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Hey, Stephen here. Everyone, “Hey, Stephen!” In addition to my Wednesday afternoon look at prospects, through the incredible generosity of Rudy (nice fro!) and Grey (love the stache!), I’m going to write a Sunday post each week about players that are currently performing well in the minors and may get called up sooner than later that could help your fantasy baseball team. You’re gonna like this!

Devin Mesoraco – The Red’s newly anointed stud catching prospect and a preliminary grab in Grey/Rudy’s NL LABR league. Mesoraco has started the season on fire. He started the season with three solo home runs and on 4/13/11 he had 5 RBI. He’s slashing .320/.393/.800 in 25 early Triple-A at-bats.  (Rudy:  LOVE Mesoraco but it’ll take an injury to Hanigan or Ramon Hernandez for him to make the team.  And even then he’d get half the starts.  A must stash for keeper and NL-only leagues but useless otherwise.)

Jerry Sands – It’s only a matter of time before the Dodgers click L1 to rewind on their journey with the Loney-bin and replace him with the Sands-of-time. Jerry has bashed four early home runs and is at the top of the leaders boards with 15 RBI as of 4/14/11. With only two strikeouts to start the year in 33 at-bats, Sands is looking more and more like smooth choice for the shores of California.

Jesus Montero – Baseball’s Baby-Jesus, Jesus has slashed .448/.448/.655 in 29 at-bats playing in Triple-A.  That’s Mauer-esque average but, so far, Mauer-esque power – 1 home run and 3 doubles to combine with 9 singles. He could be an early season call-up who can hit like Buster Posey.

Dee Gordon – Hello, my name is Dee and I have a problem. Thadda boy, the first step is to admit your problem. Shhh! I’m not Alcides Escobar. My name is Dee Gordon and I have a problem, the problem is the Dodgers won’t call me up to replace Furcal. It might be your strikeouts or raw defense. SHH! I’ve got speed and Davey Lopes is the King of SAGNOF.

Dustin Ackley – Spending time in the minors to improve his offensive defense at second base (defense in the outfield is good). Has moderate 2011 fantasy upside, especially if given second base eligibility.  (Rudy:  I drafted him in an AL-only league.  He’s definitely called up in late May/early June.  But I agree with Stephen – best case is maybe 7 Hrs and 10 SB with decent average)

Brandon Allen – Can’t buy a break. First Juan Miranda then Russell Branyan. Better start hitting at Reno or the early season wager wasn’t worth the gamble.

Paul Goldschmidt – The time to invest in gold was 2009. It’s now 2011, gold is at its peak and your physical therapist couldn’t sell unidentified “flaxseed oil” to Jose Canseco. However, Goldschmidt – brought to you by the Gold Guys – has hit four early home runs with a 6:3 K:BB ratio at Double-A. This might be the time to buy (my) hype while the media slowly picks up on him. Blocked by several Diamondbacks, only Brandon Allen can be more exciting in Arizona. (That’s from a prospect perspective of course.)

Kyle Gibson – Call me a fanboy, but I don’t think Blackburn or Duensing will stay in the Twins rotation the whole year. Gibson should be the first one called up.

Brett Lawrie – Lawrie is the other end of the ‘Marcum to the Brewers’ trade.  Currently struggling to play defense at third.  Who needs defense in Toronto when you can hit home runs, steal bases and strikeout? Could easily be a mini-Drew Stubbs if given 100 games. Not see mention that Edwin Encarnacion hasn’t done anything to sustain an everyday job and Jayson Nix is just a utility type.

Brett Jackson – I’ve heard he yells, “Fukudome Infidels!” during each hit and “Stitches,” when he reaches second after a steal. The tin can in his back pocket is his voodoo doll of Fukudome and Soriano. Not that a doll is needed when Fukudome can’t hit in May and Soriano will be injured come June.  Guess Jackson is just showing off his early slash line of .480/.563/.720 in 25 at-bats with one home run, four steals and his saboteur skills.  (Rudy:  A great prospect but he’s only in Double-A right now.  I don’t see him with the team until September unless 2 of the Cubs 4 OFs get hurt.)

Jenrry Mejia – Has started the year on a hot streak. No runs allowed in 12 2/3 innings with a total of 11 baserunners and 11 strikeouts at Triple-A. Dillion Gee is getting a spot start on 4/17/11, but Mejia has the better upside. It may be the Mets but I still want part of this Mejia Fajita.

Andrew Oliver – The Tiger’s farmhand throws a mid 90s fastball that tops out at 96 MPH and a good slider. Might explain his 14 strikeouts in 12 innings; only 10 baserunners all year too.  Oliver has a high possibility to start for the Tigers by May and feast on the AL Central if Porcello or Penny continues to struggle.

Manny Banuelos/Dellin Betances – Both just were placed on the DL. Both expected to miss only a week or so. Could called up by the middle of the summer depending on progress and the Yankees needs. Just don’t be surprised if they’re not pitching for the Bronx Bombers when they are called up.  (Rudy:  I think there’s close to zero chance that the Yankees trade either of these two.  Jesus Montero is much more likely to be traded since they need to keep DH open for A-Rod/Jeter, 1B is set, and they have two other Catcher prospects.)

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  1. Dr. Orlando Schadenfreude says:

    I’m loving the concept of this new column Stephen. You do good work son. Now, you mind throwing my lazy azz a bone and adding these guys’s position eligibility after their names? Thanks, you’re a gem.

  2. thorbs says:

    Great read — would you value Goldschmidt over another prospect like Trayvon Robinson?

  3. no muff to tuff says:

    im serriously waiting on gordon and sands,when do you see them getting the call,or what thier use this year and next will be

  4. Garvey's Illegitimate child says:

    what are your thoughts on the Moustakas and Hosmer situation in KC? I think if Kia performs even a little, they ship him out and bring up Hosmer but what about Mous? And who the hell is Clint Robinson and his 4 knocks and 3 doubles?

  5. Garvey's Illegitimate child says:

    Oh, and great rundown.

  6. YourMomsBoyfriend says:

    What, no Mike Trout? He had a bad first two games (0-6) and then went apeshit. Hosmer? Moustakas? Mike Olt (.429/.556/1.377 is HARD to ignore, even IF it’s in High A)?

  7. Trevor

    tggq21 says:

    Hey steve, any idea on the ETA on David Lough of KC

  8. Michael Bourne says:

    I can’t wait until Oliver gets called up:
    1. So the tigers have a LHP
    2. So you can talk about how awesome Turner will be in September/Next Year
    3. There is no 3

    Thank you Steven (and Rudy/Grey)

  9. Jeff says:

    Who do I start at 2B this week, Callaspo or KJ?

    Callaspo has been hitting very well, but I’m wondering how many games he’ll play this week with Aybar back starting Monday.

    KJ is in a 0-15 slump and was benched yesterday to help him figure things out.

  10. the bat rastard says:

    Great Idea. Saves me from doing all the time consuming dirty work…lol.

  11. Goose

    Goose says:

    Big fan of Andy Oliver…definite fantasy sleeper. Got his feet wet last year and should be much better when recalled, assuming he continues this level of success in AAA.

  12. GopherDay says:

    This is awesome! Thanks Stephen!

  13. The Mad Hungarian says:

    Love the concept – Razzball just keeps gettin’ better…

  14. Colin says:

    Let’s be honest. Loney is a fkn moron. He’s had 4 years to cement his status as the dodgers 1st baseman. Did he really think they would be ok with a 1st baseman hitting 10 homers in 500 at bats ever year? Lift a fkn dumbbell in the offseason and gain 20 lbs for Christ sake. He’s had the same scrawny frame since he came up. He deserves to be benched for Sands now simply for not caring about bettering himself as hitter. Frigging dork.

  15. Tony says:

    @anyone: pick one to start today:

    Lester vs. TOR

    Hanson vs. NYM

  16. Eddy says:

    And finally the day has arrived.

    Razzball is now, officially, 24/7.

    Good work Stephen.

  17. Big Game Hunter says:


    10-team, total season points scoring mixed league.
    Who is getting the better end (and is this a fair trade for both parties).

    A- David Wright, Joe Mauer, Adam Jones, Francisco Rodriguez
    B – Evan Longoria, Shin-Soo Choo, Alexei Ramirez, Clay Bucholtz

  18. KCC26 says:

    so what has to happen for montero to get his shot? can he force his way up in may or so simply by continuing to hit? or do we first need to see poor performance or injury to russell martin?

  19. trick dad says:

    ***capps is now the twins closer***

  20. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @Dr. Orlando Schadenfreude: Thanks. Will do for the next one. I guess I take for granted knowing their positions.

    @thorbs: The power potential for Goldschmidt is larger than Travyon Robinson, however, Robinson has the speed to combine with slight pop.

    @Garvey’s Illegitimate child: I could see them shipping out Kila. Moustakas is struggling in the early going. Dayton over the winter stated that Hosmer was going to stay in the minors this year. re:Clint Robinson: BA ranked him #28 overall prospect in the Royals farm system. Can hit for power but struggles with defense. Scouts think of him as a Quad-A type player. Might be another Kila Ka’aihue type prospect – hits in the minors but doesn’t get many chances.

    @YourMomsBoyfriend: re:Mike Trout: I would be highly surprised if he’s up by June. Subsequently, I would expect him to be in September and getting references later in the season.

    @tggq21: re:Lough: I think there will need to be injuries for him to be called up before September.

    @Jeff: Address in Grey’s article if you want his advice too, but I would keep KJ starting.

    @the bat rastard: Glad I could help keep your hands clean. Never know when the next cheetos needs to be eaten.

    @Goose: Mhm. Has some sneaky strikeout potential (i.e. 2011’s Jhoulys Chacin).

    @GopherDay: Thanks.

    @The Mad Hungarian: Thanks.

    @Colin: I feel your pain. I drafted Loney in 2007 hoping he’d improve. Hasn’t since.

    @Tony: Hanson vs. NYM

    @Eddy: Thanks.

    @KCC26: re:Jesus Montero: Injuries or trade to be honest. Plus sustained success.

  21. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @trick dad: Thanks for the heads up. Glad I have him in my CBS league for Razzball.

  22. Solid stuff, Stephen. I especially like to track the minor league arms that will contribute in 2011 when called up, so it’s nice to get your takes here. A few other guys I wanted to get your opinion on (and estimated eta):

    Tanner Scheppers – TEX
    Jarrod Parker – ARZ
    Jacob Turner – DET
    Julio Teheran – ATL
    Simon Castro -SD
    Mike Montgomery – KC

    El Burro

  23. Big Game Hunter says:


    10-team, total season points scoring mixed league.
    Who is getting the better end (and is this a fair trade for both parties).

    A- David Wright, Joe Mauer, Adam Jones, Francisco Rodriguez
    B – Evan Longoria, Shin-Soo Choo, Alexei Ramirez, Clay Bucholtz

    Thanks in advance! PS – one more ?… if you take Ramirez and Jones from the mix…who gets better end of deal?

  24. Wake Up says:

    Nice. Like this idea. What is up with Mooseknuckles? He is not hitting at all right now. Also, can’t they feel that crawling way up in there?

  25. Wake Up says:

    @Tony: Lester

  26. pubscout says:

    I keep running Volquez out there, and I feel like Rocky Balboa. Why didn’t I just listen to the trainer and “throw the damn towel!?” Now I gotta freakin’ pull cars with chains on the tires up sheer ice hills all season long so I can get my ERA and WHIP down. “VOLQUEZZZZZZZ!”

  27. dirt says:

    On a scale from 1-10…who wins this trade?….Crawford and Dunn for Miguel Cabrera

  28. ken plane says:

    Problem with Montero is that he is just an awful catcher and with Posada clogging up the DH spot, he has no position.

  29. pubscout says:

    Long term, Montero will be positioned in his dugout during the defensive half inning, growing his moobs like DH lifer Billy Butler. Short term, I wonder if he doesn’t get the nod earlier rather later so that the Yankees can show off his bat and move him for a number #2 SP. Thoughts on that Stephen?

  30. Giant JJ says:

    20 teams. I want to pick up Charle Morton. Should I drop Brandon Allen or Dee Gordon.

    10 team. Should I drop Thorton for Capps?
    Double thanks.

  31. AAA Scout says:

    Great write up Stephen. Picked up Mesoraco and Sands in 2 Keeper Leagues this weekend just before reading this.

    Gotta ask: Alex Torres is rocking in Durham. Is he not worth watching for an add in the next month or so to get called up to TB? His stats are great and seems he has some plus pitches other than a 90+ Fastball? Is he a back of the rotation prospect or a future middle reliever?

  32. Tony tone says:

    I was in Brett Jacksons graduating highschool class and am IRL facebook friends with him. Nice guy but not very bright, not sure how he didn’t drop out of Cal.

  33. Giant JJ says:

    Great to see this will be a regular blog. I don’t know any other site that does this. It’s huge for deeper leagues. Thanks Stephen!

  34. Effenhooer says:

    Can I cut Volquez yet?

  35. ltf says:

    Pass on Sands, he wishes he had Loney’s swing.

  36. AM2 says:

    Pineda ftw!!!

    2-1, 2.33 ERA, 19.1 IP, 16 Ks, 1.01 WHIP

    Too bad his IP will be capped, but wow Seattle’s got pocket aces

  37. AM2 says:

    Also, a few RazzBallers scoffed when I said that Tabata > Ellsbury.

    I’m curious, who here would trade Tabata for Ellsbury right now?

    Tabata: .310-13R-3HR-4RBI-8SB

    Ellsbury: .190-7-2-5-3

  38. Eddie says:

    @Stephen: What’s wrong with Jarrod Parker? He’s been torched in his first two starts in AA.

  39. Scout says:

    @Stephen. First, I love this column because we have one minors spot in my money league! A trade has been proposed to me and I wondered what you and Razzball Nation think of it. I give up Pena (whom I picked up off of waivers a couple of weeks ago) and get Neil Walker. Is Walker enough?

    Lineups lock weekly, so I don’t want to plug someone in who may or may not get playing time (unless their production is so good that it overcomes lack of consistent playing time). We use OBP instead of AVG. I have Dunn at 1B and Smoak at MI so I don’t really need Pena. But if the trade seems very lopsided I’d rather pass and try to work out something else. This owner also has A. Hill and S. Drew (I tried Drew but it was rejected).

  40. Clyde Prompto says:

    Howdy, Stephen. Like everyone else, I’m pumped for this feature. I have Lonnie Chisenhall in a 10 team AL Keeper, do you think he does anything worthwhile this season? It seems the only thing blocking him is his arb clock.

  41. tourinct says:

    Stephen, just started a scoresheet NL only 3 round in season draft. Only have two issues to address and need a third round flyer. 12 teams, 35 man rosters before this draft, this goes really deep. Goldschmidt fits what I’m looking for …. any others like him? All the usual top 100+ are gone.

  42. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @El Burro: I’ll keep an eye on them. Maybe a few will slip into next weeks article.

    @Big Game Hunter: Longoria side both times.

    @Wake Up: It’s still early, he’s adjusting to a new league and hitting against more experienced pitchers. I wouldn’t worry yet.

    @dirt: Not sure the scale you want. I think the Crawford/Dunn side wins.

    @ken plane/cubscout: I think you’re both right. His position will be DH but like cubscout stated, they may try to show him off this year. Posada and Martin staying health isn’t a guarantee. If he is hitting, you have to find time for a sweet swing and a hot streak.

    @AAA Scou: re:Torres: BA states that he struggles with consistent mechanics, something that he hasn’t struggled with yet this year. Subsequently, his numbers look great in two short starts (10 1/3 IP). Ceiling is number two or three start if he can find some control and command. Otherwise he’d be a solid set-up reliever.

    @Tony tone: Cool. Pretty sure that statement can be made about a lot more players than most people would assume across all sports.

    @ltf: re: Loney’s swing: This is true. However, Loney wishes he even close to Mark Grace. Loney would be the perfect MI, not 1B.

    @Eddie: re:Parker: He’s just coming back from TJ surgery. Not uncommon to struggle when returning from that injury.

    @Scout: I think the manager may have a bit of the “Endowment Effect” going on with his players. I personally wouldn’t do Carlos Pena straight up for Neil Walker.

    @Clyde Prompto: re:Chisenhall: Yes and yes.

    @Tourinct: This is a toughie. It’s hard to find power hitting prospects that have great upside that aren’t already a top 100 prospect. Hmm, these aren’t close to having Goldschmidt’s power, but for NL Only: Caleb Gindl (MIL – OF – not the same amount of power as Goldschmidt); Kirk Nieuwenhius (NYM – OF – same as Gindl); Thomas Neal (SF – OF – Moderate power); Chris Marrero (WAS – 1B – Moderate power);

  43. Tony tone says:

    I thought baseball players were known for their genius level intelligence?

    My Oswalt/Wieters for Sickly Joe Mauer and Danks would be a very worthwhile trade in a keeper, right? I think someones desperate to unload, but apparently fantasy baseball owners aren’t very smart either because even if a deal looks good to me I feel the need to get validation for it.

  44. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @Tony tone: Ha. re:I think it may be fair. However, this is the Joe Mauer who can never stay healthy and had a career year in 2009.

  45. Bryan says:

    This was offered to me in my 10-team total pts scored mixed league…should I do it?
    I give up Joe Mauer, K-Rod, and Matt Capps for Shin-Soo Choo, Clay bucholtz and peter moylan
    So this is pretty much 3 for 2…I know…I would drop Moylan. My thoughts…Mauer is on DL now, and no one is really sure what is wrong w/ him…will this affect all season? Lots of ? marks with him (I have Montero to play catcher now, and he’s been pretty good). K-Rod is good, but hasn’t been getting the opportunities and capps just took over (looked goo today, but if he falters, will nathan get job back?). I have 3 closers in broxton and burnett (well 2.5 with franklin)…I can also use waiver wire and grab Aardsma. Choo and Buchholz are both off to slow starts but when on, they are $. Should I do this?

  46. Bryan says:

    This was offered to me in my 10-team total pts scored mixed league…should I do it?
    I give up Joe Mauer, K-Rod, and Matt Capps for Shin-Soo Choo, Clay bucholtz and peter moylan
    So this is pretty much 3 for 2…I know…I would drop Moylan. My thoughts…Mauer is on DL now, and no one is really sure what is wrong w/ him…will this affect all season? Lots of ? marks with him (I have Montero to play catcher now, and he’s been pretty good). K-Rod is good, but hasn’t been getting the opportunities and capps just took over (looked goo today, but if he falters, will nathan get job back?). I have 3 closers in broxton and burnett (well 2.5 with franklin)…I can also use waiver wire and grab Aardsma. Choo and Buchholz are both off to slow starts but when on, they are $. Should I do this?

  47. Tony tone says:

    He accepted it, so hopefully that infection clears up. At the very least the trading value for Mauer is more than for Roy Oswalt.

  48. Alex says:

    — Any help is appreciated —

    Basic 5×5 league. Got offered Phillips/Gallardo/J.Upton for Beckham/McCutchen/Teixeira:

    – Currently been playing Teixeira at UTIL and his replacement if I did this trade would be Pablo Sandoval (or Alex Gordon).
    – My SP isn’t too bad (Felix, Hanson, Morrow, Edwin Jackson, Travis Wood, Bumgarner) but past the top 3/4 there is a big drop

    Would you do this deal if you were me and start one of Sandoval/Gordon at UTIL?

  49. Flunkie says:

    When some doofus dropped Hosmer in my keeper, I grabbed him as quick as I could, dropping Beachy for him. Now you’re saying that he’s not going to be as good as everyone is saying? I thought he was the future of the Royals offense?!

  50. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @Bryan: gut says no. Consult with Grey too.

    @Alex: Yes, but consult with Grey too.

    @Flunkie: I said GM Dayton stated that Hosmer would stay in the minors all year until maybe September. Hosmer is has great upside. I references Moustakas struggling this year in the early going.

  51. Flunkie says:

    @Stephen: Oh, gotcha. The way I read it, I understood that the Quad-A, Kila-esque player comment was about Hosmer. He should be more than that, right? Are there any hitters I should stash before Hosmer at this point?

  52. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @Flunkie: The Quad-A Kila-esque player was Clint Robinson. re: other hitters? Depends on how deep of the league.

  53. Tony tone says:

    @Bryan I’d prefer Choo to Mauer straight up, so I might do it. I just traded for Mauer though so Im obligated to say that Mauer is untouchable and on the up and up. I own Choo too though so really can’t go wrong either way.

  54. Flunkie says:

    @Stephen: It’s a pretty deep keeper league. 14 players but lots of roster spots. Harper, Jennings, Montero, Moustakas, D. Brown, Ackley, Trout are all taken as far as hitters go, and I have Hellickson and Teheran.

  55. Nomar Mr. Nice Guy says:

    @Scout: I would actually take Walker in that situation. In Yahoo leagues (maybe ESPN?) he has dual eligibility 2B/3B and correct me if I’m wrong, but after he was called up last year Walker was tied with Pujols for most RBI’s in the league. He’s an RBI machine and an OBP improvement over Pena, you might lose 10 hrs though.
    If Pena keeps struggling he’ll lose a couple starts a week to Tyler Colvin as well.

  56. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @Flunkie: There is Dee Gordon, Hosmer, tons of pitchers. Chisenhall would be a nice pickup.

  57. Flunkie says:

    @Stephen: Do you think Lonnie sees playing time this year?

  58. ltf says:

    @Stephen: Not really understanding the Loney comparison to Mark Grace.(?) Jerry Sands needs a lot of work on his swing and pitch recognition, and the only way he moves Loney off 1B is if the Dodgers decide to trade Loney or not offer him arbitration. He looks ice keeping his bat on his shoulder drawing walks and getting prodigous uppercut HR shots, but he looks like an off-balanced hot mess when he gets fooled for me to believe his swing can work in MLB.

  59. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @Flunkie: yes.

    @ltf: That Mark Grace could get away with his light hitting because his defense was fantastic. Sands swing isn’t always pretty, but the power upside is always worth the efforts. Most prospects, even top prospects, need a lot of work to be successful in the majors. Prime example would be Alex Gordon.

  60. ltf says:

    @Stephen: Alex Gordon? The guy who was expected to be George Brett 2.0 and win the ALROY as an afterthought?

    The work you are looking for from Sands isn’t going to happen. He’s your typical minor leaguer having a career year or two taking advantage of the lack of control of minor league pitchers by taking a lot of pitches, and hitting those he can. The problem is he still looks off balanced and doesn’t shift his weight properly on pitches he swings at, and misses well enough to question whether he even recognizes the pitch.

    I get that his stats look good, but this is his upside playing out right now. Alex Gordon has always had an amazing swing. Sands would need to completely ditch his approach, improve his plate discipline, and find success. Look at how long a highly touted prospect like Carlos Pena took with his plate discipline issues. Add that with changing your approach at the plate and I think he may be too old as it is.

  61. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @ltf: I am in no way of stating that Jerry Sands is a monster prospect. However, to state that he is not worth the attention he is getting would be foolish. Even if he has a Chris Davis type career, it is still worth noting of his upside. That’s all prospecting is about – finding the upside and touting the talent that is currently being displayed. He needs to mechanically improve and refine. Same can be stated about all pitching prospects. The improvement happens a long the way. Statistically, he mirrors Justin Morneau’s minor league progress. Give the kid his dues, grant the possibility of refining his swing and note that the mechanics, for success to occur obviously have to change (the latter two you’ve granted).

    As far as making adjustments, even prospects with great swings struggle in the majors, and some prospects take years to even have success in the majors (Nelson Cruz, Kila Ka’aihue, Curtis Granderson was a late bloomer too, albeit living off maybe two above-average years).

  62. Hats for Bats says:

    Hi Stephen. I’m watching the Dodgers game and Sands was called up. Based on what everyone is saying about his swing, could Sands be this years Mike Stanton with a lil better eye and a lil better speed?

  63. Hats for Bats says:

    Also, im in a deep,competitive H2H league and I’m sitting on #1 on the waiver list until I use it. What current minor leaguer would you say I hold out for? Sands? Trout? Moustakas (already have D Wright and Chipper)? Hosmer? OF is my weakest position.

  64. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @Hats for Bats: re:Sands: He could be this year’s Stanton with a worse eye. Stanton is far superior to Sands. Sands could be Brandon Wood, Chris Davis, Jay Bruce or Drew Stubbs Rookie year.

    re:Waiver use: Use it. Don’t save it. Follow Grey’s motto. He wrote an article about Waiver uses about a week ago. Who to use it on, um, depends when you want to use it. However, find value anywhere. If it has to be on of those prospects, Sands followed by Moustakas followed by Trout in a tie for second.

  65. Hats for Bats says:

    Thanks for the great and speedy reply. One last question on Moustakas. He is already available in Yahoo and at some point, their “experts” will write an article about him and everyone dashes to pick him up. When would you predict him being called up and how long can I wait to grab him before said “expert article” may be written? My gut tells me he’s up by June 1st. Is it just gas or the 4 day old chicken roll I’m eating?

  66. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    The Cubs proved last season that they’re not afraid of bringing up top prospects early. It wouldn’t shock me if Jackson got called up in June.

  67. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @Hats for Bats: June; expect the article, if he is hitting well, in early May.

    @IowaCubs: Exactly why I wrote about him.

  68. the grate one says:

    hey stephen, thanks for the article:

    2 questions:
    whats the upside on lawrie?
    when do you tihnk we will see him?

  69. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @the grate one: A mix between Brandon Phillips and Dan Uggla. He’ll be up when the Blue Jays are sick of Edwin Encarnacion. Probably middle summer, if not June 1.

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