2009 Fantasy Baseball Player Rater – End of Year (Point Shares)

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Point Shares – Inspired by Bill James’ Win Shares, these represent the estimated difference in an average team’s points if they were to substitute a given player for the average player at his position. These stats assume the player was owned the whole season so players who played partial seasons (e.g., Andrew McCutchen) will end up penalized vs. full-season starters.All Pos – All eligible positions for 2009. Based generally on 20 game eligibility.Pos – This is the position that was used for their Point Share rankings. This is the position where the player is judged most valuable. The order of most valuable to least valuable for positions is: C, 2B, SS, OF, 3B, 1B, DH.

Value Rank = Ranks players based on player’s performance and their expected performance per their ADP (Average Draft Position).

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