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 Post subject: Finally Drafted, Whats your thoughts?
PostPosted: Sun Jan 08, 2012 2:57 pm 

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Adam and anyone else I appreciate the feedback.

Our 18 team keeper league finally drafted yesterday, yes two weeks into the season, odd, but the only way the majority of owners could do it LIVE. Some players covers were blown, values might of got a little crazy because... hey we've seen two weeks of BB! Here's my league scoring and my team.

H2H Fantasy Pts.
pts = 1
rebs = 1.7
three's = 4
assists = 3
steals = 4.4
blocks = 6.5

$200 to buy 8 players, I had $210 due to some trades from last year, Keep 0-4 players with increasing salaries each year. We also do a 5 round snake after the auction to fill out a 13 man roster. We start 3 Guards, 3 Forwards, and 1 center plus 1 utility slot. No SG, PG, SF, PF, positions are semi-fleixible then.

My Keepers:

Stephen Curry $38
David Lee $29
Paul George $10
Darren Collison $16

My players I bought at auction:
Amare Stoudamire $61
Iman Shumpert $17
Dorell Wright $9
Luis Scola $19

Snake draft, I had 2 first round picks, 2 second rounders and a 3rd round due to trading:
1 evan turner
1 jerad Bayless
2 Ed Davis
2 Cassipi
3 Chandler wilson

Initially I wanted to make sure I spent a chunk of change on Durant or Melo who along with Amare were the biggest 3 names that went into the draft this year. Well Durant was nominated right off the bat and went for $90, and Melo was about 2 nominations later and he even went for $87 ish? I was in the bidding on both, but these guys had their whole $200 and the other one had $170 something, so they were hell bent on buying them, sure I could drove them up some more $ but then i'd risk getting stuck with a guy at $100, crippling anything else I could do. Other players of note and prices they went for: Ryan Anderson $41, Gallinari $40, Joe Johnson $46, hawes $33!, Horford $36, yep.... diaw and calderon $41 & $43! so....

I'm very happy with my draft. I took on a lot of players with issues though especially when I already owned Curry, some might say i Bought Low.

Ankles, knees, and DNP's might be my motto this year, but if things come together, $61 for Melo who swings F-C, and then shump, plus scola and if Dorell Wright turns it around the least bit? I think I did well, for 18 teams. My reserve snake draft has a few nice plays for the future maybe if they get PT in turner and bayless....

Everything hinges on Curry and AMARE, kinda scary lol

Whats your thoughts? Thanks.

 Post subject: Re: Finally Drafted, Whats your thoughts?
PostPosted: Sun Jan 08, 2012 7:43 pm 

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Jeez, 18 teams? I've never played in a league that had more than 12, so it's tough to give you great advice there, and I've never played in a points league with this kind of setup, but -

Because of the skewing of points, you'd love to have the specialists rather than the guys who do not get steals, blocks, or 3s. So a player like David Lee or Scola, who are each pretty solid, are not as attractive in this format.

As you knew going in, Curry is your weak link. With $90 for Durant, $61 for Amare is pretty good.

I'd say you look OK, but again, I have trouble translating this. I like the Shumpert pick, and as mentioned in my post, Dorrell Wright looks lost but I'm guessing he could turn it around, and $9 would look great.

All in all, you are at the mercy of injuries to your big names. If you could get a specialist or two, that would help. I do not know if it would work, but something like JaVale for Scola would work in your favor.


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 Post subject: Re: Finally Drafted, Whats your thoughts?
PostPosted: Sun Jan 08, 2012 9:00 pm 

Joined: Mon Mar 01, 2010 7:15 am
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hey man thanks for the look, it is hard to gauge a league like this if you're unfamiliar.

I know in my first year I was kind of clueless but being a sophomore in a very deep league like this I've seen how things work and understand it better.

You mentioned me getting a specialist? Thats the thing with this type of league, I dont need guys that block, or guys that get assists, or guys that score huge, all in all i need those guys but I just need their overall lines to = big fantasy pts according to our scoring. Its weird you'll see a guy score 20 and get 10 boards, and in our league thats worth 37 fantasy pts for that night. Now another guy might score 10, 4 boards, get you 7 assists, 2 steals and a block and hit a couple threes.... he just scored you 50+. Consistency is probably more key than anything.

If you ask me, from what I've noticed in the past year, Guards, especially PG's, that shoot 3's and get you a bunch of assists, plus can chip in a couple steals, HUGE VALUE. It's key to snag a diamond in the rough so your keepers are cheap and you can buy in the draft. Its interesting to say the least, very complex.

Thanks for the look again. I appreciate it.

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