Lowrie, Rodriguez to A's. Carter, Peacock, Stassi to Astros

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Lowrie, Rodriguez to A's. Carter, Peacock, Stassi to Astros

Postby SpecialFNK » Mon Feb 04, 2013 5:56 pm

5 player trade between the A's and Astros.
Jed Lowrie, and Fernando Rodriguez to the A's.
Chris Carter, Brad Peacock, and Max Stassi to the Astros.

how does this effect fantasy?
I see many different fantasy implications.

where does Lowrie play? 2B? newly signed Hiroyuki Nakajima is at SS.
Lowrie is risky to me. can't stay healthy. his most games played was last year with 97 games and 340 AB.
Josh Donaldson is at 3B?
can Scott Sizemore still be an option to take over at 3B?
looks like Jemile Weeks wont be a regular, unless he's traded.
is Brandon Moss full time at 1B, and not being platooned to sit against LHP? if Moss can play full time I think his value goes up.

who loses playing time in Houston?
is Brett Wallace at 1B? or 3B?
if Wallace is at 3B, what about Matt Dominguez?
is Chris Carter the 1B? or DH? if Carter can play full time I think his value goes up.
if Carter is the DH? what about newly signed Carlos Pena?
who plays SS? Tyler Greene? he could have value now.

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Re: Lowrie, Rodriguez to A's. Carter, Peacock, Stassi to Astros

Postby Grey » Mon Feb 04, 2013 8:19 pm

I updated both:

http://razzball.com/top-20-1st-basemen- ... -baseball/


http://razzball.com/top-20-shortstops-f ... -baseball/

Carter will see time in left field, DH and 1B... Carter will see more time now, Wallace and Pena won't lose time if they're hitting...
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Re: Lowrie, Rodriguez to A's. Carter, Peacock, Stassi to Astros

Postby Lucc » Tue Feb 05, 2013 11:40 am

You see Carter as an everday player huh? Good, I need some warm bodies for my Dynasty team...
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OF Arcia, Oswaldo (RD 18)
OF Jones, Adam (Keeper)
OF McCutchen, Andrew (Keeper)
DH Vargas, Kennys (add)
DH Sandoval, Pablo (Trade Desmond Jennings)

P Bumgarner, Madison (keeper)
P Cueto, Johnny (Rd 16)
P Gray, Sonny (keeper)
P Rondon, Hector (add)
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