DEEP LEAGUE Middle Infield

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Hebrew Hammer
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DEEP LEAGUE Middle Infield

Postby Hebrew Hammer » Tue Mar 05, 2013 8:45 pm

rank top 3

Tyler Greene
Jemile Weeks

We need someone that is going to play and do a little of everything

Already have Dee Gordon as upside pick
C- C Santana
C- Norris
1b- Encarnacion
2b- Altuve
3b- Donaldson
SS- Crawford
CI- Belt
Mi- Dozier
Of- A Jones
OF- C Gomez
OF- M Brantley
OF- J Pederson
OF- J Marisnick
U- K Bryant

P- F Hernandez
P- J Zimmermann
P- J DeGrom
P- Quintana
P- Buchholz
P- S Greene
P- Chapman
P- Gregerson
P- AJ Ramos

Ender Inciarte
Carlos Beltran
Colby Lewis
J Nelson
Alex Colome

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Re: DEEP LEAGUE Middle Infield

Postby l-askew-l » Tue Mar 05, 2013 9:15 pm

I'd probably go Greene 1st, since I think he'll offer the best production, and only power...then Solana and Weeks. I'd expect for Weeks to rebound somewhat this year, but I'd expect for Sizemore and/or Green to push him at some point this season.

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Re: DEEP LEAGUE Middle Infield

Postby OaktownSteve » Tue Mar 05, 2013 10:59 pm

rank top 3
Tyler Greene
Jemile Weeks

Giavotella needs to win the job from Getz. Was reported today that Royals won't make decision to end of camp. If he wins he'll have limited value but will get ABs, which matter in deep league.

Solano I wish he had some SBs in his minor league track record. Not a lot to like there.

Greene I don't know much about.

Weeks I'd love it as an A's fan if he got closer to where he was as a rookie, but I didn't see it last year. I'm a season ticket holder there. He just looked bad.

Pennington I've always thought had a decent season in him. He seems to get nicked up. Maybe the desert and the heat will agree with him. He steals some bags. I think Gibson will like him. He's a gamer.

Forsythe may lose the job to Gyorko. He might also get ABs at second and in the OF. NL only kind of play.

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