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So just in case you haven’t heard, our friends at DraftKings have moved our RAZZBALL EXCLUSIVE contest to Thursday this week, so you can beat Rudy before being too exhausted for your weekend.  As always, entry is only $5.00, but the amount of entries is up to 35 (2 per person) and the winnings include a top prize of free entry to their $100,000 Spring Fling contest, which goes down Friday.  That’s a $100 value!  Even if you place 2nd-10th, you’ll win $10 this week, doubling your money!  And if you can take down that Spring Fling, you’ll win a hefty payday of $20,000, or roughly Manny Ramirez’s contract for his team in Taiwan. OK, I bet it’s more than that, but at least you can pull up 20 feet short of second on a slide and not feel as bad about it…

Looking back to last week’s picks:

SP – Alex Cobb  4.2 IP  5 H  2 BB  3 ER  13 Ks (25.7 Pts)

CI – Mitch Moreland  1-4  1 2B  (5 Pts)

MI – Matt Carpenter  1-5  (3 Pts)

OF1 – Jay Bruce  1-5  1 2B  1 RBI  (7 Pts)

OF2 – Andrew McCutchen  0-5  (0 Pts)

UTIL – Cody Ross 1-2  1 R  1 BB  (7 Pts)

TOTAL – 47.7 (Previous weeks’ finishes – 67.3, 92.4, 75, 83, 96)

Yikes.  A horrific outing and by far my worst thus far.  Hopefully you only picked Alex Cobb out of my suggestions!  I know Pacochu must’ve avoided most of my picks as he clobbered the competish.  If you’re just tuning in to DraftKings, I pick a lineup slightly smaller than the DraftKings format so there can be no accusations of total plagiarism… Not that you’d even want to after last week’s meltdown.  But to a new week!  Hopefully switching to a Thursday can recharge my mojo.

Here’s who I like on Thursday night (in a slightly limited slate of games):

SP – Stephen Strasburg ($10,400) – Hard to believe a pitcher with a 3.10 ERA in mid-May can be slammed for having such a down year.  Maybe it’s because my boyfriend Matt Harvey is going boooonnnkkkaaahhhhhsss. Anyway, Strasburg is the 4th most expensive pitcher, over $2,000 less than Darvish and Verlander, who face off in a pitchers’ duel to end all duels.  Why not save the extra cheddar and take advantage of the environment at Petco?  I think Strasburg has the best game and is that much cheaper.

CI – James Loney ($3,700) – One of the more struggling pitchers this season is Felix Doubront, who comes into the Trop trying to lower his 6.00+ ERA.  Who then is a guy who’s hitting a shockingly quiet .381 on the season, homers in 2 of his last 3 and multi-hit games in 2 of his last 3?  Two thumbs pointing at J-Lo!  I wonder if he ever gets called that… At the price, Loney should be a gold mine of production, and is 1-3 with 2 ribbies against Doubront in his career.

MI – Ben Zobrist ($3,900) – As much as I want to mix it up and pick someone off the radar, Zobrist at under 4K is an absolute steal.  He’s a ho-hum 3-12 against Doubront, but his level of bat at the price is hard to ignore.

OF1 – Brett Gardner ($4,800) – Not to be outdone by Felix Doubront is Aaron Harang with a 7.30 ERA.  Yikes!  Then take that into Yankee Stadium and you’re in for a home run derby.  Not to mention he’s a big righty with a deliberate motion and Gardner could easily get a homer or a steal (or maybe both!) in this one.  Love him to set the tone at leadoff.

OF2 – Starling Marte ($4,600) – After a nice little start for Brewers rook Hiram Burgos, the little guy got absolutely rocked his last time out, and now faces the Pirates for the second time.  As a Brewers fan, I’ve watched most of his starts and his stuff isn’t that great.  Enter Marte, one of the hottest hitters in the league right now, who is probably salivating at this matchup like a Pavlovian puppy.  Like Gardner, a good shot for production and a homer and/or a steal.

UTIL – Alex Rios ($4,200) – At the cost, Rios is an unblievable bargain going against Angels band-aid starter Jerome Williams.  Yea Rios is only 1-7 against Williams in his career with a mere single, but I have a feeling Rios will take advantage of the matchup this time.  For the value, you won’t find a more quality player for the price.


As usual, if you have any questions about anyone else, or for any other DraftKings contests, shoot them below, thanks for checking our friends out!


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  1. Pacochu says:

    I am loving Draft Kings. I won last week (and finished second with my other team) in the Razzball game, so I’m ready to win my $20,000 on Friday. Pitching is the key to this game. With strikeouts being worth two points each, they add up quickly. The K guys really are worth their higher price.

    The drawback? I’m not falling asleep as quickly as I am always waking up to check my phone to see if I am in the money.

    Thanks for pointing me to this new addiction Big Biscuit!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Pacochu: Sorry we are promoting insomnia! Thanks for the love man, yea DraftKings has been awesome to give us an exclusive contest with a lot of people winning. Definitely agree pitching is the key, even with Alex Cobb not pitching particularly well, those Ks made him dynamite. Thanks again man!

  2. Wallpaper Paterson says:

    I had to pass on this last week. I am going to try to do it this week.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Wallpaper Paterson: Cool thanks! The more the merrier, we can’t be having Rudy ever win.

  3. Allof says:

    Who would you rather have: Gallardo or holland

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Allof: ROS sticking with yoGa but its close

  4. Pacochu says:

    Today’s the big day for the Spring Fling!

    What is your preferred criteria for picking players? Hitter vs. Pitcher stats? Current hitting or pitching streaks? Individual LH/RH pitching and batting numbers?

    Segura is fairly priced at $3,600 and has a nice streak of points going and is 2 for 6 against J. Garcia. Alexei Ramirez is $3,700 and has a .467 BA against CJ WIlson and is hitting a nice .385 the past week with three swipes (5 points each). I usually lean cheaper to throw money at pitching.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Pacochu: Ah sorry I missed ya man just saw it. How ya doin tonight?

  5. Pacochu says:

    I finished 54th overall in The Spring Fling for a prize of $200! Considering I won my entry from the Razzball contest least week, that’s pretty good return.

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