Grey is over his horrific ailments that had him sippin’ tha purp drank on last week’s show, so if you are looking for an even crazier show than last week – send Grey some hallucinogens!   On this week’s show, we talk Stephen Strasburg to the DL, Prince Fielder‘s new approach, and why kale is actually bad for you.  If it don’t taste good, why try and make it taste good?!  We also talk RCL strategy with leagues that use starts limits, and catch your questions from Twitter…  Now with another installment of Grey bashing social media!  Grey also mentions his checkers prowess, so I think he’s actually 80 years old…  Here’s the newest edition of the Razzball Baseball Podcast:

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Small sample size (that’s what she said!)…  Oh wait, I’m not Grey on the Podcast!

Let’s start over…  Aherm…

Small sample size…  They happen all the time.  Shane Greene is awesome!  F You Shane Greene!  Shane Greene is awesome again!  But usually less bipolar than that.

The funny thing with small samples is the timing.  Sorta like how “impressions are everything” and that hooblah.  Start a year awesome, everyone wants to marry you!  Start the year terrible, and you get cut in the shower and sent to AAA (poor Scooter…).

I will admit the only Mike Bolsinger I had watched before this Pitcher Profile was a start last year for the Dbacks and he didn’t look good.  Impressions are everything!  …I more or less wrote him off even with a decent start to 2015 with the Dodgers.  Then he goes all Corey Kluber and 1-hits the Padres over 8 innings.   So I decided to break down Bolsinger’s fantastic start last Saturday, and see if there’s really something here:

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We’re back with a threeway!  On this week’s Pod, Sky joins Grey and I as we chat Bryce Harper and his ejection, Clayton Kershaw‘s value moving forward, and the moment when Grey figured out he likes girly movies.  Hint – it came during a film review panel in the men’s room.  Grey – why were you in the middle urinal?!  We also recap DL-ridden hitters with who to drop or hold, and answer some of your Twitter questions.  All-in-all, I think it was one of our cutesier episodes…  Here’s the newest edition of the Razzball Baseball Podcast:

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Man, I was coming into yesterday afternoon all pumped for today’s Profile – high-caliber young gun in Noah Syndergaard going on Sunday, facing my terrible Brewers, it was going to be a monster start…  Andddddd – he plunks my favorite player Carlos Gomez in the face.  F you Noah!  You went from Chris Hemsworth to whoever played the nincompoop in Blue Lagoon.  What a ninny!  And he didn’t even look remorseful, but in retrospect while re-reading my open, he was a little shaken.  Regardless, I only barely like him more than Yordano Ventura now…

Biases be as they be (I think I heard that on some rap mixtape Grey made for me), but I still gutted through an objective-as-possible Pitcher Profile to break down how Syndergaard looked and how much we can expect from him in his rookie season:

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We’re back with the Razzball Pod with the very special Jay (nee Wrong) guest hosting for Grey in one of the most kimchi-delicious, Fifth Element-fanboyish Podcasts around!  We chat Shelby Miller‘s near no-no, JB’s hatred of Noah Syndergaard for plunking Carlos Gomez, and Chris Heston‘s value ROS.   Loved that guy in Ben-Hur!  We also talk hitters, with some middle infielders heating up like Jason Kipnis and a pair of rookie 3B hitting their first career homers over the weekend.  JB said he thinks Yasmany Tomas is Miguel Cabrera!  Whoa, way to take things out of context, me…  Here’s the newest edition of the Razzball Baseball Podcast:

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Oh man, what a week of pitching!  Filled with intrigue, romance and murder!  Eh, a little carried away there, although poor Jarrod Parker might indeed have his MLB life cut short.  Get well soon, J-Park!

Then yesterday afternoon Michael Pineda swiss-cheesed the Orioles bats in a near-historic K-fest.  He hasn’t ever had shoulder issues, let him throw 150!  Johan Santana is like, “…not the best idea…”

Also this weekend, we finally got to see Carlos Rodon start a game, his first in his MLB career Saturday night hosting the Reds.  I bet he got all confused facing the Reds since he pitched for NC State and all…  North Carolina bias!  I didn’t see him pitch at all through Spring and only a highlight or two in his bullpen stints, so I was excited to break down his debut and see what he can bring to fantasy owners in 2015.  Here’s how he looked:

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The Razzball Baseball Pod is back!  This time with an audience!  On today’s show, we wish our mothers a Happy Mother’s Day as only we could, then get into Bryce Harper‘s homer-binge.  Guessing how many he hits this early is a clown’s query, kinsperson!  I had to class it up there…  We also get into Kris Bryant‘s first homer and our thoughts from a Cubs fan, plus Tim Lincecum‘s ridiculous start and how hard the regression fairies are going to sprinkle his stash with angel dust.  I didn’t know you liked to get wet!  Here’s the newest edition of the Razzball Baseball Podcast:

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Sometimes a news story falls through the cracks, but Lewis Black is there to catch them in a segment we call Back in Black!  Oh wait, got a little carried away there…  I mean:

Sometimes a pitcher falls through the cracks, and Grey is there to catch them!

Now, I have somewhat of an excuse…  Due to the MLB and regional networks wanting to stick it up the rear of their viewers and black out however-the-hell-far their national maps can reach, I can’t watch Orioles or Nationals games live in my region.  It’s so frustrating that I sold high on Adam Jones in my keeper just because I couldn’t see the homers right away!  I’m an instant gratification kinda guy, wink wink.

It’s easy to follow the hitters from these teams and see the highlights, but I never see big samples from either teams’ SP unless it’s on national TV.  Or in this case, in a Pitcher Profile!  Grey has been all about some Miguel Gonzalez on the Podcast, and I guess it’s easy for me to be a little dismissive as he’s never had “huge” numbers and I can’t ever watch him.  Plus, how good could he be anyway, he’s not even the only starting pitcher named Miguel Gonzalez!  Mmmmmm, Alfredo.  But not the Simon kind!  Anyway, since I’ve seen so little of Gonzalez and he had a very under the radar 2.09 ERA in the final 3 months last year and a 2.59 ERA this year with nice Ks, I figured it was a good time to break down his last start hosting the Rays to see how he’s doing pitch-by-pitch:

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We’re finally settling into the new digs!  This week on the Razzball Baseball Podcast we welcome Jay to the show to talk everything Padres and the perfect decibel level for Grey’s cackle laugh, JB and Grey discuss Masahiro Tanaka‘s value after the oft-injured pitcher hit the DL once again, then chat about over-achieving guys like Jake Marisnick and how to value breakouts.  We even brought back the butter/margarine scale!  And for the first time this season, we limit the talk about the RCL Perts League and Brewers to under one minute.  Progress!  Here’s the newest edition of the Razzball Baseball Podcast:

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I’m popping a cherry of sorts here…  I’m double-dipping in my first ever Pitcher Profile on a hurler already profiled.  But things change!  People change!  Hairstyles change!  I’ll miss you the most, scarecrow!  (bonus points if you know that movie!)

Two years ago, I broke down Chris Archer‘s first career complete game that Summer…  Look at how much we’ve improved!  No weekly rankings, no GIFs, it’s like that was written in the stone age!  At the time, Archer was a young-up-and-comer who even surprised the most die hard of Archer fans, but after going complete twice in a three game span in 2013, really hasn’t shown uber-dominance in any long stretches.  Well, looking back at 2014 he did go on a huge roll starting at the end of May, but never more than say 6 or 7 starts.

After a meh opener, Archer has been a stud the last four, and at age 26 may be finally settling in to an ace-like season.  So I decided to break down his outing yesterday hosting the Blue Jays to see if I think this is a new Archer that is going to maintain dominant numbers all year:

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