The truest test of baseball acumen -- draft 3/30 @ 9PM EST!

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The truest test of baseball acumen -- draft 3/30 @ 9PM EST!

Postby J. Cyrus » Fri Mar 29, 2013 6:04 am

I didn't see anywhere else to put this thread on the Razzball forums, so mods feel free to move if this is in the wrong place:

Hey guys.. this league is fully prepared to go forward as-is, but we'd really like to have a larger group to stretch the player pool more thinly.. So I have UP TO 7 spots available. A few points:

- new auction keeper, going into a fresh draft tomorrow!

- all the owners are top-notch; fully dedicated, active and knowledgeable.. I have played with them all in multiple leagues in the past

- there is no league fee for this season; we will discuss having one in future years, but for now it's free

- scoring is FANTASY POINT-based, a mix of linear-weights-based scoring (i.e. roughly the components that calculate WAR) with some small adjustments made in the spirit of DIPS Theory.. the end result is a very straightforward and INTUITIVE ranking of players.. no need to worry about this or that category really, just real-life value in terms of overall production

- large starting lineups (13 hitters, 6 SP and 8 RP)

- 10 man FARM Roster

- keeper cost formula that rewards you for scoring bargains, yet fairly brings their cost back to market level over a period of one or more years

If you're serious about joining and can make the auction tomorrow night, please contact me here or at with your "fantasy resume".. new recruits can be dicey, and I'd like to have confidence that whoever I bring in is good, and active for the long haul.. thanks!

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