Grey, I dealt Hamilton, but got Size, and Size matters...

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Grey, I dealt Hamilton, but got Size, and Size matters...

Postby Tony B. » Wed Jul 16, 2008 9:24 pm

according to the BowFlex commercials...

Hamilton/Brian Wilson to him

I get Sizemore.

I love it.

Problem is this. I got Sizemore from the last place team. His brother, is currently in 4th place and is usually a very good fantasy player, this year he is languishing a bit due to a poor draft and a bad trade earlier in the season. I log in yesterday to see a pending trade between the two brothers in which the last place team is trading Liriano (rd 15 keeper), David Price (round 18 keeper), and Ryan Howard (round 1 keeper) to his 4th place team for Giambi, Carl Crawford (rd 1 keeper), and Bedard (round 9 keeper). It was vetoed within 3 hours.

The problem, the last place team has had Ryan Zimmerman at 3B the last month and a half, when he has been obviously hurt, and this obviously shows he didn't give a shit about his team and never checked. The guy has currently 26 points in a 10 team Roto league. To compare, his brother in 4th, is at 92 points.

This is where I feel the collusion issue should be brought up and it's hard to do b/c the 4th place team is a good friend of mine from college and playing college ball together and we both are usually right on with moral issues in fantasy and doing the right thing.

I log in tonight to see my Hamilton for Sizemore deal approved and pending. I also see the same deal as above minus Liriano pending with a comment from my friend, the 4th place team "You can't even tell me this trade is unfair". I still feel it is and I posted on the league messageboard about it. I'm waiting for other owners to chime in their thoughts. The main sticking point is that I will be called out as the 1st place team trading with the last place team and how if the brothers' trade isn't fair, neither should be mine b/c I traded with a team that I called out on being inactive.

We have had discussions and plan to finally kick the other brother out of the league in 2009 and give his team to a more proactive owner who wishes to have it. The 4th place team brother has paid the entry fee for the last place brother the last 2 years. He actually checked last year and finished 8th out of 10, but he did try. This year, none of the sort.
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Re: Grey, I dealt Hamilton, but got Size, and Size matters...

Postby Grey » Thu Jul 17, 2008 7:37 am

I think this covers it: (Focus on #2) ... rinciples/

I've done what you did before as Rudy explains. Let me know if you want me to expand on anything.

Get rid of the inactive owner. He sucks.
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