolsinger or Lackey today? I’m thinking Lackey, but SON disagrees with me. What say you?

      • GRUESOME STAFF says:

        @Rudy Gamble:

        I was going to pick up Lackey as well but his history against TB scared me away a little. On the other hand, Bedard’s history against BOS is phenomenal which brings up a question…

        Do you typically apply any weight to a pitchers history against the current opposing lineup? I was thinking of using it as a tie breaker of sorts to help weed out sketchy starts, but wondered what your thoughts were?

        • i don’t use past pitcher/batter history.

  45. Ben says:

    Martin Perez a -5.7 against Oak coming in with 26 straight scoreless innings including a complete game shutout against the same Oak team in his last outing?

    Seems like the scoring system may be a tad flawed here, no?

    • @Ben: Steamer really doubts Martin Perez. I agree that this looks better than a negative start – even though Oakland is a good offense. I think Streamonator also underestimates SPs pitching in Texas during April. Feels like that doesn’t heat up into a great hitter’s park until it gets hotter.

      • Ben says:

        @Rudy Gamble:
        That is the last time I pretend to know more than SON.

        • ha! Perez threw a shutout last time when SON doubted him…

  46. OprahAteMyHomework says:

    I’m surprised to see Stream-O-Nator this high on Salazar vs. the White Sox today? Not sure I have the guts yet to start him against a good offense.

    • I hear you. Salazar’s been bad except for his last start @SF and the White Sox offense has started hot. SON things both trends will reverse themselves.

      • FWIW, if you have Salazar and aren’t starting him at home against the White Sox, you might as well drop him. No point in carrying an SP who you bench in a fairly attractive matchup.

  47. Jake says:

    Hi Rudy,

    H2H 8 team WL only. My opponent this week projects to have about 16 more innings than me. Who would be the three below (in order) that’d you’d roll with to even the innings as spot starts? Would you just trust the stream-o-nator? I’m intrigued by Ray, the season he’s having, the sweet matchup, and the element of mystery that he hasn’t been scounted in the bigs?


    Josh Tomlin MIN
    Jeremy Guthrie at SD
    Dan Straily SEA
    John Danks CHN
    Colby Lewis COL
    Danny Duffy at SEA
    Tommy Milone WAS
    Robbie Ray HOU

  48. E says:

    Would you start Bailey @ BOS in a 9 team roto league?

  49. Lipson says:

    Sit or Start on Cashner tonight?

  50. Frank says:

    16 team league with wins and qs do I sit fisters first start? Chasing wins

  51. Lipson says:

    Sit or start Kluber tonight?

  52. Andrew says:

    Love the SON.

    Couple questions.

    1. There are some guys who SON hates on every start. Such as C Young (mariners). Negative value every time, yet he is dominating this year. Do you go in and adjust for how well he is doing? Or is the SON basically saying the bottom is going to fall out at some point and stay away? He was at home vs. Royals tonight with a negative $12 value and pitched a gem.

    2. Piggyback questions some younger guys (McHugh for example) get very poor ratings. Yet Grey says to buy him and has good stuff. It is hard to stream him though when I see -10 dollar rankings. Is the high negative value due to the high volatility with these young guys in terms of effectiveness?


    • @Andrew: Chris Young has a FIP of 4.78 and a K/BB of 18/16. So all the fundamentals point to it being a matter of time before he gets crushed. McHugh was a -$3 start @BAL – there’s no reason in my mind to be starting any Astro pitcher @BAL. Helps Chris Davis is out but that’s not a good stadium to pitch at. He was lucky to get out with 2 ERs given 9 baserunners and a HR in 6 IP. He’s at $7 at home vs. the White Sox next. So the negative value on McHugh was due to matchup.

      As for differences vs. Grey, I’d say Grey is a bigger believer in momentum than SON. He likes to ride a hot pitcher like a gambler at a craps table. SON is playing the odds like ‘the house’. Look at McHugh’s minor league track record. MAYBE he’s suddenly found himself. More likely, he’s a AAAA pitcher who isn’t worth considering outside of 15-team mixed or deeper.

  53. EK says:

    Would you pick up and start Lincecum in 12 team H2H pts?
    SON loves him for both home starts vs ATL & MIA but he really sucks..

    • EK says:

      @EK: Leaning Leake v SD and @ PHI but don’t like him much either

      • I don’t like Lincecum either but those are good K matchups. I’d listen to SON for this week and try to trade Lincecum if he has a good week ;)

  54. EK says:

    Your thoughts on Matt Harrison @ HOU for 12team H2H pts?
    SON has him for $0.

  55. Andrew says:

    Colby Lewis is pretty bad, but is @Houston a streamable start in 12 teamers?

    • @Andrew: He’s at $6 which is typically below the $8 stream line for 12-team.

  56. RickPorcello says:

    Is there a success rate, or a way to gauge success rate when using certain $$ thresholds and certain pitching criteria? I’ve used this randomly when I can’t decide on a start sit, and usually I get screwed, the latest being tonight’s Jake Peavy fiasco, which should drop me a bunch in era. Thanks Jake for the one K.

    • @RickPorcello: I’ve been collecting this data over the past 2 weeks or so. Still working through how to share it and need larger samples to get a good read. But here’s a cut of the data:

      SON starts rated between $8-$12 from 4/29 to 5/13

      Total: 61
      Average SON $ – $9.7
      Average Actual $ – $7.8
      Median SON $ – $9.6
      Median Actual $ – $8.3
      # of Actual Starts below $8 = 30
      # of Actual Starts $8+ = 31
      # of Actual Starts below/above $8 based on ROS value of pitcher:

      Pitchers with ROS value at $9+ – 9 / 9
      Pitchers with ROS value at $0-$9 – 12 / 15
      Pitchers with ROS value at < $0 - 9 / 7

      So, net-net, for pitchers in the general range of startable ($8-$12), they deliver about that value on average and fall on either side of the fence at a roughly 50/50 rate (as would be expected).

      The difficult part of this is that while projections tend to be close to the average, the actual results are much more extreme (good if it's a plus start, painful if it's like Peavy yesterday). Not sure how readable the below chart is but it basically shows there are a lot more crappy ($<0) and great ($25+) starts that actually happen vs what can be predicted.

      $ | $_SON Count | $_ACT Count
      <0 | 104 | 184
      0-8 | 132 | 30
      8-16 |105 | 26
      16-24 | 45 | 24
      >24 | 12 | 134
      Average 5.9 5.0
      Median 5.9 3.5

      Hope that helps…

      • Rickporcello says:

        @Rudy Gamble: thanks for the reply. I find that no matter what system I use (yours, another, just gut feel) I basically hit & miss back and forth. I’m thinking it may be best to just put my guys in for each start and let the chips fall. Last year I calculated my team era based on sitting/starting my pitchers based on matchups vs just starting them always. I found no significant difference.

        • @Rickporcello: quality of pitcher is by far the biggest factor. i think there are some matchups that are no-brainer benchings but otherwise tough to justify owning an SP if you don’t play him most of the time (with H2H where you have a larger pitching staff, you have to make tougher calls)

  57. Lipson says:

    Do I go against SON and start Kluber today?

  58. Alex says:

    Would you honestly go Roark, Quintana and then Niese Friday?

    • @Alex: i hear you. niese has been pitching great. i prefer Roark at home vs. Niese on the road – even though Niese has pitched well in his last two road starts. tossup on quintana vs. niese – quintana probably has the better chance at a win with niese a better bet on the other stats.

  59. Squidblob says:

    Did Sonny Gray get a handy from Streamonator’s girlfriend back in high school or something? Why the eff does Streamonator consistently hate Sonny Gray so much?

    • @Squidblob: Steamer doesn’t see him as an ace. You can see that in his ROS projections. I like him more than $1 for that start but he’s been a bit lucky so far with BABIP (<.270) and his K/BB is just okay. @CLE doesn’t scare me a lot as an away matchup though.

  60. Rickporcellosdad says:

    Ok I’m done listening to the streamer regarding Rick Porcello. I need someone to bring down the fantastic era/whip hole Bailey has put me in lol

  61. Rico says:

    SON and Hittertron haven’t updated today and still show “today” as 5/18.

    • @Rico: thanks. corrected. ran everything on sunday night but forgot that would still consider ‘today’ to be sunday.

  62. Kevin says:

    Damn, Robbie Erlin’s value is off the charts! Is he a must grab at 18.1 on 5/22? I love me some Petco but that seems more than overly ambitious though I guess the Cubs can’t hit the broad side of a barn on the road, right?

  63. Lipson says:

    Madbum in COL, recipe for disaster?

  64. Jimmy says:

    Hi wondering if you can please clarify how the ER and ERA are being generated for this data set. For instance, ERA of samardzija is showing 3.67 for his start Sun June 1 2014, but his total ERA is far less than that on the year so far (1.46 to date). I Thought the ER column might be their expected earned runs in this particular matchup, but why then the ERA separate? Trying to use the SON to get a read on expected earned runs to play some over/under in vegas shortly (i..e. adding the expected earned runs from each pitcher in a matchup to generate a total, then gambling on how the closing innings will fare!) so would appreciate knowing where the run figures are being generated from. Thanks!

    • Jimmy says:

      @Jimmy: Ok not sure where my head is on this saturday morning. My guess is ER is earned runs for this matchup per pitcher, ERA for this matchup based on that earned runs figure divided by expected IP and has nothing to do with season-to-date ERA. Correct?

      • @Jimmy: yes, that’s correct. everything in Streamonator is based on that particular matchup. Worth noting that Samardzija’s FIP is around 3.00 and this is a road start.

  65. Kandeepan says:

    Jimmy Nelson (MIA) or Randy Wolf (MIL) for tomorrow?

    • @Kandeepan: i’d say neither. who knows what wolf has left (and probably on a low pitch count)? don’t love rookie pitchers on the road. gun-to-head, i’d take nelson.

  66. kandeepan says:


    1) Is samardzija a good start against the giants today? The stream-o-nator gives it $13.6 but I read that his #s are not that good – is he bound to get beat up?

    2) Why is Alex Cobb rated so low for tomorrow against Blue Jays?

    • Jimmy says:

      @kandeepan: for 1), note that Cain not playing today so maybe his $ would improve if corrected: ESPN quoting others saying that “[Yusmeiro] Petit will start in place of Matt Cain (hamstring) on Monday against the Cubs”. I’m starting him, Samardzija has pitched great this year it’s the lack of any offense that has hurt him but hopefully the cubs can do better vs.Petit than Cain. Both on 5/5 and 5/16 when Petit filled in for Cain he got hammered, but that was MIA and PIT not the cubs!

      • @Jimmy: Petit is in right now and it does improve Samardzjia’s Win % a bit taking him above $14.

    • @kandeepan: Cobb is low b/c it’s an away start against a good offense in @TOR. Steamer was somewhat bearish on Cobb coming into the year ($10). Others (including Grey) are more bullish on him. If I had Cobb on any team, I’d start him @TOR. Feels more like an $8 start to me.

  67. B.o.B says:

    Any idea when Alex Wood will be back in the rotation?

    • @B.o.B: I would think in the next 30 days. Someone will get hurt or they’ll get fed up w/ Harang.

  68. E says:

    Pls rank ROS for W, K, ERA, WHIP:
    E. Santana

  69. Rudy — why do you think the SoN is so down on Pomeranz? His career numbers against the Angels are pretty good, he’s at home, where he has yet to give up a run and where opponents are hitting .106 against him, his opponent (GRichards) got steamrolled at home by Oakland last time he faced them and his career record against the team is bad. Pomeranz’s one minor blemish was at Toronto, but the Blue Jays have been running over everyone lately.

    Is it because he has trouble going deep into games? Or am I missing something else? It almost seemed like a no-brainer to start him, but after seeing the negative rating on SoN, I’m having second thoughts.

    • Pomerania has done well so far busies not have a long track record. SON is balancing his track record with his recent performance.

      • @Rudy Gamble: Gotcha, Rudy. Many thanks. I’m going to start him, then.

        I’m guessing you were writing on a mobile device. Am I right?

  70. Kevin says:

    Odorizzi a must stream against Miami on Thursday? 17.9 seems like can’t miss? I’m not sure he can get out of the 5th inning so it seems like a very odd high score…

    • @Kevin: Yeah, his K-potential is very intriguing but he’s impossible to trust now. I’ll have him going in 15-team and AL-only but not 10/12-team.

  71. Question... says:

    I’m wondering your thoughts on vogelsong’s start tomorrow @ Cinn. Cinncys been awful this year, even at home..and Volgy has been solid this year statistically, especially lately. I’m surprised that streamer rates him so low

    Also thoughts on Haren tonight? On the other end, it’s making Haren a can’t miss start…and I’m not sure I agree, and I can’t even figure out streamonators logic on it.

    If I had to guess before looking, I’d have said vogelsong at a 12, Haren at about a 9 because he’s home.

    • I’d consider Haren and Vogelsong for home starts only. Vogelsong has a 2.34 FIP at home and a 6.52 FIP on the road (granted, a bad @COL start is a big driver) + Cincy is a hitter’s park. I’d avoid that start outside of NL-only.

      Haren @ Home against a weak White Sox team. What’s not to like about that aside from Abreu?

      • Question... says:

        @Rudy Gamble: my thought was that cinncy just can’t hit this year, and is just as bad on offense at home. So I thought Voggy would be ranked a bit higher. Traditionally a start @ Cinny was a bad one for opposing pitchers, but I don’t think this year so much.

        The Sox are 5th in runs scored this year, although admittedly they’re in the bottom third for the last 5 weeks, but much of that has coincided with abreus absence. I’m gonna start Haren, but it worry me a bit.

        Thanks for the response!

  72. Five-On-One says:

    Two start Jimenez (@TEX -$2.3 on SON and vOAK +0.8), one start Chen (vOAK, 3.4), one start Feldman (@MIN 3.9) or use a MR for the week (Joba)? Is there a SON value at which a MR would be a better choice than a SP? Why is Jimenez at Texas so bad? I didn’t think Texas offense (or the ballpark) were all that scary these days.

  73. Q says:


    SON still likes Liriano. Projects him for only 5 walks over his 2 starts next week. But we know, from watching, that he walked 6 his last time out. Do we trust him or is SON weighing his last year too much?


    • Liriano is a tough one to figure out – he’s in the “stream but not own category” for 12-team IMHO – but I’d taking him at home against the Cubs. That’s a solid matchup.

  74. Dean says:

    Why is the SON so high on Stroman today?

    • @Dean: Stroman’s AA/AAA stats are awesome, home start, Cardinal offense not as good as last year, thinks Lynn will get pummelled giving Stroman good chance at win.

  75. Filkarri says:

    SON doesn’t like Gray against Baltimore, and as good as he’s been, that lineup scares me. Should I be sitting him?

  76. kandeepan says:


    Why is Josh Collmenter not a good play in the stream-o-nator against Houston tomorrow?

  77. Five-On-One says:

    Hi – Two questions, one specific and noe more general.

    1) Why is Iwakuma so low this week against KC ($2.2)? He has been phenominal for the past two years and KC isn’t exactly an offensive powerhouse. Not sure I get this one. My other options (Roark at $7.9 and Minor at $7.8) are okay, but I view Iwakum as an every week kind of guy, or at least I did until I saw the $2.2 value next to his name.

    2) Is there a SON value at which a team might be better off starting a middle reliever for the week? For ease of calculations, one that might get something like 3 IP, 1 ER, 3 H+W, 3 K’s?


    • @Five-On-One: His ROS projections look okay so it’s not a case where Steamer hates him. But he’s on the road against a solid offense, has a mediocre K-rate, is due for BABIP regression, and it’s not a great W opp facing Shields (and with the Mariners offense). I like the Roark and Minor starts better.

  78. Todd says:

    Jered Weaver (LAA) is pitching today 6/21 against Nick Martinez (TEX) instead of on 6/22 against Darvish like listed. How does this change things today in the Streamonator? Will Weaver fare better today?

  79. Todd says:

    Also looks like Colorado has changed pitchers today (6/21). They will be putting Christian Friedrich (L) on the mound instead of Juan Nicasio (R).

    • @Todd: no time for another update. way too many morning changes. figure both pitchers would get hit hard w/ the milwaukee RH-hitters up a few more $.

  80. Jimmy Bond says:

    I think you are missing a samardzija start for this week? ESPN has him starting on June 28 vs WSH in the afternoon game (first part of doubleheader)

    • Jimmy Bond says:

      @Jimmy Bond: PS looking back I don’t want to be the guy always harping on Samardzija issues, just happen to be setting my lineup and he’s one of the best I have!

    • @Jimmy Bond: I can’t predict doubleheader SPs more than a week in advance. Samardzija is in there now as 6/28.

  81. Paul says:

    Rudy or anyone else,
    Have you been having success with Streamonator this season? I’m considering trading off two starters to fill offensive holes for second half push and filling the SPs with streamers.
    Thanks for the tool!

    • I’ve had some success this year. I think Grey has had more than me though.

  82. Jimmy Bond says:

    quick adjustments – Zimmermann start is July 6, not July 5, and Samardzija start July 5 is missing. Both these according to ESPN probably pitcher.

    Don’t mean to clog the comments with this if there is a better way to report it I’d be happy to know! Thanks again for the stats.

      • Jimmy Bond says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Samardzija again – now that he’s enroute to Oakland he isn’t playing today vs WAS/Gonzalez. Some reports have him vs Jays tomorrow, Sunday. How would that matchup look? Thx.

        • sorry – wasn’t checking in this weekend as i’m still in baby zone.

  83. Lipson says:

    1. Smyly you’re dead to me

    2. I think it’s time to purge the comments again

    • @Lipson: tough one with smyly. Lucky for me that grey fell on that grenade in the RCL expert league. Got a solid stream from bolsinger instead

  84. James Alesi says:

    Is there an API for your site?


    • No, we don’t have an API. Appreciate that you think we’re big enough to be supporting APIs.

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  86. IUPAC says:

    Fister starting today for WAS, w/the rainout

  87. jc says:

    Thoughts on Masterson on 7/12?

    • you mean McAllister (Masterson on DL). would only consider McAllister for AL-only.

      • jc says:

        @Rudy Gamble:

        My bad, I think i was looking at the data from yesterday showing his value was around $15 for the Friday start. Obviously doesn’t matter since he’s on the DL now, but I was more curious about how much weight was being placed on his recent struggles, or whether Chicago’s offense is bad enough to outweigh those struggles.

        Regardless I love the Stream-o-nator!

        • @jc: Masterson is a complete mystery. He’s performing way below expectations and an injury is something that can’t be factored into the projections. The projections use in-season data as a component but are not set up to correct for injury-created declines.

  88. Jamie says:

    What was your take on Hammel against SF last night? Can’t go back in time to check and I wish to know if you were wiser than I and recommended not to start him :-)

    • @Jamie: SON had him as a $9 start. It had Cain at $9 as well. Both of their starts were comparable. Hammel just needed some of those ground balls to be hit at his fielders. I would’ve started him in all formats given it was @SF (so no DH and pitcher’s park)

  89. Jamie says:

    I would have thought so too. He walked too many guys – killed my WHIP. I had Cain on my team – no longer trust him.

  90. Lipson says:

    Hahn and Sanchez in the $5 range, do I sit or start?

    • @Lipson: Assuming 12 team mixed, i’d keep Hahn benched. i’m benching him on my RCL team FWIW (http://games.espn.go.com/flb/clubhouse?leagueId=2593&teamId=2&seasonId=2014). no reason to go with $5 starts unless it’s September and you’re well below pace.

      Anibal is a tougher call b/c he has some semblance of Win upside vs Hahn (@LAD). He’s @KC against Duffy who, while I like him in general – has an awful matchup with Detroit’s offense. Seriously, does Detroit have any lefty hitters? Miggy, Torii, Kinsler, the resurgent JD Martinez, Rajai….(V-Mart is a switch-hitter)? So I can see Anibal putting up a mediocre start and still nabbing a Verlander-style win. Push comes to shove…probably sit Anibal but it’s more a coin flip.

      • Lipson says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Boom! Thanks for the analysis Rudy. I sat Eovaldi and Chavez last week due to lower rating and both put up quite the opposite. I will sit them just because I have the luxury of doing so right now.

        • @Lipson: Yeah, Eovladi got lucky @ARI. 7 IP with 2 Ks on the road in a hitter’s park isn’t going to lead to many quality starts. Chavez at home vs SF was a sonovabench for sure (interleague games always a little tricky).

  91. Sons of Liberty says:

    Mike Minor $21 on the first day after the break. Is this the same Mike Minor who has pitched so horribly for the Braves this year? I realize that numbers are numbers but does this seem reliable to you or is it kind of an outlier?

    I have used Stream-O-Nator throughout the year with great success. I appreciate all the work that goes into this valuable resource.


    • @Sons of Liberty: I see $19 for his start against MIA vs $21 – maybe it shifted in the last data update. Minor is tough to figure out. Having a rough go of it w/ BABIP and HR rate of late (http://razzball.com/player/10021/Mike+Minor/#seasongs). Hard to know if that’s a fluke or not (generally it is) but I’d venture on the safe side and wait a start or two before starting him.

  92. Charles says:

    I’m a strong follower of SON. Just had to ask why Liriano is at $16.4 vs the Rockies on 7/18 given how he’s been having terrible control issues all year (6 walks in 4 innings in his last start vs the Reds). And that Rockies lineup is much better than the Reds.

    • @Charles: PNC is a pitcher’s park. The Rockies are a bad road hitting team (bottom third in MLB). The Reds game you are referring to was at Cincy – most pitchers worse on road vs home (especialy when you are comparing a hitter’s park vs pitcher’s park). That start vs Cincy was Liriano’s first off the DL (http://razzball.com/player/3201/Francisco+Liriano/#seasongs). Hard to gauge if he’ll have the same wildness this time out but I stand by the $16 valuation.

  93. Mike says:

    Hey Rudy,

    I love the SON. I use it both find streamers and set my lineup for a weekly H2H league. It appears that the games on 7/24 are missing for all teams.

    Thanks for all your help.

    • Thanks. Always good to hear from a happy SON user.

      Talking w/ my feed provider about 7/24 probable starters. I expect this will all be resolved by tomorrow morning at the latest.

  94. Lipson says:

    Eovaldi hasnt been rated highly in weeks. Is he done for? Or just poor matchups?

    • @Lipson: He’s been a $4 pitcher so far and projected at -$2 for ROS. His K-rate is very mediocre (6ish K/9) and Steamer is skeptical he can maintain his huge BB/9 gain (which has led to a solid WHIP). I don’t expect $10+ streams unless it’s a great matchup (Padres?)

  95. Lipson says:

    According to Yahoo, Alex Wood is starting tomorrow vs. PHL

    • @Lipson: that could be the case. MLB still doesn’t have an official starter listed. If Wood, this should be corrected with tomorrow’s update.

  96. Q says:

    SON is, understandably, wonky coming out of the break. E.g. Lists 1 start for fister who has 2, 2 for Kennedy and Alex wood who have 1.

    Wondering if and when this will be updated (will update in daily or in “next week” as well?) or if I’m–gulp–on my own.

    • @Q: next 7 days is ok. Next Saturday should be good tomorrow. Next Sunday on Monday

  97. Big James Ain't says:

    Damn. SON still hating on Garrett

  98. Jamie says:

    Again I have to ask what you valued Hammel at for yesterday’s start. Forgot to check, he blew up on me. I also left Kluber on the bench vs Detroit and, well, strike two.

    • Hammel was at $10.9 so was a solid bet. Mainly b/c it was a home game @OAK. If that start was in BAL, might be a 0.

      • Jamie says:

        @Rudy Gamble:

        What did you have Kluber valued as vs. Detroit? Left him on the bench and paid the price.

        Is there a way to see retrospective values so I don’t have to keep bothering you? :-)

        • @Jamie: Kluber was only at $6.9 as the start was @DET and against Scherzer (depresses Win expectancy). I don’t publish previous SON $ estimates but will think about how to do it. I have an idea.

  99. Aaron says:

    Nice call with DeGrom tonight.

  100. Jamie says:

    What’s up with Minor?

    Also, Iwakuma’s start has been pushed back. Taijuan Walker is starting tonight.

  101. Lipson says:

    Are we trusting Minor on Sunday?

    • @Lipson: Against the Padres + Eric Stults. Hell yeah. I started Kyle Hendricks earlier this week b/c this matchup is so sweet. I would’ve streamed Wada yesterday if 1) I had an extra spot on my RCL team, 2) Kennedy was a stronger opposing pitcher which cut into win expectancy, and 3) SON liked Liriano much better at home vs LAD and I stuck w/ it. Worked out well :)

    • Jamie says:

      @Lipson: @Lipson:
      Not any further than I can punt him.

  102. Charles says:

    Why is Kluber rated so low today @ KC? SON has him at $4.7. Is it because of his “almost” complete game last week and high pitch count?

    • @Charles: I looked into it. SON generally likes Kluber. Everything equal – he’s a $13 pitcher. The Royals are an above average offense against RHP and the game is on the road. Both are negatives (despite Kluber’s strong road FIP in 2014). KC is about average as a park for runs and hits (101/102 index). The ratios still feel a little high to me. But the most interesting part is that SON/Steamer have the Royals as a very hard team to K as an RHP. The reduction in K’s probably accounts for something like $4 off Kluber’s value. I checked it out on FanGraphs and this isn’t a fluke – they are by far the toughest team to strike out as an RHP:


      If I had Kluber in 12-team, I’d run him out there @KC. But I’d expect lower than his season average on K’s.

  103. Baezaworldseries says:

    Sunday Vidal Nuno is at 13.1 vs the Phil’s. Is that accurate? I always thought of him as a terrible play against any team that has 9 hitters in the line up.

  104. Jamie says:

    The Phillies have at most two hitters in their lineup at any given time.

    • Baezaworldseries says:

      @Jamie: Fine. Nine guys(or girls) who can shoulder a bat.

      • @Baezaworldseries: I’m a bit surprised by such a high score for an away game for a mediocre pitcher. Biggest variable here is that the Phillies are awful against LHP. I’m streaming Miley in 12-team for that reason but holding off on Nuno. Contemplating him for 15-team though (did that with W.Y. Chen and Phil Hughes last night – one for two :))

        • Baezaworldseries says:

          @Rudy Gamble: I’m going for it! Believe in SON!!!!

  105. Lipson says:

    I was excited to see Hahn get called back. That I got a sad when I saw his SON rating vs. the Braves tonight

  106. Big James Ain't says:

    Ouch. Travis Wood above Richards today. SON just does not like the kid from LA

    • @Big James Ain’t: yeah, i think Richards has outperformed his SON as much as anyone this side of Sonny Gray. Note that a start @BAL for Richards is much harder than a home start against COL.

  107. Lipson says:

    Can’t decide where to sit or start Wood and Hahn. 12 team mixed. Thoughts??

  108. can't fight fate says:

    Any reason why Chris Young is so low?

    • @can’t fight fate: he’s such an anomaly. everything about his peripherals is awful. 5.6 K/9 and 3.0 BB/9 is putrid. Skating by on a .215 BABIP that’s not sustainable. so he’s awful according to Hittertron’s reason though he’s performed well based on faith in giraffes.

      • can't fight fate says:

        @Rudy Gamble: I would buy that explanation if we were a month into the season, which we are not.

        • Sky

          Sky says:

          @can’t fight fate: Wood, Travis circa 2013. It happens. Doesn’t mean he’s pitching well at all, just means he’s getting the right matchups and it’s working out right. Don’t be surprised if he gets lit up tonight. His stats on the road vs home are drastic and his stats vs lefties on the road extremely bad. Cleveland has 7 lefties in the lineup today. HR or 2 could be in the works along with a short outing.

        • The same logic applies. His ERA is 1.80 lower than his FIP. Unsustainable

  109. Adam Jonesin says:

    Hey Rudy,
    Are you confident at all in Eovaldi’s $12.6 vs CIN on 8/2? I was really surprised to see him over $8, given his recent struggles.

    • @Adam Jonesin: Streamonator has no respect for Cincy’s lineup right now and it’s admittedly crappy. Add in a home start in a pitcher’s park and this is a solid sneaky stream.

  110. Q says:

    SON has Alex Wood listed for 2 starts next week. Braves only have 5 games. Do we know that someone is getting skipped or is there a doubleheader I’m missing?

    Also, I know this is an HT question, but I cut Shin Soo Choo. He’s been terrible, despite HT generally liking him vs righties. Do you think HT is right and he’ll bounce back or does it not see what we see this year vs. past years?

    Thanks! (How bout this Polar Vortex down here, eh? Wore a hoodie this morning!)

    • @Q: The farther out you go, the more unreliable the probable pitcher assignment. Whenever it’s 8-10 days in advance, it is based on some logic I put together that assumes 4 days rest for every pitcher (i think it ignores Thursday if it’s an offday). So, in this case, it is skipping Mike Minor because Atlanta is off next Monday as well as Thursday. I think smart money is that they just give everyone a day off and all the Braves pitchers get one start next week.

  111. FRANK says:

    Josh Tomlin last night and Danny Salazar a $19.2 and the #2 rated pitcher on night tonite ? Really ?

    Sorry but Reds still a major league team ……

    • @FRANK:
      Here are the last 9 starts against Cincinnati. You’re right that Tomlin and Salazar didn’t work out. Jacob Turner was awful as well. But Eovaldi had two great starts plus Koehler and Miley each had one. If you streamed all of these (can’t count Kluber), SON would’ve guessed a $10 average and you would’ve received $2. You remove the Jacob Turner start, both are at around $11.

      The Reds lineup does suck right now. But I agree with you that I’m not convinced it sucks enough to value Josh Tomlin at $17 or Salazar at $19 on the road. At least for Salazar, that has a lot to do w/ Steamer loving him.

      Name Team Date Opponent $_Streamonator $_Actual
      Wade Miley ARI Jul 30 at CIN 12.8 23.2
      Tom Koehler MIA Jul 31 CIN 8.0 27.0
      Nathan Eovaldi MIA Aug 2 CIN 11.4 33.1
      Jacob Turner MIA Aug 3 CIN 7.5 -59.2
      Corey Kluber CLE Aug 4 CIN 26.6 50.7
      Josh Tomlin CLE Aug 5 CIN 17.5 -38.9
      Danny Salazar CLE Aug 6 at CIN 19.2 -24.2
      T.J. House CLE Aug 7 at CIN 3.0 -10.8
      Nathan Eovaldi MIA Aug 8 at CIN 8.0 66.9

  112. Charles says:

    Please chill out with the scores vs SD. They are no longer a team you can stream against. They have been one of the top scoring teams ever since the ASB.

    • Charles says:

      @Charles: yes I did use SON and got burned. Three times now with A Wood, Liriano and now Morton.

    • The padres offense is one of the worst an PiT is a pitcher’s park. Worley was a great stream ($56), Liriano was a very good stream ($21) and PIT offense fluke against Stults cost him a win. Morton was one big hit away from a quality stream (still only 6 base runners in 5 IP).

      Alex Wood start was bad. Anomaly. Wainwright has two sucky recent starts too. Shit happens.

      Odds are that SD offense will suck most of time – particularly in pitcher parks. SON plays the odds. If u want to base decisions on momentum or truly believe SD is a solid offense, agree to disagree with SON.

      • Charles says:

        @Rudy Gamble:
        Thanks for the follow up Rudy and I mean no disrespect to your work. Still following SON as my default site to use streamers. Was just bummed out that I am 0 – 3 against SD and I had three quality pitchers that I thought would have been a hit. Keep up the good work.

  113. Ryan says:

    I’ve noticed that the projected matchups have been a little delayed in getting updated. This morning I’ve found that Quintana (should be @ SF) and Tillman (should be vs NYY) are both off. Just a general observation, and this is probably the biggest suggestion in regards to perfecting the tool. Thanks for all the hlp

    • streamonator hasn’t been updated this morning. just updating now.

  114. Rick says:

    Hi Rudy. SON has been terrific for me in the second half. I don’t know if I just changed how I use it (a possibility) or it just has enough data to produce better results. Either way, thank you once again for a great tool. My question is: is it just me or is there no link to the OMBOTSMAN? It’s a tool I use and enjoy checking occasionally, and I keep forgetting it’s name and have to go looking for it. Thx.

    • Thanks Rick. It has been a good 30 days or so for SON users as pitchers in the $7-14 range are over performing projections thanks to a higher than expected percentage of great starts ($28+). There are links to Ombotsman in the notes below SoN. Will add to the main menu soon.

  115. Brian Blacklow says:

    Just curious why the SON has Jesse Hahn ranked so low for tonight’s start. The walk rate? I guess I’ll bench him, but I can’t really figure out why SON hates tonight’s start so much. Anyone have any reasoning behind it?

    • @Brian Blacklow: I agree. While I dropped Hahn in RCL, this still feels like it should be higher. STL offense not too scary. But Hahn’s success isn’t very sustainable from a BABIP standpoint, his BB rate is poor, and his K’s have been just okay since his first couple starts. I’d pass on this start in shallow leagues. I am streaming Shelby though (won w/ Lynn yesterday).

      • Brian says:

        Thanks. Makes me wonder if I should start him in my NL Only league. I can use wins, but I also can quickly slip in WHIP.

  116. Lipson says:

    Thanks Dan Haren. Super job.

  117. Mike says:

    Normally on Monday morning, the entire upcoming week is on the SON. Today, starts for Sun 8/24 are missing.

    • @Mike: good catch. just checked and sunday’s probable starters weren’t in this morning’s feed. working to get this addressed today.

  118. ERad says:

    So per SON – I’m trotting out Lackey today – any additional insight as to why SON is so high on him, especially against the Reds?

    • @ERad: While the Reds lineup is slowly getting healthy (Phillips back today, Bruce healthy again, though Frazier is questionable), they have one huge flaw w/ Votto out of the lineup. OBP. They are tied for 3rd worst OBP against RHP this year (.301) and that includes a partial .400 OBP season from Votto. That’s a boon for Lackey’s ratios. Throw in that the start is at home in a relative pitcher’s park and it’s a solid matchup. $20+ seems a bit high to me but I grabbed Lackey in RCL right after the trade and view him as a keeper in 12-team mixed (vs. a streamer).

  119. ERad says:

    Got another Q for ya

    You steered me in the right direction with Lackey – so now about Gio Gonzalez. Grey says to drop him, but I just can’t quit him yet. Great $ value today – are you buying?

    • @ERad: I don’t have much of an opinion on Gio in general but he’s got two straight good matchups. ARI at home is a great one and @PHI is a good one. I’d buy/hold him for next 2 starts.

      • ERad says:

        @Rudy Gamble:

        Much appreciated – thanks for all the work you guys do.

  120. Justin Lipson says:

    We feeling good about Minor as of late?

    • @Justin Lipson: I like the 7Ks in each of the last two outings but not loving his HR-itis given this start is at Cincinnati. Feels like this is a riskier play than I’d like for a $13 stream.

  121. Spammer Jay says:

    Yo Streamonator! Great call on Smyly today….. you robotic bastard.

    • @Spammer Jay: sorry for the missed stream or sonovabench. smyly on the road against a team w/ two elite RH hitters in Toronto isn’t the normal formula for a shutout. SON highly favored Stroman/Jays in that matchup. Guess that’s why they play the games…

  122. Justin Lipson says:

    Minor is a must stream against the Mets, right?

    Especially after surviving Cincy?

  123. ERad says:

    Drew Pomeranz with the spot start tomorrow @HOU

  124. BringDaRuckus says:

    Would you rank Marco Gonzalez where you have Lyons since he’s starting today in place Lyons??

    Keep up the awesome work!!

  125. TysonFrozenChicken says:

    How come Nuno was taken off the 9/5 list? He’s still the probable starter, no?

  126. scott says:

    is streamonator not working right now or is it my computer?

    • J-MoneyIV says:

      @scott: It is not just you. The search bars, or whatever they are called, are not appearing for me on my computer or my mobile.

  127. There’s an issue with one of our data feeds – hopefully will be resolved soon.

  128. Justin Lipson says:

    STL on a roll lately, sit or start Fiers?

  129. BrokeBloke says:

    Why is Danny Duffy ranked so low against the Yankees today? $0.3 seems awfully low for a sub-2.50 ERA guy over 150IP on a fiery team right now…

    Also, Yahoo is telling me that Ryu starts today, not tomorrow. But I’ma assume he’s safe to play :p

    • he has a FIP of 3.70 and then add he is on the road and high Bb/9. I like this start better than SoN but don’t love it either

      • BrokeBloke says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Looking at his splits this year though, he’s actually better on the road (FIP is 3.93 at home and 3.52 away). Also, his BB/9 might be a little skewed from 6 walks one time a few weeks back.

        I am SO tempted to start him… :O

        • I have seen worse rolls of the dice. I prefer pitchers like Duffy in NL parks if starting them outside H2H or deep leagues

  130. BrokeBloke says:

    Well so much for Duffy, Streamonator strikes again!

    So how do we like Danny Salazar tomorrow? I know he’s good, but $14.7 against Jared Weaver and the Angels seems kinda pushing it. Also surprised Weaver is only $1.5 :O

  131. hankp says:

    Are the DBacks going 6 man rotation? If you look at normal rest, Miley should be a two start guy this week, but SON and ESPN both have him starting only Tuesday.

    • yes, that’s the word on the mean streets of Phoenix

  132. Justin Lipson says:

    Looks like Bartolo is starting Thursday vs. WAS

  133. BrokeBloke says:

    Why exactly are you guys giving Peavy $20 tomorrow? o_O

  134. Justin Lipson says:

    Braves pitchers @TEX, why such low ratings?

    • @Justin Lipson: I hear you. This is almost all driven by Texas’s park factors. It’s one of the top offensive parks – it’s run factor is second only to Coors and it’s top 7 in 1B, 2B, and HR factors and it’s also low for hitter K rates. So even though Texas’s offense is subpar from a neutral park standpoint (bottom 20%), the park factor plays a huge role. It’s very similar to the Colorado offense which is awful on a neutral field.

      The one WTF in looking at the 2014 numbers is that while Texas’s pitching has been predictably awful at home (+62 runs more at home than away, 2nd most Home runs to Colorado), their offense hasn’t gotten the same memo. The Rangers have scored 41 more runs on the road this year and have scored the 3rd least runs at home in MLB (ahead of only the Mets and Padres). Most of the teams w/ more runs on the road vs home play in pitcher parks like the Mets, Mariners, Royals, Angels, etc.

      Thus, @TEX has consistently been a very tough park to pitch in over the past several years – 2nd only to Coors for run factors. But the Rangers offense has anomalously been absent at home this year despite its pitchers feeling the standard brunt.

      The other downward factors of note are: 1) Away game (pitchers are better at home) and 2) AL park (Those Brave pitchers’ results this season are mostly against pitchers hitting vs DHs)

      In summary, while I stand by the estimates, the Rangers awful home performance this year would be enough to start Teheran and Wood @TEX. But I’d feel a lot better about those starts @ATL.

      • Justin Lipson says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Who can argue with analysis like that? I think Ill start Wood and hold off on Minor, as both are already on my team.

        • @Justin Lipson: Thanks. The one thing I’d look out for is the health of Rios. The Rangers are an awful offense right now vs RHP but, with a healthy Rios, sport two solid RH (Andrus, Rios) and one great RH (Beltre). Against RHP, they sorely miss the LH bats on the DL – Choo, Fielder, Moreland…

  135. Bill Summers says:

    Any reason CJ Wilson’s projection is so good for tomorrow?? His ERA is 5.53 since the All-Star break and he has an 8.35 ERA against Houston. Also, he sports a 5.35 in night games vs. a 3.05 in day games. Sorry for the trouble, I just really need to win this playoff matchup and my ERA/WHIP are really good right now.

    • @Bill Summers: I don’t blame you for doubting CJ given his performance of late. The reason he’s so high is: 1) Home start, 2) LAA is a pitcher’s park, 3) Houston is projected below average against LHP based on estimated starters. I’d follow your gut if there’s a start that’s close to as valuable you prefer (particularly in NL). I prefer Nuno and Chase Anderson at home against SD for instance.

      • Bill Summers says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Do you ever rely on Vegas odds to pick a streamer? I particularly use the 1st five innings line and the over/under to gauge how many runs they expect to be scored. Let them do the work for me.

        • Nope, never look at the Vegas line. At this point, I’m not convinced it’s any better than using Streamonator.

          • Bill Summers says:

            @Rudy Gamble: I need some serious advice here Rudy. I am barely winning ERA, WHIP and Im up by only 2 Wins. I am losing K’s by 9. I have 6 starts remaining to my opponents 3. The problem is 4 of mine are tonight (A. Wood, Latos, Quintana, CJ Wilson). He has Gio going. My other two starts are Teheran tomorrow and Kershaw Sunday.

            Should I roll the dice and start all 4 tonight? Just some of them? Bench them all? etc. I’m just concerned that they could get blown up and I’ll lose ERA/WHIP (even though it could mean that I take over K’s). THANKS!

            • @Bill Summers: Tough one to answer. I think i’d roll the dice on 5 of those starts and sit Latos @MIL if Gomez and Braun are in the starting lineup.

              • Bill Summers says:

                @Rudy Gamble: Well, those 4 starts tonight just became 2 with Latos getting scratched and Quintana getting postponed. Still on the fence over Wilson though. Thanks again for responding, I know my situation is a tough one.

  136. BrokeBloke says:

    Is Petit really worth $12.70 tomorrow vs. LAD and Kershaw? Against him, I wouldn’t even give 80% of SPs in the league half that value. I feel like Volquez should be higher.

    • @BrokeBloke: Pitcher $ are based on W, K, ERA, and WHIP. Petit’s W accounts for his tough matchup against Kershaw and Volquez’s 40% win chance is very good. But Petit’s got big advantages on projected K’s and WHIP. If you need Wins, go w/ Volquez. If you need best value, go w/ Petit.

  137. TysonFrozenChicken says:

    Is Lynn or Lackey pitching today vs. MIL?

    • Lynn. Just updated the tools to reflect Lackey being skipped because of a dead arm.

  138. Justin Lipson says:

    Think Fiers will still have head issues after last game? Plus, the rating isnt that great.

    • @Justin Lipson: I’m worried about Fiers’ head. Had him for a run of starts but dropped him a couple days ago because of those concerns. Maybe if he had a cupcake opponent at home I’d have kept him.

  139. Justin Lipson says:

    Looking for QS and W, drop Fiers for Carrasco tomorow? I already have Alex Wood going.

  140. Hondo says:

    Agree about Fiers.As much as I could use some K’s,I’m not touching his next start.

    Also,Oakland changed up their rotation so Gray gets game 162,pitching Thursday,not Friday.

    Afternoon game with AM rain and winds blowing out ~10 MPH.

    • @Hondo: I’ve got Gray moved up a start but my feed still has Hammel on 9/19 and today’s word is he won’t start until 9/25. Should see some further updates tomorrow.

      Afternoon game sounds lovely.

      • Hondo says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Thanks Rudy,you do a great job.Grey better be sharing the daiquiris.

  141. Michael says:

    SON, don’t abandon me now! H2H playoffs and SON in need of updates. Wacha and Walker Friday, Ross Sunday?

  142. Lipson says:

    Trying to minimize bad starts, have Minor Cashner. Minor higher rated, Cashner has been pitching better as of late and the SD offense is actually hitting.


  143. Steve says:

    SON has updated for Worley’s start tomorrow, what would you rate it? Thanks

  144. Justin Lipson says:

    Kershaw set to throw 9/24, 5 days rest gives him no further regular season starts. Possibility he goes on short rest on the last day?

  145. BrokeBloke says:

    Why is Cashner $5,60 on Thursday against a team he just threw an 8 inning gem against? Are his away stats really that horrible? He has allowed 2 or fewer runs in every single game this year except twice, he is totally worth way more :O

  146. Oz says:

    Is Blake Treinen officially going to start on fri? ESPN fantasy baseball doesn’t list a scheudled starter for that game (double header.) I only have 2 potential roster moves left this week so I gotta make them count. Thanks!

    • He’s not listed yet on MLB.com. So no promises.

  147. Justin Lipson says:

    Im on the fence with Kennedy in SF. What do I do? Been solid as if late, but $11 is such a borderline rating.

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      I would throw him

  148. Jesse says:

    I was wondering why JA Happ’s projection on 9/27 is so high. He is projected for 8.4 Ks in 5.9 innings against the Orioles. Um, what?

    • @Jesse: Good catch. Went through code and noticed I rounded the hitter K column too early in the process. Meaningless until this time of year when the ROS projections are so small that it read the Orioles projected lineup as having a super high K rate against LHP when it’s actually a little below average.

  149. Justin Lipson says:

    MLB.com has Kluber pitching tomorow.

    SON and Yahoo show Saturday.

    • i’d lean towards MLB on this one. haven’t seen any news though confirming they are skipping House in the rotation. will update tomorrow if that’s the case.

  150. Evro says:

    I’m close to hitting my innings cap- 1763.2 out of 1800. I figure I can squeeze 5 starts out of 36.1 innings- my locks are Strasburg, Kluber, and Liriano. For the last two starts I have to choose between Cobb, Quintana, Holland, and Kazmir- SON says Cobb and Quintana but Cobb has been kind of rough lately. Dumb move to start Holland over Cobb?

    • i prefer cobb on this one but starting holland instead isn’t completely nuts.

  151. Justin Lipson says:

    Kluber is pitching today, Garza is shut down. Can I get an update! (in the voice of the state farm commercial).

    Daddy needs to blow open his innings limit tomorrow!

  152. RevClyburn says:

    Help. within 1 point of opponentin h2h roto league. Want to completely win the pitching cats, any suggestions for starting pitchers on Sunday?



    • @RevClyburn: I’d just take best pitcher available in your league based on Streamonator $ value.

  153. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    Rudy, how are you dealing with platoon players? For example, Corey Dickerson is projected by Roster Resource to bat lefty only. He was drafted #25 in a recent live draft. If he sits 20% of the time (just a guess), that eats up valuable streaming ops to advantage overall ABs. I don’t see where these platoon guys are dropping in drafts such that they would be available for me (or you) to draft. Why would I draft him, if a comparative player who is projected to be in the lineup every day is available? ???

    • Simply Fred

      simply fred says:

      @simply fred: Grey responded: “I do like their depth charts better than other ones, but I think they’re wrong there. Or at least not giving the full picture. I think Dickerson gets benched against very tough lefties, which is about 10% of the time and not much more than any lefty hitter who gets the occasional day off every ten days or so…” Makes sense. At this point just wanting to make sue you concur.
      Moss, Laroche, Duda getting the same ‘left only’.

      • Yes I agree. It is why my Dickerson games/ab are

        • Lower than an everyday player. The projection then assumes the off days are disproportionately against LHP and his stats (especially AVG) look better

    • Here is the thing – LH suck against LHP and LHP are tougher to steal against. You also get higher AVG which somewhat offsets counting stay losses. If in a daily league, u can always swap them out. Advisable for various LH like Mauer, Choo, Fielder, etc

  154. George Bell says:

    I bought Grey a daiquiri earlier this month and was able to pay through Paypal. At the time I did not realize that hittertron and streamonator were going to be paid services that required to make an account with Cointent. Is it possible to pay you directly through Paypal?

    • @George Bell: Sorry to spring the subscription on you, George. We need a CoinTent account set up because that is the username/password we are using to authenticate subscribers. They will be adding a pay by PayPal option shortly.

  155. Al Dumars says:

    Hey Rudy, I’ve put in my credit card info several times and hit subscribe but nothing happens. Hoping I’m not charged 4x.

  156. Chris says:


    Any chance of a student discount on the stream-o-nator and hittertron?


  157. Simply Fred

    Fred Barker says:

    Rudy, see you drafted Bauer. He shows up in SON at -5.9 his first start vs. McHugh on 4/8. MLB has him 4/9, after Kluber and Carrasco. If SON does have him around -6 , will you sit or stream?

  158. Simply Fred

    Fred Barker says:

    Nevermind. He got picked up.

  159. Simply Fred

    Fred Barker says:

    No worries. Didn’t have room for him. Just looking for a stream. Do you have a cutoff where you will sit a rostered starter?

  160. Simply Fred

    Fred Barker says:

    Thank you, SIR! re: last three games hitting: you are the man! It works!! We trust you!!!

    btw: managed to get Bautista, V-Mart, Harvey, Melancon (4 of your top 8 picks). Also, matched 4 starting pitchers. Follow Yoda!

  161. Drew says:

    Hey Rudy- when will the DFS bot update? Still have outdated probable pitchers and DFS $ amounts. Sorry for repeating comment, didn’t know best place to post

  162. IV says:

    Hey Rudy. Signed up for the service by creating a fanduel account. Upon doing so I received an email from Cointent saying that my service was activated for Razzball, I had to create a Cointent account. However, the account did not register my purchase. Is there a way to remedy this?

    Thanks in advance and I hope this is not too confusing.

  163. datdudebp says:

    Looks like Peavy is starting tomorrow at ARI and Hudson is going Thursday at SD. Wondering which start StreamoNator prefers for a streamer in a QS league

  164. Lipson says:

    Rudy, can we purge comments that are related to 2014 season?

  165. Jake says:

    Hi Rudy,

    You believe in this Nate Karns $value for today? Seems like his Steemer ROS stats is a mix of starts and relief appearances. Does steamer normally give more favorable ERA and WHIP to relief appearances due to being able to use your best pitches and not having to face a hitter twice? Therefore would your streamonator projections start from an overly optimistic point?

    Thanks man. Great success Day 1 using hittertron with Lind, Miller, Pagan, and Ackley.

    • That is a fair point on steamer ROS. I make an era/whip/k rate adjustment for relievers but not sure if I do for swing men. Will review today. Karns is an okay play because he has shown solid k rate as a SP but I’m not streaming him yet

      • Jake says:

        @Rudy Gamble: I’m in a head to head league where I went cheap on pitching and Smyly and Peavy may not pitch this week. I only get 1 start from Arriett since start 2 is in Colorado. My opponent has Smardjzia and Kershaw going twice.

        My plan was to stream Karns, C Anderson, Morrow, and possibly Lincecum. I can probably win K’s with Anderson and Morrow only. Even though they’re more at $4-$5, would you feel more confident in them (than karns?)

        I already got 4 RP going.

        • i would start all of them. at least you’ll get Wins and K’s.

      • i looked at my formula and I make ERA, WHIP, and K/9 adjustments for any pitchers Steamer has projected with < than 50% of their Games as Starts. So Karns’ ERA has been adjusted (he’s projected at 17 GS, 25 Relief appearances by Steamer)

        • Jake says:

          @Rudy Gamble: Thanks, you think of everything.

          Not sure if you’re committed to a regular valuation column, but here’s something I was thinking about:

          Do stadium factors vary by time of day, time of year, or whether the roof is open/closed?

          Seems like particularly stadiums in the north or particularly close to large bodies of water may have regular impactful weather patterns.

          • @Jake: My posts during the season are few and far between. Have my last offseason research post going out tomorrow afternoon.

            I agree with you that park factors are impacted by time of year, time of day, weather, wind, etc. But I’m not sure how predicable those variations are. Might be chasing windmills with that one. FWIW, I am very wary of starting a pitcher in a Chicago day game. I also love starting pitchers in those shadow-filled 4PM games they’ll have on the west coast.

  166. HighHeat says:

    First time using SON. Kazmir looks good tomorrow. Am I seeing it right? Thanks!

    • Yeah $18.8 is a must start in every format.

  167. This is getting a bit more subjective, but I much prefer the Zune Marketplace. The interface is colorful, has more flair, and some cool features like ‘Mixview’ that let you quickly see related albums, songs, or other users related to what you’re listening to. Clicking on one of those will center on that item, and another set of “neighbors” will come into view, allowing you to navigate around exploring by similar artists, songs, or users. Speaking of users, the Zune “Social” is also great fun, letting you find others with shared tastes and becoming friends with them. You then can listen to a playlist created based on an amalgamation of what all your friends are listening to, which is also enjoyable. Those concerned with privacy will be relieved to know you can prevent the public from seeing your personal listening habits if you so choose.

  168. Brian says:

    Hi, how often are Streamonator and the weekly pitcher planner updated?… daily, more frequently?

    I’m a new subscriber and I’m trying to learn how often to check them and when new data is first reflected in them.

    E.g., when will yesterday’s Cubs/Cards game cancellation be reflected in both tools?… right now they both still show Lackey pitching today.


  169. jeff says:

    Does the Streamonator not adjust when there is a rainout? Arrieta is pitching today but Hammel is listed. When will this be adjusted?

  170. Between me and my husband we’ve owned more MP3 players over the years than I can count, including Sansas, iRivers, iPods (classic & touch), the Ibiza Rhapsody, etc. But, the last few years I’ve settled down to one line of players. Why? Because I was happy to discover how well-designed and fun to use the underappreciated (and widely mocked) Zunes are.

  171. Derrick says:

    I’ve paid for this but it isn’t working for me.

  172. I Love You Wong Time says:

    Can you remind me what the cutoff pitcher value is that you contemplate sitting?

  173. Desperately Seeking Streamers says:

    Trying to subscribe to SON and it’s not letting me. Tried it on Chrome, IE11. Are you aware of problems?

  174. Derrick says:

    Rudy, any ideas on why I can’t get SON to work? Yesterday I got the $19.99 package and it worked then but isn’t working now.

    • What is happening? Are you unable to login to CoinTent or are you not seeing the subscription box?

      • Derrick says:

        @Rudy Gamble:

        I see the subscription box and it has me logged in. It just keeps showing me the preview option.

        • Jax says:

          @Derrick: Rudy/Derrick,

          I’m getting something similar. I went to signup yesterday, but wasn’t seeing the actual subscription button underneath the “Subscribe here….” title like I did the day before. I had to actually click on the ad-looking picture on the side of the screen promoting said tools to actually be able to click the subscription button today. So, I subscribed today, accessed it this morning, but now when I came back to it, it just shows me the preview again like I’m not logged in and there is no login function (and the subscription button is gone again, even via the side ad/promotion picture). I can’t find a login prompt anywhere on the site



          • Jax says:

            @Jax: Oh, and I’ve used all three of the main browsers (IE, FireFox, and Chrome)

      • Jax says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Yeah…this is the 2nd day in a row I can’t get into the SoN from my laptop. I can from my Android phone, but still have to click on Subscription options to get to a login page.

        My laptop has no option for the Subscription button, so I can’t login. Only seeing the preview button…

        Please advise

        • Jax says:

          @Jax: scratch that…got it to work in IE, but still not working within Chrome (which is dumb). Oh well

  175. Jason Smith says:

    In a rotisserie league with an innings limit of 1300 for the season, can I assume that if a pitcher has a negative, that is a recommendation to sit that pitcher for that start?

  176. Lester says:

    Hey Rudy,

    Do you project daily ABs a pitcher will face? I’d love to be able to see that stat as well.


    • Lester says:


      I’m sorry – projected batters faced would be more appropriate.


    • you can back that out, I suppose, by multiplying IP * 3 and then adding H + BB. i will keep ‘Batters Faced’ in mind.

  177. Aaron says:

    Bauer. Good call.

  178. Barry B says:

    I’m trying to subscribe to Hittertron and Streamonator but it won’t let me. The window that pops up doesn’t have anything to click on and it won’t let me Create an account. Does it just suck to be me or can I get in on the fun, please?

    • Desperately Seeking Streamers says:

      @Barry B:

      Anyone out there able to help? Same problem here and I’d really like to subscribe? Rudy?

  179. Jake says:

    HI Rudy,

    Why does Steamer hate Matt Shoemaker? Why can’t be be as good as Iwakuma? Pretty much the same arsenal and K/BB/HR results. They just sandbagging because he’s exceeding his minor league K rate?

    As a hypothetical in a 12 team H2H you starting Iwakuma @Tex and @Hou?

    Thanks man.

    • Shoemaker bearishness is based on pre-2014 track record. Yes on iwakuma

  180. HighHeat says:

    I see the SON does not like Buchholtz tomorrow. Is it worth a spec play ya think?

    • Yanks aren’t looking so great but maybe it’s a matter of time before their LHs hook a couple into the right-field seats. I’m not a fan of Buchholz but I can see why one might roll the dice on it.

  181. HighHeat says:

    BYW great call on Kazmir the other day. I got the win ans SO. Thanks!!!

  182. Joe Shmoe says:

    Mr. Gamble,
    SON is not working for me:( Anything wrong with my account?

  183. BringDaRuckus says:

    Yea its not working for me either. It says its refreshing, but doesn’t take me to the page?

  184. scott says:

    whats up with buerhle today? seems there are a few guys at $99 the next couple days. some error in the Toronto park factor? they are all blue jays

    also, anyway to get rid of the annoying key west ad? its one of those roll over pop ups i think

  185. stuff says:

    Rudy, this thing rules; the value of the sweet Streamonator. I will gladly give you money for it. And i did! But yeah, thanks for making this thing. It drastically improves my enjoyment of this hobby.

    Anyway, McCarthy is seriously favored on his next start vs Rockies. Time to test this thing. inb4 he gives up 5 HR. I’ll be ok if it’s to CarGo, Tulo, or Nolan.

    Also, Carrasco is still showing for Sunday. Just a heads up.

    • Thanks! McCarthy is favored b/c he gets COL at home where they are much less scary. @COL is a negative start for all except aces.

      I see Carrasco pushed back a day but they haven’t announced who’s pitching Sunday. Grr.

  186. Swfcdan says:

    The FBI are watching this page!

  187. GleamTeam_Matt says:

    DFSBot, A Success Story:

    Last year, I deposited $10 on a whim to Draft Street. I used the various tools on here and ended up winning about $175 on there without having to put in a cent more than my initial investment. Then, they got bought out by Draft Kings. Haven’t really had a chance to get on there. However, since I was already a Draft Kings member, I couldn’t take advantage of that deal when signing up for Razzball Premium. So, I dumped $10 into Fan Duel so I could take advantage of all the Razzball goodies.

    I’ve already made my money back (and then some!). Hit $25 on a $5 buy-in Salary Cap game yesterday over at Fan Duel. Now onto dominating my main roto league. Keep up the great work, everyone!

    – Matt

  188. Steve says:

    Hey Rudy,

    SON hates Bradley today, any specific reason why other than he’s an untested rookie? I trust SON but really want to trot him out there tonight.

  189. regan sayer says:

    I bought the season pass and am trying to use it at the library. Internet is down at home. How do i log in? Don’t see anywhere on the screen to logon.

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      Click subscribe, log in screen should pop up

  190. Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

    what are the options for signing up at one of the DFS sites to get a discount, they aren’t mentioned when you open up payment options? i read somewhere there’s some sort of discount.

      • Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

        @Rudy Gamble: so you’ll be able to see that i’ve registered and added at least $10 in say fanduel? and by doing that i’ll not only get to save $40 right away, i’ll obviously be able to win money too? (might not, but saving $40 for something i would’ve paid $50 and leaving myself with a $10 freeroll sounds nice). Man, when you guys announced the bots weren’t free this was the sales method you should’ve pressed more. Nobody who even knew what SON/Hitter T/DFS bot were would want to pay this.

        • Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

          @Aubrey Plaza’s Pillow: i see fanduel says it’ll take 48 hours (they probably mean up to 48 hours, but we’ll see). thanks.

          • Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

            @Aubrey Plaza’s Pillow: also, youse guys should add that razzball.com/subscriptions somewhere up top, since i’m sure way more people will pony up $10 over the $50, if they knew about it. When you try to go in through one of the bots that option doesn’t show up.

              • Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

                @Rudy Gamble: ok, i got a cointent account, then paid, then got an email showing that i’ve been registered with Razzball hours later (just now), then i signed in in the forum log in section (if there’s another one i’m not aware of it), but still it only shows SON as a “sample” not actual SON. What am i doing wrong? There could be some completely different place to log in in a different way i’m unaware of or maybe that email that said i was registered didn’t really mean i was fully registered. This email i got this morning of course contradicts what Fanduel site said last night about it taking 48 hours to get registered.
                Concerning the advice i don’t think i know better than you guys, but this seems to be like the “hidden menu” at Panera, which seems silly to not press the options if/when the best options might not be known by everybody.

                • Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

                  @Aubrey Plaza’s Pillow: cointent also now showing i paid, but of course i don’t know if that’s important or not. fanduel does show my invested money, and mentioned i came in through razzball.

                  • Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

                    @Aubrey Plaza’s Pillow: sorry cointent showing nothing indicating i paid anything (always get those two mixed up, sometimes on purpose and try to convince others)

                    • Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

                      @Aubrey Plaza’s Pillow: never thou mind, it’s all working now, ignore above except for panera bread comparison.

                • Scroll up to the Cointent box. Click ‘Log In’ in bottom right. Let me know if that gets you in.

                  • Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

                    @Rudy Gamble: i see it now (i recently cleaned history so had to get in again, up till now it remembered me). thanks.

  191. Blint says:

    Hi Rudy

    I have a question regarding the FantasyUp hitting projections ! Mike Trout has his Proj $ 4550 what does that mean exactly? The column next to that is his FU price ! Then the difference which is in negative for all the top guys :O Then it is $/pt .. If its not too much work can you just explain the last few columns please and what I need to get out of those. Sorry if its already answered somewhere!


    • Good catch. Wrong salary projection formula (was using FanDuel’s). FWIW, when I use DFSBot, I don’t usually look at the Salary/Diff$ columns. I focus on the $/Pts columns.

      • Blint says:

        @Rudy Gamble:

        Just a general question Rudy because this is my first time playing Daily Fantasy. Out of all the websites you have DFSbot for is there a particular website you recommend a noob to play based on what type of game it is. Example 50 50 or tournament etc ?
        Just used FantasyUp for playing 5050 $1 tournament yesterday I noticed there were very few unique players. One player has dozens of entries and there were many like him. Is this similar in other websites as well?

        Is there a particular website you use for h2h or tourneys etc? Thanks!

        • @Blint: I mainly play DraftKings and find it easy to use. I recommend starting with 50/50 because your goal – put together the best team – is similar to roto. The tournaments are different in that you have additional factors besides ‘best’ team – e.g., you need to worry about a team’s upside and your team’s uniqueness. Not sure if that part’s clear but 50/50 is the better place to start is all you need to know.

          • Blint says:

            @Rudy Gamble:

            Yes that is exactly why I started with 50 50 as well. But since my math is a little weak I wanted to know if its positive EV If – In a 60 player 50 50 tourney there are 2 guys who have 50 entries between them and the rest 10 are single entry users.

  192. Aaron says:

    Seriously Trevor Bauer is in the red both games this week? Explain

    • @Aaron: I’m with you on Bauer. I drafted him in two late drafts (RCL, NFBC Main Event) after his great spring. Projecting young pitchers with mixed track records (http://www.fangraphs.com/statss.aspx?playerid=12703&position=P) is difficult. Sometimes they just ‘figure it out’ and make all their past stats moot.

      It could be that Bauer is this type of exception case. That’s my bet for now I know others are banking on Archie Bradley in the same way. But Steamer/Streamonator is going to treat his past stats just as they would for any other pitcher.

  193. Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season says:

    hey Rudy, am i right in assuming the reason we don’t yet have these three things
    FIP vs ERA
    BABIP vs AVG
    Platoony Tunes
    is because we don’t have a large enough sample yet?

    • They are up now. Just hadn’t added them to our Tools menu yet.

      • Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season says:

        @Rudy Gamble: was it just a coincidence that i asked this the same day you were already putting them up? thanks.

        • Not a coincidence. Thanks for the reminder!

          • Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season says:

            @Rudy Gamble: how else would we have gotten into those? (i assume there was a way if you hadn’t put them up yet)

            • the pages are live so you could’ve googled them. but i needed to update them for 2015.

  194. Swfcdan says:

    I literally want to buy a day pass for 50 cents to try it out but it doesn’t let me do that, only a minimum deposit of $2. Why is that?

    Otherwise I guess I might have to go for the monthly subscription. Is that rolling or a one-off?

    • @Swfcdan: Cointent requires $2 minimum deposit. You could use that for future purchases on our site or other sites using CoinTent. The monthly subscription can be set to a one-time purchase or recurring – your call. Monthly or season-long are definitely the best value.

  195. KevinS894 says:

    Question on the method for the Streamonator – When it is evaluating a pitcher’s start, I get that it is looking at that SP’s steamer projections and the opponent. My question is in the opponent part…is it looking at the current opponents roster or the performance for that opponent based on some timeframe ago? An example is San Diego…not a good lineup last year but this year much improved is the SoN taking that into account already or will it take awhile?

    • @KevinS894: Good question. It is looking at the active roster as of the end of previous day (so all DL’d and minor league players removed). I then am calculating likelihood to start using recent game data and factoring in the handedness of the hitter and pitcher (so Ryan Raburn and Jerry Sands have a much higher likelihood to start for the Indians if the opponent pitcher is LHP).

      The process isn’t perfect (very hard to model a lineup) but I think it does a solid job at estimating the strength of the opposing lineup and accounting for major factors (like injuries).

      • KevinS894 says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Thanks! That’s what I thought from last year but just wanted to make sure.

  196. Steve says:


    What do you make of Fiers? Still backing SON projections? Curious about your thoughts on his recent struggles.

    • KevinS894 says:

      @Steve: Fiers and Iwakuma are killing me. I’m more worried about Iwakuma’s loss in velocity.

      • @KevinS894: iwakuma’s issues seem to be that he’s missing in the strike zone – not hitting enough corners. a little more worried in him vs fiers given his age and his middling K-rate.

    • @Steve: I’m sticking by Fiers for now. His BABIP and HR rate are up and expect those to regress. He was a guy that, for whatever reason (skepticism on K rate b/c of low velocity?), I couldn’t pull the trigger on in this year’s drafts (as opposed to McCarthy who Steamer also loved and I own seemingly everywhere). Sure seems like he’s a 2nd half only guy though that can’t be a skill.

  197. DancinHomer says:

    Rudy, I subscribed for the year and have no issues accessing in my computer, but whenever I try to access on my iPhone, it keeps asking me to subscribe…

    I click on the CoinTent login link, a new window opened up saying I’m already logged in, but when I go back to the SoN / hittertron page it’s like nothing happened.

    Thoughts; suggestions?

    • Hmm, I hadn’t heard any iphone issues. What model/OS are you using?

      • DancinHomer says:

        @Rudy Gamble:

        I have an iPhone 5S running the latest iOS (8.3)

        • that’s the same model I have – although I haven’t upgraded yet to 8.3.

          Try going to cointent.com on your mobile browser and log out. Then log in again. Let’s see if that fixed the problem.

          • DancinHomer says:

            @Rudy Gamble:

            tried that & getting the same result

            • Perturbed says:

              Same issue here. Latest and greatest iPhone won’t let me in.

              • Can u try logging in at CoinTent.com and then refreshing the razzball tool page?

  198. Steve says:

    Hey Rudy,

    You starting Yordano today? Seems dicey and SON agrees but he’s an ace….

    • @Steve: I’m not starting him @CHA. Tough place to pitch and I don’t consider him an ace. AND he goes up against Sale.

  199. Aaron says:

    And you have Heston getting crushed tomorrow at Colorado? I know it’s there at Coors but can’t be that bad.

    • Heston is a mediocre pitcher whose #s look better because he has home starts in a favorable park.

      For reference, here are the starts so far @COL.

      Name / Team / Date / Decision / IP / H / ER / BB / K / ERA / WHIP

      Travis Wood CHN Apr 10 L 4.7 7 3 2 5 5.79 1.93
      Jason Hammel CHN Apr 11 W 6.0 8 3 0 6 4.50 1.33
      Kyle Hendricks CHN Apr 12 ND 4.3 8 5 1 3 10.38 2.08
      Odrisamer Despaigne SD Apr 20 W 6.7 6 2 2 5 2.70 1.20
      Brandon Morrow SD Apr 21 ND 6.0 6 5 1 3 7.50 1.17
      James Shields SD Apr 22 ND 6.0 6 3 3 5 4.50 1.50

  200. Steve says:

    What do you make of Scott Baker’s spot start tomorrow in SD? His AAA starts have been great so far. You still have Wieland listed as the SP above.

  201. Simply Fred

    Fred Barker says:

    SON not loading for me. Paid for subscription. ?

  202. Simply Fred

    Fred Barker says:

    Hey, what’s wrong? Why Stream and Hitter not working?

    • @Fred Barker: it is working. are u logged into cointent? link on bottom right of subscription box

  203. Simply Fred

    Fred Barker says:

    Thanks. Log-in fixed it. First time it has logged me out, so didn’t understand the log-in fix.

  204. Nut Butter says:

    Does Deposting $10 into Fanduel get a peron SON and HT free for a year? Season? How long if any?

    • @Nut Butter: Yes, if you are opening a new account and click the FanDuel link on this page: http://razzball.com/subscriptions/. You will get full access to Streamonator and Hittertron for the 2015 season.

      If you already have a FanDuel account, you could open a new DraftKings, FantasyFeud, or FantasyUp account and get full access to SON and Hittertron for 2015 as well. (With all but FantasyUp you’ll get access to DFSBot as well).

  205. Anson Wells says:

    I gotta say, paying for a service that lists wrong starting dates for SP’s, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.
    Pineda has been pushed back to May 1st all day, yet you have him listed as starting on 4/29.

    Can’t really ask money for something that you guys aren’t monitoring daily

    • We have a feed that updates every morning and then try to correct game day changes based on news. I assume this one gets corrected with tomorrow’s feed – if not, I will change it. If that falls below your quality threshold, email me at rudy@razzball.com and we will get you a rebate.

  206. Steve says:

    What’s A.J Cole’s ranking today?

    • @Steve: Thanks for heads-up – thought Roark was going to start. It’s updated.

  207. BringDaRuckus says:

    Michael Lorenzen is starting tomm for my Redlegs. Where would you rank him? Thx

    • thanks for heads up. making correction – should be posted around midnight.

      i assume it’ll be a negative start. Steamer hates rookie pitchers because…well, rookie pitchers generally suck (see AJ Cole and Severino Gonzalez’s starts tonight)

  208. slicke5 says:

    Hey Rudy any chance for a CHI@BAL update on SON?

    Samardjiza @ Jimenez 4/29
    Thank you!

  209. Steve says:

    Hey Rudy,

    Why does SON love Lyons so much today? Think he sticks in the rotation? He’s got to have some talent if he’s to replace Wainwright but doesn’t have great projections for the ROS. Cubbies are a tough offense, would you start him today?

    • i’m not exactly sure. i’m more bearish than SON on this start. i wouldn’t stream it.

  210. Frank says:

    Would you sit samardzija in a 16 team lg when you already have a bloated era?

    • i’d start him. too deep of a league to be sitting him in a home start

      • Frank says:

        @Rudy Gamble: thanks, that lineup and dollar value scares me off some. Plus I’ve been knocked about by the Tigers already this yr

        • yeah, i hear your nausea. i’ve been starting Lester all year in 14-team and he’s been pretty blech.

  211. henncoop says:

    I signed up for the year for hittertron & streamonator & they usually autoloaded when I opened them. today nothing …..if I have a username (hopefully my email addy) & a password (not sure what it is at this point because i never had to sign in previously …it just always opened whenever I opened the app.
    Any assist on this issue would be helpful

    • @henncoop: You just need to sign into CoinTent. There is a Login link on bottom right of the subscription frame.

  212. henncoop says:

    Just never had me log in before ….thankfully I set it up to remember my password on this computer so when I hit that log in link I was auto-signed in.
    It has been well worth the $$ for the year subscription. I highly recommend it to anyone on the fence over the purchase ….unless you are in one of my leagues of course.

  213. stuff says:

    The Chase Anderson start…Is this using data of the terrible Padres before this year? Because these Padres will destroy pitchers…kinda like they did Chris Heston, who was supposed to be a somewhat safe option.

    • @stuff: The opposing offense data is updated every day. Steamer/Hittertron are just not that impressed yet by the Padres. Good start to the year though. That Heston start got me in RCL. But they also got shut down by Vogelsong the night before…

      • stuff says:

        @Rudy Gamble: I think Vogelsong just lucked into a hitting lull by the Padres. It’s also possible they’re hitting way above their head to start the year. My ratios are destroyed this week in h2h anyway, so I’ll try to give Anderson and a shot and see how it goes. I risk nothing and can only gain Ks, which I need.

        • Or the Padres lucked out against Heston because Rubby shut ’em down last night.

  214. Jaret says:

    Why are Frias and Wieland getting favorable projections this week?

  215. Jaret says:

    How are Frias and Wieland getting good projections this week?

  216. Frank White says:

    Hey Rudy… I paid for an all year subscription and it’s not popping up for me. Can you help??

    • @Frank White: Do you see a CoinTent-branded subscription frame on this page. If so, click the bottom right ‘log in’ link and sign in. That should do it!

  217. Frank says:

    Grey vs SON- frias vs fiers?

  218. Jimbo says:

    Is there a way to filter the list by AL and NL?

    • not particularly easy but you can achieve that by putting all the teams in one of those leagues into the team filter separated by | – e.g., NYA|BOS|BAL (ETC)

  219. Steve says:

    Henderson Alvarez starting tomorrow for the fins, where does SON put him vs. Kohler (who’s headed to the bullpen)?

  220. Steve says:

    Also, would you rather hold Rubby or Henderson for the ROS?

  221. Jake says:

    Hi Rudy,

    Is there an issue with cointent this morning? I’m not getting logged in. I don’t see the link that normally auto logs me in or a request to login in.

    Tried chrome, IE, and firefox. Cleared cookies, restarted.


  222. Jake says:

    Nevermind, it’s all better.

  223. John says:

    Do the pitchers projections take longer to adjust than the hitters? It seems that some of the injuries to pitchers or reactivation, as well as the loss of closer jobs does not get reflected in the pitching projections as often (ex. Addison Reed, Cisek higher than expected, Jansen close to closing again)?

    • @John: it is saves that takes the longest to correct. It is one long piece of logic that looks at fixed expectations and recent games. That hold Jansen got through the loop but it will stabilize soon. Cishek/reed will go down in saves next couple weeks once someone else on team starts getting Saves. I keep tweaking the logic but hard to write and reflect recent shifts.

      • John says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Thank you for all of your quick responses. Really appreciate all of this.

  224. Aaron says:

    Bauer gonna get crushed vs ChiSox? -20 really? They have second worse total in the league scoring runs.

    • I agree regarding Bauer $. I think White Sox at home will be a bad pitcher matchup for most of 2015 though the whole team has underperformed so far. I like Bauer more than Steamer b/c of his K potential though his BB rate is still uninspiring.

  225. Teddy Heater says:

    Grey told me to check with regarding opening up a Fanduel or Draftkings account. I’ve been piggy backing off my buddee’s account and I’ve been doing good, so I need to get my own account going. I know that daily write ups always say to sign up through Razzball, what do I need to do, is there a promo code and can I do Fanduel or only Draftkings through Razz? Thanks in advance

    • Hi Teddy – you can sign up through either service. Just follow the instructions and links on razzball.com/subscriptions.

      • Teddy Heater says:

        @Rudy Gamble: I signed up for Razzball’s premium service the 1st day, so I don’t need the subscription. Should I still sign up through Razzball/subscriptions. I just want to make sure you guys get credit for a new account, as I’m not sure how it works.

  226. Aaron says:

    Richards tomorrow – 16 @ fenway? He’s been getting in a groove lately pitching like last year.

    • Agreed that the projection seems bearish. The big disagreement that SON/Steamer has is that Richards has been riding crazy low BABIP for last 30+ starts. Tough to maintain. Couldn’t fault someone starting him here – not sure what I’d do

  227. Frank says:

    that dollar amount makes hughes a must sit tonight right? or should I roll with him in a 16 teamer

  228. Frank says:

    hughes dollar amount make him a must sit tonight right? or can I still roll with him in a 16 teamer

  229. Gogo godzilla says:


    Love your stuff and I am subscriber????

    I am not able to login. Not getting the coin link to log in

    Help. Today is another big day????


    • hi – sorry for the delayed response. was travelling most of the day. what browser are you using? is it happening on a PC/Mac or phone?

  230. Go go godzilla says:

    No worries

    iPad safari the newest one


  231. Rparsons says:

    Fiers was moved up on 3 days rest to today. Would he be a bad play according to stream-o-meter or advisable like he would have been against Arizona in two days?

  232. McKrakenup says:

    Where is Fiers ranked for today? The Brewers moved his start up a day. So pitching on short rest. Is he a sit or start against a surging giants team?

  233. Lester says:

    Hey Rudy,

    Is Alex Gonzalez the same as Chi Chi Gonzalez for Texas?

    • @Lester: yes, and we’ll call him Mr. Gonzalez for his next start if he pitches nasty today.

  234. Kendrick Llama says:

    Son likes porcello more than Morton today, but who can I trust more to not get shelled?

    • Porcello probably a little more likely to get shelled but I’d still trust SON.

  235. fastfrog says:

    Does the Stream-o-nator take into account a day game played after a night game? For example, we all know Jerome Williams and Moscot suck. But they’re gonna be facing hitters who’ve just played nine innings the previous night and thus won’t be as sharp this afternoon.

    • @fastfrog: It does not factor that in right now. I’m putting that on my list of “Things to test”. I had done a test – per Sky’s suggestion – on how team’s fare the first day entering a new city vs subsequent days – and found that it had no statistical impact. My guess is this would be the same.

  236. b-rock says:

    Hey Rudy – quick question on this tool.

    So the SON says it factors in opponent’s strength – but is that based more on full season statistics and/or projections? Or does it also factor in recent play for hot streaks/slumps?

    • @b-rock: SON dynamically generates opponent strength by looking at the active roster and weighting hitters’ stats by that pitcher handedness (LHP or RHP) by likelihood to start. So McCutchen’s weight is much higher than Pedro Alvarez’s against LHP. A park-neutral wOBA is calculated for each team and indexed to league average. So the pitcher facing the Cardinals today will have it ‘easier’ than the pitcher two days ago b/c Holliday isn’t factored in.

      I’ve tested hot streaks/slumps and they do not add to the projections’ accuracy (though recent playing time is factored heavily for the likelihood to start calculation). See more info on these two posts:

  237. Ben says:

    So it seems like SON hates Edinson Volquez more than it should, no? I know his K rate and BB rate aren’t great, but since the start of 2014 he is pitching to a 3.05 ERA and a 1.21 WHIP. That’s some pretty prolonged success in my book yet he is a negative value on SON pretty much every time out.

    • @Ben: Seems about right to me. He’s a guy i’d only stream in 12 team Roto when he has a great matchup. Mediocre K/BB means he’s heavily dependent on BABIP (on the right team for that) and HR suppression. In H2H and 15-team, I can see the value.

      • Ben says:

        @Rudy Gamble:
        I dunno- I think the consistency with which he has been putting up solid stats makes him more of an “avoid in bad matchups” than a “only start in great matchups” but regardless, I dont see how around negative $7 (was that what he was for yesterday?) in a matchup at Min is about right. If you look at him at least as a streaming option isn’t that $10+ too low?

        • I’m not streaming Volquez on the road period. Milwaukee is a hitter’s park. I’m not touching it in 12 team mixed roto (which the $ is based on). His fortunate run in BABIP and HR suppression doesn’t move me.

  238. Derr says:

    So i deposited $10 for fanduel yesterday from Paypal and got the email from CoinTent. I setup a CointTent account but I havent been able to find out how to link anything so that I have access to the tools on here. Any help?

    • Derr – your account was activated yesterday. you just need to login to cointent either at cointent.com or in the subscription box when you go to one of our tools pages.

  239. woodzler says:

    I don´t have access to the tools anymore and my cointent account shows not transactions in my history?
    I was already billed and used the SON for quite a time now….
    Any help?
    greets woodzler

  240. TayTay says:

    Hey Razzballers,

    So I am not able to use SON anymore, which is weird because I signed up for the year long subscription. Any help por favor? Thanks brah.

    • TayTay says:

      @TayTay: I signed in and it will give me about 10 secs before it logs me out.

      • @TayTay: Yes, I have you signed up for the season. Including you in an e-mail thread with CoinTent support. Sorry for your incovenience – we’ll get it figured out asap!

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