Much like Christmas, the expert fantasy baseball draft season keeps creeping earlier and earlier from arguably the best day of the year.* So ten days post-groundhog, we had our first draft of the year in what happens to be our most well-esteemed expert league – the 15-team mixed league LABR draft (click link for full draft results) run by Steve Gardner of Today Sports Weekly.

* especially if you’re Jewish and Christmas just means Chinese food + going to the movies with the atheists, eastern religioners, and Christian families that can’t manage a whole day at home together as a family).

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Valentine’s Day is coming early this year! For a limited time only, get your loved one a fantasy baseball league! That’s right, your hearts go pitter-patter or you’re dead on the inside (my condolences). Since back in June when you abandoned your fantasy baseball team because it was totally sucking and you returned to your cubbyhole of leftover Chinese food and Teddy Grahams, you’ve longed for this day. As Bob Marley sang, this is your redemption song, mon. Or womon, for our four girl readers. It’s time again to join some fantasy baseball leagues. Before you close all of your extraneous porn windows and rush to sign up, let’s explain how these fantasy baseball leagues are going to work. We’re going to have a bunch of leagues and crown a winner from each, then we’re going to crown ONE winner from all of the winners. We will be crowning the winner by taking each team’s points and multiplying it against a ‘league competitiveness factor.’ If you want to see how it worked last year, go here. So we’re going to fill up as many fantasy leagues as we can for the next couple of weeks. Each fantasy baseball league will be a mixed league, 12 team, snake draft, roto, 5×5, 5 OFs, one Middle Infielder, one Corner Infielder, one Utility, 9 pitchers, 20 game eligibility, 180 Games Started max, 1000 IP minimum. The lineup is also known as: C/1B/2B/SS/3B/CI/MI/5 OF/UTIL/9 P/3 BENCH/1 DL. The fantasy leagues will be played in ESPN and they will be free to join.

We’re going to start with twenty-one leagues of 12 and see how we do from there. To join a league…

Please, blog, may I have some more?

Congratulations to the 2012 champions, RCL 40’s Rank Railheads. Co-managers Charley and JungleMike guided the Railheads to an incredible 119-point finish, missing out on perfection by a mere 3 stolen bases. While they had pretty much clinched their league title long ago, the overall title was up for grabs, and they continued to carefully make the moves necessary to stay ahead of the pack. Please, blog, may I have some more?

Please, blog, may I have some more?