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Hittertron Info

FAQ: Click here.

Razzball Hittertron (aka Hitter-Tron):  This tool is designed to identify attractive short-term hitter pickups and to determine when to start/sit hitters on your roster.  (For Daily Fantasy Baseball games, check out DFSBot)  The higher the $ value, the more attractive the start.  Hittertron projections rely on Steamer Rest of Season projections as a foundation and then adjust based on several game-specific factors that include quality of opposing starting pitcher, hitter’s performance vs. the handedness of opposing starting pitcher, park factors, whether the game is home or away, and predicted batting order spot (for Runs, RBIs, and Plate Appearances).

What Is The Expected Accuracy Of Hittertron Projections?:  Please see the Razzball Ombotsman for correlations between the Hittertron projections and actual stats.

Filtering Results:  You can filter multiple fields at the same time.  The text fields below the column headers enable several methods for filtering the data.  Here are some examples:

Function Symbol Example Explanation
ANY MATCH ‘B’ in Pos Typing B in Pos will filter to any player with 1B, 2B, or 3B eligibility.  Type in more details to filter further – e.g., “1B’, “1B, 3B”, etc.
OR | 2B|SS Requires exact match on both sides – so 2B|SS returns anyone who has 2B or SS eligibility but not anyone with 2B/SS, 2B/3B, etc.
NOT ! !OF All players who do not have OF eligibility.
NOR ! | !1B|OF All players who do not have 1B eligibility NOR OF eligibility.  Just use the ! once.
GREATER THAN > >30 in $ All players whose $ is greater than 30.  Does not work for Date.
LESS THAN < <30 in $ All players whose $ is less than 30.  Does not work for Date.
GREATER THAN OR EQUAL TO >= >=30 in $ All players whose $ is greater than or equal to 30.  Does not work for date.
LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO <= <=30 in $ All players whose $ is less than or equal to 30.  Does not work for Date.

Position Eligibility – 20 Games in last season for ESPN and ’2 Catcher’ formats.   5 Games for Yahoo.

$ Values – A hitter’s projected stats for the game are multiplied by 150 and then valued for a 12-team MLB league using the ESPN/CBSSports roster format (13 hitters, 9 pitchers) and a $260 team budget.  While the $ values would vary for any other league format, we would expect the rankings to remain relatively the same.   For 12-team leagues, $8 is about the ‘average’ hitter start. The ‘$’ estimate takes position value into account.  The ‘$U’ estimate is position-neutral and is the value to use when looking at players for Utility slots.

Own% –  Based on ownership within the Razzball Commenter Leagues which consists of 84 12-team MLB leagues using the standard ESPN roster format.

  1. franky2times says:

    This looks like the wrong place to post comments but first of all, everything on this site is the tits, and is there or will there ever be some sort of tool where i can input my whole time and rank by $ value for the week ahead?

    • @franky2times: thanks. i’ll start valuing readers’ next 7 days when grey starts covering that in the roundup. “franky2times – Didn’t even leave the house on Sunday. Add him if your team needs help in counting stats like ‘Eating Cheetos’ and ‘Leisurely defecation’.

  2. Note: Removed SLG from this table as it was causing display issues on iPads (the table went behind the ad on the right side). The SLG data can be found on the player pages as well as the weekly hitter data.

  3. Note: Removed SLG from this table as it was causing display issues on iPads (the table went behind the ad on the right side). The SLG data can be found on the player pages as well as the weekly hitter data.

  4. Richard Kenno says:

    It seems today for some reason, I can’t access the Razzball tools spreadsheet lists, e.g. Hitter-Tron, Stream-o-Nator, etc. but am seeing the comments. Are the lists down temporarily? Thanks for the hard work, these tools are amazing!


    the hittertron is the best tool in fantasy but what the hell is with its obsession with David freaking Murphy?

    • @ZACJAMESBITCH: Thanks. It likes Murphy this week b/c they have seven home games (in a great hitter park) and they face only 2 lefties.

      • Kevin S says:

        @Rudy Gamble:

        I bet it also has to do with how well he played last year. This year he has been terrible but all the back data shows him as a better player.

  6. goodfold2 says:

    it appears avila is expected to get less at bats and less total stats for the next 7 days than Ruiz, but yet rates higher at his position. The only way this makes sense is to say that the more time a shitty stats gathering catcher gets, the worse he is for the team. I’m trying to find a catcher better than Zunino. I used to have Ruiz (sidenote, why does Hitter T project a better slugging for Ruiz than Avila/Ellis/Zunino? He seems to have the worst slugging in real life this season)
    best catchers out there are
    ruiz (probably best avg, plays almost every day, but worst power, probably most likely to be injured)
    avila (more likely to get homers, in good lineup, also likeliest to have worst avg,biggest upside)
    ellis (playing the best right now, lineup’s hot,but sits out the most too)
    zunino (gets off 2nd most days of these guys, has terrible avg, on pretty weak lineup too, he’s the dropped one, but for which of the above?)
    This is a 16 team h2h league with hits/avg/total bases all as categories. That probably helps Ruiz. Grey pretty much says they’re all crap but just play the hottest hitting currently. Which would be Ellis.

    • goodfold2 says:

      @goodfold2: another factor i just noticed. in my league next “week” is actually both the next 7 day week plus the 3 days after all star break, so fri-sun 19-21. The only reason this affects anything is that we still only have 5 weekly pickups in this the 10 day week. Further complicating matters is i’m using probably nearly all 5 of these (one of them the catcher one) late tonight. I have needs, such as
      1. Aramis injury (who knows how much time he misses over next few weeks.) have to pickup Beckham (moved up to 2nd in order today, got his usual 2 hits) and move Dj lemehieu to 3rd (or wallace at 3rd) dropping Rutledge (which will leave me without backup at SS for Aybar, but he pretty much never sits anyway) since Rutledge pretty much doesn’t perform anymore and only plays like 60% of the time, usually in the worst part of the order.
      2. Dropping Kendrick’s ugly ass lately for Kluber yet again
      3.dropping either Robertson/Smyly/Fausto Carmona (after his Monday start)/Wallace for Porcello after his great start recently.
      4. Span getting hits, and more importantly the next 3 guys also are, upping his run scoring value again, so dropping Quentin (at home, where he sucks, for next 7 days) for Span.
      5. Catcher flip in question

  7. hankp101 says:

    It looks like some players are missing from the hittertron. I’m looking at the weekly version and both Pujols and Bautista are missing from my roster.

  8. malamoney says:

    I feel like HitterTron should include projected strikeouts.

  9. malamoney says:

    Also, where can I find past results? I’d like to see how accurate HitterTron and Stream-o-nator were last week and the week before, etc.

    • @malamoney: Still on the long-term to-do list. Not easy to display that type of data in a way that’s going to be relevant to our readers.

      • malamoney says:

        @Rudy Gamble: My suggestion would be just to list the actual results of each column in a column next to the projection column.

        So you have Games, PA, AB, H, R, HR, RBI, SB, BB, SO

        Why not add one extra column for each of the above the contains the actual values and let the users (consumers) of your tools do what they want with it.

        I can do this manually, but it is a nightmare. I am guessing you have better access to daily stats in which you could put together a few functions to populate these columns.

        Without this data, I have no way of know how accurate these tools are. What I typically do is cut and paste your data into a spreadsheet and plug the projections into a formula based on my league’s scoring system to figure out how many fantasy points each will have for the week. I use this to help me decide on my lineup for the week.

        I do this each week (just started this season) so I can manually look at what HitterTron and Streamonator projected vs. what each of my players actually did. This helps me get an idea of their accuracies, but it’s only a small sample size of players (just the guys on my roster).

        I love these tools, or at least the concept of them, but think they a few tweaks away from being awesome.

        • The reality is that the vast majority of our users do not know how to gauge the accuracy of projections vs actual results. I would rather present the results of such tests than encourage false conclusions.

          I can already tell you that daily data is only slightly predictive (at best) once you account for the underlying hitter/pitcher talent (e.g., predicting Miggy will be better than Don Kelly isn’t an accomplishment). My goal is to leverage the various daily factors like park, opposing pitcher/lineup to improve upon each player’s baseline which should net out – in the long run – to a slight advantage (in less time and more effectively) than most people can do by following their gut.

          • malamoney says:

            @Rudy Gamble: Weekly prediction results would be fine. If HitterTron says Ryan Braun is going to put up the following line this week:

            23AB, 9H, 3HR, 7RBI, 1SB, 5R, 3BB, 6K

            At the end of the week, I’d like to be able to easily compare that line to his actual line. And when I say easily, I am asking if it is possible for you put the data next to each other.

            On the player details pages under Projections, you have “Next 7 Days (HitterTron”), why not have a section called “Projection Results” that shows “Last 7 Days (HitterTron”) and under that “Last 7 Days (Actual)”?

            • @malamoney: I will work on a way that provides a statistically sound way to compare the accuracy of the projections. I am not going to clutter the player pages to do so. The ‘test’ you want to do – “how far off were the projections last day/week” – are going to fail miserably for every baseball projection source forever. The sample sizes are too small. Look at Miggy Cabrera’s last 7 days. I can guarantee he was probably a top 5 projected hitter. Massively off! There is no value to be gained here.

              If you disagree, you are more than welcome to copy the ‘Next 7 Day’ projections on Mondays and the ‘Last 7 Day’ projections the following Monday to compare. It’ll take you 5 minutes a week to cut/paste.

              • malamoney says:

                @Rudy Gamble: Where do I find “Last 7 Days (Actual)” for a given player?

                I agree that there is no value in comparing daily stat projections. However, weekly stats are another story, especially since most of us play in weekly leagues.

                Why do we use tools such as HitterTron and Stream-o-nator? Because they help us. Or at least we think or hope they help us. Perhaps they do, but it also just as possible that they do not. How would I know?

                I use the tools to help push me one way or another when I am on the fence about who to start, but I’d really like to know if it makes sense for me to continue using the tools.

                I am not trying to be insulting. I think what you have here is potentially awesome and I respect the effort you put into it, but I think it’s possible to make these tools even more powerful and back them up with proof that validate their awesomeness. At the end of the day fancy numbers don’t impress me, results do.

                If I am trying to decide whether to start Gyorko or Moss I’d like to turn to HitterTron to tell me what to do. So let’s say it says to start Moss. At the end of the week I’d like see if HitterTron did me a solid or not. That I can do easily.

                I think weekly is the best unit of stat projection measurement. Daily is way too small and monthly becomes an aggregate that will mask accurate and inaccurate weeks.

                Think of players like stocks. Each week you project the players performance for that week. At the end of the week you evaluate your projections. Perhaps define a threshold for defining successful accuracy. Define a formula for determining a player’s performance. In my case I use our league’s scoring system. I plug in your projections and get a projected fantasy points value. Then at the end of the week compare. If HitterTron was within let’s say 20%, then it was a success. If not, a failure. Perhaps success and failure are too strong of words, but you get the point. You could also indicate that whether HitterTron’s projections were too high or too low.

                So for a player you might see:

                Paul Goldschmidt’s HitterTron Results:

                Week 1: Projected: 29 points, Actual 33, -13% (green because within 20% threshold)
                Week 2: Projected: 35, Actual 25, +28% (red)
                Week 3: Projected: 42, Actual 42, The Price Is Right!

                Season: Projected: 106, Actual 100, +5% (green)

                I think something like this would be extremely valuable.

                Anyway, just the ramblings of a fantasy baseball loving computer programmer.

                • @malamoney: Last 7 Day and Last 30 Day Stats are accessible via ‘Stats’ in the main menu (7 day is http://razzball.com/mlbhittingstats-last7days/). You can also access it by clicking the ‘Last 7 Days’ hyperlink from the Player Page.

                  I agree that a weekly accuracy comparison will have less sample-related noise than daily (though not that much less) and I already have a solid metric to compare against (my 5×5 $). I also want to compare for each hitting category to communicate which are more reliable than others.

                  But we disagree on your proposed method above. You cannot really make the comparison at the player level and pretend it has any relevance. Miguel Cabrera’s last week is the perfect example. The ‘accuracy’ test has to be done on the aggregate of players (perhaps removing players who didn’t start). If you look at the weekly projections, you can see that it’s a game of decimals – e.g, 1.6 HR vs. 1.8 HR. If you focus on one player, all you’ll see is statistical noise. If I can present it in the aggregate, the noise will be neutralized enough that you can make some statistical assumptions.

                  Just to give you some perspective, my rankings tests that compare pre-season rankings against end of year rankings (http://razzball.com/fantasy-baseball-rankings-review-2013/) show that a rankings system is LUCKY to even correlate at 20% for hitting. Only 3 of 17 ranking systems hit that mark! While daily/weekly has the advantage of factoring in the opposing pitcher and doesn’t get penalized by injured players (e.g., 2013 Kemp), the smaller samples are debilitating. My point here is that if you looked at the pre-season ranking systems (or projections) and compared against each player, you’d never be able to tell which system was more accurate. Too much noise.

                  So to do this test right – and to have it update every day/week – takes some thinking. Once I figure it out, I can guarantee I’ll have the most transparently tested system out there. Whether that will inspire more/less confidence in you given the abstractness of the necessary testing (e.g., correlation testing), will be another matter.

                  • malamoney says:

                    @Rudy Gamble: I find very little value in aggregate stats as I feel they have too strong a potential to mask issues. An aggregate is like an average. I’m not looking for averages. Here’s an example. Let’s say we are looking at home run projections for 10 players:

                    Projected (these are made up projections):
                    Braun 25, Goldschmidt 25, Jones 20, Chris Davis 44, Posey 15, Fielder 48, Cespedes 23, Cabrera 40, Moss 15 and Gyorko 15

                    Braun 35, Goldschmidt 35, Jones 30, Chris Davis 20, Posey 25, Fielder 20, Cespedes 33, Cabrera 25, Moss 25 and Gyorko 25

                    If you take the aggregate of the above the projections say 270HR and the actual is 273HR. That would point to some excellent, and accurate, projections. But if you look at each player, the projections are actually horrible and misleading and most importantly, useless.

                    When a fantasy owner is evaluating a player they are doing it at a per player level. They are trying to decide whether to draft one player over another, whether to start one player over another and/or whether to trade one player for another. The emphasis and importance needs to be on the per player level. Not daily stats, but last 7, last 30, season-to-date, next 7, next 30, rest of season.

                    I just don’t see there be any value in aggregate stat projections, especially across different players. I think the best way to evaluate a projection system is to say something like “this system was very accurate on 150 of the 350 (43%) players it provided projections for”. Perhaps even have a breakdown of accuracy levels: very accurate, accurate, not very accurate, way off.

                    Very accurate: 70 of 350 players (20%)
                    Accurate: 120 of 350 players (34%)
                    Not very accurate: 100 of 350 players (28%)
                    Way off: 60 of 350 players (17%)

                    Perhaps you can click on each of the above and expand to show a list of the players that fell into that category.

                    What is your formula for calculating your 5×5 $ value?

                    Would you consider adding “Last 7 days (HitterTron)” to the projections section of the player details page? It’s just one row, but it puts all the player data on the same page.

                    • When I say testing in aggregate, it is not adding up all the stats and comparing. A correlation test (which is what I’m thinking of doing) looks at each player comparison and determines how closely the two data sets compare. The test ranges from 100% to -100% with 100% meaning the values are perfectly aligned and -100% meaning they are completely negative aligned. Assuming that the sums are right (and I’m not projected, like, 4x the SB), this test should provide solid guidance for the accuracy of the projections. Bucketing them as you’re suggesting will not be effective. As I’ve mentioned before, with a little cutting/pasting, you can evaluate my projections how you see fit. But I’m not going to clutter the player pages or build extra reports for site visitors to facilitate incorrect judgments.

                      Sorry if that comes off dickish. I think fantasy baseball is an awesome mix of statistical rigor, common sense, and ‘gut’. Based on this thread, there’s no statistical rigor that is likely to satisfy your gut and your gut is not able to measure accuracy with any statistical rigor. So either you can believe in the science or just have faith that it works. Or use your gut more in making the final decisions. All fine by me.

    • I have archived them but we do not display on the interface.

  10. Charles says:

    What time are these updated each morning? I use them for weekly Baseball Challenge but have to enter my lineup early Monday mornings.

    • malamoney says:

      @Charles: Agreed. I find that on Monday mornings, it still includes Sunday’s games until about noon EST. Any chance of having the cutover be around midnight so that Monday morning it’s fresh for the coming week?

      • @malamoney: The updates happen usually by 10:30AM EST. I’m looking into a way that I can project ‘Next Calendar Week’ starting on Friday or Saturdays (requires some guesswork/extrapolation on probable starters).

  11. steve says:

    Hey Rudy

    Alcides Escobar is on fire, but Hitter Tron views his next 7 very poorly. How do you utilize Hitter Tron when you see a (possible) discrepancy like this one? Is there a way to include some measure/value to see how well hitter tron has been doing with regard to it’s prognosis?

    It predicted the Neil Walker breakout last week!

    Thanks man.

  12. Eddy says:

    Hey Rudy,

    Was the feature of comparing multiple players by putting a | in between removed? Can’t seem to get it to work.

    • @Eddy: It’s still there but you now have to type in each player’s full name on each side of the ‘|’

  13. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    Rudy, i have a simple mind. for next 7, in a 5X5 league, i add up the $values for R,HR,RBI,SB (sans avg since a $ isn’t provided)…expecting to get a total number relative to the ‘$’column.

    for Goldschmidt i get:

    for J.D.Martinez i get:

    so, sum for Martinez at 8.8 is greater than Goldy at 7.9.

    yet, $ for Goldy = 26.3, for Martinez = 22.8

    with avg nearly identical, doesn’t make sense to me that the sum doesn’t equal the parts…?

    bottom line, it makes more sense to me to rely on the sum of the identifiable parts, rather than the $ value (which isn’t quite as clear to me from the formula)…?

    • @simply fred: The R/HR/RBI/SB/AVG data are the projections not $ but you are right that the $ estimation is sub-optimal. Long story short, was doing an average $ for the week vs doing a complete $ calculation like I do with Player Rater and ‘Next Calendar Week’. Looks like my adjustment to handle extra games (Detroit has a doubleheader) is insufficient. When I have a chance, will need to create a ‘next 7 day’ player rater to get the $ right

  14. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    still trying to figure streaming hitters…
    jaso ranks #22 for the next 7 days (i am set to add him).
    why don’t you have him rostered over guys you currently have:
    arcia #139
    adduci #170
    valdespin #176
    ? (he would fit your utility slot)
    (btw: did get francisco, #127 and odor, #108 today for a nice return!)

    • @simply fred: for RCL, I’m all about daily value. I’ve got Rosario right now at C and Rutledge at UT so no room to consider another catcher. I used Navarro yesterday as fill-in catcher because i knew he was starting and hitting cleanup (lineup posted). When in doubt, grab the sure things (Ruggiano ended up with an 0 for 0 b/c he didn’t end up starting).

      Nice on Juan-Fran! My streaming sucked yesterday aside from Navarro.

  15. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    thanks! daily answers it.

    streaming daily has it’s downside. when those matchups look tasty, but there is an early start and the manager sits our guy, left with nuttin’ for that slot. (most of the time can juggle, but occasionally on a fabulous kayaking junket :-) and can’t get at the lineup :-(

    having fun!!

  16. Chuckles Tiddlesworth says:

    Hey Rudy! Not sure if this is simply a quirk of me using the “Next 7 days” sort … but seems your “H” and “R” column headers are switched. Everyone is scoring more runs than they have hits. Probably the opposite, eh? That said, Hittertron rules. Thanks so much for this. You guys are the best.

  17. Simply Fred

    Fred Barker says:

    when will streamonator and hittertron have first postings for 2015?

  18. Simply Fred

    Fred Barker says:


  19. Dr Tongue 33 says:

    Rudy, really like all the things you do. I thought I saw when I subscribed for the streamonator and hittertron that I could set them to my league parameters. Essentially OBP instead of avg and QS instead of wins. How would I do that?

    • We’re working on a solution for that – hoping to get it out soon!

  20. Goose! says:

    Yasmani Grandal|Albert Pujols|Kolten Wong|Todd Frazier|Danny Santana|Brett Lawrie|Lucas Duda|Mike Trout|Corey Dickerson|Matt Holliday|Lorenzo Cain|Juan Lagares|Jose Iglesias|Travis d’Arnaud

    When I put hitter names in like that, it doesn’t output only those names like its supposed

  21. Jesse says:

    Please fix the % owned column. Way too many guys are 100% owned that really aren’t that level of owned in typical 12 team leagues. For example, Oswaldo Arcia. Also too many guys are 0% owned, such as Ike Davis. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of middle ground.

  22. gordon shumway says:

    Hi Rudy,

    I just subscribed. Similar to Dr Tongue’s question- how do I set up the hittertron for my league’s parameters? We use OBP and SLG instead of AVG. Thanks a lot!

    • We’re working on a solution for allowing custom league parameters in all our $ generators. Streamonator and Hittertron are at the top of the queue. Just waiting on the functionality to be built. Stay tuned!

  23. chadaristic says:

    @Rudy Gamble:

    Jace Peterson isn’t listed with SS eligibility for ESPN leagues.

  24. Simply Fred

    Fred Barker says:

    Why no AZ players in this week’s projections?

  25. Simply Fred

    Fred Barker says:

    Nor SF?

    • @Fred Barker: Still waiting on probable pitchers to come out. It looks like ARI posted theirs for Fri/Sat (Ray, Anderson) but SF hasn’t. I imagine all the dates through Sunday will be filled in on Wed or Thurs.

  26. Simply Fred

    Fred Barker says:

    got it. counting on that big 2nd half for V-Mart to push you into first! Retribution!! (Even so, kudos to Grey for forever and always golden ‘don’t touch these guys’)

  27. Harrison Ford in Air Force One says:

    Can you explain to me why there is a discrepancy in player values between the Next 7 Days Hittertron and the Weekly Hittertron when I log-in on a Monday morning like today?

    I’m sure there’s an obvious explanation that I’m just missing.

  28. And Now the Jon Lovitz Dancers! says:

    coghlan doesn’t have 2B in yahoo, but here it says he does.

  29. Derrick says:

    Odubel Herrera is missing 2b and ss for yahoo

  30. Aaron says:

    This is getting ridiculous. If I cannot use hitter-tron & stream-o-nator by the end of this week I will cancel payment and protest. We’re going on two weeks now. It is a bit absurd that it has taken this long To fix considering you started charging for them this year.

    Really get it fixed or send us all refunds. Not blaming anyone, but it has been to long. We paid for a product. Your job is to deliver that product.

  31. Scott says:

    next 7 days for hitters is not showing players from teams that are off today

  32. Scott says:

    Hi Rudy. Today and Tomorrow working great! Next 7 days is not working.

    • @Scott: This page is looking ok on my side. Can you try emptying your browser history and trying again? Also, make sure you’re logged into CoinTent.

      • Scott says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Works fine on Chrome, but IE acts weird. It doesn’t show up, but if I scroll down, the filter bar appears at the top of the screen and stays there as I scroll. Just food for thought, I’ll use Chrome.

          • Scott says:

            @Rudy Gamble: it’s not working on either now

          • Scott says:

            @Rudy Gamble: it’s not working on either browser now

            • @Scott: It is a little funky (one column is too wide) but is working on Chrome for me. Have you tried Chrome?

              • Scott says:

                @Rudy Gamble: Now that it doesn’t automatically open a new window, I have had no problems with the Hitters Weekly. Thanks for all your hard work!

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