Razzball Nation!  Why don’t you have a seat?

Do you know why I’m here?  It’s because I’m about to recommend a Minor as your starting pitcher tonight for DraftKings.

JB, are you screen name MinorOwnsTheMarlins?  You typed “I see Giancarlo Stanton waving his wood all night at Minor offerings” did you not?  That’s taken out of context!!!

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Let’s take a look at last week’s picks:

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Razzball Nation!

The pitcher profiles are back for 2013.  Every Monday I will be breaking down a starting pitcher’s performance pitch-by-pitch so you can see an in-depth review of their velocity and how much luck factored into their numbers.

Jose Fernandez, the Miami Marlins 1st-round pick in 2011, had an unreal ascent through the Minors up until Spring Training a few months back, and in a surprise move a few days before Opening Day, decided to put the big righty in the rotation to start the season.  Similar comparison could be made to Michael Pineda when he came up with the Mariners in 2011.  A big, hard-thrower beginning in the Majors in the Opening Day rotation perhaps too early in their careers.  Just look at what happened to Pineda’s shoulder.  Hopefully Fernandez can avoid similar fate.

Listen, I know these can sometimes be a little drier than Grey’s mustache on a Caribbean beach.  But they offer a different perspective on a pitcher’s outing other than looking at only stats.  I will tend to pick young pitchers or fringe-owned starters, but if you have any suggestions of a pitcher you’d like broken down, pick a guy starting over next weekend and shoot that comment below.

Here’s how Fernandez looked:

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Unfortunately, Play With Rudy Tonight, my sitcom pitch to NBC, got turned down.  I didn’t even get to go through my treatment, I got the ax just with the title.  If that wouldn’t have brought in ratings to the flailing network, I don’t know what would.  Oh, let’s do another singing show.  Just Shoot Me.

If you missed it last week, our friends over at DraftKings are holding their Razzball exclusive Razzball’s Play with Rudy Shot at $50k which begins at 7:07 PM EST tonight.  If you’re still new to DraftKings, it’s a sick daily league fantasy site where you can enter all sorts of contests for just a buck or two all the way to the high roller contests where you can win 6-figures.  Entry to our exclusive Razzball contest is only $5 and the winner gets entered to win $50,000 in their huge $150,000 Walk-Off contest on April 12th (a $200 value).  As Billy Zane would say, “It’s a Walk-off!”  “Put a cork in it Zane!”  The Play With Rudy pits you against our own Rudy Gamble to pick the best daily lineup for tonight’s action.  And it’s limited to only 50 entrants and 27 spots are currently filled, so you gotta sign up fast!  Even if you don’t get the best roster, spots 2-10 will double their money and win $10 and 11-20 will break even and win $5.  So you’ve got a great shot to win!

Here’s some guys I like tonight to make Rudy The Biggest Loser (enough NBC puns already!):

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The MLB season is almost upon us! And what better way to celebrate than by fulfilling your dream of playing with Rudy. At our Halloween party last year, Rudy dressed up as Chucky and went around asking chicks, “My name’s Rudy, wanna playyyyy?” Luckily, there are no more lawsuits pending.

Our friends at DraftKings are accommodating a RAZZBALL NATION ONLY CONTEST on April 2nd against our own Rudy Gamble, where for $5, yes as much as a crappy foot of sandwich, you can win a ticket into the $150,000 Walk off Contest on April 12, where the top winner will win $50,000. That’s like – a million crappy sandwiches. I know Rudy doesn’t have that bushy mustache or those daiquiri soaked lips, but he is a fantasy god amongst us mere mortals and will be near impossible to topple.

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With a young career riddled with injuries, it was tough for A’s fans to see Brett Anderson endure a Tommy John reconstruction surgery, adding further doubt to what kind of career Anderson could put together.

There is virtually no question that, when healthy, Anderson can be a top-of-the-rotation starter. 

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With Yankees ace CC Sabathia placed on the DL with elbow inflammation, long-reliever rookie David Phelps slips into the Yankees rotation with a great shot of giving fantasy owners some spot starts while flashing a high K-rate and with an elite offense behind him.

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In the midst of a season-crushing month of July, Mets fans were losing hope.  Sure, they were heading into a rebuilding season and expectations were low to begin with, but monster first halves from David Wright and R.A. Dickey propelled the Mets into an unforeseen race.

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How does Oakland do it?  I know the stadium is ideal and I know that Moneyball tactics help set the precedent, but how does Oakland churn out no-name pitcher after no-name pitcher that end up having success in the Majors?

Before the start of the season, the pitcher under-the-radar in Oakland that had all the buzz was Brad Peacock, but a 6.17 AAA ERA thus far is keeping him from the Majors. 

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Looking at his name, I would certainly think it’s pronounced more like “fears,” but it’s actually pronounced “fires.”  Infinitely cooler, and certainly appropriate for his immensely successful rookie campaign.

With a Brewers starting rotation dealing with an early season-ending injury to Chris Narveson, then Marco Estrada pulling his quad rounding first, Michael Fiers, the Brewers 2011 minor league pitcher of the year, finally got his call up after an inconsistent stint to start his 2012 campaign in AAA.

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After an up-and-down four-inning debut, then a real stinker against the Padres, Arizona’s prized pitching prospect Trevor Bauer was in dire need of a positive outing in his third start heading into the All-Star break.  With the Diamondbacks hoping to push for a Wild Card berth, and with Bauer on top of many pitching prospect lists, he has a lot of eyes on him to deliver a solid rookie season.

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