Buysellatops – Fantasy Baseball Buy/Sell Tool

‘Buy’ candidates have positive numbers in the ‘ROS $ minus STD $’ or ‘ROS $ minus L30Day$’ columns.  ‘Sell’ candidates have negative numbers in these columns.  The greater/lower the numbers, the more of a buy/sell candidate they are.

To filter results, use boxes in second row. For numbers/dates, you can use greater than (>10) and less than (<5).

# Name Team ESPN YAHOO Rest of Season $ Season to Date $ ROS$ minus STD$ Last 30 Day $ ROS$ minus L30Day$ Owned%

What does Buysellatops look like?:  Here is a snapshot of Buysellatops in his natural habitat.

What does Buysellatops eat?:  Fools.

Projections - The Rest of Season projections are produced by Steamer Projections with playing time estimates produced by Razzball.  Saves, Holds, and Quality Starts are estimated by Razzball.  These projections are updated near-daily and take in-season performance into account.  The playing time estimates (which covers Games and Plate Appearances for hitters and Games and IP for pitchers) leverage in-season data such as batting order position, games started, averages IP/GS, etc and do aim to account for players on the DL and, to a lesser extent, players who may be more likely to lose playing time due to injury or performance.  Short-term events such as getting sent down to the minors or losing a full-time role may take some time to be accounted for in the projections.

Point Shares Methodology ($ and PS) - The values under the stat categories are Point Shares (PS).  They represent the estimated difference in an average team’s points if they were to substitute a given player for the average player at his position.  So if a player has a 1.0 for Runs, he would, on average, increase a team’s standing points in Runs by 1 point.  Multi-position eligible hitters are assigned their most valuable position for Point Share calculations based on the following order of most valuable to least valuable: C, SS, 2B, 3B, OF, 1B, DH. For more information on the methodology, see here.  The $ calculations are based on the standard $260 allotment per team and is tied to the Point Share methodology.

ESPN / Y!:  This represents their position eligibilty in ESPN leagues (or any others based on 20 games last season/10 games this season) and Yahoo! leagues (10 games last season/5 games this season).

Owned%:  Based on ownership within the Razzball Commenter Leagues which consists of 64 12-team MLB leagues using the standard ESPN roster format.

25 Responses

  1. Swat290 says:

    I guess I could see Davis being on the sell side as the numbers are saying as such. But why is CarGo only 26 spots above him in the sell range? Should we consider both ‘ROS $ minus STD $’ or ‘ROS $ minus L30Day$’ colums (so “and” instead of “or”)

    Either way I can’t express enough gratitude for these tools Rudy. Keep it up sir!

    • @Swat290: The sorting is based on the difference between ROS $ and STD $. I added Last 30 Day as well since a lot of Buy/Sell is based on people’s perceptions of a hitter and those tend to skew towards the most recent 30 days. So you can re-sort based on that Kelly Johnson and Mitch Moreland are currently the two players who look much better based on last 30 days vs. Rest of Season (note: both players ROS is challenged based on playing time questions – what happens to Kelly Johnson if/when Wil Myers is called up? will the Rangers stick w/ Moreland as an everyday player if/when he gets into a prolonged slump).

  2. Shake N Bacon says:

    Another awesome tool. Thanks Rudy!

  3. Eddie says:

    This is really terrific. How often is it updated?

    • @Eddie: Daily. Have it set to update with all the other tools (Player Raters, Player Pages, Streamonator, Hitter-tron, etc.).

  4. Bernie Brewer says:

    I’ve got a math/interpretation question for you, Rudy…I’m looking at the top “buy” candidate Hanley Ramirez. Season to date, he’s been at a -$24.2. Rest of season he is a $24.5. Does this mean that the projections have him playing at a $24.5 level the rest of the way OR actually reaching an overall $24.5 for the entire season?

    If it’s the latter, then I love this tool even more!

    But, if it’s the former, then isn’t this a bit misleading? It would really just mean that there is a 48.7 difference between where’s he been and where he is projected to play the rest of the way. If I were to “buy” him from a different team, I shouldn’t really be expecting a $48.7 player, I should expect him to play at a $24.5 level (which happens to be $48.7 better than he’s been). I’m thinking this is the case, but maybe I’m wrong…can you help me to understand? Thanks!

    I’m certainly not doubting the time and work you guys do here, I just want to make sure I’m interpreting it correctly! Thanks again!!

    • @Bernie Brewer: Hi Bernie – it’s the latter. I don’t worry about ‘Updated’ full season values where you combined season to date with rest of year. So ROS$ always means from today going forward.

      • Bernie Brewer says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Thanks Rudy. I follow-up if you don’t mind since I’m still a bit confused (I’m really not argumentative, although it might seem that way, so I’m sorry if this comes across wrong).

        Let me take a “sell” approach instead…Miguel Cabrera is currently a “sell” with a value of -$18.8 (ROS – Season to date). This doesn’t actually mean the projections have him at a -$18.8 valued player, though, correct? (That would be an awful output, i.e. what Jose Molina’s output has been so far). It really means he’s just going to play at -$18.8 less than what he has to this point, but he’s still a $41.2 player going forward. Or am I misinterpreting this still?

        Thanks again! I really do appreciate your efforts, I just want to understand them!! :)

        • @Bernie Brewer: The -$18.8 is just the difference between his ROS value (a healthy $41.2) and his crazy Season-to-Date value ($60). So his value rest of season is $41.2 .

  5. Lindu says:

    WHy can’t I see these tools? Every time I go to a “streamonater” page, all I get are the comments. Is there something I need to download?

  6. Art Vandelay says:

    Hey Rudy, are you as bullish on Hanley as the tools are? Would you consider buying him now and, if so, at what price? Or are you too worried about his health?

    • @Art Vandelay: I’m not as bullish – you hit the nail on the head, his health. I knocked his playing time down 10% earlier this morning to help account for this lack of faith. I really don’t know where to price him – but I’d trade a number of so-so SSs to gamble on his upside. Examples: Jimmy Rollins, Josh Rutledge, Nick Franklin, Alcides Escobar…

  7. A Hill O' Beans says:

    Hey Rudy,

    Where is Aaron Hill? Is it because he’s been injured for a while that he doesn’t show up in Buysellatops?

    I’m looking to deal for him, giving up Frieri (or Veras if I can). Do you think Frieri is too much, or will Hill be worth it?

    • @A Hill O’ Beans: Good catch. The script had been ignoring anyone who hadn’t played in last 30 days. Now updated. Added 42 players (one of them being Aaron Hill).

      • A Hill O' Beans says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Cool thanks Rudy.

        Do you think Frieri ($14.1 ROS) is too much for A.Hill ($6.7 ROS) if I’ve got a decent number of closers?

        Buysellatops has Hill as the #13 2B ROS, which seems low. Do you see him being better than that?

        • @A Hill O’ Beans: It depends how healthy Hill is. If he’s healthy, I like his upside. The actual projections look pretty mediocre for Hill – he really has been mercurial these last couple years. I’d probably want a more solid 2B option for Frieri or at least assurance that Hill isn’t feeling lingering issues.

  8. Powerade says:

    Is it me or is the math wrong. Two negatives are making positives in your chart since that’s math but hard to see Ruben Tejada being this valuable per say as a buy candidate.

    -5.2 – -21.6 = -26.8 to me. It’s not a positive +16.4 (although thats the correct math but seems to put the wrong value on the playerfor this ) because then he’s a very high but candidiate. That’s just a small glitch in the negative numbers to me.

    Ruben Tejada NYN SS SS -5.2 -21.6 16.4 -20.0 14.8 0

    • @Powerade: Nope, it’s you. If Ruben Tejada is projected as a -$5 player for ROS and his Season-to-Date value is -$21.6, the math is -5.2 minus – -21.6 which = +16.4. Thus, you could say, “Ruben Tejada is projected at low value for the rest of the year (-$5) but he is projected to be better than his Season-To-Date performance suggest (-21.6) so he would be a ‘buy’ (in leagues deeper than 12 team…probably limited to NL-only).

      • Powerade says:

        @Rudy Gamble:

        Thanks for explaining it. So as much as his buy number is +16, it’s still relative to his value SeasonTD and ROS.

        • correct. these $ figures are for 12-team MLB so any player with a negative ROS should stay on the waiver wire. but in deeper leagues, that player likely becomes positive.

  9. Korey says:

    When does this tool start up for 2014? I’m a Royal’s fan and anal about not jinxing my beloved. A fire wall problem forced my last team to be autodrafted and I ended up Hosmer and Gordon (not bad), so I blame their slow starts on my ownership (I don’t own Butler so go figure). Just kidding, but seriously. I have picked up Ventura in preseason and think I could sell high him.

    Giving Gordon, Hoz, and Ace Ventura to get Bryce Harper and Yu Darvish giving up too much? Preseason ranking values say I win, but I don’t know what Ventura’s current value would be.


  10. Tom says:

    When will this be up and running?

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