Not My Best Work

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Not My Best Work

Postby kevo252 » Fri Aug 31, 2012 8:50 am

Went into a draft completely unprepared. Not my usual style. Had the number one overall pick, went with Rodgers. In general I think I took a little too much risk taking Mathews in the second round and was not presented with great RB options througout. So I am heavy on WR. I also may have waited a little too long on TE. A lot of my season depends on Mathews health. Let me know how you think I did. 6 points per passing TD, 1 point per 35 passing yards, .5 points per reception. Here's how it turned out:

QB- Rodgers
RB- Mathews
RB- Sproles
WR- Jennings
WR- Lloyd
Flex- D. Thomas
TE- Rudolph
K- None yet, most likely dropping Olsen
D- Seahwaks
Bench- Decker
Bench- T. Young
Bench- Redman
Bench- Dwyer
Bench- Gerhart
Bench- Bush
Bench- Olsen
11 Team 5X5 Roto League OBP replaces AVG Daily Lineup Changes

C- Saltalamacchia
1B- Rizzo
2B- Russell
SS - Suarez
3B- Moustakas
OF- Springer
OF- Polonco
OF- Marte
Util- Tomas
Bench- Gomez
Bench- Herrera

SP- Sale
SP- Smyly
P- Kimbrel
P- Rondon
P- Jepsen
Bench- Odorizzi
Bench- Verlander
Bench- Walker
Bench- J. Ross
Bench- Gausman
Bench- Nola
DL- Perkins
DL- DeSclafani

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Re: Not My Best Work

Postby Sky » Fri Aug 31, 2012 9:10 am

Assuming D. Thomas is Demaryius, you've got a lot of WR depth and not much RB depth. Yeah, Mathews is a risky play in my mind. Hard to count on him as your RB1 this year. Like Sproles as an RB2, though, in a PPR league. Overall, see if you can move a WR for an RB for the time during which you won't have Mathews.
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