Back in the pre-season, we launched a new player rater methodology called Point Shares to estimate fantasy baseball player value.   There aren’t a lot of Player Raters to be found other than ESPN (Y! and don’t have ones) but we feel ours is better because it factors in variables like a player’s position (e.g., Hanley Ramirez’s 33 HR is worth more than David Wright’s) and the point totals actually represent something.

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We’ve got 8 of 10 slots filled in for our inaugural Fantasy Razzball league – where the basic objective is to compile the worst roster of MLB players. That’s right – the worst team.

The blogs set to participate are: (Rudy Gamble) (Grey Albright)
Greener on the Other Side
Mop Up Duty
Herb Urban
Cards in the Attic
Lou Poulas (Fantasy Insider Online, Sweet Lou’s Baseball Lab,

We need two more participants so if you’re interested in joining, please e-mail us at

Please, blog, may I have some more?