2008 Best Values (10 Team/5×5/MLB)

Point Shares – The estimated difference in a team’s points if they were to substitute a given player for the average player at his position. Two players can be compared against each other – e.g., substituting Cliff Lee for Zack Greinke would mean an average of 6.64 points (6.40 for Cliff Lee, -0.24 for Greinke).

ADP – Average Draft Position. These were collected from MockDraftCentral.com before the season started. For players that were not drafted, they receive the highest non-drafted ADP.

ACT PS – Actual Point Shares. For players who did not play enough to qualify (< 300 AB, < 100 IP for Starters) but were drafted by most teams, we assigned a Point Share of -5.00.

EXP PS – Estimated Point Shares based on the players Average Draft Position. For players with an ADP below 230 (230 drafted spots in a 10team league), we assigned -3.00 which is about what the 231st player is worth.

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