best trade you made 2013

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Re: best trade you made 2013

Postby ManOrMachine? » Tue Aug 06, 2013 6:29 am

Preseason: Harvey and Ellsbury for Lee and Goldschmidt.

Just last week: Dickey and Iwakuma for Beltre Price and Rivera (all RoS rentals). Too early to evaluate but I think I guaranteed a money finish.
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Budget: $260

Batting Categories: R HR RBI SB K BB TB AVG OBP SLG

C Perez $1
1B Freeman $1
2B Turner $3
3B Frazier $17
SS Segura $3
LF Kemp $3
CF Ozuna $1
RF Souza $1
Util Encarnacion $26

2B/3B/LF Ramirez $1
RF Bruce $2
2B Castro $1

Pitching Categories: IP W SV HR K ERA WHIP K/9 H/9 BB/9

SP1 Scherzer $61
SP2 Strasburg $31
SP3 Cueto $21
SP4 Hamels $21
SP5 Nova $1
SP6 Eickhoff $1
SP7 Manaea $3
SP8 Wheeler $2
SP9 Porcello $1
SP10 Triggs $1

RP1 Feliz $1
RP2 Giles $1
RP3 Holland $1

DL Smyly $1

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Re: best trade you made 2013

Postby Kingofhiscastle » Tue Aug 06, 2013 7:47 am

Nice goldy move. . That's called a "golden opportunity" lol

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